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2013 高考英语阅读理解(4 月)训练(22)及答案

C Beginning college is exciting: new ideas to explore, new challenges to be met and many decisions to be made. Your future begins here. However, you will find college life is different from your previous school environment. Many of us can be easily overwhelmed(压垮) by the details of running a well-balanced life. While some of us may have the know-how, I guess there are more of us who can benefit from learning about the experiences of other who have walked the college halls before you. The following you may find of use about life on campus. 1. Plan well. There are so many new things to do at a new college or university, social and academic( 学术的 ). Give yourself time to make new friends and become familiar with the campus, but don’t forget why you are there. Give some time for social activities and manage your time wisely. 2. If you don’t have a “system” for planning your time now (like a day time, a computer date book), get one. Most of all, don’t depend on your memory. 3. Don’t miss the guidelines, restrictions, rules and regulations of all kinds can usually be found in your student handbook. Consider them well-balanced food for thought. What dates are important? What pieces of paper need to be handed in? What can/can’t you do in your student residence(住处)? Who has authority for what? What do you need to complete to graduate? 4. Write the word “STUDY” on the walls of our bedroom and bathroom, and maybe it will help to write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the telephone, TV and the kitchen table. Consider this – you are paying thousands of dollars for courses. You pay every time you have to repeat or replace a course. 9. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To offer advice on college life. B. To explain why college life is exciting.


C. To describe the importance of college life. D. To persuade you to go to college ] 10. From the passage, we can know A. one will have more freedom at college B. one will make more friends at college C. one prepares for one’s future career and life at college D. professors at college will provide you with many new ideas 11. What is the probable meaning of the underlined word “know-how” (in Paragraph 2)? A. An understanding of how things are going at college. B. A practical knowledge about how to behave and what to do at college. C. College halls where rules and regulations are presented. D. An environment completely different from the one you’re used to. 12. According to the passage, college students . .

A. needn’t learn from those who went to college before them B. should spend as much time as possible on social activities C. should have a “system” for planning their time D. are supposed to repeat or replace at least one course

参考答案 ACBC *************************************************结束

D Although the Spring Festival is generally regarded as the most import celebration of the year, the fall and winter have a number of non-native holidays that are gaining popularity among the Chinese. These include Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. In the past, these foreign holidays were observed only by those who worked for foreign companies or those who had studied or live abroad. But today, many Chinese celebrate the holidays in some manners, such as sending text messages to friends and having a large dinner in a

restaurant. Valentine’s Day is mainly for young couples, while Halloween is most celebrated by children. Christmas is becoming increasingly popular among the Chinese, although originally it was heavily promoted by business. During the holiday, some shopping malls put up Christmas trees, inducing(劝说) visitors to write down their Christmas wishes and hang the notes on the trees. In just one or two days, the trees will be filled with all kinds of Christmas messages. For example, “I wish those who love me and whom I love happiness in the next year.” “May God bless my parents’ health and happiness.” “I hope my girlfriend will be admitted by renowned universities.” Sociologists say the rising popularity of Christmas is due to the cheerful and bright colors associated with the holiday. Red is the most popular holiday color in China, representing harmony and indicating a happy event. On Christmas, people may find that Santa Claus and traditional red Chinese lanterns go well together. 13. What can be inferred from the passage? A. Foreign holidays are as important as the Spring Festival in China now. B. People wanted to get profit from Christmas at first. C. Only people who come back from other countries celebrate foreign holidays. D. People hang their wishes on trees when foreign holidays come. 14. What does the underlined word “renowned” in Paragraph 3 mean? A. Strictly- ruled B. Faraway C. Newly built D. Well-known

15. Christmas becomes popular in China because_______________. A. people can do shopping during Christmas B. people like the color of Christmas C. people can send text messages to their friends D. children can play happily on this day 16. What can we conclude according to the passage? A. Christmas is the only non-native holiday that the Chinese like. B. All foreign holidays are celebrated in China nowK] C. More and more foreign holidays are popular in China now. D. Young couples in China like celebrating Halloween most.

