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形成统一开放竞争有序的现代市场体系 develop a modern market system that is unified and open and that allows orderly competition 完善生产要素价格形成机制 improve the pricing regime/mechanism for factors of production 行业协会和市场中介组织 industry associations and commercial intermediaries 建立健全资源有偿使用制度和生态环境补偿机制 set up a sound system of

compensation for use of resources and for damage caused to the ecological environment 形成多种所有制的现代金融体系 build a modern financial system consisting of different forms of ownership 逐步实现资本项目可兑换 gradually make the RMB convertible under capital accounts 健全和严格市场准入制度 improve and strictly enforce market access rules 拓展对外开放广度和深度 expand opening up in scope and depth 提高开放型经济水平 improve our open economy 把“引进来”和“走出去”更好结合起来 ensure better coordination in pursuing the “bring in” and “go global” strategies 加快培育我国的国际知名品牌 speed up the launching of Chinese brand names in the world market 促进国际收支基本平衡 maintain a basic balance in international payments

人民民主是社会主义的生命 People’s democracy is the lifeblood of socialism 基层群众自治制度 the system of community level self-governance 坚持党总揽全局、协调各方的领导核心作用 uphold the Party’s central role in exercising overall leadership and coordinating work in all sectors

过去的五年是不平凡的五年 The past five-years has been a momentous/no ordinary one. 国际环境复杂多变 The international environment is complex and volatile. 认真贯彻十七大精神 diligently follow the guidelines set out at the 17th Party Congress 取得了举世瞩目的巨大成就 We have made major achievements that attracted the world’s attention. 终结了农民种田缴税的历史 ended the centuries-old practice of farmers paying taxes for tilling their land 起步良好 A good start was made in the efforts to? 综合国力(经济)跨上新台阶 China’s overall national strength (economy) reached new heights. 中国的国际地位和影响不断提高 China’s international standing and influence continue to grow. 取得了有国际影响的科技成果 We have achieved a lot in scientific and technological innovation that have captured world attention 公共卫生体系初步建立 put into place. 依法行政,扎实推进 Progress was made in rule-of-law administration. 开放(型)经济进入新阶段 China has entered a new stage in opening up its economy. 我们围绕解决经济运行中的突出问题,注重增强宏观调控的预见性、及时性和有效性 We have worked hard to make macro-economic regulation/ macro-control more proactive, responsive and effective, affecting economic performance. with focus on resolving major problems The basic elements of a public health system have been

加强农业基础地位 economy 形成城乡经济社会发展一体化新格局 make progress in integrating economic and strengthen the position of agriculture as the foundation of the

social development in urban and rural areas 促进农业科技进步 technology 增强农业综合生产能力 improve overall agricultural production capacity promote advances in agriculture-related science and

壮大县域经济 expand county economies 多渠道转移农民就业 create more jobs for rural surplus labor force 提高扶贫开发水平 make poverty reduction more effective through development 改革集体林权制度 reform the system of collective forest use rights 坚持农村基本经营制度 uphold the basic system for the rural economy

发展适度规模经营 develop appropriately scaled operations 农民专业合作组织 specialized farmers’cooperatives 支持农业产业化经营和龙头企业发展 support the industrialization of agriculture and the development of leading agribusinesses 把建设资源节约型、环境友好型社会放在工业化、现代化发展战略的突出位置,落实到 每个单位、每个家庭 give prominence to building a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society in our strategy for industrialization and modernization and make every organization and family to act accordingly 开发和推广节约、替代、循环利用的先进适用技术 develop and extend advanced and appropriate technologies for conserving, substituting and recycling energy and resources 发展环保产业 develop environmental conservation industries

促进生态修复 promote restoration of the ecosystems 优化国土开发格局 improve land development program 实现基本公共服务均等化 ensure equal access to basic public services 西部大开发 large-scale development of western China/China’s western development 促进中部地区崛起 boost the development of the central region 突破行政区划界限,形成若干带动力强、联系紧密的经济圈和经济带 Break administrative divisions to form a number of close-knit economic rims and belts that will boost the development of the surrounding areas 帮助资源枯竭地区实现经济转型 help transform the economies of areas where natural resources are exhausted 增强综合承载能力 increase the overall carrying capacity of cities 以特大城市为依托,形成辐射作用大的城市群,培育新的经济增长极 form city clusters with mega-cities as the core so that they can boost development in surrounding areas and become new poles of economic growth 坚持平等保护物权 ensure equal protection of property rights 深化国有企业公司制股份制改革 deepen the reform to introduce the corporate and shareholding systems in SOEs 增强国有经济活力、控制力、影响力 enhance the dynamism, leverage and influence of the state sector of the economy 国有资本经营预算制度 budget system for managing state capital

