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A组 2016~2014 年各省市高考题
考点一 记叙文 Cloze 1寓 (2016·全 釛) 话题 长的故 词数 274 难 ★★ 建 15 时间 钟


When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team.That meant__1__Miller King who was the best __2__at our school. Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out.I carried my football everywhere for __3__ Just before September Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm.I went to see him after he came back from__4__ He looked very__5__ but he didn量t cry.

That season I__6__all of Miller量 s records while he__7__the home games from the bench.We went 10 1 and I was named most valuable player __8__I often had crazy dreams in which I was to blame for Miller量s __9__ One afternoon I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller __10__going over a fence—which wasn量 t__11__to climb if you had both arms.I量m sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept __12__ from.But even that challenge he accepted.I__13__ him move slowly over the fence.When we were finally __14__ on the other side he said to me “You know I didn量t tell you this during the season but you did__15__ Thank you for filling in for__16__ ” His words freed me from my bad __17__ I thought to myself how even without an arm he was more of a leader.Damaged but not defeated he was__18__ahead of me.I was right to have __19__ him.From that day on I

grew __20__ and a little more real. 1 A.cheering for C relying on B B B B B calm broke B D B then B D B D student show vacation C C beating out staying with C C teacher comfort C relaxed set D D player D pleasure D training

2 A.coach 3 A.practice 4 A.school 5 A.pale 6 A.held 7 A.reported C organized

hospital D tried


judged watched C but D thus

8 A.and 9 A.decision C accident

mistake sacrifice

10 A.stuck 11 A.steady 12 A.praise C assistance B


hurt hard C advice apology C

C fun

tried D

D fit


13 A.let 14 A.dropped C trapped

helped B D B ready safe


D noticed

15 A.fine C quickly B


D normally yourself B C me D them

16 A.us

17 A.memories C attitudes B also


D dreams C B D B D yet cured D just

18 A.still

19 A.challenged C invited

admired bigger cooler

20 A.healthier C cleverer

Cloze 2寓 (2015· 课标全 釙) 话题 善 的力 词数 254 难 ★★ 建 16 时间 钟

My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend.On the way we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said At this store a must be to have to stand “ 2 4 1 my job.Family to Feed.” 3 on how bad it

like this is not normal.My 10-year-old noticed him and made a in the cold wind. 5

In the store I asked each of my kids to

something they thought our “friend” there would 7

6 .They

got apples a sandwich and a bottle of juice.Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a it.We were 10 8 on cash ourselves but... well sometimes 11 12 14 15 9

.I thought about

from our need instead of our abundance is

what we need to do!All the kids When we handed him the bag of

something they could do away with for the week. he lit up and thanked us with his family might need 13 eyes.When I handed him the

gift card

saying he could use it for

he burst into tears.

This has been a wonderful 16

for our family.For days the kids have been looking for others we can 17 if I had simply said 19 “No we really don't have 20 18 to give

!Things would have played out so

more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in others.It'll go a long way with them. 1 A.Lost C.Quit B.Changed D.Finished

it also gave my kids the

taste of helping

2 A.condition C.sight 3 A.suggestion C.decision 4 A.outside C.by 5 A.draw C.arrange 6 A.order C.appreciate 7 A.dollar C hot meal

B.place D.show B D comment call

B.proudly D angrily

B.say D.pick B.supply D.discover B.job D.gift card B.low D.loose B.saving D.begging B.even D.just B.shared D.expected B.medicine D.clothes B.watery D.sharp B whatever

8 A.easy C.soft 9 A.giving C.spending 10 A.yet C.still 11 A.declared C.ignored 12 A.toys C.food 13 A.sleepy C.curious 14 A.whoever C.whichever 15 A.experience C.message 16 A.rely on C.learn from 17 A.suddenly C.differently 18 A.time C.patience 19 A.fear C.need 20 A.strong C.strange

D.whenever B.example D.adventure B.respect D.help B.vividly D.perfectly B.power D.money B.love D.memory B.sweet D.simple

Cloze 3寓 (2015·

) 话题 一份温 的礼物 词数 430 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

A Welcome Gift Dario and his mother loved their new apartment. The living room was large enough for their piano. That night, the two of them 2 1 side by side at the piano. They played jazz music to celebrate their new home. The loud

filled the room and made them feel very happy. The next morning, 3 their happiness disappeared.Someone had left a 4 under their door during the

night. One of their neighbors had written to complain(抱 ) about the sound of the piano. Dario's mother asked the building superintendent(管理员) if he knew anything about it. But he said that they were all 5 people and he 6

couldn't imagine any of them had done that. Later that morning, Dario suggested that they write a letter to their and apologize for their playing. “Maybe we could go and 7 everyone in person 8 ” his mother said. instead?” Dario asked.

“What if we invited them to come here for a They both loved the

9 . Over the next few days, they sent out invitations and prepared desserts


their guests. They decorated the apartment with streamers(彩带) and pretty lights. Finally, the day of the party brought desserts to Chopin. “I heard you playing the other night ”she said “The sounds woke me out of bed.I 14 that you might 11 . Some guests brought presents. Others brought flowers. Some even 13 Dario's mother with a book of piano music by

12 . One woman, Mrs. Gilbert,

play like this every night. So I wrote a short note. I hope you don't think I disliked the playing.” Dario's mother smiled at Mrs. Gilbert. “I think maybe we 15 you an apology ” she said.“I didn't 16

how late it was when we were playing. Maybe we should play some quieter music at night.” “You play, you play!” Mrs. Gilbert said.“I like what you play! Just not so loud at night.” She pointed to the book she had given them. “These songs are not such 17 music.” 18 to play them in the evening.” 19 the new

“These songs are beautiful music ” Dario's mother said.“We will be

“And we won't play so loud or late!” Dario said.He was already looking forward to

music.More than that, however, he was happy to see the big smile on his mother's face. It gave him a feeling of 20 and made him feel that they were home at last. 1 A.sat C lay B D B D B D B D stood walked ring cry however instead poster report

2 A.voice C music

3 A.therefore C otherwise

4 A.note C bill

5 A.proud C lucky



D nice B D B D B friends audiences instruct visit concert

6 A.neighbors C relatives

7 A.blame C question

8 A.party C show

D play B D B D B D B D B D B D B idea action with from arrived finished sell advertise presented served admitted worried send

9 A.experience C performance

10 A.to C for

11.A.continued C passed

12 A.order C share

13 A.treated C helped

14 A.promised C agreed

15 A.give C offer

D owe B D B D B D B D B D remember accept strange loud sorry afraid practicing writing freedom sympathy

16 A.realize C understand

17 A.sweet C funny

18 A.brave C happy

19 A.changing C recording

20 A.equality C warmth

Cloze 4寓 (2015·湖 ) 话题 诚实的回 词数 291 难 ★★ 建 16 时间 钟

“Daily Star sir.” called Jason carrying some newspapers under his arm.The little boy had been running up and down the street but there were still twenty 1 left.His voice was almost gone and his heart was 2 .The 3

shops would soon close and all the people would go home.He would have to go home too carrying the papers money.He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a seeds for his bird.That was why he had bought the papers with all his money.He to sell all his papers. “You don't know the Chad told Jason.“ 7 see and you'll It was a new mother but was some good things. The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers who declared with a 16 15 .Several boys were crowding around Chad 9 6 5 4

for his mother and some as he thought of his failure

of selling papers.You must shout.‘Hot news! Bomb bursting!’” another newsboy they have time to

it's not in the paper at all ” replied Jason.“Just run away quickly 8 out and get your money ”Chad said. 10 to Jason.He thought of his bird with no that he would not tell a lie.Though he was 11 13

and the cake he wanted to buy for his a poor newsboy he had been 14


smile that he sold six dozen the day before.He added that Jason 17 18


because he would not tell a lie.The boy

at Jason.“You wouldn't tell a lie yesterday my boy?” A 19 .“You're just the boy I am looking for.” A week

gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason's shoulder later Jason started his new

20 .He lost the sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie but got a

well-paid job because he told the truth. 1 A.shops C people B coins

D papers B D B D B D B D B D heavy weak in return for in exchange for card cake broke down showed up process secret

2 A.open C pure

3 A.instead of C regardless of

4 A.cup C comb

5 A.gave in C got away

6 A.difficulty C goal

7 A.And C For

B But D So B since

8 A.before C though

D unless B D B drop reach idea

9 A.call C sell

10 A.edition




task insects D B water amazed

11 A.bread C seeds

12 A.concerned C excited B D B D B

D determined already also handed allowed by chance

13 A.still C just

14 A.taught C awarded

15 A.at once C as usual

D on purpose B gentle

16 A.proud C warm

D polite B D B D B D B D lost saved shouted started gratefully modestly business method

17 A.borrowed C made

18 A.laughed C nodded

19 A.bravely C fondly

20 A.duty C job

Cloze 5寓 (2015·四 ) 话题 院的 词数 318 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟 I 1

My previous home had a stand of woods behind it and many animals in the backyard.That first year feeding peanuts to the blue jays then the squirrels.The squirrels had no 2 months went by the rabbits saw that I was no even came for a nibble( ) Slowly they came to hand. That second year the rabbits 5 3 4

coming up right to me for them.As the ) they

and didn't escape.When I threw carrot slices(薄

me and by the end of the year they were eating out of my

me and one would even sit up for slices! While I was feeding them I 6 7 interest in this food situation.I carefully extended a

that a groundhog who used to run away was now taking an long 8 with a keen eye on those teeth and 9

there were times I would have the groundhog sitting next 10 she would even turn her

to a rabbit both munching(津津 味地咀嚼)on carrots.A few months later while back to me. didn't move. 11 when she was facing away I reached out and

12 scratched(搔)her back with my finger.She

By year three the rabbits and the groundhog were back.The groundhog me scratching her back and I got an idea.I'd always 14 15 17 one day just to see what she would do I gently .The next time


didn't have a problem with

while slicing up carrots that the end looked like a cap. 16 one on top of the groundhog's head.Again not a

I had my camera ready to record what you see here one of several dozen such pictures. 18 19 the one on her head.It was a fair 20 —I got a pleasure and she had

she had a slice to eat she never yet another tasty treat. 1 A.avoided C canceled B D B started

suggested fun

2 A.business C problem

D privilege

3 A.help B cheat C threat D exception 4 A.trust B miss C admire D 5 A.feared C discovered B D B ignored remembered decided appreciate

6 A.proved C noticed

D understood B D B D increasing inspiring rabbit carrot B D B D sleeping long ago all over again playing

7 A.extreme C additional

8 A.squirrel C peanut

9 A.before long C over and over

10 A.eating C sitting

11 A.Next C Soon

B Once D Lately B suddenly

12 A.carefully C violently B D

D patiently thus still B D doubted recognised

13 A.also C just

14 A.thought C admitted

15 A.While C So D

B Or For B D kept placed

16 A.fixed C hung

17 A.tremble C delay



D hesitation B Ever since D So long as B D B D required expected

18 A.Even if C As far as 19 A.welcomed C bothered

20 A.trade C task

competition affair

Cloze 6寓 (2015· 津) 话题 历 词数 344 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟 1 , and

My fiance( 婚 ) and I were excited about shopping for our first home.But our funds were none of the houses in our price range seemed satisfactory. One agent 2

a house in particular.Although her description sounded wonderful, the price was 4 .


our range, so we declined.But she kept urging us to have a look We finally did and it was 5

at first sight.It was Our Home, small and charming, overlooking a quiet 6

lake.Walking through the rooms and talking with the owners, a nice elderly couple, we felt the warmth and

of the marriage within that home.As perfect as it was, the price remained too high for us.But every day, we would sit by the lake, looking at the house and dreaming of Days later, we made a(n) renewed their offer price. The next day, we got a decided to talk with the 13 12 message that another buyer had offered a much higher price.Even so, we 14 was thousands of dollars less 10 8 7 it would be like to live there. 9 us.They

—far below the asking price.Surprisingly, they didn't 11

.It was also much more than we could afford, but far

than the original asking

directly.We made our final offer, which 15 16 we had to try.

than the other buyer's bid.We knew it, “Sold! ” said the owner.Then he we loved the place and that we'd a 18 17

He'd seen us sitting by the lake all those times; he knew how much

the years of work they had put into their home; he realized he would take

by selling it to us, but it was worthwhile; we were the people they wanted to live there.He told us to 19 in the price “an early wedding present.” 20 they are not strangers, only

consider the

That's how we found our home and how I learned that when people are friends we haven't yet met. 1 A.needed C enough B D limited large B decorated

2 A.recommended C sold D B

rented within

3 A.below C beyond

D between B at most

4 A.at least


at times


at hand concern curiosity happiness

5 A.relief C love

6 A.pride C challenge

D desire B D B why what offer

7 A.which C that

8 A.effort C promise

D profit B D B D B apart better look after laugh at indeed

9 A.come across C depend on

10 A.instead C aside

11.A.worse C less

D higher B disappointing

12 A.relaxing C pleasant D

regular B buyers

13 A.agents C managers

D owners B D B still ever or

14 A.already C generally

15 A.so C for

D but B D B D B D B D B complained explained

16 A.apologized C criticized

17 A.check C appreciate 18 A.loss C chance

analyze ignore risk lead difference average

19 A.increase C interest

20 A.kind C


smart D energetic

Cloze 7寓 (2015·陕西) 话题 词数 难 建 时间





钟 and say

Dad had a green comb.He bought it when he married Mum.Every night he would hand me his 1 “Good girl help Daddy clean it OK?” I was 2 to do it.At age five this dull task brought me such 3 .I would excitedly turn the tap


and 5

brush the comb carefully.Satisfied that I'd done a good job affectionately at me and place the comb on his wallet. Two years later Dad started his own 6 7

I would happily return the comb to Dad.He would

which wasn't doing so well.That was when things started to 8 with him for placing our

.Dad didn't come home as early and as much as he used to.Mum and I became 9 an uncomfortable silence grew between us.

family in trouble.With

After my graduation 10 me

Dad's business was getting back on track.On my 28th birthday Dad came home

.As usual I helped him carry his bags into his study.When I turned to leave he said “Hey would you help 11 my comb?”I looked at him a while then 12 the comb and headed to the sink.

