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2.可适当加入细节,使内容充实、行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:第十三届全运会 the 13th National Games Dear Mrs.Green, I'm so glad to hear from you. __________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________
Yours, Li Jin

【经典背诵】 Dear_Mrs._Green,
I'm_so_glad_to_hear_from_you. Please allow me to express my thanks for your caring about me so much.

Recently I have ①got on well with my classmates and I've made great progress in English as well. ②What I 'm eager to share with you ③is that I've been accepted as a volunteer for the 13th National Games, which will be held in Tianjin in late August. At present, I'm busy making adequate preparations for it, reading some books about the history and the new development of Tianjin so that I can be very familiar with all big streets and the locations of famous buildings. And I'm sure I'll be well qualified for it.

④I miss every single day we spent together and I'm looking

forward to your coming again.

Best wishes.


Li Jin

【词句活用】 1.翻译:在日常生活中李明和同事们相处得很好。(参照①) ______________________________________________ [答案] Li Ming is getting on well with his workmates in daily life. 2.用主语从句完成句子。(参照②③) 你父母所希望的就是你更加努力地学习。 _______________________________________________ [答案] What your parents wish is that you should study even harder.

3.将第④句改为含有结果状语从句的句式。 ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
[答案] I miss every single day we spent together so much that I'm looking forward to your coming again.

【甜言秘语】 本文层次分明,结构严谨,拓展适度,语意通顺。文中使
用了高级词汇和短语为文章增色不少。如 express, volunteer, adequate, qualified 等,过渡性连接词运用恰当,句型多样化,提 高了文章的档次。如 what 引导的主语从句,that 引导的表语从句, which 引导的定语从句,现在分词短语作伴随状语等的使用。

顾名思义,电子邮件就是通过电子信息发送的邮件,通过 信息技术传递的电子邮件的基本要素是主题、称谓、正文、结尾 用语及署名,类似于我们纸质的普通信件,关键是要做到主题言 简易赅,不超过 35 个字母。一般分为三个段落:开头、正文、 结尾。主要的事情放在正文最前面。

自主研习 网尽基础知识

词汇铢积寸累 积跬步 至千里 [课内基础词汇整合]
{一类词汇知其义} 1.province n. ________________ 2.website n.________________ 3.brilliant adj. ________________ 4.comprehension n. ________________ 5.system n. ________________

6.technology n. ________________ 7.enjoyment n. ________________ 8.academic adj. ________________ 9.previous adj. ________________ 10.diploma n. ________________

[答案] 1.省 2.网址;网站 3.(口语)极好的 4.理解;领悟 5.制度;体系;系统 6.技术 7.享受;乐趣 8.学术的 9.以前 的;从前的 10.文凭;毕业证书

{二类词汇识其形} 1.________________ adj.热心的 2.________________ n.(常用复数)说明 3.________________ n.方法 4.________________ n.态度 5.________________ n.误解 6.________________ n.少年 7.________________ vi.消失 8.________________ vi.搬家

9.________________ n.助手;助理 10.________________ vt.包含
[ 答 案 ] 1.enthusiastic 2.instruction 3.method 4.attitude 5.misunderstanding
6.teenager 7.disappear 8.move 9.assistant 10.cover

{三类词汇辨其性} *1.amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的→amaze vt.使吃惊 →amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的→amazement n.惊奇 *2.impress vt.使印象深刻→impression n.印象→impressive adj.令人印象深刻的 3.embarrassed adj.尴尬的;难堪的;困窘的→embarrassing adj. 令人尴尬的;令人难堪的 *4.encouragement n.鼓励;激励→encourage vt.鼓舞;激励

*5.fluency n.流利;流畅→fluent adj.流畅的→fluently adv. 流畅地
*6.disappointed adj. 失 望 的→disappointing adj.令 人 失 望 的 →disappointment n.失望
7.description n.记述;描述→describe vt.描述 8.bored adj.厌烦的;厌倦的→boring adj.令人烦的 9.information n.信息→inform vt.通知 10.behaviour n.行为;举动→behave v.行为;行动

用上面带*号单词的正确形式填空 1.We were ________________ at the ________________ news.(amaze) 2.His ________________ speech made a deep ____________ on us.(impress) 3.His ________________ English made us surprised. He spoke very ________________ all the time. (fluency) 4 . We were ________________ at his ________________ attitude to us.(disappoint)

