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(原创)高中英语选修8 Module 4 Which English知识点整理三

选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 知识点整理三
22.communicate 为不及物动词时,意为“与……通信(联系、交流) , communicate with sb 和某人交流、沟通 We communicate with people in most parts of the world by telephone. We communicated with each other by letter. 也可用作及物动词,意思是“通知,传达(消息等) ,传送”, communicate sth to sb 把……传达给某人 He communicated his intention to me.他把他的意图告诉了我。 I asked your sister to communicate my wishes to you.我曾请你的妹妹转达我对你的祝愿。 communication n 交流;表达 communicative [k?'mju:n?k?t?v] adj 爱说话的,健谈的;交际能力的 (1)We can communicate___people in every part of the world____the Internet. A.with;with B.with;through C.through;through D.through;with (2)More than ten years ago,we communicated____our friends___letter,but now,_____telephone. A.with;with;with A.with B.to B.to;by;by C.with;by;by C.down D.along D.by;with;by (3)Television will communicate the news____all parts of the country. (4)Dolphins use sound to communicate____each other. (5)Knowing English will help to communicate_____people from different countries in the world. (6)Studies show that daydreaming contributes significantly [s?g?n?f?k?ntli] to the ability________(communicate) with others. (7)The difficulty which we had____________(communicate) with the local people has now been removed. (8)In the terrible earthquake in Sichuan province,the people in the ruined area couldn’t_____easily in the first several days. A.communicate with (1)B (2)C B.be communicated with C.communicate D.be communicating with (5)with (6)to communicate (3)B 电视将新闻传播到了全国各地。 (4)with

研究表明,白日梦可以显著促进与他人沟通的能力。 ability to do sth 做某事的能力 (7) (in)communicating 我们与当地人沟通的困难现在已经被排除了。 (8)B people 和 communicate with 之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系。 23.combine vi & vt 结合,联合 combination n 结合,联合 combined adj 共同的,联合的
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 1

combine to do sth 合起来做某事 combine against 联合起来反对 combine?with/and?使??与??结合起来 in combination with 与??联合/结合 You should combine your language ability with your business. Another way is to create a game where the children combine against imaginary outside force.另一种方法是,设计一个使孩子们联合在一起反抗假想的外部力量的游戏。 The company is developing a new product in combination with several research institutes. 该公司正在联合几家研究所开发一种新产品。 Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water.氢和氧化合成水。 (1)In recent years an English word“infosphere”has appeared,____the sense of“information”and“atmosphere”. A.combine B.combined C.combining D.being combined (2)They also said that adding chocolate to one’s diet should be combined_____a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. (3)There is increasing evidence that the_______(combine) can have an addictive effect. (4)—In this day and age,women can have children and jobs as well. —I can’t agree more.It’s great to have the two_______. A.linked B.related C.connected D.combined C.associated D.caused *(5)The cancer risks_____with smoking have been well proved. A.combined B.related perfectly. A.gathers A.joined B.joins C.combines D.connects (7)It’s known that diets are most effective when_____with exercise. B.connected C.combined D.related are looked after by the_________efforts of the host (8)用 combine 的适当形式填空 a)These refugees[refju’d?i:]避难者,难民 countries and non-governmental organizations. b)Each side benefits a lot from_______________. (9)When these substances are______with other chemicals,no new substances is found. A.united B.connected C.joined D.combined (1)C 在最近几年, 一个英文单词 “infosphere” 出现了, 它结合了 “information” 和 “atmosphere” 的含义 (2)with 他们也指出在饮食中添加巧克力应该和平衡膳食及大量的运动结合起来 (3)combination 越来越多的证据表明,这种混合物可能会使人上瘾。(4)D 在现在这个时代,
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 2

(6)He designed the first great suspension bridge,using an idea that______beauty and function

女人可以养育孩子,也可以工作。把两者结合起来是非常好的。(5)C 与吸烟有关的患癌症 的风险已经被证实(6)C 24.acquire vt 得到,获得 The ability to use a language can be acquired by the act of using the language.. 运用语言的能力能通过不断使用获得。 (1)This school gives most of the children hope for the future by providing them with a chance to____knowledge. A.require B.achieve C.acquire D.discover (2)Only if you ask many different questions____all the information you need to know. A.you will acquire B.you acquired C.will you acquire D.did you acquire (3)用 acquire 的适当形式填空 a)Any equipment or technology needed was just a few emails away from____them. b)Acturally,true selfconfidence is neither born or____overnight. c)The knowledge___in one’s childhood will make a stronger impression on him than what he learns at any other life stage. (4)If people feel hopeless,they don’t bother to_____the skills they need succeed. A.adopt (1)C(2)C c)acquired B.acquire C.accumulate D.assemble b)acquired (3)a)acquiring 需要的任何仪器或技术只要发几封电子邮件即可获得 (4)B 人们若感到无望,就不会费心学习成功需要的技能。 (7)C (8)a)combined b)combination (9)D

