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第3讲 Unit Computers

1. _____________ vt. 计算;预测 calculate 2. _____________ vt.简化;使单纯 simplify 3. _____________ adv.completely totally 4. _____________ adv.anyway anyhow

5. _____________ n. 财政,财政学 finance

6. _______________ adj.普遍的 universal 7. _______________ n.智力;智能 intelligence 8. _______________ n.应用;申请 application 9. _______________ vt.下载 download 10. ______________ adv. 就个人而言 personally 11. ______________ v. 解决;解答 solve 12. ______________ n.幸福;快乐 happiness 13. ______________ appearance n.外观;出现

逻辑上;合逻辑地 14.logically adv._____________________

15.network n. _____________________ 网络;网状物
16.technology n._____________________ 工艺;科技;技术
人造的;假的 17.artificial adj._____________________

18.explore v.

_____________________ 探索;探究

19.electronic adj.____________________ 电子的
性格;特点 20.character n. ____________________

1. 共同;共有 2. 作为??开始 4. 因此;结果

___________________ in common ___________________ begin as ___________________ as a result

3. (从??旁)走过 ___________________ go by 5. 实际上;事实上 ___________________ in reality 6. 在??的帮助下 ___________________ with the help of 7. 处理 ___________________ deal with 8. 看守,监视 ___________________ watch over

9. 从那时起 10. 与……分享

__________________ from then on __________________ share... with...

技术革命 11.a technological revolution___________

12.artificial intelligence _______________ 人工智能
13.a devoted friend __________________ 一位忠诚的朋友

14.in a way
15.after all

__________________ 在某种程度上 毕竟 __________________

16.a calculating machine_______________ 计算机器
17.make good use of _______________ 充分利用
从网络下载信息 ______________

18.download information from the Internet

19. electronic brain 20.win second place

______________ 电脑;电子计算机 ______________ 赢得第二名

第3讲 │ Ⅱ.完成短语 课前热身

1.从……时起 2.在某种程度上

on a from…

in a way deal with h
as a result after alll

4.结果 5.毕竟,终究


watch over r

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Something is bound to happen one way or another to end the conflict or s olve the problem. 2.A red light is usually a s ignal of danger. 3.The process of applying for passports has been simplified (简化). 4.They won the game by three g oals to one. 5.I mean he's a nice enough guy—he's just not my type (类型). 6.From his room, he canexplore (探索) the world.

第3讲 │ 课前热身
7.P ersonally , I think she is a very good woman, but you may not agree. 8.Unexpected difficulties a rose in the course of their experiment. 9.He would go in and see anyhow . 10.Robots can also be called a rtificial intelligence.

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.一年又一年过去了,电脑被制造得越来越小。 As the years have gone by , computers have been made smaller and smaller. 2.在老师的帮助下,我们按时完成了实验。 With the help of our teacher/With our teacher's help , we finished the experiment on time. 3.从某种程度上看,我的程序员好比是我的教练。 In a way,my programmer is like my coach. 4.那个学生为他的迟到编造了一个借口。 The student made up an excuse for his being late . 5.我们应该避免以貌取人。 We should avoid judging people by their appearances .

1. common adj.共同的,普遍的;常见的 The common man in every country is anxious for world peace. 每个国家的老百姓都渴望世界和平。 Snow is common in cold countries.在寒冷的国家雪是常见的。 常用结构: in common共有,公用(在句中多作状语) have nothing/little/a lot/something in common (with).... 与……没有/很少/许多/有些共同之处 in common with和……一样 common sense常识 【即学即练】 完成句子 ①我和简毫无共同之处。 I have nothing ______ ______ ______ Jane. ②她已和许多人一起申请参加训练。 ______ ______ ______ many others, she applied for a training place. 答案:①in common with ②In common with

vt.简化;使简易 simple adj. 简单的;容易的 simply adv. 简单地;容易地;只,仅仅;朴素地

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
【活学活用】 (1)你给孩子们讲解时要设法讲得简单明了。 Try to simplify your explanation for the children. (2) 地震后,我们用砖和树枝搭成一个简陋的避难所。 After the earthquake, we use bricks and branches of trees to form a simple shelter .

1.原句:I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.我发育缓慢,差不多到了两百年之 后,查尔· 巴比奇才把我制成了一台分析机。 (L3,P18)
句型:It takes some time before... 过了多久才……

⑴ 一份杂志要经过几年才会开始赚钱。 It takes several years before magazine __________________________a starts to make money.

