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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module5 ATripAlongtheThreeGorges 外研版必修4

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 4Module5 AtripAlongtheThreeGorges
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.这些国家饱经战火。 The countries have ______ ______ too many wars. 2.有必要禁止商店和超市提供免费塑料袋。 It is necessary to ______ shops and supermarkets ______ offering free plastic bags. 3.至少你应该告知我你的真实状况。 ______ ______ you should tell me your true situation. 4.幸运的是,在崩溃的边缘,他开始热爱自己的生活并且帮助他人。 Fortunately,______ ______ ______ ______ breakdown,he began to love his life and he lp others. 5.空气中弥漫着浓郁的花香。 The air ______ ______ ______ the scent of flowers. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I'll trade you my stamp collection ______ your model boat. A.with B.for C.to D.into 2.They would rather spend time ______ than ______ in the street. A.read;wander B.read;wandering C.in reading;to wander D.reading;wander 3.In order not to be found,I'll spend the night ______ in your room. A.locking B.locked C.to lock D.lock 4.It's required that mineral resources ______hand in hand with the protection of the local environment. A.be exploited B.exploit C.have exploited D.exploited 5.She had a ______ escape when a lorry crashed into her car. A.narrowing B.narrowed C.narrow D.narrowly 6.I can hardly believe it.Did you really swim ______ across? A.on your way B.all the way C.in a way D.in no way 7.There is much work to do.So I think it requires ______ two weeks. A.at last B.at least C.at most D.not in the least 8. (2012 四川泸州一模,11)People ______ to park their cars anywhere on the main roads. A.forbade B.are forbidden C.are forbidding D.had been forbidden 9.I could see a figure ______,but couldn't tell who it was. A.at the distance B.in the distance C.off the distance D.from the distance 10. (2012 山东济南一模,6)In the yard was an old man telling stories,with quite a few children ______ him. A.to surround B.surrounded C.surrounding D.being surrounded 11.The garden was heavy ______ the scent of summer when we were taking a walk


there. A.in B.on C.around D.with 12.Everything was perfect for the picnic ______ the weather. A.in place of B.as well as C.except for D.in case of 13.The ______ you make,the ______ you will make. A.more efforts;more progress B.greater progress;greater efforts C.more efforts;more progresses D.many more efforts;much progress 14.At the conference,people of different ______ were given a chance to exchange theirs with each other. A.points B.manners C.views D.ways 15.______ you eat the correct foods ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A.Only if;will you B.Only if;you will C.Unless;will you D.Unless;you will Ⅲ.完形填空 In the city of Fujisawa,Japan,lives a woman named Atsuko Saeki.When she was a teenager,she __1__ of going to the United States.Most of what she knew about American __2__ was from the textbooks she had read.“I had a __3__ in mind:Daddy watching TV in the living room,Mummy__4__ cakes and their teenage daughter off to the cinema with her boyfriend.” Atsuko __5__ to attend college in California.When she arrived, however, found she it was not her __6__ world.“People were struggling with problems and often seemed __7__,”she said.“I felt very alone.” One of her hardest _ _8__ was physical education.“We played volleyball,” she said.“The other students were __9__ it,but I wasn't.” One afternoon,the instructor asked Atsuko to __10__ the ball to her teammates so they could knock it __11__ the net.No problem for most people,but it terrified Atsuko.She was afraid of losing face __12__ she failed. A young man in her team __13__ what she was going through.“He walked up to her and __14__.Come on.You can do that.” “You will never understand how those words of __15__ made me f eel...Four words: You can do that.I felt like crying with happiness.” She made it through the class.Perhaps she thanked the young man;she is not __16__. Six years have passed.Atsuko is back in Japan,working as a salesclerk.“I have __17__ forgotten the words,” she said.“When things are not going so well,I think of them.” She is sure the young man had no idea how much his kindness __18__ to her.“He probably doesn't even remember it,” she said.That may be the lesson.Whenever you say something to a person—cruel or kind—you have no idea how long the words will __19__.Sh e's all the way over in Japan,but still she hears those four __20__ words: You can do that. 1.A.learned B.spoke C.dreamed D.heard 2.A.way B.life C.education D.spirit 3.A.photo B.painting C.picture D.drawing 4.A.baking B.frying C.steaming D.boiling 5.A.hoped B.arranged C.liked D.attempted

