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年 级:初三 学员姓名: 课 时 数: 辅导科目:英语 3 学科教师:王婷婷

授课类型 授课日期及时段

C ( 中考考纲单词训练)

C ( 首字母专练)

T (综合训练)


1.____________________(据报道)last Tuesday, a young traffic policeman was knocked down by a_______(偶然) and sent to the nearby hospital. 2. As students, we agree that we should take full a_________ of(充分利用)time top________ ourselves (锻炼)and receive more education __________(以便)we will have a bright future. 3. S_________(有时侯), the tired scientist wants to give up the plan for he has failed in the experiment s_____________ (几次), but he still spends s_____________(一些时间)on it every day because he believes he will be successful s________________(某个时刻). 4. You can try b___________some money from this rich woman, but I am afraid she won' t l_______ even one dollar to you. 5. ____________(令我们吃惊的是), though the result of the exam is surprising, the teacher was not surprised at it. 6. The support from his whole family gave him c__________ to solve the difficult problem and finally he __________(不 但)discovered a new disease _____________(而且)invented new medicine against it. 7. Since the clever boy realizes that he himself is _____________(喜欢)physics, he ____________(决定)to study this interesting subject well ___________________(在…的帮助下)his teacher. 8. B__________eating more vegetables and less meat, these fat men have to take several e_________ such as playing basketball, running______________(为了) lose weight. 9. ________________(你太好了)to help us repair this new computer for __________________ (对我们来说是困难 的)to finish the work without it in time. 10. All the members in this club are w__________ about the changes of climate so they perform an activity to ask more


people to protect environment. 11. Nowadays, more and more countries start to___________________ (关注) the pollution, they advise people to prefer paper bags to plastic ones when they go shopping. 12. Although both noise and voice can be called sounds, all the people e__________ the beautiful voice from good singers and no one wants to hear noise. 13. You'd better not______________(查询)each new word in the English-Chinese dictionary while you are reading the English newspaper or novel. 14. In many western countries, thirteen _______________(被认为) anunlucky number, but no one knows why. 15. The careless patient m__________a white button for a pill so the doctors operated on him immediately to take it out as soon as possible. 16. If food supplies the energy to children, knowledge p__________ the chance for the children to improve themselves and realize their dreams. 17. After the leaders d____________ with each other about the sports meeting, they agreed to c________ it because it might snow heavily and some accidents might happen. 18. A few little girls like the Chinese teacher because he looks l________a famous Japanese film star and also knows a little Japanese c___________. 19. The manager p_________ going to a restaurant with his friends to inviting them to have a meal at home because he says it is too tired for him to prepare food and cook at home. 20. Every Saturday science museum is c__________ with a lot of middle school students, and some teachers are busy explaining the scientific secret behind a lot of interesting experiments. 21. This pretty nurse told the lovely girl it was bad m_________to throw the rubbish everywhere and she should put them into the dustbin. 22. When the engineer found the machine stopped working, he stopped to c_________ what was the matter with it. 23.The lady?s husband r________his head(抬头) and told me that yesterday?s highest temperature had r_________ to 36 degrees, but tomorrow it would rise by 3 degrees. 24. It was very l________ outside the classroom so our English teacher r_________all the students to read the new text aloud. 25. The beautiful journalist received the rich man?s expensive gift; however, she r___________ to accept it because she didn?t like him. 26—My deskmate has made so great p_________ in French recently that he can speak French fluently now. —So he has, and so have you. Congratulationson winning the first prize in the French contest.


27.A duck is l______ below a tree, it has l___________four eggs but the boy l_________that ithad l__________ 3 eggs. 28.The old writer lived a________ in a small village, but he never felt l_________because he had made friends with the books. 29.Ten passengers are standing b_________the door b _________you so there are eleven adults in all. 30.The monitor e__________ that b________students, their parents will also attend his birthday party but there are only five of his friends e________ his class teacher. 31.Every Sunday, my mother b_________ some clean clothes and fresh fruit to me and t_________my dirty dresses and T-shirts away. 32.After he tookthe m__________, the sick soldier felt very weak and finally fell asleep, so you had better keep quiet and not go around. 33. My watch is the s________ as my friends?, but it cost me five hundred yuan and my friends spent only 200 yuan on it. 34.On March the fifth, some of the pupils plant some trees in the neighborhood, and some help to clean the floor and the r________ take care of the old men and women. 35. According to the report, if an office clerk can sleep for a short time at noon, he will feel more c_______ and perform much better in the afternoon.

36.To our surprise, our leader is very c___________ about such a hard-working secretary that he encourages her to translate the important Japanese file into German as soon as possible. 37.S_________ Shanghai has become a modern city in China, it has a___________ more and more foreigners and famous foreign companies. 38.It is quite c____________for this short doctor to get all the tools that he needs because the university has designed a special lab for him. 39.___________________(众所周知)the earth is 49 times the size of the moon but the sun is 1.3 million times as big as the earth. 40.He is always a________ “e” in front of the letter “t” when he spells the word “ninth”,so his English teacher forced him to copy “ninth” one hundred times. 41.Sometimes you may not understand your parents because one minute they?re friendly and the next minute they?re s__________ and screaming loudly enough for the whole street to hear.

42.The detectivethinks that the man behind the motorcycle may be the thief but his p________ (搭档)believes that maybe the man may just feel interested in the motorcycle.


43.The girl was a_________ togo outside to play because she was afraid of passing the large dog in the garden.

44.The elder brother will arrive in Beijing at about ten o?clock, while the younger one is going to r________ Beijing at half past one and their parents will get there at a quarter to eight.

45.After he won the game, his parents and relatives were very p_________ of him and all of his teachers took pride in him.

46.When he was only a child, he d_________ of becoming a scientist but after he grew up, he made a decision to be a teacher instead of a scientist.

47.This r_________ (退休)healthy leader has a lot of hobbies such as collecting stamps, enjoying the Beijing opera, taking some photos, drawing some pictures and traveling.

48.Smoking is very bad for you so if you want to keep healthy, you had better get r_________of it and take more physical exercises.

49.The price of the house is too high for many ordinary people to a__________, so many people begin to rent the house in the centre.

50.A lot of c____________ hope that the government will take action to protect the lovely pandas from disappearance.

51. Before they g_________ from universities, these v__________ (志愿者) with the united uniforms are all pleased to serve all the visitors from all over the world.

52. Though it is true that it is quite c____________for anyone to search and find the information on the internet, it is still necessary to j_________ whether the information is right or wrong.

