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M3U1 复习
1. At the age of fifteen, Louis Braille created a system with patterns of six ___________ (raise) dots ________________(represent) each letter. 2. Swollen ankles can be a ___________(symbol/sign/sigh) of heart disease. 3. 使糊涂;使迷惑______________(vt.) 将…混淆,混同_____________________________ Judging from his _________(confuse) look, I know he is really _________about the problem. To avoid _________(confuse), please write the children’ names clearly on all their school clothes. 4. It is difficult to _____________(预测) how the students will react when seeing their new English teacher. 5. bus fare ____________; vase ______________; sweat ___________ compass___________ 6. I felt he was observing everything I did. _______________ Many people in China observe Christmas. ______________ We should observe the school rules. ___________________ “That’s really strange.” he observed. ___________________ 7. glance at ____________ glare at _____________ stare at _____________ In the reading room, she found herself ______at by a stranger, which made her a little nervous. Polly found herself ______up at the face of an old man with a beard. A. being stared B. stared C. staring D. to stare 8. 改错:Nowhere the effect of government policy is more apparent(明显的) than in agriculture. Laziness will ___________________________ (让你一事无成). My pet was nowhere _____________________(see). 根本看不到我的宠物在哪儿。 9. We only had $100 and that was _________ to buy a new computer. A. nowhere near enough B. near enough nowhere C. enough near nowhere D. near nowhere enough 10. ________(Whatever/Wherever) it went, it left behind it a trail of dead deer and small animals like rabbits. 11. There was no one ________________(在视力范围之内). I always faint (晕倒) ___________________________ blood (一看到血). 12. As technology develops, various internet-based a_____________ to learning foreign languages have been invented. 13. 一分钟前,她还期盼有人过来。 A minute before, she had _______________ someone to come along. 企求不可能的事情是徒劳无益的。It is no use ________________(企求) the impossible. 14. I’m impressed that Premier Li Keqiang can answer the journalists’ questions without _____________(犹豫). 15. The monkey _________________________ (伸出一只手够) the banana. 16. Kay _____________ me _____________________hand (紧紧抓住我的手). 17. You look a bit ______________(焦虑的 adj.) I suggest you take exercise, for working out regularly in the gym is a good way to __________________________ (缓解焦虑). “The car was not damaged,” said Polly _________________(如释重负地). 18. I am so g________________ (感激的) to you for _______________________ (过来帮助我 aid). I don’t really know how to express my g_______________. 19. pavement ___________ lorry __________ firmly __________ sniff ____________ 20. _________________ (当心) the floor!It is very slippery.

21. The little baby, if _______________ (disturb) by other people, will wake up and cry. A puma will not attack a human being ____________________ (除非被逼得走投无路). 22. Wherever she looked the fog ______________ (lie/lied/lay/laid) like a thick, grey cloud. 23. There is one student in my class who always ______________ (自愿) to answer teacher ’s questions, even though in some cases he does not actually know the right answer. 24. Such a good suggestion should be taken into consideration rather than be completely i_____________. 25. Many young people have their musical talent _____________(认可、承认) by participating in Sing My Song (中国好声音) competitions. 26. We saw light _______________________(在远处). 27. Thunder boomed in the sky___________________ (在 头上方). 28. If we met at 2, would that ______________ (适合) you? 29. _____________(系上) the message to its leg, he sets the bird ____________(松开的) and it disappears into the dark. We should _________________________ (重视) reading comprehension. However, Catherine grows very attached to him. Soon, the two children spend hours on the moors (荒原) together and hate every moment apart. __________________________ 30. Blindness is a very serious d_________________. 31. __________________ (和…相反)popular belief, evidence shows that sharks seldom attack humans. 32. Don’t you know that it is rude to _______________(耳语;低语)? He told me about his past life ______________________ (小声说). 33. U_____________ my twin sister, I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. 34. Many ways have been e_______________ to control the spread of H7N9 Bird Flu. 35. I was once b_______________ by a snake, which almost killed myself. 36. The villagers living near Sino-Burma border(中缅边界) p_____________ at the sound of explosion, which was later confirmed to have killed 4 innocent people. 37. 他今天晚上可能会来。 (likely 两种) 38. He _____________(卷起)the paper and puts it into a small case, and then ____________(把手 伸进)the cage and gets a bird. 完形填空 I was anxious to rejoin my companions and try the fishing before the shadow of peaks entirely covered the lake. Just a short distance beyond the intervening shale (页岩) , a trail 36 down to the valley. I disliked the thought of returning by the long, 37 trail I had climbed, and decided to risk the shale 38 part of it lay above a sheer drop(落差) of several hundred feet. With considerable 39 , I started making my way over the loose rock and had 40 about half the distance when I became 41 of a slight but continuous slide of the shale under my feet. 42 , I looked for something that would offer 43 and jumped suddenly forward to grasp a solid rock just as the surface shale underfoot dropped downward and disappeared 44 the valley. Several seconds passed 45 I heard it fall into the lake. Finally, after consideration of the foolishness of short cuts, I 46 to move from handhold (支撑点)to handhold and, at last, pulled myself to the trail 47 the aid of a small pine root. I have forgotten how many fish I caught that afternoon, but I have not forgotten the 48 of handhold. Handholds are also needed during the 49 of everyday life. They provide security when the things we 50 seem to be slipping out from under us. What are the spiritual handholds I