5.Our teacher always ________________ us to study hard and we'll remember his ________________ forever.(encourage)
[答案] 1.amazed;amazing 2.impressive;impression 3.fluent;fluently
4.disappointed;disappointing 5.encourages;encouragement

[高考话题词汇积累] [2017 年高考涌现词汇] 1.encourage vt.鼓励;激励 2.locate vt.找出……的准确位置 3.gather v.集合;聚集 4.discourage v.使泄气 5.appreciate v.欣赏 6.worldwide adv.在全世界 7.average adj.平常的;普通的

8.course n.课程 9.determined adj.有决心的 10.schedule v.安排

[2016 年高考涌现词汇] 1.relationship n.关系;联系 2.struggle vi. & n.奋斗;努力 3.create v.创造;创作 4.excellent adj.优秀的;杰出的 5.intend v.计划;打算 6.instruction n.用法说明;操作指南 7.react v.反应

8.broadcast n. & v.广播 9.recover vt.比较;重新获得 10.inspire vt.激励;鼓舞;启迪

[2015 年高考涌现词汇] 1.normal adj.正常的 2.civil adj.国内的 3.vitamin n.维生素 4.fuel n.燃料 5.gap n.间隔;缝隙 6.originate v.起源 7.maze n.迷宫

8.vine-ripened adj.蔓上成熟的 9.infinity n.无限 10.responsibility n.责任

短语明义知用 一日功 一日效 [课内固定短语整合]
*1.______________换句话说 *2.______________期盼;盼望 *3.______________一点也不像;完全不 4.______________与……相似 5.______________远离;远非 *6.______________被(划)分成……

7.______________参加 *8.______________对……有深刻印象 9.______________上大学 10.______________玩得愉快 [答案] 1.in other words 2.look forward to 3.nothing like 4.be similar to 5.far from 6.be divided into 7.take part in 8.be impressed with/by 9.go to college 10.have fun

用上面带*号短语的正确形式完成句子 1.(2016·浙江卷)________________, gossip is satisfying because it gives people a sense of belonging or even superiority. 2.We ________________ the standard of the children's works. 3.The children ________________ the Spring Festival. 4.(2015·浙江卷)The circle ________________ sections, and each section represents a fraction of the data. 5 . It was an unforgettable event and ________________ anything I had ever gone through before.

[答案] 1.In other words 2.are impressed with/by 3.are looking forward to 4.is divided into 5.nothing like

[高考短语片段积累] [2017~2015 年高考涌现词汇] 1.in addition to 除……之外(还有) 2.respond to 作出反应;回应 3.sooner or later 迟早;早晚 4.have nothing in common with 与……没有共同之处 5.be good for 对……有好处 6.make sure 确保

7.depend on 由……决定;取决于 8.as a result 结果 9.make up for 弥补 10.be required to do sth.要求做某事

句式学而时习 勤耕耘 笔生辉

师生互动 锤炼基本技能

[研一区|讲练结合破重难] [重点词汇]
1.amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 [教材原句] The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师们很热情、友好,教室很令人吃惊。 (1)amazed adj. 吃惊的;惊奇的 be amazed at/by... 对……大为惊奇 be amazed to do sth. 对做某事感到惊奇 be amazed that... 惊奇于……

(2)amazement n. 惊奇;惊慌 to one's amazement 令某人惊讶的是 in amazement 惊愕地 (3)It is amazing that... 令人惊讶的是 (4)amaze vt. 使惊奇;使惊诧 It amazes sb. that...=What amazes sb. is that... 使某人感到吃惊的是……

[答案] ①Amazed ②amazing ③frightened

[名师精点] (1)以-ing 结尾的形容词常译为“令人…… 的”,一般修饰物;而以-ed 结尾的形容词常译为“感到…… 的”,一般修饰人。 口诀“人-ed 物-ing”。
(2)以-ing 结尾的形容词有时也可以修饰人,而以-ed 结尾 的形容词也可以修饰与人有关的名词如 voice, tear 等。

2.instruction n.(常作复数)指示;说明 [U]指导;讲授; 教育
[教材原句] Ms Shen gave us instructions and then we worked by ourselves.
沈老师给我们做出说明,然后我们独立完成。 (1)instruction n.指导;说明 follow the instructions 服从指示;按照说明 on one's instructions 按照某人的吩咐 under one's instruction 在某人的指导下

(2)instruct vt. 命令;指示 instruct sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事 instruct sb. in sth. 教授某人某方面的知识

(3)instructive adj. 有教育意义的 老师指导我们的实验。

④He instructed that _____________________________ the work at once.
[答案] ①instructive ②instructions ③to do ④we (should) start

[名师精点] (1)instruction 的基本意思是“命令;指示”,多 用复数形式。
(2)instruction 也可作“讲授;指导;教学”讲,为不可数名 词。
(3)复数名词 instructions 表示“操作指南;用法说明”。

3.impress vt.使……留下深刻印象;使……铭记;让……明 白……(的重要性等);盖(印)于……
[教材原句] Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers and the technology in his new school.