It hit me then why as a child was home early to 14

13 Dad clean his comb was such a pleasure.That routine( 惯) meant Dad 15 a happy and loving family. 16 placed his comb on his wallet.But this time 18 his smile was

the evening with Mum and me.It

I passed the clean comb back to Dad.He smiled at me and I noticed something still as 19

17 .Dad had aged.He had wrinkles next to his eyes when he smiled 20 for his family.

as before the smile of a father who just wanted a good B wallet

1 A.bag C comb

D brush B relieved

2 A.annoyed C ashamed B

D pleased sadness

3 A.joy C courage

D pain B over

4 A.out C in

D on B D smile laugh B D business

5 A.stare C shout

6 A.family C task

journey B change

7 A.progress C improve D

form B delighted

8 A.satisfied C mad D B D

strict patience ease B early

9 A.time C speed

10 A.occasionally




rarely repair

11 A.sharpen C clean

D keep B took

12 A.dropped C handed D

threw B letting

13 A.watching C helping

D hearing B D lose spend B broke

14 A.find C waste

15 A.affected C meant D

supported B hurriedly

16 A.firmly C casually D

carefully B exciting

17 A.different C interesting B D

D urgent or yet B innocent B D life education heartwarming

18 A.for C so

19 A.convincing C cautious D

20 A.origin C reputation

Cloze 8寓 (2014·安徽) 话题 温 In 2012 的假期 词数 295 难 ★★ 建 16 时间 钟

I had just recovered from a serious illness when I received an invitation to a writer's conference in 1 might be just what the doctor ordered so off I 3 to catch a taxi to my 4 2 .

Orlando Florida.My family persuaded me that a(n)

Arriving in the Sunshine State was rather tiring but I in.Next morning I took another 5

and settle I went to a 8 my

to the shopping centre to buy a few souvenirs. 6 7 .Then I heard a friendly voice saying “You can

café to have lunch but all the tables were table.” I gratefully sat down with the 9

lady and we had a happy lunch together.As the 11

10 a car

drew to a close she asked how long I would be in Orlando.I had already told her that I hadn't and hadn't realised how 12

taking taxis would be.After a while she said “My dear don't use any 13 you wherever you wish.”I told her that I 15

more taxis.I'm retired and it would be my pleasure to couldn't put her to that 14

but she brushed aside my protests ( 对) She asked me where I was 16

and next morning she was waiting at my apartment at the

time to take me to Disney World.She spent

some time with me before leaving me to back to my accommodation.I 19


alone.At the end of the day she


to take me

her money but she refused to take any. through her 20 filled my brief holiday in Florida with

I'll never forget that wonderful lady who wonderful memories. 1 A.holiday C operation B D B ceremony experiment went

2 A.kept C dropped

D knocked B promised

3 A.intended C managed

D deserved B D B D B taxi First company accommodation passenger

4 A.hospital C university

5 A.colleague C suitcase

6 A.Instead C Later

D Once B occupied

7 A.classified C decorated B

D painted reserve

8 A.share C set

D possess B D poor stubborn B D B meal interview repaired

9 A.old C innocent

10 A.journey C speech

11 A.donated C hired

D guided B D B worthwhile expensive entertain

12 A.convenient C unfortunate

13 A.inspire C call

D drive B D B D B D argument challenge staying shopping limited regular

14 A.business C trouble

15 A.working C moving

16 A.appointed C favourite

17 A.digest C perform


explore calculate refused

18 A.forgot C returned

D preferred B lent

19 A.sent C offered

D owed B dignity

20 A.confidence C curiosity )

D kindness

Cloze 9寓 (2014·

话题 Suzy 的融入 The Fitting-in of Suzy Khan

词数 435

难 ★★★

建 18

时间 钟

The first time I saw Suzy Khan I knew I had to help her.She was really small for her age of 12.The boys in my class often 1 about her and laughed their heads off.She would open a book pretending to read with

tears dropping on the open page. All I knew was that she was an orphan ( 儿) from Africa.She had just been adopted by a family in town who 2 3 that the best way for her to learn American ways of life was to be with American kids.I looked down at this girl and promised myself that somehow I would help her. But how could I help her 4 in with us?There had to be a 5 . 6 her geography book to a picture of

One day when I went into the classroom I saw that Suzy had a train and in her notebook she had made a(n) 7 copy.

I was surprised and thought that she could do something in the coming art teacher Miss Parker and showed her what Suzy had then showed us a poster she had painted enough 11 10



I took her to see the

9 .“Why it's wonderful ”said Miss Parker who

the talent show.“I need more of these but I just don't have

.Could you help me Suzy?” 12 were everywhere—all over the hall and all over the school

On the day of the talent show Suzy's each one different.

“And finally ”said Mr.Brown the schoolmaster at the end of the show “we have a (n) sure you've all noticed the wonderful posters.”Everyone nodded.“One of our own students I could hear everyone whispering.“Who in our school could draw Mr.Brown waited a while before saying “ a 17 16 15 well?” 14




this student worked so hard on the posters she deserves

too.Our mystery( 秘) artist is our new student—Suzy Khan!” ”she

Mr.Brown thanked her for all the wonderful posters and gave her a professional artist's set.“Thank you cried. I 18 at that time when I was looking at her excited face she'd probably never 19

anything in

her whole life.

Everyone started to


their hands.Suzy Khan gave them a shy smile and the applause was deafening.I

knew then Suzy was going to be all right. 1 A.joked C forgot B D B cared worried decided D questioned B proud

2 A.reported C complained

3 A.rich C tiny

D popular B D B D B fall tie pattern way taken

4 A.come C fit

5 A.manner C choice

6 A.read C opened

D put B D B D B perfect

7 A.free C final

extra talk talent written

8 A.art C quiz

9 A.colored C carved

D drawn B D B D B after around time interest books

10 A.at C for

11 A.room C paper

12 A.gifts C photos

D posters B D B D B D academic royal found collected that too

13 A.special C national

14 A.painted C printed

15 A.very C quite

16 A.If C Unless 17 A.prize C rest

B Though D Since B rank

D place

18 A.replied C remembered


realized D regretted

19 A.offered C owned


valued controlled wave shake

20 A.clap C raise

Cloze 10寓 (2014·大 全 ) 话题 患难 真情 词数 267 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

Joe Simpson and Simon Yates were the first people to climb the West Face of the Siula Grande in the Andes mountains.They reached the top leg.They both knew that if Simon 1 3 but on their way back conditions were very 2 .Joe fell and broke his alone he would probably get back 4 .But Simon decided to risk his 5

and try to lower Joe down the mountain on a rope( ) As they other and 8 6 down the weather got worse.Then another 7 occurred.They couldn't see or hear each 9 for Joe to climb back 11 13 after more than into a huge 14

Simon lowered his friend over the edge of a precipice(峭壁) It was 10

or for Simon to pull him up.Joe's

was pulling Simon slowly towards the precipice. 12

an hour in the dark and the icy cold Simon had to

.In tears he cut the rope.Joe

crevasse( 缝)in the ice below.He had no food or water and he was in terrible pain.He couldn't walk but he to get out of the crevasse and started to Simon had want to leave 19 17 15 towards their camp nearly ten kilometers 16 . 18

the camp at the foot of the mountain.He thought that Joe must be

but he didn't 20 it.Joe

.Three days later in the middle of the night he heard Joe's voice.He couldn't

was there a few meters from their tent still alive. 1 A.hurriedly C successfully D B carefully

early B similar

2 A.difficult C special

D normal B D worked

3 A.climbed C rested

continued B safely

4 A.unwillingly C slowly D

regretfully B time

5 A.fortune C health B D settled D


6 A.lay C went

looked B storm

7 A.damage C change D


8 A.by mistake C by choice


by chance

D by luck B D practical

9 A.unnecessary C important

impossible B weight

10 A.height C strength D

equipment B Patiently

11 A.Finally C Surely

D Quickly B take a rest

12 A.stand back C make a decision

D hold on B fell

13 A.jumped C escaped

D backed B planned

14 A.managed C waited B skate D

D hoped

15 A.run C move

march B away

16 A.around C above D

along B traveled to

17 A.headed for C left for D

returned to B hurt

18 A.dead C weak D late

19 A.secretly C immediately


tiredly anxiously believe

20 A.find C make D accept

Cloze 11寓 (2014·山 ) 话题 执 Whitehead 的 97 词 数 2 ★ ★ 钟 难 建 时间 16

Charlotte Whitehead was born in England in 1843 and moved to Montreal Canada at the age of five with her family.While 1 her ill elder sister throughout the years 3 Charlotte discovered she had a(n) 4 2 in Her

medicine.At 18 she married and husband supported her decision.

a family.Several years later Charlotte said she wanted to be a


Canadian medical schools did not 7


women students at the time.Therefore Charlotte went to the 8 her

United States to study medical degree.

at the Women's Medical College in Philadelphia.It took her five years to

Upon graduation Charlotte Winnipeg


to Montreal and set up a private 11

10 .Three years later she moved to

Manitoba and there she was once again a 12

doctor.Many of her patients were from the nearby 13 bones in

timber and railway camps.Charlotte

herself operating on damaged limbs and setting

addition to delivering all the babies in the area. But Charlotte had been practising without a licence.She had Winnipeg but was to 16 15 14 a doctor's licence in both Montreal and

.The Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons an all-male board wanted her 17 her patients to spend time 18 a licence to her

her studies at a Canadian medical college!Charlotte refused to

studying what she already knew.So in 1887 but they too refused.Charlotte of 73. In 1993,77 years after her 20 19

she appealed to the Manitoba Legislature to

to practise without a licence until 1912.She died four years later at the age

a medical licence was issued to Charlotte.This decision was made by the

Manitoba Legislature to honor“this courageous and pioneering woman.” 1 A.raising C nursing B teaching

D missing B interest

2 A.habit C opinion

D voice B selected

3 A.invented C offered

D started B musician

4 A.doctor C lawyer

D physicist B Unfortunately D Eventually B D B D entertain accept physics law B D earn B D escaped save

5 A.Besides C Otherwise 6 A.hire C trust

7 A.history C medicine

8 A.improve C design

9 A.returned C spread

wandered B museum

10 A.school C clinic D B

lab wealthy

11 A.busy




lucky B found

12 A.helped C troubled D

imagined B tired

13 A.harmful C broken D

weak B taken over

14 A.put away C turned in D

applied for B refused

15 A.punished C blamed D

fired B change

16 A.display C preview D B D B D

complete charge cure donate show B promised

17 A.leave C test

18 A.sell C issue

19 A.continued C pretended B

D dreamed death

20 A.birth C wedding

D graduation

Cloze 12寓 (2014· 庆) 话题 善 的修理工 词数 280 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

