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(2012·吉林一中摸底)假设你是张华,你 收到英国笔友Bob的一封电子邮件(见表一),请 根据邮件内容和你所获得的海报(见表二)所提供 的信息,给Bob回一封电子邮件。

Dear Zhang Hua, How are you getting on recently?I'm so glad to tell you that I have planned to go to Beijing to study Chinese in my coming holiday. Would you please help me find a Chinese training school,and give me some information about it? Write back soon. Bob

LET'S TALK IN CHINESE Course:Chinese for beginners Time: January 20—February 19 Place: No.1 Lecture Hall Tuition:2,000 RMB Fore more information:www.feiyue.org Feiyue Language School

注意:1.词数: 100 左右;2. 可根据内容要 点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.文章的开头 已给出。Dear Bob, I'm so delighted to learn_____________________________________ ___________________________________


Dear_Bob, I'm_so_delighted_to_learn that you're coming to Beijing to study Chinese.①I've got some information about foreigners learning Chinese.Here I'd like to recommend you a famous language school—Feiyue Language School. ②It is reported that such a Chinese training course will satisfy your demands.It starts on January 20 and lasts a month till February 19.③It is given in No.1 Lecture Hall and it's intended for beginners like you. Besides,the tuition is

it.If you have some more questions,please let me know or just surf www.feiyue.org. Hope to see you in Beijing soon. Yours truly, Zhang Hua

【高级词汇】 recommend 推荐 satisfy your demands满足需要 be intended for为某人设计

【佳句变换】 1.It is said that Feiyue Language School is an excellent Chinese training school offering great courses to help foreigners learn Chinese.Please read the information I've got for you and I recommend you to attend it. 2.The school is intended to satisfy your demands with lively lectures and a flexible schedule. 3.You will have classes at No.1 Lecture Hall and lessons are intended for you beginners.

Ⅰ.词汇链条 outcome 1.__________n.结果;效果 compromise 2.__________n.& v.妥协 whistle 3.superior __________vi.吹口哨;发出汽笛声 inferior 4.__________n.& adj.上级;优秀的 remark remarkable __________ n.& adj.下级;差的;次的 5.__________n.& v.谈论;评论;说起 hesitation hesitate __________adj.不同寻常的 6.__________vt.犹豫 __________n.犹豫

extraordinarily 7. __________adj.不同寻常的;非凡的 extraordinary ____________adv.不同寻常地 acquaintance 8.acquaint __________vt.认识某人;了解某事 ________________n.相识;熟人 armful mouthful handful 9.__________n.一把;少量 __________ n.一口 ________n.一抱 brilliantly brilliant 10.__________adj.灿烂的;杰出的;才华 横溢的 ________ adv.杰出地;才华横溢地 fortune fortunate fortunately 11 .__________n.机会;运气;大笔钱 disapprove (of) approve (of)幸运的 __________ __________ adj. adv.幸运地 disapproval 12.__________vt.& vi.通过;赞成 ____________vi.反对 _____________n.反对


I read a novel adapted by a superior professor.I hesitated to ask him a question before I called because I was afraid that I was mistaken and that he was so upper that he would overlook such a shabby student.Anyhow,I decided to make a fortune and found that he was extraordinary and that we talked as if we were acquaintances.

Ⅱ.重点短语 make one's acquaintance 1.____________________结识;与……相

generally speaking

2. ____________________ 一般来说 rob sb/sp of sth 3.____________ 就……来说;从……角度 show...in 4.hand ____________ 抢劫某人、某地 over 5.____________带、领……进来 6.____________交出;移交;让与

in terms of

再一次 7.once more____________ 需要…… 8.in need of____________ (声音、画面)逐渐模糊 9.fade out__________________ 惊愕地 10.in amazement____________ 迟疑于做某事 11.hesitate to do sth____________ 冒充某人、某物 前些日子 12.pass off____________ 13.the other day____________

Ⅲ.经典句式 1.hesitate to ask you 1.I ____________________,but will you recommend me for the post?
向你重托真不好意思,请你推荐我去担任那 knocked him down 职务好吗? 2.They ____________________ and robbed him of In his briefcase. terms of in terms of 他们把他打倒在地,抢走了他的公文包。 3.__________ money we're quite rich,but in need not __________ happiness.从金钱的角度来说, 我们是很富有,但从幸福的角度来说,我们不 富有。

hand over 5.The captain was unwilling to ________ the command of his ship. 船长不愿移交船只的指挥权。

