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2016高考英语二轮复习 第三部分 专题三 第2课时 完形填空类语法填空题练习

专题三 第 2 课时 完形填空类语法填空题
题组一 体验真题 Passage 1 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·新课标全国卷Ⅱ)The adobe dwellings(土坯房)__1__(build) by the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest are admired by even __2__ most modern of architects and engineers.In addition to their simple beauty,what makes the adobe dwellings admirable is their __3__(able) to “air condition”a house without

__4__(use)electric equipment.Walls made of adobe take in the heat from the sun on hot days and give out that heat __5__(slow)during cool nights,thus warming the house.When a new day breaks,the walls have given up their heat and are now cold enough __6__ (cool) the house during the hot day:__7__ the same time,they warm up again for the night.This cycle __8__ (go) day after day: The walls warm up during the day and cool off during the night and are thus always a timely offset(抵 消 )for the outside temperatures.As__9__(nature) architects , the Pueblo Indians figured out exactly__10__thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days. 【语篇解读】 相比现代化的建筑,简陋的土坯房可谓丑陋不堪。但当代的建筑师却对其情 有独钟。短文主要介绍了土坯房能够调节温度的原理。 1. built [考查过去分词短语作后置定语。主语 dwellings 与动词 build 之间为逻辑上的 动宾关系,故用过去分词形式。又由 by 一词的暗示也可知用表示被动意义的过去分词。] 2.the [考查定冠词的用法。空格之后为形容词的最高级形式,故填定冠词。] 3.ability [考查形容词与名词的转换。形容词性物主代词 their 之后应当用名词,故将 able 转化为其名词形式。] 4.using [考查介词的用法。介词 without 之后的动词要用动名词形式。] 5.slowly [考查副词的用法。由土坯制成的墙壁在炎热的白天吸收太阳的热量并在凉爽的 夜间慢慢将热量释放出来。修饰谓语动词 give out,因此要用副词形式。] 6.to cool [考查固定句式的用法。“形容词+enough+动词不定式”为一常用句式。] 7.at [考查固定短语的用法。at the same time 意为“同时”,是一个常用介词短语。]

8.goes [考查动词的时态。这是一篇说明文,主要介绍了土坯房冬暖夏凉的原理,故用一 般现在时态。] 9.natural [考查形容词的用法。修饰名词 architects,故要用形容词形式。] 10.how [考查宾语从句的连接词用法。分析句子结构可知,这是一个宾语从句。根据形容 词 thick 及结构可知这里的意思是印第安人要算出土坯墙的确切厚度。 所以答案为 how。 ] Passage 2 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2014·辽宁卷) Jonny:Hey!I'm just practicing Tai Chi(太极).Would you like to join me? Peter:I know nothing about it.Is it difficult? Jonny:It seems easy,but you need a lot of practice.You just follow me like this. Peter:OK.Don't laugh __1__ me.I may look funny.

Jonny:Bend your knees slightly and reach out your arms like tree branches,naturally and __2__(soft).Try to keep your body straight.Move slowly,then be sure to keep your balance and don't let your body shake. Peter:I cannot control my body well.My legs become Jonny : Keep __4__ __3__ (pain).

(hold) your position for a while.It helps develop your __5__ stay in the air

strength and flexibility.Raise your leg and let for seconds.

Peter:I feel my legs shaking.I cannot do this any longer. Jonny:Be patient!Tai Chi __6__ (call)“shadow boxing”in English.It asks you __7__ strong.In real

to act like water : to be flexible as well

competition,a Tai Chi master borrows the strength of the competitor and uses this energy to fight back.The __8__ (hard) you try to beat him,the more

likely you will get hit.He controls you! Peter : Unbelievable ! Oh... , __9__ __10__. 【语篇解读】 本文是两人关于太极的对话。 1.at [考查固定搭配。laugh at 嘲笑。] 2.softly [考查 and 连接两个并列成分,因为前面是 naturally,因此后面用副词形式。] you don't mind , I'll stop and take a deep

