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必 修 1
Unit 5 Nelson Mandela —a modern hero

1.As crimes become more complex, the police have to ________ more C scientific means to analyse clues and narrow down the list of suspects. A.give off B.set down C.turn to D.blow up

give off散发(光、气味等);set down记下,写下,放下; turn to求助于,转向;blow up爆炸,充气,大怒。 句意:由于犯罪变得更复杂,警方不得不求助于更多的科 学方法来分析线索,减少嫌疑犯的数量。

2.Can you imagine how lucky we were? We had a narrow _____ when B a tree fell just in front of our car. A.appearance B.escape C.exit D.entrance
句意:你能想象我们有多幸运吗?当一棵树正倒在 我们车前时,我们侥幸逃过了。 a narrow escape侥幸地避开,幸免于难。

3.I am trying to do what is best, but ______ I've got to consider the cost, A which is of great importance. A.equally B.eventually C.naturally D.evidently
句意:我试图做最好的事,同样地,我不得不考虑代 价,这是非常重要的。 equally意为“相等地,同样地,平等地”; eventually意为“最后,终于”; naturally意为“自然地,天生地”; evidently意为“明显地,显著地”。

4.All the foreigners coming to China have to move in _____ or they will be D sent back to their own countries. A.naturally B.normally C.instantly D.legally
句意:所有来中国的外国人必须通过合法途径进入, 否则将会被遣送回原籍。 naturally意为“自然地,天生地”; normally意为“通常,正常地”; instantly意为“立即地,即刻地”; legally意为“合法地,法律上地”。

5.Worknet has a staff of 28 people, ________ to assisting the community B in their search for employment or training. A.addicted B.devoted C.associated D.concerned
句意:工作网有28位员工,致力于协助公众寻找工作或者培训。 addicted上瘾的,入迷的; devoted忠诚的,全心全意的; associated相关的,有联系的; concerned 担心的,忧虑的,关注的,感兴趣的。

6.The moment I saw him, his name simply ______ me, and I stood there B not knowing how to address him. A.choked B.escaped C.failed D.confused
句意:看到他我突然忘掉他的名字,我站在那儿不知道 该如何称呼他。 choke意为“窒息,阻塞,说不出话”; escape意为“逃跑,逃避,被忘掉,泄露”; fail意为“辜负,不及格”; confuse意为“使困惑,混淆”。

7.I can't say I'm the best. I have only _____ made more efforts than others. B A.definitely B.relatively C.obviously D.certainly
句意:我不能说自己是最好的,相对而言,我只是 比别人付出更多努力而已。 definitely意为“肯定地,当然地,明确地”; relatively意为“相对地,比较地”; obviously意为“显然地”; certainly意为“当然,一定”。

8.After hours of searching, their patience was ________ and they C found what they were looking for. A.calculated B.confirmed C.rewarded D.evaluated
几个小时的搜索之后,他们的耐心终于得到回报, 找到了他们所寻找的东西。 calculate计算,考虑;confirm证实,确定; reward报答,酬谢,奖励;evaluate评估,评价。

9.Everybody present at the meeting agreed to stick to the ________ that C everyone should be treated fairly. A.purpose B.ambition C.principle D.level
句意:与会者都同意坚持这个原则: 每个人都应该受到公平的对待。 stick to the principle坚持原则。

10.After running for a mile yesterday, I was almost ______, not B feeling bad, though. A.out of shape B.out of breath C.out of control D.out of order
句意:昨天在跑了一英里之后,我几乎喘不过气来, 但是也不怎么糟糕。 out of shape变形,走样;(人)身体不好; out of breath上气不接下气; out of control失去控制; out of order次序颠倒,不整齐,状态不好。

15.He taught us during the lunch breaks and the evenings when we _____________________________. should have been asleep (asleep) 他在午餐后的休息时间及晚上本该 睡觉的时间教我们学习。

16.Was it because of murder ______________________________? that he was sentenced to death (sentence) 他是因为谋杀才被判处死刑的吗?

