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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module6 AnimalsinDanger 外研版必修5

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 5Module6 AnimalsinDanger
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.这些座位是留给老人和病人坐的。 These seats ______ ______ ______ old and sick people. 2.字母 USA 代表美国。 The letters USA ______ ______ the United States of America. 3.她预定周四到达。这期间我们做什么呢? She's ______ ______ arrive on Thursday.______,what should we do? 4.这座桥随时都要倒塌。 The bridge is ______ ______ ______ collapse. 5.他们成立了一个业余学习小组。 They ______ ______ a spare time study group. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The incomes of male professionals went up by almost 80% ______,part?time women workers saw their earnings fall. A.However B.Nevertheless C.Besides D.Meanwhile 2.—Do you know Lily has gone to London? —Oh?_ _____ I haven't seen her these days. A.No doubt B.No wonder C.Naturall y D.Of course 3.I'd like to ______ a seat on the next plane to Atlanta. A.preserve B.stay C.maintain D.reserve 4.Because of his strange clothes,he immediately became the ______ of attention when he entered the office. A .concentration B.gathering C.adaption D.focus 5. (2012 四川自贡高三一模,7)As you know,it is my duty to ______ my younger sisters from being hurt when they are in danger. A.prevent B.save C.stop D.protect 6.All people ______ with the case will be questioned by the police. A.concerning B.concerned C.concern D.to concern 7.In Copenhagen Climate Conference,rich countries promised to ______ a fund of $100 billion a year by 2020 to help developing countries. A.make up B.put up C.set up D.send up 8.Most school libraries allow students to borrow two books ______. A.at times B.at a time C.in no time D.at one time 9.Could you keep an eye ______ my suitcase for a moment? A.with B.at C.on D.to 10.Through determination,he had learned to read and write and ______ to become part of leadership of the factory. A.appeared B.struggled C.hesitated D.failed 11.The committee asked for these suggestions to be ______ on paper,so that


they might study them further. A.brought down B.handed down C.laid down D.put down 12.It's no good ______ strength in sh outing. A.taking up B.using up C.wasting D.spending 13.2013 山东青岛二中高三月考, —The Modern Art Exhibition in the City Museum ( 26) has been cancelled. —Oh,no!______. A.It's a pity B.It doesn't matter C.I knew it already D.It's not interesting at all 14.—Oh,my God!It's a sea of cars.How can you ______ your car? —That's easy.Mine is coloured differently from any other one. A.catch B.spot C.pick D.get 15.These clothes are very beautiful.I think they will ______ next year. A.come a fashion B.come into fashion C.follow the fashion D.keep up with fashion Ⅲ.完形填空 (2013 黑龙江哈三中高三期中) An African farmer had heard tales about other farmers who had made millions of dollars by discovering diamond mines.These tales were so __1__ the farmer that he could hardly wait to sell his farm and go __2__diamonds himself.So he sold the farm and __3__ the rest of his life looking for diamonds,but without luck.Finally __4__ he threw himself into a river and drowned. __5__ the man who had bought his farm __6__ to be crossing a small stream on the farm one day __7__ he saw something shining at the bottom of the stream.He __8__ the stone and later put it on his fireplace mantel(壁炉架)as a(n)__9__.Several weeks later,a visitor came and admired the stone.After looking __10__ at it and weighing it in his hand,he asked the farmer if he knew __11__ he'd found.When the farmer said no,the visitor told him he had found one of the la rgest diamonds __12__ discovered.The farmer was __13__.He told the man that his stream was full of these __14__ stones,and that his farmland was covered with them. Needless to say,the __15__ the first farmer had sold,so that he could hunt for a diamond mine, __16__ to be the most productive diamond mine on the entire African continent. __17__ of us is standing on our own land of diamonds.__18__ we have the wisdom and patience to begin by __19__ ourselves,we will find that we __20__ all the riches necessary for future success. 1.A.moved B.shocked C.excited D.scared 2.A.searching for B.applying for C.sending for D.calling for 3.A.devoted B.spent C.took D.concentrated 4.A.in despair B.in surprise C.in delight D.in panic 5.A.Therefore B.Meanwhile C.Moreover D.Somehow 6.A.seemed B.pretended C.happened D.intended 7.A.when B.while C.since D.as 8.A.took up B.picked up C.held up D.broke up 9.A.reward B.gift C.treasure D.invention 10.A.strangely B.clearly C.eagerly D.closely 11.A.where B.when C.how D.what 12.A.never B.ever C.always D.frequently