3.painful [我的腿疼了。放在 become 后面的应该是形容词。pain 为名词或者动词。] 4.holding [keep doing sth 保持、继续做某事,固定搭配。] 5.it [此处的 it 代替上文的 your leg。] 6.is called [考查语态。太极在英语中被叫做“shadow boxing”。] 7.as [固定搭配 as well as。] 8.harder [此处考查 the+比较级??,the +比较级??结构。] 9.if [考查句子关系。句意:如果你不介意的话,我停下来做个深呼吸。] 10.breath [考查固定搭配。take a deep breath 深呼吸。] Passage 3 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 (2014·广东卷)Last year,my brother and I went to Miami for a vacation.Some of my friends who had been there before said __1__ was a wonderful holiday destination.Before we went,we had planned for months.When the day came,we were ready. After our plane landed,we went to the hotel.We had made our reservation six months __2__(early),but the man at the front desk said there had been a mistake.We __3__(tell)that our rooms hadn't been reserved for that week,__4__ for the week after.I didn't understand __5__ this would happen and my credit card had already been charged __6__ the reservation.What's worse, the hotel had been fully booked.When we were wondering what to do, the manager came out.She was __7__(surprise)helpful.She apologized for the mistake and gave us a spare VIP room on __8__ top floor.We had never stayed in such an amazing room,and we weren't charged extra. The next day,my brother and I went to the beach __9__ we watched some people play volleyball.We got a little __10__(sunburn),but the day had been so relaxing that we didn't mind. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,记述了我和我兄弟去 Miami(迈阿密)旅游,当到达目的 地后, 来到六个月前订的宾馆, 却意外被告知订的房间是下个星期的, 且该宾馆房间已订满。 正当不知如何办时,经理出来了,将他们安排在留出来的 VIP 房间,且不另外收他们的钱, 真是喜出望外的事。

1.it [在 said 后的宾语从句中缺主语,应填代词;指代前句中的 Miami 这个地方,应用 it。] 2.earlier [在句中作状语,依然用副词; 不变词性,因为是较早做的事, 所以用比较级。 ] 3.were told [由句意可知,是“我们被告知”,由上下文的时态可知,用一般过去时的被 动语态。] 4.but [ 根据上下句意,意为“不是为那个星期订的,而是为后一个星期所订的”,为

not...but...结构。] 5.why [意为“我不知道为什么会发生这样的事”,故用 why 引导宾语从句。] 6.for [charge...for...是习惯搭配。] 7.surprisingly [ 因本句已有作表语的形容词 helpful,所以应当用副词来修饰形容词

helpful,指“令人惊讶地,意外地”,故填 surprisingly。] 8.the [特指“在顶楼”。] 9.where [先行词是地点 the beach,且在定语从句中作状语,故填 where (=on which = and on the beach =and there)。] 10.sunburnt/sunburned [在表示“变化” 的 got 后作表语, 要用形容词; sunburn 是名词, 其形容词形式是 sunburnt 或 sunburned。] 题组二 尝试模拟 Passage 1 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·云南省高三统一检测) Tom:Have you heard the local newspaper The Times is closing down in three months' time? Mary:Then that's good news.That newspaper is terrible.I won't miss it. Tom : __1__ do you mean ? The Times is the best newspaper in the city.If that __2__(close) down,we'll only have The Pioneer and The City Journal,which is too bad. Mary:You only like The Times __3__ it takes up to 20 pages every day with sports.The

City Journal is a great paper.And you don't like it because it devotes less
than 5 pages every day __4__ baseball results. Tom:This is a baseball city.We've got a great team.Why shouldn't we read about it?

