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2015 湖北省武汉市中考英语
听力部分 一、听力测试(共三节)(25 分) 第一节 1、A. It’s Bob B. Jack’s C. A good one 2、A. A black cat B. Very C. It’s lovely 3、A . Once a month B. About one week C. In three days 4、A. It’s tasty B. Too small C. The bigger one 第二节 5.How is the woman? A. Not well B. OK C. Tired 6. What can we know about Kate’s sister? A. She is too noisy B. She doesn’t talk much C. She isn’t friendly 7. What will the weather be like ? A. Rainy B. Sunny C. Cloudy 8. How does Mary feel about the exam ? A. Easy B. Hard C. So-so 9. What does the woman doing ? A. Going to Tom’s room B. Looking for the newspaper C. Helping Tom read the paper 10. What number does the woman want to call ? A. 83657391 B. 83657318 C. 83657319 11. Who will go tomorrow ? A. The man B. The woman C. Both of them 第三节,听下面一段对话,回答 13-15 三个小题 13. Where is the woman ? A. At the train station B. In the hotel C. On the street 14. How many passengers can the taxi driver take ? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 15. Why can’t they get there quickly ? A. There are too many people in the taxi B. There is an accident on the street C. It happens to be the rush hour 听下面一段对话,回答 16-18 三个小题 16. What’s the relationship between the two speaker ? A. Doctor and nurse B. Doctor and visitor C. Doctor and patient 17. Why does Susan call Dr. Clark ? A. To thank him B. To invite him to dinner C. To help him 18. How is the woman now ? A. Quite all right B. A little worse C. Not very well 听下面一段对话,回答 19-22 四个小题 19. What is Jim going to buy ? A. Some meat B. Vegetable C. Dumplings 20. When are they going to make dumplings ? A. Brfore lunch B. After lunch C. Right now 21. Who wants to learn to make dumplings ? A. Jim B. Jim’s mother C. Ann 22. Where is Jim going ? A. To his friend’s home B. To school C. To the maket 听下面一段对话,回答 23-25 三个小题 23. Where does Old Arthur live ? A. In a small forest B. In an old village C. In a modern city 24. What does he collect from the post office ? A. Money and food B. Money and letters C. Money and newspapers 25. Why doesn’t he feel lonely? A. He has lots of money and friends B. He meets many people in the bar C. He has birds and animals around him 一、单选题(共 15 小题)

1.– let’s go swimming.– _______________.
B.You’re welcome C.Thanks a lot D.It’s a good idea 2.– Is your mother a teacher? – Yes, she is.She _________ at a junior high school. A.taught B.Teaches C.will teach D.is teaching 3.– A nice car! Is it yours? – No, it isn’t.I __________ it from a friend of mine two days ago. A.borrow B.have borrowed C.will borrow D.borrowed 4.– Where are the flowers?– You see, someone _________ them to the window. A.moves B.had moved C.has moved 5.– I hear Tom is leaving. – ____________ why? D.would move A.It’s a pleasure

A.And B.But C.Or D.So 6.– The East Lake is not far from the Yellow Crane Tower, so you can easily visit ________ in a day. – Fantastic! I can’t wait for it. A.none B.both 7.–Could I borrow your bike, please? C.all – _____________. D.either D.No, thank you

A.Of course you can B.It doesn’t matter C.Yes, I’d love to 8.– Hi! My name’s Tim.It’s my first time to be here. – _______.

A.Very well, thank you. B.It’s all right. C.That would be very nice. D.Nice to meet you. 9.I’ll pick you up at the stop sign where 50 meters ahead the two roads ______. A.fit B.meet C.face D.reach

10.–Mr.Wilson, can I ask you some questions about your speech? –Certainly, feel ________to ask me.
A.good B.calm C.free D.happy 11.–Any special ________ in this shopping mall now? –Sure, we have the latest e-products on sale. A.offer B.price C.brand D.service 12.–I’ll always stand by you when you are in need. –It’s nice of you.Your support is really _______ . A.appreciated A.put on A.may B.thanked C.helped D.depended D.put out D.should

13.–Jason, would you please ________ this notice? –With pleasure.
B.put off C.put up 14.If you wish , you _________ come in and have a cup of coffee. B.must 15.–What did your teacher say just now? A.how could I work it out C.why I am late for school 二、完形填空(共 1 小题) C.would –He asked me __________.