Ⅳ.短文填空 It matters nothing whether you are from a rich family or a poor one.Hard_c__1__can make one study harder.It is said that most famous people are from poor families.Thomas Edison,__2__ family was poor,was one of the greatest i__3__in history.Gorky,who was homeless at the age of about 10,b__4__a great writer.It is true that most graduate students who are studying__5__(国 外)are from the families that are in the__6__(农村) and not rich at all.You may pay little attention to c__7__and food if your family is poor.Those who look down upon the poor would be looked

答案 1.conditions 2.whose 3.inventors 4.became 5.abroad 6.countryside/country 7.clothes 8.Success 9.but 10.proud

hesitate to_do sth迟疑做某事;不好意思做 某事 hesitate about/over/at/in doing sth 做……犹 豫不决 without hesitation毫不犹豫 have no hesitation in doing sth 毫不犹豫做某 事

(1)Harriet hesitated a moment before replying. 哈里特犹豫了一下才作答。[朗文]
(2) if you need any more information. 如果你需要更多信息,尽管和我联系。[朗 文]
Don't hesitate to contact me

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)Whenever you are in trouble,don't hesitate__________me for help.(2012·长沙模拟) A.asking B.to ask C.in asking D.to asking 答案 B

(2)We are at your service.Don't __________to turn to us if you have any further problems. (2011· 上海卷 · Listening Comprehension Section A) A.beg B.hesitate C.desire D.seek 解析 考查动词词义辨析。beg乞求,乞讨, 恳求;hesitate犹豫,踌躇;desire欲望;愿望; seek试图,要求。题干意思是:我们为你服务。 当你有任何问题时,请毫不犹豫地向我们求助。 选B。 答案 B

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.She never hesitates over what to take.(2011·上海) b.Next time you play your favorite game or sport,think about why you enjoy it,what skills are needed,and whether these skills will help you in other aspects of your life.(2010·天津) c.After an immediate hesitation,I gave my seat up to her and she was grateful for what I did.(天津)

dismiss sb from解雇;开除 dismiss the class下课 dismiss sth as unimportant认为……不重要

(1)He just laughed and dismissed my suggestions as unrealistic.他只是一笑,就以不实 际为由拒绝了我的建议。 [朗文] Was dismissed from
(2)Bryant his post. 布莱恩特被免职了。[朗文]

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 The boss threatened to__________the employees who had expressed their sympathy for the strike.(2011·湖北武汉质检) A.expel B.discharge C.dismiss D.delay 答案 C

condemn sb as把某人指责为 condemn sb to do sth判罚某人做某事 condemn sb to sth迫使某人处于某种境地 be condemned to death被判处死刑 condemn/scold/criticize/blame 辨析 condemn尤其指对不道义的事情“谴责”, scold尤其指对小孩“训斥”,criticize指对某人 的过失“批评,指责或评论”,blame指对犯错

(1)We condemn his foolish behaviour. 我们谴责他的愚蠢行为。[英华大辞典]
(2)She knew that the society would condemn her for leaving her children. 她知道社会会谴责她遗弃孩子。[朗文]

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 The attack by terrorists has been__________by the entire world.(2012·烟台 质检) A.condemned B.scolded C.criticized D.blamed 解析 考查动词辨析,condemn尤其指对不 道义的事情“谴责”,scold指“训斥”, criticize指对某人的过失“批评,指责或评论”, blame指对犯错误和做不好的事情的人指责,让 其负责,恐怖袭击应该受到“谴责”。 答案 A

good fortune 好财运,好运;顺景 make a fortune 发财,赚大钱 try one's fortune 碰运气 a small fortune [口,谑]一笔巨款;很多钱
fame and fortune 名声与财富 fortune magazine 财富杂志 make one's fortune 发财,发迹,在社会上获 得地位 fortune teller 算命先生;预言家 tell one's fortune 算命

(1)IHave the good fortune to be invited to stay in Rome. 我运气好,受邀到罗马小住。[朗文]
(2)She won a small fortune on the horses. 她在赛马赌博中赢了一大笔钱。[朗文]

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)The millionaire passed away,leaving his children a large________.(2012·广东广州模拟) A.fortune B.luck C.money D.amount 答案 A

(2)Some days later,I was _____23______ that a guy who was working with us that day, could probably have made a fortune _____24______ the necklace he found.(2011· 四 川卷 · 完形填空) 23.A.shown B.comforted C.persuaded D.told 24.A.hiding B.stealing C.selling D.wearing 答案 23.D 24.C