17.A hobby is what you never get the more time you devote to it tired of—______________________, the more fun you will have. (devote) 爱好是不会让你感到厌倦的——你 投入的时间越多,获得的乐趣越多。

18.But for your timely encouragement, I _____________________ after going would have lost heart through so much difficulty. (lose) 要不是你的及时鼓励,经历这么多的 困难之后我早就灰心了。

19._________________ a series of The city saw fierce fights between blacks and whites in the 1960s. (see) 在20世纪60年代这座城市见证了黑 人和白人之间一连串的激烈冲突。

20.Only when he returned __________________ the truth. did we find out (find) 只有当他回来时,我们才查明了事 实真相。

21.We hope the measures (which are) taken by the government ___________________________ to control house prices will succeed. (take) 我们希望政府采取的控制房价的措 施会成功。

has been in power 22.He _______________________ for ten years but still doesn't want to leave office. (power)
他已经上台执政十年了,但是仍然 不想下台。

23.Last week, only two people came to look at the house, neither of whom wanted to buy __________________ it. (neither)
上周只有两个人来看房子,但是两 个人都不想买。

24.The day is near when the Japanese government is at a stage where it is willing ______________________ to talk peacefully to the Chinese government. (willing) 日本政府愿意与中国政府和平对话 的日子即将来临。

15. should have been asleep 16.that he was sentenced to death 17.the more time you devote to it 18.would have lost heart 19.The city saw 20.did we find out 21.(which are)taken by the government 22.has been in power 23.neither of whom 24.where it is willing

1.Children in the country should have the right to ask for ___education A opportunities as those in the city. A.equal B.unfair C.common D.usual

2.His scheme ________ in his face B after all, despite his optimism. A.set up B.blew up C.burnt up D.built up
句意:尽管他很乐观,但是他的计划一下子失败 也使他丢脸。 blow up in sb's face 事情失败,害了自己。 Set up 建立,创立; burn up 烧完; Build up 增强,树立

3.The ________of service in this C restaurant has improved a lot since I last had a dinner with my friends there. A.method B.attitude C.quality D.cost

4.The owner of the mine was ________ to twenty years in prison A because he had broken the law to employ children as miners. A.sentenced B.trapped C.sheltered D.buried

5.Students should be ________ in B class. Only listening without taking part in the activities is not good for one's study. A.passive B.active C.curious D.lazy

6.Ms Black is considered a ______ A lady by her neighbors,for she often helps the poor old man next door. A.generous B.hopeful C.mean D.selfish

7.Everybody present at the meeting agreed to stick to the________ that C everyone should be treated fairly. A.purpose B.ambition C.principle D.level

8.The island is________ attractive D in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A.partly B.merely C.nearly D.equally

9.After running for a mile yesterday,I was almost________,not feeling bad, B though. A.out of shape B.out of breath C.out of control D.out of order
Out of shape 走样,变形;out of breath 喘不过气来; Out of contral 失控;out of order 发生故障。

10.All of us still remember the terrible earthquake that ________ B Wenchuan several years ago. A.attacked B.struck C.knocked D.exploded

15.Another training center will be set up ________________ in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province, tomorrow, which excites us all. (set)
明天,另一所培训中心将会在陕西 省会西安建立,这使我们都很兴奋。

16.Can you name the provinces which the Yellow River flows through _______________________? (flow) 你能说出黄河流经的省份的名称吗?

As is known to all 17.______________________, water is what makes life possible. (know)
众所周知,水使生命的出现成为可 能。

18.Following the global economic crisis, a large number of companies were closed down and many people were out of work _____________________. (work) 全球经济危机之后,大量公司倒闭, 许多人失去了工作。

19.Mother always tells him ___________________ in the face of not to lose heart difficulty. (heart) 母亲总是告诉他,面对困难时不要 灰心。

20.I had to turn to the dictionary for help ____________________ when I came across some new words. (turn) 当我遇到一些新单词时,我不得不 求助于词典。

21.If I don't get my homework finished in time, I will be in trouble ___________________. (trouble) 我要是不及时把作业做完,我会有 麻烦的。

22.Only yesterday ______________________________, did his father tell him the truth which was a big surprise to him. (tell) 直到昨天他的父亲才告诉他真相, 这使他很惊诧。

23.In his life, he has always tried to help those ____________________. less fortunate than himself (fortunate) 他的一生都在努力帮助那些比他不 幸的人。

24.You cannot imagine how excited they were _________________________ when they received those nice Christmas presents. (excite)
你无法想象当收到那些美丽的圣诞 礼物时他们有多么激动。

15. will be set up 16.which the Yellow River flows 17.As is known to all 18.were out of work 19.not to lose heart 20.turn to the dictionary for help 21.will be in trouble 22.did his father tell him the truth 23.less fortunate than himself 24.how excited they were

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