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1. 参赛者答对的题目数量越多,他所赢得的奖项越高。 The more questions the contestant answer, the higher prize he will win. 2. 科学家们在科学领域获得的成就越多,先进技术的运用就越广泛。(the more… the more…) The more achievements scientists make in the field of science, the more widely advanced technology will be used. 3. 因为现今的情况而指责政府没有任何意义,除非能够立刻采取行动阻止环境进一步被污 染。 There is no point in blaming the government for the present situation, unless immediate action can be taken to prevent the environment from further pollution. 4. 据估计, 这次地震所造成的损害远远超过人们的想象。 It is estimated that the damage caused by the earthquake is far beyond imagination. 5. 尽管人们似乎总是与悲剧中的主人公产生共鸣,很少有人真的会施与援手。 Despite the fact that people seem to identify with the main character in a tragedy, few people will really offer their help. 6. 政府决定禁止广告商征用儿童演员,因为这样做会对儿童的成长产生消极影响。 The government decided to ban/put a ban on advertisers from using child actors because it will have a negative effect/influence/impact on children. 7. 大城市的犯罪率正在上升,每天平均有 5 起抢劫案。 Crime in big cities is on the increase/increasing, with 5 robberies every day on average. ……, with an average of 5 robberies every day. 8. The key to balancing expenses against income is to budget/make a budget of all your spendings. 保持收支平衡的一大关键是为你所有的开销做预算。 9. 在高考中遇到难题,冷静和自信是成功的关键。(face) When you face/are faced with difficult problems in the college entrance examinations, being calm and confident is the key to success. 10. 说实话,我真后悔没有帮助他克服英语学习方面的困难。 (regret) To tell the truth, I really regret not helping him overcome difficulties in English learning. 11. 这本书太振奋人心了,很值得一读,因此我毫不犹豫地买下了它.(worth) This book is so inspiring that it is well worth reading, so I bought it without hesitation. 12. 遵照标签上的说明,你就会知道怎样服这药了。(and) Follow the direction on the label, and you will know how to take this medicine. 13. 与会者来自各行各业,但他们对教育的重要性问题的看法却是一致的。(Although) Although the people attending/at the meeting come from all walks of life, they share a common opinion/view on the importance of education. 14. 他犹豫了好久才决定去美国留学。(before)

He hesitated for a long time before he made the decision to further his study in America. 15. 你最好乘地铁去机场,不然就要错过航班了。(or) You had better go to the airport by underground, or you'll miss the flight. 16. 令他激动的是,他实现了成为 2010 上海世博会志愿者的梦想。(realize) To his excitement, he realized his dream of becoming/being a volunteer for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. 17. 爱因斯坦被认为是 20 世纪最伟大的思想家之一。 (consider) Einstein was considered (to be/as) one of the greatest thinkers of the century. 18. 意料之外的坏天气给这个地区带来了巨大的损失,使成千上万的人流离失所.(cause) The unexpected bad weather did great damage to the place, causing / which caused thousands of people homeless. 19. 在你的建议中没考虑老人们的特殊需要。 (consideration) In your proposal you haven’t taken into consideration the special needs of the old people. 20. 即使智力一般的学生也可以通过改进学习习惯而成为优等生。(average) Even students of average intelligence can become top students by improving their learning habits. 21. 在我看来,在这样恶劣的天气里没有什么比呆在家里更舒服的了。(seem) It seems to me that nothing is more comfortable than staying at home in such a bad weather. 22. 他花了一个下午与当地人品茶聊天。(spend) He spent the whole afternoon drinking tea and chatting with the local people. 23. 只有实话实说,你才能取得别人的谅解。(Only. . .) Only by telling the truth can you be forgiven by others. 24. 人们发脾气的原因之一是期望与现实之间存在差距。(exist) One of the reasons why people lose their temper is that there exists a gap between their expectation and the reality. 25. 我们的健康得益于每日的运动和均衡的饮食。(benefit) Our health benefits from daily exercises and a balanced diet. 26. 我忘了通知他这么重要的决定,这是我的错。(inform) I forgot to inform him of such an important decision, which is my fault. 27. 直到患了重病,他才下决心马上戒烟。(suffer) He did not make up his mind to give up smoking at once until he suffered from a serous disease. 28. 中国政府强烈反对美国向台湾出售先进的武器。(against) The Chinese government are strongly against the United States' selling advanced weapons to Taiwan. 29. 在日木几乎每个人都知道在地震发生时该怎么办。(occur) In Japan nearly everybody knows what to do when an earthquake occurs. 30. 他们决定组织一次演出来为失学儿童筹款。(raise) They decided to organize a performance to raise/collect money for the children who could not afford to go to school.

