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高考英语 阅读理解临考训练(5)

2013 重庆市高考英语(阅读理解)临考训练(5)及答案解析

Tell a story and tell it well, and you may open wide the eyes of a child, open up lines of communication in a business, or even open people’s mind to another culture or race. People in many places are digging up the old folk stories and the messages in them. For example, most American storytellers get their tales from a wide variety of sources, cultures, and times. They regard storytelling not only as a useful tool in child education, but also as a meaningful activity that helps adults understand themselves as well as those whose culture may be very different from their own. “ Most local stories are based on a larger theme,” American storyteller Opalanga Pugh says, “ Cinderella(灰姑娘), or the central idea of a good child protected by her goodness, appears in various forms in almost every culture of the world.” Working with students in schools, Pugh helps them understand their own cultures and the general messages of the stories. She works with prisoner too, helping them knowing who they are by telling stories that her listeners can write, direct, and act in their own lives. If they don’t like the story they are living, they can rewrite the story. Pugh also works to help open up lines of communication between managers and workers. “For every advance in business,” she says, “ there is a greater need for communication.” Storytelling can have a great effect on either side of the manager-worker relationship, she says. Pugh spent several years in Nigeria, where she learned how closely storytelling was linked to the everyday life of the people there. The benefits of storytelling are found everywhere, she says. “I learned how people used stories to spread their culture,” she says, “ What I do is to focus on the value of the stories that people can translate into their own daily world of affairs. We are all storytellers. We all have a story to tell. We tell everybody’s story.” 52. What do we learn about American storyteller from Paragraph 2?


A. They share the same way of storytelling. B. They prefer to tell the stories from other cultures. C. They learn their stories from the American natives. D. They find storytelling useful for both children and adults. 53. The underlined sentence (Paragraph 4) suggests that prisoners can _____. A. start a new life C. direct films B. settle down in another place D. become good actors

54. Pugh has practised storytelling with _____ groups of people. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

55. What is the main idea of the text? A. Storytelling can influence the way people think. B. Storytelling is vital to the growth of business. C. Storytelling is the best way to educate children in school. D. Storytelling helps people understand themselves and others.

5. 答案

52.D 53.A 54.B


***************************************************结束 (第******篇) It was the first snow of winter — an exciting day for every child but not for most teachers. Up until now, I had been able to dress myself for recess (课间休息), but today I would need some help.Miss Finlayson, my kindergarten teacher at Princess Elizabeth School near Hamilton,Ontario,had been through first snow days many times in her long career, but l think she may still remember this one. I managed to get into my wool snow pants. But I struggled with my jacket because it didn’ t fit well. It was a hand?me?down from my brother, and it made me wonder why I had to wear his ugly clothes. At least my hat and matching scarf were mine, and they were quite pretty. Finally it was time to have Miss Finlayson help me with my boots. In her calm, motherly voice she said, “By the end of winter, you will be able to put on your own boots. ”I didn’t realize at the time that this was more a statement of hope than of confidence. I handed her my boots and stuck out my feet. Like most children, I expected the


adult to do all the work. After much wiggling and pushing, she managed to get the first one into place and then, with a sigh, worked the second one on too. I announced, “They’ re on the wrong feet. ”With the grace that only experience can bring, she struggled to get the boots off and went through the joyless task of putting them on again.Then I said,“ These aren’t my boots, you know.” As she pulled the offending boots from my feet, she still managed to look both helpful and interested. Once they were off, I said,“They are my brother’ s boots. My mother makes me wear them, and I hate them !” Somehow, from long years of practice,she managed to act as though I wasn’t an annoying little girl.She pushed and shoved, less gently this time, and the boots were returned to their proper place on my feet. With a great sigh of relief, seeing the end of her struggle with me, she asked, “Now,where are your gloves?” I looked into her eyes and said,“ I didn’ t want to lose them, so I put them into the toes of my boots.” [语篇解读] 本文通过为小作者穿靴子的故事,描写了老师的善解人意和小女孩的顽皮。 1.According to the passage, the little girl got________from her brother. A. the wool snow pants and the jacket B. the jacket and the boots C. the jacket and the hat D. the boots and the gloves [解析] 考查细节理解。根据文章第二段中的“...my jacket because it didn’t fit well.It was a hand?me?down from my brother...”与第四段中的“These aren’t my boots...They are my brother’s boots.My mother makes me wear them”可知作者穿的是 她哥哥的夹克与靴子。 [答案] B 2.What made it so hard for the teacher to help the little girl put her boots on? A. The gloves in the toes of the boots. B. The slowness of the teacher. C. The wrong size of the boots. D. The unwillingness of the girl. [解析] 考查细节理解。根据文章的最后一段的“I didn’t want to lose them,so I put them into the toes of my boots”可知让帮助穿鞋的老师费了那么多耐心与力气的是 藏在鞋子里的手套。

