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黄冈市 2014 高考英语阅读理解暑假训练(1)及答案
Teenagers almost always welcome new trends, especially, it seems, when it comes to hairstyle. But you also need to think about the shape of your face before selecting the style that is right for you. Fourteen age girls: ★If you have a round face, highlighting (突出) your forehead will help your face look full. In other words, don’t cover your forehead with a fringe (刘海). Also, avoid a center part, and avoid keeping your hair too straight, or flat on the top of your head. ★For a long face, a center part looks bad if you have long, dull, st raight hair. Shorter hair with long fringes falling over the forehead is a good idea. Because the fringes seem to shorten your face, and they usually make it look better. ★If you have a square face, keep your hair shoulder length, and have it feathered or layered near the face, with a diagonal (斜的) fringe. This will make your face look balanced. ★If you have an oval face (鸭蛋脸), stop for a second and congratulate yourself. You can wear almost any hairstyle. Boys normally have short hair, but you get bored with this. Try arranging your hair to fall ove r your forehead, or point towards the sky. These are styles suited to boys who like sports. 49. What should you avoid if you have a round face? A. Keeping your hair shoulder-length. B. Having too-straight hair. C. Wearing short hair. D. Highlighting your forehead. 50. For which face shape is a fringe NOT recommended by the author? A. A round face. B. A long face. C. A square face. D. An oval face. 51. In the author’s opinion, boys who like sports can wear their hair ________. A. on the tops of their heads B. long but with diagonal fringes C. pointing towards the sky D. falling to their shoulders 52. What would be the best title for the text? A. How to Become a Trendy Teenager B. What Hairstyle Matches Your Face?
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C. Try on a New Hairstyle D. Hairstyles for Girls


NEW YORK CITY?A hurricane warning has been given for New York City. Forecasters say Hurricane Irene could cause widespread flooding, power failure and billions of dollars in damage. About 65 million Americans live in Hurricane Irene's projected path —many of wh om have been evacuated. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered the city's first-ever evacuation. Roughly 250,000 people have been told to leave their homes in low-lying areas, including the Wall Street financial district. WASHINGTON D.C.—On Aug.24, 2011, Apple announced that Mr.Steve Jobs, who has battled cancer for several years, was stepping down as the CEO but would serve as chairman. In January, he had announced that he was taking a medical leave of absence from Apple.In announcing his leave, he turned daily oversight of the company over to the chief operating officer, Timothy D.Cook, and it was Mr.Cook whom Apple named to succeed him as the next CEO of the company. TRIPOLI—Opposition forces in Libya say they control more than 90 percent of the country.It is still not clear where Moammar Gadhafi is.The opposition has offered more than 1,600,000 dollars for his capture (逮捕) The head of the opposition forces . said his group supports a decision by local businessmen to provide the money in an effort to speed up the capture.Earlier Wednesday, government forces fired onto the former headquarters (总部) of Mr.Gadhafi, which is now controlled by opposition forces.Heavy fighting also continued near Tripoli's airport and in a town of Zuara. 13.The underlined word "evacuated" probably means ________. A.sent away to safer places B.gathered around to higher positions

C.flooded off to lower reaches D.left behind to dangerous situations 14.Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Apple? A.Steve Jobs. C.Moammar Gadhafi. B.Michael Bloomberg. D.Timothy

15.From the news above, we know that in Libya _______. A.the local businessmen have offered m oney to catch hold of Gadhafi B.the opposition forces suffered a thorough defeat near Tripoli's airport C.the government forces are defending the headquarters of Mr.Gadhafi D.the town ofZuara is the place where Moammar Gadhafi probably hides