31. 与班级里其他同学相比,他在工作方面更有责任感。(compare) Compared with the other students in the class, he has a stronger sense of responsibility in work. 32. 我认为能否实现理想主要靠努力而不是机遇。(not…but) I think whether we can realize our dreams mainly depends not on opportunities but on our effort. 33. 在暑假期间,我们学校的许多学生志愿去帮助孤寡老人。(volunteer) During the summer holidays, many of the students of our school volunteered to help the old people who live alone. 34. 一个遇到困难就退缩的人是永远不会成功的。 A person who will give up when meeting with difficulties will never succeed. 35. 第一次坐飞机时,飞机起降时感到不舒服是很正常的。 When you take a plane for the first time, it is normal for you to feel uncomfortable while the plane is taking off or landing. 36. 世界各地举行了各种仪式来庆祝二战结束 60 周年。(hold) Mary ceremonies were held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. 37. 在日常生活中,我们不要与经常言而无信的人交朋友。(fail) In our daily life, we mustn't make friends with those who often fail to keep their promises. 38. 老师鼓励我们尽可能多找出儿种方法来解这道数学题。(work out) The teacher encouraged us to find out as many ways as possible to work out this maths problem. 39. 如果你有留学的打算,就要尽可能早些做好准备。 If you have an intention to study abroad, you should make preparations/prepare for it as early as you can. 40. 每个人应该明白,当你得到某些东西的时候,也在失去某些东西。(aware) Everybody should be aware that you are losing something while you get something. 41. 老实说,我不相信那些声称能治愈一切疾病的私立医院。(claim) To tell you the truth, I don't believe in the private hospitals which claim to be able to cure any disease. 42. 科学家们一直在寻找新的能源来代替石油。(replace) The scientists have been trying to find some new resources of energy to replace oil. 43. 他犹豫了好儿天,才下决心买下那套房子。(before) He hesitated for several days before he made up his mind to buy that house. 44. 我怀疑这种在电视里做广告的减肥药是否真正有效。(advertise) I doubt whether the medicine for losing weight which has been advertised on TV is really effective. 45. 社会上许多热心肠的人对那位病重的孩子伸出了援助之手。 Many warm-hearted people in the society lent a hand to the child who was seriously ill. 46. 这条河流受到严重污染的原因是那家化工厂大量排放废水。(pour) The reason why the river is badly polluted is that the chemical factory has poured a great deal of waste water into it. 47. 随着经济的飞速发展,中国在国际事务中起了越来越大的作用。(role) With the rapid development of economy, China is playing a greater role in international affairs.

48. 在发展经济的过程中,我们必须要注意保持生态平衡。(course) In the course of the economic development, we must pay attention to keeping the balance of nature. 49. 在西方国家,有心理问题去咨询心理医生是很普遍的。(consult) In western countries, it is quite common for a person to consult a psychologist if / when he has some psychological problems. 50. 随着人口飞速地增长,水资源的缺乏成了一个大问题。(lack) With the rapid increase in population, the lack of water resources becomes / is becoming a big problem. 51. 来自农村的学生不必感到比大城市的学生低一等。(inferior) The students from the countryside needn't feel inferior to those from big cities. 52. 今天天气特别冷,要多穿一些衣服,以免着凉。(in case) It is terribly cold today and you should put on more clothes in case you might catch cold. 53. 学生们在热烈讨论是否钱越多越幸福。(discussion) The students are having a heated discussion about whether the more money you have, the happier you will be. 54. 他从小养成了随手关灯的良好习惯。(develop) In his childhood, he developed a good habit of turning off the light when he left the room. 55. 许多年轻人毕业后不工作,而依靠父母生活,这是多么可悲啊。(live on) How sad it is that many youngsters don't go to work after graduation, but live on their parents. 56. 社会应该为每个人提供公平的竞争机会。(provide) Society should provide everybody with a fair opportunity in competition. 57. 面对新的挑战,他始终充满信心。(be full of) Facing some new challenges, he is always full of confidence. 58. 在国外是否要付小费和讨价还价要人乡随俗。(bargain) Whether you should pay tips or whether you can bargain abroad, you must do as the Romans do. 59. 毫无疑问每个人有选择自己生活方式的权利。(choose) There is no doubt that everybody has a right to choose his own way of living / life. 60. 我父亲打算退休后到离上海 100 公里的农村去生活。(intend) My father intends to live in the countryside 100 kilometers from Shanghai when he retires. 61. 神州六号成功返回地球显示了我国科技的巨大进步。(indicate) That Shenzhou VI succeeded in returning / The successful return of Shenzhou VI to the earth indicates the great progress in the science and technology of our country. 62. 相对来说年轻人更容易接受新事物。(tend) Relatively speaking, young people tend to accept new things / something new. 63. 爱一个孩子并不意味着要满足他的一切要求。(satisfy) Loving a child doesn't mean you should satisfy all his requirements. 64. 那些过多地注意荣誉和金钱的科学家不可能获得诺贝尔奖。(possibility) There is little possibility that the scientists who pay too much attention to honor and money will be awarded the Nobel Prize. 65. 石油价格的上升造成了一系列的经济问题。(cause) The rising in oil prices has caused a series of economic problems. 66. 努力工作,享受生活才是积极的人生态度。(It is… that) It is working hard and enjoying life that are the positive attitudes / is the positive attitude to life.

