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Unit 4 Why dont you talk to your parents知识点测试题

Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents?知识点
1. Why don’t you talk to your parents? 你为什么不和你打父母谈谈呢? 【解析】Why don't you do sth. ?= Why not do sth.? 为什么不......呢? 【拓展】用于提建议的句型有: (1) What about doing sth. ?=How about doing sth.? ….怎么样? (2) Why don’t you do sth.?= Why not do sth.? 为什么不呢? (3) Let’s do sth. 让我们一起做某事吧。 (4) Shall we/I do sth.? 我们做?好吗? (5) had better do/not do sth. 最好做/不做某事 (6) Will/Would you please do sth. 请你做?好吗? (7) Would you like to do sth.? 你想去做某事吗? (8) Would you mind doing sth.?你介意做某事吗? 【回答】 (1). 同意对方的建议时,一般用: ◆ Good idea. / That’s good idea. 好主意 ◆OK/ All right. / Great. 好/ 行/太好了 ◆ Yes, please. / I’d love to. 是的/ 我愿意 ◆ I agree with you. 我同意你的看法 ◆ No problem. 没问题 ◆Sure./ Of course./ Certainly. 当然可以 ◆Yes, I think so. 对,我也这样想 (2).对对方的帮助或要求表示委婉谢绝时,一般用: ◆ I don’t think so. 我认为不是这样 ◆Sorry, I can’t. 对不起,我不能 ◆I’d love to, but?我愿意,但恐怕?? ◆ I’m afraid?恐怕?? 【2013 天津 4】35.— Why not go to Lao She Teahouse tonight? — ______. A. It doesn't matter. B. Thank you. C. Sorry to hear that. D. Sounds great. 【2013 广东广州 4】25.—I feel really tired. —______ A. Lucky you! B. You’d better work harder. C. Congratulations! D. Why not go and have a rest? 【2013 四川凉山 3】37. —It’s a nice day, isn’t it? —Yes. ______ going hiking and relax ourselves? A. Why not B. Why don’t C. What about 【2013 湖南益阳】You look too tired. Why not _____ a rest? A. Stop to have B. to stop having C. stop having 2. I have to study too much so I don’t get enough sleep. 我要学的太多,因此我睡眠不足。 【解析 1】(1)too many + 复数名词许多 too many people (2)too much +不可数名词许多 too much homework (3)much too +形容词太? much too cold 【2013 山东德州 1】— What’s the matter?

— I have a stomachache. Maybe I have eaten ___ tonight. A. too much B. too many C. much too 【解析 2】 so conj. 因此 (表示因果关系, 后面跟表示结果的句子, 不与 because 同时使用) 【 2013 浙江舟山、嘉兴 1 】 18. The shops were closed_______ I didn't get any milk. A. so B. as C. or D. but 3. My parents don’t allow me to hang out with my friends. 我的父母不允许我和我的朋友们出去闲逛。 【解析】allow sb.. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 【拓展】allow v 允许 allow doing sth. 允许做某事 They don’t allow smoking. allow sb.. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 My mother allows me to watch TV. be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事 ② We don’t allow ___________(smoke) in the reading room. ②Our teacher allows us ____________(go) out for a walk. ③ The boy should be allowed____(play) after supper. ④ We won’ t allow ________in the cinema .But you are allowed ______in the rest room.(smoke) ⑤Teenagers should ___________ (allow) to choose their own clothes. 【2013 辽宁鞍山 3】 25. —Can I smoke in the dining hall? —Sorry. It's not_________. A. promised B. realized C. allowed D. reminded 【拓展】allow 与 let 的辨析: allow 指 “允许” , 表示 “默许, 听任, 不加阻止” , allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事。 Let 指“让” ,let sb. do sth.让某人做某事,语意较弱,多用于口语中,let 不能用于被动语态。 4. What’s wrong?怎么啦? 【解析】What’s wrong( with sb../ sth.) (某人/物)怎么了? 【2013 四川南充】— Mum , I’m not feeling well. — Oh, dear! _____. A. What’s wrong? B. Not at all.C. All right. 5. I’m really tried because I studied until midnight last night. 我真的很累,因为我昨天晚上一直学习到半夜。 【解析】until 直到...... 时【2013 山东临沂 2】23. Please hold on to your dream _____ one day it comes true. A. if B. until C. unless D. though 【2013 山东青岛 3】13. If you have trouble pronouncing these words, you can repeat them over and over again ______ you are comfortable with them. A. unless B. if C. until D. while 【2013 浙江丽水 3】 18. —Hey, man. You can’ t cross the street now. You have to wait _____the traffic turn green. —Oh, sorry and thank you. A. when B. after C. until D. while 6. Why don’t you go to sleep earlier this evening? 今天晚上你为什么不早点睡觉呢? 【解析】go to sleep 去睡觉 (强调“入睡,睡着”这一动作) Fall asleep 睡觉 (强调“ 入睡,睡着”这一状态) 7. You look sad, Kim. 金,你看起来很伤心。 【解析】look 看起来(系动词,后跟形容词作宾语)