25.associate?with?(=connect?with?)把??与??联系起来 be associated with 与??有联系 in association with 与??联合;与??合作;与??在一起 be connected with 和??有联系 have connection with in connection with be related to 和??有联系 be involved in 与??有牵连 have something to do with 与??有关系 I always associate the smell of those flowers with my childhood. He is working in association with the police on this.他正和警方在此事上进行合作。 (1)That the animal can sleep all through the winter without eating is_____the main use that the body makes of food. A.connected to B.related with C.associated with D.connected about (2)His first book of poems was published in London by a group of friends______with the imagism ['?m?d??z?m] 意象派 movement.
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 3

A.linked B.joined

C.associated D.allied

(3)Her father argued that girls should not take part in such violent games and objected to her_____with people in the boxing club. A.agreement B.move C.charge D.association *(4)_____sufficient historical and legal grounds,China’s position on the South China Sea has been consistent and clear. A.Associated with A.associate B.Based on C.Centered around D.Assessed by (5)Many of us who have never been to Egypt always_____Egypt with the ancient pyramids. B.abolish C.accumulate D.acquire *(6)You may also want to make________(associate) between what you’re trying to remember and things you already know. (1)C 这种动物能够睡一冬天而不吃东西,主要和它自身充分利用了食物有关系。(2)C 他的 第一本诗集是由与意象主义运动有关联的一帮朋友在伦敦出版的。 (3)D 她的父亲认为女孩 子不应该参加这样充斥着暴力的游戏并反对她与拳击俱乐部的人有联系。 (4)B 以充分的历 史和法律依据为基础,中国在南海的立场是一贯的,也是明确的。 26.relevant adj 有关的;切题的 be relevant to 与??有关 relatively adv 相对地 (1)—At the end of the day we can gather our guests to enjoy fine wine. —You seem to be getting off the point.Is that________(relevant) to this discussion? (2)The professor sometimes makes remarks that are not____to the topic. A.associate B.relevant C.relate D.independent (3)Since we haven’t got enough money,we should stay in a________(relative)inexpensive hotel. (4)China needs to strike a balance between maintaining a_______(relative) fast and stable development and making economic structural adjustment. (1)relevant (2)B 那位教授有时上课跑题 elect 选举 (3)relatively (4)relatively 中国需要在保持相对 高速稳定的发展和进行经济结构调整之间保持平衡。 27.select v 挑选,选择,选拔 select?as 选??为?? select?for 为??选择?? select?from 从??选择?? He hasn’t been selected for the team.他未能入选进队 (1)The players____from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. A.selecting B.to select
选修 8 Module 4 Which English?

(5)A (6)associations


C.selected D.having selected

(2)The milkman____the spotted cow,from among a herd of two hundred. A.selected B.held C.elected D.separated (1)C (2)A 送奶人从一群有两百头牛的牛群里选择了这头斑点牛。 28.withdraw v 收回;撤退,退缩;提款 withdraw from 从??撤退/退出 withdraw sb from 使某人从??撤退/退出 withdraw to 退到?? Withdraw your threats!收回你的威胁。 He withdrew from the room.他离开了房间。 Bill’s parents withdrew him from school.比尔的父母让他退了学。 I’d like to withdraw $50 from my savings account.我想从储蓄账户中取出 50 美元。 After dinner,the men withdrew to the living room.宴会后,男人们回到客厅去了。 (1)North Korea threatens to_____from six-party talks aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear program unless its proper rights are to be satisfied. A.escape B.flee C.withdraw D.retire (2)Sometimes being confused can make us_____,but it can also motivate us to adjust our learning strategy,largely depending on our attitude towards it. A.refresh B.withdraw C.accustom D.accelerate (3)I made the choice to______from college to care for her. (1)C 朝鲜威胁要退出六方会谈, 旨在终止朝鲜核项目, 除非其适当的权利得到满足。 (2)B 迷惑有时候会让我们退缩,但是它有时也能促使我们调整学习策略,这极大地取决于我们 对待它的态度。 (3)withdraw 我选择退出大学来照顾她。 29.resist v 抗拒,对抗,反抗;忍住,忍耐(一般用于否定式) resist doing sth 抵制做某事 can’t resist doing sth 无法抗拒(做)某事的诱惑;忍不住做某事 resist arrest/the temptation [temp’te??n]拒捕/抵制诱惑 be resistant to 对??有抵抗力 resistance n 抵抗;反抗 They are determined to resist pressure to change the law. I couldn’t resist telling him the secret. (1)You are so fat that you should_____the temptation to eat sweet food. A.prevent A.to buy B.stop C.refuse D.resist D.being bought (2)The watch was so beautiful and it happened to be 40%,so I couldn’t resist______it. B.buying C.to be bought (3)To persuade drivers to________checking their phones whenever they drive,New York State
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 5