[答案] A 3.It can be inferred that before the little girl finally went out to enjoy the first snow of winter, the teacher had to help her put on her boots________. A. once C. three times [解析] B. twice D. four times


是穿错了脚,第二次是脱下来重新穿上,第三次是作者说了“The aren’t my boots”之后, 她又把鞋脱下来,当听说是作者的妈妈非让作者穿哥哥的鞋后,又把它们给作者穿上,第四 次是听说手套被放在鞋子里了,就又脱下来重新穿了一次(文中没有点明,但可推出)。 [答案] D 4.Which of the following sentences from the text BEST indicates that the teacher is very considerate? A. In her calm, motherly voice she said,“ By the end of winter....”( Paragraph 2) B. With the grace that only experience can bring, she struggled to... (Paragraph 4) C. ...she still managed to look both helpful and interested. ( Paragraph 4 ) D. ...she managed to act as though I wasn’t an annoying little girl. ( Paragraph 4 ) [解析] 考查细节理解。经过多年的磨砺,老师每次给她穿鞋都是那么有耐心,好像一

点也不把小女孩的顽皮放在心上,这足以说明老师很体贴人。 [答案] D ******************************************************结束 (第******篇) An increase in students applying to study economics at university is being attributed to ( 归因于 ) the global economic crisis awakening a public thirst for knowledge about how the financial system works. Applications for degree courses beginning this autumn were up by 15% this January, according to UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. A spokesman for the Royal Economic Society said applications to do economics at A?level were also up. Professor John Beath, the president of the society and a leading lecturer at St Andrews University, said his first?year lectures — which are open to students from all departments — were drawing crowds of 400, rather than the usual 250.

“There are a large number of students who are not economics majors, who would like to learn something about it.One of the things I have done this year is to relate my teaching to contemporary events in a way that one hash’ t traditionally done,” he added. University applications rose 7% last year, but there were rises above average in several subjects. Nursing saw a 15% jump, with people’s renewed interest in careers in the public sector(部门), which are seen as more secure in economic crisis. A recent study showed almost two thirds of parents believed schools should do more to teach pupils about financial matters, and almost half said their children had asked them what was going on, although a minority of parents felt they did not understand it themselves well enough to explain. Zack Hocking, the head of Child Trust Funds, said: “It’s possible that one good thing to arise from the downturn will be a generation that’ s financially wiser and better equipped to manage their money through times of economic uncertainty. ” [语篇解读] 现象。 5.Professor John Beath’ s lectures are________. A. given in a traditional way B. connected with the present situation C. open to both students and their parents D. warmly received by economists [解析] 事实细节题。从第四段第二句话可知他把教学与当前的一些重大事件紧密相连, 即贴近现实生活,故 B(与当前的形势相联系)为正确答案。 [答案] B 6.Careers in the public sector are more attractive because of their________. A. greater stability C. fewer applications [解析] B. higher pay D. better reputation 本文主要讲述了金融危机下学生们开始更多地选择与经济有关的专业这一


全性和稳定性吸引了求职者,故 A(极大的稳定性)为正确答案。 [答案] A 7.In the opinion of most parents,________. A. economics should be the focus of school teaching B. more students should be admitted to universities C. the teaching of financial matters should be strengthened

D. children should solve financial problems themselves [解析] 事实细节题。由倒数第二段的内容可知应该“加强关于经济问题方面的教学”, 答案为 C。 [答案] C 8.According to Hocking, the global economic crisis might make the youngsters ________. A. wiser in money management B. have access to better equipment C. confident about their future careers D. get jobs in Child Trust Funds [解析] 推理判断题。 Hocking 认为经济下滑带来的一个好处就是让年轻人学会了更明智 地处理金钱方面的问题,在经济不稳定时期更好地理财。所以答案为 A。 [答案] A 9.What’ s the main idea of the text? A. Universities have received more applications. B. Economics is attracting an increasing number of students. C. College students benefit a lot from economic uncertainty. D. Parents are concerned with children’ s subject selecttion. [解析] 主旨大意题。第一段提到全球性的金融危机使公众想更多地了解有关经济体系

方面的一些问题,所以更多的学生申请经济学专业,本文正是对此展开的论述,故答案为 B。 [答案] B ***************************************************结束


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