【2012 江苏苏州 3】Some of friends eat with their eyes. They prefer to ( 更喜欢) what ____ nice. A. feels B. smells C. looks D. tastes 【拓展】 :系动词:后跟 adj. 作表语 一是: (be)am /is /are be quiet=keep quiet 保持安静 二保持:stay/keep (表示持续状态) stay healthy=keep healthy 保持健康 三变化:become/get/turn (表示状态变化) 五起来:sound/look/smell/taste/feel (表示感觉) ( ) Jack usually gets ______ when he speaks in public. A. happily B. exciting C. worried D. tired ( ) Tom’s father looks very _____. But he is very kind. A. seriously B. serious C. friendly 8. You call him up. 你给他打电话。 【解析】call up (v + adv) call on 拜访;号召 I call up my parents every Sunday. 9.Well, I found my sister looking through my things yesterday. 哦,昨天我发现我妹妹翻了我的东西。 【解析 1】find sb.. doing sth. 发现某人正在做某事 Mr. Wang found Li Dong reading a storybook in the class. 类似动词:hear,watch, see, feel 【贵州安顺】When I went into the room, I found ___ in bed. A. him lying B. he lying C. he lies D. him was lying 【解析 2】look through 浏览 【拓展】与 look 相关的短语: ⑴ although conj, “虽然;即使;纵然” ,引导让步状语从句时放在主句前后都可。 Although he is very old, yet he is quite strong.他虽然年纪大了,但身体还很健壮。 ⑵ however adv ,在句中作插入语,起一个连词的作用,一般用逗号与句子分开,可以放在句首或句中,意 为“然而,尽管如此” 。 It’s raining hard, however, I think we should go out. 雨下的很大,尽管如此,我认为我们还应 该出去。 【解析 2】It’s not a big deal. 没什么大不了;不是什么大事(常用于口语中) You left your homework at home. 你把作业忘在家里了。 【解析】leave v 遗忘,留下 leave sth. . somewhere 把某物忘在某地 leave sb.. by oneself 把某人单独留下 【2012 山东济宁】22.—Sorry, Mr. Green. I have ____ my homework at home. —Never mind. But don't forger next time. A. put B. kept C. left D. remained 12. Hope things work out. 希望事情顺利解决。 【解析 1】hope v 希望 hope to do sth. I hope to visit Guilin. hope + that 从句(表示希望) I hope that you’ll be better soon wish v 希望 wish to do sth. I wish to visit Guilin. wish sb..to do sth. 希望某人做某事 I wish you to go. wish +that 从句表示愿望,从句用虚拟语气 I wish I were you. 【解析 2】work out 解决;成功地发展,后跟 fine,well, badly 等词,表明产生的结果如何。 work out

