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四川省安岳县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(2)

四川省安岳县 2016 高考英语完形填空二轮练习(2)
完形填空。阅读下列短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 【山东省济南市 2014 高考英语一模试题】A As Prime Minister, David Cameron is one of the most successful people in the country. But he was admitted that he still 11 about his academic record at 12 in his early

school. He was a“late developer”when it came to academics, years with physics and chemistry. 13

what advice he would give his young self, he said it would be to“keep 14 in your

on with science subjects because understanding of science will be so future life.”

In an interview with The Spectator, the Prime Minister said that he would tell the young Cameron he should be hitting the 15 harder.“A little 16 on

physics and chemistry, please, David”, he said. Mr. Cameron is not the first Prime Minister to realize the in leadership. Margaret Thatcher had a degree in 18 17 of science

from Oxford and, when 19 the 20

working as a young chemist in 1950 she was part of a team which helped

first soft-serve ice cream. Margaret Thatcher used her training as a chemist to politics with the mind of a scientist. 11. A. doubts opinions 12. A. experimenting wandering 13. A. Asked 14. A. interesting difficult 15. A. school 16. A. more 17. A. history B. records B. easier B. value C. degree C. less C. truth B. Told B. important C. Warned C. challenging B. completing C. struggling D. B. regrets C. memories D.

D. Informed D.

D. books D. slower D.


advance 18. A. biology 19. A. discover 20. A. approach 【参考答案】 11—15 BCABD 16—20 ABDCA B. physics B. taste B. discuss C. politics C. develop C. learn D. chemistry D. serve D. imagine

完形填空。阅读下列短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 【山东省济南市 2014 高考英语一模试题】完形填空 B The little boy stood outside the entrance to the mall, in the 21 spring

wind collecting donations for cancer research. Nose red, hat deep over his ears, he 22 one hand in his pocket and held a list with his other hand. I 23 he had

no gloves. I checked my purse, but had no coins. It is a money to cancer research — I have 25 24 of mine to always give

dear friends and family members to the 26 . 27 the

disease, and want to do my little part to help find a

“ I’ll bring you some money when I come back from the mall,” I young boy. “Thank you !” he smiled and I did my shopping and 29 28 into a big tissue.

buying a cup of hot chocolate for the little boy, 30 children not to take anything from

but I could not. Hadn’t I always strangers? But now I had coins store and bought a pair of blue As I stepped 33 31 32

to give to him. Finally I went into a clothing for him.

, the little boy stood right where he had been. 34 ,” I said to the boy and he handed it over with 35 were there and I could see others

“OK, now give me your

a pen. I looked at the empty lines. A few had given a few coins too.


“Do you need to get all these lines



“Yes,” he started, “Or no. I don’t have to, but I want to.” “Will the organization give you something to asked, 38 to hear he got some nice toy or 37 39 40 you for doing this?” I a certificate. , “I get a new, empty

“Oh yes!” the boy said and his eyes lit up with

list!” He was smiling broadly, “But I feel good doing this.” 21. A. fair 22. A. clapped 23. A. doubted 24. A. principle 25. A. contributed introduced 26. A. control 27. A. promised 28. A. shouted 29. A. gave up 30. A. warned 31. A. in advance turn 32. A. pants boots 33. A. inside outside 34. A. list 35. A. marks colors 36. A. taken divided 37. A. admire 38. A. hoping B. prepare B. trying C. charge C. deciding D. reward D.

B. bitter B. pressed B. admitted B. request B. lost

C. light C. warmed C. predicted C. suggestion C. supported

D. soft D. shook D. noticed D. virtue D.

B. method B. comforted B. pointed B. thought about B. forced B. at first

C. cure C. reminded C. nodded C. put off C. commanded C. at least

D. cause D. advised D. sneezed D. set about D. begged D. in

B. gloves

C. shoes


B. behind

C. forward


B. card B. paintings

C. note

D. tissue C. signatures D.

B. filled

C. adopted


offering 39. A. exactly 40. A. embarrassment delight 【参考答案】 21—25 BCDAB 31—35 CBDAC 26—30 CADBA 36—40 BDACD B. actually B. surprise C. perhaps C. disappointment D. definitely D.

