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高中英语《Unit 1 Cultural relics》综合检测题 新人教版必修2

《Unit 1 Cultural relics》


1.(2013·定远高一调研)—Why do you look so upset?

—There are so many troublesome problems ________.

A.remaining to settle

B.remained settled

C.remaining to be settled

D.remained to be settled

2.The Great Wall is not only a great structure built by the Chinese people,but

also a cultural gem that ________ peoples of the world.

A.belongs to

B.is belonging to

C.is belonged to D.was belonged

3.One is easy to ________ if he gets accustomed to the surroundings easily.





4.Children are not allowed to see the film ________ for adults.

A.designed B.designing C.to design D.having designed

5.—Shall we have our house decorated?

—________ I think it's fine as it is.

A.Why not? B.Better not. C.Not exactly. D.How come?

6.They are having ________ debate about whether the two countries were at ________

war at the time.

A.the;the B.a;the



7.The little girl said she designed all the dresses she wore,________ I personally

doubted very much.


B.for which C.which

D.to which

8.It's rather difficult to ________ the unpleasant impression they have of you;

it needs your actions instead of words.


B.move C.remove


9.________ that the way people spend their holidays has changed a great deal in

the past ten years.

A.It is reported

B.What is reported C.It reports D.As is reported

10.—Who has made a mess in my room?

—Who else ________ have done it but your naughty son?



C.must D.may

11.Try to spend your time just on the things you find ________.

A.worth doing

B.worth being done

C.worthy of doing them D.worthy doing

12.In order to broaden the students' view,they have ________ the most popular


A.selected B.chosen



13.It is great that you have many ideas,but can you show us ________ to turn an

idea into an act?



C.what D.where

14.The family has received much help from their relatives;________,they will pay

a visit to thank them.

A.in order B.in return

C.in turn

D.in use

15.To deal with the heavy traffic problem during the Spring Festival,they are

________ the ways.

A.in support of

B.in need of

C.in search of D.in favor of

Ⅱ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

I had offered to watch my 3-year-old daughter,so that my wife could go out

with a friend. I was getting some work done in my study while she __16__ to be having

a good time in the other room. No problem,I figured. But then it got a little too

__17__ and I shouted,“What are you doing?”No response. I __18__ my question and

heard her say,“Oh,...nothing.”Nothing?

I got up from my desk and ran out __19__ the living room,where I saw her running

across the hall. I followed and watched her as her little behind made a quick __20__

into the bathroom. I had her __21__!I told her to turn around. She __22__.I pulled

out my big Daddy voice,“Young lady,I said turn around!”

__23__,she turned toward me. In her hand was what was left of my wife's new

lipstick. And every square inch of her face was __24__ with bright red!As she looked

up at me with fearful eyes,I heard __25__ voice that had been shouted to me as a

child.“How could you...You should know...How many times have you been __26__...What

a bad thing to do...”It was just a matter of my picking out which old __27__ I was

going to use on her so that she would know what a bad girl she had been. But __28__

I could let loose,I looked __29__ at the sweater on her. In big __30__ it said,

“I'M A PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL(天使)!”I looked back up into her tearful eyes and,

__31__ seeing a bad girl who didn't listen,I saw a little angel full of __32__ that

I had come dangerously close to __33__.“Sweetheart,let's take a picture so mommy

can see how __34__ you look.”I took the picture and thanked God that I didn't __35__

the chance to prove what a perfect little angel she had given me.

16.A. happened B.liked

C.appeared D.pretended

17.A. long


C.calm D.strange

18.A. asked

B.answered C.raised


19.A. into


C.from D.for

20.A. way




21.A. followed B.scolded

C.cornered D.fooled

22.A. laughed

B.listened C.agreed


23.A. Slowly




24.A. filled




25.A. every

B.such C.any


26.A. told


C.frightened D.forbidden

27.A. reports




28.A. as

B.when C.since


29.A. up

B.down C.in


30.A. signs


C.messages D.figures

31.A. because of B.instead of C.in spite of D.as a result of

32.A. value




33.A. preventing B.getting rid of C.destroying D.doing wrong on

34.A. dirty




35.A. have




Ⅲ.阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)


Honesty may seem to be the best policy and a value that parents teach their

children. However,a new study has suggested that parents lie to their children more

often than we think.

