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高一英语人教版必修一课件:Unit3 Travel journal


Travel journal

(1)graduate vi.毕业 n.大学毕业生 (2)graduate from 从……毕业 graduate in 毕业于……专业 (3)graduation n.毕业;毕业典礼

(1)He will graduate ______ Sichuan University next year. 明年他将从四川大学毕业。 (2)Jim is now ____________. 吉姆现在是一名大学毕业生。 (3)He graduated ________ Harvard. 他毕业于哈佛大学。


(2)a college graduate


即学即练 单句语法填空。 (1)After his _______(graduate), he became a teacher. (2)Only thirty students graduated ____________ Chinese last year. (3)He is ________ graduate of Harvard University.

4.She gave me a determined look—the kind that said she would not change her mind. 她给了我一个坚定的眼神 ——这种眼神表明她是不 会改变主意的。

归纳拓展 determined adj.坚决的;有决心的 be determined to do...决心做……(表示状态) determine vt. 确定;决定;下定决心 determine to do...决定…… determine on/upon...决定……

determine sb to do...使某人下决心做…… determination n.决心;决定

(1)I ____________ another try,even if I might fail again. 即使还有可能失败,我仍决心再试一次。 (2)Let's __________ a date for the meeting. 让我们确定一下会议的日期。 (3)He ______________ Chinese. 他决定学汉语。

答案:(1)was determined to have (3)determined to learn


5. Of course she hadn't; my sister doesn't care about details. 当然她没 有,我的姐姐不在乎细节。

归纳拓展 care about 关心;忧虑;惦念;在乎 care for 喜欢;照顾;照料;关心 take care of 照顾;负责 take care 小心,注意 with care 小心地,慎重地

(1)The young lady doesn't ________ a bit about her clothes. 这位年轻的女士一点也不在乎穿着。 (2)The only thing he seems to __________ is money. 他好像只在乎钱。 (3)He likes pop;he doesn't ________ classic music. 他喜欢流行歌曲,不喜欢古典音乐。
答案:(1)care (2)care about (3)care for

即学即练 用合适的介词填空。 (1)I don't care ________ the price,so long as the journey is comfortable. (2)He moved back to his hometown to take care ________ his old mother. (3)The mother cared ________ the sick child day and night. 答案:(1)about
(2)of (3)for

6.Once she has made up her mind,nothing can change it. 她一旦下了决心,什么也不能使她改变。

归纳拓展 change one's mind 改变主意 read one's mind 看出某人的心思 speak one's mind 直言不讳 broaden one's mind 开阔思想 lose one's mind 失去理智

bear/keep...in mind 记住 注意: make up one's mind 短语中 mind 的形式要随 one 的单复数变化而变化。

(1)Tom is working hard because he has ___________ to pass the exam. 汤姆正在用功学习,因为他决心要通过考试。 (2)You say you won't smoke any longer,but you'll soon __________. 你说你不再吸烟了,可是很快就会变卦的。 (3)You'd better bear his words __________. 你最好记住他说的话。

答案:(1)made up his mind (3)in your mind

(2)change your mind

即学即练 单句语法填空。 (1)Nothing will change ________ mind if she has make ________ her mind ________(do)that.

英译汉。 (2)Don't lose your mind when you face difficulties. _____________________________________________ 答案:(1)her up to do (2)

7.Finally,I had to give in. 最后,我只好让步了。

归纳拓展 give in(to sb/sth)投降;屈服;让步;上交 give away 赠送,给予;泄露

give back 归还;恢复 give off 发出(气味、气体等) give out 散发(声、光、热等);用完,耗尽;分发
give up 放弃;戒掉

(1)I have to __________ their demands. 我不得不向他们的要求让步。 (2)I was persuaded by him.So I had to ________. 我被他说服了,所以不得不让步。 (3)You ought to __________ smoking. 你应该戒烟。

即学即练 用适当的介、副词填空。 (1)Finally,the enemies had to give ________ to us. (2)After two days our food gave ________,and we had to return. (3)I know smoking is bad for health,but I simply can't give it ________.

(4)Who gave ________ the secret to her? 答案:(1)in (2)out (3)up (4)away

归纳拓展 view n.风景;视野;观点;见解 考虑 in view 在看得见的地方 on view 展览着;陈列着 vt.观看;注视;

in one's view 在某人看来 view sb do/doing sth 看见某人做/正在做某事 view...as...把……看作…… in view of 考虑到;由于

(1)What a wonderful ________ from your window! 从你家的窗户往外看,景色美丽极了! (2)He holds strong ________ on race. 他对种族问题的观点很鲜明。 (3)The film is ________ as one of the most romantic movies ever. 这部电影被认为是有史以来最浪漫的电影之一。
答案:(1)view (2)views (3)viewed

[易混辨析] view/sight/scenery/scene

sight scenery scene

指通过窗户或从高处观赏到的景色 指眼见的景色,如供人游览的“景”或“景色”,尤 指人工制成的景,用复数时多指“名胜” 指某一国家或某一地区的整体的自然风景,如高 山、森林、溪谷等,不可数
指局部的、一眼可见全貌的风景或景色,不限于 自然的风景,也常指(戏剧、电影、小说等的)场 景、布景


即学即练 选择上述单词填空。 (1)The West Lake is remarkable for its ________ scenery . (2)The Great Wall is one of the most breath-taking ________ sights in the world. (3)There is a lovely ________ from the window. view scene in the (4)Do you still remember the moving ________ play that we saw last month?

In (5)______ my view,it was a waste of time and


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