发展多种形式的集体经济、合作经济 develop collective and cooperative economic operations in diverse forms 个体、私营经济 self-employed and other private businesses/private economy 以现代产权制度为基础, 发展混合所有制经济 develop the economic sector of mixed ownership based on the modern system of property rights

共同建设、共同享有的原则 the principle of all the people building a harmonious ...and enjoy its benefits 着力解决人民最关心、最直接、最现实的利益问题 spare no effort to solve most practical problems of the utmost and immediate concern to the people 形成全体人民各尽其能、各得其所而又和谐相处的局面 cultivate/foster an environment in which all people do their best, are content with their lives/enjoy what they do and live together in harmony 提高改革决策的科学性,增强改革措施的协调性 make decision-making more

scientific and measures of reform better coordinated 全面提高开放水平 improve the work of opening-up 把改善人民生活作为正确处理改革发展稳定关系的结合点 We need to improve...as we endeavor to balance... 全面把握科学发展观的科学内涵和精神实质 fully appreciate/understand the essence of the Scientific Outlook on Development 把全社会的发展积极性引导到科学发展上来 guide the whole society in pursuing development in a scientific way 把握经济社会发展趋势和规律 follow the trend and the law of economic and social development 坚持中国特色社会主义经济建设、政治建设、文化建设、社会建设的基本目标和基本政 策构成的基本纲领 uphold the basic program consisting of the basic objectives and policies for economic, political, cultural and social progress under socialism with Chinese characteristics 区域协调互动发展机制 a mechanism for promoting balanced and interactive development among regions

主体功能区 development priority zones 法治政府建设 enhance law-based government administration 社会主义核心价值体系深入人心 Core socialist values are winning the hearts and minds of the people. 弘扬良好思想道德风尚 promote moral integrity 建设生态文明 promote a conservation culture 生态文明观念在全社会牢固树立 To foster public awareness of conservation culture 具有更高文明素质和精神追求 Raise ethical standards and have higher/lofty aspiration 对外更加开放、更加具有亲和力 be more open and friendly to the outside world 为全面建成惠及十几亿人口的更高水平的小康社会打下更加牢固的基础 Strengthen the foundation for building a well-off society of a higher level in all respects to the benefit of over one billion people 建设创新型国家 make China an innovative nation 国家中长期科学和技术发展规划纲要 Outline of the National Program for Long- and Medium-Term Scientific and Technological Development 突破制约经济社会发展的关键技术 make breakthroughs in key technologies vital to China,s economic and social development 支持前沿技术研究、社会公益性技术研究 support research in frontier technology and in technology for public welfare 建立以企业为主体、市场为导向、产学研相结合的技术创新体系 establish a market-oriented system for technological innovation, in which enterprises play the leading role and which combines the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes 引导和支持创新要素向企业集聚 guide and support the pooling of factors of innovation into enterprises

科技成果产业化 the application of scientific and technological achievements in production 培养造就世界一流科学家和科技领军人才 train / bring up world-class scientists and leaders in scientific and technological research 使创新智慧竞相迸发、创新人才大量涌现 inspire creativity and bring forth large numbers of innovative personnel 推进信息化与工业化融合 promote IT-based industrialization 具有国际竞争力的大企业集团 internationally competitive conglomerates

稳定地走上了富裕安康的广阔道路 move steadily toward prosperity and happiness 不断探索和回答什么是社会主义、怎样建设社会主义,建设什么样的党、怎样建设党, 实现什么样的发展、怎样发展等重大理论和实际问题 constantly seek answers to major theoretical and practical questions such as what socialism is and how to build it, what kind of party we must build and how to build it, and what kind of development China should achieve and how to achieve it 党的基本理论、基本路线、基本纲领、基本经验 Party,s basic theory, line, program and experience 社会主义和马克思主义在中国大地上焕发出勃勃生机 Socialism and Marxism have shown vigor and vitality in China. 大踏步赶上时代前进潮流 catch up with the trend of the times in big strides 符合党心民心 accord with/echo the aspirations of the Party members and the people 尊重人民首创精神 respect the people,s initiative/pioneering drive/creativity 提高全民族文明素质 to improve the educational and ethical standards of the whole nation