B.when did I go to the library D.if I had get ready for the exam

It was Friday.The football game was Saturday and we were very excited.My brother was going to be the quarterback(美式足球进攻组织者)for our team.It was the first time he would be in that 1 .He had been hoping to be the quarterback ever since he joined the team.He said, “That’s t he big job.That’s the one that makes the big difference.” My mother said, “ 2 , son.That’s the big target(攻击目标), too.You know the other 3 want to knoc k you down.You can get hurt.” “Don’t worry, I’m so 4 and I’m fast.Besides, I have great players who will 5 them from coming at me.” my brother said.

I couldn’t 6 well the whole night.I worried about my brother.My mother was 7 -- he could get hurt. The next morning, he 8 early to get to the game.When we got there, it was about to start.The 9 ran out on the field.My brother looked great.He saw us and 10 . Then it started.They were playing hard.One player in particular from the other team kept 11 at him.Then it happened.He knocked my brother down .My brother was slow to get up.My brother was screaming(尖 叫).The coach ran out on the field.He told my brother to 12 some time on the bench.He was afraid he had been hurt. My mother ran down to 13 on my brother .But all he did was a smile.“It’s just a bruise(瘀伤).I’m fine.And don’t worry , I’ll be back.This is 14 .I love leading the team.” After that game, my brother plays quarterback every Saturday.But my mother is still 15 . She can’t go to the games.She just waits at home and hopes to see him walking in smiling. 1.A.game 2.A.Go ahead 3.A.parents 4.A.handsome 5.A.stop 6.A.behave 7.A.right 8.A.rested 9.A.family 10.A.laughed 11.A.pointing 12.A.take 13.A.call 14.A.funny 15.A.proud B.list B.Take it easy B.players B.healthy B.help B.play B.sad B.exercised B.team B.nodded B.shouting B.waste B.check B.easy B.disappointed C.show C.Be careful C.fans C.brave C.protect C.sleep C.angry C.left C.coach C.greeted C.looking C.save C.operate C.great C.anxious D.place D.Well done D.strangers D.strong D.hide D.dream D.excited D.returned D.crowd D.cheered D.rushing D.kill D.breathe D.dangerous D.calm

三、阅读理解(共 3 小题)阅读下面材料,从每篇材料后各小题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)四个


1.The material above has something to do with ____. A.phone books B.a website C.Oxford University D.newspapers

2.How many requirements (条件) are needed for getting the job? A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5

3.This advertisement is probably given by ____. A.a bicycle company 4.If we do the job, ____. A.we can win free bicycles C.we will pay extra money 5.How can we get more information? A.By sending an email. C.By calling 01852 476666. B.By going around all areas. D.By asking a 13-year-old child. B.we can design paper rounds D.we will wear free uniforms B.newspaper owners C.Oxford Distribution D.the local government

18.阅读下面材料,从每篇材料后各小题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)四个选项中,选出最佳答案。 Donna Ashlock, a 14-year-old girl from California, was very sick.She had a bad heart.“Donna needs a new heart,” her doctor said, “she must have a new heart, or she will die soon.” Felipe Carza, 15, was worried about Donna.Felipe was Donna’s friend.He liked Donna very much.He

