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Confidentiality Agreement

Party A: Party B:_______________________________; Passport No:_________________________

鉴于甲方从事之经营项目的特殊性,甲乙双方根据有关法律、法规规定、在遵循平等自 愿、 协商一致、 诚实信用的原则下, 就乙方在任职期间以及离职后的有关事项达成如下协议:
Whereas Party A engaged in the business view of the special nature of the project, both parties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in compliance with equality, voluntariness, consensus, under the principle of good faith, during party B’s tenure and after leaving , the matter reached the following agreement:

第一条 保密
Item 1 Confidentiality

1.1 乙方承诺,在本协议约定的保密期内,严格按照本协议的保密内容以及公司的保密制度 履行保密义务。For the term of this agreement, Party B promise to strictly fulfill confidentiality
obligations, according to the confidentiality content & company’s confidentiality policy.

第二条 保密内容
Item 2 Confidentiality Content

2.1 不为公众知悉,能为甲方带来经济利益,具有实用性并经权利人采取保密措施的技术信 息和经营信息, 包括但不限于: 专有技术及配方、 新产品研发过程及成果、 经营计划及策略、 财务状况、客户资料以及供应商资料等。Technical and management information, which was not
known by the public, can bring economic benefits to Party A, with practicality, and the right take security measures for, including but not limited to: intellectual property and formulations, new product development process and results, management plans and strategies, financial condition, customer data and vendor information, etc.

2.2 甲方已掌握并负有保密责任的第三者(如甲方的客户或者供应商)的技术信息和经营信 息,包括但不限于:专有技术及配方、 新产品研发过程及成果、 经营计划及策略、财务状况、 客户资料以及供应商资料等等。Party A controls and has a duty of confidentiality to protect third

parties (such as the Party A's customers or suppliers) of technical and management information, including but not limited to: intellectual property and formulations, new product development process and results, business plans and strategies, financial condition, customer data and vendor information, and so on.

2.3 甲方以书面或其他形式确定为商业秘密的资料和信息。Data and information which Party A
in writing or otherwise identified as trade secret.

第三条 保密期限
Item 3 Confidentiality Period

3.1 除非甲方通过书面形式明确本协议所涉及的某项保密内容可以不用保密,则乙方应从与 甲方建立劳动关系之日起 (包括试用期内) 无限期保守甲方之商业秘密。 , Unless Party A make
sure in writing that a certain confidential content covered by this agreement can not be confidential , then Party B should keep the Party A’s trade secret for ever from the date of labor relations (including probation).

第四条 泄密
Item 4 Leakage of the Trade Secret

4.1 凡未经甲方总经理或保密委员会书面授权而直接或间接以任何形式向任何人或任何组 织透露上述、涉及保密内容的行为均属泄密。Without the written authorization of the general
manager or security committee of party A, behaviors of directly or indirectly, in any form to any person or organization to disclose the above the content, are related to confidential disclosure.

4.2 当甲方将有关保密内容的资料或信息交由乙方保管时, 若因乙方保管不当造成该资料或 信息的遗失、公开、泄露时,同样视为泄密。When Party A ask party B to keep relating to the
contents of confidential data or information, if loss, publicity, disclosure caused by improper storage of the data or information, for party B, the same as a leak.

第五条 违约责任
Item 5 Liability for Breach

5.1 如乙方行为造成泄密的, 应立即终止泄密行为以及因此而引致的侵犯甲方商业秘密的行 为, 积极协助甲方采取补救措施防止泄密范围的继续扩大, 并向甲方支付由于违约行为而照 成的经济损失,该损失包括:直接损失、潜在损失以及权利人为主张权利而支付的费用等。
The trade secret leakage caused by the Party B’s behavior, those behavior should be immediately terminated and the acts of infringement on Party A’s trade secrets should be immediately

terminated; Party B should actively assist the Party A to take remedial measures to prevent the continued expansion of the disclosure, due to the breach, Party B should pay to Party A according to the caused economic losses, the losses include: direct losses, potential losses and the expenses of the allegation.

5.2 若该泄密行为发生在甲、乙双方劳动合同关系存续期间,则乙方除承担上述责任外,甲 方还有权无条件解除与乙方的劳动合同。 If the leaks occurred during the term of the labor
contract between Party A and Party B, In addition to assumption of these responsibilities by Party B, Party A has the right to unconditionally terminate the labor contract with Party B

第六条 争议解决
Item 6 Dispute Resolution

6.1 如因本协议之履行发生争议,甲、乙双方应友好协商解决;协商不成,由公司所在地人 民法院处理。If there is a dispute on implementation of this agreement, Party A and Party B should
be settled through friendly consultations; otherwise by the local people's court in the area of the company, if negotiation fails.

第七条 本协议一式两份,甲、乙双方各执一份,每份具同等效力。
Item 7 This agreement shall be held in two copies of the same form. Each party shall preserve one copy with equal legal effect.

甲方: Part A: 代表人:
Representative: Date:

乙方: Party B:


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