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。 【夹叙夹议文】 (2013·江苏)I used to believe in the American Dream,which meant a job,a mortgage(按 揭),credit cards,success.I wanted it and worked toward it like everyone else, all of us __21__ chasing the same thing. One year, through a series of unhappy events, it all fell __22__.I found myself homeless and alone.I had my truck and $56.I __23__ the countryside for some place I could rent for the __24__ possible amount.I came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road __25__the Potomac River in West Virginia.It was__26__,full of broken glass and rubbish.I found the owner,rented it,and __27__ a corner to camp in. The locals knew nothing about me,__28__ slowly,they started teaching me the __29__ of being a neighbor.They dropped off blankets,candles,and tools,and began __30__ around to chat.They started to teach me a belief in a __31__ American Dream—not the one of individual achievement but of __32__. What I had believed in,all those things I thought were__33__ for a civilized life, were nonexistent in this place.__34__ on the mountain,my most valuable possessions were my __35__ with my neighbors. Four years later,I moved back into __36__.I saw many people were having a really hard time,__37__ their jobs and homes.I managed to rent a big enough house to __38__ a handful of people.There are four of us now in the house,but over time I've had nine people come in and move on to other places.We'd all be in __39__ if we hadn't banded together. The American Dream I believe in now is a shared one.It's not so much about what I

can get for myself;it's about __40__ we can all get by together. 【语篇解读】 本文属于夹叙夹议的文体。作者从自己的亲身经历,反映出一个人的梦不是美 国梦,所有人的梦才是美国梦,只有大家共同努力才能实现共同的梦想。 21.A.separately C.violently B.equally D.naturally

解析 句意:我们都在各自地追求同样的事物。separately“各自地”,equally“平等地”, violently“猛烈地”,naturally“自然地”。 答案 A 22.A.off B.apart C.over D.out

解析 句意: 经历了一系列的不幸, 一切都破碎了。 fall off“跌落, 掉下”, fall apart“崩 溃,破碎”,fall over“跌倒,摔倒”,fall out“掉队,争吵”。 答案 B 23.A.crossed B.left C.toured D.searched 解析 句意:我在农村寻找一处租金最便宜的地方。crossed“横穿”,left“离开”, toured“旅游”,searched“搜寻”。 答案 D 24.A.fullest B.largest C.fairest D.cheapest

解析 租最“便宜”的是理所当然。 答案 D 25.A.at B.through C.over D.round 解析 句意:我在西弗吉尼亚州偶然找到了一处破旧的房子,它位于在 Potomac 河上一条崎 岖的山路上方。 答案 C 26.A.occupied B.abandoned C.emptied D.robbed 解析 句意: 它被荒废了, 到处都是碎玻璃和垃圾。 occupied“占领, 占据”, abandoned“废 弃的,遗弃的”,emptied“空的,空虚的”,robbed“抢劫的”。 答案 B 27.A.turned C.cleared B.approached D.cut

解析 clear a corner to camp in.意为清理了一角来驻扎下来。 答案 C 28.A.but B.although C.otherwise D.for 解析 句意:当地人对我一无所知,但是,慢慢地他们开始教我成为邻居的艺术。 答案 A

29.A.benefit B.lesson

C.nature D.art

解析 benefit“利益,好处”,lesson“课程,教训”,nature“自然”,art“艺术”。 答案 D 30.A.sticking B.looking C.swinging D.turning

解析 句意:他们放下毛毡,蜡烛和工具,并且开始留下来聊天。stick around“徘徊,逗 留”,look around“环视”,swing around“到处摇摆”,turn around“转身”。 答案 A 31.A.wild B.real C.different D.remote

解析 句意:他们开始另一种不同美国梦的信念,它不是个人的成就而是睦邻友好之梦。 答案 C 32.A.neighborliness C.friendliness B.happiness D.kindness

解析 neighborliness“和睦,邻人之谊”,happiness“幸福”,friendliness“友好”, kindness“善良”。 答案 A 33.A.unique B.expensive C.rare D.necessary

解析 句意:我最初相信这些东西,在文明生活中是必须的,在这种地方是不存在的。 答案 D 34.A.Up B.Down C.Deep D.Along

解析 句意:在山上面,我最有价值的财产是与邻居的关系。up 在上文中有出处。 答案 A 35.A.cooperation C.satisfaction B.relationships D.appointments

解析 cooperation“合作”,relationships“关系”,satisfaction“满意”, appointments“预约”。 答案 B 36.A.reality B.society C.town D.life

解析 句意:四年后,我搬回了城市。根据上文的 countryside 可推出。 答案 C 37.A.creating B.losing C.quitting D.offering

解析 句意:我看到许多人生活艰辛,失去工作和家园。create“创造”,lose“失去”, quit“放弃”,offer“提供”。 答案 B 38.A.put in B.turn in C.take in D.get in

解析 句意: 我租了一间足够大的房子, 可以容纳许多人。 put in“放入, 提交”, turn in“上 交,告发”,take in“接受,拘留”,get in“进入,收获”。 答案 C 39.A.yards B.shelters C.camps D.cottages