开辟了中国特色社会主义道路 blaze a trail of socialism with Chinese characteristics open a path of... 形成了中国特色社会主义理论体系 theoretical system of Chinese socialism 建设富强民主文明和谐的社会主义现代化国家 make China a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally developed and harmonious modern socialist country 实践永无止境 Practice knows no bound. 勇于变革、勇于创新 make bold changes and innovations 不为任何风险所惧,不被任何干扰所惑 fear no risks and never be confused by any interference 使中国特色社会主义道路越走越宽广 broaden our path of socialism with Chinese characteristics 让当代中国马克思主义放射更加灿烂的真理光芒 Let the truth of Marxism of contemporary China shine more brilliantly. 马克思主义关于发展的世界观和方法论的集中体现 a concentrated expression of the Marxist world outlook and methodology with regard to development 同??一脉相承 in the same line as... 立足社会主义初级阶段基本国情 fully recognize the basic reality that China is in the primary stage of socialism 粗放性增长方式 the extensive mode of growth/inefficient model of growth 改革攻坚 further reform in difficult areas 统筹兼顾各方面利益 accommodate the interests of all parties 农业基础薄弱的局面尚未改变 The foundation of agriculture remains weak 思想活动的独立性、选择性、多变性、差异性明显增强 become more independent, selective, changeable and diverse in thinking 社会结构、社会组织形式、社会利益格局 the structure of society, the way society is organized and interests of different social groups/and the mix of social interests

发达国家在经济科技上占优势的压力长期存在 Pressure caused by the economic and scientific dominance of developed countries will continue for a long time to come 从生产力到生产关系、从经济基础到上层建筑都发生了意义深远的重大变化 experience far-reaching changes in the productive forces and the relations of production, as well as in the economic base and the superstructure 人民日益增长的物质文化需要同落后的社会生产之间的矛盾这一社会主要矛盾 Chinese society,s principal problem/challenge is the gap between the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people and the low level of social production 当前我国发展的阶段性特征 the salient features of the current stage of development in China 妄自菲薄 belittle oneself 自甘落后 be resigned to backwardness 脱离实际、急于求成 unrealistic pursuit of quick results

马克思主义理论研究和建设工程 the Project to Study and Develop Marxist Theory 思想道德建设 efforts to raise ideological and ethical standards / promote ideological and ethical progress 全社会文明程度进一步提高 The educational and ethnical standards of the whole society have been raised. 文化体制改革 reform of cultural administrative system 精神文化生活更加丰富 enjoy a richer cultural life 全民健身和竞技体育 public fitness programs and competitive sports 中国特色军事变革 the revolution in military affairs with Chinese characteristics 裁减军队员额二十万任务顺利完成 The armed forces were reduced by 200,000 troops

军队革命化、现代化、正规化建设 Make the armed forces/army more revolutionary, modernized and standardized 全方位外交 all-directional diplomacy 党的建设新的伟大工程 A great new Party-building Program 党的执政能力建设 endeavors to strengthen the Party’s governing capability 理论创新和理论武装 make theoretical innovations and educate Party members in them 保持共产党员先进性教育活动 the campaign to educate Party members in preserving / to retain their vanguard nature 党内民主 intra-Party democracy 领导班子和干部队伍建设 strengthen the Party’s leading bodies and the ranks of Party officials to enhance capacity-building of Party’s leading bodies and Party officials 党风廉政建设 build a fine Party culture and keep its organizations clean 一些基层党组织软弱涣散 Some community level Party organizations are weak and lax. 党的创造力、凝聚力、战斗力 the creativity, cohesion and competence of the Party 谱写了中华民族自强不息、顽强奋进新的壮丽 compose a new epic of the Chinese nation’s heroic efforts 中国人民的面貌、社会主义中国的面貌、中国共产党的面貌发生了历史性变 化 Historic changes have taken place in the Chinese people, socialist China and the CPC. 保持和发展党的先进性 preserve and enhance / maintain and develop the Party’ s vanguard nature 确保党始终走在时代前列 ensure that the Party is always in the forefront of the times