“We are surprised by how often parenting by lying occurs to our children,”

said researcher Kang Lee of the University of Toronto,Canada.“Our findings showed

that even the parents who attached much importance to honesty with their children

got involved in it.”

Researchers ran two studies in which parents and students commented on nine

situations where a parent lied to a child to either shape behaviour or make it happy.

For instance,a parent is embarrassed by a child's crying and says,“The police will

come to make sure that you behave if you don't stop crying now.”

To control the emotion of the child,the parent told the child,“A favorite uncle

has just died and become a star to watch over you.”

The researchers tested about 130 parents,mostly moms,asking whether they had

told similar lies. More than 70 percent said they taught their children that lying

is unacceptable. Even so,nearly 80 percent of the parents admitted they had told

at least one similar lie.

Researcher Heyman suggested the reasons can be benefiting the parents themselves

or protecting the child from scary issues,such as lying about a murder in the news.

“Children sometimes behave in ways that are likely to harm their long-term

interests,”said Heyman.“It is common for parents to try out a number of strategies,

including lying. When parents are dealing with the demands of getting through the

day,concerns about possible long-term negative influences on children's beliefs

about honesty are not necessarily at the front position.”

36.What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

A.Most parents don't lie to their children. B.Many parents get used to teaching children by lying. C.Honesty is no longer important in educating children. D.There's no doubt that children often lie to their parents. 37.The purpose of the parent telling the lie in Paragraph 3 is to ________. A.make the child feel happy B.give the child a punishment C.prevent the child from crying D.teach the child to behave himself or herself 38.Which of the following is NOT a reason for parenting by lying according to the text? A.Children may feel happy with the lies. B.Parents want to free themselves from trouble. C.Parents need to protect the children from bad things. D.Children sometimes don't want to know the truth. 39.The purpose of this text is to ________. A.show that children learn to lie from their parents B.tell parents the importance of children's honesty C.show how to educate children by lying D.show parenting by lying is universal
B You are watching a film in which two men are having a fight. They hit one another hard. At the start they only fight with their fists. But soon they begin hitting one another over the heads with chairs. And so it goes on until one of the men crashes through a window and falls thirty feet to the ground below. He is dead. I'm sure he isn't really dead. With any luck he isn't even hurt. Why?Because the men who fall out of high windows or jump from fast moving trains,who crash cars or even catch fire,are professionals. They do this for a living. These men are called stuntmen. That is to say,they perform tricks. There are two sides to their work. They actually do most of the things you see on the screen. For example,they fall

from a high building. However,they do not fall onto hard ground but onto empty cardboard boxes covered with a mattress. Again,when they hit one another with chairs, the chairs are made of soft wood and when they crash through windows,the glass is made of sugar!But although their work depends on trick of this sort,it also requires a high degree of skill and training. Often a stuntman's success depends on careful timing. For example,when he is“blown up”in a battle scene,he has to jump out of the way of the explosion just at the right moment.
Naturally stuntmen are well paid for their work,but they lead dangerous lives. They often get seriously injured,and sometimes killed. A Norwegian stuntman,for example,skied over the edge of a cliff a thousand feet high. His parachute failed to open,and he was killed. In spite of all the risks,this is no longer a profession for men only. Men no longer dress up as women when actresses have to perform some dangerous action. For nowadays there are stuntwomen,too. 40.Stuntmen are those who ________. A.often dress up as actors B.prefer to lead dangerous lives C.often perform seemingly dangerous actions D.often fight each other for their lives 41.Stuntmen earn their living by ________. A.playing their dirty tricks B.selling their special skills C.jumping out of high windows D.jumping from fast moving trains 42.Which of the following is the main factor(因素)of a successful performance? A.Strength. B.Exactness. C.Speed. D.Carefulness. 43.What can be inferred from the author's example of the Norwegian stuntman? A.Sometimes an accident can occur to a stuntman. B.The cliff is too high. C.The percentage of serious accidents is high. D.Parachutes must be of good quality.


