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黄冈市 2014 高考英语阅读理解暑假训练(4)及答案

The most frightening words in the English language are, “Our computer is down.” You hear it more and more when you are on business. The other day I was at the airport waiting for a ticket to Washington and the girl in the ticket office said, “I?m sorry, I can?t sell you a ticket. Our computer is down.” “If your computer is down, just write me out a ticket.” “I can?t write you out a ticket. The computer is the only one allowed to do so.” I looked down on the computer and every passenger was just standing there drinking coffee and staring at the black screen. Then I asked her, “What do all you people do?” “We give the computer the information about your trip, and then it tells us whether you can fly with us or not.” “So when it goes down, you go down with it.” “That?s good, sir.” “How long will the computer be down?” I wanted to know. “I have no idea. Sometimes it?s down for 10 minutes, sometimes for two hours. There?s no way we can find out without asking the computer, and since it?s down it won?t answer us.” After the girl told me they had no backup(备用) computer, I said. “Let?s forget the comput er. What about your planes? They?re still flying, aren?t they?” “I couldn?t tell without asking the computer.” “Maybe I could just go to the gate and ask the pilot if he?s flying to Washington, ” I suggested. “I wouldn?t know what gate to send you to. Even if the pilot was going to Washington, he couldn?t take you if you didn?t have a ticket.” “Is there any other airline flying to Washington within the next few hours?” “I wouldn?t know, ” she said, pointing at the dark screen. “Only ?IT? knows. ?It? can?t tell me.” By this time there were quite a few people standing in lines. The word soon spread to other travelers that the computer was down. Some people went white, some people started to cry and

still others kicked their luggage. 1. The best title for the article is _______. A. When the Computer Is Down C. The Computer of the Airport B. The Most Frightening Words D. Asking the Computer

2. What could the girl in the ticket office do for the passengers without asking the computer? A. She could sell a ticket. B. She could write out a ticket. C. She could answer the passengers? questions. D. She could do nothing. 3. Why do you think they had not a backup computer? A. Because it was easy down B. Because it was very expensive. C. Because it was not advanced enough. D. Because it was not as big as the main computer. 4. The last paragraph suggests that _______. A. a modern computer won?t be down.

B. computers can take the place of humans C. sometimes a computer may bring suffering to people D. there will be great changes in computers

【答案解析】 本文记述了作者在机场遭遇电脑系统死机所带来的后果及人们对此的反应。 1.A。主旨题。根据文章第 1 句中的 Our computer is down 及后面 的文章内容,可推知 此题答案为 A。 2.D。细节题。根据文章中的对话:售票员不能卖机票,回答不出旅客提出的问题等等, 可推知此题答案为 D。 3.B。主观题。根据各选项的比较及生活经验对之进行判断,得出此题的答案为 B。 4.C。推断题。根据文章最后一段的描述:电脑死机,旅客们感到恐惧、忧郁、不安, 从而可推知此题答案为 C。 ****************************************************结束

People who traveled in the past had to put up with many discomforts which we do not have nowadays, and of course they traveled far more slowly. Roads were bad indeed and you often found you could not get along at all because of the mud. In dry weather many places were thick in dust and when it was stormy, trees might fall across the road and it was nobody?s business to clear them away. Ordinary people traveled on foot or on horseback, but everyone who could afford it kept a private coach. There were public coaches too. called “stage coaches” because long journeys took several days and were done in stages, with stops over night at inns. Some stage coaches ran only in the summer months. Others all the year around. They were very slow and crowded and passengers often became in on the way because of the swaying (摇晃). Break-downs were frequent, since many roads were not smooth. So a coach might very easily turn right over. Early in the century coach and wagon builders were encouraged to put very wide wheels on their vehicles so that these might level the roads a little. But many people complained of this since it slowed travel down a good deal. Most travelers during the 18th century wrote bitterly about the state of the roads. One visitor to Sussex took six hours to travel nine miles in his coach; another wrote to a friend that on time of his journeys “almost every mile was marked by the overturn of a carriage”. 47. Which of the following mainly prevented people from travelling fast in the past? A. Muddy road C. Falling trees B. Thick dust D. Many discomforts

