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山东省临朐县实验中学高一英语 Book3 Unit3 学案 1 人教新目标
(Ⅲ)Using language

Step One : Group Discussion
What do you think Henry would do after he got the bank note?

Step Two: Fast reading
1. The passage is mainly about ________. A. Henry lost the bank note B. Henry’s bank note was stolen in a hotel. C. Henry’s experience after he got the bank note. D. Henry spent his money that he owned. 2.From the passage we know that the owner thinks that___________. A. all the Americans like to order twice B. this American is very poor C. Americans like to eat a lot D. Americans are the richest in the world 3.Why does the hostess scream? A. Because she is very angry. C. Because she is pleased. A. Surprised B. Crazy B. Because she is shocked. D. Because she is frightened

4. How did Henry feel when he found the million pound bank note in the envelope? C. Glad D. Sad 5.What can we learn from the waiter’s look and manner at first? A. He wanted to beat Henry. B. He thought Henry was a be ggar. C. He was rude to the Henry. D. He thought Henry couldn’t pay for the meal.

Step Three: Find out the following useful expressions in the passage.
1. 等某人点菜,招待某人点菜________________ 2. 花费一大笔钱____________________ 3.冒风险___________ 4. 用粗鲁的方式_________________5. 照应;照料_________ 6.非常注意_______________7. 关于;至于______________ 8. 衣衫褴褛___________9.从某人的心底____________ 【点拨】 1. rude adj. “粗鲁的;无礼的” 其近义词为 impolite,反义词为 polite. be rude to sb. 对某人粗鲁 It is rude of sb. To do sth.某人做某事是 粗鲁的 Don’t be so rude to your parents! 别对你的父母这么没礼貌!


It is rude to speak when you’re eating.吃东西时说话是不礼貌的。 2. manner (1) 方式,方法,态度,举止(常用单 数) . (2) 礼貌,礼仪,规矩,习俗(常用复 数) . It’s good /bad manners .to do sth, 做某事有/没有礼貌 Hold your knife and fork in this manner. 以这样的方式拿刀叉。 It’s bad manners to point at people. 对人指指点点是不礼貌的。 Mind you table manners at the dinner party. 在宴会上要注意餐桌礼仪。 3. as for “至于,就……而论” ,常用来对已经谈过的事情作进一步的说明或引起人们 对句中所谈的事情的注意。其后可接名词、代词、动名词。 As for the bill, sir, please forget it .(教材 P22) 至于说账单嘛,先生,请把它忘 了吧. As for the hotel, it was very uncomfortable and miles from the sea. 至于旅馆呢,非常不舒服,而且离海边有好几英里远。 归纳 As to = as for 关于,至于 concerning = regarding =respecting prep.关于 as it is 事实上,照现在的这个样子

Step Four : Important sentences
1. Would you mind waiting just a few minutes? Translation :_____________________________________________________. 2. It is amazing how much pleasure you get out of the simple things in life, especially if you can’t have them for a while. Translation :____________________ _________________________________. Explanation: for a while 意思为__________________________________ 3. It is all I have on me. Translation :_____________________________________________________. Explanation:分析句子成分: 4.I hope you’ll come here whenever you like. Translation :_____________________________________________________. 5.You must come whenever you want and have whatever you like. Translation :__________ ________ ___________________________________. Explanation: “w hatever you like” 在句中作何成分? 6.Just having you sit here is a great h onour. Translation :_____________________________________________________. Explanation:本句的主语是__________________________________________.

Step five:Exercises
I 单项选择: 1.----Would you permit me ______ here? ----- Sorry, we don’t permit _____ in the library. A. smoking; smoking B. to smoke; to smoke


C. smoking; to smoke A. A plenty ; was B. A large number; was manner? A. the; a A. spots with A. of; to talk A. Whatever B. / ; /

D. to smoke ; smoking B. Large amounts; was D. Large amounts; were

2. ________of coal______ used in this plant every year.

3. Do you think it is ____good manners to hear others’ conversations in _____curious C. / ; a D. the; the D. spotting with

4. I don’t like the shirt _______ paint. B. is spotted with C. spotted with B. for; to talk B. However C. of; talking D. Whenever C. taking chances D. B and C 5. It is rude _____you _____with your mouth full. D. for; talking 6. ________ we gave him something to eat, he would save it up for his little sister. C. Whichever 7. Think twice before you do it. In my opinion, it’s not worth _______. A, to take a chance ---__________. A. Yes, don’t worry C. Yes, help your self A. down B. in A. As for A. It C. ahead B. Of course, go ahead D. Of course, why not D. on C. Because of C. As D. Besides B. taking a chance 8.---Could I ask you a personal question?

9. Things will improve as time goes _____. 10. _______the cost, that will be very little. B. With B. What 11._is known to us all is that the 2012 Olympic Games will take place in London. D. Which B. surrounded; looked D. surrounded; looking C. such; such D. when D. such; so 12.He f ound his son _____ by letters and papers and _____ very worried. A. surrounding; looked C. surrounding; looking A. so; such A. how B. so; so

13.I can’t imagine ____ little insects can eat up _____ big an animal in an hour. 14. A computer can only do____ you have instructed it to do. B. after C. what 15. ----I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. ----Is that_____ you had a few days off? A. why meeting. A. that B. it C. this D. him B. when C. what D. where 16. The chairman thought ____ necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the


17._____ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. A. Anyone and loved. A. what B. why C. whom D. which 19.After ten years’ absence she came back, only to find her old house was not ____ it used to be. A. which B. what C. when

B. The one

C. Whoever

D. Who

18. When asked _____ they needed most, the kids said they wanted to feel important

D. how century. D. who

20. The companies are working together to create ______ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21 A. which B. that C. what

21. We are only _______ to have some desserts after su pper according to the custom in that country. A. hoped A. however A. why B. supposing B. whatever C. what C. allowing C. whichever D. how D. permitted D. wherever 22.It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____ he or she wants. 23. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _____ I disagree. B. where II.单词拼写: 1.Large _____(数量) of soil are being washed away every year in this area. 2.It’s bad ______(礼貌)to talk with you mouth full. 3.I am very glad_________(真正地,确实)to hear that you are better. 4.It’s ______(不礼貌)to talk to the elderly like this. 5.They ________(尖叫)for help from the window of the burning hotel. 6.What he said just now is ________(不可相信的) 。 III. Choose the right phrase to each sentence: Bring u p; make a bet; go ahead ; by accident; account for; take a chance 1. 2. No matter what happens, he will ________ _________ with his plan. He left her to ______ ________ three young children on her own. __________.

3. Let’s _______ ________ ________ to see which team will win the game. 4. I met her quite ______ 5. The pressure at work may _______ _________ his behavior. 6. Let’s ________ ________ _________ to creep in quietly, maybe no one will notice. 7.


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