53. The angry mother w_________her daughter if she d________(敢) throw her toys and rubbish everywhere again, she will beat her.

54. The airport didn't a____________ to all the passengers for the delay of the flightuntil all the passengers had waited for almost 6 hours so some of the passengers decided to write a letter of c___________.

55. The breakfast of an average American mainly c__________ of the food such as eggs, bread and butter, sandwich, milk, juice and so on.


56. B________ of these excellent twins will go on their study in Britain, but the elder brother will r_________ there this June while the younger one will arrive in it one month later.

57. Almost every day e__________weekends and rainy days, the national flag will r________ and all the students will stand on the playground and r_________their hands.

58. The entrances to the zoo are c_________ with the excited people, because all of them are very interested in the new pandas and want to watch them w_______ their own eyes.

59. If you c__________(比较)their system with ours, you will easily get the conclusion that our system s________(貌 似)out of date and can?t m________ the needs of modern industry.

60.The thief tried e__________ from the prison during the Christmas, but the police had known his plan and tried to d__________ his plan.

61.The football team got there ahead of timein order to be f__________ with the bad weather and strange local food because they didn?t want to lose such an important m________. 62. The l_________(位置) of the library is far from their houses, but these boys are so keen onreading the history books that they are willing tos_________ the whole afternoon there every Sunday. 63. It is not good for you to do homework w_______ you are listening to the music or watching the cartoons. 64.G_________ speaking, the class teacher is responsible for the class while the school is in the c_________ of the headmaster. 65. B__________ of the toothache, he hasn?t enjoyed the delicious dinner for several days so he has no c________ but to ask the dentist for help. 66With the development of s___________and t____________, researchers will get more and more knowledge about space and other planets. 67. The film “avatar” is ________popular _________get a ticket. The film “avatar” is_________ popular ________it is hard to get a ticket. It is h_______to get a ticket of the film” avatar”. _________ hard it is to get a ticket of the film “avatar”! ________ a popular film “avatar” is! 68.The top student was too n__________ about the exam to review her lessons and sleep well and in the end she didn't get a s_________ score. 69.Though both china and Japan are l_________ in the east Asia, there are still a lot of differences in c________ and traditional c_________. 70. This brave wounded fireman d__________ the praise because he was not f__________ by the danger of fire and


saved all the c__________ from the burning building.

71. The math teacher begins to be i__________in this smart little kid for he can c________ even faster than a computer but never makes any mistakes though he is not good at e__________ himself.

72. It is ordered that if the driver has drunk some wine, he or she is not a________ to drive the car in case the traffic accident takes places.

73. The survey s________ that greenhouse gas is h_________ to the earth but until now we haven?t had the perfect m_______to solve the problem.

74There are 12 months in one year—January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December, and it is rather difficult for many English learners to learn them by h_______.

75. During the concert, it is not p_______to use the camera with the flash or often move in front of their audiences, and it is even r________ to communicate with your friends.

76. He just moved to the new senior high school so the class teacher asked him to i_________ himself to the whole class and a_________ his seat beside the monitor.

77. The soldier is strong enough to l_______ this heavy bag.

78. The waiter brought a menu to me and s_________ that I should taste the new meal and tell him my opinion about it.

79. When his wife began to d_________the bedroom with some photos of their baby and some white roses, the husband has been brushing the sitting room with paint.

80. Unluckily, the businessman felt so t________ that he soon fell asleep without r_________ that he had left his luggage, speech material and expensive camera in the taxi.

81. The weather f_______ said this Sunday was f________ for a camp, so these friends organized a picnic in the forest and they carried some food and knife and fork. 82. All the Chinese people will never forget the w__________ 2008 Beijing Olympics because the whole world f________ attention on China and on Beijing.


83. The fans say that this film star has been m___________ for 4 years, but a________she just married that rich gentleman 2 years ago in Germany. 84. During the childhood, we often d__________ on our parents when we were in trouble while we try to be i____________ of them after we grow up. 85. It is impossible for you to guess right who will___________(参加)our party as guests of honor but I am sure that you will feel a________ when you know the answer. 86. When we find the TV program is very d_______ we will change the channel until we are a________ by some programs. 87. E________the local farmers, no one dare to c_______ that narrow field at night because he can?t even see his fingers when he goes across it. 88.The pilot had enoughe___________ to deal with danger when the plane was out of c________and finally he succeeded in landing on the ground safely. 89. Every summer holidays, a lot of male students and some female ones p_________not to notice the rule on the board that the t_________ under the age of 18 mustn't enter the Internet bar and spend amounts of time in it. 90. It is a p_________ memory that when he was still a Young Pioneer from the primary school, he went to the estate to sweep the floor, p_________ up the litter and water the plants every March the fifth. 91.At the moment, the aged artist a____________ the ambition of holding his personal oil painting exhibition and the price of the tickets is very l________ so that he can share his view of natural beauty with the public. 92.This winter holidays, they are eager to t_________ around the E_________, such as France, Italy, Germany, Britain and so on. 93.During rush h________, many clerks still choose undergrounds or buses rather than their o_______ private cars as main traffic tools and some young ones even ride bicycles because it is too difficult to p______cars in the city centre. 94.Before the lecture in the college, the inventor r________a question who had the ability to take out a coin at the b_________of the bottle without touching it or breaking it into pieces. 95.At the weekends, especially when it is sunny and warm, many people can be seen swimming on the surface of the sea; ___________(此外), many families r_________ themselves at the beach and take a sun bath. 96. The bund that has already been r_________is open to the public again and plenty of tourists stand at the sightseeing platform and e_________the opposite Oriental Pearl Tower.。 97. After a h_________flood attacked this poor village, these h_________peoplewent hungry and thirsty and needed medical help, and some of them even robbed the supermarkets of the daily goods. The army used the ferries to move them to the near kindergarten and the church. 98. Although the p_________ of every nationsticks to(坚持)the fact that human beings love peace, hate wars and fear


death, every country still pay a large a_____________ of money for armies and weapons. 99.The r__________why he is used to England life so quickly is that he used to listen to the foreign b_________on radio and his recorder was usually used to r_______ what he pronounced when he read after the tape. 100. Although the d__________ countries p_________ to provide money and technology for the developing countries to protect environment, they themselves are still eager for the natural products such as fuel, oil to meet the needs of heat and electricity power.