13.A.astonished B.satisfied C.moved D.encouraged 14.A.interesting B.worthless C.ordinary D.brilliant 15.A.farm B.diamond C.stream D.stone 16.A.made out B.put out C.turned out D.carried out 17.A.No one B.None C.Each D.Either 18.A.Until B.Though C.Because D.If 19.A.exploring B.forcing C.pushing D.inspiring 20.A.collect B.conclude C.contain D.connect Ⅳ.阅读理解 Some scientists say that animals in the oceans are increasingly threatened by noise pollution caused by human beings. The noise that affects sea creatures comes from a number of human activities.It is cau sed mainly by industrial underwater explosions,ocean drilling,and ship engines.Such nois es are added to natural sounds.These sounds include the breaking of ice fields,underwater earthquakes,and sounds made by animals themselves. Decibels(分贝)measured in water are different from those measured on land.A noise of one hundred and twenty decibels on land causes pain to human ears.In water, a decibel level of one hundred and ninety?five would have the same effect. Some scientists have proposed setting a noise limit of one hundred and twenty decibels in the oceans.They have observed that noises at that level can frighten and confuse whales. A team of American and Canadian scientists discovered that louder noises can seriously injure some animals. The research team found that powerful underwater explosions were causing whales in the area to lose their hearing.This seriously affected the whales' ability to exchange information and find their way.Some of the whales even died.The explosions had caused their ears to bleed and become infected. Many researchers whose work depends on ocean sounds object to a limit of one hundred and twenty decibels.They say such a limit would mean an end to important industrial and scientific research. Scientists do not know how much and what kinds of noises are harmful to ocean animals.However,many scientists suspect that noise is a greater danger than they believed.They want to prevent noises from harming creatures in the ocean. 1.According to the passage,which of the following is increasingly dangerous to sea creatures? A.The sound of cars. B.The sound of voices. C.Man?made noise pollution. D.The sound of steps. 2.According to the passage,natural sounds include all of the following EXCEPT ______. A.sounds made by animals themselves B.ocean drilling C.underwater earthquakes D.the breaking of ice fields 3.Which of the following is discussed in the third paragraph? A.The same noise level produces a different effect on land and ocean. B.Different places may have different types of noises. C.The decibel is not a suitable unit for measuring underwater noise. D.Different ocean animals may have different reactions to noises. 4.According to the passage,what will scientists most probably do in the future?

A.They B.They C.They D.They

will will will wil l

work hard to reduce ocean noise pollution. protect animals from harmful noises. try to set a limit of 120 decibel s. study the effect of ocean noise pollution.