have found to be the most valuable? The nature of this world and of the people in it is 51 more by our individual belief, wisdom and action than by any material environmental factors. In other words, whatever 52 you are faced with in your life, know that it’s there to help you 53 and develop. Use the problems you experience to help you build your personal confidence, and then take action decidedly to overcome them calmly. These are the principal 54 handholds I have found to possess lasting value. They 55 both an exciting challenge and a calm assurance. They are the things I believe. 36. A. ran B. crawled C. wandered D. pointed 37. A. convenient B. dull C. amazing D. muddy 38. A. as though B. in that C. even though D. now that 39. A. caution B. comfort C. confidence D. concern 40. A. passed B. transported C. measured D. covered 41. A. convinced B. scared C. careful D. conscious 42. A. Fortunately B. Desperately C. Hopefully D. Gradually 43. A. support B. strength C. guidance D. guarantee 44. A. on B. above C. in D. under 45. A. when B. until C. before D. after 46. A. tried B. intended C. expected D. managed 47. A. with B. under C. in D. through 48. A. advantage B. profit C. value D. nature 49. A. routine B. procedure C. order D. course 50. A. depend on B. stick to C. take on D. turn to 51. A. controlled B. determined C. advocated D. arranged 52. A. situation B. consequence C. failure D. challenge 53. A. stay B. grow C. stretch D. extend 54. A. special B. moral C. spiritual D. physical 55. A. offer B. contain C. produce D. make 阅读理解 My daughter, Emma (in the 7th grade), started back to school last week. She told me a boy named Jake who suffers from an eating disorder and is extremely overweight. As you might expect, he is the center of many jokes. Jake gives the impression that he’s not nice to other people as well mostly because of the fact that he’s constantly picked on. For several nights this week Emma came home from school upset about the fact that Jake gets picked on so much. She also mentioned that he had no school supplies as his family could not afford them. He constantly would be asking to borrow paper which just gives kids even more reason to pick on him. One night Emma was extremely upset about this situation, not only because Jake was picked on but that he also had no supplies. We sat together that evening and discussed the situation in great detail. We devised a plan for Emma to engage Jake in a conversation and to ask Jake what he needed for supplies—with her telling him that she had extra supplies she would like to share. The next day, Emma spent some time with Jake and really came to realize that this young man had a heart of gold, but rarely was able to show because he was always on the defensive. Emma asked Jake to make a list of the supplies that he needed. He put together a small list, 3 ring binders, paper, pens, pencils and a pencil sharpener. Emma told him she would help and he was most appreciative.

That evening Emma and I bought everything on his list. When we got home, we put all the supplies into a brand new grey back pack—for Jake did not have a back pack either. The next day, I brought the bag to the school principal and asked the principal to give the bag to Jake discreetly (谨慎地) so that he did not have to feel embarrassed. Later that day I picked Emma after school and she was all smiles. The principal had called Jake down to his office and gave him the bag. Jake read the little note that Emma put in hoping that he got all he needed and to enjoy the supplies. As Jake walked into the classroom—he winked at Emma and later thanked her very much for all the stuff—he loved it. Emma explained to me, that it was so cute to see him take out his new pencil box and to start arranging his pencils and pens. He seemed very happy. 56. What do we know about Jake from the first paragraph? A. He is tall, strong and easy-going. B. He is fond of playing tricks on his classmates. C. He is always laughed at by his classmates. D. He doesn’t like to talk to his friends. 57. According to the passage, Emma was about Jake’s situation. A. sorrowful B. concerned C. optimistic D. pleased 58. Why did Emma talk to Jake the next day? A. She meant to offer him some advice. B. She hoped to know more about him. C. She expected to make friends with him. D. She wanted to find out what he needed. 59. What is the passage mainly about? A. A mother’s love. B. An act of kindness. C. Emma’s school life. D. Jake’s situation at school. B The Graduate School of University of Florida welcomes you to apply for one of the highest quality and most affordable graduate education opportunities available today. How the Application Process Works ◆The UF Office of Admission, which determines your eligibility(合格) for admission to the university. ◆The department you want to major in, which determines your eligibility for its graduate program. ◆ If you are a non-US applicant, the UF International Center, which determines your eligibility for a student visa after you are admitted, on the basis of your reported preexisting funds. Please note: The UF Graduate School is not involved in this process. Contact the department you are applying to if you have questions about your application. Application Steps 1. Read all the information and instructions on the UF Office of Admissions graduate admission webpages. 2. Contact the department you want to major in to find out its application requirements and deadlines. 3. Fill out and submit your online application and application fee payment by clicking on the link. 4. Have your official test scores (FE, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, MELAB, TOEFL, TSE) and transcripts(文本)sent to UF Office of Admission( with official translations of them, if the originals are not in English). 5. Send these materials to the department you want to major in: ◆ Statement of purpose (letter of intent). ◆ Resume or curriculum vita.

