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Unit 1
1. At first she threatened to dismiss us all, but later she relented 终于答应. 2. If you can’t have children of your own,why not consider adoption 收养? 3. She sensed something wrong by intuition 直觉力. 4. She went to Cambridge on a scholarship but dropped 退学 out a year later. 5. I fail to see what women find so fascinating 极有吸引力的 about him.

Unit 2
1. The problem had been alluded 暗示 to briefly in earlier discussions. 2. The government is considering an incentive 鼓励 for drivers to replace old, polluting vehicles with new ones. 3. Sara is in disbelief 不信任 that son, of whom the whole family was so proud for being a Canadian Border officer, faces six charges including gunrunning. 4. The grim news continues to roll 滚滚而来 in about the German economy as the data is being released.

5. With an estimated median household income of $172,945, this Dallas suburb is the most affluent 富裕的 neighborhood in the country, mostly due to real estate growth.

Unit 4
1. One of them sipped from a glass of water, looking wary but not cowed 胆小的. 2. His cheeks glistened 闪耀 with tears as he was told about his mother’s death. 3. Just dismiss 抛开 those thoughts from your mind——they are crazy and not worth thinking about. 4. He snipped 剪断 the string and untied the parcel. 5. If you were to exert 尽力 your influence they might change their decision.

Unit 5
1. We’re not sure whether we still want to proceed 进一步 with the sale. 2. His personality 个性 comes through in his writing. 3. His conservative 保守的 views made him unpopular. 4. It gave me a big thrill 兴奋 to meet my favorite author in person. 5. The smoke from cooking betrayed 背叛 the presence of the enemy.

6. She was fumbling 笨手笨脚的 around in the dark looking for the light switch.

Unit 1
1. I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for 18 months or so before I really quit. 译:我在里德学院读了半年就退学了,然后作为一个旁听生 在那呆了大约 18 个月,然后才真正离开学校。 2. My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. 译:我的生母是一个年轻未婚的研究生,因此她决定把我送 给别人收养。 3. It was pretty scary at the time, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 译:这在当时看来非常可怕,但现在回头看看,那是我做过 最棒的决定。 4. And much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on. 译:我无意间依照好奇心和直觉做事,大多事后证明是非常

值得的。 5. None of this had even a hope of any practical application inmy life. 译:这一切在我生活中是否使用,我不抱希望。 6. Each time I saw that straw hat (每当我看到那顶草帽),it reminded me of the tour I had made years before. 7. This is the most wonerful time that I have ever had(我度 过的最美好的时光). 8. I’m honored to ttend the closing ceremony of the conference(我很荣幸能参加大会闭幕式) and give you a speech. 9. Bill Clinton has helped to get the two American journalists released and he seems to have a hope of making peace(又希望调解) between NorthKorea and the US. 10. One friend of mine has decided to quit his well-paid but demanding position( 辞 去 那 份 工 资 高 但 要 求 也 高 的 工 作)recently.

Unit 2
1. However, if that weren’t a popular notion, millions of dollars wouldn’t roll in every time there was a lottery

somewhere. 译:然而,这种想法非常普通,否则每次彩票抽奖也就不会 有数以百万计的美元滚滚而来。 2. It took him five years to diligently create business and generate that large sum of money. 译:他花了五年的时间,努力工作,并开办了一家公司,终 于赚足了一大笔钱。 3. With great disbelief, he stared at his invenstment of valuable gems, now turned to stones, and wondered what it all meant. 译:约翰眼睁睁的看着自己投资买来的宝石变成了石头,他 难以置信,百思不得其解。 4. The inscripition read, If one achieves this quest, they will “ have transformed their mind by the use of their faith and will from then on have the power to overcome in all things and nothing will be impossible to them.” 译:这些文字是:凡历此功成者,必脱胎换骨,身心俱新, 无坚不摧,无所不能。 5. Once known as the paris of Middle East(曾经拥有中东巴 黎 的 美 誉 ), this seaside city fell into chaos during Lebanon’s prolonged civil war. 6. A meeting was held for the purpose of appointing a new

manager(是为了任命一位新经理). 7. She was selected for an interview with a PWC director. Thisopportunity is too good to pass up(好得让人无法拒 绝). 8. More than 150people were looking for the body of a 24-year-old hiker said to have been killed(据说已经遇害), a day after authorities charged a man with kidnapping her. 9. It is unclear(仍然不清楚)what was behind the Federal Reserve’s surprise decision on Wendesday to buy up to $300 billon in Treasuries.

Unit 4
1. Then the doctor turns suddenly and lets him have a left hook under the heart. 译:医生突然转过身,并且向他心脏下面打了一记左勾拳。 2. But if, on the hand, the doctor has spent the night before at a little gathering of medical friends, he is very apt to forbid the patient to touch alcohol in any shape, and to dismiss the subject with great severity. 译:不过另一方面,医生前一晚参加了医生朋友的聚会,就

禁止病人去触碰任何形式的酒精,并且严厉地拒绝谈论这个 话题。 3. Then he looks the patient up and down, with the scissors in his hand, and if he sees any likely part of him he clips it off and wraps it up. 译:他上下打量了病人,手里拿着剪刀,只要看到任何疑似 有问题的地方,便从病人身上剪下来并包起来。 4. Now this, oddly enough, is the very thing that fills the patient up with that sense of personal importance which is worth paying for. 译:奇怪的是,这种做法让病人觉得自己很受重视,所以值 得为此花钱。 5. After hours of questioning, the suspect confessed at last(嫌犯终于招供了). 6. The old car is apt to(很容易) break down. 7. Using someone else’s name is not in and of itself a crime(本身并不是犯罪) unless there is an intention to commit a fraud. 8. By a small margin, Americans are more pleased than disappointed(对……不感到失望,而是感到高兴) with Obama’s being elected as President. 9. The family are filling with a sense of peace and

satisfaction( 充 满 了 平 静 和 满 足 ) knowing that their innocent son arrested yesterday is to be released soon.

Unit 5
1. If you ask the fast runner to set the pace, then majority of them will be left behind(他们中的大多数人都将落后). 2. My brother did not want to be tied to a steady job(被稳定 的工作所束缚). 3. They set off in search of the lost child(寻找失踪的孩子). 4. Accidents due to driving at high speed(因高速驾驶而造成 的交通事故) were very common that month. 5. He was charged with murder(他被指控杀人) but found innocent later.

1. Finally, without further ado, Lindsey was handcuffed and charged with the robberies having taken place in Portland. 译:最后,没有再费什么时间,琳赛就被戴上手铐,罪名是 在波特兰有抢劫罪。 2. She was escorted to the jail nearby for booking. 译:随后琳赛被押送到附近的监狱,等候起诉。 3. Lindsey went to court and the jury found her guilty of all

the robberies, and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. 译:在法庭上,陪审团认为琳赛在所有那些抢劫案中的罪名 成立,于是她被判了十五年的监禁。 4. The police were happy to have sovled this case and to have the right twin in prison, but sister that should have been in prison was neither Lindsey nor Sara. 译:警方因为抓获了双胞胎中犯罪的那个,并结了案感到非 常欣慰。但事实上应该坐牢的那个人既不是琳赛也不是萨 拉。 5. Their mom had given birth to triplets and the woman the police had tried to put behind bars was in fact another sister, Cindy. 译:她们的母亲当时生了三胞胎,应该被警方抓进监狱的是 其中另外一个孩子:辛迪。

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