首字母的重点在于词性、词义、词汇、词形。词性是英语语言学习的基础,说明对句子结构的判断,对从句的 分析;词义是文章理解度,前后逻辑推断能力的体现;词汇体现的是学生掌握考纲词汇的程度、灵活运用考纲 单词能力,分别有一词多义、一义多词等;词形考查的是学生的基本功,每写出一个答案, 都会时刻警惕词形, 形成一个习惯,才是最重要的。 本次课重点,是放在2015年一模首字母里易错点上,特别关注的是上下文推测词汇这一方面,“看上下文”是我 们经常强调的,但是应用又是另一个方面,特别是关系的寻找。

One【普陀】 B----Rio de Janeire I spent last year studying in London. I ?m from a small town, and London is a very big city. Sometimes I felt it was too big. There were so many people to talk to, but I never felt (84) c______ enough when I spoke English. I was always afraid I couldn?t make myself clear. C----Hong Kong Studying in New Zealand was a fun experience for me, but it was also lots of hard work! I (86)r______ had spare time from Monday to Friday. I had English classes six hours a day with lots of homework.


Two【奉贤】 Say hello to the world November 21 is World Hello Day. At school, we learned that “How do you do?” and “How are you” are standard ways to say hello when meeting others. But do you know how to respond to them? Nowadays, do native speakers s________ use them today? As we learned, “How do you do?” is for greeting someone we meet for the first time. And it can be responded with the same “How do you do?” “How are you?” is often used to greet someone we are familiar with. It usually f__________ with a response of “I?m good, and you?” or “I?m well, and you?” Three【松江】 Skimming and scanning is a good way in a limited(有限的) time, such as when you are taking an exam. However, many people skim and scan everything and they have l_____82____ the ability to enjoy reading. Something called the "slow reading movement" has become popular to solve the problem. The idea is that people turn off their computers and mobile phones for over half an hour each day and enjoy the h_____83____of reading a good book - slowly!

Four【长宁】 How to Make a Weather Forecast View the s____83____of the campfire to see if it rises. If it does, expect a high-pressure system and nice weather. But if it stays low, it shows low-lying dense (密集的) air, which usually means a storm is coming.

Monitor the clouds. The higher the clouds are, the better the weather. If the clouds combine or you see an overlapping (重叠) of increasing clouds, and the sky turns into a milky c____86____—a storm is about to come.

Five【虹口】 Ants can also be kept in a g___84____ container(容器) where you can see them working in their tunnels.

Hamsters and mice enjoy e___86___ on a tread wheel(踏车).


Six【徐汇】 Sarah and Edie planned to post photos and diaries on the Internet during the trip so that the students would be able to check on their p___82__. People who are hiking the Appalachian Trail often create “trail names” for t __84____and their friends. That explains why Sarah and Edie met hikers with names like “Cold Feet” and “Baked Beans”! There are many shelters. Hiker can stay there overnight, especially in times of bad weather. There are also books called Registers (签到本) at many of the shelters. Hikers can sign the books and leave n ___85__for friends they have made, giving them some information or just saying “Hi”. Sarah and Edie met with all kinds of weather on their hike. They had days of beautiful clear weather, but they also hiked through rainstorms. S ____86___the weather was so hot that they had to drink a lot of water.

Seven【嘉定】 Edward Sims was born in 1892. He was the fifth child and only son of Herbert and Dora Sims. Herbert was a carpenter(木匠), and did a successful b__81____ making furniture. He decided that his first-born son would be a carpenter just like him. For this reason, Edward was kept away from school and worked with his father. However, Edward was not born to be a carpenter. T__82____ he had a fit body, he didn't have strong arms like his father. When he tried to find another job, he found it difficult because he had never learnt to read or write. Greatly d___84___, Edward left the building and went to wait for a bus to take him back home. Next to the bus stop, a man was selling newspapers from a stand(摊位). In the next few months, the two men progressed from working on newspaper stands to s__86___ newspapers, cigarettes, candy and other goods in a shop. Then they opened a second shop, and a third. Finally, they had a chain of 25 shops in three cities. Eight【浦东】 Secondly, you have to work hard and always keep a good state of mind. One can never reach the top of mountain without a hard p___85_____ and enough practice, so do English learners. Remember never to be disappointed when you got low marks or even did not pass the exams.


You should have a proper arrangement, or you may learn it for a long time without rest and then leave it alone also for a long time. By doing so, the time you have spent learning is n___87_____ a waste. Nine【金山】 He wished he were a bird. After knowing that, the bird came to the hippo and tried to cheer him up. She told the hippo that he was so lucky to be so big. More importantly, he was s__82___ a good swimmer. But the bird's words didn't work. The hippo was still unhappy. He was so eager to be a good singer like the bird.

The hippo was greatly embarrassed by this. He decided to never again regret being a hippo. He also felt bad about having knocked the tree over. He used all his strength to raise the tree back up again, replant it, and look after it until it c___87___ recovered. Ten【宝山】 The best known origami m__84____is probably the Japanese paper crane(纸鹤). The crane is auspicious(吉祥 的)in the Japanese culture. Legend (传说) says that anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes will have their heart's desire come true. The origami crane has become a symbol of peace because of this legend. Eleven【闸北】 Charles Babbage: Father of the Computer All his life, Baggage was interested in n____ . For example, he could find out how f____ a pig?s heart beats or make a table to calculate how much wood a man could saw(锯) in 10 hours. Making the machine

The Difference Machine was very big and difficult to make. It was made of two tons of steel and gears(齿轮).While he was building this h____ machine, he had an idea for a new machine.

Twelve【黄浦】 A new term has begun. Teachers are worried about the fact that new students are not easy to deal with. They like to bring cellphones and MP3 players to school. What is w_________, some students even use cellphones to do


out-of-class matters in class, or sometimes just for fun. Some other students listen to MP3 players when they are having a lesson that they are not interested in. Are these new students really that r_________? "Yes." says Delaney Kirk, a professor at Drake University. But she adds it's not their fault. At first, I got worried about this, but then I said to myself: You're giving lessons, and you need to m_________ this kind of situation. These students need to know more about manners. Thirteen【崇明】 There was a dine when I had some difficulties in my life. I felt depressed(沮丧)all day long. N__(81)__ could cheer me up. he came to sit down next to me. "It surely smells good and it's beautiful, too! That's why I picked it up," he said. "Here, it's for you." I knew I had to take it,or he might never leave. So I reached for the flower and said, "Thank you." I w (84),but the boy didn't put the flower in my hand. He just held the flower and didn't move. It was not until then that I noticed the boy couldn't see anything. Perhaps he was the one who had true sight in his heart, while I had been b (86) appreciate the bright side of life. Fourteen【静安(青浦)】 In Germany, the government has made lots of l___84__ for animal protection. Besides, it also encourages people to get those stray pets back home. You can also do something else to help you. If it is safe enough to catch a stray animal, you?d better send it to an animal shelter(避难所). These shelters are usually private organizations. Most people v__86__ to take care of stray animals there. You can find the number of such organization online. Fifteen【杨浦】 When he finished medical school and became a doctor, Adams and some other doctors began an organization called the Gesundheit Institute. One of their g is to build a clinic and teaching center. It will be a place with a different way of working with sick people. Sixteen【闵行】 The aeroplane is a flying eye hospital that belongs to a medical charity called ORBIS. This organization was established by an American eye doctor called David Paton in 1982. Dr. Paton wanted to treat people who were blind for all those times. I failed to


in poor countries. He r___82____that it would not be cheap to set up hospitals in every poor country. So he decided to create a hospital which could go to the places where blind people were most in need of eye doctors.