liked her freckles, and he liked her smile.Felipe didn’t want Donna to die. Felipe talked to his mother about Donna.“I am going to die,” Felipe told his mother, “and I am going to give my heat to Donna.” Felipe’s mother didn’t pay much attention to Felipe.“Felipe is just kidding,” she thought, “Felipe is not going to die.He’s strong and healthy.” But Felipe was not healthy.He had terrible headaches sometimes.“my head hurts,” he often told his friends.Felipe never told his parents about his headaches. One morning Felipe woke up with a sharp pain in his head.He was dizzy (眩晕的), and he couldn’t breathe.His parents rushed Felipe to the hospital.Doctors at the hospital had terrible news for them.“Felipe’ s brain is dead,” the doctors said, “we can’t save him.” The parents were very sad.But they remembered Felipe’s words. “Felipe wanted to give his heart to Donna,” they told the doctors. The doctors did several tests.Then they told the parents, “we can give Felipe’s heart to Donna.” The doctors took out Felipe’s heart and rushed the heart to Donna.Other doctors took out Donna’s heart and put Felipe’s hear t in her chest.In a short time the heart began to beat. The operation was a success.Felipe’s heart was beating in Donna’s chest, but Donna didn’t know it.Her parents and doctors didn’t tell her.They waited until she was stronger; then they told her about Felipe.“I feel very sad,” Donna said, “but I am thankful to Felipe.” Three months later the operation Donna went back to school.She has to have regular checkups, and she has to take medicine every day.But she is living a normal life. Felipe’s brother John says, “Every time we see Donna, we think of Felipe.She has Felipe‘s heart in her.That gives us great peace.” 1.Felipe was worried about Donna because A.she had freckles C.she would have a new heart 2.We learn from the passage that . B.Donna needed a new heart instead of her own . B.she was very sick D.she had a sharp pain in her head

A.Felipe promised Donna to give her his heart

C.the doctors asked Felipe’s parents to donate his heartD.Felipe never told anyone about his terrible headaches 3.Donna knew nothing about Felipe’s heart until A.Felipe’s parents told her the bad news C.she was well and strong enough 4.It is clear that . B.Donna can live a normal life without medicine

. B.the operation was going to start D.she went back to school

A.Felipe’s brother often goes to see Donna in hospital

C.the doctors did several tests during the operation

D.the Carza have great peace because of Donna

5.Which of the following may probably be the best title for the passage? A.The Gift B.The Operation C.The Peace D.The Illness

19.阅读下面材料,从每篇材料后各小题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)四个选项中,选出最佳答案。 Molly Boylan is one of the most successful business women in Canada after setting up her cosmetic (化妆 品) company Blazes in 1992.Though she is very successful, she says that she finds it harder every year in balance (平衡) her business with her family life.She sometimes feels that her two children know more about their baby---sitter than they do about her. Molly employs (雇佣) around eighty people in her factory and warehouse, and ten others in her two new fashion stores, but her newest employee is the most important one for her.After years of worrying about her business more than her family, she has decided to make Sally Pamonte new general manager in her company.Molly will still be involved in decision- making, and she’s going to stay in touch with the people who work for her, but Sally is going to look after day-to-day running of the business so that Molly can spend more time with the kids. The new arrangement (安排) is going to start on Monday, and both of them are already excited about it.Sally says, “I’m very nervous, actually, but I’m sure Molly will help me a lot in the early days, even though I hope she feels she can trust me not to make too many mistakes.” Molly, on the other hand, seems quite relaxed about the whole thing.”I know that Sally’s going to be a very nice manager.” she says, “She’s only been here a couple of days and she’s already shown me how to work out a few problems we were having.The best thing though is that I feel a hundred times happier than I’ve been in years.I mean, I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt as relaxed as this, and my kids are really excited about my being at home more.To be honest, I wish I had made this decision years ago.” 1.The passage is mainly about _____________. A.Molly and her children C.the baby-sitter and the kids B.Molly finding a new manager D.Molly making a change about her business

2.The underlined phrase “be involved in” in the passage probably means_________. A.be interested in B.take part in C.be nervous about D.learn about

3.Sally seems to be a good manager because ___________. A.she has set up a new Blazes C.she has been able to solve a few problems 4.According to the passage, Molly ___________ . A.will not run her business any more B.seems satisfied with the new arrangement

