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山东省临淄中学 2010—2011 学年度高三第一学期模块学分认定考试

英 语 试 题
(满分 150 分,时间 120 分钟)

第一部分 听力(共两节,20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 第一节 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,选出最佳选项。每段对话仅读一遍。 1.What is the total travelling cost for them? A.$50. B.$100. C.$150. 2.What will the speakers probably do this evening? A.Go to the cinema. B.Visit Mr.Taylor. C.Go shopping. 3.What does the woman mean? A.She has no time to do anything else. B.She wants to know more about PC. C.She doesn’t like using P C. 4.What is the most probable reason why Bill lost his job? A.He was usually late for work for his home is too far. B.He often made mistakes in his work and asked for leaves. C.He made a serious mistake in business with a company. 5.Why will the woman buy a heavy coat for Jimmy? A.Jimmy will go to the mountains. B.Winter is coming soon. C.Jimmy has caught a cold. 第二节 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,选出最佳选项。每 段对话或独白读两遍。 听下面一段对话,回答第 6 至 8 题。 6.Who is the man speaking to? A.A doctor. B.A hotel manager. C.A medical receptionist. 7.Where is Doctor Anderson now? A.In the hotel. B.At the hospital. C.At a conference. 8.When can the man see the doctor?

A.Tomorrow morning. B.This evening. C.This afternoon 听下面一段对话,回答第 9 至 11 题。 9.What is the main topic of this conversation? A.A lunch. B.An exam. C.A class. 10.What is the woman upset about? A.Her recent exam grade. B.The material on the exam. C.Not being able to get lunch. 11.What is the man going to do after the conversation? A.To study. B.To play football. C.To have lunch 听下面一段对话,回答第 12 至 14 题。 12.Why does Bob call Nancy? A.To invite her out for a concert. B.To ask if she ’s got the tickets. C.To offer his help with her new flat. 13.What will Nancy do tomorrow night? A.Clean up the new flat. B.Watch a tennis match. C.Visit a friend with Barbara . 14.What has Nancy agreed to do with Bob next Saturday ? A.To see a play. B.To attend a concert. C.To buy concert tickets . 听下面一段对话,回答第 15 至 17 题。 15.What attracts Mary most when she first met John? A.His nice figure and appearance. B.His job and family. C.His cleverness and humor. 16.What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? A.Teacher and student. B.Employee and boss. C.Good friends. 17.What do we know about the girl from the conversation? A.She falls in love with John at first sight. B.She doesn’t want to give out the secret to Steve. C.She is sure that John will call her tomorrow. 听下面一段对话,回答第 18 至 20 题。 18.Where is the Central park of New York? A.On the Fifth Avenue. B.Near the Fifth Avenue. C.Near the Fifteenth Avenue . 19.What can people do in the Central park? A.Do some fishing. B.Watch a movie. C.Read a book. 20.Why was the Central Park built?

A.People wanted to create shelters for beggars. B.People wanted to breathe fresh air and have a break. C.People wanted to show how beautiful the city was. 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答 题卡上将该项涂黑。 21.Jenny found in music _______ peace which was missing in _______ world full of challenges. A./; the B./; a C.a; the D.the; a 22.______ the traffic jam we should have arrived at the airport half an hour earlier. A.In spite of B.Except for C.As a result of D.But for 23.As a teacher rich in experience, he knows how to his ideas to these new students in a limited period of time. A.convey B.educate C.pass D.convince 24.The new CRH train between Beijing and Shanghai _______ speed can reach about 380km/h will benefit people a lot. A.whose B.where C.that D.which 25.Gary, please do me a favor--- _____ my laptop for me. A.to fetch B.fetch C.fetching D.fetched 26.Driving on the highway ______ be very dangerous, so you ______ be too careful. A.should; ought to B.could; should C.might; mustn’t D.can; can’t 27.---- Thanks for your help, but can you do me one more favor, please? ---- _______, sir.What's it then? A.Just a minute B.It's very nice of you C.That's all right D.At your service 28.–---I’m losing my eyesight, I’m afraid. -----To finish this book, you ______ in front of your computer too long. A.work B.are working C.have been working D.worked 29.----We have worked day and night for a whole month. ----Why don’t you bring ______ to the attention that a good rest is badly needed? A.that B.which C.this D.it 30.I want to buy Mother something ______ for her birthday, but I don’t know what she likes best. A.offered B.devoted C.intended D.contributed 31.How can you expect to make progress ______ you never listen in class? A.before B.until C.though D.when 32.It is known to all that every minute ____ full use of____ the lessons will benefit students a great deal. A.which makes; studying B.when made; to study

