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上海市2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(10)

Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases

marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Archaeologists are scientists who search for clues that help form a clearer picture of the lives people led in the past. Archaeology is a modern science, but it has been ___1___ for centuries. More than 2,400 years ago, the Greek historian Herodotus described the Egyptian pyramids and other monuments. He may have been the first writer to consider that remains and ___2___ could provide information for ___3___ generations. For more than a thousand years, however, such ___4___ were observers rather than researchers. In the 1700s, scientists and adventurers from a variety of countries traveled ___5___ to explore ancient sites. Digs that are still ___6___ began in 1709 at Herculaneum, an Italian city buried in ash during the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in A. D. 79. The Danish scholar Carsten Niebuhr visited the ruins of Persepolis in the Middle East in 1765 to study cuneiform writing (楔形文字). ___7___, archaeology didn’t become a widely recognized science and schools didn’t recognize the subject as a scholarly pursuit until the 19th century. The term itself was ___8___ in 1837. It comes from a Latin word meaning “the study of antiquities (古物).” One of the first archaeologists to use a scientific approach to the discipline was Heinrich Schliemann of Germany, who in the late 1800s ___9___ the ancient civilization of the city of Troy. Today, archaeologists uncover the past in many different ___10___, including deserts and jungles, at sites called digs. Ancient sources, folk tales, and landscape features can suggest where archaeologists should look. Surveys of the land help them choose sites ___11___ to provide artifacts, the objects that will unlock the story of a particular people — their daily lives, their beliefs, and their ties to other cultures. A site, however, does not have to be old to be interesting to an archaeologist. Some prefer to study more ___12___ settlements. One scientist, for instance, studies


coal mining camps in California by examining the garbage that miners ___13___. Archaeologists may work for universities, museums or governments, and some of them are involved in educating the public about ___14___ ancient sites. Artifact hunters who are ___15___ history rob these places and sell what they find for a few dollars to immoral dealers in antiquities.

1. A. adventuring 2. A. books 3. A. lost 4. A. inventors 5. A. extensively 6. A. in progress

B. changing B. history B. later B. scholars B. nationwide B. in good condition

C. digging C. ruins C. older C. visitors C. regularly C. on display

D. evolving D. science D. several D. writers D. together D. out of control

7. A. Besides 8. A. coined 9. A. created 10. A. countries 11. A. certain 12. A. honorable 13. A. gave away 14. A. choosing 15. A. aware of 【参考答案】 1-5 DCBBA

B. However B. considered B. developed B. fields B. likely B. peaceful B. gave off B. examining B. fed up with

C. Instead C. recognized C. established C. locations C. ready C. rural C. left behind C. studying C. ignorant of

D. Meanwhile D. used D. investigated D. ways D. necessary D. recent D. left out D. protecting D. familiar with

6-10 ABADC

11-15 BDCDC

完形填空填空练习 完形填空。阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项《A、B. C 和 D》中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 One sunny afternoon, a seven-year-old girl went for a walk. She crossed a large

area of grassland into the woods 26

she realized that she was lost. 28

Sitting on a rock and 27 what to do, she began crying. After a while, She to walk along a wide path lined with tall trees and thick bushes. dark, she saw a small, dark wooden house. She opened the door and

29 it was getting 30 stepped in. 31 .

Suddenly, she heard a strange noise, and she ran out the door and back to the Cold and tired, she fell asleep near a 32 .

The girl’s parents were out and her dog, Laddy, was at home. Laddy 33


his mistress(女主人)was in danger. He jumped 34 a window, breaking the glass. He looked in the fields, but he couldn’t find his mistress anywhere. However, from the ground came a 35 scent (气味) as he lowered his head. He and walked across the grassland. Barking 36 the scent through

37 into the air, the dog 38

the woods until he found the 39 . But the girl was not there, so he headed back to the woods. Much to his 40 , he saw his mistress’ blue shirt in the distance. 42 .