艰辛探索社会主义建设规律 painstaking exploration of the law on the building of socialism 社会主义基本制度 the basic system of socialism 当代中国一切发展进步 every step forward, every progress 确立社会主义初级阶段基本路线 formulate the basic line for the primary stage of socialism 吹响走自己的路的时代号角 sound the clarion call of the times and take our own road 受命于重大历史关头 take over the helm at a critical historical juncture 国内外政治风波、经济风险等严峻考验 the severe tests of political turbulences and economic risks at home and abroad 引领改革开放的航船沿着正确方向破浪前进 steer the ship of reform and opening up forward on the right course 发扬求真务实、开拓进取精神 promote the truth-seeking, pragmatic and pioneering spirit 全面改革的进程势不可当地展开了 The sweeping reform has unfolded with irresistible momentum. 沿江(长江)沿边 areas along the Yangtze River and the national borders 对外开放的大门毅然决然地打开了 With resolve and determination, China opened her door to the world. 今天,一个面向现代化、面向世界、面向未来的社会主义中国巍然屹立在世界东方 Today, a new socialist China stands rock-firm in the East, embracing modernization, the world and the future. 人民生活从温饱不足发展到总体小康 The Chinese people, once inadequately fed and clad, are generally leading a fairly comfortable life.

高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜,以邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想为指导,深入贯彻 落实科学发展观,继续解放思想,坚持改革开放,推动科学发展,促进社会和谐,为夺取全 面建设小康社会新胜利而奋斗。 hold high the great banner of Chinese socialism, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, (thoroughly) apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, continue to free our minds, persist in reform and opening up, pursue development in a scientific way, promote social harmony, and strive for new success in building a well-off society in all respects 是当代中国发展进步的旗帜, 是全党全国各族人民团结奋斗的旗帜 the banner guiding the development and progress of China and rallying the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups in the country in our common endeavor 当代中国正在发生广泛而深刻的变革 China now is going through a wide-ranging and deep-going transformation 抓住和用好重要战略机遇期 seize and make most of the opportunities in this important strategic period 锐意进取 forge ahead with determination 就关系全局的重大问题作出决定和部署 make decisions and action plans on issues of overriding importance 提出并贯彻科学发展观等重大战略思想 formulate and apply the Scientific Outlook on Development and other major strategic thoughts 经济效益明显提高 Economic performance improved markedly/remarkably. 区域发展协调性增强 Regional development became more balanced. 自主创新能力 capacity for independent innovation 载人航天飞行成功实现 Manned spaceflights were successfully conducted 能源资源节约和生态环境保护 energy and resources conservation and ecological and environmental protection

农村综合改革 comprehensive reforms in rural areas 农业税、牧业税、特产税全部取消 Agricultural tax, livestock tax and taxes on special agricultural products were rescinded throughout the country 支农惠农政策 policies to support and benefit agriculture, rural areas and farmers 非公有制经济 the non-public sector of the economy 城乡居民最低生活保障制度 the system of basic living allowances for urban and rural residents 衣食住行用水平不断提高 enjoy better food, clothing, housing, transport and other daily necessities / better access to? 政治体制改革 Reform of political institutions 民族区域自治制度 the system of autonomy of ethnic regions 基层民主 community-level democracy 中国特色社会主义法律体系 a socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics 依法治国基本方略扎实贯彻/深入落实 The rule of law was effectively implemented / will be carried out as a fundamental principle. 行政管理体制、司法体制改革 reform of the government administration system and the judicial system

推动经济社会发展切实转入科学发展轨道 To truly put economic and social development on a scientific track 科学民主决策 Make decisions scientifically and democratically