C.that made; to study D.which is made; studying 33.The young member made several proposals, none of____ considered practical or acceptable. A.them B.which C.it D.what 34.The door burst open and____, shouting with anger. A.rushing in a crowd B - in rushing a crowd C.in rushed a crowd D.in did a crowd rush 35.______ it is true that a student’s most important goal is to do well in his or her studies, it doesn’t need to be the only goal. A.When B.As C.While D.Before 第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) My own "truest" Christmas stands out from all the others, which is the one when the meaning of the day shone clearest.Recently divorced, I had no 36 and was on my way to the employment office.It was pouring, but I had no umbrella, for my old one had 37 apart, and I could not afford another one. I got in a streetcar and there 38 the seat was an umbrella leaning with a silver handle 39with jewels.I had never seen anything so lovely.I 40 the handle and saw a name carved there.The 41_procedure would have been to 42 the umbrella to the conductor, while I 43 to take it with me and find the owner myself. Then I 44 a telephone book for the name on the umbrella and got it.A lady answered my call and she was so 45 that I forgot I was looking for a job and went directly to her small house.There, she wanted to give me a(an) 46 , but her excitement at getting back this something. special possession was 47 that to have accepted money would have 48 The next six months were 49 .I was able to get only temporary 50 here and there for a small salary. 51 , when reaching home, 1 made myself smile, pretending to be happy to meet my daughter Peggy.There, she opened the door for me and __52__ herself in my arms, screaming and demanding that we decorate the tree immediately.But when I looked at the cold pans and cans in the cold little kitchen, misery 53 me. Suddenly the doorbell rang, there stood a delivery man."This is a 54 ," I said, but he read the name on the parcels and they were for me. looked for the name of the sender and found it I was the lady. Our dinner the night was the most delicious in my life.Then I put Peggy to bed and 55 her gifts up around the tree and a sweet peace flooded me like a blessing. 36.A.hope B.job C.faith D.house 37.A.torn B.divided C.taken D.fallen 38.A.down B.against C.in D.over 39.A.equipped B.armed C.decorated D.filled 40.A.examined B.inspected C.investigated D.checked 41.A.general B.usual C.ordinary D.regular 42.A.turn in B.give in C.bring in D.take in 43.A.hesitated B.turned C.promised D.determined

44.A.searched B.observed C.found D.watched 45.A.thankful B.excited C.delighted D.truthful 46.A.reward B.prize C.award D.praise 47.A.so B.even C.ever D.such 48.A.changed B.spoiled C.helped D.missed 49.A.fortunate B.merciful C.inspiring D.miserable 50.A.employment B.settlement C.fulfillment D.disappointment 51.A.However B.Therefore C.Thus D.Besides 52.A.threw B.spread C.put D.lost 53.A.got over B.came over C.turned over D.knocked over 54.A.surprise B, blessing C.mistake D.misfortune 55.A.set B.brought C.took D.picked 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Heading off to college this year? Here are some fashion tips from our experts you should keep in mind: Dress to impress: Stylist and business consultant Daniela Smith says, “Girls should keep in mind that your college professors will often be the bridge that connects you to your future career and your classmates will become your professional network.You don’t need to dress like you’re going to the office, but you should display an ability to properly present yourself with appropriate maturity and confidence, and look put together.” Logo mania (品牌狂热症): Wearing the logos of brands aimed at younger customers physically identifies you as part of that age group, so consider the targeted age group of the stores you shop at. tempting (诱人的) to load up on logos, especially well-known logos that signify It’s high-end brands.But consider this: college is a time of self-discovery, a chance to develop your own personal style.Instead of wearing logos head to toe, “walking advertisement”-style, why not express who you really are? Wear real pants! The combination of leggings and baggy shirts is all too common on college campuses.Smith points out that leggings, yoga pants, and sweatpants are entirely unacceptable in public unless you’re exercising.Although leggings worn as pants are a common trend among high school and college girls, they are not an appropriate choice for daywear.As a young woman, your style choice should begin to reflect your maturity level.So, get rid of leggings and wear real pants! Keep the cute factor to a minimum: Stay away from sweaters and T-shirts with smiling animals, cartoon characters, or Hello Kitty on them.Sure, kittens might be cute, but they’re not doing you any favors in the style department.Dressing too cutesy can take years off your look, and not necessarily in a good way! 56.The second paragraph indicates the importance of ________. A.impressing professors B.getting on well with classmates C.creating a professional image D.dressing appropriately 57.The author believes that college girls should ________.