He 41 over some bushes and saw the little stream, where the girl was

When she opened her eyes and 43 her dog standing beside her, the girl said, “you 44 me, Laddy,” and she kissed him several times. Seeing their daughter and 45 . That night Laddy had

dog coming back, the parents burst into tears of a hero’s supper: a huge meal of steak. 26. A. before 27. A. wondering 28. A. preferred 29. A. When 30. A. carelessly 31. A. trees 32. A. stream 33. A. found 34. A. at 35. A. terrible 36. A. missed B. since B. forgetting B. expected B. Until B. cautiously B. bushes B. rock B. sensed B. through B. strange B. discovered C. while

D. as D. regretting D. decided D. Because D. unwillingly D. grasses D. house D. smelt D. onto D. familiar D. ignored

C. remembering C. failed C. If C. hopelessly C. woods C. tree C. heard C. in C. pleasant C. followed


37. A. calmly 38. A. searched 39. A. window 40. A. satisfaction 41. A. jumped 42. A. awake 43. A. spotted 44. A. disturbed 45. A. pain

B. loudly B. wandered B. girl B. disappointment B. climbed B. abandoned B. watched B. comforted B. shock

C. merrily C. looked C. house C. embarrassment C. walked C. available C. observed C. rescued C. sorrow

D. gently D. travelled D. hero D. delight D. flew D. asleep D. saw D. scared D. relief

参考答案:-----------完形填空 26-30、AADAB 31-35、CABBD 36-40、CBACD 41-45、ADDCD

完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 I will never forget the year I was about twelve years old. My mother told us that we would not be _1_ Christmas gifts because there was not enough money. I felt sad and thought, "What would I say when the other kids asked what I'd 2 ?" Just when I started to 3 that there would not be a Christmas that year, three women 4 at our house with gifts for all of us. For me they brought a doll. I felt such a sense of 5 that I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school. I wasn't 6 . Somebody had thought 7 of me to bring me a gift. Years later, when I stood in the kitchen of my new house, thinking how I wanted to make my 8 Christmas there special and memorable, I 9 remembered the women's visit. I decided that I wanted to create

that same feeling of 10 for as many children as I could possibly reach. So I 11 a plan and gathered forty people from my company to help. We gathered about 125 orphans (孤儿) at the Christmas party. For every child, we wrapped colorful packages filled with toys, clothes, and school supplies, 12 with a child's name. We wanted all of them to know they were 13. Before I called out their names and handed them their gifts, I 14 them that they couldn't open their presents 15 every child had come forward.


Finally the 16 they had been waiting for came as I called out, "One, two, three. Open your presents!" As the children opened their packages, their faces beamed and their bright smiles 17 up the room. The 18 in the room was obvious, and 19 wasn't just about toys. It was a feeling –the feeling I knew 20 that Christmas so long ago when the women came to visit. I wasn't forgotten. Somebody thought of me. I matter. ( ) 1. A. sending B. receiving C. making D. exchanging

答案: B 解析 :本题考查动词辨析 .由上文可知,还是小孩子的我 ,在圣诞节来临 ,我应该是收 到礼物,所以选择 receiving. ( ) 2. A. found B. prepared C. got D. expected

答案: C 解析:本题考查动词辨析.联系上下文,此处表达的意思是别人问我收到了什么礼物, 所以选择 got. ( ) 3. A. doubt B. hope C. suggest D. accept

答案:D 解析 :本题考查动词辨析 .联系上下文,推断此处表达的意思是 :我开始接受没有礼物 的现实,选择 accept,其他三个选项意思都不符合. ( ) 4. A. broke in .B. settled down C. turned up D. showed off

答案:C 解析:本题考查动词短语辨析.四个选项:break in 闯入;settle down 安居;turn up 出现; show off 炫耀.联系上下文此处是出现在我家 ,给我们圣诞礼物,故选择 C,意思最贴 切. ( ) 5. A. relief B. loss C. achievement D. justice

答案:A 解析:本题考查名词辨析.根据下文:I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school(当我回到学校时,我不会再感到难堪了. )结合四个选项的意思,可 以 推断出此处是表示我解脱了,送了一口气,故选择 A. ( ) 6. A. blamed B. loved C. forgotten D. affected

答案 :C 解析 : 本题考查动词辨析 . 分析四个选项 , 结合上下文 , 可以得知 , 这件礼物对我是多 么重要,所以此处表达我将不会忘记这件事情,故选择 C. ( ) 7. A. highly B. little C. poorly D. enough

答案:D 解析: 本题考查短语辨析. 联系上下文, 首先排除 B, think highly of sb 的意思 是 C, "对?? 评价很高" .此处根据作者的前面的心态,选择 enough,表示有人关心自己. ( ) 8. A. present B. first C. recent D. previous

答案:B 解析:本题考查形容词辨析.联系上下文,提到是 new house,肯定选择 first,西方人

对于圣诞节很重视,是一家人团圆的日子,所以此时表达重要性,作者想让自己在新家过 的第 一个圣诞节有意义.选择 B. ( ) 9. A. hardly B. instantly C. regularly D. occasionally

