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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module5 GreatPeople外研版必修3

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 3Module5 GreatPeopleandGreatInventionsofAncientChina
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.在这个世界上,每个人生来都是平等的。 Everyone is born ______ in the world. 2.尽管她是在城市里出生和长大的,但她更喜欢农村的生活。 Though born and ______ ______ in the city,she prefers life in the country. 3.我第一次去深圳的时候,深圳比一个城镇大不了多少。 When I went to Shenzhen ______ ______ ______ ______,it was not much bigger than a town. 4.我买了一个的原因是价钱很便宜。 The reason ______ I bought one wa s ______ it was so cheap. 5.他和他的弟弟一样都不聪明。 He is ______ ______ ______ his brother. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Our English teacher often ______ the importance of reading aloud. A.pressures B.stresses C.praises D.repeats 2.When he came back from abroad,our country was ______ with Japan. A.at a war B.at war C.at the war D.on war 3.As reward ______ his contribution ______ botany,Joseph Banks had a flower named ______ him. A.for;for;for B.for;to;after C.for;for;after D.of;to;for 4.Life is lik e a long race ______ we compete with others to go beyond ourselves. A.why B.what C.that D.where 5.In the few days ______,he continued to do the same experiment again and again. A.follow B.following C.to follow D .which followed 6. workers could hardly ______ the boss's bad temper but under his supervision The they had to ______ themselves to working harder. A.tolerate;contribute B.bear;dedicate C.stand;resign D.put up with;invest 7.He had to obey the order that he ______ the secret task ahead of time. A.finish B.finished C.was to finish D.would finish 8. famous athlete ______ the 100?meter race world record in the Olympic Games. The A.exchanged B.equaled C.repeated D.braked 9. (2012 甘肃朱店中学三模,16)The reason ______ he was late for class was not the reason ______ he gave me. A.that;where B.why;because C.which;that D.why;that 10.John received an invitation to dinner,and with his work ______,he gladly accepted it. A.finishing B.finished C.having finished D.was finished

11.What surprised us was not what she said but ______ she said it. A.the way B.in the way that C.the way which D.the way what 12.______,I'd like to say “thank you” to all of you for coming here.Which of the following is WRONG? A.In conclusion B.In the end C.Lastly D.At the end 13. (2012 江西会昌中学月考,34)I don't want to ______ the topic,but why on earth did you get home that late last night? A.take up B.make up C.break up D.bring up 14. (2012 上海复兴中学月考,29)—Have their living conditio ns improved after all these years? —No,______ than before,I'm afraid. A.no worse B.not worse C.a little better D.no better 15.You may borrow the book,______ you do not lend it to anyone else. A.in good condition B.on condition that C.in no condition to D.in condition Ⅲ.完形填空 I grew up poor—living with my wonderful mother.We had little money,but plenty of love and attention.I was __1__ and energetic.I understood that no matter how poor a person was,he could still __2__ a dream. My dream was to be a(n)__3__.By the time I was sixteen,I started playing baseball.I could throw a ninety?mile?perhour fastball and __4__ anything that moved on the football field.I was also __5__:My high school coach was John,who not only believed in me,but also taught me __6__ to believe in myself.He __7__ me the difference between having a dream and remaining true to that dream.One particular __8__ with Coach John changed my life forever. A friend recommended(suggested)me for a summer job.This meant a chance for money in my pocket?money for a new bike,new clothes and the __9__ of savings for a house for my mother.Then I realized I would have to __10__ up summer baseball to handle the work schedule,and that meant I would have to tell John I wouldn't be playing. When I told John,he was __11__ as I expected him to be.“You have your whole life to work,”he said.“Your __12__ days are limited.You can't afford to waste them.”I stood before him with my head __13__,trying to think of the __14__ that would explain to him why my dream of buying my mom a house and having money in my pocket was worth facing his __15__ in me. “How much are you going to make at this job,son?”he asked.“3.5 dollars an hour,” I replied. “Well,” he asked,“is $3.5 an hour t he price of a dream?” That simple question made __1 6__ for me the difference between __17__ something right now and having a __18__.I decided myself to play sports that summer and __1 9__ the year I was hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates to play baseball,and was __20__ a $20 000 contract(agreement).In 1999,I bought my mother the house of my dream! 1.A.happy B.polite C.shy D.honest 2.A.live B.afford C.make D.need 3.A.athlete B.musician C.businessman D.writer 4.A.kick B.play C.pass D.hit 5.A.fight B.popular C.lucky D.confident

6.A.how B.why C.when D.whether 7.A.gave B.taught C.brought D.asked 8.A.accident B.matter C.problem D.experience 9.A.aim B.idea C.start D.purpose 10.A.keep B.end C.give D.pick 11.A.ma d B.mournful C.frightened D.shameful 12.A.living B.playing C.working D.learning 13.A.moving B.nodding C.shaking D.hanging 14. A.answers B.excuses C.words D.ways 15.A.sadness B.regret C.hopelessness D.disappointment 16.A.direct B.clear C.straight D.bare 17.A.wanting B.changing C.dreaming D.enjoying 18.A.wish B.goal C.score D.desire 19.A.by B.for C.over D.with 20.A.paid B.got C.offered D.presented Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013 四川邛崃月考) Dear Brown, Last summer I take a part?time job in the International Camp for children.I have been told one more worker will be needed in this year and I think you are fit to it.How about join us?The camp is at the foot of a small hill close to a river.It is so a beautiful place!We can hear birds singing happy all around.Everybody sleeps in tents,that is very exciting.We usually work only five hours a day,so we will have plenty of spare time visit the area and have a fun.I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.If you have interests in it,reply to me soon.