A.choose a logo that suits their age B.try to load up on well-known logos C.use logos to show who they are D.find their identity by trying different logos 58.The author recommends wearing real pants because ________. A.leggings and baggy shirts are too common B.yoga pants and sweatpants are not as comfortable C.real pants can present you with appropriate maturity D.people like real pants better than the other pants 59.What’s the writer’s attitude towards sweaters with animals on them? A.They make people look lovely. B.They are very fashionable these days. C.They will show you’re an animal lover. D.They are not suitable for college-aged students. 60.In which magazine would you most likely find this passage? A.Business Week. B.Parents. C.In style. D.Travel & Leisure. B A 33-year-old financial analyst in California recently quit his job to devote himself to an unpaid job teaching math on the Internet, and his lessons are reaching almost 100,000 people a month.Salman Khan’s voice is heard every day on the net --- by tens of thousands of students around the world who are hungry for help learning math.He has posted 1,200 lessons on YouTube ..lessons that appear on an electronic blackboard, which range from basic addition to . advanced mathematics for science and finance.And they are free. Khan lives in Silicon Valley, with his wife, a doctor, and their new baby.He got the idea for his “Khan Academy” four years ago, when he taught a young cousin how to convert kilograms to grams.With Khan’s help, the cousin got good at math, and Khan began a new career. Now, Khan records his lessons himself, but he never goes on camera. feels like my voice in “It their head. You’re looking at it and it feels like someone’s over your shoulder talking in your ear, as opposed to someone at the blackboard, which is distant from you,” he said. When Springfield High School in Palo Alto, California invited Khan to speak in person --- he immediately connected to the students there. The idea of short lessons that can be played over and over again attracted high school senior Bridget Meaney. She says she had trouble with math in the seventh grade. think the teachers are “I good, but they can’t teach at a speed that’s perfect for everyone,” she said.“I like the idea of learning something in class but then going back and pressing pause or rewind and actually getting a deeper understanding of it.” Originally, Khan kept his lessons short because of YouTube restrictions.Now, he thinks short is better.“Education researchers now tell me that 10 minutes is how long someone can have a high level of concentration.And anything beyond that and your brain switches off,” he said. For Khan, teaching math, science, and finance is just the beginning.He says he’s ready to expand his YouTube site to include other subjects as well.

61.What gave Khan the idea of teaching math online? A.His success in helping his cousin learn math. B.His discovery that many students found learning math difficult. C.A suggestion made to him at a local high school. D.His interest in Internet teaching. 62.Why does Khan never go on camera? A.He’s too shy to show his face on camera. B.It’s restricted by YouTube for education videos. C.He wants to keep distance from the viewers. D.He wants to create a more relaxed learning atmosphere. 63.From the passage, we know that ________. A.Khan travels to many schools to promote his lessons B.Khan plans to include more subjects in the future C.Khan gives live math lessons every day for free D.Khan set up the Khan Academy with his wife 64.Why does Bridget Meaney like Khan’s lessons? A.Khan teaches seventh grade math better than her teacher. B.The lessons can be watched repeatedly until fully understood. C.She can perfectly follow the pace of Khan’s teaching. D.She cannot concentrate when learning in class. 65.What does Khan mean by “short is better” in the 6th paragraph? A.Keeping the lessons short can ensure better concentration. B.YouTube recommends short lessons for its site. C.Short lessons encourage students to return to the website. D.Students enjoy short mathematics lessons more.