Five months after my husband Steve died

I woke up one morning to the maddening sound of a leaking faucet 1 me so much just to think of it. 3 金 one.He

(水龙头) I knew it needed repairs badly but it All our 2

life I was the“artist” bringing to our house much imagination.Steve wasthe 釐 4 me from unpleasant repair jobs.

had a real gift for handling chores (家 活)

But how could such a good man have his life cut short so suddenly!I had been so sad and angry that I completely 5 the house.That leaky faucet somehow awakened me to the fact that I now had to 6

the challenge of getting things fixed. I got a workman named Ahmed.Entering the house he stopped before a picture of Steve and me. 釐Doesn't your husband 7 this kind of work?金he asked.釐It's not hard.金 8 金 I said quietly.Ahmed looked at and replaced a

釐He died months ago.When he was alive he did all the repair jobs me 9 but didn't reply.He fixed the faucet

adjusted the dishwasher door

showerhead.Apparently, he was gifted as Steve had been. He did a(n) 10 job.I asked him to name his fee. 釐No charge Ma'am 金 he said. 釐My father died early

and the neighbors helped my family through.金

By fixing a faucet Ahmed mended my soul.Although I would sure carry the pain of Ahmed reminded me of the abundant 1 A.hurt C cost B 12 puzzled in the world.


with me along

D disappointed B D B shared social

2 A.separate C spiritual

3 A.active C careless


D practical B sheltering

4 A.attracting C driving

D prohibiting B D B D B D B D hated

5 A.ignored C cleaned

missed face up to step away from check find firmly wonderfully B innocently

6 A.come up with C look forward to

7 A.begin C like

8 A.gratefully C bravely

9 A.strangely C painfully D

sympathetically B excellent

10 A.terrible C important

D dangerous B D B D failure regret devotion

11 A.loss C fear

12 A.friendship C kindness


Cloze 13寓 (2014·四 ) 话题 鸡 词数 315 难 ★★ 建 18 时间 钟

My husband Tom has always been good with animals but I was still amazed when he befriended a female grouse( 鸡) It's 1 for a grouse to have any contact(接触)with people.In fact they're hard to spot 2

they usually fly off when they hear humans approaching. This grouse came into our lives in around at the edge of the field.She was doing. 3 .Tom was working out in the field when he 5 unafraid and seemed to be 6 4 her walking

about what he was

Tom saw the


bird several times and she got more comfortable around him.We quickly grew


of the bird and decided to call her Mildred. One day as Tom was working Mildred came within a few feet of him to watch.Tom her and kept working to see what she would do next. Apparently she didn't like to be 10 .She'd run up and peck( )at Tom's hands then 12 14 11 off to and left. Mildred of the two of 9 he didn't see

see what he would do.This went on for about 20 minutes until Mildred became tired of the As spring went and summer came Mildred started to 13 more and more often.

felt comfortable enough to jump up on Tom's leg and stay long enough for me to get a them together.This friendly grouse soon felt or drove by. When hunting season opened we put a 17 16


not just with our family but with anybody who walked

at the end of our driveway asking 19 warned people not to shoot her.

18 20

not to hunters

shoot our pet grouse.My father who lived down the road

would stop and take pictures because they had never seen anything like her. 1 A.interesting C impossible B reasonable

D unusual B because

2 A.though C unless

D until B D B D B D B D B D B D B summer winter kept imagined certainly surprisingly curious cautious awkward elegant tired sick realized

3 A.spring C autumn

4 A.got C noticed

5 A.naturally C normally

6 A.crazy C concerned

7 A.shy C friendly

8 A.careful C fond

9 A.supposed C hoped

D pretended B observed D disturbed B back D take

10 A.ignored C amazed

11 A.put C set

12 A.game

B work




man come out fly by

13 A.give up C turn over

14 A.Eventually C Constantly 15 A.chance C picture

B Suddenly D Presently B D dream sense

16 A.comfortable C anxious

B guilty D B D familiar sign loudspeaker

17 A.lantern C gun

18 A.drivers C hunters

B farmers D B D tourists yet also B For long

19 A.just C thus

20 A.In fact C On the contrary Cloze 14寓 (2014·陕西)

D By the way

话题 一束花带来的温

词数 288

难 ★★

建 17

时间 钟 Tenyson.As we

It was Mother's Day and I was shopping at the local supermarket with my fiveyearold son were 1 we realized that only minutes earlier an 2

woman had fallen over at the entrance and hit

her head on the ground. 3 clearly in shock. 5 4

was with her but there was blood everywhere and the woman was embarrassed and

a lot of people stopped to help out. 6 about what had happened to the 8 9 .金Seeing that there the lady a flower?

we were walking towards the scene Tenyson became very 7

elderly couple.He was a flower stall(摊

to me 釐Mom it's not much fun falling over in front of

)at the front of the supermarket he added 釐Why shouldn't we 10 that he'd come up with this 11 13

It will make her feel better.金I was told the flower seller wonderful 14 .金 12

idea.So we went over and take your money for such a

we wanted.釐Just take it 金she replied.釐I

By now medical staff had arrived and were husband and I told him it was 16


the injured woman.We gave the flower to the woman's

my son.At that the old man started crying and said 釐Thank you very 17 son.Happy Mother's Day to you.金 18 20 . being badly hurt

much.金He then turned to me 釐You have a

The man bent down and gave his wife the flower telling her who it was from. the old lady looked up at Tenyson with 1 A.leaving B driving 19 in her eyes and gave him a little




stopping B D B awkward elderly My son

2 A.injured C honest

3 A.Her husband C The crowd 4 A.Specifically C Interestingly B Since

D The seller B Particularly D Fortunately

5 A.If C While 6 A.guilty C angry

D Unless B D curious

worried B said

7 A.complained C lied B D responded

8 A.no one C everyone B

someone D anyone

9 A.lend C leave


D buy B D B shocked

10 A.amazed C puzzled

concerned sweet D crazy

11 A.wise C innocent

12 A.which C what


when whether B can't

13 A.must not C may not

D needn't B D deed B looking after habit

14 A.scene C flower

15 A.checking with C operating on B D to about B D

D praying for

16 A.from C with

17 A.respectful C successful



18 A.Out of C Thanks to 19 A.love

B Regardless of D As to B hope

C pity 20 A.idea C smile B

D pain money D comfort

Cloze 15寓 (2014· 西) 话题 机器人家庭 词数 455 难 ★★★ 建 19 时间 钟

釐Mum can I invite my classmate Brett over to stay tomorrow night please?It's Friday and we don't have any 1 .Can I please?金 Mum was sitting at the kitchen table.Dad was 2 3 that James wanted so badly to have his friend over. next to her resting his head on

his arms.Mum could

釐I'm so sorry James 金she said. 釐I'm never allowed to have friends come to the house. Why Mum?金James asked sadly almost in 釐I know it's 5 4 .

for you 金Mum said softly.釐But I'm just worried other people might think we're a

little...strange.And then they would make fun of you.金 釐No they wouldn't Mum 金James protested.釐We're not 6 at all.We're just ordinary people.金

Mum sighed heavily.釐To tell you the truth James my neck has been so painful that it's given me a heavy 7 .And your poor father—he doesn't feel 釐I can help Mum! 金 James said. 釐 9 釐Well...金Mum began. 釐Great!Thanks Mum! 金James almost shouted.釐Just sit there don't move.金He rushed over to the kitchen drawer and 10 what he needed 11 two spanners(扳手) 釐Hang on Mum 金he said.釐This won't take a 12 on his face he said 釐There! How does 8 .He really needs a rest.金

I can make you and Dad feel better can Brett come over?Please?金

second.金 After some

James was finished.With a smile of

that feel?金 釐Oh James 金Mum said.釐That's much better!How did you do it?金 釐Easy 金James said 13 .釐Dad had tightened your neck bolts (螺栓) too much!I just 14 them

slightly!I learned that in robotic science at school.金 釐What about your father?Can you 釐I'll try 金James replied.He Dad's head.Then he turned the 17 16 15 him?金asked Mum.

up Dad's hair at the back of his neck and plugged the electric wire into on.Dad opened his eyes and 18 immediately.釐He just let his 19

run too low that's all 金James said 釐Shall I tell Brett to come over straight after school tomorrow?金 釐 I guess so 金 replied Mum. 釐 Your friends will just have to family.Thanks son! 金 1 A.chance C homework B message 20 that we are a very unusual

D difficulty B D B reading standing see

2 A.asleep C alone

3 A.explain C agree

D doubt

4 A.terror C surprise


tears silence easy

5 A.fair C good

D hard B D B normal anxious loss

6 A.strange C popular

7 A.headache C task

D day B D funny well

8 A.ill C sorry

9 A.As C Since

B If D Before B D B D B controlled returned thoughts instructions satisfaction

10 A.kept C found

11 A.requests C repairs

12 A.sympathy C bitterness

D politeness B gratefully

13 A.embarrassedly C impatiently

D proudly B collected D B D covered accompany ask

14 A.adjusted C produced

15 A.greet C help

16 A.lifted C gave

B caught D filled

17 A.television C light

B power D gas B D B lay down sat up temperature

18 A.grew up C broke down

19 A.food C battery

D blood B expect D accept

20 A.prove C suspect

考点二 夹叙夹议类 Cloze 1寓 (2016·四 )

话题 Lainey 阅 故

词数 265

难 ★★

建 15

时间 钟

Lainey finished third grade.She had good grades and could read__1__grade level, but she did not like to read.On a family car trip, her Aunt Dede pulled out a copy of Harry Potter, as a surprise for her __2__ But Lainey took one look at it __3__her eyes, and said, “Boring!” Aunt Dede, a teacher, had read the book to her students, and they loved it.__4__the youngest children in the class were __5__by the story.They__6__ with great interest and then __7__ joined in grand conversations about Harry量s adventures. “How can you say it量s __8__? Have you read it?” asked Aunt Dede. “No, it量s too long and it doesn量t have any __9__ ” complained Lainey.

“Oh, that量s where you are __10__ there are lots of pictures.Every page is full of pictures; you just have to read the words to __11__ them.It量s like magic.” “Nice try, Aunt Dede ”Lainey replied __12__ from the back seat. Another__13__was in order.“Well, if you don量t want to read it, give it__14__ Maybe your mom would __15__ hearing the story.” The book sailed through the air to Aunt Dede and she began to read it aloud.By the end of the first chapter__16__ were coming from the back seat “Please read a little__17__ ”

Lainey is an example of an__18__reader.As shown here, Lainey can become __19__ about reading when __20__ with literature on topics that interest her, and when the people around her model involvement in the reading process. 1 A.within 2 A.daughter C student D B B Still B D B told B on B C to D above


friend dried C C Just annoyed rolled D shaded

3 A.opened 4 A.Even

D Yet

5 A.surprised C puzzled

attracted C B listened anxiously D wrote

6 A.read

7 A.suspectedly C calmly D

enthusiastically B boring

8 A.amazing C ridiculous

D humorous B D B B stories conversations C wrong D C D different recognize D shyly

9 A.pictures C adventures

10 A.crazy 11 A.see 12 A.sourly

foolish C

match B




13 A.idea 14 A.away 15 A.enjoy


try B B

C out

belief C in C

D behavior D back mind D finish

admit B

16 A.decisions C comments


D promises B longer

17 A.more clearly C louder D

more carefully B D innocent

18 A.unpleasant C unwilling

independent B worried

19 A.astonished C confused D B D

excited concerned replaced

20 A.presented C disturbed

Cloze 2寓 (2016·浙 ) 话题 的冒 之旅 词数 342 难 ★★★ 建 17 时间 钟

During the war my husband was stationed at an army camp in a desert in California.I went to live there in order to be __1__ him.I hated the place.I had never ____2__been so unhappy.My husband was ordered out on a long term duty and I was left in a tiny shack(棚屋) alone.The heat was__3__—almost 125° F even in the shade of a cactus( 人掌) __4__a soul to talk to.The wind blew non breathed were__5__ with sand sand sand! stop and all the food I ate and the very air I

I was so sorry for myself that I wrote to my parents.I told them I was __6__ and coming back home.I said I couldn量t stand it one minute longer.I __7__ be in prison! My father answered my __8__with just two lines—two lines that will always sing in my__9__—two lines that completely changed my life Two men looked out from prison bars One saw the mud the other saw the stars.