【2013 四川遂宁 3】30. The teachers encourage their students to ____ the problems by themselves, and in this way students can enjoy success. A. give up B. work out C. look through 13. My problem is I can’t get on with my favorite. 我的问题是我不能喝我的家人和睦相处。 【解析】get on with sb. =get along with sb. 和某人和睦相处;和某人关系良好 get on well/ badly with 相处的好/坏 【 2013 湖 北 】 32. — What kind of persons do you prefer to make friends with? —I choose my friends on their characters and how we __________. A. get in B. get up C. get on D. get off 14. When they argue, it’s like a big, black cloud hanging over our home. 当他们争吵的时候,就像有一大团乌云笼罩在我们家。 【解析 1】argue 争吵→argument n 争论 have an argument with sb..与某人辩论 argue with sb.. 与某人争吵 argue with sb.. about sth. 为某事与某人争吵 argue about sth. 争论某事 argue against 争辩;反对 He argued against the plan 【 2013 辽 宁 锦 州 】 11. — He looks unhappy today. — Let ’ s A. cheer him up B. help out him C. look him after D. argue with him 【解析 2】 hang over 挂在......之上;悬浮在......之上 hang out 闲逛;常去某处 He likes reading and he often hangs out in the bookshop. hang on to 紧紧抓住 You’d better hang on to me in the crowd. hang up 挂电话;悬挂 After she finished her conversation 15. Also, my elder brother is not very nice to me. 同时,我哥哥对我也不太友善。 【解析】elder adj.年纪较长的 His elder brother is ill. elder 用来表示兄弟姐妹及子女之间的长幼关系,常用作定语 older 泛指新旧、老幼或年龄的大小关系,可以用作表语,是 old 的比较级形式。 【记】 My ______brother is 7 years older than my younger sister. 【2013 南京 2】 I’ m surprised that John is only 25. I thought he was ________ , for he seems to be in his thirties. A. old B. older C. young D. younger 【解析 2】be nice to sb.. 对某人友好 be friendly to sb.. be good to sb.. 16. He always refuses to let me watch my favorite TV show. 他总是拒绝让我看我最喜欢的电视节目。 【解析】refuse =say no to v 拒绝 refuse to do sth.拒绝去做某事 ① The boy refused __________(go) to see his father with us. ( ) ②He refused when I asked him for help. A. said yes B. said no C. said hello 【2013 浙江宁波】74. He invited her to his birthday party but she _______(拒绝). 17. Instead he watches whatever he wants until late at night. 相反,他却想看什么酒看什么,一直到深夜。 【解析 1】instead 代替,反而,替 (1) instead 副词,代替, 常放在句首或句尾,表示前面的事情没做,而做了后面的事情。 Lee was ill so I went instead.李病了,所以我去了。 (2) instead of +n/doing 代替, 而不是, 放在句中 instead of 为介词短语, 后面一般接名词、 代词、介词短语或动名词形式。 She wrote to him instead of calling him. =She didn’t call him. She wrote to him instead.


她没有给他打电话,而是给他写了封信。 ( ) Health is very important to us. We should eat more vegetables and fruit _____ rich food. A. instead B. instead of C. because of D. because 【 2011 江 苏 徐 州 4 】 14. We ’ ve got no coffee. Let ’ s have tea _______. A. either B. however C. yet D. instead 【2013 江苏盐城】59.To keep fit, we should have more vegetables and fruit _________(代替) of too much meat. 【解析 2】 whatever = no matter what 任何,每一 【2013 甘肃兰州】_________ happens, I won’t change my mind.(无论什么) 18. If your parents are having problems, you should offer to help. 如果你的父母有问题,你应该主动提供帮助。 【解析】offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 【拓展】offer v 主动给予 (1) offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 (2)offer sb.. sth.= offer sth. to sb.. 主动提供给某人某物 ( ) The little boy _____ his seat to the old lady on the crowded bus. A. offered B. brought C. lent D. took 【2013 山东莱芜 2】27. The little boy ________ his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus. A. lent B. offered C. took D. brought 19. Secondly,why don’t you sit down and communicate with your brother? 其次,你为什么不能坐下来和你的哥哥交流一下呢? 【解析 1】secondly adv.第二;其次 【解析】compare A with B 将 A 和 B 比较 (1)compare?with?把??与?..做比较 (2) compare?to?把?..比做?? ( ) ①. People often compare a teacher a candle. A. to B. into C. as D. with ( ) ②. It’s necessary English Chinese in English study. A. compare to B. to compare with C. comparing to D. to compare; into 【 2011 四 川 广 元 】 — Why are most children under too much pressure ? — Because their parents always compare them ___ others. A. With B. by C. to 15.Doctors say too much pressure is not good for a child’s development. 医生说太多的压力不利于孩子们的发展。 【解析 1】be good for 对......有好处 【拓展】good ( better best) adj. 好的→ goodness n 好处;善行;美德 be good for 对?.有益处(反)be bad for 对?有害处 be good at +n/doing=do well in +n/doing 擅长于做某事 be good to sb. =be kind to =be friendly to sb.对某人友好 【记】The boy is good ______me .He is good ______English , and he tells me oral practice is good ______improve spoken English. 【新疆中考】I think drinking milk is good ____ our health. A. for B. to C. with D. at 【湖北咸宁】— I think drinking milk every morning is good ____ our health. — Yes, I agree _____ you. A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with