? 专题过关
1. 卢湾区2010年首字母填空 Eyes Can Speak Much meaning can be carried clearly, with our eyes, so it is often said that eyes can speak. Do you have such kind of e 93 92 ? In a bus you may look at a stranger, but not too long. And if he f

that he is being looked at, he may feel uncomfortable. The same is in the daily life. If you are looked at for 94 up and down, to see if there is anything wrong with you. If

more than necessary, you will look at y

nothing goes wrong, you will feel angry toward the person who is looking at you that way. Eyes do speak, right? Looking too long at someone may seem to be r 95 . But sometimes things are different. If a man looks at

a woman for more than 10 seconds, it may mean that he wishes to attract her attention, to make her understand that he loves her. W 96 two people are in a conversation, the speaker will only look at the listener from time to

time, in order to make sure that the listener does pay attention to what he or she is speaking. Lovers will enjoy looking at each other or being looked at for a long time, to show something that w Clearly, eye contact should be done according to the relationship b you stay. 97 98 cannot express. two people and the place where

2. 杨浦区2010年首字母填空 I was in New York and rode with a friend in a taxi. When we got out, my friend said to the driver, “Thank you. You did a good job of driving.” The driver was surprised for a second. “I admire the way you keep cool in h 92 “What was that all about?” I asked. “I am trying to bring l 93 back to New York,” he said. “I believe it can save the city.” traffic,” my friend said. “Thank you,” the driver said and drove off.

“How can one man save New York?” “It?s not one man. S 94 the driver has 20 passengers. He?s going to be nice to those 20 people because someone


was nice to him. Those people in turn will be kinder to their employees (雇员), or shopkeepers, or waiters, or their own families. At last the goodwill could s 95 to at least 1,000 people. If I can make three people happy, then

finally I can change the attitudes (态度) of 3,000 people.” “It sounds good,” I said, “but I?m not sure whether it would work in practice.” “Nothing is lost if it doesn?t. It didn?t take a 96 of my time or money to tell that man he was doing a good job. I

have made a study of this. The thing that seems to be lacking (缺乏) for the postal employees is that no one tells the people who work for the post office what a good job they?re doing,” he said. “B 97 they?re not doing a good job,” I said.

“They?re not doing a good job because they feel nobody cares whether they do a good job or not. Why not say a kind word to them? When those people hear my words, they will feel better. The city will benefit from their h 98 If more people join me, the city will become a better place,” he said. 3. 奉贤区2010年首字母填空 The Winter Olympics in Vancouver(温哥华) ended last month. It was a big success. Many people worked very hard to make it a big success: the sportsmen and the sportswomen, the Olympic organizers and, of course, t___92___ of people who came to Vancouver to work as volunteers. There were 18,5000 volunteers at this Olympics. Most came from countries far away, including China. They helped the visitors by showing them directions and giving them i___93___. They also worked as ushers(引座员) at events to make sure ticket holders got to their proper seats. Some volunteers worked as drivers to make sure VIPs l__94____ judges got to events on time. Many of the volunteers took time off from their jobs to come to Vancouver. They chose to work ten hours a day at the Olympics, for f__95____. They didn?t receive any money or get any special gifts for their work. They did, h___96___, get a great feeling: the feeling of helping out and of being a part of something big. One man said he volunteered because it was,“a chance to be part of one of the biggest events in the world. I didn?t want to miss out.” It?s a great feeling to know that you have p___97____ a part, even a small part, in making a big event a success. At the Shanghai World Expo, you have a chance to know that feeling. Even if you can?t be an official volunteer, you can s___98____ be friendly and helpful to foreign visitors. It will be a chance for you to be a part of something big and make Expo a big success. .


首字母中的词性、词形考查的是学生的语言知识,词汇和词义考查的是语言能力,特别注重的是上下文,所以 一定要时刻以全篇为主要。

? 能力培养
首字母的训练要有方法,有进度,有层次。一共7个空,难易度不一样,要进行训练,然后进行方法的总结, 易错点的积累。难度一般, 训练的是句子分析能力, 词性判断能力;难度较大, 训练的是思维方式的拓展能力, 词汇的灵活运用能力。 1 Secondhand Shops in Britain 英国的二手商店 ** In every British town, large or small, you will find shops that sell secondhand goods, sometimes even clothes. The (1) f____________ may often be very old, and it may have changed hands many times. It may also be very valuable although the most valuable pieces will usually go to the London sales rooms, where one piece might be sold for hundreds of thousands of (2) p____________. The books, too, may be old and very valuable; some may be rare(稀有的)first printings. Often when someone dies or has to (3) m____________ to a new place, his books may all be sold, so sometimes you may find that some people who work in libraries come to this kind of shop. On the border (边界)(4) b____________ England and Wales, there is a town which was once only a sheep market, but which has now become a huge bookshop as (5) w____________. And now books have replaced sheep as the town?s main business. The British treasure(珍爱) the past and the things of the past. This is true of houses as well. These days no one knocks them down. They are (6) r____________ until they are often better than the new ones. In Britain, people do not buy something (7) j____________ because it is new. Old things are treasured for their proven worth; new things have to prove themselves before they are accepted. 2