I read those two lines __10__ I was ashamed of myself.I made up my mind I would find out what was good in my present __11__ I would look for the stars. I made friends with the natives and their __12__ amazed me.They gave me presents of their favorite artworks which they had __13__ to sell to tourists.I studied the delightful forms of the cactus.I watched for the desert sunsets and __14__ for seashells that had been left there millions of years ago when the sands of the desert had been an ocean __15__ What brought about this __16__ change in me? The desert hadn量t changed __17__ I had.I had changed my __18__ And by doing so I changed an unhappy experience into the most amazing __19__ of my life.I was excited by this new world that I had discovered.I had looked out of my self created prison and __20__ the stars. 1 A.off B behind C near D beyond

2 A.before 3 A.inflexible C uncontrollable


already B





incomprehensible D unbearable C Many C B D Such D charged

4 A.Only 5 A.covered

B Not B filled


6 A.catching up C giving up

keeping up

D getting up B might well

7 A.ought to C would rather B

D had better call B D B C question D letter

8 A.request 9 A.comparison C consideration

imagination memory

10 A.over and over C up and down

by and by

D now and then B D occupation relationship B reaction

11 A.company C situation

12 A.movement C guidance B B B

D purpose failed hunted C C C rock managed waited D D happened D headed level

13 A.refused 14 A.asked 15 A.floor

surface B D

16 A.shocking C puzzling B but B B B

challenging astonishing for D or C C C identity affair D D D standard adventure

17 A.as 18 A.attitude


principle operation counted

19 A.vacation 20 A.sought



Cloze 3寓 (2015· 课标全 釚) 话题 足球 的启发 词数 243 难 ★★ 建 15 时间 钟

Where do you go when you want to learn something?School?A friend?A tutor?These are all 1 places of learning.But it may well be that the learning you really want 2 seeing this first hand on a 4 . 5 a tournament somewhere else instead.I had the 3 of

My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team.They did very well this season and so

which normally was only for more skilled club teams.This led to some 6 experiences on Saturday as they

played against teams 7 parent I 9

trained.Through the first two games her 8 did not get on serious shot on goal.As a 10 still defeated. 12 for their

seeing my daughter playing her best

It seemed that something clicked with the 11 between Saturday and Sunday.When they Sunday game they were had It 14 17 13

different.They had begun to integrate (融合)the kinds of play and teamwork they 15 .They played aggressively and 18 16 scored a goal.

the day before into their

me that playing against the other team was a great 19

moment for all the girls on the team.I what they

think it is a general principle.

is the best teacher.The lessons they learned may not be 20

would have gotten in school but are certainly more personal and meaningful, because they had to work them out on their own. 1 A.public B traditional C official D 2 A.passes B works 3 A.dream B idea 4 A.trip C weekend B holiday D B D B square entered watched strange C lies C habit special

D ends D chance

5 A.won C organized

6 A.painful C common B

D practical poorly

7 A.less C newly

D better B D tutors team B hated

8 A.fans C class

9. A imagined C avoided D B D B D

missed or as parents viewers B showed up

10 A.if C but

11 A.girls C coaches

12 A.dressed C made up

D planned B D B D hardly completely

13 A.slightly C basically

14 A.seen C heard

known read B training

15 A.styles C game D


16 A.even C seldom


still again struck warned thinking learning B D B D Independence Interest mixed with applied to

17 A.confused C reminded

18. A touching C encouraging

19. A Experience C Curiosity 20 A.harmful to C different from

Cloze 4寓 (2015·福建) 话题 咬 你的 头 词数 304 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟 1 when you are

One of the easiest things in the world is to become a fault-finder.However, life can be not busy finding fault with it. Several years ago I fault-finder, almost always 2 3

a letter from seventeen-year-old Kerry, who described herself as a world-class by things.People were always doing things that annoyed her, and 4 was 5

ever good enough.She was highly self-critical and also found fault with her friends.She became a really person. Unfortunately, it took a horrible accident to change her crash.What made it almost 7

6 . Her best friend was seriously hurt in a car 8 Kerry had visited her friend

to deal with was that the day before the 9

and had spent the whole time criticizing her

of boyfriends, the way she was living, the way she related to 10 . It wasn't until her friend was badly hurt that 12

her mother, and various other things she felt she needed to Kerry became 11

her habit of finding fault.Very quickly, she learned to appreciate life rather than to 13 as well.

everything so harshly( 薄) She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her Perhaps most of us aren't as extreme at fault-finding, of the world.I'm not suggesting you 16 14

when we're honest, we can be sharply 17


problems, or that you pretend things are 18

than they are, but

simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are— really big 19 . and with a little

most of the time, and especially when it's not a

Train yourself to “bite your tongue”


you'll get really good at letting things go.And

when you do, you'll get back your enthusiasm and love for life. 1 A.lonely C quiet B great

D uneasy B D B D answered rejected interrupted spoiled

2 A.received C expected

3 A.threatened C bothered

4 A.anything C something B



D nothing boring D B surprising plan

5 A.caring C interesting

6 A.attitude C measure D

explanation B unnecessary

7 A.urgent C certain D

impossible B event

8 A.occasion C accident D

adventure B D notice choice

9 A.memory C evidence B D

10 A.hear C express

contribute admit B afraid of D B confused about

11 A.aware of C curious about

12 A.discuss C judge D


settle B life

13 A.family C career D B D

education or for B sure

14 A.so C but

15 A.proud C hopeful D B D B D

critical create ignore better worse B at last

16 A.face C solve

17 A.rarer C stranger

18 A.at least C by far D B

so far deal

19 A.task C result

D duty B speech

20 A.practice C rest

D pity

Cloze 5寓 (2015·浙 )

话题 实 个人 值

词数 334

难 ★★★

建 18

时间 钟

Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford I've watched one friend after another land high-ranking high-paying Wall Street jobs.As executives (高 and major corporations many are now have it made. On the surface these people seem to be very lucky in life.As they left student life behind drink at their cheap but friendly local bar shook hands with longtime roommates and 4 many had a 3 1 管理人员) with banks consulting firms established law firms on their way to impressive careers.By society's 2 they seem to

out of small 5 a

apartments into high buildings.They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine college year's monthly rent.They replaced their beloved old cars with expensive new sports cars. The thing is a number of them have 6 that despite their success they aren't happy.Some 8



unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight-hour workweeks devoted to tasks they companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and work they find themselves working to support the 10 9

.Some do not respect the

.However instead of devoting themselves to their to which they have so quickly become 11 .

People often speak of trying a more satisfying path work for something they 13



in the end the idea of leaving their jobs to

or finding a position that would give them more time with their families almost 14 .They have loans bills a mortgage (抵 贷款) to 16 in their lives but it's 17 15

always leads them to the same conclusion it's

retirement to save for.They recognize there's something In a society that tends to consider the costs of our 19 18

to step off the track.

everything in terms of dollars and cents we learn from a young age to 20 in

in financial terms.But what about the personal and social costs

pursuing money over meaning?These are exactly the kinds of costs many of us tend to ignore—and the very ones we need to consider most. 1 A.much 2 A.policies C experiments B B never C seldom D well B D least standards regulations

3 A.last C second

D best B D moved

4 A.cycled C slid

looked B paid

5 A.shared C equaled D

collected B witnessed

6 A.advertised C admitted

D demanded B dream

7 A.complain C hear D

approve B hate

8 A.distribute



D neglect B D guilty empty B government

9 A.calm C warm

10 A.family C lifestyle

D project B available also rather B turn in appointed

11 A.accustomed C unique D B D

12 A.yet C instead

13 A.let out C give up

D believe in B practical

14 A.fundamental C impossible

D unforgettable B drop off

15 A.take off C put off

D pay off B inspiring

16 A.missing C sinking D

shining B hard

17 A.harmful C useful

D normal B suffer

18 A.measure C digest

D deliver B motivations

19 A.disasters C campaigns

D decisions B involved

20 A.assessed C covered D


Cloze 6寓 (2014· 宁) 话题 沟通的 要 词数 283 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

It was already half past seven and I was running late again for the dinner appointment with my wife Eleanor.We had 1 to meet at the restaurant at seven o'clock.I felt a little uneasy but to my 3 and I'd wasted no time getting to the dinner. “You 2 I had a

good excuse A business meeting had When I arrived at the never mean to.”Well I about the business meeting. mad as well. 5 7 4

I apologized and told Eleanor I didn't mean to be late.She screamed tell she was angry.“I'm sorry but it was not 6

”I said.Then I told her 8

my explanation seemed to make things worse which started to drive

Several weeks later when I a classic mistake.You're stuck not the point.What is 13 11


the situation to my friend Ken Hardy he smiled your own way of thinking.You didn't 12



to be late.But that's

in your communication is how your lateness affected Eleanor.”He pointed out 14 Eleanor focused on the result.Thus 15 of us felt

that I focused on the intention misunderstood and crazy.

Thinking more about Ken's words I result of the action that really my actions affected Eleanor and never. Later on 17 19


recognized the root cause of such disagreement.It's the 18

.I should have started the conversation by expressing

the discussions about my intention for later much later and even

after talking to Eleanor and really


her experience of the results of my lateness


managed to be on time a lot more frequently. 1 A.started C continued B D B agreed D managed

2 A.relief C regret

surprise sorrow B D closed down run over

3 A.broken out C faded away B D B D B

4 A.house C restaurant

room supermarket must might comfortable D avoidable

5 A.could C will

6 A.movable C acceptable 7 A.However C Moreover

B Therefore D Otherwise B D B him them wrote

8 A.her C me

9 A.spread C translated

D described B D B D B D B made took beyond against prove intend important

10 A.knew C found

11 A.in C for

12 A.need C pretend

13 A.funny




simple after

14 A.while C until

D unless B none

15 A.all C both

D neither B merely

16 A.usually C hardly

D gradually B D B D matters

17 A.inspires C improves

challenges why what B reported

18 A.how C when

19 A.compared C finished D

saved B satisfying D destroying

20 A.showing C understanding

Cloze 7寓 (2014·福建) 话题 亲的 奏 词数 333 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

From my second grade on there was one event I feared every year the piano recital( 奏会) A recital 1 I had to practice a boring piece of music and perform before strangers.Each year I 2 the recital“just this once” And each year he'd shake his head muttering(嘀 and working towards a 4 . So it was with really great 5 that I stood in church one recent Sunday video camera in hand 7 rising to play the piano in his very first recital. 8 lessons.He 10 and 6 ask my father if I could skip

) 3 about building self-confidence

my 68-year-old father sweating in his shirt

My father had longed to play music since childhood but his family was poor and couldn't could have gone on regretting it 9

too many of us do.But though he was rooted in his past he wasn't 11 his church music director to take him as a student. he 12 14

there.When he retired three years ago he

For a moment after my father sat down at the keyboard forgotten the 13 ?I worried 15

stared down at his fingers.Has he ago when my mind would go blank 16 fingers that once 18 the

remembering those split seconds

and my fingers would

.But then came the beautiful melody(旋律) from the 17

baited(装饵 ) my fishing lines.And I music and pretend the others aren't there. “I'm 19

he had been doing what music teachers always stress

of him for starting something new at his age ”I said to my son Jeff. 20 ”Jeff added.

“Yeah and doing it so

With his first recital my father taught me more about courage and determination than all the words he used those 30-plus years ago.