◆ Recommendation letters. ◆ A graduate fellowship/assistantship application. ◆ Transcripts (with official translations, if the originals are not in English). ◆ Any other materials required by the graduate program you are applying for. Please note: You can now choose to submit your statement of purpose, resume and recommendation letters online via the UF Office of Admissions online application system. Official test scores received at the UF Office of Admissions will automatically be made available to your department. 6. E-mail your department to let it know you have applied online and have sent it application materials. Application Fee UF’s nonrefundable application fee is $30. You can pay online by credit card (for a $1.75 extra) or mail your payment (your name and UFID number on the check and a cover memorandum attached to the check) to the school address. Test Score Codes The UF’s code for submission of GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and TSE scores is 5812. 60. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. The UF Office of Admission can decide whether you will be a qualified graduate. B. The department you major in will determine whether you can graduate or not. C. The UF International Center is in charge of checking your visa before the admission. D. The UF Graduate School can answer all the questions about your application. 61. Which of the following can be inferred from the poster? A. The transcripts must be written in one’s official language. B. The application fee can be paid in cash if necessary. C. You needn’t send the test score to your department in person. D. You have to call to tell the department about your application. 62. When you apply for the graduate education opportunity, you __________. A. need to send your exam papers yourself C. should get a score of at least 5812 for any test B. have to pay $ 31.75 by mailing D. must state the reasons for application

C Mr. Helton was the closest mouthed fellow Mr. Thomson had ever met up with all his day. The first day Mr. Helton was hired to work for Thomson’s family, they tried, at the dinner table after work, to engage Mr. Helton in conversation, but it was a failure. They tried first the weather, and then the crops and then the cows, but Mr. Helton simply did not reply. Mr. Thompson then told something funny he had seen in town. It was about some of the other old farmers, friends of his, giving beer to a goat, and the goat’s following behavior. Mr. Helton did not seem to hear. Mrs. Thomson laughed dutifully, but she didn’t think it was funny. She had heard it often before, though Mr. Thompson, each time he told it, pretended it had happened that same day. It must have happened years ago if it ever happened at all, and it had never been a story that Mrs. Thompson thought suitable for mixed company. The whole thing came of Mr. Thompson’s weakness for drinking too much now and then. She passed the food to Mr. Helton, who took every serving of all the foods, but not much, not enough to keep him up to his full powers if he expected to go on working the way he had started. At last he took a fair-sized piece of cornbread, wiped his plate up as clean as if it had been licked up by a dog, stuffed his mouth full, and, still chewing, slid off the bench and started for the

door, “Good night, Mr. Helton,” said Mrs. Thompson, and the other Thompsons took it up. “Good night, Mr. Helton!” “Good night,” said Mr. Helton’s voice from the darkness. “Gude not,” said Arthur, imitating Mr Helton. “Gude not,” said Hert, the copy-cat. “You don’t do it right,”said Arthur. “Now listen to me. Guuuuuuude, naht.” Herbert almost went into a fit with joy. “Now stop that,” said Mrs. Thomson. “He can’t help the way he talks. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, both of you, making fun of a poor stranger like that. How’d you like to be a stranger in a strange land?” “I’d like it”, said Arthur. “I think it would be fun.” “They’re both regular heathens, Ellie. We’ve got to raise them. We can’t just let them grow up wild.” said Mr. Thompson. He turned the face of awful fatherhood upon his young. “You’re both going to get sent to school next year, and that’ll knock some sense into you!” “It’s no use picking on them when they’re so young and tender.” She went on in another tone. “That Mr. Helton seems all right, even if he can’t be made to talk. I wonder how he comes to be so far from home.” 67. What did Mrs. Thomson think about her husband’s telling the funny story to Mr. Helton? A. Her husband did a right thing to interest Mr. Helton. B. It was not proper to tell such a story to a stranger. C. The story was funny enough to attract Mr. Helton. D. It was her duty to laugh in the presence of a stranger. 68. From the passage, we can infer that . A. Mr. Helton was a quiet and unhappy man B. Mr. Helton worked hard before coming for dinner C. Mr. Thomson would be very kind to Mr. Helton D. Mrs. Thomson didn’t like Mr. Helton’s accent 69. The expression “regular heathens” in the passage indicates that Mr. Thomson was . A. angry with their children’s behavior B. eager to send their children to school C. disappointed at his children’s school education D. confident school would change their children 70. At the end of the passage Mrs. Thomson returned to the topic about Mr. Helton because she was . A. interested in Mr. Helton’s pronunciation B. worried about her difficulties in communication C. curious about Mr. Helton’s coming from far away D. trying to change her husband’s emotion


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