Amish Life 阿米希人的生活 ** Imagine a world without telephones or television, without cars or electricity. In this world the women wear long dresses. There is no industry. Everyone works on farms and (1) t____________ by horse or on foot. This is the world of the Amish people. They live in Pennsylvania in the United States. The Amish are farmers and they base their life on the Bible. There were no tractors or telephones in the Bible and there are no tractors or telephones in the Amish villages today. Amish (2) c____________ are very plain (朴素的). The men and boys wear dark jackets and trousers, plain shirts and hats. The women wear long dresses and small bonnets. They have long hair and they don?t wear any make-up or jewellery. The Amish live in large families and everyone helps with the work. The day starts when the sun rises and it (3) e____________ when the sun sets. The men and the boys work in the fields and the women and girls work in the house. When something big is needed, such as a new barn (谷仓) , all the (4) n____________ help to build it. While the men and boys cut , lift and hammer the wood, the women and girls prepare the food and look after the children. Nobody works on Sundays, because everyone goes to (5) c____________. But life for the Amish is not all work. They have a lot of village (6) p____________. They don?t dance or play musical instruments, but they sing hymns (赞美诗) and they have a good time. Amish life is very strict and very (7) s____________. There is no electricity. They don?t use chemicals on their farms. But there is no crime and no pollution. Nobody is poor and nobody is lonely. (287 words) 3 Brief History of Harvard University 哈佛简史 *** Started in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest of all the many colleges and universities in the United States. Yale, Princeton, Columbia, were opened soon after Harvard. They were all started before the American Revolution made the thirteen colonies into s____________. In the early years, these schools were much alike. Only young men attended college. All the students studied the same subjects, and everyone learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew (希伯莱语). L____________ was known about science then, and one kind of school could teach everything that was known about the world. When the students g____________, most of them became ministers or teachers. In 1782, Harvard started a m____________ school for young men who wanted to become doctors. Later, lawyers


could receive their training in Harvard?s law school. In 1825, Harvard began teaching modern languages, such as French and German, as well as Latin and Greek. S____________ it began teaching American history. As knowledge increased, Harvard and the other colleges began to teach many new subjects. No one student could learn all the subjects that were taught. Students were allowed to c____________ the subjects that interested them. Special colleges for women were started. New state universities began to teach such subjects as farming, engineering, and business. Today, there are many different kinds of colleges and universities. Most are divided into smaller schools that d____________ with special fields of learning. There is so much to learn that one kind of school cannot offer it all. (248 words)

? 能力检测
1.A Mystery Story神秘故事 ** Kate Holmes was visiting a friend, old Mrs. Sydney. Mrs. Sydney had known Kate all her life. She liked to tell Kate about mysteries(神秘故事) and see whether Kate could solve them. "You are very good at solving mysteries," she said to Kate, "but some day I'll fool you! Maybe I'll be able to fool you today. Did I e____________ tell you about the story of the Unknown Brother?" Kate said no and listened. She liked Mrs. Sydney's stories. "Well, " Mrs. said ," Jed Wright was my friend when I was a child. He ran away from home when he was very young and lived for years by doing all kinds of jobs. Finally, in 1927, he went to Michigan, where he found a copper mine. (铜矿) He bought the land and r____________ the mine and became a very rich man. "Jed never married. His parents had died years before, and his only relative was a brother. " One day Jed knew he was dying. He sent for a good friend, Dan Cole, who had worked for him for years. " Jed gave Dan t____________ envelopes. 'This one is for you,' he said, 'and please give the other one to my brother Alf. He is…' While he was speaking, Jed died. "There were his dying wishes in Dan's envelope. It gave him Jed's mine and house. The envelope for Alf had some money and business papers in it. Dan and Alf were each to get about half of Jed's fortune.(财富)They would both be rich. "Dan had n____________ seen Alf. He had only two clues. One was an old photo that showed Alf and Jed. But it was


taken on their tenth birthday, fifty years ago. The other clue was a post card from Alf. It had no address. It had been m____________ in Boston the month before Jed died. "Dan went to Boston. He put an advertisement in the newspaper. It said there was good news for Alf Wright. It told where Dan was staying. "The next day, more than a hundred men came to Dan's hotel. They all said they were Alf Wright. But though he had never seen Alf, Dan was able to pick him o____________ right away." When Mrs. Sydney finished her story, she smiled. "All right, Kate," she said. "How did he know Alf?" Kate smiled too. "That's easy,' she said. "You told me how. The clue was the photo." "Yes, it was." said Mrs. Sydney. "But it was taken when Alf and Jed were boys. How could that h____________?" "You said it was taken when both boys were ten years old, so they were…" Kate gave Mrs. Sydney the answer and she had to admit Kate Holmes had won again. (458 words) 2. Sherlock Holmes 福尔摩斯*** The mystery(悬案) stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are famous all over the world. The detective in his stories is called Sherlock Holmes. He s____________ mysteries in a most surprising way. Through it all, his assistant, Dr Watson, watches with admiration (钦佩). Watson then writes up the story of the mystery afterwards. This is a useful story writing skill. Because Watson is not very clever, the story remains a mystery until the end. The readers can sometimes pick up some clues before he does! Then, to make Watson understand the mystery, Holmes has to explain it all, step by step. So we, the readers, get to see it step by step too. Watson is almost as good a c____________ in the story as Sherlock Holmes! The very first time they meet, Holmes greatly surprises Watson. When they are f____________ introduced, Holmes says to Watson, 'How do you do? I see you have been to Afghanistan.' Watson is too amazed by this to ask Holmes how he knows this. Watson has, indeed, been to Afghanistan. Later, he asks Holmes about it. Holmes explains that there is nothing magical about what he does. He gets to know it all by very, very c____________ observation(观察). Observation One Watson was introduced to Holmes as a doctor. Yet Holmes thought that the way he stood and walked made him


s____________ like a soldier. So, this meant he was probably an army doctor. Observation Two Watson's face was quite dark skinned. But his wrists (手腕) were pale. So his dark face was probably sun burnt. This meant that he had been to a h____________, sunny country. As he was a working doctor, this was not a holiday. He must have gone with the army. Observation Three At the time, the British army had soldiers at bases in many parts of the world. So there were still a lot of places to choose from. However, Holmes saw that Watson looked very t____________ and he was always holding his left arm, as if it was painful. So, he had probably been with the army to a place where they were fighting. There was only one place where the British army was fighting at that time: Afghanistan. (374 words)

3.把控生活的平衡点*** Think of life as a game in which you are playing with five balls in the air. You name them work, family, health, friends and spirit (精神) and you keep all of them in the air. You will (1) s____________ understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce (弹跳) back. But the other (2) f____________ balls, family, health, friends and spirit, are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be broken. They will never be the same. You must understand that and try to have balance in your life. How? Don?t look down on your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different and each of us is (3) s____________. Don?t let other people set goals for you. Only you know what is the best for yourself. Don?t give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Don?t be afraid of (4) d____________. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don?t shut love out of your life by saying it?s impossible. The quickest way to receive love is to give it; the (5) f____________ way to lose love is to hold it too tightly (紧紧地); the best way to keep love is to give it wings. Don?t run through life so fast that you (6) f____________ not only where you?ve been, but also where you are going.


