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UNIT3 Done with this task. Your score: 96%

Part I: Vocabulary and Structure
Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.


The Eiffel Tower is such a distinctive synonymous. Your answer feature


of Paris that the two have become

Correct answer feature


I couldn't stop reading his new best-seller since I was so Your answer engaged

in the characters.

Correct answer engaged


I hope for your


that you're not planning to make a surprise visit. Correct answer sake

Your answer sake 4. Did you really just make a(n)

between school and war? Correct answer analogy

Your answer analogy 5. Please don't

the truth—you made your decision and now you have to live with it. Correct answer distort

Your answer distort 6. Settle down and stop being so Your answer

; the world is not going to end. Correct answer

theatrical 7. It must've taken a lot of courage to Your answer proclaim 8. It drives me crazy—Carla always knows exactly how to the weekend. Your answer frustrate 9. I love listening to Mexican music because the Your answer rhythm 10. I'm always
wary rhythm proclaim

theatrical independence like that. Correct answer proclaim

every plan I make for

Correct answer frustrate is so infectious. Correct answer rhythm

of advertisements for deals that seem too good to be true. Your answer wary Correct answer wary

Section B: Choose the best way to complete the sentences.

11. Next summer, the developers plan to _____ the old school into a museum.

A. convert

B. converse

C. converts

D. converge

12. Can you tell me what steps _____ a valid research proposal?

A. constitution

B. constitute

C. constituent

D. consist

13. The school received more money and _____ has been able to hire more teachers.

A. consequence

B. consequential

C. consequent

D. consequently

14. Different cultures' varying conceptions of _____ are visible in the types of clothes they generally wear.

A. jealousy

B. modesty

C. notoriety

D. clarity

15. Unfortunately, I didn't practice enough so I failed to _____ for the team.

A. qualify

B. succeed

C. thrive

D. attempt

16. Her job is to gather the data and then _____ the results to determine their significance.

A. analysis

B. analyze

C. analytical

D. analyst

17. My _____ clouded my judgment and prevented me from acting rationally when I saw my girlfriend with another man.

A. modesty

B. clarity

C. jealousy

D. notoriety

18. Jim is in Thailand on vacation; he loves to travel to _____ places.

A. erotic

B. robotic

C. exotic

D. mitotic

19. Love him or hate him, the President of the United States is one of the most _____ people in the world.

A. influential

B. domestic

C. instinctive

D. intransigent

20. In a change of pace from his recent international focus, the Prime Minister spoke last night about _____ issues.

A. exotic

B. rhythmic

C. expressive

D. domestic

Section C: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.


Unfortunately, I can't think about anything right now since I'm engaged dispute with my landlord. Your answer in Correct answer in


a contract


Warhol's fame is largely due to the fact his art.

he incorporated pop culture references into

Your answer that 23. My parents split

Correct answer that

when I was four years old, so it was very difficult for me. Correct answer up

Your answer up 24. I think my love of nature derives Your answer from 25. After several weeks, I finally managed to pin Victor shoot. Your answer down 26. I saw on the news that soldiers have engaged country. Your answer with 27. Donna gives
off with

all the camping trips I took with my parents. Correct answer from

on a specific date for the photo

Correct answer down rebels in the southern part of the

Correct answer with

waves of energy whenever she enters a room. Correct answer off

Your answer off 28.

The homeless shelter sent out letters to make an appeal Your answer for

more money.

Correct answer for


Margaret is so shy that her eyes always shy away Your answer from

mine when I look at her.

Correct answer from


The President's new policy is, Your answer so


to speak, beneficial for international trade. Correct answer so

Part II: Banked Cloze
Questions 31 to 40 are based on the following passage.

Let me pose a(n) (31)


situation for you. Imagine that you are very rich

and can do almost anything you want. Now imagine that you love art and want to support struggling artists. You decide to (32)

a painting from a young artist whose work you

admire. What would you have him paint?

Would you ask for an epic battle set in a(n) (33) fairies or would you ask for a realistic, (34)


world of monsters and portrait of yourself? If you chose

the latter, you're in good company because that is (35)


what I did. I had seen

so many beautiful portraits of famous people hanging in museums that I thought it was time to have my very own.

