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必修 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes 地震
A Horrible Earthquake
Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyed. Railway tracks became useless bars. Pipes in mines burst and let outsmelly steam. Huge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere.
The next day, this event was the headline or maintitle of all newspapers. With the reporters giving an outline of the disaster, the whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim’s extremesuffering. People were moved when they read that the survivors comforted each other by saying “Congratulations! You survived!”. So they not only expressed their sympathysincerely, but also organized together to help the victims right away. The injured were rescued and the dead were buried. The frightenedsurvivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelter, fresh water and electricity. Thanks to people’s help, the loss was minimized.
可怕的地震 地震前,水井和运河里的污水都涨涌起来。但是却没人判断出地震即将来临。霎那间,一切都在摇晃,似乎整个 世界就要结束。数以百万的砖房和许多水坝遭到破坏;铁路轨道都变成无用的铁条;煤矿管道纷纷爆裂,发出有臭味 的蒸汽;到处都有骑车的人被巨大的裂缝陷住。
第二天,所有报纸都纷纷以大字标题或主要标题报道了这一事件。记者们描述了灾难的大概情况,全国都被地 震的破坏和灾民们极度的苦难所震惊。当人们读到幸存者以“恭喜啊,你还活着。”来互相安慰时,都被感动了。人 们不仅衷心地表达了他们的同情,而且还立刻组织起来帮助灾民。伤员被救助了,死者被埋葬了,吓坏的幸存者被 从废墟中挖出来了,栖身处、净水和电力也很快得到提供。多亏了人们的帮助,灾区的损失被减到了最小。

1.__________(n.) 地震(同 quake) 2.__________(n.) 井 3.__________(n.) 管;导管 4.__________(vi.) 爆裂;爆发 (n.)突然破裂;爆发 5.__________(n.) 百万 6.__________(n.) 事件;大事

7.__________(n.) 民族;国家;国民 8.__________(n.) 运河;水道 9.__________(n.) 蒸汽;水汽 10._________(n.) 污垢;泥土 11.__________(n.) 废墟;毁灭 (vt.)毁灭;使破产 12.__________(n.) 苦难;痛苦

13.__________(adj.) 极度的 →__________(adv.) 极度地 14.__________(vt.) 损害;伤害 → __________(n.) 损害;伤害 → __________(adj.) 受伤的 15.__________(v.) 破坏;毁坏;消灭 16.__________(n.) 砖;砖块 17.__________(n.) 水坝;堰堤 18.__________(n.) 轨道;足迹;痕迹 19.__________(adj.) 无用的;无效的;无益的 → __________(adj.) 有用的 20.__________(v.) (使)震惊;震动(n.)休克;打击;震惊 → __________(adj.) 令人震惊的 → __________(adj.) 感到震惊的 21.__________(n.&vt.) 援救;营救 22.__________ (vt.) 使陷入困境 (n.)陷阱;困境 23.__________ (n.) 电;电流;电学 → __________(adj.) 用电的;带电的 → __________(adj.) 电学的;与电有关的 24.__________ (n.) 灾难;灾祸 25. __________(v.) 埋葬;掩埋;隐藏

26. __________(n.) 矿井 → __________ (n.) 矿工 27. __________(n.) 掩蔽;掩蔽处;避身处 28. __________(n.) 标题;头衔;资格 29. __________(n.) 记者 → __________(vt.) 报道 30___________(n.) 条;棒;条状物 31.__________(n.& vt.) 损失;损害 32.__________(vt.) 使惊吓;吓唬 →___________(adj.) 受惊吓的;受恐吓的 → __________ (adj.) 令人恐惧的 33.__________(n.) 祝贺;(复数)贺词 → __________ (vt.) 祝贺 34 .__________(n.) 裁判员;法官(vt.)断定;判断;判决 35.___________(adv.) 真诚地;真挚地 36.___________(vt.) 表示;表达 (n.)快车;速递 → ___________(n.) 表达;表示 37.___________(n.) 要点;大纲;轮廓 38.___________(n.) 报刊的大字标题 39.___________(n.) 骑自行车的人 →___________(vi.) 骑自行车


1.立刻;马上 2.仿佛;好像 3.结束;终结 4.严重受损;破败不堪 5.掘出;发现 6.许多;大量的

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

7.轻视;认为……没有价值 8.在户外 9.做演讲 10.集资;筹款;募捐 11.陷入 12.埋头于

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________


1.In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat.(教材 P26) 在农家庭院,鸡甚至是猪都太紧张而不敢吃东西。 2.It seemed as if the world was at an end!(教材 P26)

似乎世界末日来临了。 3. All hope was not lost.(教材 P26) 不是所有的希望都破灭了。 4. The man was sleeping downstairs when the earthquake

happened.(教材 P31)