1 A.reflected C meant



D proved B D could should B D B D everything something

2 A.would C might

3 A.nothing C anything

4 A.goal C journey

stage chance B satisfaction

5 A.trouble C strength

D disappointment B sent felt B from

6 A.kept C

watched D

7 A.through C against

D before B afford D understand B once D while B D B protected spoilt invited

8 A.miss C select

9 A.as C if

10 A.educated C stuck

11 A.allowed C inspired

D persuaded B D B D B D B simply curiously videos lessons weeks moments

12 A.roughly C merrily

13 A.words C notes

14 A.decades C hours

15 A.play C click

freeze D B adjust warm D dirty B realized D B D insisted turn up

16 A.same C different

17 A.predicted C imagined

18 A.pass over C bring in

concentrate on

19 A.ashamed C tired



D proud B D ) 话题 自信的力 词数 294 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟 anxiously frequently

20 A.casually C nicely

Cloze 8寓 (2014·

Dale Carnegie rose from the unknown of a Missouri farm to international fame because he found a way to fill a universal human need. It was a need that he first Warrensburg.To get an afford the 3 2 1 back in 1906 when young Dale was a junior at State Teachers College in

he was struggling against many difficulties.His family was poor.His Dad couldn't 4

at college so Dale had to ride horseback 12 miles to attend classes.Study had to be done 5

his farmwork routines.He withdrew from many school activities 6 8 10 .He had only one good suit.He tried .During this period Dale was slowly 7 9

he didn't have the time or the

the football team but the coach turned him down for being too an inferiority complex (自卑感) which his mother knew could 11 that Dale join the debating team believing that 12

him from achieving his real potential.She

in speaking could give him the confidence and recognition that he needed. Dale took his mother's advice tried desperately and after several attempts be a 14 point in his life.Speaking before groups did help him gain the 16 13 15 made it.This proved to he needed.By the time

Dale was a senior he had won every top honor in and they 17 were winning contests. 18

.Now other students were coming to him for coaching

Out of this early struggle to 19

his feelings of inferiority Dale came to understand that the ability to 20 it Dale knew he could do anything he

an idea to an audience builds a person's confidence.And

wanted to do—and so could others. 1 A.admitted C supplied D B filled

recognized B D B education

2 A.assignment C advantage

instruction board

3 A.training C teaching D

equipment B during

4 A.between C over D B D

through when though B interest

5 A.while C because

6 A.permits C talent D


7 A.on C in


for with flexible D outgoing B achieving

8 A.light C optimistic

9 A.gaining C developing

D obtaining B D free B D insisted B practice demanded protect

10 A.prevent C save

11 A.suggested C required

12 A.presence C patience

D potential B D naturally B D breaking turning B D experience confidence B D farming B D in brief football certainly

13 A.hopefully C finally

14 A.key C basic

15 A.progress C competence

16 A.horseriding C speech

17 A.in return C in turn

in fact B overcome

18 A.convey C understand

D build B D B D with stress repeat beyond

19 A.express C contribute

20 A.besides C like

Cloze 9寓 (2014·湖 ) 话题 感谢磨难 When our restaurant business failed start金 At the 1 of Palo Duro Canyon (峡谷) State Park 3 I 2 and a job advertisement hiring park 4 the hosts served as a link 词数 340 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

we headed north in a camping truck to Texas hoping to have a釐fresh

hosts.The position offered a

permanent campsite in the park

between the park's guests and the rangers ( 林人) It was the perfect solution lives.We entered the park and I made an The park was 6 5 for the following day.

a rentfree place to reorganize our

so it took us some time to find an available site.That evening 7

as we finished our

dinner my wife saw two large skunks (臭鼬) walking toward our table.We and for the next four hours waited for them to Having survived that night we were 9 8 our camp.

climbed onto the table

that everything else would be all right.The next day we met 10 and gave us a beautiful campsite. 12 .They were strong and cold rocking our little

with the people who ran the park.They explained our That evening 11

we learned about the canyon 13

camping truck violently and we lay 14 wife 16 the weeks that followed

in the dark until the winds died away. 15 the little money my

we learned to survive in our truck and

by substitute teaching.Building a successful business and then losing it had left very little time 17 .For a time after our business 18 I thought I might lose my family as

for building a successful well. Living in the tiny


with no television 20

we sat close together reading and talking.One evening for all the hardships.We had walked the trails and

standing under a jeweled sky I found myself climbed the canyon walls.We had become a family! 1 A.back C centre B D B D B edge entrance published answered free

2 A.sponsored C noticed

3 A.safe C convenient

D beautiful B D B D B in time in turn agreement appointment dangerous

4 A.in return C in short

5 A.attempt C appeal

6 A.crowded C ideal

D quiet B D B D B D immediately

7 A.repeatedly C eventually

calmly leave search determined aware B requirements

8 A.attack C pass

9 A.satisfied C confident

10 A.responsibilities C circumstances D


11 A.moreover C meanwhile



D however B D snows

12 A.winds C woods

trails B quarrelling

13 A.shaking C mourning

D aching B Between D Beyond B D put aside B D earned hand out

14 A.After C During 15 A.give away C live on

16 A.borrowed C posted

raised B career

17 A.business C family D

image B failed

18 A.started C expanded 19 A.truck C house D

D declined B park

camp B ready

20 A.desperate C suitable D


Cloze 10寓 (2014· 津) 话题 学会 立 词数 336 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

One night when I was eight my mother gently asked me a question I would never forget.釐Sweetie my company wants to 2 1 me but needs me to work in Brazil.This is like your teacher telling you that you've done ) but you'll have to 3 your friends.Would you say yes to your for the rest

and allowing you to skip a grade(跳

teacher?金 She gave me a hug and asked me to think about it.I was puzzled.The question kept me 4 of the night.I had said釐yes金but for the first time I realized the 5 decisions adults had to make. 6

For almost four years my mother would call us from Brazil every day.Every evening I'd

wait for the 7 and

phone to ring and then tell her every detail of my day.A phone call however could never replace her it was difficult not to feel lonely at times. During my fourthgrade Christmas break we flew to Rio to visit her.Looking at her large I became 9 how lonely my mother must have been in Brazil herself.It was then 11 family and work. 12 8 10

apartment I started to

appreciate the tough choices she had to make on to tell me situation

difficult decisions she used

you wouldn't know whether you made the right choice but you could always make the best out of the with passion and a 13 attitude.

Back home I by herself 17 . I too


myself that what my mother could do I could too.If she 16


to live in Rio all

could learn to be

.I learnt how to take care of myself and set high but achievable

My mother is now back with us.But I will never forget what the 19 in the end.The separation between us has proved to be a 1 A.attract C surprise B promote 20

18 for me.

has really taught me.Sacrifices

D praise B D much

2 A.little C well

wrong B D refuse forgive B D sleeping

3 A.leave C contact

4 A.explaining C wondering B D


5 A.poor C final

timely tough B D B D politely curiously presence influence B modern B D B aware of satisfied with expensive

6 A.eagerly C nervously

7 A.patience C intelligence

8 A.comfortable C empty D

9 A.interested in C doubtful about

10 A.when C which D


that B D balancing

11 A.abandoning C comparing

mixing B Supplied with

12 A.Depending on C Faced with D B

Insisting on friendly

13 A.different C positive

D general B D informed

14 A.criticized C warned

reminded B offered

15 A.managed C attempted D B

expected energetic

16 A.grateful



D practical B limits

17 A.examples C rules D goals B

18 A.question C history


D occasion B D B come back turn up gathering

19 A.pay off C run out

20 A.blessing C failure

D pleasure

考点三 议论文 Cloze 1 (2014· 课标全 釙) 话题 能坚 的 趣 词数 255 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟 )basis.As a

As a general rule all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine(常

matter of fact we can see this__1__at work in people of all__2__.For example on Christmas morning children are excited about__3__with their new toys.But their__4__ soon wears off and by January those __5__ toys can be found put away in the basement.The world is full of __6__ stamp albums and unfinished models each standing as a monument to someone量 s __7__ interest.When parents bring home a pet their child __8__ bathes it and brushes its fur.Within a short time however the __9__ of caring for the animal is handed over to the parents.Adolescents enter high school with great __10__ but are soon looking forward to __11__.The same is true of the young adults going to college.And then how many __12__ who now complain(抱 )about the long drives to work __13__ drove for

hours at a time when they first__14__ their driver量 s licenses(执照)?Before people retire they usually __15__ to do a lot of __16__ things which they never had __17__ to do while working.But __18__ after retirement the golfing the fishing the reading and all of the other pastimes become as boring as the jobs they __19__.And like the child in January they go searching for new __20__. 1 A.principle 2 A.parties 3 A.working 4 A.confidence C anxiety B extra C B B B habit races living B D interest sorrow D expensive C C way D power ages D going

countries D C playing

5 A.same

funny B

6 A.well organized C newly collected B passing

colorfully printed

D half filled C B D different D impatiently main

7 A.broad 8 A.silently C gladly


9 A.promise 10 A.courage C confusion


burden B D B D



D game

calmness excitement independence success C C adults D retirees

11 A.graduation C responsibility B B B

12 A.children 13 A.carefully 14 A.required 15 A.need 16 A.great 17 A.time 18 A.only 19 A.lost 20 A.pets 考点四 说明文 B B

students eagerly

nervously D bravely noticed C D discovered start D D plan correct

obtained C B learn C C C C



difficult skills even

money B well

D knowledge D soon

chose B toys

left D quit C friends D colleagues

Cloze 1寓 (2015·安徽) 话题 堆 如山的垃圾 词数 290 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

In our modern world, when something wears out, we throw it away and buy a new one. The 1 is that countries around the world have growing mountains of ever before. How did we 3 money to repair it. 5 a throwaway society? First of all, it is now easier to 4 an object than to spend time and modern manufacturing ( 业) and technology, companies are able to produce products 2 because people are throwing out more rubbish than

quickly and inexpensively. Products are plentiful and 6 . Another cause is our 7 of disposable (一 的) products. As 8 people, we are always looking for 9

to save time and make our lives easier. Companies 10 thousands of different kinds of disposable products: paper plates, plastic cups, and cameras, to name a few. Our appetite for new products also persuade us that 13 11 to the problem. We are 12 buying new things. Advertisements

is better and that we will be happier with the latest products. The result is that we 14

useful possessions to make room for new ones. All around the world, we can see the 15 of this throwaway lifestyle. Mountains of rubbish just keep getting bigger. To 16 the amount of rubbish and to protect the 17 recycle materials. 18 this is not enough to solve (解 more governments are requiring people to

) our problem.

Maybe there is another way out. We need to repair our possessions 19 throwing them away. We also need to rethink our attitudes about 20 .Repairing our possessions and changing our spending habits may be the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish and take care of our environment. 1 A.key B reason



D problem B rubbish

2 A.gifts C debt

D products B become D B D change control withdraw

3 A.face C observe

4 A.hide C replace

5 A.Thanks to C Except for 6 A.safe C cheap B

B As to D Regardless of funny

D powerful B lack D. division B D busy B D places friends B receive kind

7 A.love C prevention

8 A.sensitive C brave

9 A.ways C jobs

10 A.donate C produce

D preserve B returns

11 A.adapts C responds D

contributes B addicted to D ashamed for B stronger

12 A.tired of C worried about

13 A.newer C higher 14 A.pick up C hold onto D D

larger B pay for

throw away B purposes

15 A.advantages C functions

D consequences record measure B environment

16 A.show B C decrease D 17 A.technology C

consumers D brands B Otherwise Meanwhile in favour of

18 A.However C Therefore D 19 A.by B




instead of B collecting

20 A.spending C repairing D


Cloze 2寓 (2014· 课标全 釙) 话题 能坚 的 趣 词数 255 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟 )basis.As a

As a general rule all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine(常 matter of fact we can see this 1 at work in people of all 2

.For example on Christmas morning children are 5 toys can be

excited about 3 with their new toys.But their 4 found put away in the basement.The world is full of a monument to someone's 7 6

soon wears off and by January those

stamp albums and unfinished models each standing as 8 bathes it and brushes

interest.When parents bring home a pet their child 9

its fur.Within a short time however the enter high school with great 10

of caring for the animal is handed over to the parents.Adolescents 11 .The same is true of the young adults )about the long drives to work 13

but are soon looking forward to 12

going to college.And then how many

who now complain(抱

drove for hours at a time when they first 14 15 to do a lot of 16 things

their driver's licenses(执照)?Before people retire they usually 17 to do while working.But 18 after

which they never had

retirement the golfing 19

the fishing

the reading and all of the other pastimes become as boring as the jobs they 20 .

.And like the child in January they go searching for new 1 A.principle C way B habit D power B D B races ages living

2 A.parties C countries

3 A.working C playing

D going B D B D B interest sorrow extra

4 A.confidence C anxiety

5 A.same C funny

expensive colorfully-printed D half-filled B D passing main

6 A.well-organized C newly-collected

7 A.broad C different B D B

8 A.silently C gladly

impatiently worriedly burden

9 A.promise C right

D game

10 A.courage C confusion


calmness excitement independence

11 A.graduation C responsibility

success students retirees B eagerly

12 A.children C adults

13 A.carefully C nervously B

D bravely obtained D discovered B learn

14 A.required C noticed

15 A.need C start

D plan B D B correct money D knowledge B D B well soon chose strange

16 A.great C difficult

17 A.time C skills

18 A.only C even

19 A.lost C left

D quit B D toys colleagues

20 A.pets C friends

Cloze 1寓 (2016· 都 高中 体 记 文

2016~2015 模拟精选题
话题 殊的“试卷” 词数 312 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

业班 断 检测)

One day a professor entered the classroom and asked his students to prepare for a surprise test.They waited anxiously at their desks for the test to begin.The professor__1__ the question papers with the text facing down as usual.__2__he handed them all out he asked his students to __3__ the page and begin.To everyone量s

surprise there were no __4__ just a black dot in the center of the page.The professor seeing the expression on everyone量s face told them the following “I want you to write what you __5__ there.” The students __6__ got started on the inexplicable (费解的) task.

