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Unit 3 Computers reading II Language points

? 1.operator___________(vi) operate ? 2,simplify_________(adj) simple
logically (adv) ? 3, logical_________ technological (adj) ? 4,technology__________ intelligence ? 5, intelligent___________


reality ? 6,real_________ (n) personally ? 7,personal__________ (adv) financial ? 8,finance__________(adj)

? 9,explore__________ (n) solution ? 10,solve _____________(n)


1.In pairs discuss what they have in common.
In common 常常同have连用,如: have nothing in common 无共同之处 几乎无共同之处

have little in common

have something in common 有一些共同之处 have a lot in common 有许多共同之处

1. You know, princess Han Xiang ,you and I _________________________( have something in common 有一些共同 之处/臭味相投) 2. The twins_______________________ have much/ a lot in common with each other

(1)They have a lot________ and became good friends very soon. A.in common B. in case

C. in surprise D. in interest
common people (普通人), but we can (2)We are______________ do something well. In common with most Englishmen (3)_____________________________ ( 和多数英 国人一样), he enjoys football. is common (常见) in cold countries. (5)Snow____________ common sense 常识

2.Work out a list and compare it with your partner.

You should work out a plan to lose weight. You should work out how many pounds you 设计,制定出;计算,估算; intend to lose.解决;总计;锻炼 You should work out every day.

3. I began as a calculating machine in France in 1642.

? calculate vt. 计算

n. calculation Calculate on =? rely/depend/count on 依赖;依靠

4. In 1936 my real father wrote a book about how I could be made to work as a solve (解决) any “universal machine” to ______ difficult sums.
solve vt. 解答;解决(疑惑;困难;问题)
solve a mystery/puzzle/difficulties/problem solution n. a solution to sth … 的解决方法 the answer/key/entrance to

Settle? settle a quarrel/dispute

感官动词(see/ watch/ hear等) 与使役动词(make/ let /have)


They heard the man sing a song. The man was heard to sing a song

From then on 从那时起), 5.______________(

I grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower. from …on: since 一般过去时/将来时


你的人生将会从此改变。 Your life will change from now on. 从那时起,他们就再没有见过面。 From then on ,they didn’t see each other again. Since then, they haven’t seen each other again.

6. By the 1940s I had grown as large as a if room, and Iwonder ____________( 想知道是否…) I would grow any larger. (It is) no wonder that Vt. 想知道 难怪…; 怪不得… n. 奇迹

wander 闲逛 wander about vi.漫游,闲逛,徘徊 Don't wander about the room like that. Get something to do.


By the (time)/ by the end of …
从句 主句

一般现在时 一般将来时

had done
has/have done will/shall have done

By the end of last year, another new gymnasium ______in Beijing. A. Would be completed B.was being completed C.Has been completed D.had been completed do

As a result (结果) I _______( totally 完全地) 7. __________ changed my shape. ? Phrases ? ? ? ( lead to) as a result 因为;由于……的 as a result of 结果 result from 因……而起 result in


In total=in all 总计;总共

As a result of ___________the heavy rain, they arrived late .
as a result It was raining,_________, they

arrived late.
resulted in The heavy rain _________their late arrival. from Their late arrival resulted ___________the heavy rain.

8. Since the 1970s many new
applications 应用) have been found for __________( me. application n. 应用;用途;申请(表) apply v. 应用;申请

have a wide application in 在… 中得到广泛应用 apply for 申请 apply to 适用于… apply A to B 将A应用于B

She wants to apply for study in Harvard.

You should apply what you have learnt to practice.

English has a wide application in communication.

我所说的只适用于你们部分人。 applies to what I have said only ___________some
of you.

goal 目标)is to ? .9. Anyhow _____ (无论如何) my ____( provide _____(提供)humans with a life of high quality(高质量的) _________

anyhow adv. 无论如何,不管怎样, 反正;尽管如此 ,(anyway)

? Learn through use (即学即用) ? —Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the British Museum? —Sorry, I?m a stranger here. — . A. Thanks anyway B. It doesn?t matter C. Never mind D. No problem

? 2) I'm not sure what time I'll arrive, maybe half past seven or a quarter to eight. _______, I'll be there as early as possible. ? A. Anyhow B. somehow ? C. somewhat D. Therefore
Ps: somewhat “有点儿;有几分”常用来修饰形容 词; somehow “不知怎么地,莫名其妙地”; therefore “因此”

? goal (n) [c]

? ①He has achieved his goal.