中央 The national leadership/The central Party and government authorities/The central government 我们要发展老龄事业 We will develop old age programs. 我们必须以对国家和人民高度负责任的精神采取有力措施解决这些问题 measures to resolve these problems. 着力解决民生问题 Every effort was made to improve the people’s well-being. 政府自身建设存在一些问题 Government efforts to enhance performance still have room for improvement. 存在这些问题根本在于制度不健全,监管不到位 The root cause of the problems lies in institutional deficiencies and poor oversight. 领导干部要深入基层了解群众疾苦 Leading officials should visit communities to better understand the problems troubling the people. 加强基层民主 Expand democracy at village and community level 不少支出增长是刚性的 Many increases in expenditure are fixed/mandatory. 积极稳妥推进企业政策性破产工作 Actively yet prudently proceed with work related to policy-mandated bankruptcy of enterprises. 对产能过剩行业进行重组 To carry out restructuring of industries with surplus production capacity 淘汰煤炭行业落后产能 Close down backward production facilities in the coal industry 为增强经济增长后劲发挥重要作用 Play an important role in sustaining China’s economic development 规范收入分配秩序 Standardize pattern of income distribution 历史罕见的严重自然灾害 Natural disasters of a severity seldom seen in history 实施治理商业贿赂专项行动 A campaign to combat business bribery was launched. We must

maintain a strong sense of responsibility to the country and people and take forceful

投资消费关系不协调 Investment is not in keeping with consumer demand. 政府职能转变滞后 Moves to change the way the government functions are behind schedule/have not made expected progress. 向人民交出满意的答卷 To deliver a good report to the people 政府工作的基本思路是: The basic approach for the work of government is: 关心中国现代化建设 To care about China’s modernization 城市最低生活保障制度 System of basic cost of living allowances for urban residents 全面推进社会主义经济建设、政治建设、文化建设 Promote all aspects of socialist economic, political and cultural development 稳定消费预期,扩大即期消费 We should ensure consumer confidence and expand immediate consumption. 以更高昂的精神状态恪尽职守 We must carry out our duties with greater drive. 根据经济运行的新情况完善政策 Improve policies in response to new developments in the operation of the economy 把各项政策落到实处 Truly put all policies into effect 妥善处理内需和外需的关系 Properly balance domestic demand and international demand 统筹考虑国内外经济发展的相互联系和影响 Take into consideration the interconnectedness and mutual influence of domestic and international economic development 抓好以下几个方面: We should concentrate on the following areas: 解决出口退税历史欠帐 Resolve long-standing arrears in export tax rebates 放宽市场准入 Relax control over market entry 改变外贸增长方式 Change the way China’s foreign trade grows

引导银行加大对农业贷款支持 Guide banks in continuing to increase credit support to agriculture

坚持科学发展、和谐发展、和平发展 Pursue scientific, harmonious and peaceful development 全面落实科学发展观 Fully apply(put into practice)the Scientific Outlook (Thinking) on Development 中央财政 2003—2006 年超收较多 The central government revenue exceeded targets by a fair amount for the years 2003 through 2006. 避免经济增长由偏快转为过热 Prevent rapid economic growth from becoming overheated 整顿小煤矿取得了阶段性成果 Major progress has been made in the current stage of our efforts to bring order to small coalmines. 实事求是 Pursue a realistic and pragmatic approach 解放思想 Free our minds 电视覆盖从行政村向自然村延伸 TV coverage extends from incorporated villages to unincorporated villages. 不搞一刀切 without imposing a single solution 保证人民的知情权﹑参与权﹑表达权和监督权 Ensure people’s right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise. 加强支农、惠农政策 Strengthen the policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers 单位 Organizations and institutions 走和平发展道路,既是外交,也是内政,因而,要统筹国内国际两个大局。 The path of peaceful development has both external and domestic dimensions. Thus, we must bear closely in mind our overall interests, both internal and external.