( But to those who are new to it all,sometimes it can be confusing.

October is usually the busiest month in the college calendar. Universities have

something called Freshers' Week for their newcomers. It's a great opportunity to

make new friends,join lots of clubs and settle into university life.

However,having just left the comfort of home and all your friends behind,

the prospect of meeting lots of strangers in big halls can be nerve wracking(令

人焦虑不安的).Where do you start?Who should you make friends with?Which clubs

should you join?

Luckily,there will be thousands of others in the same boat as you are worrying

about starting their university social life on the right foot. So just take it all

in slowly. Don't rush into anything that you'll regret for the next three years.

Here are some top advice from past students on how to survive Freshers' Week:

Learn rules. Make sure you know British social etiquette(礼节).Have a few wine

glasses and snacks handy for your housemates and friends.

Be kind. Sometimes cups of tea or even slices of toast can give you a head start

in making friends.

Be sociable. The more active you are,the more likely you'll be to meet new people

than if you're someone who never leaves his room.

Bring a doorstop. Keep your door open when you're in and that sends positive

messages to your neighbors that you're friendly. So with a bit of clever planning

and effort,Freshers' Week can give you a great start to your university life and

soon you'll be passing on your experience to next year's new recruits.

44.Which of the following statements is FALSE according to the passage?

A.October is generally the busiest month for universities.

B.It's a good idea to put a doorstop in your door.

C.A bit of planning can make Freshers' Week easier.

D.The first week of your every year at university is called Freshers' Week.

45.The underlined word “recruits” in the last paragraph refers to________.


B.Freshers C.neighbors D.challenges

46.We can infer from the 4th paragraph that________. A.the newcomers usually miss the days living at home B.most of the students in the UK spend three years in universities C.many freshers are worried about how to fit university life D.all the new students will make new friends and join certain clubs 47.The main purpose of the passage is to________. A.tell the newcomers how to make a new start in universities B.introduce something about higher education system of the UK C.discuss something about the Freshers' Week in the UK D.advise the freshmen how to behave well in the beginning
D The zebra belongs to the horse family. One of nature's great mysteries is why the zebra has stripes. One theory is that the stripes help the zebra cool down. On hot days the black stripes get a lot hotter than the white area of the zebra and under the black stripes there are special layers of fat for protection. Hot air then rises off the black stripes,forcing colder air down around the white areas,cooling the zebra down. This,however,is just a kind of theory. The stripes can also confuse predators(食肉动物,掠夺者)when zebras stay with other animals in great numbers. Zebras have excellent hearing and eyesight and can run at speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour. They also have a powerful kick that can cause serious injury to a predator,like a lion,or an African wild dog. Usually the lead male of the herd stays at the back of the group to defend against predators if necessary,while the females and youngsters escape danger. Zebras are herbivores that feed only on plants and live mostly by eating grasses, although they also might eat a bit on the leaves and stems(茎)of bushes. They eat grasses for many hours each day,using their strong teeth. Spending so much time chewing wears the zebras' teeth down,so their teeth keep growing all their lives. As the dry season arrives and the grasses die back,zebra herds travel to find more food and water holes for drinking. Most zebras have no specific territories. They travel from place to place,never staying in one area very long.