Where are we going to get the results now? Mary:I think a newspaper needs to meet all the __5__(need) of its readers,not just that of those __6__ like sports. Tom:Then what about the Job Section in The Times?That was one of the most __7__(use) parts of it.Every business,every store in the city knows if they want to get someone __8__(work) for them,they have to put some ads in The Times.How are all these people going to get work now?This will __9__(absolute) destroy the local economy. Mary:Destroy the local economy,will it?I admit the Job Section was pretty good in The Times,__10__ either one of the other two newspapers will just get the ads instead.That's how things work. 【语篇解读】 本文为一则对话。双方就《泰晤士报》该不该停刊展开讨论。 1.What [What do you mean?意为“你是什么意思?”,为固定句型。] 2.closes/is closed [close 表示“停业;关闭;倒闭”之意时,既可以作及物动词,也 可以作不及物动词。] 3.because [下文 And you don't like it because...给出了提示。] 4.to [devote sth to sth 是固定短语,意为“把??用于??”。] 5.needs [to meet all the needs of its readers 意为“满足所有读者的需求”。need 作名词,表示“需要的事物”时,是可数名词,且常用复数。] 6.who [who 引导定语从句修饰先行词 those(指人)。] 7.useful [形容词修饰名词,故应说 the most useful parts of it。] 8.to work [表示“让某人做某事”应说 get sb to do sth,故应使用 to work 作 get 的 宾语补足语。] 9.absolutely [副词修饰动词。] 10.but [上下文之间存在转折关系,故用 but 连接并列句。] Passage 2 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·呼和浩特市高三一模)In every school a “top” crowd sets the pace,while the others follow their lead.Let's say the top crowd decides that it is smart to wear bright red sweaters.Pretty soon everybody is wearing __1__ bright red

sweater.There is nothing wrong with that,__2__ the fact that on some people a bright red sweater is __3__(extreme) unbecoming (不得体的 ).The situation can even become dangerous,if the top crowd decides that it is smart to drink or to drive cars at seventy miles an hour.Then the people __4__(follow) the lead are endangering their lives.They are like the sheep __5__(lead) to the butcher.Now,chances are __6__ you have come across situations like these more than once in life;your chances are that one time or __7__ you probably did something you knew to be wrong.You may have excused yourself by saying,“Gee,the crowd does it.” Well,let the crowd do it, but don't do it yourself.Learn to say,“No.” Develop your own standards and your own judgment.__8__ you know the crowd is planning something you __9__(agree) with , have the courage to bow out ( 退 出 ) politely.You'll have the __10__(satisfy) of standing on your own two feet. 【语篇解读】 每个学校都会有起领头作用的群体,其他的人会跟风。但是有时候人们跟风 做的事是错误的,甚至很危险,因此我们必须学会说“不”。要树立自己的标准,有自己的 判断。 1.a [此处泛指“一件亮红色的毛衣”,故用不定冠词。] [根据下文“一些人不适合穿亮红色的毛衣”,可知此处表达“除

2.except/but 了??”。]

3.extremely [此处修饰形容词 unbecoming,应该用副词。] 4.following [people 和 follow 之间为主谓关系,故用现在分词作定语。] 5.being led [the sheep 和 lead 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,应用被动语态;由前句的时 态可知此处应为现在进行时。故此处应为现在进行时态的被动语态。] 6.that [根据句子结构可知空处引导表语从句,从句中不缺成分并且意思完整,所以引导 词用 that。] 7.another [(at) one time or another 意为“曾经”,为固定短语。] 8.If [根据句意和句子结构可知空后为条件状语从句,故用 if。] 9.disagree [由下文 have the courage to bow out politely 可知,此处应表达“不同意; 反对”。] 10.satisfaction [the 后 of 前接名词,所以用 satisfaction。] Passage 3