B.she keeps in close touch with the workers D.she has been working for the company since 1992

C.was not pleased with the baby-sitter

D.was successful both in her business and her family

5.The best thing for Molly now is that _________. A.she has more than eighty people working for her C.she can have more time to be with her kids B.her kids know more about the baby-sitter D.she has got a new general manager in her company

四、选词填空(共 1 小题)
20.仔细阅读下面五个句子,然后用下面方框中所给的单词或短语填空,使每个句子在结构、句意和逻辑上 正确。(提示:选项中有一个是多余的) 1.If you don’t________ a flash, then it may be OK. 2.When it began to rain, Ben was helping his mom ________dinner. 3.It could be Mei’s hair band.Or it might_________ Linda.They both have long hair. 4.The British teacher is very_________.He always tell us interesting jokes. 5.If you are always _________from class, you will fail the examination.

五、阅读填空(共 1 小题)
21.阅读短文,再在其后空白出写出各单词的正确形式。单词的第一个字母已给出。 I want to buy a pair of sports shoes for a long time.I had spend months saving up the money to buy them and I finally had e 1 .Last Saturday my friend Jake wanted to buy a new CD,so we decided to go shopping together. We took the bus into town and it was very c 2 ,so we had to stand all the way.Jake and I were talking when I suddenly n 3 that my bag was open and my purse had gone! The bus

had just stopped and there was a boy near me who was going quickly towards the door.We thought he had stolen my money so we got off the bus and f 4 him.The boy started running and then Jake ran after him shouting “Stop! T 5 !” It was like a scene out of a film! A policeman saw what was going on and managed to get the boy. The embarrassing thing was that when the policeman s 6 the boy, he didn’t have my purse! He probably thrown it away before he was caught.The boy said we had made a mistake and we shouldn’t blame(指责)him for the stolen purse.He explained that he had o 7 started running because he was late for a meeting with friends.The policeman a 8 him to go and I felt really stupid.I don’t know whether he stole my purse or not as there was no proof(证据).I wish I hadn’t been so careless and had kept an e 9 on my bag! I’ve lost my front door key and 60 pounds.I’m really fed up.Jake offered to lend me the money to buy the sports shoes, but I don’t think it’s f 10 to take it.It isn’t his fault(过失)that I had my purse stolen!

六、书面表达(共 1 小题)

你是一名中学生,想成为国际动物救助中心“International Animal Helpers”(IAH)的一名志愿者,请你用英 文写一封自荐信。 内容要点如下: 1.能参加周末活动; 2.从家乘地铁到“中心”约十分钟; 3.喜爱动物,愿意帮助他们; 4.懂一点医学知识; 5.补充一两点个人信息和想法。 注意: 1.文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; 2.词数:60—80 4.信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇: subway n. 地铁 Dear Sir / Madam, My name is Li Ming, _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ Looking forward to your reply. volunteer n. 志愿者 medical adj. 医学的 3.不得逐条翻译,内容要连贯得体;

Yours sincerely, Li Ming

参考答案 听力 1-4 BABC 5-11 BBAABAC 13-15 CAC 16-18 CAA


19-22 BACC

23-25 ABC

26-30 DBDCB 31-35 BADBC 36-40 AACAD

41-45 DCBDA 46-50 CACBB 51-55 DABCC 56-60 DBCDA 61-65 BBCDC 66-70 BBCBC

71-75 76-85

Dear Sir / Madam,My name is Li Ming, I think volunteering is of great significance to our society, which can enrich our experience as well as improve our ability. Now I can participate in the weekend activities, so I have enough time to help International Animal Helpers . It is about ten minutes by subway to the "center" from my home I love animals and I’m willing to help them . I understand a little medical knowledge. I'm good at getting along well with others. I'm willing to help others and can bear sufferings.I hope you can give me a chance, thank you very much!Looking forward to your reply.Yours sincerely,Li Ming


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