参考答案 Ⅰ. equal 2. 1. brought up 3. for the first time

4. why; that 5. cleverer no

than Ⅱ.1.B stress 用作动词意为“强调”。pressure 是名词,意为“压力;压迫”; praise 意为“表扬”;repeat 意为“重复”。 2.B be at war with 意为“在与??交战中”。句意:当他从国外回来时,我们的 国家正同日本处于交战状态。 3.B 第一个空应用 for 表示原因;contribution 后常接 to,表示“对??的贡献”; name...after...意为“以??命名? ?”,为固定搭配。 4.D 句意:生活就像一次长跑,我们不断和别人竞争以超越自己。该句应用 where 引导定语从句,并在从句中作地点状语。 5.D follow 意为“跟随;随之而来”,该题应用定语从句修饰前面的 days。B 项应 作前置定语;C 项表示将来,时态错误。 6.C 第一个空应用 stand,此处表示“不能忍受”;第二个空应用 resign,resign oneself to sth.“听任;只好接受;顺从”。 7.A 分析句子结构可知,在 order 之后跟了一个 that 引导的同位语从句。order 的 宾语从句、 主语从句、 表语从句和同位语从句中谓语部分都要用“should+动词原形”的形 式,should 可省略。 8. 句意: B 这个著名运动员在奥运会上平了 100 米赛跑世界纪录。 exchange 意为“交 换”;repeat 意为“重复”;brake 意为“刹车”。equal 意为“使平等;使相等”。 9.D 第一个 reason 后面的定语从句中需要原因状语,应用 why 引导;第二个 reason 后面的定语从句中 gave 需要直接宾语,应用关系代词 that 引导,所以答案为 D 项。 10.B 在该题的 with 复合结构中,由于 his work 与 finish 为被动关系,所以应用其 过去分词形式。 11.A not...but...连接的前后两部分应该是并列成分,故 but 后应是名词,又因此 处 the way 作先行词,后面的连接词可以是 that 或 in which 或省略,故 A 项正确。 12. 前三项都为副词 D (短语) 表示“最后”。 the end 常和 of 连用, , at 表示“在?? 的末尾”。 13.D take up 意为“占据;从事”;make up 意为“组成;编造”;break up 意为 “打碎;结束”;bring up 意为“养育;呕吐;提出”。该题应选 D 项,表示“我不想提 这个话题”。 14.D 根据语境可知,他们的居住状况没有得到改善,所以应选 D 项 ,表示“并不比 以前好”。 15.B 句意:你可以借这本书,条件是你不要借给其他人。in good condition 意为 “完好无损”;on condition that 意为“条件是”。 Ⅲ.1.A 根据上下文可知,“我”贫穷但是快乐,并拥有自己的梦想。 2.B afford 原意为“买得起,承担得起”,在此处可引申为“拥有”。 3.A 根据下文的内容可知,“我”的梦想就是成为一名运动员。 4.D 根据棒球运动的特点可知,此处的 hit 表示“击中”。 5.C 根据下文对教练的描述可知,“我”很幸运。 6.A 教练不但本人信任“我”,而且还教会“我”如何相信自己。 7.B 根据前面一句中出现的动词 taught 可知,此处也应用 taught。 8.D 下文描述的就是“我”与教练经历的一件特殊的事情。 9.C “我”想通过暑假打工开始攒钱为母亲买房子。 10.C give up summer baseball“放弃暑假中的棒球训练”。 11.A mad 在此处可理解为“狂怒的;恼火的”,体现出教练的责任感很强。 12.B 该句大意为“你打棒球的日子是有限的”。 13.D with my head hanging 在此处作伴随状语,意为“低垂着头”。 14.C “我”在思考合适的措辞。 15.D “我”打算放弃训练去赚钱,教练对“我”自然很失望。 16.B make sth.clear 意为“使??清楚,明确”。

17.A wanting something right now“现在想要的东西”。 18.B having a goal 指的是未来的目标,即个人的梦想。 19.D with 在此处含有“由于;因为”之意。 20.C 因为棒球打得好,“我”被提供给很高的薪水。 Ⅳ.第一句:take→took 第二句:去掉 in;to→for 第三句:join→joining 第五句:so→such 第六句:happy→happily 第七句:that→ which 第八句:visit 前加 to;去掉 fun 前的 a 第十句:interests→interest