⑵ 过了很长一段时间那场大火才渐渐熄灭。 ________________________the big fire died It took a long time before out.

⑶ 最早的电话并不受人欢迎,过了很长一

The earliest telephones were not popular

and ______________________ it took a long time before people
began to hire or buy them.

2.As time went by ,I was made smaller. 随着时间的流逝,我被做得更小。(L16, P18) 句型:As time went by,... 随着时 间的流逝,……

⑴ 随着时间的推移,我们相信一切都会更美好。 as We are sure that everything will be better______ _____________________ time passes/goes by . ⑵ 随着时间的推移,我们国家会越来越发达。 _____________________ ,our country will As time goes by become more and more developed.

⑶ 春去秋来,当年的小屁孩“黑龙”已经出落 成仪表堂堂的大小伙子了。
_______________________________ As time went by/With time going by,the littlenoted kid Black Dragon had grown up to a distinguished looking young man.

结果,因此 【课文原句】 As a result I totally changed my shape.(课本P18) 多用来说明前面的事情带来的结果,或指原因导致的结果。 以插入语的形式出现,在句中作状语。

as a result of without result result from result in

作为……的结果,由于…… 无效地,毫无结果地 由于,起于 导致,终于造成……的结果

【温馨提示】 在as a result中,a通常不能换作the;但在as a result of 中, 可使用the,即as the result of。

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 (1)因为下雨,我们昨天没去上课。 It rained yesterday. As a result, we didn't go to class . =We didn't go to class as a result of the rain yesterday. (2)他一直努力找工作,可直到现在仍毫无结果。 He has tried hard to find a job, until now without result . (3)全球变暖是燃烧石油等矿物燃料引起的,从而导致了温室 气体被排放到大气中。 Global warming results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as petroleum products, resulting in the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

第3讲 │ 句型透视

And my memory became so large that even I couldn’t believe it!

第3讲 │ 句型透视

【句式分析】 这是一个so…that…引导的结果状语从句,在此句型中, so是副词,其后跟形容词或副词,that后跟结果状语从句。

第3讲 │ 句型透视

【温馨提示】 (1)如果名词前为a lot of等,则用such…that…。如: There were such a lot of people there that I had to sit at the back of the lecture hall. 那里人很多,我只好坐在大厅的后面。

第3讲 │ 短语储存
(2)so…that…中的so放在句首时,通常采用部分倒装。如: So clever a student was he that he was able to work out all the difficult problems. 他是一个如此聪明的学生,因此他能解决所有的难题。 (4)so…that…与such…that…一样,都能引导结果状语从句, 但前者中的so是副词,因此其后跟形容词或副词,而后者 中的such是形容词,因此其后应跟名词。 句型公式一:…such+a/an(+形容词)+单数名词+ that从句 句型公式二:…such(+形容词)+名词复数/不可数名词+ that从句。如: They are such small shoes that I can't wear them. =Such small shoes are they that I can't wear them. 这双鞋太小了,我穿不上。

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 1.根据汉语提示完成句子 So curious were the couple (这对夫妇如此好奇) about the wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. 2.同义句转换 Marvin is so honest that he will not accept a bribe(贿赂). =Marvin is such an honest man that he will not accept a bribe. =So honest is Marvin that he will not accept a bribe.

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
adv. (=anyway)无论如何;反正;尽管; 即使这样(用于转移话题,结束谈话或回到原话题) somehow adv. 以某种方式;用某种方法;从某种角度 somehow or other 设法;想办法 somewhat adv. 有点,稍微

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
(1)可能下雪,但无论如何我都要进城。 It may snow, but anyhow I will go to town . (2)他怎么想办法也不能使她信服。 He couldn't convince her anyhow . (3)我的夹克和你的有点相似。 My jacket is somewhat like yours .

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
adv. 就个人而言(常用于一句话的开始); 亲自;个别地(可以放在句首或句末) personally speaking frankly speaking generally speaking to be honest in person in the flesh 就个人来说;就自己而言 坦诚地说;坦率地说 一般说来;总的说来 说实话 亲自,亲身 本人,当面

第3讲 │ 单词点睛

(1)就个人而言, 我认为他是个很好的人, 但你也许不同意。 Personally, I think he is a very good man , but you may not
agree. (2)这家旅馆的主人亲自欢迎我们。 The owner of the hotel welcomed us personally .