It took me a long time to find a highly (36) justice to my portrait. In the (37)


artist whose work would do

, I studied the artistic process and learned a lot

about how art is created. I must admit that, even though I've always admired artists, I never had a full appreciation for their creative talent. I certainly don't have that ability, so I'm incredibly impressed when someone (38)

knows how to create a work of such beauty.

I was fairly nervous about seeing my finished portrait. The artist, likewise, was very nervous about showing it to me. In the end, I must admit that he did a(n) (39)


capturing my likeness. I'm not in love with the painting, but the artist should take (40)

in the fact that he did the best he could with his subject. I'm not a very

attractive man, so it's almost impossible for my portrait to be beautiful and realistic.

Your answer (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) hypothetical commission mythological expressive precisely qualified meantime instinctively sufficient consolation

Correct answer hypothetical commission mythological expressive precisely qualified meantime instinctively sufficient consolation

Part III: Reading Comprehension
Questions 41 to 45 are based on the following passage.

When it comes to the arts, many people automatically think of Europe and North America. This is understandable since so many famous artists come from these regions. Many art museums are filled with paintings and drawings from European and North American artists from the past few hundred years. All countries, however, have a unique artistic heritage, so it should come as no surprise that countries throughout Africa and Asia have their own artistic styles and histories.

Completely landlocked within Southern Africa, the nation of Botswana is particularly susceptible to cultural trends and influences from surrounding countries, chiefly South Africa. However, there is a

burgeoning arts scene native to Botswana, and the country also has a long history of distinct artistic traditions.

The oldest evidence of art in the country was found in the Tsodilo Hills, located in northwestern Botswana, in the Kalahari Desert. Dating to 1,000—2,000 years ago, these rock paintings form the highest concentration of rock art in the world and are considered sacred by the San minority culture. Today, the San are known for continuing the ancient arts of decorating ostrich eggshells for jewelry and creating ostrich eggshell beads, which they consider to represent good luck and good fortune. Archaeologists believe this type of bead to be the oldest-known man-made bead; they have been recovered at East and Southern African archaeological digs and dated to 28,000—45,000 years ago.

The National Museum and Art Gallery in Gaborone is the centrepiece of modern art in the country. It is widely regarded as one of the best art galleries in Southern Africa; it holds regular exhibitions highlighting the work of local artists and also sponsors an annual celebration for local art and artists. The National Museum also acts as custodian for the cultural heritage and traditions of the country, the duties of which include preservation, education, and promotion. Twentieth and twenty-first century painters include Phillip Segola, Ann Gollifer, and Neo Matome.

Spring in Gaborone, the capital city, sees the annual Maitisong Festival—the country's largest celebration of the performing arts. The festival includes free outdoor performances at city arenas as well as ticketed indoor events at Gaborone's theatres and arts venues. Performing arts organizations, such as the Mogwana Dance Troupe, are becoming more popular as more and more people embrace and wish to share their cultural heritage.

Local handcrafts, supported in large part by the tourist trade, are generally of the utilitarian variety. Handwoven baskets, one of the specialties associated with Botswana, are of extremely high quality. Made almost exclusively in the Okavango region, they are woven with the leaves of the Mokolwane palm and utilize various roots and barks in order to give the baskets their unique colours and designs (typically associated with the nation's traditional lifestyle). Due to the abundance of cattle livestock, leatherwork has

also developed as an important and widespread handcraft. Traditionally used to make clothing, blankets, and sleeping mats, leather is today more often used to make designer bags, belts, and accessories.

41. Which of the following best describes the main idea of this passage?

A. European art is superior to all other art.

B. African art is superior to all other art.

C. Every country has a unique artistic tradition.

D. Art is only a modern creation.

42. Which paragraph discusses the early history of art in Botswana?

A. Paragraph 3.

B. Paragraph 4.

C. Paragraph 5.

D. Paragraph 6.

43. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?

A. All art in Botswana is thoroughly unique to that country.

B. Art in Botswana has been influenced by neighbouring countries.

C. Art in Botswana is a relatively recent invention.

D. All art in Botswana consists of simple decorations.

44. This passage is best described as _______.

A. narrative fiction

B. editorial non-fiction

C. first-person history

D. personal memoir

45. Which of the following would make the best title for the passage?

A. Influential Art of the World

B. A Critic's Opinion of Art in Botswana

C. Botswana Masterpieces

D. Art Without Notoriety

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