辨析 ignore : 通常指有意不顾,或不理显而易见 的事物。ignore指忽视,不理睬,指“有意识地” 拒绝。 She saw him coming but she ignored him. 她看见他走过来,但是装作没看见。 neglect : 侧重指有意的忽略或忽视,也可指 粗心与疏忽。neglect 指忽视,忽略,疏忽,指 “无意识地”忽视或忘记。 He neglected to make repairs in his house.

omit : 指有意或无意地忘记做某事,也指删 去被视作不重要、不合意的东西。omit v.遗漏, 忽略,忘记,指由于“疏忽”而忘记,也可以 表示因不利或不好而被忽略等。 She omitted several steps in the experiment and it failed.
她在实验中遗漏了几个步骤,结果实验失败 了。 overlook:指因匆忙而疏忽或视而不见。 overlook 指忽略,疏漏,指“有意识地遗漏”, 也可以指“无意识地忽略”。 The mother overlooked her little boy's bad

(1)It is easy to overlook a small detail like that. 那样的细枝末节很容易被忽略。[朗文]
(2)Our room overlooks the ocean. 从我们的房间能眺望大海。[朗文]

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)The house is surrounded by trees,so it is__________at all.(2012·黄冈中学模拟) A.neglected B.ignored C.noticed D.overlooked 解析 考查动词辨析,overlook指因匆忙而 疏忽或视而不见,或没注意到,“房子被树环 绕,因此根本看不到。” 答案 D (2)It can also cause that person to miss or ___________key information being passed on to them.(2010·全国卷·阅读理解C)

in terms 明确地;毫不含糊地 in terms of 依据;按照;在……方面; 以……措词 long term 长期的 short term 短期的 in the short term 从短期来看;就眼前来说 in the long term 从长远来看 come to terms 让步,妥协;达成协议 on terms 友好,关系良好;按条件

on equal terms 平等;条件相同 on no terms绝不 according to依照;遵照 in the eyes of从……观点来看 in one's opinion就某人看来

(1)In terms of consumer satisfaction,the policy can't be criticized.说到顾客的满意情况, In the long term. 这一政策无可挑剔。[朗文]
(2)The company's prospect looks good 公司的远景看好。[朗文]

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)What can we learn about old women ________ fashion?(2010· 湖北卷 · 阅读理解C)
就时尚而言,我们能够从老年妇女身上学到 什么呢? 答案 in terms of (2)__________natural resources,it is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe.(2012·烟 台模拟) A.In terms of B.In case of C.As a result of D.In face of 答案 A

at once立刻;马上 once again再一次;又一次,相当于once more once in a while偶尔;间或 all at once突然,相当于suddenly once upon a time很早以前;从前

once的用法: (1)once用作连词时,意为“一旦…… 就……”,用于连接时间状语从句,相当于as soon as。如: Once you start,you will never give up. 一旦你开始了,你就不要放弃。 Once you begin to read it,you will like it. 一旦你开始读,你就会喜欢它。 Physics is easy to learn once you understand the rules.一旦你理解了规则,物理就不难学了。

注意:once引导的是时间状语从句,从句要 用一般现在时代替将来时。 (2)once用作副词时,意为“曾经;一度;从 前”。它是一个不确定的时间副词,其位置一 般是在行为动词之前,系动词之后。如: Once he lived in America,but now he lives in England.他曾经生活在美国,但现在他生活在英 国。 His song was once very popular among the young people.他的歌一度在年轻人中很流行。 My father once employed a young man named Johnson.我的父亲曾经雇佣了一个名叫约翰逊的

(3)once用作副词,也可意为“一次”的意思。 两次是“twice”,三次是“three times ”,四次 是“four times”。 The old professor comes to see us once a week. 那个老教授一周来看我们一次。 Tell us the story once more. 把故事再给我们讲一次。 (4) 注意once用作副词时,在句中的位置不 同表示的意思也不同,所以要特别注意。如: I once went to Shanghai.我曾经去过上海。 I went to Shanghai once.我去过上海一次。

直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)我们一致同意一旦得出调查结论,就尽早 让公众知晓。(once)(2010·上海卷·翻译句子) ______________________________________ _____________ 答案 We all agree that once the conclusion of the investigation is drawn,it will be made known to the public as soon as possible. (2)—Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? —________it doesn't rain.(2009·山东卷) A.Until B.While C.Once D.If