At the end of the class the professor __7__ all the answer papers and started reading each one of them aloud in front of all the students.All of them with no __8__ described the black dot trying to explain its position in the middle of the sheet etc.After all had been __9__ “I量 m not going to grade ( the classroom was silent and the professor began to explain

) this.I __10__ wanted to give you something to think about.No one wrote about

the __11__ part of the paper.Everyone focused on the black dot and the same happens in our __12__ We have a white paper to observe and __13__ but we always focus on the dark spots.Our life is a __14__ given to us with love and care and we always have __15__ to celebrate nature renewing itself every day our friends around us the job that __16__ our livelihood and the miracles we see every day. __17__ we insist on focusing only on the dark spots the health issues that bother us the lack of money the __18__ relationship with colleagues the __19__ with a friend and etc.

The dark spots are very __20__ compared to everything we have in our lives but they are the ones that pollute our minds.” 1 A.handed out C referred to B Until B turn B B B B B B B B B B B wrapped up

D pointed at C C choices imagine confused finished doubt C C C C C even beautiful C colleges D If open C C D After D use questions study C D D see D displeased selected D read explanation scores

2 A.Since 3 A.fold

4 A.exercises 5 A.remember 6 A.surprised 7 A.collected 8 A.excuse 9 A.said 10 A.also 11 A.big 12 A.lives 13 A.send 14 A.burden 15 A.reasons 答案寓 A寓

curious D

marked exception

answered just black

returned D D

finally D D white studies

classrooms keep B B gift time C

enjoy C C

show lesson festivals 文 列 的“nature renewing D changes

pressure D freedom D

据语境“always”和“to celebrate” B ruins C provides

16 A.threatens 17 A.However C Besides 18 A.close C special

B Therefore D Moreover B D B complicated

strong contact D disappointment

19 A.stay C satisfaction

20 A.dark





D dirty

Close 2寓 (2016·临沂一模) 体 记 文 话题 摔倒的女孩 词数 321 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

I was coming back from home late at night in a量Sharing量mini van (厢式

车) In Hydera bad India it

is a cheap and quick form of__1__ The van driver picked up as many as 13 people at times in a vehicle which is __2__ for the transport of 8.So our van was very__3__ Making her way to the__4__ of the van a school girl with a bag __5__ the driver to stop.While getting down she slipped and fell.None of us __6__ it as it was dark outside.The driver was __7__ for her to pay.It was then that we saw that the girl was on her __8__ by the side of the road.Another passenger and I got down __9__ and held her up. Even in__10__ she held up a note and asked us to pay the driver.The other__11__passenger took the note and paid the driver.My __12__ was a few hundred meters away.As a girl, I knew I量d get off and stay with her in the __13__ So I paid up the driver for __14__ and he drove away with the other passengers. I neither__15__her nor did I know what to do.But I was there giving some__16__words to another girl in pain.I asked her to stand __17__ for a few while.I then looked for a place for her to sit.Then I__18__her friend and waited there.She was rushed to a nearby clinic later.Before leaving goodbye. The night breezes were blowing__20__upon my cheek as I walked home with a feeling of relief. 1 A.1ife C activity B D transport communication B bought she thanked me for __19__ and we hugged

2 A.designed C organized B B noisy

D powered C C crowded door D D seat awkward

3 A.heavy 4 A.driver 5 A.guided C admitted

window B D B D B

suggested signaled managed stood

6 A.noticed C recognized

7 A.caring C waiting B

reaching D planning

8 A.back



feet doubtfully

D own

9 A.immediately C naturally

anxiously surprise

10 A.silence C vain

D pain

11 A.patient C generous B B rain B

B D stop

helpful secret C C wind C car D myself D van D itself school

12 A.home 13 A.dark 14 A.himself 15 A.ignored C promised

herself B


D knew B D straight B sorrow satisfying C still C D out brought D saw

16 A.anxious C comforting B

17 A.up 18 A.found

phoned B D

19 A.company C bravery B

support convenience C willingly D gently

20 A.hard


Close 3寓 (2016·衡 一中 考) 体 记 文 话题 院的小鸟 词数 288 难 ★★ 建 16 时间 钟

We have a small back garden with several trees so bird nest in abundance.Therefore, it is__1__year after year to find many young birds don量t__2__ One morning two years ago, I found a young blackbird sitting still, very cold, in a corner.I__3__it up and moved it to a raised warmer spot, __4__it with tissue and made silly bird noises in the hope that it would__5__ It

was breathing, though very weak and wouldn量t open its beak (喙) I knew it had __6__ and was dying but it did start to feel warmer so there was__7__ I kept coming to check on it, keeping our three__8__inside the house, as I didn量t want them to__9__it, as Toby, my cleverest dog had already spotted it.One time, I went to see the bird, it had __10__down, legs outstretched (伸直), so I placed it __11__back onto the tissue.Its eyes opened __12__and it seemed to look in my direction __13__at times its head also moved round, which was not a good sign.I kept making bird noises and __14__it, saying “Come on, be strong.” I just felt so __15__ but I wanted it to know that there was someone

who__16__ Unfortunately, it died.I did feel so regretful because I tried my best but I__17__ To my__18__ last year I spotted two young blackbirds keeping each other company in one of our trees, and

I量m__19__one of them had at least survived as one has been visiting__20__since and helping itself to seed from our feeders. 1 A.obvious 2 A.leave 3 A.picked 4 A.provided B B strange C C C fly hung usual D D special

survive B put B

adjust D held



hid B reply


covered C breathe D wake

5 A.play 6 A.kept up C given up

B D B B B life C dogs annoy B

made up turned up luck C C cats bother C lain D fun D boys D attack D showed

7 A.hope 8 A.birds 9 A.visit 10 A.fallen 11 A.quickly C gently

pulled B



carelessly B in return

12 A.in vain C in time D

in response B although

13 A.since C while

D unless B D B saving

14 A.encouraging C amusing

calming curious

15 A.excited C moved

D desperate B preferred

16 A.counted C cared

D differed B D B D failed missed disappointment

17 A.stopped C declined

18 A.delight C sorrow

amazement B afraid

19 A.proud C sure

D grateful B D unexpectedly regularly 联考) 体 记 文 话题 笑对人生 词数 306 难 ★★ 建 15 时间 钟

20 A.casually C suddenly

Close 4寓 (2016·河

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnosis, the first thing that came to mind was a “death sentence” __1__ __2__ side of it. instead of complaining I decided to look for the

I realized that I was about to __3__ a new beginning.I knew that I had to develop and gain __4__ from all my ve dealt with all my life, experiences.Even with the pain I had to __5__ through each diagnosis, and all the __6__ I量 I still felt truly lucky.I __7__ myself that I “still have my life” so who am I to __8__? One day, I had an unusual experience.I turned that experience into a __9__ and I called it “Peace” Writing had become therapy (治疗) for me.I took that poem, along with many others I had __10__ during ray breast cancer period and placed them in book form.I was __11__ enough to have that book published.I later had another inspirational children量s book __12__ with a third one __13__ I量m hoping that anyone who has the chance to read my first book of poems will benefit from it.My poems are from the heart, and I wish to have a positive__14__ on someone who量 s ill.I __15__ believe when you survive a serious __16__ like cancer, it量 s for a reason and I want to live to __17__ exactly what that is for me. That量s what I量m all about now, inspiration.I would have __18__ become a writer, producing inspirational poems and stories, if I had not gone through all that I did.I量 m a true example that you can __19__ cancer, as long as you have faith and allow that faith to __20__ your path. 1 A.However C Therefore 2 A.bad C right B B B Besides D Otherwise opposite

D positive miss B D B hide B C face D find

3 A.mark

4 A.advantage C knowledge

strength skill C struggles go D bear

5 A.express 6 A.chances C decisions

D businesses B D B showed taught encourage

7 A.persuaded C reminded

8 A.complain C disappoint B B novel

D please C C diary written D play D collected

9 A.poem 10 A.read

learned B D

11 A.confident C careful


satisfied B translated

12 A.published C typed D

reviewed B above the average

13 A.in the dark C ahead of time

D on the way B influence

14 A.impression




conclusion B honestly

15 A.hardly C truly D

widely B diagnosis

16 A.accident C disaster

D disease B find out D pick out already develop B cross C C just survive C D never D treat D walk

17 A.look for C concentrate on B B

18 A.ever 19 A.cure 20 A.direct


Cloze 5寓 (2016· 淮十校联考) 体 记 文 话题 母亲 词数 296 难 ★★★ 建 18 时间 钟

Due to a long series of unfortunate events my mother is in a serious debt a burden was left on her as a result of her divorce.Because of the divorce the legal and medical __1__ it has left her with she was unable to __2__ a

loan.She has done everything in her __3__ to help keep the houses for my sisters and herself. Since I was a child my mother has always been the type of woman to __4__ others量 needs before her own.For 13 years she __5__ abused and neglected children to find sanctuary through foster care in our house.This was no __6__ task as many of these children had stood years of physical emotional abuse from their parents.Not long after my father became abusive our __7__ was being physically and emotionally __8__ daily before our eyes.The abuse __9__ for some time before she was able to file for a divorce __10__ to finally to put an end to her __11__ Unfortunately the divorce was not as __12__ one would expect. After ten years the divorce was finalized and my mother was __13__ to continue on with her life.Due to __14__ problems with her knee caused by the abuses my mother was unable to work.The __15__ left her with huge amounts of medical legal and now property tax debts.She __16__ her last bit of money to help save the house for my younger sisters and herself.As a __17__ mother met.Despite the continuous turmoil(混 she is the most inspirational woman I have ever

) she has __18__ formed a way to stay positive and __19__ I am hoping

to help her get back on her feet and __20__ some much needed financial and emotional support. 1 A.accidents 2 A.take out C make out B B debts B D C teams D research

put out think about C website C beat merry C mother place D taught D casual D assistant D power D support

3 A.duty 4 A.compare 5 A.helped 6 A.difficult 7 A.sister

company B improve


reminded C easy daughter C

8 A.inspired 9 A.paused 10 A.refusing 11 A.pain 12 A.slow 13 A.proud 14 A.mental 15 A.marriage 16 A.pouring 17 A.single 18 A.never 19 A.grateful 20 A.reduce


criticized started hoping fate practical able medical journey B wasting C


blessed D

D destroyed argued D D managing confusion

continued C C C C C C regretting life bitter unwilling technical divorce C C C

D quick D D tired


D debate D D lazy D hardly stealing



learned always B enjoyed

noble even C optimistic

D patient





D provide

Cloze 6寓 (2015·山 兖 阶段 评估) 体 记 文 话题 一个 裹 词数 310 难 ★★ 建 17 时间 钟

Peter Wiggins grew up in a poor family.He worked diligently at his__1__job as teaching assistant in a private kindergarten and put in three more hours at night as a part time cashier at a __2__.By the time Peter walked home with slow and heavy steps every day, it was often close to__3__. Peter worked very hard in order to__4__his aged parents who had retired as restroom cleaners with__5__savings left after putting Peter and his sister through school.Peter was the only__6__ Beth was often in poor health. One day as Peter was walking home from ACE Supermarket where he __7__ he stumbled(绊脚) upon a small brown packet on the pavement.The package was slightly__8__ so he picked it up to examine it more closely.To his__9__ it contained fifty dollar bills.Peter knew it was not his to keep and that the__10__might for his sister

urgently need the money. Without__11__ Peter walked quickly to the nearest police station and handed it over to Mr.Roberts who was the police officer__12__for that night.Surprised to see someone hand in such a large amount of cash__13__ police officer said that Peter was indeed a role model others could __14__. “It 从s nothing really...I was doing what __15__would have done ” Peter量s face turned red as the officer continued to ask for his name and contact number so that the owner could__16__ thank him.The next day Peter received a__17__.The owner of the lost money was none other than Peter量s__18__at the ACE Supermarket! He had found out Peter from Roberts and had decided to__19__ Peter to the position of manager with a handsome increase in salary.He had also decided to pay for Beth量s__20__.Peter was overjoyed. 1 A.any time C daytime B short time the