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.are reserved for 2.stand for 3.due to;Meanwhile 4.in danger of 5.set up Ⅱ. D however 意为“然而; 1. 可是”; nevertheless 意为“然而; 尽管如此”; besides 意为“此外;还有”;meanwhile 意为“同时;在此期间”。 2.B A 项意为“毫不怀疑”;B 项意为“怪不得;难怪”;C 项意为“自然地”;D 项意为“当然”。根据句意应选 B 项。 3.D preserve 意为“保存;保护”;stay 作“保持”讲时,是不及物动词,后接形 容词作表语;maintain 意为“保持;维持;维修”;reserve 意为“保留;预订”。该题应 选 D 项,表示“预订一个座位”。 4.D concentration 意为“专心;集中”;gathering 意为“聚集”;adaption 意为 “改编;适应”;focus 意为“焦点”。D 项符合题意。 5.D prevent/stop...from...意为“防止、阻止??做??”;save...from...意为 “把??从??救出;省得??去做??”;protect...from...意为“保护??不受?? 的伤害”。句意:你知道,妹妹们有危险时我保护她们不受伤害是我的职责。 6.B be concerned with 意为“与??有关”。句中的 concerned with...作后置定 语,相当于 who are concerned with the case。 7.C make up 意为“组成;编造;和好”;put up 意为“举起;提出”;set up 意 为“建立; 创立”; send up 意为“发射”。 根据句意判断应选 C 项, 表示“建立一个基金”。 8.B at times 意为“有时候”;at a time 意为“每次”;in no time 意为“绝不; 任何时候都不”;at one time 意为“一度;曾经”。根据句意判断应选 B 项,表示“一次 借两本书”。 9.C 句意:你能给我照管一下手提箱吗?keep an eye on“照管;照看”。 10.B A 项意为“出现;看起来”;B 项意为“挣扎;奋斗;努力”;C 项意为“犹豫; 踌躇”;D 项意为“失败;没有做到”。根据句意判断应选 B 项,struggle to become... 表示“努力拼搏成为??”。 11. bring down 意为“使降低”; D hand down 意为“传递”; down 意为“放下”; lay put down 意为“写下;镇压”。句意:委员们要求把这些建议写在纸上,以便他们进一步 研究。 12. It's no good doing sth.“做??没有好处”, C 由句意“费力去喊是没有用的” 知 C 项正确。 13. A 项意为“真可惜”; 项意为“不要紧; A B 没关系”; 项意为“我已经知道了”; C D 项意为“一点也没有意思”。根据语境 Oh,no!判断,A 项符合语境。 14.B spot“看见;看出;认出”。 15.B come into fashion 意为“成为时尚”,为固定搭配,符合句意。 Ⅲ.1.C 从上文可知,别的农民通过发现钻矿而挣了很多钱,这些故事应该使这位农 民很“兴奋”。 2.A search for 意为“寻找”;apply for 意为“申请”;send for 意为“派人去 请”;call for 意为“需要;要求”。根据文意应选 A 项表示“去寻找钻石”。 3.B 此处应用 spend some time(in)doing sth.句型,表示“花费时间做某事”。 其他三项的使用结构分别为 devote ... to,concentrate ... on 和 it takes sb.some time to do sth.。 4.A in despair 意为“绝望地”;in surprise 意为“惊奇地”;in delight 意为 “高兴地”;in panic 意为“惊恐地”。根据 without luck 和后面的 threw himself into a river and drowned 可知应选 A 项。 5. 此处介绍买下他农场的人所做的事情。 B meanwhile 意为“其间; 同时”; therefore 意为“因此”;moreover 意为“另外;此外”;somehow 意为“无论如何;不管怎样”。 6.C seem to do 意为“好像做??”;pretend to do 意为“假装做??”;happen to do 意为“碰巧做??”;intend to do 意为“打算做??”。根据上下文判断应选 C 项,表示“碰巧穿过一条小溪”。 7.A when 可用作并列连词,表示“(突然)就在那个时候”。

8.B take up 意为“占据”;pick up 意为“捡起;用车接;学会”;hold up 意为 “阻止”;break up 意为“分解;解散”。此处指“捡起石头”。 9.C treasure 表示“珍贵的东西;财宝”。 10.D closely 意为“仔细地”,符合语境。 11.D 宾语从句缺少宾语,所以选 what 表示“他发现的东西”。 12.B ever 意为“曾经”,此处是 that had ever been diecovered 的省略。 13.A 从当时的情景推理,听到 这些话这位农民肯定很“震惊”而不是“满意”“感 动” 或“受到鼓舞”,所以选 A 项。 14.D 根据上文的 shining 可知应选 brilliant,表示“光彩夺目的”。 15.A 根据后面的定语从句判断应选 A 项,第一位农民卖掉的是 farm。 16.C turn out to be 意为“结果是;证明是”。 17.C 根据前面故事的寓意判断,此处应选 C 项,表示每个人都有充满宝藏的土地。 18. 此处应选 If 引导条件状语从句, D 表示只要有足够的智慧和耐心发现自己的潜能, 都会发现自己具有获取未来成功的能力。 19.A explore 意为“探索;研究;发现”。B、C 项都是“强迫”的意思;D 项意为 “激励”。 20.C 该题应选 C 项表示“含有;装有;具有”。 Ⅳ.1.C 根据第一段可知,人类造成的噪音污染威胁着海洋生物的安全。 2.B 根据第二段最后一句可知,ocean drilling 不是自然的声音。 3.A 根据第三段可知,在水中检测的音量与在陆地上不同,在水中 195 分贝的音量与 陆地上 120 分贝的音量造成的影响相同。 4.B 根据全文最后一句话可知,科学家将来要采取措施阻止噪音对海洋生物的伤害。