Ⅰ.单词填空 1.It’s____________(report) that Bin Lade was shot by American soldiers. 2.It's___________(use)to argue with the foolish person. 3.Seeing the____________(frighten) scene,the boy began to cry. 4.Everyone was___________(shock) that he had been caught. 5.I’m sorry to hear that you___________ (injure) one of your feet . 6.The girl is an___________ (extreme) popular student in the class,because she is very kind. 7.The________(mine) was rescued after being trapped for 170 hours. 8.Mary will never forget the________(suffer) caused by the car accident. 9.A large amount of rain forest is being________(destroy)every day. 10.I know that American________(nation) Day is 4th July. Ⅱ.短语填空 a large number of,think little of,be at an end,right away,in ruins,burst into tears,in honor of,be trapped in, as if,dig out 1. His car was buried by the snow and had to be _______________. 2.The monument was built________________those who died for the liberation of the country. 3.She was shaking with terror_____________she’d seen something terrible. 4.An earthquake left the whole town__________________. 5.He____________________my suggestion,which made me very disappointed. 6.They were glad that the war______________________. 7.The little girl__________________when she saw her mother. 8.On hearing the news,he left the room________________. 9.Quite ________________world-famous paintings are on show in this exhibition. 10.She___________________the burning house,which worried her parents. Ⅲ.单句填词 1.She was too weak___________(walk)steadily. 2._________seemed that he was not satisfied with the result. 3.She treats me as if I____________(be)a stranger; maybe that’s because I haven’t seen her for ten years. 4.He had just finished the papers___________the bell rang. 5.I had just locked the door when I ___________(realize) that I had left the key in the room. Ⅳ.单句改错 1. I gave him some advice, and luckily he thought high of it. 2.The little girl was so frightening that she burst out crying. 3.As China develops fast, a number of foreigners is learning Chinese as a second language. 4.He was on the point of going out while Harrycame to see him. 5.The house in that we live is very small. 6.The person to who you spoke is a student of Grade Two. 7.People were shocking, but they had to bury the dead bodies for health reasons. 8.I live in a beautiful house which windows face south. 9.Congratulation to you! You have done a really good job. 10.The girl was sitting on the bench in the park, buried her head in the novel.
English or Chinglish?

Become a dragon
One time I remember talking to a parent, whose son I was teaching English to. I asked the parent why his son was enrolled in so many classes and he replied, “I want my son to become a dragon.”I couldn't understand his meaning .When I asked a Chinese friend with good English I understood that his meaning had been“望子成龙”, which in English would be better expressed as“I have high hopes for my son/daughter.”
记得有一次我和一位家长聊天,我正在教他儿子英语。我问这位家长为什么他的儿子要上这么多的课,他 回答说:“I want my son to become a dragon.”我一头雾水。当我问了一位英语很好的中国朋友后,我知道了这 位家长是想表达“望子成龙”。在英语中用“I have high hopes for my son/daughter.”来表达这一意思会比较 好。
文化差异: Unlike in china,where the dragon is considered a lucky and powerful sign,in western culture,dragons are
generally associated with “evil”or“danger”in stories.
——摘自 Kirk Kenny《笑死我的英文书》

I.单词盘点 1.earthquake 2.well 3.pipe 4.burst 5.million 6.event 7.nation 8.canal 9.steam 10.dirt 11.ruin 12.suffering 13.extreme;extremely 14.injure;injured 15.destroy 16.brick 17.dam 18.track 19.useless;useful 20.shock; shocking;shocked 21.rescue 22.trap 23.electricity ;electric;electrical 24.disaster 25.bury 26.mine;miner 27.shelter 28.title 29.reporter 30.bar 31.damage 32.frighten ;frightened ;frightening 33.congratulation ; congratulate 34.judge 35.sincerely 36.express;expression 37.outline 38.headline 39.cyclist;cycle II.短语回顾 1.right away 2.as if/though 3.at an end 4.in ruins 5.dig out 6.a (large) number of 7.think little/nothing of 8.in the open air 9.give a speech 10.raise money 11.sink into 12.be buried in IV.小试牛刀 Ⅰ.单词填空 1.reported 2.useless 3.frightening 4.shocked 5.have injured 6.extremely 7.miner 8.suffering 9.destroyed 10.National Ⅱ.短语填空 1.dug out 2.in honor of 3.as if 4.in ruins5.thought little of 6.was at an end 7.burst into tears 8.right away 9.a large number of 10.was trapped in Ⅲ.单句填词 1.to walk 2.It 3.were 4.when 5.realized Ⅳ.单句改错 high 改为 highly 2.frightening 改为 frightened 3.is 改为 are 4.while 改为 when 5.that 改为 which 6.who 改为 whom 7.shocking 改为 shocked 8.which 改为 whose 9. Congratulation 改为 Congratulations 9.buried 改为 burying

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