6.A.described B.imagined C.created D.discovered 7.A.tense B.cheerful C.relaxed D.deserted 8.A.times B.questions C.classes D.projects 9.A.curious about B.good at C.slow at D.nervous about 10.A.kick B.hand C.carry D.hit 11.A.through B.into C.over D.past 12.A.after B.if C.because D.until 13.A.believed B.considered C.wondered D.sensed 14.A.warned B.sighed C.ordered D.whispered 15.A.excitement B.encouragement C.persuasion D.suggestion 16.A.interested B.doubtful C.puzzled D.sure 17.A.never B.already C.seldom D. almost 18.A.happened B.applied C.seemed D.meant 19.A.continue B.stay C.exist D.live 20.A.merciful B.bitter C.simple D.easy Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选项中有两项为 多余选项。 (2013 甘肃示范高中三模) Ancient Rome was one of t he world's most powerful empires mo re than 2000 years ago.The Romans' ideas about roads,laws,government and buildings still influence us today.Italy is shaped like a boot. The Colosseum in Rome was built during the time of the Roman Empire,in the first century A.D.__1__ It is a popular tourist attraction today. Italy is well known for its designers,who create cars,handbags,clothes, shoes and other items that are in demand for their style and fine workmanship. Today , the economy of Italy is stronger than in the past.__2__ Today , manufacturing and tourism are the main sources of income.There are some big companies,but Italy has many smaller companies,too. __3__ The southern part does not offer as many manufacturing jobs,so it is not as prosperous.Italy is a member of the European Union,a group of countries that join together for better trade.The currency, money they use is called the “euro”. or Food and eating good meals are important to Italians.__4__ Popular foods include pasta,risotto,minestrone and pizza.McDonald's is also popular there. Many families still eat their main meal in the middle of the day.__5__ Families spend a lot of time together. A.The family is very important to the Italian way of life. B.The country used to depend on agriculture. C.Mountains cover about three fourths of the country. D.It could seat about 50 000 people,who went to see fights between animals and people. E.While there are some supermarkets,many people shop at small,neighborhood markets. F.Italy has several islands off the coast. G.The northern part of the country is the main manufacturing center. Ⅴ.短文改错 (2013 辽宁盘锦双台子一模) My father and I stayed at the South Lake Hotel for a week when we visit Beijing last month.It is in the downtown area,but it is easy to go to anywhere from the hotel by public transport.We lived in a comfortably double?room with a big bath.What I liked best were the free high?speed Internet connection in the room.I checked my email messages every day.I also shared for my friends many photos taking in

Beijing.The food was wonderful with reasonable p rices,and we enjoyed several local dish.It is such great hotel that I would recommend it to any friend of me who is going to Beijing.