48.It can be inferred from the first paragraph that________. A.there are different opinions about why the zebra has stripes B.the black stripes help the zebra live through cold days C.the zebra can be easily attacked by predators D.the zebra always travels with other animals 49.According to the passage,herbivores are animals that ________. A.have specific territories B.only eat plants C.kill and eat other animals D.live in groups 50.Which of the following statements about zebras is TRUE? A.They have poor eyesight and hearing. B.A lion can get injured by a zebra's kick. C.They can run 56 miles per hour. D.They usually stay in one area all their lives. 51.Which of the following TV programs might the passage be adapted(改编)for? A.Hobbies & Leisure B.Everyday Tips C.Digital Stadium D.Discovery
E I lived in Dallas nearly all my life with my parents and older sister. I was raised to respect others and value education.“You can be anything you want to be, ” my parents always say. My parents are never without a helpful word of advice or a bit of encouragement when life gets tough. I always knew that going to college was expected of me. After all, both of my parents are college graduates with many degrees. Even after I decided that I'd rather get married to a man who was so clearly wrong for me than go to college at 16, they never stopped telling me that they loved me and that I could do anything I wanted to do. Thankfully, they talked some sense into me. I graduated from high school and currently attend the University of Oklahoma. I want to make the world a better place. And I know that my parents are the reason for this.

Every time I call home to tell them about a grade I received, they tell me how proud of me they are. I know there are college students out there that have no one to call home to when they get an ‘A’ on a project and I feel lucky to have my parents. Don't get me wrong. We've had our share of problems,I was the angry teenager and they were the terrible parents that wouldn't let me stay out all night or let me get my tongue pierced(穿透). But we managed to work through those issues. They never stopped loving me or believing in me.
Without their constant love and encouragement, I can't be successful. My parents taught me to always fight for what I believe in. And so I'm working toward something really great and can only hope that I continue to make them proud. 52.We can know from the passage that the author's parents________. A.are very strict with children B.never give advice to children C.live in Dallas all their lives D.are both well-educated 53.According to Paragraph 3 the following are true EXCEPT that________. A.the author likes to show off her achievements B.not every college student has supportive parents C.the author feels lucky to have such good parents D.the author's parents give her much encouragement 54.What can we infer from the passage? A.The author feels very sorry for her parents. B.The author is a fashionable but troubled teen. C.Nothing can prevent the author's parents loving her. D.There is no gap between the author and her parents. 55.The author writes the passage to________. A.encourage us never to give up B.remind us to have a great aim in life C.express her gratitude to her parents D.talk about her growing experiences

Ⅳ. 书面表达(满分 25 分) 你的英国朋友正在做一个课题:世界各地的生日庆祝方式。他请你介绍中国学生过生日的方 式。请你根据以下要点写一篇短文: 一、通常方式 1.生日聚会 2.生日礼物 3.生日祝福 二、我认为更有意义的庆祝方式和理由 词数:120 左右 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
参考答案 1.C remain to be settled“有待解决”,remaining...=that remain...,动词-ing 形式表示主动关系。 2.A 句意:长城不仅是中国人民建造的伟大建筑,也是属于世界各民族的文化珍品。belong to 没有被动形式,也不用于进行时。 3.C survive“幸存,逃生”。句意:如果一个人容易熟悉环境,他就容易逃生。 4.A designed 为过去分词作后置定语,相当于定语从句 which was designed for adults。 句意不允许孩子们观看只为成年人演的电影。