这种世界文明的多样性是不以人们主观意志为转移的客观存在。Like it or not, the diversity of civilizations is a reality. 对外宣传工作 conduct public diplomacy programs 解决民生问题 to improve people’s well-being “召远在修近,闭祸在除怨。” “To win distant friends, one needs, first of all, to have good relations with his neighbors. To avoid adversity, one needs to ease animosity.” 我的脑子里充满了忧患。 I am preoccupied with pressing challenges. 到??挂职 to take up provisional post in 非政府组织 / 民间组织 / 群众组织 / 人民团体 NGOs / civil society / people’s organizations / civic organizations 巡视员 inspector 调研员 researcher 主任科员 principal staff 副主任科员 senior staff 科员 staff member 编内职工 permanent staff 中编办 Central Staffing Department 编制人数 staff size 国家行政编制 government staff status 事业编制 staffing of government affiliated institutions 党政正职领导干部 chief Party and government officials


1.文化体制改革 reform of cultural administrative system 2.文化(事业内部)机制改革 internal reform of cultural institutions 3.文化事业 public cultural undertakings 4.文化产业 cultural industries 5.文化事业单位 cultural institutions 6.社会文化和图书馆事业 work of community culture and libraries 7.经营性文艺演出 commercial (art and cultural) performance 8.经营性文化单位 cultural enterprises 9.“全国舞台精品工程” Works of Excellence on the Nation’s Stage 10.“文化扶贫计划” Culture-aid Program/Cultural Aid Program 11.“全国文化信息资源共享工程” National Project for the Sharing of Cultural Information and Resources 12.“国家清史纂修工程” National Project for the Recompilation of Qing Dynasty History 13. 三下乡” 文化、 “ ( 科技、 卫生) Bringing Culture/Science and Technology/Hygienic Health to the Countryside 14.“群星奖” Galaxy Award (for amateur artists and community culture) 15.“文华奖” Splendor Award (for professional theatrical artworks) 16.“荷花奖” Lotus Award (for professional dance) 17.“孔雀奖” Peacock Award (for ethnic minority artists and artworks) 18.“五个一工程奖” the Best Works Award 19.“三个一百” “A Hundred Patriotic Films/Songs/Books” List 20.县县都有文化馆、图书馆,乡乡都有文化站。

There should be cultural center and library in every county and cultural station in every township. 21.文物保护方针“保护为主,抢救第一;合理利用,加强管理。” principles for the protection of cultural heritage: “preservation with timely rescue; utilization under strict control”. 22.全国重点文物保护单位 important heritage site under state protection 23.全国一级文物保护单位 Class A Heritage site under state protection 24.国家一级保护文物 Class A heritage/cultural property under national protection 25.保护和振兴地方戏曲 protect and rejuvenate local operas 26.曲艺 Quyi folk show,chuyi folk show(folk ballads and story-telling, etc.) 27.讴歌时代 extol/hail/sing praise to(the progress of)the times 28.国家一级演员 National Class-A Actor/Actress/Performer/Artist 29.晚会 Evening performance,Soiree,Gala Night/Evening 30.总策划 Producer 31.策划 Executive Producer 32.顾问 Advisor 33.主办 under the auspices of / sponsored by / hosted by 34.协办、支持 co-sponsored by,supported by 35.承办 presented by 36.监制 supervised by 37.创意 event/concept designed by 38.对外文化贸易 international cultural trade

39.对外文化传播 international cultural communication 40.对外文化宣传 international cultural publicity 41.小额文化援助 small-fund aid for cultural development

关于“xxx 观”的译法 1.科学发展观 scientific outlook on development 2.倡导公正、合理的新秩序观 call for the establishment of a new just and equitable order 3.以平等互利为核心的新发展观 new thinking on development based on equality and mutual benefit 4.推动树立以互信、互利、平等和协作为主要内容的新安全观 foster a new thinking on security featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination 5.主张形成以尊重多样性为特点的新文明观 foster a new thinking on civilization that respects diversity 6.新能源观 new thinking on energy development 有关先进文化的词汇 1.古为今用、洋为中用 旧译 let the ancient serve the present, let the foreign serve the national 现译 draw from past and foreign achievements 2.文艺工作 cultural and art work; work in the cultural field 3.牢牢把握先进文化的前进方向 firmly keep to the direction of an advanced culture/cultural advancement 4.文化与经济和政治互相交融