67. 直到他长大成人后才真正体会到父亲对他的爱。(Only) Only when he grew up did he really realize his father's love for him. 68. 在许多发达国家,自行车仅仅用于运动而不是交通工具。(instead of) In many developed countries, bikes are only used for sports instead of a means of transportation. 69. 电视里有关那个家庭的报道引起了社会对弱势群体的关心。(concern) The report about that family on TV has caused the concern of the society about the weak group. 70. 父母在整天忙于工作的时候,不要忽视孩子的成长。(engage) While parents are engaged in work all day, they shouldn't neglect their children's growth. 71. 英语考试的真正目的是检测学生是否有运用英语的能力。(ability) The real purpose of the English exams is to test whether the students have ability to use English. 72. 他这次考试失败使他意识到定期复习功课是多么重要。(aware) He failed in the exam, which make him aware of the importance of reviewing his lessons regularly. 73. 丰富的工作经验使他能胜任这个岗位。(qualify) Rich working experience qualified him for the post. 74. 各校都已采取了措施,将流感患者与其他人隔离开来。(infect) Every school has taken measures to separate those infected with flu from others. 75. 尽管训练要求高,挑战大,但我们相信只要坚持练习,终将梦想成真。(come true) Although the training is demanding and challenging, we believe that as long as we keep practising, our dream will eventually come true. 76.不要害怕思考,因为思考总能让人有所收益。(benefit) Never fear to think because we will benefit from thinking. 77. 与 B1 食堂相比,A1 食堂的菜味道更好。(compare) Compared with Dining Hall BI, Al provides dishes that taste better. 78. 从图表我们能得出结论,世界人口正急剧增。(conclusion) From the chart we can come to the conclusion that the world population is increasing rapidly. 79. 选择我们的数码相机,它会满足你所有的要求。(and) Choose our digital camera, and it will meet all your needs. 80. 为了迎接世博会(World Expo)到来,政府号召大家积极参与,得到了市民的迅速回应。 (response) In order to welcome the World Expo, the government calls on people to get involved, which receives a quick response from the citizens. 81. 那个偏僻的山村至今尚不通车。 (inaccessible) To this day that remote mountain village is still inaccessible to vehicles. 82. 尽管天气不好,但运动会还是按计划举行了。(despite) Despite the bad weather, the sports meet was held as planned. 83. 他站在窗旁沉思良久。(lose) Standing by the window, he was lost in thought for quite some time/for a long time. 84. 他的演讲给观众们留下了如此深刻的印象以至他们难以忘记。(impression) His speech left such a deep impression on the audience that they couldn't forget it.

85. 政府号召民众为地震灾民捐助衣服和食物。(call) The government called on people to donate food and clothing to the victims of the earthquake. 86. 学好语言的关键之一是孰能生巧。(keys) The key to learn a language well is that practice makes perfect. 87. 尽管他身体虚弱,他已决定坚守岗位。(despite) Despite his poor health, he has decided to stick to his post. 88. 一旦你下定决心,不管遇到什么困难都不要半途而废。(no matter) Once you made up your mind, you shouldn't give up in the halfway, no matter what difficulties you meet. 89. 为了供养一个大家庭,我无法做到三星期不工作。(afford) In order to support a big family, I can't afford three weeks away from work. 90. 游客们一进入村子,就受到村民们的热烈欢迎。(the moment) The tourists received a warm welcome from the villagers the moment they entered the village. 91. 每天不论多忙多累,我—定拨些时间来进行阅读。(set) I set aside time to read everyday no matter how busy or tired I am. 92. 他们是在慎重考虑之后才做出这样的决定的。(it......) It is under careful consideration that they made the decision. 93. 饮食中缺乏足够的蛋白质和维生素是你生病的主要原因。(lack of) The lack of enough protein and vitamins in the diet is the main cause of your illness. 94. 拯救溺水儿童使他付出了生命。(cost) Saving the drowning child cost him his life./It cost him his life to save the drowning child. 95. 他不顾自己刚病愈的事实,又全心投入到隧道的建设中。 (in spite of, recover, devoted) In spite of the fact that he had just recovered from illness, he devoted himself to the construction of the tunnel. 96. 不言而喻,青年人的教育对于一个国家的未来是至关重要的。(saying) It goes without saying that the education of the young is vital to the future of a country. 97. 我们每个人都在不遗余力地为即将来临的高考做准备。(spare) Every one of us is sparing no effort to get prepared for the coming College Entrance Examination. 98. 如果我们不能跟上时代的进步,就会落后。(keep) If we can't keep up with the advance of the times, we will fall behind. 99. 在农村劳动期间,他养成了写日记的习惯。(develop) While he was working in the country, he developed the habit of writing diaries. 100. 据说英语的客观考试是 20 世纪 70 年代引人中国的。(introduce) It is said that the English objective test was introduced into China in the 1970s.

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