Don?t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is a treasure (珍宝) you can always carry easily. Don?t use time or words carelessly. You can?t get them (7) b____________. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery (秘密), and today is a gift; that?s why we call it “the present”. Life is not a competition, but a trip, step by step.


? 知识收获
1. 首字母解题方法,特别是逻辑关系,同义词替换的方法。 2. 首字母经典易错题,梳理模拟考试中的易错题。 3. 首字母的梯级训练,进行不同题目难度的方法积累。

1.逻辑关系的推断和运用。 2.同义词的积累和替换思维的运用。 3.首字母易错题整理,特别关注思维训练。 4.首字母的难度梯度的训练和积累。


1. The Mystery of Bones with 5000 Years古尸骨之谜 ** In the 1920s, scientists found a collection of bones near Beijing, China. They believed that the bones were human and that they were about 500,000 years old. They a____________ believed the bones were important because they were from a little-known stage in the evolution(进化)of human beings. The bones were kept in Beijing until 1941. Then because the Japanese army was in the city, the scientists decided


to send the bones to the US for s____________. Dr Harry L. Shapiro, Professor of Anthropology (人类学. at Columbia University, has (3) s____________ for them ever since .He believes they were stolen by the American army officer whose job was to take them to the US. He could be right. After the war, a Chicago businessman offered $5,000 to anybody with (4) i____________ about the bones. A woman phoned him and told him she knew where the bones were. He arranged to meet her on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building in New York. They met and she (5) s____________ him photographs of them. Then she walked away and wasnever heard from again. A few years later, (6) h____________, a Sydney businessman reported that he had the bones and that he had buried(埋) (7) t____________ in a forest in Tasmania. He offered to say where for plenty of money. Then he, too, was never heard from again. Someone, somewhere, has the bones but nobody seems to know who or where. (243 words)

2 . 短时及长时记忆 Short Term Memory & Long Term Memory *** The brain receives information from the outside world through the sensory(感觉的) system. This information is(1) c____________ through the eyes, the nose, the ears, the mouth and the surface of the body. It is then kept in the memory. In fact, scientists do not completely understand how the memory works but they are not (2) s____________ how much information that the human brain can store. Also, it appears that the information is never lost. Very old people often remember things that happened in their childhood which have not come to their (3) m____________ for sixty to seventy years. If we have kept something in our memory, it is here. But can we get it out again and use it? That is the (4) d____________. Some of the information we receive only goes into the Short Term Memory. We only keep this information for a minute or two, then we lose it. This temporary (短暂) memory is very (5) i____________ in our thinking and understanding. It is used, for example, when you try to remember a name that someone told you a moment ago or a telephone number that you are going to dial. School children in class (6) o____________ seem to use the Short Term Memory if they are not interested in the subject. When school teachers describe this, they say that things go “in one ear and out in the other”. But if a child is interested, he puts the information in his Long Term Memory, and he never loses it. Long Term Memory depends (7) h____________ on our understanding of the meaning of the information we


receive. 3.Green 绿色 ** Green is an important color in nature. It is the color of most growing plants. Sometimes, the word green means young, (1) f____________ and growing. Sometimes, it describes something that is not yet ripe or finished. For example, a greenhorn is someone who has no experience, who is (2) n____________ to a situation. In the 15th century, a greenhorn was a young cow or ox whose horns had not (3) y____________ developed. Later, a greenhorn was a soldier who had not yet had any experience in battle. By 18th century, a greenhorn had the meaning it has today---a person who is new in a job. About 100 years ago, greenhorn was a popular expression in the American west. It was used to describe a man who had just arrived from one of the big cities back (4) e____________. The greenhorn lacked the skills he would need to live in the hard, rough country. Someone who has the ability to grow plants well is said to have a green thumb. The expression comes from the early 1900s. A person with a green thumb seems to make plants grow quickly and well. You might say that the woman next door has a green thumb if her garden (5) c____________ to grow long after your plants have died. The Green Revolution refers to the development of new kinds of rice and other grains. The new plants produced much larger crops. It was the result of hard work by agricultural scientists who had green thumbs. Green is also used to describe the unpleasant emotion, jealousy (嫉妒). The green-eyed monster is not a (6) f____________ creature from outer space. It is an expression used about 400 years ago by William Shakespeare in his play Othello. It describes the unpleasant feeling a person has when someone had something he wants. A young man may suffer from the green-eyed monster if his girlfriend begins going out with someone else. Or, that green-eyed monster may affect your friend if you get a pay raise and she does not. In most places in the world, a green light is a signal to move (7) a____________. A green light on a traffic signal means your car can continue on. In everyday speech, a green light means approval to continue with a project. (388 words) 4. A Nice Couple or a Bad Couple ** Two men were riding their horses. Suddenly it began to rain and they lost their way. They began to look for a house to stay in. They (1) a____________ tried to find someone to show them the right way. They saw a farm house at last. When they arrived, they found a farmer and his wife were having supper. The


farmer asked them to eat together with them. They did so with (2) p____________ because they were very hungry. The farmer kept his eyes looking at the plate without saying a word. This made the two men feel a little afraid. After supper the farmer?s wife asked them to go upstairs to sleep. They were very (3) t_____________ , and didn?t take off their clothes. But the younger one was so afraid that he couldn?t sleep. He heard the farmer and his wife talking downstairs. At first, he could not hear (4) c____________. Then he heard the man say, “Must we kill them both?” The woman answered, “Yes, of course.” A moment later, he again heard a man coming into the room. The door (5) s____________ opened and the farmer came in with a candle in one hand and a long knife in the other hand. The younger man was so afraid that his body began to (6) s____________. The farmer went to the meat hanging on the wall, cut a piece with the knife and went out as quickly as (7) p____________. The next morning when they went downstairs for breakfast, they found a piece of meat and two chickens on the table. (263 words)