D night time

2 A.supermarket C restaurant B B B


night school

D hotel noon C C C evening D D D treat midnight

3 A.morning 4 A.settle 5 A.more 6 A.son C one

impress some B D B

support little


breadwinner assistant shopped C C familiar worked D visited

7 A.stayed 8 A.old 9 A.joy C shock B

torn B D B B B

D heavy

disappointment relief assistant fear on duty B B C C C boss D owner D doubt D on purpose D unexpected

10 A.leader 11 A.success 12 A.on behalf 13 A.unfinished 14 A.look at C look down on B

hesitation on watch C untouched

unused look up to D

look forward to anybody personally D policemen

15 A.few



16 A.independently C cautiously B B B

regularly C C C B call consumer promote D travel costs D medical treatment 参考答案寓 A 寓 2016~2014 省 高考题 改编 寓 D packet D lead enemy

17 A.letter 18 A.colleague 19 A.introduce

notice boss expose

20 A.university education C holiday parties

考点一 记叙文 Cloze 1 銟语篇 King 1 銠寓 文是一篇记 文 要讲述了作者想 校足球队的明 伤的 Miller

使自 真 得到了 长銔 B寓 考查 词短语 析 语境理解銔 据 一 因 他是足球队中最好的球员 要想 明

就要 败他銔故选 B銔] 2 3 D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据语境 处 是足球队员銔故选 D銔] A寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔因 开始了 作者 了实 标到处 銔故选 A銔]


C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔因

Miller 被车撞了

他 医院回来的时候 作者去看他

故选 C銔] 5 6 7 8 A寓 考查形容词 析 语境理解銔因 B寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 医院 回来 身体 康复 脸色苍 銔故选 A銔]

内容判断作者 破了记录 故用 break銔故选 B銔] 能在家 看 銔故选 D銔] 作者常做梦 谴

D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 时 Miller

C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据前 作者获得了最 话之间是转折 系銔故选 C銔]

值球员 和 一



据 文可知

处 是 Miller

伤的 故銔故选 C銔] 栅栏銔故选 A銔] 栅栏 个人之间的 是一 困难的 銔故选 B銔] 他并 想得到作者的

10 A寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 处 是 Miller 坚 11 B寓 考查形容词 析 语境理解銔对 常人来 越 12 C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔因 銔故选 C銔] 13 B寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 一 銔故选 B銔] 14 D寓 考查形容词銓 词 析 语境理解銔 据语境 15 A寓 考查副词 析 语境理解銔 据语境 Miller 和作者

But even that challenge he accepted.可知

Miller 接 了

处指 他们安全越 栅栏的时候銔故选 D銔] 中做得很好銔故选 A銔] 油銔故选 C銔] 作者 最初的那个 好的梦想中解脱了


16 C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 处的意 是 谢谢你 17 D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文可知 Miller 来銔故选 D銔] 18 A寓 考查副词 析 语境理解銔作者虽然 破了 Miller 者銔故选 A銔]

的纪录 但在作者心中 他 领

19. D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 处指作者一直钦佩 Miller銔故选 D銔] 20 B寓 考查形容词 析 语境理解銔 Cloze 2 銟语篇 超 的路 銠寓 是一篇记 文 作者讲述了发生在自 求 的人 他引 身边的一 献爱心 銔周 快 的时候作者和孩子们去 自 銔通 历 作 伤的 Miller King 使自 真 得到了 长銔故选 B銔]




者诠释了“ 人玫瑰 手留余香”的真谛銔 1 A寓 考查语境中 故答案 2 A 銔] C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔那人手 拿 一张写 釐失去工作 sight 情 供 家人金的 站在冷风中銔 C 词的 析銔联系 文内容 “Family to feed.”可知 个人失业了 要 活家人銔

种情 在超 外面并 常 符合题意銔] 3 B 寓 考查语境中

銔condition 条

place 地方

象 show 展示銔显然唯


析銔十岁的儿子看到 定 call 电话




(comment)銔suggestion 建


均 合 意銔]

4 A寓 考查语境中副词的 析銔 釐in the cold wind” 提供的信 可 判断 人是站在超 外面的銔]

5 D寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 据 文 述可知 (appreciate)的 西銔draw 6 画 say


arrange 安排銔均 语境 符銔] 一小题解析銔order 购 supply 供 discover 发 銔均

C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔

符合语境銔] 7 D寓 考查语境中 8 的 金 9 词的 析銔 一段“When I handed him the gift card...”一 析銔 据前面“I thought about it.金 示銔] 们

B寓 考查语境中形容词的 多了銔easy 容易 A寓 考查语境中 A 銔]

接 来的“but...well...”可知 的銔B 显然符合 意銔] 物 需要

low (数 等) 足的 soft 柔软的 loose 全文内容 难看

词的 析銔




10 D寓 考查语境中副词的 余选 符合语意 辑銔]

析銔 时


中节省 来


是(just) 们需要做的銔

11 A寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 了省 钱来去 西銔declare share 担 ignore 忽

别人 孩子们 理睬 expect 期

自 銔

周可 意可知答案

用的 A銔] 可

12 C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔联系 文“They got apples a sandwich and a bottle of juice.金一 知 们将 些 递 个人銔故答案 C 銔]

13 B寓 考查语境中形容词的 向

析銔 据 段结 一 中的“...he burst into tears.”可知

个人眼 泪水 确答

们表示感谢銔sleepy 困倦的 watery

水的 curious 好 的 sharp 锐利的銔 语境可知 B

案銔] 14 B寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 语 故可将 D 子结构可知 张 是一个 语 銔 谓语 词 need 之 缺少

排除銔 结合 意“ 告 他可 用 析銔 前文 述可知

家人购 生活 需 ”可知答案非 B 莫属銔] 是一 非常棒的 历 A銔] 孩子们都在 需要 的人銔 了孩子们莫大的鼓舞銔

15 A寓 考查语境中 词的 experience 历 example 例子

message 口信 adventure 冒 銔显然答案 别人 快 自 銔接 几

16 D寓 考查语境中短语 词的 析銔 显然 D 意 语境相吻合銔]

17 C寓 考查语境中副词的 析銔 意 如果 全 地銔 他们可能就 会 意可知 C 的 确答案銔] 析銔


孩子们没 钱去 地

更多的人 地

情可能会完 perfectly 完美

銔suddenly 突然

vividly 生


18 D寓 考查语境中 词的

一小题解析銔] 述的 历可知 和孩子们 了一 处 困境中的人銔

19 C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 综合前文 in need 的意 是“患难 急需 处 困境中”銔]

20 B寓 考查语境中形容词的 蜜

析銔纵 全文 作者 孩子们的 一善 B 銔]




谓“ 人玫瑰 手留余香”銔故答案 Cloze 3 銟语篇 銠寓

文 要介绍了 Dario 和他的 母子 人 极 对

到 家很高




扰了邻居 邻居留便条抱

定 行 对来缓和邻

系 并得到邻居的谅解銔

1 A寓 语境理解题銔 处是指他们 人肩并肩地坐在钢琴旁 故选 A銔]


C寓 背 常识题銔前一 提到 奏 士 辑 理题銔 意 然 第

故 处填 music 选 C銔] 他们的幸福 失了銔therefore 因 however 然 otherwise

3 B寓

instead 相 地銔故选 B銔] 4 A寓 背 常识题銔 意 在那 夜 note 可知故选 A銔] 5 D寓 D 銔] 6 A寓 辑 理题銔 文提到他们 钢琴 扰他们的邻居 audience 故 銔] 备 instruct 指 question 询 处指他们 他们的邻居写信来就 辑 理题銔 “管理员想象 他们中谁会做那 金可知 管理员认 他们都是好人 故选 人在他们的门 面留了一张便条銔结合 文 So I wrote a short

道歉銔故选 A銔neighbour 邻居 relative 亲戚 7 D寓 visit

辑 理题銔 意 或许 们可 亲自去 銔故选 D銔]


8 A寓 语境理解题銔 意 要是 们 他们请来 行 对怎 9 B寓 行 辑 理题銔 意 他们都 个 意銔experience

?结合 11 小题前面 party 可知 选 A銔 ] 历 idea 意 performance 演 action

銔故选 B銔] 10 C寓 11 B寓 词 配銔prepare sth for sb 意 “ 某人准备某物” 故选 C銔] 词词 析銔 指的是“ 指 对 对的 子到了” 故选 B銔] “ 些人带来甜点是用来 Mrs. Gilbert 的 serve 服 女 ”銔故选 C銔] Dario's mother 一 钢琴音 书銔

12 C寓 考查 辑 理题銔 13 B寓 treat 对 词词 present

析銔 处指的是一个 呈 help

銔故选 B銔] 奏 因 写了一张便条銔选 D銔]

14 D寓 15 D寓 16 A寓 17 D寓

辑 理题銔 意


晚 都

词 配銔owe sb an apology 意 词词

“ 向某人道歉”銔选 D銔] 们 奏时 是多 晚了” 故选 A銔]

析銔 处是指“ 没 意识到

辑 理题銔 意

些歌曲 是那 吵的歌銔选 D銔] 奏 些歌曲”銔选 C銔] 曲子銔选 B銔] 的感觉”銔 equality 等 freedom 自 warmth

18 C寓 形容词 析銔 19 B寓 20 C寓 温

是指“ 们很 意在晚 一直盼望 能

辑 理题銔 意 他 词词 析銔 指“他

的微笑 了他温

sympathy Cloze 4 銟语篇

情銔故选 C銔]






到老 的青睐 诚实得到丰厚的回 銔 1 D寓 考查 词 2 B寓 考查形容词词 pure 纯洁的 完全的 weak 銔 文最 一 中 He lost the sale of twenty papers 可知 剩了 20 份 析銔 意 他几 牢固的 虚弱的銔因 銔]

话来 心情沉 銔open 敞开心扉 heavy(心情)沉 心情沉 用 heavy銔] 是…… in return

3 A寓 考查介词短语 析銔他 要回家了 带 for 作 ……的 答 regardless of 顾 管

是钱銔instead of

in exchange for 作 ……的交 銔

据 意 选 A銔]

4 D寓 考查 词 mother 可知

銔第 段 He thought of his bird with no seeds and the cake he wanted to buy for his

答案选 D銔] break down 禁 痛哭 身体銓精 的 了 get away 精 就要崩

5 B寓 考查 词短语 析銔give in 屈服 离开 脱 发 show up 露面 露

揭露銔 据

意 “他一想到没

溃了銔”可知选 B銔] 6 D寓 考查 词 析銔 意 程序 7 骤 goal 的 标 你 知道 销 球 得 的 窍銔difficulty 困难 难 困境 process 程

secret 秘密 秘 銔据 选 D銔]

B寓 考查 词銔 个

表示语 转折 用 but銔] 之夭夭銔before 在…… drop out 脱离 前 学 没 来得 銔]

8 A寓 考查 属 词銔 意 在他们 没来得 看 就 9 C寓 考查 词词 伸 据 意 “你就会 10 B寓 考查 词词 意 想法 概念 想 析銔 sell out 全部 析銔 意 对 建 policy

call out 大声 喊 到钱銔”可知 选 C銔] 森 言 策 是一个

reach out

意銔edition 工作銔选 B銔]


方针 策略 手段 task 任 C 銔]

11 C寓 考查 词

銔第一段 ..some seeds for his bird 可知 答案

12 D寓 考查形容词词 amazed 选 D銔]

析銔 意 ……他 定 心 去 谎銔concerned 激的 对……感到 奋的 determined 坚 的

的 担心的 心的銔 据 意

惊的 惊 的 excited

13 C寓 考查副词 析銔 意 already 14 西銔] 15 C寓 考查短语 析銔 意 by chance 偶然 意外地 as usual 16 A寓 考查形容词词 的 polite 礼貌的銔] 析銔 A寓 考查 词词 just=only

管他 是一个贫 的小 童 他学到了一些 益的 西銔still 仅仅 also 銔 据 意 选 C 銔]

析銔 据

题 他学到了一些 益的 西

话 (家庭)教了他很多 益的

第 往常一

森 往常一 去 照例 on purpose


銔at once 马

的地 故意地銔 据 意 选 C銔] 和的 温 的

析銔proud 骄傲的 自 的 gentle 温和的 文 的 warm

17 B寓 考查 词词

意 他补充

森赔了钱是因 他 愿 谎銔lose money 赔钱銔] 笑 shout at 对……大喊

18 A寓 考查 词短语 析銔 意 nod at 向某人点头 stare at 凝 19 C寓 考查副词 析銔 意 在

个男孩嘲笑 森銔laugh at 嘲笑 銔 据 的一 地 意 选 A銔] 士走 来

爱地拍拍 森的肩 銔bravely 勇

英勇地 gratefully 感激地 感谢地 fondly 快 20 生意 业 Cloze 5 銟语篇 物 銠寓 文 要讲述的是作者 C寓 考查 情 词词 job 工作 析銔 职业 意 一周