参考答案 BDBC *******************************************************结束

E The Arctic is one of the few places in the world untouched by pollution where you can use its beautiful nature. Join our ship the Northern Star from 2 to 18 July, for a 17-day voyage to the Arctic. During the voyage you are able to relax yourself. There are no parties or film-shows to attend, quizzes to enter, or entertainers to watch. However, we do have specialists on board who are willing to answer any of your questions about the Arctic. After setting off from Scotland, we go north along the coast of Norway to Bear Island. Along the way you’ll see thousands of seabirds and wonderful scenery, with rivers of ice and huge cliffs. You will have the chance to see polar bears and other Arctic animals. Although we have a timetable, experience has shown that we may have to change our direction a little, depending on the weather. The Northern Star is a very special ship and our past voyages have been very popular. Our cabins all have the same excellent facilities. Our chefs are happy to prepare any food for people on special diets. If you need some exercise, why not do some swimming in the indoor pool? Prices include economy class air travel and 16 nights on the Northern Star, all meals and all lectures. Day 1: Board the Northern Star. Day 2-7: We sail slowly north along the coast of Norway, stopping at places of interest. Day 8: Tromse. You need to get up at sunrise to see the whales as we sail towards Tromse. Visit Tromse to see the Artic Museum and the beautiful old wooden houses. In the evening we sail away along the west coast to Bird Island, which is excellent for bird- watching. Day 9-10: Bear Island. We arrive there in the early evening. Bear Island once had

an active fishing industry, but today little of this remains. Day 11-16: Spitsbergen—a place of mountains and rivers of ice. It is home to a large variety of animals. Day 17: Leave the ship in Spitsbergen and fly to London from Tromse. 17. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Many different activities are organized on board] B. The voyage starts from Scotland. C. The ship follows a fixed route. D. There are different types of accommodations. 18. Where can you see different kinds of animals? A. Tromse Spitsbergen 19. Bear Island used to be___________. A. a busy fishing center C. a shopping center B. a place of interest D. a place for bird-watching B. Bear Island C. Bird Island D.

20. What’s the writer’s aim of writing the passage? A. Introducing the Artic. C. Describing the ship. 参考答案 BDAD ***********************************************************结束 B. Arranging a trip. D. Advertising a trip to the Arctic.

(2011·湖北卷)B Howling is a behavior commonly observed among a wolf nark. An animals, wolves work together to hunt and rely on howling was an important means of communication each other. There are different explants of a wolf’s howl and it appears that there may be more to discover. One theory is that wolves howl to bend better together. It’s almost as if howling together helps the pack stay together. Perhaps something similar to people feeling a sense of involvement with each other when singing a song together . But this theory

may be wrong, explains Fred H. Harington, a professor who studies wolf behavior. Indeed, there have been tines when wolves have been seen one moment howling in a exhorts, and the next, quarreling anions each other. It appears that usually the lowest-tanking menthes of the pack may actually be “punished” for Joining in the churs at times. So is howling a way to strcagthen a social boad or just a way to reconfirm status among its members? ——Why do welves howl for sure? What is cleat, however, is that howling is often used among packmates to locate each other. Hunting grounds are distant and it happens that woloves may separate from one another at times. When this happens, howling appcars to be an ercellent means of gathering. Howling, interestingly, is a contagious behaviour. When one wolf starts to howl, very likely others will follow. This is often seen to occat in the morning, as if wolves were doing some sotr of “roll rall”where wolves all howl togeter to howl, very likely others will follow. This is often seen to occar in the morning, as if wolves were doing w some sotr of “roll call”where wolves all howl together to repotr their pteence. 55.What the por similarity between wolves’ how humaes ting in chorus? A.The act of calling each other. B.the sense of accomplishment. C.The act of hunting for something. D.The sense of belonging to a group. 56.Why does Harrington think the“secial boad”theory may be wrong? A.Wolves separate from each other after howling. B.Wolves tend to protect their hunting grounds. C.Wolves sometimes have quarrels after howling together. D.Wolves of low rank are encouraged to join in the chorus. 57.Reseatchers are sure that wolves often howl to______. A.show their ranks B. C.repotr the missing ones

D.express their lonelingess 58.“Howling? is a contagious behaviour”(in the last paragraph)means_______. A.howling is a signal for hunting B.howling is a way of communication C.howling aften occurs in the morning D.howling spreads from one to another 【答案】DCBD *************************************************************结束


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