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
vi. (arose, arisen)出现;发生 arise from / out of由……而引起;从……中产生
【温馨提示】 (1)arise为不及物动词,没有被动语态。 (2)arise 作“呈现;发生;出现”之意时,主语多为一个 抽象名词,如argument/problem/quarrel/question。 【活学活用】 (1)这次吵架是怎么发生的呢? How did the quarrel arise? (2)疏忽大意往往会引起事故的发生。 Accidents often arise from carelessness.

第3讲 │ 单词点睛
【易混辨析】 arise, rise, raise (1)arise是不及物动词,意为“出现、发现”,常用于抽象事物, 一般表示事物和问题的产生和出现。 (2)rise是不及物动词,无arise 的抽象用法,只表示事物向较高 的地方或水平移动。 (3)raise为及物动词,“使……上升”,“举起”等。 用rise,arise或raise的适当形式完成句子 (1)The sun has not yet risen . (2)Quarrels arose among the audience. (3)They raised a monument to the national hero.

2. arise vi. 出现;发生;起身,起床 How did the argument arise?这场争论是怎样发生的? She arose from her seat.她从座位上站起来。 用法点拨: arise 是不及物动词,没有被动语态。作“出现,发生” 讲时,主语多为抽象名词,如argument/quarrel/movement等。 arise from 由……而引起,由……而产生。 【易混辨析】
原形 arise vi.出现, 发生,起因于 arouse vt.唤醒, 激起 过去式



arose aroused

arisen aroused rise raised

arising arousing rising raising

rise vi. 升起, 增长,上升
raise vt.举起, 唤起;提高, 饲养



考点1 in a way 在某种程度上 【课文如是】 In a way our programmer is like our coach.(课本P23) all the way 一路上;自始至终;完全 by the way 顺便说 in no way 一点也不;决不 in the way 挡道;碍事 No way! [俚]别想!没门! on one's way/the way to 在??路上

第3讲 │ 短语储存

in the way in no way feel one's way push one's way make one's way

妨碍别人;挡道 一点也不,决不 摸索着前进 挤着前进 前往; 排除困难前进

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 (1)从某种程度上说,这工作做得不错。 The work is well done in a way . (2)看来你的汽车挡道了。 I’m afraid your car is in the way . (3)顺便问一下,我给你的那些钱怎么了? By the way , what has happened to all the money I gave you?

__________ __________ __________ can we miss the chance that someone will be sent abroad for further education. 我们决不能错过这个被派往国外深造的机会。 [答案] In no way (2009年高考江西卷)—Thank you for your MP4 player. I'll ask Mary to take it to you soon. —__________.I've bought a new one. A.No sense B.No hurry C.No way D.No use [答案] B

第3讲 │ 短语储存

看守; 监视; 照看
watch out 当心; 注意 watch out for 当心; 注意寻找

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 (1)我游泳时你看着我的衣物行吗? Could you watch (over) my clothes while I have a swim? (2)他感觉到上帝在保佑着他。 He felt that God was watching over him . (3)他们等待着进一步的发展。 They are watching for further developments.

【即学即练】 He minds so much about his position in the office that he__________any chance to be promoted. A.watches out B.looks up C.points out D.watches out for [答案] D

make up 化妆;化装;捏造,虚构(故事,诗等) She spent an hour making (herself) up before the party. 她在聚会前化妆用了一个小时。 Stop making things up! 不要胡编了! 【联想拓展】 make up for 补偿 be made up of = consist of 由……组成 make for 有利于……,有助于……;走向;冲向 make it 及时赶到;办成功 make out 理解;懂得;辨认出

make fun of 取笑;捉弄 make sense 有意义;有道理; 讲得通 make sure 确信 A bike is made up of many different parts.自行车由不同的 零件组成。 【即学即练】 完成句子 ①我们需要50美元以补足所需要的数目。 We need $50 to ______ ______ ______ the sum required. ②那位经理的字迹很难辨认。 It was difficult to ______ ______ the manager’s handwriting. 答案:①make up for ②make out

【活学活用】 (1)她在聚会前用了一个小时化妆。 She spent an hour making (herself) up before the party . (2)六十个学生组成了我们的班级,也就是说,我们的班级 由六十个学生组成。 Sixty students make up our class.That is to say, our class is made up of sixty students. (3)晚饭铃响了, 学生们都涌向餐厅。 When the bell for supper rang, all the students made for the dining room .