(1)impress sb. (with sb.) (某事)给某人留下印象 be impressed by/with... 为……所感动;对……有印象 impress (sth.) on/upon sb. 使某人铭记某事 (2)impression n. 印象 make/leave a(n)... impression on sb. 给某人留下……的印象

(3)impressive adj. 给人印象深刻的;感人的 ①The little boy impressed me ________ his big, bright eyes the first time I saw him. 第一次见到这个小男孩时,他明亮的大眼睛就给我留下了深 刻的印象。 ②His speech made a great ____________ on me. 他的演讲给我留下了深刻的印象。
[答案] ①with ②impression

4.cover v.盖,覆盖;包括;涉及;报道;足以支付;行 走(一段路程);占 n.封皮;盖子;套子;表面
[教材原句] Secondary school in the US usually covers seven years, grades six to twelve.

①The playground __________________ snow, for it has been snowing for three days.
一连下了三天雪,操场被雪覆盖着。 ②(2015·四川卷)The books on the desk, whose __________ are shiny, are prizes for us. 书桌上的书封皮闪闪发光,是我们的奖品。 ③Our school __________ 5,000 square metres. 我们学校占地五千平方米。
[答案] ①is covered with ②covers ③covers

[重点短语] 5.look forward to 期望;盼望(to 是介词) [高考佳句] I miss every single day we spent together and I'm looking forward to your coming again. 我思念我们在一起度过的每一天,盼望你再次到来。

be/get used to=be accustomed to 习惯于 devote oneself to... 致力于…… get down to 着手做…… lead to 导致 object to 反对 appeal to 呼吁

③He devotes himself to __________ (help) those who need help.
他致力于帮助那些需要帮助的人。 [答案] ①being taken ②came ③helping

6.take part in 参加;参与 [ 教 材 原 句 ] I take part in all kinds of after - school activities—I play football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and I go to theater club. 我参加各种课外活动——我踢足球、打篮球、排球、乒乓球, 而且我还去戏剧俱乐部。 take an active part in 积极参加 play a part in 在……中扮演角色;在……中起作用

①Children in China should be encouraged to take __________ active part in social activities.
中国的儿童应该被鼓励积极参加社会活动。 ②The part he plays ____________ the film is very important. 他在电影中扮演的那个角色很重要。

③Mary and I __________ the same club and we __________ many activities. Last Monday I __________ her wedding.
玛丽和我参加了同一俱乐部,我们参加了许多活动。上周一 我参加了她的婚礼。
[答案] ①an ②in ③joined;took part in;attended

7.In other words, there are three_times_as_many_girls_as
boys. 换句话说,女生的人数是男生的三倍。
[句式结构] 句中 three times as many girls as 为倍数表达法的
一种方式,其构成形式为“倍数+as many/much+n.+as”。
倍数表达法的其他三种常见句型: ?1?倍数+as+adj./adv.的原级+as... ?2?倍数+adj./adv.的比较级+than... ?3?倍数+the+性质名词?size/length/width/height/depth...?+of...

①We should try to speak __________ English __________ possible in class and after class.
我们应该在课上课下尽可能多地讲英语。 ②The New Century Global Centre, situated in Chengdu, is roughly ________________ of the Sydney Opera House. 位于成都的新世纪环球中心大约是悉尼歌剧院的 20 倍大。 ③This room is three times __________ than that one. 这个房间是那个房间的三倍大。 [答案] ①as much;as ②20 times the size ③bigger

8.Oh really? So_have_I. 噢,真的吗?我也是。 [句式结构] 句中 So have I 为 so+助动词/情态动词/系动词 +主语,表示“……也是如此”。 (1)so/nei ther/nor + 助 动 词 / 情 态 动 词 / 系 动 词 + 主 语 , 表 示 “……也(不)是”。 (2)It is the same/So it is with+名词/代词宾格,表示上述混合 情况(肯定和否定的混合或没有统一助动词)也适用于该名词或代 词宾格,意思是“……也……”。