C CHICAGO (Reuters) - Smoking not only can wrinkle (起皱纹) the face and turn it yellow -- it can do the same to the whole body, researchers reported on Monday. The study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, shows that smoking affects the skin all over the body -- even skin protected from the sun. "We examined non-facial skin that was protected from the sun, and found that the total number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day and the total years a person has smoked were linked with the amount of skin damage a person experienced," Dr.Yolanda Helfrich of the University of Michigan, who led the study, said in a statement. "In participants older than 65 years, smokers had significantly more fine wrinkling than nonsmokers.Similar findings were seen in participants aged 45 to 65 years," Helfrich's team added in their report. The researchers tested 82 people, smokers and nonsmokers, taking pictures of the inner right

arms.They ranged in age from 22 to 91 and half were smokers.Independent judges decided how wrinkled each person's skin was. When skin is exposed to sunlight, notably the face, it becomes coarse, wrinkled and discolored with a pale yellow tint, Helfrich's team wrote. Several previous studies have found that cigarette smoking contributes to premature(过早的) skin aging as measured by facial wrinkles, the study said, but little has been done to measure the aging of skin not exposed to light. The report did not discuss the mechanism involved but previous research has found that cigarette smoke, among other things, causes blood vessels(血管)beneath the skin to constrict(紧 缩), reducing blood supply to the skin. Smoking can also damage the connective tissue that supports both the skin and the internal organs. 66.The best title for this passage would be_______. A.The danger of smoking B.A survey of smokers C.Quit smoking for health D.Smoking causes skin aging 67. How wrinkled each person's skin doesn’t relate to_______. A.the number of cigarettes a person smokes B.the kind and characteristics of skin C.how long a person smokes D.how long skin is under sunlight 68.It can be inferred from the study _______. A.smoking won’t make skin protected from the sun age B.smoking will do damage to skin rather than other organs C.smokers over 65 usually won’t worry about their skin D.the age of smokers is not connected with the result of the test 69.From the passage smoking results in skin aging mainly because_____. A.it will lower blood supply to skin. B.it can make you feel tired C.it can make skin come off D.it can make blood run faster 70.The main purpose of the passage is to ______. A.inform people about the result of the study B.advise people to how to protect skin C.warn people not to smoke again. D.introduce a new way of avoid skin aging D Driving to a friend's house on a recent evening, I was attracted by the sight of the full moon rising just above my friend’s rooftops.I stopped to watch it for a few moments, thinking about what a pity it was that most city people? Myself included? Usually miss sights like this because we spend most of our lives indoors.

My friend had also seen it.He grew up living in a forest in Europe, and the moon meant a lot to him then.It had touched much of his life. I know the feeling.Last December I took my seven-year-old daughter to the mountainous jungle of northern India with some friends.We stayed in a forest rest-house with no electricity or running hot water.Our group had campfires outside every night, and indoors when it was too cold outside. moon grew to its fullest during our trip. The Between me and the high mountains lay three or four valleys. a light shone in them and not a sound could be heard. was one of the quietest Not It places I have ever known, a bottomless well of silence.And above me was the full moon, which struck me deeply. Today our lives are filled with glass, metal, plastic and fibre-glass.We have televisions, cell phones, pagers, electricity, heaters and ovens and air-conditioners, cars, computers. Struggling through traffic that evening at the end of a tiring day, most of it spent indoors, I thought: before long, I would like to live in a small cottage.There I will grow vegetables and read books and walk in the mountains and perhaps write, but not in anger.I may become an old man there, and wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled and measure out my life in coffee spoons.But I will be able to walk outside on a cold silent night and touch the moon. 71.The best title for the passage would be______. A.Touched by the moon B.The pleasures of modern life C.A bottomless well of silence D.Break away from modern life 72.The writer felt sorry for himself because________. A.there was too many pollution B.he failed to see the fullest moon C.he didn’t adapt to modern inventions D.there were too accidents on the road 73.What impressed the writer most in the mountainous jungle of northern India? A.No modern equipment B.Complete silence. C.The nice moonlight D.The high mountains 74.Modern things (Paragraph 4) are mentioned mainly to______. A.show that the writer likes city life very much B.tell us that people greatly benefit from modern life C.explain that people have less chances to enjoy nature D.show that we can also enjoy nature at home through them 75.The author wrote the passage to_______. A.express the feeling of returning to nature B.show the love for the moonlight C.advise modern people to learn to live D.want to communicate longing for modern life 第 II 卷(共 45 分) 2 阅读表达(5 小题;每题 3 分,共 15 分) 阅读下面的短文,并根据要求回答问题。