? ②That last goal was a beauty.

? ③That?s the twentieth goal he?s kicked this season. (进球)得分
set a goal 设定目标 achieve a goal 实现目标

provide (vt) 提供 ? Provide means supply . with ? Provide sb _________ sth ? Provide sth _________ sb for ? 1) This hotel provides a shoe-cleaning service ______ for guests. ? 2)A project designed to provide young people ______ with work.

1. I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine.
我发育缓慢,差不多到了两百年之后,我才被制成 一台分析机。 句型:It took +时间段+ before +从句 “过了多久… 才…”

It took seven years before 七年后才)they _______________________(

finally got married.
It took a few days before 很多天后才) I got ______________________(

used to the new school life.



It is/ was … before+从句

It is/was not …before +从句

It will be … before+ 从句

It will not be +before+从句

Before 用法面面观
“… 之后,才…;没来得及;以免;免得;在…之前” We walked a long way before we arrived at the destination(目的地). … 之后,才… Before I could say a word, she rushed out of 没来得及 the classroom. Write down what I say in class before you forget it. 以免;免得

? (07江西)He was told that it would be at least three months _______ he could recover and return to work. ? A. When B. before C. since D. that ? (08北京)I?m sorry you have been waiting so long , but it?ll still be some time ______ Brain gets back. ? A before B. since C. till D. after

? It ________ long before we ___ the result of the experiment.(02 上海) ? A will not be ; will know ? B is ; will know ? C will not be ; know ? D is ; know

before ? 1. It was two years ________he realized the truth. before the economic situation improves. ? 2. It will be two years ________ that ? 3. It was two years later ________ he realized the truth. since he lived here. ? 4. It is /has been two years ________ when he arrived home. ? 5. It was midnight ________ that ? 6. It was at midnight ________ he arrived home. that he arrived home. ? 7. It was not until midnight _______
(1) It was the park ________ he first met his wife. (2) It was in this park ________ he first met his wife.



As time went by (随着时间的流逝), I was 2.________________ made smaller.

with 和as表示 “伴随”
as + clause (句子); With的复合结构 ;表伴随条件原因方式 doing 主动 进行 done 被动 完成 with+ n./pron. to do 未做 adj / adv /介词短语

As time went by, I was made smaller. With time going by, I was made smaller.

finished you can go out With your homework_________, and play.

With a lot of homework_________, to do you have to stay at home.

? 1)The murderer was brought in, with his hands___behind his back. ? A. being tied B. having tied ? C. to be tied D. tied ? 2)07安徽 ? John received an invitation to dinner and with his work _____ , he gladly accepted it . ? A finished B finishing ? C having finishing D was finished

? 3) _______ two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this weekend. ? A. With B. Besides ? C. As D. Because of

? 4)They got there without any difficulty with the boy _______ the way . ? A leading B led C to be led D lead

with+ n./pron. + adj / adv /介词短语 in his hand 在他手里 ? ----He came in, with a book __________. 开着 on ? ----He slept, with the light _____. open 睁着 ? ----He was lying there, with his eyes ____.

? go by
? ①(时间)过去,逝去 ? ②从……经过 ? As time goes by, my memory seems to get worse. ? Did you see a boy go by on a bicycle?

? (1)As time________, she became more and more anxious about her son's safety. ? A. passing B. going by ? C. passed D. goes by ? (2)With the time________, our anxiety grew. ? A. goes by B. going by ? C. has gone by D. had gone by ? (3)Three months__________ before we knew it. ? A. passed by B. went ? C. went by D. past

3. My memory became so large that even I couldn't believe it! so......that......“如此.....以至于......”, that引导结果状语从 句 She is so lovely a girl that everyone likes her. = She is such a lovely girl that everyone likes her. so+adj+a/an+可数名词单数+that从句 = such+a/an+adj+可数名词单数+that从句

so+ many few+ 可数名词复数 +that-clause There are so/ many cars on the street that I could’t get
through. We have so little money that we can’t buy a car.

so+ much 不可数名词 +that-clause Students have/ solittle+ much homework to do that they spend
little time playing.

These are such interesting books that I want to read them

such+ (adj.)+ 不可数名词 +that-clause again. such+ (adj.)+可数名词复数+that-clause
It was such bad weather that I had to stay at home.