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.gone through 2.forbid;from 3.At least 4.at the edge of 5.is heavy with Ⅱ.1.B 句意:我想用我的邮票收藏品换你的模型船。trade A for B 意为“用 A 交 换 B”。 2.D 第一个空为 spend time(in)doing sth.句型,可排除 A、B 项;第二个空应选 原形构成 would rather do sth.than do sth.句型。 3.B 该题易误选 A 项。此处的 spend 不是“花费”的意思,而是表示“度过”,由于 lock 与主语 I 为动宾关系,所以应用过去分词形式表示状态。 4.A r equire 后的主语从句应用虚拟语气,即“should+动词原形”,其中 should 可省略。根据句意可知,resources 与 exploit 之间为动宾关系,故选 A 项。句意:矿物资 源的开发与当地环境的保护应同步进行。 5.C 句意:在一辆卡车撞上她的车时,她九死一生。narrow 此时意为“勉强的”。 6. 句意: B 我简直难以相信。 你真的是一直游过去的吗?on one's way“在某人去?? 的路上”;all the way“自始至终;一直”;in a way“从某种意义上讲”;in no way“决 不”。 7.B 句意:有很多工作要做。所以我想至少需要两周。at least 意为“至少;最少”, 符合题意。at last 意为“最后”;at most 意为“最多;至多”;not in the least 意为 “一点也不”。 8.B forbid sb.to do sth.意为“禁止某人做某事”,所以该题应为被动语态,而 D 项表示“过去之过去”,时态错误,所以应选 B 项。 9.B 句意:我看到远处有一个人,但是不能确认那是谁。in the distance 意为“在 远处”,符合题意。from/at a distance 意为“从远处”。 10.C 该题考查 with 的复合结构,由于 children 与 surround 为主谓关系,所以应选 现在分词形式作补语。 11.D be heavy with...为固定短语,意为“充满;满是??”。 12.C in place of 意为“代替”;as well as 意为“和;也;又”;except for 意 为“除了”;in case of 意为“万一”。句意:对于这次野餐来说,除了天气外一切都很 完美。 13.A 该题为“the more...the more...”句型,表示“越??就越??”。答案为 A 项,表示“你越努力,取得的进步就越大”。 14.C point 意为“点;要点”;manner 意为“举止;礼貌”;view 意为“视野;观 点”;way 意为“方式;方法”。句意:在会上,不同观点的人都有机会互相交流。 15.A 句意:你只有吃正确的食物,才能保持健康。“only+状语(从句)”结构放 在句首时,句子要用倒装语序。 Ⅲ.1.C dream of 意为“梦想”,表示她在年轻时梦想去美国。learn of 意为“听 到;获悉”;speak of 意为“说到;谈到”;hear of 意为“听说”。 2. life 意为“生活”, B 表示她对美国生活的了解来自所读的课本。 意为“方式; way 方法”;education 意为“教育”;spirit 意为“精神”。 3.C 此处 picture 指“画面;头脑中的情景”。photo 意为“照片”;painting 意为 “油画”,专指美术绘画的各种彩色作品,常指油画和水彩画;drawing 意为“画”,常指 用铅笔、钢笔或粉笔画的“线条画”,主要的手段是明暗对比,一般不用色彩,包括素描或 工程图纸。 4.A bake 意为“烘;焙;烤”,指在热的表面上慢慢地烘焙,bake cakes 表示“烤 制蛋糕”。fry 意为“用油煎;用油炸、炒”,指用油煎鱼或炒菜;steam 意为“蒸”,指 用蒸汽蒸饭;boil 意为“煮”,指用水煮食物。 5.B arrange 意为“准备;安排”,指为某事做好准备和安排。根据下文所提供的情 景“When she arrived”可判断出 Atsuko 准备去加利福尼亚上大学。hope 意为“希望”; like 意为“喜欢;愿意”;attempt 意为“企图”,都与下文的内容 不相符合。 6.B imagine 意为“想象;设想;猜想;推测”,上文讲到“I had a picture in mind: Daddy watching TV in the living room,Mummy baking cakes and their teenage daughter