plans to introduce so-called Texting Zones to make sure of the driver ’s safety. A.allow B.insist networking. (5)—You should know bungee jumping is dangerous. —Yes,but I can’t simply____the excitement it brings to me. A.reject B.restrict C.prevent D.resist *(6)More and more scientists are afraid that the genes that make crops______(resist) to pests and diseases could be harmful to humans. (1)D refuse 表示(主观上具有坚定的态度)拒绝,resist 表示抵制(由于外界的诱惑等产生 的欲望) 。 (2)B (3)B 为了说服司机抵制开车时看手机,纽约州计划采用所谓的发短信地 带来确保司机的安全。 (4)being drawn 当然,现在青少年几乎无法抵制被他们的电脑和社 交网络吸引。(5)D 你应该知道蹦极是危险的,是的,但我只是不能抵制它给我带来的兴奋。 (6)resistant 越来越多的科学家担心,使农作物抗病虫的基因会对人类有害。 30.conflict n 冲突;战斗;矛盾 conflict with 与??冲突 in conflict with 与??冲突 My interests are in conflict with theirs.我的兴趣与他们的冲突。 (1)The global economic crisis added to the_______between employers and employees. A.conception B.conflict C.authority D.restriction (2)There existed an obvious____between the accounts of the witness,so a judgement was not announced in court. A.conception B.conflict C.authority D.restriction *(3)We are lucky to be among the generation of people who have_____and experienced the great social changes in our country. A.conflicted B.responded C.witnessed D.associated D.conflicting (3)C 我们有幸成为 (4)She often came into____her mother—her mother-in-law. A.conflict with B.a conflict with C.in conlict with (1)B (2)B 目击证人的陈述存在着明显的矛盾,所以没有当庭判决。 vi 冲突;抵触 C.admit D.resist *(4)Now,of course,teens can hardly resist_________(draw) by their computers and social

见证并且经历我们国家巨大社会变革的一代人。(4)A 31.complain v 抱怨;埋怨;发牢骚 搭配:complain that…抱怨…… complain of/about sth 抱怨某事 complain (to sb) of/about sth(对某人)抱怨某事 He complained that he couldn’t find a job anywhere.他抱怨到处都找不到工作。
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 6

She complained of his carelessness.她抱怨他的粗心大意。 She left early,complaining of a headache.她抱怨说自己头疼,很早就离开了。 I’m going to complain to the manager about this.我要就这件事给经理提意见。 单词积累: complaint [k?m’ple?nt] n 抱怨,诉苦,不满;控告,控诉 误区警示: complain 不能直接接人或物作宾语,更不能接双宾语结构,即:不存在 complain sb,complain sth 和 complain sb sth 结构。 (1)What makes us upset is that Tom usually does nothing but____about so many problems. A.complain B.to complain C.solve D.to solve (2)He____to me about the bad weather he had while travelling there,from which I guessed that he must have had a very unpleasant journey there. A.complained B.pretended C.regretted D.complain (3)Lots of people are c____________about the noise. (4)With too many construction projects sucking 吸取,吞没 all the strength out of the economy,people of the small country_____a lot. A.compromise B.conflict (1)A (2)A 怨声载道 32.reject v 拒绝,驳回; (产品因质量不好而)丢弃,废弃 I soundly reject it when someone mentions my association with the company.当有人一提 到我跟那个公司的联系时,我断然拒绝了。 Everyone has the right to reject traditions.每个人都有权利放弃传统。 Please reject all the rotted apples.请把所有的烂苹果都扔掉 误区警示:reject“丢弃,废弃”的语境较为具体,那就是“产品质量不好” 。 refuse“拒 绝,不接受”的语境为“别人给自己东西,而自己主观上不接受。 ” (1)We have very strict quality control and anything imperfect is_______,so customers feel secure 安心的 about our products. A.denied B.rejected C.deserted D.refused D.refused (2)He____for the job vacancy because he couldn’t be punctual even for the interview. A.rejected B.was rejected C.was declined (1)B 我们有很严格的质量控制,任何不完美的东西都被丢弃,因此顾客们对我们的产品放 心。(2)B 他因为甚至面试都不能准时,所以没有得到那个职位空缺。 33.message n 通信,消息,思想,要旨,寓意 take/have a message for sb 给某人捎个口信 leave a message for sb 给某人留个口信 I try to make him understand that I am not interested in him,but he never gets the______.
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 7