1) She told us _______ story that we all forget the

A.Such an interesting B. such interesting a

C. So an interesting

D. a so interesting

2)He has ___ few friends that he often feels _____.

A.such; lonely
C. so; lonely

B. such a; alone
D. so; alone

Ps: So… that 句型中, so+ adj/adv 位于句首时, 主句借助be(am, is, are, was were) 助动词(does, do, did), has/have/had ,以及情态动词实现部分 倒装, that 后的从句不倒装。

他们是如此聪明的机器人,能够解决困难问题。 They are so intelligent robots that they can solve difficult problems. So intelligent robots are they that they can solve difficult problems.

3)So loudly _____ that every one of the class could hear him.

A. he spoke
C. Spoke he

B. did he spoke
D. did he speak

4) ________ homework did we have to do that we have no time to take a rest. (2006. 福建) A. So much B. Too much C. So few

such fine weather that ? 1,It is _______ we all want to go out . ? 2,______ such great progress did he make that the teacher praised him. So ? 3, _________ difficult did I feel it to live in an English speaking country that I determined to learn English.

True or False
? 1, By the 1940s I have had

grown as

large as a room. ? 2, With time going went by ,I was made smaller . have ? 3, I had been used in offices and homes since the 1970s. ? 4. As a result I total totally changed my shape.

? 5, I was able to share my knowledges knowledge with others through the World Wide Web. ? 6, I have also been put into robots make mobile phones and used to making as well as help with medical operation. ? 7, I wondered if I would grow any larger. T ? 8, However , this reality worried about my designers.

? 1,______more and more forests destroyed ,some animals are forcing the danger of dying out . ? A. As B. With C. Through D. For ? 2,_____ house price up all the time , the complains can be heard everywhere . ? A. As B. With C. Through D. For

3.Several weeks had gone by_____ I

realized the painting was missing. (04 全国) A. as B. before C. since D. when 4, Scientists say it may be five or six years _____ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. (福建2004) A. since B. after C. before D. when

? 5,--Did Jack come back early last

night? ? --Yes. It was not yet eight o?clock ______he arrived home. ? A before B. when C. that D.until ? 6, With drink and food ____, the prisoner
had to walk out of the cave where he was hiding. ? A run out B run out of ? C use up D using up

? 7,I couldn?t do my homework with all that noise_____.(NMET2005) ? A going on B goes on ? C went on D to go on
? 8, ____ the day went on , the weather get worse. ? A. With B. Since C. While D. As

? 9, This book is written in ___ easy an English _____ beginners can understand it . ? A. such , that B. so, that ? C. rather, that D. fairly ,that ? 10 ,_____rapid progress has he made that we all admire him. ? A. Very B. So C. Such D. Too ? 11, Nancy enjoyed herself so much ____ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. ? A. that B. which. C. when D. where

? NMET2005江苏 ? 12 ____ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. ? A. So curious the couple was ? B. So curious were the couple ? C. How curious the couple were ? D. The couple was such curious ? 13. 2008四川 ? I have not seen Ann for ______ long that I?ve forgotten what she looks like. ? A such B very C so D too

? 14, (2006福建) ? --How long do you think it will be _____ china sends a manned spaceship to the moon ? ? ---Perhaps two or three years . ? A when B until C that D before ? 15, (2006四川) ? It is impossible for so ____ workers to do so _____ work in a single day . ? A. few much B. few many ? C. little much D. little many

? 16,There is______ much work to do and he was______ worried about finishing it in time that he was quite nervous all day long. ? A. so; so B. such; such ? C. so; such D. such; so ? 17, It was______ that we went camping in the mountains. ? A. such nice weather ? B. such a nice weather ? C. so nice a weather ? D. too nice weather

? 18, _______ that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent. ? A. So clever are the construction robots B. So clever the construction robots are ? C. Such construction robots are clever D. Such clever construction robots are

? 19, So large___________ that I couldn't believe it. ? A. did my memory become ? B. my memory became ? C. my memory did become ? D. became my memory

? 20, It was a pity that the great writer died _______ his works unfinished. ? A for B from C of D with

走近高考: 1.Letter boxes are much more _____in the UK than in the US, where most people have a mailbox instead.( 2006年?浙江)
A. common B. normal C. ordinary D. usual 2. A new _____bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago.

A. normal B. usual C. regular D. common

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