off to the cinema with her boyfriend.”,因此可判断出实际的情况与她想象的不一样。 describe 意为“描述”;create 意为“创作;创造”;discover 意为“发现”。 7.A tense 意为“紧张的”,上文中的“People were struggling with problems” 说明,由于尽力解决问题,他们似乎经常处于紧张状况。cheerful 意为“高兴的;兴致勃 勃的;欢乐的;快活的;爽快的”;relaxed 意为“放松的”;deserted 意为“被放弃的”。 8.C class 意为“课程”,根据其表语“physical education”可判断出她最困难的 课程是体育。time 意为“时间”;question 意为“问题”;project 意为“工程;项目”。 9.B be good at 意为“擅长于”,指善于做某事。but 是并列连词,表示转折,从 but I wasn't 可以看出: 其他同学擅长于打排球, Atsuko 却在这方面存在困难。 curious 而 be about 意为“对??好奇”;be slow at 意为“在??迟钝”;be nervous about 意为 “对??感到紧张”。 10. hit 意为“打, D 击”, the ball 表示用手击球。 hit 上文中的 We played volleyball 表明他们在打排球,所以要用手击球。kick the ball 意为“踢球”;hand the ball 意为 “递交球”,carry the ba ll 意为“带球”,都不符合打排球的比赛规则。 11.C over 意为“越过”,指把排球打过网。through 意为“穿过”,指从空间中穿 过;into 意为“到??里”;past 意为“过;通过”,这也都不符合打排球的比赛规则。 12.B if 引导条件状语从句,意为“如果”,表示如果她不能把球击中,她害怕会丢 人。 after 引导时间状语从句, 表示“在??之后”; because 引导原因状语从句, 意为“因 为”;until 引导时间状语从句,意为“一直??”。 13.D sense 意为“感觉(到) ”,指通过直觉、迹象、线索等隐约感到或明白。句 意:她球队的一位年轻人觉察出 Atsuko 的心理状态。believe 意为“相信”;consider 意 为“考虑”;wonder 意为“感到迷惑不解;想知道”。 14.D whisper 意为“低语;耳语”,指低声地对某人说话、讲话。因为这位年轻人 觉察出 Atsuko 害怕在人们面前丢脸的心理状态,所以他用“Come on.You can do that.” 这样的话语鼓励她,而在许多人面前,他只能低声地对她说。warn 意为“警告”;sigh 意 为“叹息”;order 意为“命令”。 15.B encouragement 意为“鼓励”,“Come on.You can do that.”意为“加油, 你能行”,是鼓励人们努力的话语。excitement 意为“激动”;persuasion 意为“说服; 劝导”;suggestion 意为“建议”。 16.D sure 意为“深信;确信”。上文讲述了在一次排球比赛中,一位年轻人鼓励 Atsuko 努力去做,“You can do that.”使她增强了信心,体育课程取得了好成绩。所以 这里讲到她或许应该谢谢这个年轻人,但心中没有把握,不知道该不该这样做。interested 意为“感兴趣”;doubtful 意为“怀疑的”;puzzled 意为“感到迷惑不解的”。 17.A never 意为“从不”,根据下文中的“When things are not going so well, I think of them.”可判断出 Atsuko 没有忘记那位年轻人所说的话。 already 意为“已经”; seldom 意为“不常;很少”;almost 意为“几乎”。 18.D mean 意为“意味着”,表示她深信那位年轻人不知道她的好心对她来说有多么 重要。happen 意为“发生”,指事情偶然发生;apply 意为“运用;应用”;seem 意为“似 乎”。 19.B stay 意为“保留”,多指停留或处于相对稳定的状态。表示你不知道一个人说 的话会保留多长时间。continue 意为“继续”,指任何进行过程在时间或空间上的延续, 强调持续不断、无间歇、无终止,有时也可指短暂停止后继续进行;exist 意为“存在”; live 意为“居住;生活”。 20.C simple 意为“简单的”,“You can do that.”只含有四个词,是一句简单的 话。merciful 意为“仁慈的;温和的”;bitter 意为“辛苦的;悲惨的”;easy 意为“容 易的”。 Ⅳ.1~5 DBGEA Ⅴ.第一句:visit→visited 第二句:but→and/so;去掉第二个 to 第三句:comfortably→comfortable 第四句:were→was

第六句:for→with;taking→taken 第七句:dish→dishes 第八句:such 后加 a;me→mine