5.B 根据答语 I think it's fine as it is 可知应答者反对装修,故选 B 项。A 项表示 赞成;C 项意为“不全是这样的”;D 项表示“怎么会呢”,均不符合语境。 6.D have a debate 意思是“进行辩论”;at war 是习语,意思是“处于交战状态”。 7.C which 此处用作关系代词,指代整个主句内容,引导定语从句,并在从句中作 doubt 的宾语。 8.C 句意:要消除他们对你的不良印象相当困难,这需要你的行动而不是言辞。结合题干 中的“不良印象”,可知 C 项符合题意。remove 此处意为“除去,消除”。recover“恢复, 重新获得”;move“移动”,指由一地移到另一地;place“放置”。 9.A it 作形式主语,代替后面 that 引导的真正主语。如果用 D 项,要说成 As is reported, the way...;而用 B 项则要用 What is reported is that the way...。 10.B 句意:——谁把我的房间弄得这么乱?——除了你那淘气的儿子还能是谁呢?语境 表示对过去发生的事情的推测,用 could have done。should have done“本应该做某事”; must have done“一定做过某事”;may have done“可能做过某事”;C、D 两项表示推测 一般不用问句。 11.A 句意:努力把时间花在你认为值得做的事上。由 worth doing,worthy of being done/to be done 可知本题选 A。 12.A 句意:为了拓宽学生的视野,他们挑选了最受欢迎的报纸。select 挑选,选拔,强 调精挑细选;choose 选择;pick(带有挑剔意味的)选择;elect 选举。根据句意 A 项最佳。 13.A 句意:你有很多主意真不错。但是你能教我们怎么把想法变成行动吗?虽然四个词 都可以和动词不定式连用,但是意义不同。how 表示“怎样”,强调方式。而 who 和 what 是连接代词,一般在不定式短语中作宾语,此句中动词不定式有宾语,不再需要宾语,所以 排除,where 则强调地点,与上一句不对应。 14.B 句意:这一家人得到他们亲戚的很多帮助;作为回报,他们将会拜访他们的亲戚以 示感谢。in return 作为回报;in order 按次序;in turn 依次,轮流;in use 在使用中。 15.C 句意:为了解决春节期间拥挤的交通问题,他们在寻找方法。in search of=in one's search for 寻找,符合句意。in support of 支持;in need of 需要;in favor of 支持, 赞同。 16.C 根据后面的 to be having a good time 这个不定式的进行时判断只能选择 appear 或 pretend,再根据上下语境是“看起来”玩得很开心,而不是“假装”。 17.B 根据后面的“喊”和“没有回声”来判断答案,quiet 是“寂静、没有声音”之意,

而不能选 calm(沉着、冷静)。 18.D 因为作者喊他女儿,没有听到回应声,所以又“重复”了他的问题。 19.A 从前面的动作,“起身、跑出书房”,接着“进入”起居室。into 是动态介词,此 处相当于 and went into。 20.B 从前面的动词 followed,watched 以及 as her little behind 判断,他女儿看到他, 赶紧“拐入”洗澡间。 21.C 此处 corner 用作动词,表示“把……难住、走投无路”,因为他女儿进入洗澡间, 而他又在后面,所以她走投无路了。 22.D 根据下一句的意思,他女儿没有听他的话,“拒绝”转过来。 23.A 因为她是一个三岁的小女孩,她用妈妈的唇膏打扮自己,怕爸爸骂她,所以“慢慢 地”转向她爸爸。 24.D 表示满脸都被唇膏“覆盖(涂)”。 25.A 因为是个三岁的小孩,所以说话是一个字一个字地蹦,她爸爸听到的是她所蹦出来 的“每个字”的声音。 26.A 根据前面的 many times 来判断,她爸爸已经“告诉”她好多遍了。 27.D 根据上文作者没有办法,还是挑选了他说了很多遍的“老话”。 28.D 根据前后两个动作的顺序,在放松“之前”,我看了看她毛衣上的“字”。 29.B 因为大人看小孩是居高临下,即往“下”看。 30.B 根据后面的 I'M A PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL!这些都是大写的“字母”。 31.B 当作者看到他女儿那双泪汪汪的眼(受委屈的样子)时,他感到他再次看到的不是一 个不听话的坏女孩。 32.A 因为前半句说作者看到的不是一个不听话的坏女孩,再依据毛衣上的字来推断她是 一个有“价值”的小天使。 33.C 根据下一句中的 Sweetheart,作者认为差点“伤害(毁坏)”了他女儿那颗天真、甜 美的心。 34.C 因为上文叙述了作者女儿用她妈妈的唇膏涂在脸上,所以他们拍了一张看起来很“特 殊的”照片。 35.D 根据后面的 chance 表示“得到”或“失去”机会,根据句意应该选 miss。 36.B 细节理解题。从第二段中 Kang Lee 说的“We are surprised by how often parenting by lying occurs to our children”可知有很多家长在教育孩子的过程中会撒谎,故选 B。