答案:B 解析 :本题考查副词辨析 .根据四个选项的意思 ,联系上下文,可了解当时作者那种激 动的心情,所以应该是很快就想到了那件让她难忘的事情;故选择 B. ( ) 10. A. strength B. independence C. importance D. safety

答案:C 解析:本题考查名词辨析.根据第一段中描述那次圣诞节礼物给我的感慨,和作者此刻 的心情,她认为送圣诞节礼物的给自己以及给得到的孩子们的重要性. ( ) 11. A. kept up with B. caught up with C. came up with D. put up with

答案:C 解析:本题考查动词短语辨析.从上一段的可以推断,是我提出了(came up with)了一 个让四十个人来我公司帮忙的计划. ( ) 12. A. none B. few C. some D. each

答案:D 解析:本题考查不定代词辨析.根据作者的想法,应该是每个人都有自己的圣诞节礼物, 所以选择每个人(each) . ( ) 13. A. fine B. special C. helpful D. normal

答案:B 解析 :本题考查形容词辨析 .每个人都有属于自己的礼物,而且不是固定的 ,所以作者 的意思是给孩子们启示:每个人都是独一无二的. ( ) 14. A. reminded B. guaranteed C. convinced D. promised

答案:A 解析:本题考查动词辨析.从下文的"One, two, three. Open your presents!"可知, 此时 在分发礼物时,我提醒每个人开始不要打开礼物. ( ) 15. A. after B. until C. when D. since

答案:B 解析:本题考查连词辨析.同 34 题,此时选择 until,直到每个人都拿到礼物. ( ) 16. A. chance B. gift C. moment D. reward

答案:C 解析:本题考查名词辨析.根据下文的意思,此处表达大家等待的拆礼物的时刻到来了, 故选择 moment. ( ) 17. A. lit B. took C. burned D. cheered

答案:A 解析 :本题考查动词辨析 .分析四个选项的意思 ,根据文章的上下文:他们灿烂的笑容 照亮了整个房间,所以选择 light 的过去式 lit. ( ) 18. A. atmosphere B. sympathy C. calmness D. joy 答案:D 解析:本题考查名词辨析.联系上下文,分析四个选项的意思,此处是表达欢乐,故选择

D. ( ) 19. A. it B. such C. something D. everybody

答案:A 解析:本题考查代词辨析.联系上下文,得知:欢乐不仅仅是因为玩具.所以选择 it,家 指代欢乐. ( ) 20. A. by B. till C. for D. from

答案:D 解析 :本题考查介词辨析.联系上下文,此处表示:我从很久以前的那次圣诞节上获得 的感觉再次感受到了.故选择 from.

完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 Recently,I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting. As we were about to arrive,the pilot announced with apology that there would be a slight l High desert winds had we would be 3 2 before setting down.

the airport to close all but one runway. He said that 4 . We were also told there might be

the city for a few minutes waiting to

to remain in our seats meanwhile with our seat belts fastened 5

a few bumps(颠簸). We11, that few minutes turned into about four—five minutes, including a ride that would make a roller coaster(过山车) 6 by comparison. The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt 7 and had to use

airsickness bags. As you might guess,that’s not good thing to have happen in a(n) 8 space because it only 9 to increase the discomfort of the situation.

About twenty minutes into the adventure,the entire airplane became very 10 . There was now a sense of anxiety and fear that could be 11 noticed.Every passenger simply

held on for dear life ?except one. A 12 was having a good time! With each bump of the 13 ! he would let out a giggle(咯咯的笑)of delight As I observed this,I 14 that he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried about his 15 He neither

thought about the past nor about the future Those are what we grown—ups have learned from 16 .He was 17 the ride because had not yet been taught to fear it. Having 18 back into my seat,pretending I to

understood this,I took a deep breath and was 19

on a roller coaster. I smiled for the rest of the flight. I even 20

giggle once or twice ,much to the chagrin(随恼)of the man sitting next to me holding

the airsickness bag. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. mistake ) 2. A. forced ) 3. A. watching ) 4. A. arrive ) 5. A. if ) 6. A. light ) 7. A. sick ) 8. A. empty ) 9. A. happens ) 10. A. quiet ) 11. A. partly ) 12. A. pilot ) 13. A. seats ) 14. A. realized ) 15. A. health ) 16. A. teachers ) 17. A. learning ) 18. A. sat ) 19. A. nearly ) 20. A. attempted B. delay B. warned B. visiting B. enter B. though B. pale B. nervous B. narrow B. continues B. hot B. gradually B. baby B. passengers B. hoped B. safety B. books B. taking B. lay B. finally B. managed C. change C. swept C. circling C. stop C. because C. easy C. angry C. secret C. fails C. dirty D. wind D. reminded D. crossing D. land D. while D. quick D. afraid D. open D. serves D. crowded D. clearly D. man D. airplane D. insisted D. future D. practice