Even if you really enjoy your job, it’s still possible to battle boredom as you work.You may not be able to make big changes—or change your job—but you can make small adjustments to your routine that can make every day seem, well, a little less routine. 1.Switch Your Seat Change your outlook at the office by changing your office.Ask your supervisor to help you find a new desk.Even switching desks with a neighboring coworker can offer a fresh atmosphere. If it's not possible to change your location, see if you can change your desk’s direction.A new view can be just as refreshing as a new location. 2.______________ Start and end your day in a different way.Consider a new mode of transportation, if it’s possible.Take a subway.Ride a bike on sunny days.Carpool with a coworker.Use a new route to get to your job.You needn't change it for ever—just long enough to help you escape the boredom. 3.Find a New Work Style Sick of attending that long-standing Monday morning meeting? Try to change it to the afternoon. If you find yourself feeling most bored in the afternoons, try to arrange to do your favorite tasks then and tackle less desirable projects in the mornings. If you usually communicate with coworkers via email and instant messaging, start dealing with people face to face.Increased communication with coworkers may help improve your mood. 4.Get and Set a Goal If your work is short of objectives, it's no wonder that work has become boring. Identify a goal and set an “achieve by” date for it. Perhaps you want to Your goal needn’t be noble as long as you have enough enthusiasm for it. make a new project.Maybe you’d like to pursue a promotion.Or you may even set a goal of finding a new job altogether.Whatever it is, actively move toward an objective. 76.What is the purpose of the passage? (within 15 words) __________________________________________________________________________ 77.Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? You will feel bored when you are not working toward something. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 78.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 5 with proper words. (within 8 words)

79.List three methods of escaping from boredom in your daily. (within 5 words for each) ① ②________________________________ ③_______________________________ 80.Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese.

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 第二节 书面表达 (满分 30 分) 面对现实生活的各种压力,保持一个良好的心态非常重要。请你以 The importance of keeping a good mood 为题,写一篇 120-150 字的英语文章,发表自己的看法,以及支持你的 看法的原因(至少两个) 。

第一卷总分 105 分 1-20 每题 1.5 分,共 30 分 1—5 CBACA 6—10 CBABA 11—15 CABBC 16—20 CABCB 21-55 每题 1 分,共 35 分 21—25 DDAAB 26—30 DDCDC 31—35 DBACC 36—40 BDBCA 41—45 BADAB 46—50 ADBDA 51—55 AABCA 56-75 每题 2 分,共 40 分 56—60 DACDC 61—65 ADBBA 66—70 DBDAC 71—75 ABCCA 第 II 卷: 2 阅读表达 每题 3 分,共 15 分 76.To give some advice on how to battle boredom as you work. 77.If your work is short of objectives, it's no wonder that work has become boring. 78.Change the way to go to work. 79.Enjoying music; Playing basketball with friends; Changing to another subject (答案合理, 语法正确即可得分) 80.你的目标不必多么远大,只要你有足够的热情去完成它。

第二节 书面表达 共 30 分 参考范文 The Importance of Keeping a Good Mood People in modern society live under a lot of pressure from many aspects such as education, career or family.It is important to keep a good mood in your daily life.In the following context I am going to justify my point from two aspects. First, individually speaking, to keep a good mood makes everything easier to you. like the Just grease smoothing a machine, keeping a good mood optimizes your life.If you are happy, work would not seem to be that hard. You may learn to enjoy the process. Second, for the sake of people around you, you should keep a good mood.If you are very cheerful everyday, you are apt to throw your positive influence upon others who are also faced with varied pressure. like a shining sun, Just keeping a good mood enables you to radiate your happiness to everyone around you and then they respond to you with an enlightening smile. To keep a good mood helps to start a positive recycle around you which may free pressures.Why not meet your life with a smile?


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