【山东临沂】English is my favorite subjiect , and I am good ___ it. A. for B. to C. at D. of 【解析 2】development 发展 【2012 江苏泰州】Good habits are good for the ___________(develop) of us teenagers. 【2012 江苏盐城】 The ____________(develop) of science has changed our world a lot. 16.Dr. Alice Green says all these activities can cause a lot of stress for children. 爱丽丝. 格林医生说所有的这些活动可能 给孩子们带来很多压力。 【解析】 cause v. 造成,使发生 (1) cause sb. to do sth 使某人做某事 (2) cause sb. for sb. 给某人添麻烦 ( ) ① She always ___ trouble ___ people. A. cause; to B. cause for C. causing; to D. causing; for ( ) ② Every year driving after drinking wine ____ a lot of traffic accidents. A. happens B. provides C. causes 【拓展】 cause, reason, excuse 辨析 ⑴ cause n.原因,指引起某种结果的“原因” ,后接介词 of. The cause of the accident was the fact that he was driving too fast. 事故的原因是他开车开的太 快。 ⑵ reason n.理由,原因,指决定做某事或采取某项行动的理由。 The reason he was driving so fast was that he didn’ t want to miss an important meeting. 他开车 如此快的原因是他不想错过一个重要的会议。 ⑶ excuse n.辩解, 借口, 指对某种行为所做的解释, 可以是真的, 也可以是托词。 He made a good excuse for his driving. 他为自己开快车找了一个堂皇的借口。 ( ) What ___ the flowers to die? A. made B. had C. caused D .get ( ) Do you often ___ trouble ____ your parents? A. get; into B. pay; for C. cause; for D. give; to 17.In my opinion, it is important for children/ parents to ... 我认为,对于孩子们/父母来 说, ......是重要的。 【解析】in one’s opinion 以某人的观点;在某人看来 18. Perhaps children/ parents should / could ......或许孩子们/父母应该/ 可能....... 【解析】perhaps 也许;可能 【拓展】perhaps,probably,possibly,maybe 辨析 ⑴perhaps 意为“也许,可能” ,一般指比较小的可能性。 Perhaps I will see him the day after tomorrow, but I am not sure. 也许我后天去看他,不过我不 能确定。 ⑵probably“很可能,大概” ,其可能性最大,表示一种几乎完全肯定的意思。 He will probably refuse the offer.他很可能会拒绝这份提议。 ⑶ possibly 意为“可能,或许,也许” ,可能性较大。 I’ll see you today, or possibly tomorrow.我今天要见你,不过也可能是明天。 ⑷ maybe“或许,大概” ,主要用于非正式场合,常用在口语中,语气比 perhaps 轻。 Maybe you put the letter in your basket. 或许你把信放在你的篮子里了。 19. It’s crazy. 这是疯狂的。