C. shortly C. guard C. flight C. agreed C. joy C. experience C. missing C. went C. really C. wanted

D. enjoying D. rode D. suddenly D. decided

语篇解读:本文记述了作者一次因开会去拉斯维加斯时,飞机因沙尘暴而延时降落,在不断 延长的等待中,成人焦急、害怕,唯独不知恐惧的婴儿在享受着过山车一样的颠簸。作者也 深受启发,体验了一次孩子的享受。 1. 答案:B 解析:根据 “High desert winds?to close all but one runway”可知因沙尘暴关闭所有 的跑道,只留一条,故应为延时降落。 2. 答案:A 解析: 因为沙尘暴迫使机场关闭跑道。 B 为“警告”; C 意为“打扫, 席卷”; D 意为“提醒”, 均不符合题意

3. 答案:C 解析:飞机在等待降落的过程中应该是绕城市盘旋。故应选 C。 A. watch 用于着动态的场面; B. visit 意为“参观,拜访”; D. cross 意为“横穿” 4. 答案:D 解析:根据上下文句意可知,飞机要绕城市盘旋几分钟以便等待着陆 5. 答案:C 解析:句意为;“我们被告知仍在座位上坐好,系好安全带,因为飞机可能有颠簸。”此处 应为 because 引导的原因状语从句 6. 答案:B 解析:make?pale by comparison “使??相形见绌”,此处用以强调飞机在空中极不稳定 7. 答案:A 解析:句意为:“象过山车一样的巨烈运动使旅客恶心而不得不用呕吐袋。A. sick 意为“恶 心的”;B. nervous 意为“紧张的”; C. angry 意为“生气的”;D. afraid 意为“害怕 的”。 8.答案 B 解析:此空前的 that 指的是 using airsickness bags,也就是发生在飞机上狭小空间中的呕 吐,因此选用 narrow“狭窄的”,后面的 space 指的是飞机内部空间。empty 意为“空的”, secret 意为“秘密的”,均不合题意。 9.答案 A 解析:在这种情形下本来就很难受,在飞机上呕吐使得这种难受更加强烈,此处 serve 意为 “起??作用,用作??”。 10. 答案:A 解析:根据后面的 a sense of anxiety and fear 可知,人们都很紧张、焦虑,在这种情形 下飞机上的人一定是静悄悄的。 11. 答案:D 解析:飞机上的焦躁不安,应该是能够很明显的被感觉到,故选 clearly 12. 答案:B 解析:从后文中的 “he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried?Those are what we grown—ups have learned ?”他不知道害怕和着急??,那是我们成年人??, 可推测出应该是孩子

13. 答案:D 解析:应是飞机的每一次颠簸让孩子体验坐过山车一样的感受,孩子发出咯咯的笑声 14. 答案:A 解析:句意为我意识到孩子不知道他应该害怕和担心 15. 答案:B 解析:应是为他的安全担心 16. 答案:C 解析:成人都是从孩子时代过来的。是成人的亲身经历让他们知道孩子不知道什么是害怕和 担心 17. 答案:D 解析:因为孩子不知道害怕,自然是在飞机的颠簸中享受坐过山车般的快乐 18. 答案:A 解析:sat back into my seat 意为坐回到座位上 19. 答案:C 解析:句意应为:“我坐回到我的座位上,假装真地坐上了过山车。”A 项意为“几乎”;B 项意为“最后”,D 项意为“突然”,均不合题意。 20.答案 B 解析:我甚至咯咯地笑了一两次。作者应该是真的笑出了声,才让邻座的手拿呕吐袋的人懊 恼。做成了某事用 managed to do.

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2016高考英语二轮复习完形填空(十一月)练习(2) - 完形填空(2) 完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 ...
2016高考英语二轮复习完形填空练习(1) - 完形填空(1) 完形填空。阅读下
2016高考英语二轮复习完形填空练习(5) - 完形填空(5) 完型填空。阅读下
2016山东即墨高考英语二轮复习完形填空能力练习(1)_资格考试/认证_教育专区。2016山东即墨高考英语(二轮)完形填空能力练习(1) 2016 高考完形填空训练题。 阅读下面...