Ⅰ.品句填词 1.Having retired from business,he now o__________himself with the welfare of the disabled and lives a meaningful life. 2.Eggs are c__________by weight as Extra Large,Large,Medium,and Small. 3.She tried to pretend to be calm,but her voice b________her nervousness. 4.Bryant was d__________ from his job when he was caught stealing money. 5.The mayor was strongly c__________by

6.Hundreds of country people left their villages to seek their f__________in the south of China. 7.The clothes a person wears may express his s__________or social position. 8.These details are easily o__________,so you should pay attention to them. 9.Hopes of finding the missing climbers are now beginning to f__________. 10.This medicine turned out to be quite e__________against cancer.

答案 1.occupies 2.classified 3.betrayed 4.dismissed 5.condemned 6.fortune 7.status 8.overlooked 9.fade 10.effective

Ⅱ.短语识境 in terms of;in need of;apart from; take...for...;pass...off;fade out;shelter from; take down;hold up;deal with 1.There is rarely any attempt to__________these copies__________as originals. 2.Will all those in favour__________the right hand? 3.We sat in the shade,__________the sun. 4.Have you any concrete thoughts on how to__________this difficulty?

5.The idea seemed to__________and the club was never formed. 6.She carefully__________my name and phone number in her book. 7.__________their house in London,they also have a villa in Spain. 8.I won't tell her the secret — what do you__________me__________? 9.The house is __________a thorough clean before we move in. 10.The job is great__________salary,but it has its disadvantages.

答案 1.pass;off 2.hold up 3.sheltering from 4.deal with 5.fade out 6.took down 7.Apart from 8.take;for 9.in need of 10.in terms of

Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.我毫不犹豫地接受了那份工作。(hesitate about ) ______________________________________ ____________ 2.图书馆的书按学科分类。(classify) ______________________________________ ____________ 3.他梦想发大财。(dream of) ______________________________________ ____________ 4.他们把他打倒在地,抢走了他的公文包。

5.从美国历史来看,200年的建筑是很古老 的了。(in terms of) ______________________________________ ____________ 6.他做着做着功课就睡着了。(while doing) ______________________________________ ____________ 答案 1.I didn't hesitate for a moment about taking the job.
2.The books in the library are classified according to subjects.

完形是个大难题,考查理解有玄机。 通读全文寻要旨,通顺合理是第一。 有的空你填不出,可在下文找逻辑。 高考文章有特点,夹叙夹议讲哲理。 填空一定要谨慎,填完回头多验证。 个别难题不恋战,留给语感来判断。

长难句解析及写作素材集锦③ As we all know,some people do not get thirsty for water.They are thirsty for__1__a dream or for making something different.I think it is those people who are eager for__2__with an unquenchable thirst that,__3__,are likely to be most satisfied with their lives. Author Napoleon Hill said,“__4__is the starting point of all achievements,not a hope or a wish,__5__a strong desire which transcends everything.” He is really__6__a deep thirst.

Alan C.Elliott tells in his book A Daily Dose of the American Dream about a five-year study that was undertaken to__7__what made some people extraordinarily successful.The study consisted of detailed research into the__8__of 120 of the nation's top artists,athletes and scholars. He reports that researchers were__9__to find that natural abilities played only a small part in the__10__of individuals.But researchers found that they__11__a powerful thirst to succeed.They practiced the piano for hours every day, __12__early in the morning to practice swimming or running,or spent much time which they could

Parental support was also a key factor.__14__of these extraordinarily thirsty young people helped out,__15__ their children to great ideas and influential persons.Many sacrificed everything to ensure that their children received__16__training.But in the end,it was their children's 17 that made the difference. The principle__18__adults,too.If you want to be more successful,the question you might first ask yourself is“How thirsty am I?”Your__19__in any field you choose,anyone you want to be or anything you want to do will__20__your answer to that simple question.