C.calculate D.complain (4)D 太多的建设工程正在耗尽经济实力,这个小国的人们






A get the message 领会,明白 34.investigate v 调查;研究 The police investigated the case. 35.单项填空 (1)We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do.Let’s_____it. A.keep up with B.do away with C.get down to D.look forward to (2)—Were you disappointed when the boss_____your proposal? —A little bit,but it hasn’t let my work disorganized. A.received you____. A.down B.out C.off D.alone (4)The local people____building the new office building and the government withdrew what it announced yesterday. A.opposed B.accused C.objected D.against D.to be told. D.contribution. (5)Although a teenager,my neighbor Ricky can resist______what to do and what not to do. A.telling B.being told C.to tell A.permit B.allowance (6)The naughty child flew to Italy without the parents’ company or____of them. C.approval (7)According to the rules,all drivers_____this traffic accident are to be taken to the police station to make their statements. A.sensitive to feelings. A.transfer B.convey C.contribute D.transform (9)In class the teacher_____the finance project in simple but vivid language to make it easier for us to understand. A.undertook B.clarified C.approval A.ambition B.concept society. A.require B.acquire C.accept D.request *(12)If you don’t work hard,it will be of no______for others to help you.
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 8




(3)As far as I know,Tom is a person who always receives splendid honors.He’ll never let

B.relevant to C.accessible to

D.due to

(8)As we know,language is one of the straightforward means for mankind to____thoughts and


(10)Mary’s_____was whether to go to the graduation ball in her old dress or to stay at home. C.panic D.dilemma (11)Some people go back for their education to____another degree or diploma to impress the

A.sympathy B.relation A.coincidence B.load

C.significance D.measure C.aspect D.potential

*(13)People who don’t smoke have less_____of suffering from lung cancer than those who do. (14)—Do you know why Jane was so angry? —Her roommate gave in to_____and opened the letter addressed to her. A.curiosity B.consideration C.concern D.convenience *(15)When we read,we should grasp the text’s_______idea. A.usual B.general C.common D.ordinary *(16)I will let him out____the weather is nice. A.every day B.everyday C.soon D.quickly (17)The couple tried every effort to_____the judges of their innocence,resulting in the contrary. A.prove B.charge C.convince D.confirm B.in future C.from now on D.since now C.get on with D.get in with D.get in (18)He is studying hard so that he can live a better life_____. A.in the future A.get rid of A.get into A.betrays A.though *(19)They tried hard to_____all their unwanted things at the market. B.get back at B.get back B.betrayed B.aslo (20)Every autumn peasants______their harvests of corn. C.get off *(21)The smoke_____where he lived. C.was betrayed D.is betrayed *(22)Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun.Isn’t it rather risky,____? C.either D.too (23)In some western countries,demand for graduates from MBA courses has_____. A.turned down A.Get off B.let down C.fallen down D.pull down C.Get down to D.Get out of (24)The roof is leaking 漏水.The bed is being wetted.____it at once. B.Get from (25)I think that in a certain________,difficult situations can stimulate 激 励 a person’s potential,and pave 铺设 the way for him to success. A.sense B.feeling C.touch D.meaning B.on experience C.by experience D.by experiencing (26)We should acquire knowledge not only in books,but also______. A.in experience (1)C (2)C 拒绝某人的建议,但是它不会扰乱我的工作的。(3)A 据我所知,汤姆是一个总 transform

能得到极高的赞誉的人(4)A 当地的人们反对建造新办工大楼,政府就撤回了昨天宣布的决 定(5)B 能够对被告知做什么和不做什么进行反抗。(6)C(7)B(8)B transfer 转移 转化,转变(9)B 在课堂上,为了让我们更容易理解这一经济话题,老师用简洁而生动的语
选修 8 Module 4 Which English? 9

言使之更清楚易懂。(10)D(11) B 很多人重新再去接受教育是为了获得另一个给社会留下印 象的学位或文凭(12) C be of no significance=be not significant 没有意义(13)D 可能性;潜 在性(14)A 她的室友经不住好奇心,打开了寄给她的信。(15)B 文章的大意 (16)A 每当天气 好的时候我就让他出去。(17)C 那对夫妇尽力使法官相信他们是清白的,但结果正相反。 (18)A B、C、D 三项皆表示“从现在起”的意思。根据句意应该是“在未来”过上美好 get in their harvests of corn.收割 (24)D 屋 生活,不是“从现在起”就过上美好生活。(19)A (20)D 顶漏水,床弄湿了,快下来

他们的玉米 (21)B 炊烟泄露了他的住处。(22)A 然而,是不是太危险啊 (23)C 他的成功铺好道路。in a sense 在某种意义上说(26)C 靠体验,凭经验

(25)A 我认为在某种意义上,困境能激励一个人的潜能,并为

选修 8 Module 4 Which English?


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