Anthrax (炭疽) is a naturally occurring disease of plant-eating animals caused by the anthrax bacillus (杆菌). It is an illness which has been recognized since ancient times. Anthrax was common essentially in all areas where livestock (=animals kept on a farm, such as sheep and cattle) are raised. Intensive livestock immunization (免疫) programs have greatly reduced the occurrence of the disease among both animals and humans in much of the world. However, outbre aks occurred during the mid-1990's in Haiti and the former Soviet Union. Anthrax bacteria are named for the Greek word for coal-anthrakis, because they cause coal-black injury when they infect the skin. Anthrax spores (孢子) can remain viable for several decades (a period of ten years) under suitable environmental conditions; thus, absence of cases does not equate to absence of risk. Humans can contract (=to get to have an illness) anthrax in three ways: through cuts or breaks in the skin resulting from contact with an infected animal, from breathing anthrax sores or eating infected meat. One day in September, 2001, a 7-month-old son of an ABC producer in Manhattan

spent time at the network offices. He developed a rash, and was hospitalized with an unknown illness soon after the visit. He was later diagnosed (诊断) anthrax. This was the beginning of the anthrax scare (=a sudden feeling of fear) created by terrorists throughout the USA and the rest of the world. 13. Where does anthrax come from A. Human beings. C. Animals fed on plants. B. Wild animals. D. The ABC producer.

14. What does the underlined word "viable" mean A. Being able to be seen. C. Being of great value. B. Dead. D. Alive

15. What will happen if livestock receive the immunization against anthrax A. There will be no anthrax disease in the world. B. The occurrence of anthrax can be reduced among both animals and humans. C. Anthrax can be prevented from occurring among animals. D. nthrax can be prevented from spreading among humans. 16. We can infer from the passage that _____. A.the international terrorists might have scared the baby on purpose B.people will never suffer from anthrax if they don't eat the infected meat C.the son of an ABC producer might have touched some infected meat D.the son of an ABC producer might have breathed the anthrax spores

13—16、CDBD ******************************************************结束

Usually, when your teacher asks a question, there is only one correct answer. But there is one question that has millions of correct answers. That question is “What’s your name?” Everyone gives a different answer, but everyone is correct. Have you ever wondered about people’s names? Where do they come from? What

do they mean? People’s first names, or given names, are chosen by their parents. Sometimes the name of a grandparent or other member of the family is used. Some parents choose the name of a well-known person. A boy could be named George Washington Smith; a girl could be named Helen Keller Jones. Some people give their children names that mean good things. Clara means “bright”; Bea trice means “one who gives happiness”; Donald means “world ruler”;

Leonard means “as brave as a lion”. The earliest last names, or surnames, were taken from place names. A family with the n ame Brook or Brooks probably lived near brook(小溪); someone who was called

Longstreet probably lived on a long, paved road. The Greenwood family lived in or near a leafy forest. Other early surnames came from people’s occupations. The most common occupational name is Smith, which means a person who makes things with iron or other metals. In the past, smiths were very important workers in every town and village. Some other occupational names are: Carter — a person who owned or drove a cart; Potter —a person who made pots and pans. The ance stors of the Baker family probably baked bread for their neighbors in their native village. The Carpenter’s great-great-great-grandfather probably built houses and furniture. Sometimes people were known for the color of their hair or skin, or their size, or their special abilities. When there were two men who were named John in the same village, the John with the gray hair probably became John Gray. Or the John was very tall could call himself John Tallman. John Fish was probably an excellent swimmer and John Lightfoot was probably a fast runner or a good dancer.
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Some family names were made by adding something to the father’s name. English-speaking people added –s or –son. The Johnsons are descendants of John; the Roberts family’s ancestor was Robert. Irish and Scottish people added Mac or Mc or O. Perhaps all of the MacDonnells and the McDonnells and the O’Donnells are descendants of the same Donnell. 17. Which of the following aspects do the surnames in the passage NOT cover?

A. Places where people lived. C. Talents that people possessed.

B. People’s characters. D. People’s occupations.

18. According to the passage, the ancestors of the Potter family most probably _______. A. owned or drove a cart C. made kitchen tools or c ontains B. made things with metals D. built houses and furniture

19. Suppose and English couple whose ancestors lived near a leafy forest wanted their new-born son to become a world leader, the baby might be named _______. A. Beatrice Smith C. George Longstreet B. Leonard Carter D. Donald Greenwood
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20. The underlined word “descendants” in the last paragraph means a person’s _____. A. later generations C. colleagues and partners B. friends and relatives D. later sponsors


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