【解析】 crazy. adj. 不理智的; 疯狂的 (在句中作定语、 表语、 宾语补足语) be crazy about 对??着迷;热衷于?? I’m crazy about football. 20.Does Cathy Taylor think it’s important for kids to join after-school activities? 凯西. 泰勒认为对于孩子们而言参加课文活动重要吗? 【解析】It’s + adj.(easy,difficult,important,necessary) +(for sb.) to do sth 【注】若形容词表示事物特征的,如:easy ,difficult, hard ,important 等,须用介词 for 【形容物,用 for】It’s +adj( kind, honest, friendly, )+(of sb) to do sth. 【注】若形容词表示人的性格、品质与特点,如:good ,kind ,nice, wrong 等,用介词 of。 【形 容人用 of】 【2012 山东东营】 It’ s very convenient ___ us to buy train tickets now because we can buy them either from the station or on the Internet. A. to B. of C. by D. for ① It’s important for us _______(learn) English well. ② It’s hard for us ____________(finish) this task in two days. ( )③ It’s very nice ____ you to help me a lot. A. for B. of C. in D. on ( ) ④ It’s very ___ of you to work out the problem for me. A. kind B. polite C. clever D. easy 21. keep on happening 持续发生 【解析】keep on doing 继续做某事 keep sb. doing sth 让某人一直做某事 keep up with 跟上 keep sb. from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 keep away from 避开 Mr. Li kept _________(work) here for nearly 30 years.

一、 情态动词 should 与 could 的用法 should 的用法 should 为情态动词,表示劝告、建议,意为“应该” ,它和其他情态动词一 样,没有人称和数的变化,后接动词原形,其否定形式为 shouldn’t。 Maybe she should say sorry to you.也许她应该跟你说声对不起。 could 的用法情态动词 could 既是 can 的过去式,表示过去的能力,又可以表示谨慎、客气 的建议,后接动词原形,其否定形式为 couldn’t。 My grandfather could drive well even at the age of eighty. 我的祖父甚至到了 80 岁任然能很好 地驾车。 You could go out and buy her some medicine. 你可以出去给他买些药。 ( ) The girl_____ read before she went to school? A. Could B. Couldn’t C. Should D. May 解析:此题考查情态动词。表示过去的能利用 could,故选 A。 二、状语从句 状语从句就是在句子中作状语的从句。 状语从句有好几种, 如时间状语从句、 原因状语从句、 条件状语从句、 结果状语从句、 目的状语从句等。 本单元重点讲述以下三种类型的状语从句。 1. until 引导的时间状语从句 until 意为“直到;在........之前” 。注意 until 和 not.....until 在用法上的区别。 Until:在带有 till 或 until 引导的时间状语从句里如果主句用肯定式,其含义是“一直到??时” ,谓语动 词只能用延续性动词。 如果主句用否定式,其含义是“直到??才??”, 谓语动词可用瞬间动词。

The young man read till the light went out. Let’s wait until the rain stops. We won’t start until Bob come Don’t get off until the bus stops. Continue in this direction until you see a sign. 一直朝着这个方向走直到你看见一个指示牌。 I didn’t wake up until I heard the alarm clock. 直到听到闹钟的铃声我才醒来。 2. so that 引导的目的状语从句 so that 是连词, 意为 “为的是, 以便” , 引导目的状语从句。 注意 so that, in order that 和 in order to 在用法上的区别。 Let me take down your telephone number so that I can call you later. 让我记下你的号码,为的 是以后好打电话给你。 3. although 引导的状语从句 although 的用法意思相当于 though(尽管,虽然) ,用来引导让步状语从句。它所引导的从 句不能与并列连词 but,and, so 等连用,但可以和 yet, still 等词连用。 ① Although the book was old, we decided to buy it. 尽管这本书很旧,我们还是决定买。② Although he was tired, he went on working. 尽管很累,他还是继续工作。? Although he had only entered the contest for fun, he won first prize. 尽管他参加这次竞赛只不 过是闹着玩而已,却赢得了头等奖

Ⅱ.单项填空(15 分) 21.His father doesn’t allow him swimming alone. A.goes B.to go C.going D.go 22.What’s with you? A.wrong B.the wrong C.matter D.up 23. give him a watch? A.What about B.Let’s C.Why don’t D.Why don’t you 24.You could save some money you can buy a gift for your mother. A.in order to B.because C.so D.so that 25.I think the result must him very much. A.surprise B.surprised C.surprising D.surprises 26. he is very poor, he feels very happy. A.Although;but B.Although;/ C.Because;so D.Because;/ 27.This math question is too difficult. Can you help me ? A.work on it B.work out it C.work it out D.work for it 28.He has two sons. They are Jim and Tom. Jim is Tom’s brother. A.old B.older C.elder D.young 29.The old man looks very unhappy, because he lives ,and he feels very . A.alone;alone B.lonely;lonely C.alone;lonely D.lonely;alone 30.He should the teacher. A.explain B.explain to C.explained D.explained to 31.—What’s wrong? —I can’t do my homework now. I my homework in the classroom this morning.