37.C 细节理解题。从第三段的例子“For instance,a parent is embarrassed by a child's crying and says,‘The police will come to make sure that you behave if you don't stop crying now.’”可知家长骗孩子说警察要来了,是为了让孩子停止哭泣。 38.D 推理判断题。第四段的例子说明家长骗孩子说过世的叔叔变成天上的星星,孩子会 相对而言高兴一些,故排除 A;从第六段“Researcher Heyman suggested the reasons can be benefiting the parents themselves or protecting the child from scary issues...” 可知家长有时撒谎是为了自己的益处或者保护孩子免受不好事物的影响,故排除 B、C 项。D 项在文中没有找到根据,故选 D。 39.D 作者意图题。文章开篇先讲家长在教育子女的过程中撒谎已经成为普遍现象,后面 用例子和调查结果来论述其普遍性及原因。故选 D 项。 40.C 词义猜测题。根据文章的第一段“...are professionals. They do this for a living. These men are called stuntmen(替身)”及第二段“...but they lead dangerous lives. They often get seriously injured,and sometimes killed”可知答案为 C。 41.B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段第一句“Naturally stuntmen are well paid for their work”可知答案为 B。 42.B 细节理解题。根据文章第一段倒数第二句“Often a stuntman's success depends on careful timing.For example,when he is‘blown up’in a battle scene,he has to jump out of the way of the explosion just at the right moment.”可知答案为 B。 43.A 推理判断题。第二段的第一句话是第二段的主题句,第二句话是主题句的解释,而 第三句话就是举例来说明,因此从第二句话“...They often get seriously injured,and sometimes killed.”可以推理出 A 项是正确的。 44.D 细节判断题。根据文章第二段第二句话可判断出 D 项错误,新生入学的第一周才叫 Freshers' Week。 45.B 词义猜测题。最后一段逗号后面的意思是:新生周可以让你的大学生活有一个很棒 的开端,而且你将很快把你的成功经验传给下一年的新 recruits,故不难推出画线词应该 指的是新生“freshers”。 46.C 推理判断题。该段的第一句话说“数以千计的其他人也会和你一样担心如何正确地 开始他们的大学生活”,由此可知应选 C 项。 47.A 意图目的题。从文章第五段的“Here are some top advice from past students on how to survive Freshers' Week”可以看出该文的写作目的是 A 项。其中,“Freshers' Week”

指的就是 a new start in universities。 48.A 推理判断题。由第一段第二句话“One of nature's great mysteries is why the zebra has stripes”可知 A 项正确。 49.B 细节理解题。由第三段第一句话知选 B。 50.B 细节理解题。由第二段第二句可知 B 正确。 51.D 推理判断题。文章介绍“斑马”,应属于“发现”一类节目。 52.D 细节理解题。由第二段“After all,both of my parents are college graduates with many degrees.”可知,作者的父母都是大学毕业并有多个学位,由此可知答案。 53.A 细节理解题。由第三段内容可知,作者在学校每次往家里打电话并向父母汇报学习 成绩时,她的父母都为她自豪。这样作者一方面安慰了父母,自己同时也得到了父母的鼓励。 这让作者感到无比的幸福,因为并不是每个人都有这样的父母。由此可知答案。 54.C 推理判断题。由第二段“...they never stopped telling me that they loved me...” 及第四段“They never stopped loving me or believing in me.”可知,无论以前作者如 何不懂事,父母都没有放弃对她的爱。现在作者与父母之间也存在分歧,但是他们都努力解 决了,作者父母对她的爱与信任从来没有停止过。由此可推断,没有什么能够阻止作者父母 对她的爱。 55.C 写作意图题。作者通过讲述父母一生中对自己永恒不变的爱,表达了自己对父母的 感激之情,并以此为动力,继续努力奋斗。 【参考范文】
Chinese students celebrate their birthdays in different ways,but the most common way is to have fun drinking,singing and dancing. On the birthday, one usually receives nice gifts and good wishes from friends and parents. Sometimes,parents will prepare a special dinner or a cake to show their love for their children.
Since birthday celebration is one of the important activities in one's life, it can be done in more meaningful ways. For example,we can buy some flowers or cook a delicious meal for our mothers on that day. In this way,we express thanks to our parents in return for their love.