48. The underlined word “them” in the first paragraph refers to _____. A. the discomforts C. the fallen trees B. the blocked roads D. the dusty places

49. Public coaches were called “stage-coaches” because ______. A. they served public people only B. th ey were slow and crowded C. they stopped for meals at inns D. the long journey was broken into several parts 50. The sentence “almost every mile was marked by the overturn of a carriage” suggests that

______. A. the coaches were of poor quality B. the road condition was really poor C. the writers liked to describe the road bitterly D. travelling about in the past was extremely slow 51. Which of the following best gives the main idea of the first paragraph? A. Disadvantages in travel in former days B. Travel by stage coaches. C. The effect of bad weather on travel. D. The complaints about the discomforts.

参考答案------------47-51 ACDBA ***********************************************************结束

I sometimes wonder if old Finchley has the right personality to be a research scientist. He keeps asking when he?ll be coming back. After all, it was his own fau lt. Nobody tries out what has just been invented on themselves any more but Finchley. Well, he must have pumped about a thousand c. c. s into himself before I noticed he was clearly becoming smaller. It was funny watching him, because his clothes remained the same in size. They simply piled up around him so that he looked like a small boy in his father?s clothes. But he kept getting smaller and smaller. As my colleague Dawson and I watched him, he disappeared! All we could see was Finchley?s clothes on the floor. They looked so strange, because the lab coat was on top, shirt and trousers inside and, I suppose, underclothes inside again. It gave me a strange feeling, and I think Dawson was a bit shaken, too. Dawson was sitting on his chair in front of a microscope he?d been using to examine a family of mites(螨虫). He looked through the scope kind of absently again, and was nearly scared to lose awareness when he found old Finchley waving back from the other end.

It seems as if Finchley had taken a free ride on a dust mite and landed on the land of the mite family. Of course, we didn?t know till Finchley told us later. But anyhow, as I said, Dawson nearly

passed out. He jumped o ff his chair and pointed at the microscope, to shocked to speak. 49. Finchley disappeared because ________. A. he took something poisonous B. he was changed into a dust mite C. his father?s clothes totally covered him up D. what he and his colleagues i nvented resulted in his disappearace 50. It frightened Dawson to see Finchley _______. A. got into his scope by accident C. suddenly got lost in his clothes B. was waving through his telescope D. gradually disappeared in the lab

51. It can be inferred that Finchley, Dawson and the writer have possibly invented _____. A. some kind of medicine C. a machine to make people small B. a new powerful microscope D. a new way to make a culture of mi te

52. It can probably be concluded that Finchley ________. A. passed out there and then C. is a devoted scientist B. is not fit to be a scientist D. will remain tiny all the time




阅读下面短文,进行合理的推理判断,并从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项。

I’m interested in the furnished cottage near Dedham which you made known in yesterday’s newspaper, for my husband and I are coming to England in June and will stay at the cottage for three months.

Would you please tell me exactly where it is and give me some information about bus and train service in the area? We need a cottage on a busy street. And I would also

like to know about the shops there. Do the shops still supply? I know they did ten years ago.

I would also be thankful if you would tell me whether you supply sheets, etc., and whether a laundry (洗衣店) calls at the house. The rent (租金) you ask sounds reasonable for the size of the cottage. How do you like it paid? Weekly, monthly or in advance?

1. This passage must be taken from a _______.

A. novel B. letter C. newspaperD. diary

2. In the passage, “you” refers to _______.

[来源:学,科,网 Z,X,X,K]

A. a friend of the writer’s

B. the reader who reads the passage

C. some person who has a cottage for hire

D. an unknown person living in England

3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. “You” must have advertised in the newspaper.

B. The writer and her husband are to stay at Dedham.

C. The writer must have been to Dedham ten years ago.

D. The writer is interested in nothing but the cottage.

4. Which of the following does NOT the writer wish to know further about?

A. The position of the cottage.

B. Things about the traffic.

C. The total rent for the cottage.

D. The shops and the supplies.

5. From the passage, we can judge that the writer _______.

A. is quiet and shy and likes to stay indoors

B. is lazy and never washes clothes herself

C. is busy with her job and has no time to wash clothes

D. is a good housewife and is able to arrange things properly

参考答案 Keys: 1-5 BCDCD

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