5. The Worst Tourist 倒霉的旅行者 The worst tourist in the world is Nicholas Scotty of San Francisco. (1) O____________ he flew from the US to his home town in Italy to see someone at home. The plane made a one-hour (2) s____________ to get oil at Kennedy Airport of New York. As he thought he had arrived home, Mr. Scotty got off the plane. He thought he was in Rome. When nobody was there to meet him, Mr. Scotty thought (3) m____________ they were held up by heavy traffic. While looking for their addresses, Mr. Scotty found that the old "Rome" had changed a lot. Many old buildings were replaced by high (4) m____________ ones. He also found that many people spoke English instead of Italian and that many street signs were written in English. Mr. Scotty knew very little English, so he asked a policeman (in Italian) the way to the bus station. He (5) h____________ to meet a policeman who was also born in Italy and answered him in the same language. After twelve hours' traveling round on a bus, the driver handed him over to a second policeman. He asked the policeman (6) w____________ the Rome police employed so many people as policemen speaking English instead of Italian. To get him on a plane back to San Francisco, He was (7) s____________ to the airport in a police car with sirens (警报) on. "Look," said Scotty to his interpreter, "I know I'm in Italy. That's how they drive."(243 words)



Part2 Vocabulary and Grammar
Ⅱ.V.Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案)共 20 分. ( ) 26.Please don?t refuse my invitation.Which of the following is correct for the underlined word in the sentence? A. / 'refju:z / B./ ri'fu:z / C./ ri'fju:z/ D. / 'refu:z/ ( ) 27.Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation with others? _______ A.Frank joined the army when he was thirteen B.I used ro live next door to the farm C.Cycling is Europe?s second most popular sport D.A large package has arrived for you. ( ) 28.Zhang Hua is__________honest boy.We are willing to make friends with him. A.anB. a C.the D./ ( ) 29.The man called his professor for help because he couldn?t solve the problem by______. A.he B.him C.his D.himself ( ) 30.It is impossible for us to solve all the problems_________a time. A.for B.at C.of D.on ( ) 31.He locked the heavy door______and kept the key in his pocket. A.lately B.securely C.suddenly D.warmly ( ) 32._________did it tale you to ride a bike from your school to the park? A.How often B.How soon C.How far D.How long ( ) 33.How can I get much_________about the 2016 Rio Olympic Games? A.map B.picture C.ticket D.information ( ) 34.----Mum.I?m hungry! ----Oh,dear.You can only drink some milk.There is_________in the fridge. A.nothing else B.something else C.else something D.else nothing ( ) 35.By midnight,the square was empty,__________the giant horse. A.besides B.beside C.except D.except for ( ) 36._________of the information about the show was downloaded from the Internet. A.Three-fours B.Third-fourths C.Three-fourth D.Three-fourths ( ) 37.The Trojans__________all the gates of the city were locked,and they all went to sleep,including the gate guards. A.made sure B.found out C.looked for D.will make ( ) 38.Tina,__________your bed after you get up in the morning. A.make B.made C.makes D.will make ( ) 39.Mr Brown wanted his students__________the homework in two hours.


A.finish B. to finish C.finished D.finishing ( ) 40.Since you are tired,you?d better________and have a good rest. A.to stop to study B.stop to study C.stop studying D,to stop studying ( ) 41.Lucy_______in the fast food shop since she moved to the small town. A.worked B.has worked C.works D.will ( )42.----Hurry up!The bus is coming. ----Wait a minute.Don?t cross the street________the traffic lights are green. A.after B,until C.while D.since ( ) 43.I hear Mr Brown lives here,but I?m not sure_____________. A.he lives in which room B.which room does he live in C.which room he lives in D.in which room does he live ( ) 44.---what?s the twin sister like? ----_________________. A.She is tall and thin B.She is a policewoman C.She is well D.She likes travelling. ( ) 45.---Don?t be nervous whenever you have a test. ----_________________. A.You?d better not. B.Please don?t C.Yes,I?d love to D.Thanks,I won?t

III.Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box.Each
can only be used once.(将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词只能填一词) A.spread B.holding C. lost D. short E. tall

A man was walking through a forest. He was 46.___________ an axe (斧子) in his hand. A little tree stopped him and said, “Please use your axe to cut down those 47.___________ trees, my friend. Because of them, the sunlight cannot fall on me, and I have no room, at all to 48___________ myself. Without them, I?ll be the pride of this part of the forest these years.” The man decided to help the little tree. He used his axe to cut down the trees. Then the little tree had enough room. The little tree felt happy and said thanks to the man. When the sun came out, the little tree49.____________water and it became very thirsty. Later when a storm came, the little tree lost all its leaves and branches(树枝). A. strength B.because C. So that D. Grown up E. poor

”Oh, 50._____________little tree!”a bird said, ”You shouldn?t have asked the man to cut down the tall trees. The tall trees protected you 51.____________you didn?t worry about heat or wind and rain. Time went by and you have 52___________. When you get tall and strong, you can have enough53.____________ to fight against the sun and the storms. So I don?t think you should do that.” After hearing the words of the bird, the little tree felt regretful(后悔的).


IV.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句 子,每空格限填一词):(共 8 分) 54.He climbed the stairs and knocks on the___________door of his grandmother?s room.(wood) 55.All_______of this small town were very polite and always ready to help me.(city) 56.The money_________from the bank;no one knew who took it.(appear) 57.We usually______the Spring Festival with our family members.(celebration) 58.If you can learn from your failures,you will always have the chance to_______(success) 59.The__________dragged the horse into the city with ropes.(Troy) 60.She looked for her glasses in the_________of the bedroom.(dark) 61.Now that you are a college student,you should learn to be__________(dependent) V.Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子,每空格限填一词): (共 14 分) 62.Lucy cut her finger on a piece of glass.(改为一般疑问句) __________Lucy__________her finger on a piece of glass? 63.They went to the supermarket to buy some food and drinks.(对划线部分提问) __________ __________they go to the supermarket? 64.From her letter I knew she didn?t live in Canada any longer.(保持句意基本不变) From her letter I knew she __________ _________lived in Canada。 65.Charles doesn't know what to do after the festival.(保持句意基本不变) Charles doesn't know what __________ _________ after the festival. 66.Miss King hardly spoke a word the whole time.(改为反义疑问句) Miss King hardly spoke a word the whole time,__________ _________? 67.Some reporters interviewed a government official on traffic problems yesterday.(改为被动语态) A government official__________ _________ on traffic problems by some reporters yesterday. 68.before,starts,Wendy,pass, examination,work,to, the, she,has(连词成句)

Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分
IV.Reading comprehension (阅读理解); (共 50 分)