单项填空 ③In Singapore, a southeastern Asian country, the Chinese people ______ the largest percentage of its population, so you can speak Chinese there. A. make up B. take up C. hold up D. turn up 解析:选A。 make up意为“编造,弥补;组成, 构成”;take up意为“拿起来,占据(时间或空 间)”;hold up 意为“阻止”;turn up意为“开大, 调高,出现”。由句意知应选A。

【课文如是】 This means that it should clean the house , mop the floors,cook the dinner and deal with telephone calls.(课本P24) cope with handle sth 处理;对付 处理某事

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【易混辨析】 deal with, do with (1)deal with 表示“处理,对付;关于,论及;与某人或某 事相处,打交道”,常与how连用。如: I don't know how to deal with these bad children. 我不知道如何对付这些坏孩子。 (2)do with 表示“处理;安排”, 常与what连用。如: What will you do with the box? 这个箱子你打算如何处理?

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 翻译句子,注意deal with 的意思 (1)He knows well how to deal with children. 他很了解如何和孩子们相处。 a (2)The book deals with how to deal with such a deal. 这本书论述了怎样处理这类交易。 a (3)This means that it should clean the house, mop the floor, cook the dinner and deal with telephone calls. 这意味着它应该学会打扫房子, 拖地板, 做饭和处 理来电。

【即学即练】 (2009 年高考重庆卷 )With the world changing fast,we have something new__________with all by ourselves every day. A.deal B.dealt C.to deal D.dealing [解析] 句意:随着世界的快速变化,我们每 天都有新的问题要自己处理。本题考查的是不定 式作定语。作定语的不定式的逻辑主语为主句主 语时,用to do 形式作定语。当不定式的逻辑主语 不是主句主语时,需用to be done 形式。又如:I have a lot of work to_do every day.我每天有许多工

第3讲 │ 短语储存

After you! in all first of all above all

[口语]您先请! 总共 首先 首先,最重要的

第3讲 │ 短语储存
【活学活用】 (1)他到底还是成功了。 He succeeded after all . (2)别怪他打碎那个花瓶, 他毕竟是小孩子嘛。 Don't blame him for breaking that vase; after all hee is a child .

application n. 应用;用途;申请 __________ v.申请;请求 apply ___________ applicant n. 申请人;请求者;求职者

___________ applied adj. 应用的;实用的
_____________ apply ...for ... [搭配]向……申请…… apply...to ... [搭配]把……应用到…… _____________

⑴ Those ___________ applicants (apply) can apply ___ for the job in person or by letter.

⑵ People should apply theory_____ to practice. ⑶ It was said that the manager only received twenty _____________ applications (apply)for the position due to the low wages.

4.with the help of 在……的帮助下

⑴ 在一位警察的帮助下,我最终找到了他的房子。 with the help of a policeman I found his house__________________________. ⑵ 在朋友们的帮助下,他终于解决了这个问题。 With the help of his friends ,he finally solved __________________________ the problem.

1.—What about last night party? —It turned out to be much more successful than A.expect B.being expected C.to expect D.expected 【解析】 D 考查非谓语动词。“than expected” 意 思是“比预料的”。


第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
2.[2009·湖北卷] In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a for everyone to stand up. A.signal B.chance C.mark D.measure 【解析】 A 考查名词辨析。根据句意可知:响铃及老师 合上书本,这是下课的暗示,选项中只能选择signal。 chance机会;mark分数,痕迹;measure方法,措施。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
3.—After the UN conference in Copenhagen, the switch to lowcarbon life, I think, is . —I agree with you. A.in a way B.on the way C.by the way D.in the way 【解析】 B 考查固定短语。由句意“……转向低碳生 活即将到来”可知B项正确。A.在某种程度上;B.在路 上,即将到来;C.顺便说一下;D.挡道。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
4.Running a company is not a matter of hiring people—they also need to be trained. A.simply B.partly C.seriously D.equally 【解析】 A 考查副词辨析。句意为:经营一家公司不仅 仅是雇佣员工的问题,也需要培训员工。simply只,仅仅; partly部分地,局部地;seriously严肃地,认真地; equally相等地。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
5.The weather was my room. A.really B.such cold that I didn't like to leave
C.Too D.so

【解析】 D 本题考查so…that…句型。so为副词,其后 跟形容词或副词,such为形容词,其后跟名词。cold 为 形容词,故选用so。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
6.Why are you so anxious? It isn't your problem A.on purpose B.in all C.on time D.after all 【解析】 D after all意为“毕竟,终究,别忘了”。 句意为:你为什么担心呢?毕竟那不是你的问题。 .