解析 句意:如果我们不团结起来,我们都将住在庇护所里。in yards“在庭院里”,in shelters“在庇护所里,在收容所里”,in camps“在营地”,in cottages“在小村庄里”。 答案 B 40.A.when B.what C.whether D.how

解析 句意:它并不关乎我们为自己得到什么,而是关乎如何协作。 答案 D 完形填空------文体技法归纳 夹叙夹议完形填空所选的文章一般富于哲理性,往往可以从一件看似平淡的小事中悟出深刻 的人生哲理,因此耐人寻味,可读性较强。 在结构上,作者首先叙述一件事情,然后就此事情引申出一个深刻的社会话题或就此事提出 自己的观点;或者先提出一种观点或看法,然后就这一观点或看法用具体的事例加以说明, 最后再进一步阐述或作出结论。 夹叙夹议文在语言上又具有议论文的特点:语言客观、准确、逻辑性强,且具有概括性。那 么,我们在做夹叙夹议文类的完形填空题时,需要注意哪些方面呢? 1.重视文章首句 夹叙夹议文常常以文章的标题、首句或简短的第一段导入话题,然后以顺叙或倒叙等叙事的 方式适当加以描写,通过巧妙安排,在文章最后概括主题。因此,在解答夹叙夹议文类的完 形填空时,考生首先要读懂第一段,尤其是文章的第一句话,这样就可以迅速总结出全文的 主旨大意。 2.理清文章结构 夹叙夹议文类的文章通常是先进行叙述,然后在段落的结尾或文章的末尾展开议论,提出故 事所包含的哲理或总结自己的观点。做题时,考生要跟着作者的思路读全文,思维要有灵活 性,要随着记叙与议论的转换,及时调整思维方式。只有理清了文章的结构,才能更容易地 理解文章,作出正确的选择。 3.抓住文章线索 理解夹叙夹议类文章要抓住线索,注意情节的变化,以求综观上下文,达到整体理解文意, 从而避免片面性和断章取义。找出叙述、议论部分相关的命题规律与特点,分清论点、论据 的习惯表达方式,找准文章的论点、论据和结论句式,使叙述与议论浑然一体。


2016 高考完形填空选练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 One Saturday. I went shopping with my daughter, Helen, and son, Brandon. The car was filled with the children's laughing and singing As we truck with a big sign on it that 42 41 up, we saw a

"Petting Zoo. " The kids jumped up and asked, 43 a quarter (25 cents) before

"Daddy, can we go?" "Sure." I said, giving them

walking into the shopping center. They ran away and I felt free to take my time looking for 44 I needed. There are a hundred little baby animals of all kinas in the 45 their moms

zoo. Kids pay their money and stay there with the animals they like 46 and dads shop. Several minutes later. I surprised to see she 48 47

and saw Helen walking along behind me. I was

to shop rather than play with the animals. And I thought 49 them up I came up and asked

the children had co wait oil the parents came to what was wrong. She 50

at me with those big brown eyes and said sadly. "Well, Daddy. it cost 51 . " Then she said the most 53 52 thing I ever

50cents. So, I gave Brandon my

heard. She repeated the family motto quarter , and my 55 54

is action!" She had given Brandon her

loves little animals more than Helen. She had watched what both

and I did for years around the house after we had said "love is action! 56 of her lifestyle. 57 Brandon go crazy petting 59 it

" And now it had become a

Then we went back to the petting zoo We stood and feeding the animals I had 50 cents 58

a hole in my pocket J never 60

to Helen, and she never asked for it Because she know the whole family always pays. 41. A drove 42 A. wrote 43 A either 44. A. who 45. A. feeding B. drew B. said B. neither B. when B. caring C. dressed C. expressed C. each C. that C. petting D. dragged D. warned D. every D. what D. nursing

: Love


46 A which

B while

C. where

D whether, D. turned around D. refused D. wake

47. A turned over B turned out 48. A. chose 49. A. bring 50. A. looked up 51 A. pet 52. A successful 53. A. Trust 54. A. anyone 55. A. wife 56. A. pile 57. A. seeing 58. A. digging 59. A. paid 60. A. motto 参考答案 41-45 ABCDC B. checked B. put

C. turned away C. hesitated C. pick

B. looked down C looked through D. looked over B. coat B. beautiful B. Understanding B. no one B. mother B pair B. watching B. making B. delivered B. message 46-50 BDACA C quarter C. harmful C. Honesty C. every one C father C. puzzle C. noticing C. burning C. offered C model 51-55 CBDBA D. candy D. awful D. love D. someone D. children D. part D. feeling D hiding D. afforded D. matter 56-60 DBCCA


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