(3)so+主语+助动词/情态动词/系动词,表示对前面或对方 所说情况的赞同或证实,意思是“的确如此”。
(4)主语+do+so 在上下文中用来避免重复,可译为“某人/ 物那样做了”。

③He didn't go to the cinema, ______________________. 他没去看电影,我也没去。 ④—He works hard. ——他努力工作。 —______________________. ——他确时如此。 [答案] ①So do ②So it is with/It is the same with ③ neither/nor did I ④So he does


[研二区|以练代讲过三关] [单词关]
1.enthusiastic adj.热心的 (1)be enthusiastic about 对……热情 enthusiastic fan 发烧友 (2)enthusiasm n. 热情;热忱 (3)enthusiastically adv. 热心地;满腔热情地

语法填空/完成句子 ①He is enthusiastic __________ going abroad. ②His great ____________________ (对音乐的热情) made us moved.
[答案] ①about ②enthusiasm for music

2.bored adj.厌烦的;厌倦的 (1)be/get bored with 对……厌烦 (2)bore v.使烦扰 n.令人讨厌的人/事 bore sb. with 用……使某人厌烦 (3)boring adj. 无聊的;令人厌烦的 [名师一言] 表示“厌倦……”的三个短语:be bored with, be tired of, be fed up with,注意介词的不同。

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①The __________ lecture made us __________. (bore) ②Lucy was bored at listening to the same music.____________ ③Don't ______________ (用……烦他) your personal problem.
[答案] ①boring;bored ②at→with ③bore him with

3.attitude n.态度;看法 catch a quick attitude 动辄发怒 strike an attitude 装腔作势 positive attitude 积极态度 [名师一言] 表示“对……的态度”,attitude 后跟介词 to 或 towards。

语法填空/单句改错 ①What is your attitude __________ our service? ②He usually struck a attitude when we asked him some questions.____________
[答案] ①to/towards ②a→an

4.behaviour n.举止;行为方式 (1)behave v. 举止;表现 behave well 表现好;举止得体 (2)good behaviour 良好的表现

语法填空/完成句子 ①Trust is a learned __________ (behave) which we gain from past experiences. ②You'd better _____________________________________ (你守规矩) while I am away.
[答案] ①behaviour ②behave yourself

[短语关] 5.in other words 换句话说 in a/one word 简言之;总之 word for word 逐字地 have a word with sb. 与某人谈话 have words with sb. 与某人吵架

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①In __________ word, the school must take measures to prevent it from happening. ②In other word, you must work hard if you want to succeed.____________ ③I want to __________________ (和你谈一谈) if you have time.
[答案] ①a/one ②word→words ③have a word with you

6.nothing like 一点不像……;与……完全不同 (1)something like 有点像;大约;差不多 (2)nothing but 只有;仅仅 anything but 一点儿也不;根本不

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①The attitude towards what one eats in the West is nothing __________ that in the East. ②He often does foolish things. He is anything but a fool.____________ ③The camera in the 1980s was ______________________ (一点也不像) it is today.
[答案] ①like ②anything→nothing ③nothing like

7.be divided into 被分成 divide sth. into sth. 把……分成 divide sth. (up) between/among sb.
分配;分享;分担 [名师一言] divide 常与介词 into 连用,separate 常与介词 from 搭配。

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①If you divide 20 __________ 5, you'll get 4. ②The students dividing into 5 groups are busy with their task.____________ ③He __________ the good apples __________ (把……分开) the bad ones. [答案] ①into ②dividing→divided ③separated;from

[句式关] 8.The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called_Ms _Shen. 老师是一位姓沈的热心女士。 [句式说明] called Ms Shen 为过去分词短语作后置定语。

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①(2017·北京市 101 中学高三统测)I'm calling to enquire about the position __________ (advertise) in yesterday's China Daily. ②The man talked to our English teacher comes from Australia.____________ ③The boy __________________ (被老师表扬的) is called Tom.
[ 答案] ①advertised ②talked→talking ③praised by his teacher

9.I_don't_think_Oliver_is the right sort of person for the job.
我认为奥利弗不是做这份工作的合适人选。 [句式说明] I don't think Oliver is...为否定转移句式。常用于 此句式的动词除 think 外,还有 believe, suppose, imagine, expect 等。