A.leave B.forget C.forgot D.left 32.I’m not sure. His father in the office. A.maybe B.may be C.may D.is 33.He is very angry with his mother, because his mother always A.compares B.complains C.tells D.makes 34.Is there in this story? A.wonderful somethingB.something wonderful C.wonderful anythingD.anything wonderful 35.It is too loud.Please the radio. A.turn on B.turn off C.turn down D.turn up

him with the best student.

Ⅲ.完形填空(10 分) Monday morning is an important time at our school. All of the students go to the playground. We listen to music, and we 36 the national flag (国旗) go up. Usually, one student gives a talk on Monday mornings. One Monday last year, a boy gave the talk. He was 37 and excited! When I saw him, I wanted to have a try, too. Can I really do it? Last week, our teacher said our class should give the talk. My teacher 38 me, “I know you want to have a try. Next Monday, you can give the talk. Go and write something down. Get ready for it. I’m sure you’ll do well.” “Thank you,” I answered. It was such a great 39 for me! When I got home, I was excited. I wrote two pages for the talk. I read them again and again. When I read, I asked my parents 40 . I wanted to make my teacher happy. Monday morning came. I began to feel 41 . When did I last give a talk to so many people? Never! This was my first time. Could I really do it? Maybe I couldn’t finish the talk. When I got to school, we all went out to playground. I 42 in front of everyone. I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say anything. “Take it easy,” I said to 43 .“Don’t be nervous. You can do it.” Just then, I looked down at everyone. I saw about 1,000 eyes. They were all looking at me! I couldn’t even stand up. I looked at their eyes more carefully. Their eyes were saying, “You can do it! Don’ t be afraid, just talk!” I 44 a big breath(呼吸).Then I began to talk. It wasn’t hard. It was easy. I don’t know 45 I finished my talk. But I did it. I felt so good that day. I showed myself to everyone what I can do. 36.A.watch B.see C.notice D.look at 37.A.surprising B.proud C.amazed D.careful 38.A.asked B.asked for C.said to D.showed 39.A.chance B.news C.time D.message 40.A.to listen to B.to listen C.listen to D.listen 41.A.excited B.happy C.nervous D.surprised 42.A.stand B.stood C.was standing D.have stood 43.A.me B.my class C.myself D.my parents 44.A.took B.held C.put D.left 45.A.when B.how C.why D.whether

Ⅳ.阅读理解(10 分) In the world today, all of the people need to have fun when they are free. We can’t work all the time if we are going to keep healthy and enjoy life. Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Perhaps the most popular form (形式) is to take part in sports. There are team sports, such as basketball and football. There are also individual(个人的) sports, such as swimming and running. Skating and mountain climbing are the most popular recreation (消遣) for people who like to be outdoors. Not everyone who enjoys sports likes to take part in them. Many people like watching them on TV or listening to them on the radio. So many people like some indoor relaxation, such as watching TV, singing and dancing. It doesn’t matter if we like indoor recreation or take part in outdoor sports. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time, and enjoy some themselves. 46.Which is the most popular form of recreation? A.Sleeping. B.Watching TV. C.Sports. D.Singing and dancing. 47.People want to take part in sports to . A.make friendsB.keep healthy and enjoy life C.find a good jobD.make more money 48.Outdoor sports include . A.watching TVB.singing and dancing C.listening to the radioD.skating and mountain climbing 49.Why do many people like watching sports on TV or listening to them on the radio? A.Because they don’t enjoy life.B.Because they don’t enjoy sports. C.Because they like sports but they don’t like to take part in them. D.Because they don’t need recreation. 50.The passage (文章) mainly (主要) tells us that . A.basketball is a kind of team sports B.indoor recreation is not as important as outdoor sports C.different people have different ways of relaxing D.everyone who enjoys sports should take part in them



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