A.Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案): (12 分) Today many students have much trouble when they are at school.They are in great need of confidence,independence and patience.Some middle students can be easy to angry with their classmates,teachers and parents.How to deal with these problems?Some experts give some advice on how to help students to build their patience,independence and confidence. You must have enough patience of your students are patient about everything.Experts find that fishing,light music or taking walks is good for children to develop their patience.They suggest parents and teachers to give their children some time to do their own things and allow them to have their choices about some clothes,hairstyle and hobbies and so on so as to help kids train their patience. As for independence,teachers should help their students to know how to be independent when they are alone at school or


outside.First of all,parents and teachers should teach the importance of the independence to the students.In the USA,parents never help their children stand up when they fall down as their kids were very young.They let their kids start to know how to be independence by themselves.They also like talk with their kids like friends all the time. Some students don?t have confidence to do something because they can?t get along well with others.The experts advise parents and teachers to encourage their kids as much as possible.Also,we must learn about the kids by respecting them and knowing about everything about them and looking for their advantages. ( ) 69.According to the writer,students need independence,patience and____________a lot. A trouble B.advice C.confidence D.training ( ) 70.The following can help students have patience EXCEPT____________________ A.action movies B.fishing C.taking walks D.light music ( ) 71.In America,parents and their kids are like_________so that they often hace time to tale with each other. A.relatives B.friends C.classmates D.patients ( ) 72.Which of the following can help students develop their confidence? A.You must finish the homework today. B.You can read these story books at home. C.You are so clever that you can win an ?A?in the exam. D.You can?t be late for school again. ( ) 73.Letting young kids stand up alone can help them develop their________ A.difference B.confidence C.paticence D.independence ( ) 74.Which of the following is TRUE? A.Parents shouldn?t allow students to choose their own interests. B.Parents must make sure the students know the importance of the independence. C.Teachers can?t ssay anything good about the students. D.Teachers should pay more attention to the students who have enough confidence B. Choose the words or expression and complete the passage. (选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)(12 分) The back door of the ambulance (救护车) was quickly closed and the driver ran to the front, jumped into his seat and started the engine (发动机). Inside were the 75.__________ parents, Mr and Mrs Green, the motherholding their baby daughter Ally. The little girl had some food in her throat (喉咙) and could hardly breathe. The driver, Mr White, turned on his siren ( 报警器 ) and started speeding towards the nearest hospital, fighting against 76.__________. The cars ahead of him pulled out of the way as he drove the ambulance through the busy traffic. From the back of the ambulance the parents were shouting at him to hurry, since Ally had almost stopped 77 . In front of him he saw some traffic lights with the red "STOP" lights shining. Mr White knew that he had no time to stop, so he drove straight past the traffic lights, looking to his left and right as he did so. Coming towards him from his right was a taxi. The taxi driver had the windows78.___________, since the car was air-conditioned (开空调的), and he was playing his radio. He did not hear the ambulance. The lights weregreen, so he


drove straight on into the path of the ambulance. Mr White tried to stop his ambulance, but it was too late. It hit the taxi. Everybody was shaken but no one was hurt. Mr White 79.___________ to see how little Ally was. He was surprised to see relief (宽慰) instead of angeron the faces of the parents. "Look!" cried Mrs Green. "She is breathing again." "It must have been the crash," said her husband. "It took the food out of her throat." The baby's color was turning to normal, and she was crying in a loud but healthy 80.____________. They were all joyful, and quite forgot about the accident, the taxi, and the lines of people all around them. ( ( ( ( ( ( )75. A. angry )76. A. police )77. A. breathing )78. A. open )79. A. turned )80. A. sound B. worried B. people B. seeing B. on B. jumped B. voice C. happy C. lights C. saying C. up C. began C. whisper D. amazed D. time D. talking D. down D. refused D. noise

C. Fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词, 使其内容通顺, 每空 格限填一词,首字 母已给) (14 分) “How many common English words were invented by Shakespeare?”How long did it take people to find the answer to this question 15 years ago? And now! you can google it and find the answer i____81____! Google is the most popular Internet search engine in the world. It was invented by two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met in 1993, when they were studying computer science at Stanford University, USA. They dreamed of p____82____ something that could also answer any question in seconds. Internet search engines at that time were slow and gave many websites that weren't useful. In January 1996, Page and Brin decided to make a better and faster search engine. They thought the results should be b____83____ on the most popular websites. N____84____ would give them money for their project, so they used their own money. They also borrowed money from family and friends. Then, in 1998, they were given a cheque for $100,000, and they started their own company. Their first office was in a friend's garage. The company's name is Google, a w____85____ which comes from mathematics. A ?google? is a very high number---- 1 followed by a hundred zeros. The Google search engine was s____86____ used by thousands of people worldwide because it was fast, easy and correct. By 2002 it was the biggest search engine on the Internet. Now, m____87____ questions have been answered by Google than any other Internet service, from sport to science, and from music to medicine. Google hopes that in the future all the world's information will be put on the Internet, so that everybody can find everything. 81.__________ 82.__________ 83.__________ 84.__________ 85.__________ 86.__________ 87.__________

D. Answer the questions (根据短文内容回答下列问题) (第 88 题 1 分,第 89-92 题每题 2 分,第 93 题 3 分;共 12 分)


One morning it took me an hour to watch a small ant carry a huge feather across my back porch (走廊). Several times it met objects on its path and after a short time it would go around them. At one point the ant had to deal with a crack (裂缝) about 10mm wide. After a short time of thought, the ant laid the feather over the crack, walked across it and picked it up on the other side then continued on its way. I was attracted by the cleverness of this ant, one of God?s smallest creatures (生物). It was an example of the wonder of creation. Here was an insect, tiny, yet given a brain (大脑) to think, explore, discover and beat difficulties. But this ant, just like people, also shares human weaknesses. After some time the ant finally reached its home — a flower bed at the end of the porch and a small hole that was the entrance to its underground home. And it was here that the ant finally faced the problem. How could that large feather possibly fit down the small hole? Of course it couldn?t. So the ant, after all this trouble and using much creativity, beating difficulties all along the way, just left the feather behind and went home. The ant had not thought the problem through before it began its brave journey and in the end the feather was nothing more than a heavy weight. Isn?t our life like that? We worry about how much money we have, we worry about work, about where we live, about all kinds of things. These worries are heavy things, and they make an already difficult life even more difficult. Worrying will do nothing good for us. When we get to where we want to be in life, we will understand that worrying can only bring us down. 88. Did the writer show a great interest in the ant at first? 89. How did the ant cross the crack? 90. Did the ant take the feather into the hole or give it up? 91. What do you think of the ant? 92. What does the writer want to tell us?

VII. Writing (作文)(共 20 分) 94. Write a passage of at least 60 words on the topic “Thank you, my __________”. (以“谢谢你, 我的__________”为题 写一篇不少于 60 词的短文,标点符号不占格) Use the following points as a reference (以下问题仅供参考) 1. Who do you want to thank? 2. Why do you want to thank him/her/them?