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·吉林省实验中学高三一模)I was in the line at Mcdonald's.I was going to walk to order my food __1__ I noticed a young man,who was not having the best of luck and it showed on his face.He walked in carrying his __2__(belong) in a torn plastic bag. I moved over so he could order.He looked at the board,checked his pockets and didn't seem to have enough for anything.So,he turned around and walked out.I picked up my coffee and followed __3__ out.He __4__(go) maybe five paces when I shouted, “Hey!Do you want a pizza?”A little __5__(embarrass),he said,“I don't have any money.”I told him __6__(come) on back in.We approached the cashier and I said, “What kind do you want?”He __7__(whisper),“Sandwich.”I said,“Go ahead.Tell her what you want.” “Beef Sandwich,” he said.The cashier looked at me and said,“Is that it?”I looked at him.“Do you want anything __8__?”“Can I have a coffee?”he asked me.I said , “Yes.Tell her.”He did.The total came to $2.30 , which is small change __9__(compare) to what the typical person spends in a day.But to him,it __10__(make) a great difference. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了“我”在麦当劳碰到一位没钱买食物的年轻人, “我”帮他付了餐费,尽管很少,但是对他却意义重大。 1.when [考查时间状语从句。当“我”注意到一位年轻人不太走运时,“我”正要点餐。 故空格处意为“当??时候”。故用 when。] 2.belongings [考查词性的转变。根据空格前的“his”可知,空格处为名词,意为“他的 所有物”,应用 belong 的名词形式,即 belongings。指某人的财物,belonging 用复数 形式。] 3.him [考查人称代词。句意:我拿起我的咖啡,跟着他走了出去。根据上文中的“he”可 知,空格处用其宾格形式。故用 him。] 4.had gone [考查动词的时态。根据该句中的“maybe five paces when I shouted”可知, 空格处动作发生在“我”喊他之前,所以是发生在比过去更早的动作,应用过去完成时。 故用 had gone。] 5.embarrassed [考查词性的转变。“a little”修饰形容词,故空格处为 embarrass 的形

容词形式;根据主语“he”可知,空格处形容人的状态。故用 embarrassed。] 6.to come [考查固定搭配。tell sb.to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“告诉某人做某事”。 故用 to come。] 7.whispered [考查动词的时态。根据上文可知,整篇文章陈述的都是过去的事,此处也应 是发生在过去,用一般过去时。句意:他低声说:“三明治” 。故用 whispered。] 8.else/more [考查代词用法。 句意: 你还需要其他东西吗?或你还需要更多东西吗?故空 格处意为“其他”或“更多”。故用 else/more。] 9.compared [考查非谓语动词。分析该句结构可知,空格处作前面名词“change”的后置 定语,change 和 compare 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系。故用 compared。] 10.made/must have made [考查动词的时态或情态动词表推测。根据上文可知,该处叙述 的是过去发生的事,故用一般过去时。故填 made;也可以将该句看作是对过去情况的肯 定的推测。故也可以填 must have made。] Passage 4 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·兰州市高三一模)Just up the road from my home is a field,with two horses in it.From a distance , each horse looks like any other horse.But if you get a __1__(close) look you will notice one of them is blind.Instead of abandoning him, his owner has made him a safe and comfortable barn to live in.And if you stand nearby and listen , you will hear the sound of a bell __2__(come)from __3__ smaller horse.Attached to __4__(it) halter is a small,copper-colored bell assisting the blind friend to follow him. __5__ you watch them,you'll find the horse with the bell always checking on the blind one,and that the blind horse will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to __6__ the other one is,trusting he will not __7__(lead)astray.When the horse with the bell returns to the barn each evening,he will stop __8__(frequent)to look back,making sure that the __9__ isn't too far behind to hear the bell. Life does not throw us away just because we are not perfect or because we have problems or challenges.Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the little ringing bell of our acquaintances;__10__ other times we are the guide horse,who helps others to find their way.

1.closer [形容词比较级,get a closer look 指“近距离地看一看” 。] 2.coming [the sound 与 come from 是主动关系, 用现在分词作补语。 hear...doing...“听 见??正在做??”。] 3.the [此处应填定冠词,表示特指“比较小的那匹马”。] 4.its [形容词性物主代词作定语。] 5.As/When [指“当??时”。] 6.where [where 在宾语从句中作地点状语。] 7.be led [he 与 lead 之间为被动关系,lead astray“引入歧途”。] 8.frequently [修饰动词 stop 应用副词形式。] 9.other [指“两匹马中的另一匹”。] 10.at [at other times“在其他时候”,为固定搭配。] Passage 5 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015· 济 南 市 高 三 一 模 )A few months ago we started a blog __1__(call) “Confessions of an English Learner”.This blog is __2__ you to share your stories about language misunderstandings.Many of you provided advice about __3__ you learned English.Thanks to everyone who __4__(join) the discussion on the blog so far. One web visitor described his __5__(difficult) with two English language words __6__ sound similar but are very different in meaning.Moises wrote from his home in El Salvador.He described a mistake he made on his first visit to the United States. At the time,Moises was working on a cruise ship.It was his second day.He was organizing some of his __7__(belong) when a co-worker came into the room they were sharing.The co-worker asked,“Hey,my friend,do you want soap?” Moises wrote that he was surprised by the question and excited __8__(use) his English.He answered, “No,thanks.I am not hungry.” Well,everyone in the room started laughing and Moises did not understand the joke.__9__(he) new friends then explained that “soap” is something you use to wash yourself.“Soup” is what you eat. Moises said this incident happened ten years ago.He added,“Do you imagine that I am __10__ English teacher now?”