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
7.Don't being late. A.take up C.make up any excuse.You'd better apologize for B.look up D.put up

【解析】 C 本题考查动词词组辨析。take up占据,从事; look up查找;make up编造;组成;构成;弥补;化妆; put up举起,拿起,张贴。这句话表达的意思是:不要编 造理由了(或者说:不要找借口了),你最好为迟到而道歉。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
8.It is a truth acknowledged that when one has gained material wealth,he'll surely seek for spiritual enjoyment. A.partly B.universally C.particularly D.previously
【解析】 B 考查副词辨析。句意为:当一个人得到了 物质财富后,他一定会寻求精神享受,这是一个被大 家所普遍接受的真理。partly不完全地,部分地; universally普遍地;particularly尤其,特别;previously 先前,预先。语意表示这是被大家所普遍接受的真理, 因此选B。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
9.—Do you really want to go out? —It may rain. I shall go out; I don't mind the rain. A.Anyway B.Otherwise C.Somehow D.Therefore 【解析】 A 考查副词辨析。由后面的“I don't mind the rain”可以看出,答话者即使下雨也要出去,由此可知应 该选择anyway 无论如何。答句句意为:天可能下雨,不 管怎样,我要出去;我不介意下雨。otherwise否则; somehow以某种方式;therefore 因此。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
10.American Indians U.S.population. A.fill up C.make up about five percent of the B.bring up D.set up

【解析】 C 本题考查动词短语辨析。句意为:美国印 第安人大约占美国人口总数的5%。fill up装满;填满。 bring up教育,培养;提出;呕吐。make up占(比例、 成分);编造;虚构;化装;弥补。set up竖立起来, 搭建,成立。

第3讲 │ 跟踪训练
11.[2009·上海卷] The Great Wall is tourist attraction that millions of people pour in every year. A.so a wellknown B.a so wellknown C.such wellknown D.such a wellknown 【解析】 D 考查such a +adj.+n+that结构。注意, 如果把A项中的a 放到wellknown后也是正确的。

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12.—The dinner was delicious! —I agree.I am so full. —That's too bad.But some dessert . A.has ordered B.will be ordered C.has been ordered D.was going to be ordered 【解析】 C 本题主要考查在交际用语中动词的时态及 语态。根据主语与谓语动词的关系可知是被订购,于是 排除选项A;选项B表示将要发生的事情;选项C表示已 经发生的事情;选项D表示过去某个时候即将发生的事 情。根据前面的That's too bad.可知,事情已经发生, 故答案为C。

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13.[2009·湖北卷] The loss has not yet been accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A.calculated B.considered C.completed D.controlled 【解析】 A 考查动词辨析。根据句意可知:此处表示 “损失(数据)还没统计……”,应选择calculated。 considered“考虑”,completed“完成”,controlled “控制”均不符合上下文意思。

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14.—I'm afraid that I can't finish the task as soon as planned. — . A.Don't be afraid B.Don't mention it C.I suppose so D.Take your time 【解析】 D 考查交际用语。句意为:“恐怕我不能像 计划得那么快完成任务。”“别急,慢慢来。”I'm afraid 为委婉的说法,不用Don't be afraid来回答。Don't mention it用来回答道歉。I suppose so表示我想如此,相当于I think so,不符合语境。Take your time表“别着急,慢慢来”, 符合句意。

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15.Whenever he came across difficulties, his father used to come and help to them. A.meet with B.deal with C.live with D.judge with 【解析】 B deal with意为“处理”,符合题意。句意 为:过去无论遇到什么困难,他父亲常常来帮助解决。

1.—I think he is taking an active part in social work. —I agree with you__________. A.in a way B.on the way C.by the way D.in the way [解析] 此题考查介词短语的含义。in a way 在 某种程度上; on the way 在??路上,即将成 为??;by the way 在主要话题或交谈中用以插 入题外的话或问题,常译为“顺便问一下”; in the way 阻碍。 [答案] A

2.My friend Martin was very sick with a fever; __________,he could neither eat nor sleep. A.as a result B.after all C.anyway D.otherwise [解析] 句意:我朋友马丁发烧病倒了;因此, 他既吃不下也睡不着。as a result “因此”;after all “毕竟”; anyway “无论如何”; otherwise “否则,要不然”,故选A项。 [答案] A

5 . The fellow was caught stealing and is now__________in the police station. A.watching over B.watching out for C.being watched over D.being watched out for [解析] 考查动词短语辨析及语态。watch out for 当心,提防;watch over 看守。根据句式结构, 此句应为被动句即他正在警局被看守着,所以只 有C项正确。 [答案] C

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