语法填空/单句改错/完成句子 ①I don't suppose anyone will volunteer, __________ they? ②Mr. Smith didn't believe what I said was right, didn't he? ____________ ③I don't expect ____________________ (他不吃惊) at the result. [答案] ①will ②第二个 didn't→did ③he is surprised

[研三区|知识整合语成篇] Ⅰ.(教材)微完形 I'm Li Kang and today is my first day at Senior High school. My new school is very good. The teachers are enthusiastic and the classrooms are ____1____. Every classroom has a computer with a big screen. Our English teacher is a very enthusiastic woman ____2____, Ms Shen. Her method of teaching is nothing like ____3____ of the teachers at my Junior High school. I don't think I will be ____4____ in her class. Today we introduced ourselves ____5____ each other. At first some students felt ____6____. Ms

Shen gave us ____7____ and then we worked by ourselves. In my class, there are three times ____8____ many girls as boys and everyone is hard-working. Tonight our homework is to describe the street ____9____ we live. I am looking forward to ____10____ it.

1.A.small C.amazing [答案] C 2.A.namely C.who called [答案] B 3.A.those C.what [答案] B

B.interesting D.quiet
B.called D.is called
B.that D.any

4.A.bored C.annoyed [答案] A 5.A.with C.by [答案] D 6.A.excited C.terrified
[答案] B

B.excited D.hated
B.towards D.to
B.embarrassed D.surprised

7.A.instructions C.information [答案] A

B.suggestions D.advice





[答案] D

9.A.which C.where [答案] C 10.A.visiting C.writing [答案] B

B.that D.how
B.doing D.seeing

Ⅱ.(教材)短文改错 Dear Li Kang,
How are you? I thought I'd write to telling you something about the American school system. Secondary school in the America usually cover seven years, grades 6 to 12. Ninth to twelfth grades are high school. In the end of 12th grade, students receive the high school diploma, that is a must for them to go to college.

The school year is divided two semesters, the first of that is September through December, and the second January through May. We start school at 7:50 a.m. and finish at 3:00 p.m. I take a part in all kinds of after-school activity.
Will you tell me something to your summer vocation and the Chinese school system in your next letter?
Best wishes, Rob Marshall.

Dear Li Kang,
How are you? I thought I'd write to telling you something
about the American school system. Secondary school in t\he
America usually cover seven years, grades 6 to 12. Ninth to twelfth
grades are high school. In the end of 12th grade, students receive the
high school diploma, that is a must for them to go to college.

The school year is divided∧ two semesters, the first of that is



September through December, and the second January through May.

We start school at 7:50 a.m. and finish at 3:00 p.m. I take \a part

in all kinds of after-school activity.
Will you tell me something to your summer vocation and the
Chinese school system in your next letter?
Best wishes,

Rob Marshall.

Ⅲ.(教材)微写作 参考 key, far from, amazing, previous, nothing like, take part in, impress, 词汇 look forward to
提示:结合参考词汇,将以下句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英 语短文。

1.李康在考试中表现很好,他成功地考上了远离家乡的一 所重点高中。
2.新学校很棒,校园也比原来的大三倍。 3.起初他发现高中生活与初中生活完全不同。 4.他很快适应了,并积极参加各种活动。 5.一位姓李的英语老师给他留下了深刻的印象。 6.他希望将来成为一名英语老师。

[答案] Li Kang did very well in the exam. In other words, he was admitted to a key high school far from his hometown. The new school is amazing and the campus is four times as big as his previous one. At first, he found that high school life was nothing like that in the Junior High. However, he adapted to it soon and took an active part in all kinds of activities. What's more an English teacher called Mr. Li impressed Li Kang. He is looking forward to becoming an English teacher in the future.

名师微课 提升核心素养

课题下的高考研究——阅读理解 [概述] “学校生活”话题是距离学生生活最近、最熟悉的 话题之一,也是历年高考出现频率较高的话题。从小学到中学, 学校生活丰富多彩,点点滴滴记录着我们的成长,有成功,有进 步,但也有失败和挫折,这是一生中最难忘的经历。因为校园生 活最贴近学生生活,所以是各类高考题型的重点,应引起重视。

[经典范例] (2017·北京卷)It was a cold March day in High Point, North Carolina. The girls on the Wesleyan Academy softball team were waiting for their next turns at bat during practice, stamping their feet to stay warm. Eighth-grader Taylor Bisbee shivered(发抖) a little as she watched her teammate Paris White play. The two didn't know each other well—Taylor had just moved to town a month or so before.
Suddenly, Paris fell to the ground. “Paris's eyes rolled back,” Taylor says. “She started shaking. I knew it was an emergency.”