1.A.searching C.understanding 2. A.anything C.nothing 3. A.in the end C.by the way contrary 4.A.Determination C.Desire 5.A.but C.or

B.realizing D.entering B.everything D.something B.for example D.on the B.Courage D.Convince B.so D.and

7.A.predict C.wonder 8.A.tasks C.lives 9.A.surprised C.frightened 10.A.failure C.procedure 11.A.abandoned C.offered 12.A.stood

B.discover D.question B.jobs D.games B.satisfied D.disappointed B.history D.development B.possessed D.required B.stayed

13.A.alone C.alive 14.A.Teachers C.Friends 15.A.passing C.devoting 16.A.ordinary C.good 17.A.thirst C.worry

B.awake D.alike B.Managers D.Parents B.exposing D.throwing B.cruel D.physical B.anger D.fortune

18.A.stands for C.goes against 19.A.success C.salary 20. A.carry on C.depend on

B.turns to D.applies to B.loss D.result B.insist on D.bring on

【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文。本文通 过引用名人的话,并结合一项长达五年的研究, 论述了“thirst”在人生中的重要作用。

1.B [考查具体语境中的动词辨析。 search“搜寻”,realize“实现”,understand“理解,领 会”,enter“进来,进入”。根据语境可知此处 指实现(realize)梦想。] 2.D [考查具体语境中不定代词的用法。 此处指那些渴望追求某种东西(something)的人,他 们很可能对自己的生活非常满意。选项中anything, everything的意思过于绝对;nothing不符合语境。] 3.A [考查语境中插入成分的用法。渴望 追求某种东西的人最终(in the end)很可能对他们的 生活非常满意。for example“例如”,by the way“顺便 提一下”,on the contrary“恰恰相反”,均不符合 语境。]

5.A [考查逻辑关系。此处为not...but...结 构。] 6.D [此处是对上文所引用的句子的总结。 他是在谈论(talking about)这一内容。build up“建立”, suffer from“受苦”,look for“寻找”,均不符合语 境。] 7.B [考查语境中的动词辨析。这项五年 的研究是为了弄清楚(discover)是什么使有些人获得 成功的。此处语境不表示“预料、想知道或质 问”之意。] 8.C [根据下文中的“They practiced the piano for hours every day,__12__early in the morning”可知,此处指 这120个人的生活(lives)。选项中的tasks,jobs和games

10.D [此处表示在个人的发展(development)过 程中先天条件的作用很小。] 11.B [研究人员发现他们拥有(possessed)很强 的成功欲。abandon“遗弃”,offer“提供,供应”, require“需要”,均不符合语境。] 12.C [为了练习游泳或跑步,他们通常要 早点起床(rose)。stand,stay和fall与语境均不符。] 13.A [根据空前的“which they could have spent hanging out with friends”可知,此处表示 他们大部分时间要独自(alone)从事科研项目或者 绘画。]

14.D [根据上文中的“parental support” 可知,此处指父母。] 15.B [这些父母会让他们的孩子接触 (exposing)伟大的思想和有影响的人,故B项正确。] 16.C [考查生活常识。父母作出牺牲的目 的是确保他们的孩子接受良好的(good)训练。故C 项正确。] 17.A [根据上下文的语境可知,此处表示 正是他们的渴望(thirst),才使得他们有所成就。 anger“生气”,worry“担心”,fortune“运气”,均 不符合语境。] 18.D [上文所叙述的原则同样适用于(applies

19.A [考查具体语境中的名词辨析。文章 主要讲述了success与thirst之间的关系,所以此处表 示你在自己所选择的领域里的成功(success)。] 20.C [考查具体语境中的动词词组辨析。 你想成为的人和你想要的东西都取决于(depend on) 你对这个简单问题的回答。carry on“执行”,insist on“坚持”,bring on“促使提高”,均不符合语 境。]

【长难句分析】 I think it is those people who are eager for something with an unquenchable thirst that,in the end,are likely to be most satisfied with their lives.(Paragraph 1) 该句是复合句。宾语从句部分是强调句型 “it is...that...”其中“those people”是被强调的 部分,“who are eager for something with an unquenchable thirst”是定语从句,修饰those people。句中的“in the end”意为“最终”,be likely to意为“很可能”,be satisfied with意为 “对……满意”。

【写作素材集锦】 单词 satisfied满足的,满意的 短语 1.be likely to do很可能做…… 2.consist of由……构成 3.play a small part in在……起很小的作用 句子 But in the end,it was their children's thirst that made the difference. 但是最后还是孩子们的渴望使他们有所作为。



“我确实相信:在我们的教育中,往往只是 为着实用和实际的目的,过分强调单纯智育的 态度,已经直接导致对伦理教育的损害。” ——爱因斯坦 “学校的目标应当是培养有独立行动和独立 思考的个人,不过他们要把为社会服务看作是 自己人生的最高目标。”