【语篇解读】 在你的生活中, 有关于初学英语的趣事吗?作者和他人开通了一个关于英语 初学者的博客,本文就介绍了其中的一则趣事。 1.called [考查非谓语动词。blog 和 call 为逻辑上的被动关系,故用过去分词作定语。] 2.for [考查介词。所填词表示服务的对象,故用介词 for。] 3.how [考查宾语从句的引导词。 所填词引导介词后的宾语从句, 且从句意义上缺少方式状 语,故填 how。] 4.has joined [考查时态。 由时间状语 so far 可知, 此处表示到目前为止已经完成的动作, 故用现在完成时。] 5.difficulty [考查词性转换。 由前面的形容词性物主代词 his 可知, 此处应用名词形式。 ] 6.that/which [考查关系代词。所填词引导定语从句,修饰 words,并在从句中作主语, 故填 that 或 which。] 7.belongings [考查词性转换。由空前的 some of 可知,此处应填 belong 的名词复数形式 belongings,意为“所有物;行李”。] 8.to use [考查非谓语动词。be excited to do sth 意为“做某事很兴奋”,不定式作原 因状语。] 9.His [考查代词。所填词在句中修饰 new friends,表示“他的”,故填 his。] 10.an [考查不定冠词。此处表示“一位英语老师”,且 English 的发音以元音音素开头, 故用不定冠词 an。] Passage 6 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·威海市高三联考)A young traveler was exploring the Alps.He came upon a vast stretch of barren land.It was desolate(荒凉的).It was the kind of place you hurry away from. Then,__1__(sudden),the young traveler stopped dead in his tracks.In the middle of this vast wasteland was a bent-over old man.__2__ his back was a sack of acorn(橡 子).In his hand was a four-foot __3__(long) of iron pipe. The old man was using the iron pipe to punch holes in the ground.Then from the sack he would take an acorn and put it in the hole.Later the old man told the traveler, “I've planted 100,000 acorns.Perhaps only one tenth of them __4__(grow).” The old man's wife and son had died,and this was how he __5__(choose) to spend his final

years.“I want to do something useful,” he said. Twenty-five years later the now-not-as-young traveler returned to the same place.What he saw __6__(amaze) him.He could not believe his __7__ eyes.The land was covered with __8__ beautiful forest two miles wide __9__ five miles long.Birds were singing,animals were playing,and wild flowers perfumed the air. The traveler stood there __10__ (recall) the desolation that once was ; a beautiful oak forest stood there now—all because someone cared. 【语篇解读】 经过一位老人 25 年如一日的呵护,一片不毛之地被改造成了一片美丽的橡 树林。 1.suddenly [考查词性转换。修饰整句话,作状语,用副词形式。] 2.On [考查介词。表示“在某人的背上”,用介词 on。] 3.length [考查词性转换。一个四英尺长的铁管子,应用名词形式。] 4.will grow [考查时态。已经种了 100 000 棵树。估计有 1/10 能成活,这是对未来前景 的展望,所以用将来时。] 5.chose [考查时态。由全文的主体时态可知,本题用一般过去时。] 6.amazed [考查句子结构。分析句子可知,句中 What he saw 作主语,句子缺少谓语,故 填 amazed。] 7.own [考查形容词。句意:他简直不相信他自己的眼睛。] 8.a [考查不定冠词。这里指的是一片树林,表泛指,用不定冠词。]

9.and [考查连词。长和宽是并列关系,所以用 and。] 10.recalling [考查非谓语动词。作谓语动词 stood 的伴随状语,表示主语的状态,且

recall 与主语 the traveler 之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词。]

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