interaction between cultural work, and economic and political activities cultural elements/factors intermingle with economic and political factors 5.民族的科学的大众的社会主义文化 a socialist culture that is distinctly Chinese, pro-science and people-oriented 6.弘扬主旋律,提倡多样化 promote mainstream values and uphold cultural diversity 7.以科学的理论武装人,以正确的舆论引导人,以崇高的精神塑造人,以优秀的作品鼓 舞人 Equip/empower people with scientific theories, guide them with correct opinions/ convey to them right messages/provide them with correct media guidance, imbue them with a noble spirit and inspire them with excellent/fine works 8.具有中国气派的社会主义文化 Chinese-style socialist culture; socialist culture with Chinese appeal 9.越是民族的,越是世界的 The pride of a nation is also the pride of the world. What’s unique for a nation is also precious for the world. When you are unique, the world comes to you. 10.文艺应当贴近群众,贴近生活,贴近实际。 Culture and arts should be/keep close to the people, their lives and reality. 11.艺术滋润心灵,文化陶冶情操。 Art nurtures the soul and culture cultivates the mind. 12.文化是维系中华民族生生不息、蔓延不断的精神纽带。

Culture is the spiritual bond that ensures the continuity of our Chinese nation. 13.我们不能割断民族的文化血脉。 We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation. 14.树立正确的世界观、人生观和价值观 to foster a right/correct outlook/view on the world, life and values 15.文化市场,文化贸易 cultural market, cultural trade 16.始终把社会效益放在首位 always put social benefit first 17.扶持体现民族特色和国家水准的重大文化项目和艺术院团 support major/top-notch cultural projects and art troupes that represent national characteristics and national level

1.疏导公众情绪 defuse (public) anger/discontent;to properly channel public sentiments 2.诚信缺失 lack of credibility 3. 发展为了人民、发展依靠人民、发展成果由人民共享 development for the people, by the people and to the benefit of the people 4.和谐共赢 all-win harmony;harmony and all winners 5.实现社会公平与正义 ensure equity and justice 6.廉政文化建设 foster a culture of clean government

7.减少社会不平等现象 reduce social inequalities 8.和谐相处 live in harmony 9.和谐社会的内涵 the characteristics of a harmonious society 10.和实生物,同则不继(西周周太史史伯) Harmony generates and sameness stops/stifles vitality 11.和为贵 Harmony is most precious;Peace is to be cherished. 12.和也者,天下之达道也(《中庸》) Harmony is the Way to be. (The Doctrine of the Mean) 13.君子和而不同 Gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity. 14.和则两利 Reconciliation benefits both; Peace benefits both. 15.和则生谐 Reconciliation leads to harmony. 16.天人合一 the unity of man/human and nature; Heaven-Man Oneness(书面); Heaven and man are one.(口译) 17.“和”是中国文化传统的基本精神, 也是中华民族不懈追求的理想境界。 Harmony is a defining/core value of China’s cultural tradition. It is an ideal that the Chinese nation has never ceased to pursue. 18.“以和为贵”就是说国家之间、民族之间、人与人之间要以团结互助、友好相处为 最高境界。 “Harmony is most precious”. This means that mutual help and friendly co-existence between states, nations and people should be our ultimate pursuit. 19.和而不同 harmony in diversity/harmony without uniformity 20.“和实生物”就是说只有不同文明之间相互吸收借鉴,才能文物化新,推进文明的 进步。 “Harmony generates vitality”. This means that only with mutual interaction and enrichment can different civilizations rejuvenate and continue to grow.

21.要建设一个和谐世界,应坚持民主平等,实现协调合作;坚持和睦互信,实现共同 安全;坚持公正互利,实现共同发展;坚持包容开放,实现文明对话。 To build a harmonious world, we should uphold democracy and equality to enhance cooperation and coordination; ensure amity/fertility and mutual trust to achieve common security; uphold justice and mutual benefit to advance common development; and stay open to facilitate dialogue among civilizations. 22.一个和谐的国家是法治的国家,稳定的国家,和平的国家,繁荣的国家。一个和谐 的世界是民主的世界,和睦的世界,公正的世界,包容的世界。 A harmonious country should be one of laws and stability, peace and prosperity. A harmonious world should be one of democracy, peace, justice and tolerance. 23.中国人提倡“海纳百川,有容乃大”,主张吸纳百家优长、兼集八方精义。 We Chinese hold that one should be as tolerant/encompassing as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers and should draw upon other’s strengths. 24.和谐凝聚力量,和谐成就伟业。 Harmony rallys strength and leads to great successes. 25.中国真诚愿意兼收并蓄、博采各种文明之长 China is eager to draw on/upon the strengths of other civilizations.

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