It certainly was. Paris had suffered a sudden heart failure. Without immediate medical care, Paris would die. At first, no one moved. The girls were in shock. Then the softball coach shouted out, “Does anyone know CPR?”
CPR is a life-saving technique. To do CPR, you press on the sick person's chest so that blood moves through the body and takes oxygen to organs. Without oxygen, the brain is damaged quickly.

Amazingly, Taylor had just taken a CPR course the day before. Still, she hesitated. She didn't think she knew it well enough. But when no one else came forward, Taylor ran to Paris and began doing CPR. “It was scary. I knew it was the difference between life and death,” says Taylor.
Taylor's swift action helped her teammates calm down. One girl called 911. Two more ran to get the school nurse, who brought a defibrillator, an electronic device(器械) that can shock the heart back into work. Luck stayed with them: Paris's heartbeat returned.

“I know I was really lucky,” Paris says now. “Most people don't survive this. My team saved my life.”
Experts say Paris is right: For a sudden heart failure, the single best chance for survival is having someone nearby step in and do CPR quickly.
Today, Paris is back on the softball team. Taylor will apply to college soon. She wants to be a nurse. “I feel more confident in my actions now,” Taylor says. “I know I can act under pressure in a scary situation.”

1.What happened to Paris on a March day? A.She caught a bad cold. B.She had a sudden heart problem. C.She was knocked down by a ball. D.She shivered terribly during practice.

2.Why does Paris say she was lucky? A.She made a worthy friend. B.She recovered from shock. C.She received immediate CPR. D.She came back on the softball team. 3.Which of the following words can best describe Taylor? A.Enthusiastic and kind. B.Courageous and calm. C.Cooperative and generous. D.Ambitious and professional.

[思路引导] 段落
第 2~ 8段




Tailor 和 Paris 是学校 八年级垒球队的成员, 由于 Tailor 一个月前 才来到此校,两人并不 熟悉

天气寒冷,Tailor 跺脚 取暖,此时 Tailor 正在 看队友 Paris 打球,引 起这两个关键人物

Tailor 正在看 Paris 打 球,为下文做了铺垫

Paris 突然倒地,心脏 病突发,Tailor 用学到 的心肺复苏术救了她 的命

队友倒地,队员慌乱, Tailor 冷静下来,用所 学急救知识救了队友

作为一名普通的八年 级学生,Tailor 把所学 到的知识运用于实际 生活中

Paris 恢复健康,Tailor 也马上要报考大学了, 她决定报考护士专业

Tailor 的冷静、果敢使 Paris 重回垒球场地

通过“I know I can act
under pressure in a scary situation”,突出 Tailor 的性格特点


[答案分析] 1.B 细节理解题。根据第二段及第三段可知,Paris 那天心 脏出了问题。所以 B 项正确。 2.C 细节理解题。根据倒数第二、三段的内容可知,对于 心脏病突发的人来说,身边的人能立刻实施心肺复苏(CPR),这 是幸运的,故选 C 项。 3.B 推理判断题。根据第五段和第六段可知,Taylor 在紧 急时刻,表现得既勇敢又镇静,故选 B。

[阅读理解技法指导 1] 细节理解题 在解这类题时,一般采用查读法,带着问题找句子,即先看 文章后面的问题,注意记忆关键的词语,如人物、时间、事件、 地点等,确定每道题目的发问中心。这样带着问题去阅读文章, 可以做到有的放矢,再对相关部分进行分析对比,就可以找出答 案了。 通常,细节理解题的正确选项有以下特征:

1.用同义或近义词替换原文中的关键词。如把 lose one's job 换成了 be out of work。
2.词性或者语态有所变化。把原文中的一些词变换一下词 性,如把 important 改成 of importance;改变原文中句子的语态, 主要是主动语态与被动语态的转换。
3.语言简化。把原文中的复杂语言现象进行简化,然后设 置为答案。

4.正话反说。把原文中的意思反过来表达。 当然,也可以用排除法解细节理解题,将“无此细节”和 “与此细节相反”的选项都排除。 掌握了以上特征,然后在文章中寻找相关句段,仔细品味, 认真比照,答案便能确定。