真地 modestly 谨慎地 任

地銔 据 意 选 C銔] business

森开始了他的 工作銔duty 法銔]

method 方法





逐渐使得 些小 物

警惕 最 作者拍

了许多可爱的照 銔

1 B寓 考查 词 一


免 start 开始 cancel 的 程 故选 B銔]

suggest 建 銔 据语意 第

开始用花生喂冠蓝鸦 然 2 C寓 考查 词

(喂) 鼠銔是个循序渐

对语境的理解銔business 生意 fun 没 题”銔 据意 选 cheat 欺骗

趣 problem C銔]

题 privilege


语 have no problem doing sth 意 “做某 3 C寓 考查 词

对语境的理解銔help 故选

threat 威胁 exception 例外銔 据 文的

didn't escape 可知 兔子 怕 4 A寓 考查 词

C 意 兔子看到 并没 威胁銔] 念 admire 钦佩 appreciate 感激 A銔]

对语境的理解銔 trust 信任 miss 错

銔 据 文的 by the end of the year they were eating out of my hand.可知 小兔越来越信任 銔故选 5 D寓 考查 词 对语境的理解銔fear 害怕 ignore 忽 discover 发 remember 记

銔 据

文的 one would even sit up for slices 可知小兔们越来越 害怕 6 C寓 考查 词 对语境的理解銔prove 明 decide

就是 他们开始记得 銔] 定 notice 注意 understand 理解銔 据 文 C, 意

的 a groundhog who used to run away was now taking an __7____ interest in this food situation.可知选 注意到 7 一个情况銔] 对语境的理解銔extreme 极端的 increasing 断增长的 additional

B寓 考查形容词


inspiring 鼓舞人心的銔 据 8 D寓 考查 词

文的土 鼠逐渐 怕作者可知 指土 鼠开始对 鼠

物越来越感 趣銔]

对语境的理解銔 squirrel

rabbit 兔子 peanut 花生 carrot 胡萝卜銔 据 D銔] 久之 long ago 很久之前 over and over 一 又

文的 both munching(津津 味的咀嚼) on carrots.可知选 9 A寓 考查 词 一 all over again 10 A寓 考查 词 津 味地 胡萝卜 故选 11 B寓 考查副词 对语境的理解銔 before long 一 銔 据 文可知 对语境的理解銔eat A銔] 对语境的理解銔 next 一 久之

土 鼠 怕作者了銔] 文可知土 鼠在津

play 玩 sit 坐 sleep 睡觉銔 据



soon 很快

lately 最

来銔 据 意选 B銔] 12 patiently 13 A寓 考查副词 对语境的理解銔carefully 仔 地銓小心地 suddenly 突然 violently 暴力地

耐心地銔指作者小心 D寓 考查副词

地伸 手去搔她的背 故选 thus 因

A銔] just 好銓 still 然銔到了第

对语境的理解銔also D 銔] 对语境的理解銔think 认

物 然 怕他 故选 14 A寓 考查 词



recognize 认识銔

文的 that the end looked like a cap 可知 15 C寓 考查 词

是作者的想法 故选 ……时 or

A 銔] so 因 C銔] keep 銔因 作者 胡萝 for 因 銔 据 文可知

对语境的理解銔while 然

作者认 胡萝卜 部 帽子 16 B寓 考查 词 卜

一 他就 它 帽子用了 故选

对语境的理解銔fix 安装 place 故选 B銔]

置 hang 悬

部 帽子戴在土 鼠的头 17 B寓 考查 故选 词

对语境的理解銔tremble 颤



hesitation 犹



18 D寓 考查 词 要銔 要 胡萝卜 19 据 C寓 考查 词

对语境的理解銔even if 銔] 对语境的理解銔welcome 的 她就 会烦恼头


ever since 自

as far as 就…… 言 so long as

require 要求 C 銔]

bother 烦恼

expect 期



了 故选

20 A寓 考查 词 个 的交易銔] Cloze 6 銟语篇 銠寓

对语境的理解銔trade 交易 competition

task 任


銔 是一

文是一篇记 文



之间发生的感人故 銔

1 B寓 考查形容词 析銔 据前面的 But 和 面的 none of the houses in our price range seemed satisfactory 可知 们的钱很 限 在 们 格范围内的 子都 理商 别 人 满意銔limited 限的 多的 符合语境銔] 荐 介绍 符合语境銔] 范围銔 beyond

2 A寓 考查 词 析銔一个

们 荐了一个 子銔recommend

3 C寓 考查介词 析銔 据 面的 so we declined 可知 (表示范围)超 非…… 能 銔]

子的 格超 了 们的

4 A寓 考查介词短语 析銔但她力 时 at hand 在手边 在 5 情銔] 6 C寓 考查 词 析銔 据

们 少去看一看銔at least

少 符合语境銔at most 最多 at times

将来临銔] 面的 It was Our Home, small and charming 可知 们对 子一 钟

B寓 考查 词 析銔 据前面的 warmth 和

面的 of the marriage 可知 在

们感 到了

婚姻的温 和幸福銔] 7 D寓 考查 接词 8 析銔梦想 生活在那 是什 们 要 子銔作 be like 的 语要用 what銔] 銔make an offer 们 銔] 们感

B寓 考查 词 析銔几

9 D寓 考查 词短语 析銔 据 Surprisingly 可知 到很惊讶銔] 10 A寓 考查副词 析銔他们没 嘲笑 们 11 C寓 考查形容词 析銔 一 格 然 超

但他们没 嘲笑 们

是修改了 格銔instead 们的

是銔] 多了銔] 是一个 人

能力 但 原来的要

12 B寓 考查形容词 析銔 据 面的 another buyer had offered a much higher price 可知 失望的 銔] 格 然要 子的 人銔] 然 他购 者的 力 好几千美元銔]

13 D寓 考查 词 析銔谈

14 B寓 考查副词 析銔 们最 的 15 D寓 考查 词 析銔 们明

一点 但 们

一 銔前 之间 转折 系銔]

16 D寓 考查 词 析銔 据 面的内容可知 他 17 C寓 考查 词 识 析銔他知道 们很 爱 子

了 们 然 解释 中的原因銔] 们将会 识他们 析 ignore 子 理 忽 銔] 的劳 銔


符合语境銔check 检查

对 analyze

18 A寓 考查 词 析銔 19 B寓 考查 词 析銔他告 20 A寓 考查形容词 析銔

们他会遭 金钱 的损失 但 是值得的銔] 们考 一 格方面的差别銔] 是 生人 是 们 没 认识的朋 銔]

人们 好的时候 他们

Cloze 7 銟语篇 銠寓 亲的绿色梳子 亲 的是 亲的微笑 词 析銔 文首 亲 亲希望带 一 的孩提时 带来了许多的快 然 亲开始做生意之 28 岁生 的那一

一 都悄悄地发生 知道 无论如何 1 C寓 考查

他清洗梳子銔直到 们幸福生活的心銔 晚




去清洗銔] 2 D寓 考查形容词 3 做 A寓 考查 词 析銔 据 文的 excitedly 可 析銔 亲 看 洗梳子 銔] 开銔] 亲 亲会亲 地朝 微笑 并 梳子 看 作者很 意 带来了很多快 亲洗梳子銔] 銔虽然 调 但是 很 意


文的 excitedly 可

4 D寓 考查固定 配銔 5 B寓 考查 词 析銔

开水龙头銔turn on 洗完梳子


入他的钱 銔] 6 B寓 考查 词 析銔 开始 业銔] 7 了銔] 8 C寓 考查形容词 析銔因 得快发疯了 9 A寓 考查 词 亲 业的形势 是很好 和母亲因 他 们的家庭陷入了困境中 B寓 考查 词 析銔就在 亲开始 业的时候 情开始发生了 銔 亲 往常一 回家 亲 定开始自 业 但是 展的并 是很好銔start his own business

处表示 和母亲很生气銔 可能是满意的 高 的或者是 格的銔] 析銔随 时间的流逝 们之间 了一种 人 舒 的寂静 儿指 和 亲 大

交流了銔] 10 B寓 考查副词 析銔 到了家銔] 11 C寓 考查形容词 析銔 亲 拿到了书 要离开 亲 “你愿意 清洗 的梳 业 亲的生意开始回到了 轨 在 28 岁生 那 亲 地回

子吗?” 是数 前的 法

然是 clean銔] 亲一会儿 然 梳子拿 来 去了洗涤槽銔take 拿 銔]

12 B寓 考查 词 析銔看了

13 C寓 考查 词 析銔 突然想起 呢?] 14 D寓 考查 词 析銔那个 惯意味 15 C寓 考查 词 析銔照

什 在 是个小孩子的时候

亲洗梳子是一 快 的 情


和母亲一起 们是一个快 微笑 并小心

晚 銔spend 爱的家庭銔] 地 它 钱


一 的 meant 那意味 亲 亲朝

16 D寓 考查副词 析銔 洗完梳子 坚定地 hurriedly 地 casually 随意地銔]

銔 firmly

17 A寓 考查形容词 析銔但是 一 角 了皱 銔] 18 D寓 考查 词 析銔然


的 情

亲 老了

他微笑时 他的眼

他的微笑 和 前一

温 人心銔] 人心的 convincing 人信服的 cautious 小心的

19 B寓 考查形容词 析銔解析如 銔heartwarming innocent 无辜的 清 的銔]

20 B寓 考查 词 析銔 亲的微笑 然是一个想 自 Cloze 8 銟语篇 用一张桌子 銠寓 并 是一篇记 文銔 大病初 到奥


快 生活的


多 第


啡馆 在








对假期充满了美好的回 銔 1 A寓 考查 预 的 故选 A銔] 2 倒 B寓 考查固定 配銔keep off 据文 离 go off 离开 意 行 drop off 就去( 假)了銔] 是坐 租车到了 的 銔manage to do deserve to do 值得 少 …… 车 knock off 文语境銔 据文 最 一段“...filled my brief holiday”可知 个假期(holiday)可能是医生


so off I went 是倒装 配銔 管

3 C寓 考查词 sth( 去做

到 那 时很疲惫 但是 算去做某

地)做 了某 銔intend to do sth 据 意 选 C銔]

promise to do sth 许 去做某

4 D寓 考查 D 銔] 5 D寓 考查

文联系銔 据__18__之 的 accommodation(


坐 租车到 了

文联系銔 据__3__ 的 catch a taxi( 乘 租车)可知 第

乘了 外一


take a taxi 乘 租车銔故选 D銔] 6 7 C寓 考查语境銔 去购物中心 了一些纪念 类的 之 (later) 去 啡馆 餐 选 C銔] painted 粉 好的銔

B寓 考查形容词 析銔classified

occupied 满的

decorated 装饰好的

处指 张桌子都满了 故选 B銔] 8 A寓 考查 词 析銔share )一张桌子 故选 A銔] 9 A寓 考查 lady 选 A 銔] 10 B寓 考查语境銔 据 文可知 来 啡馆 饭 是“随 餐接 声” 选 B銔] 能租车(hire)銔 文联系銔 据__13__之前“I'm retired and...”可知 女士 休了 是 the old reserve 保 预留 possess 拥 据文 你可 和 用(

11 C寓 考查 词 析銔hire a car 租车銔 据 选 C 銔] 12 D寓 考查形容词 析銔convenient 方便的

文可知作者来 假并没 开车

worthwhile 值得的



expensive 昂

的銔 据文 乘 租车的花费

是昂 的銔故选 D銔] entertain 娱 款 drive 驾驶 行驶銔 据 文可知

13 D寓 考查 词 析銔inspire 激励 女士开车带 去了 园 选 D銔]

14 C寓 考查固定 配銔put sb to trouble 15 B寓 考查语境銔因

某人添麻烦銔] 园 她要知道 的 处銔 选 B銔] 的 regular

女士要开车带 去

16 A寓 考查形容词 析銔the appointed time 预 定期的銔 据 文 选 A 銔]

好的时间 limited

限的 favourite

17 B寓 考查 词 析銔digest 据语境 她 玩了一会

领悟 explore 探索 研 一个人去探 故选 B銔]

perform 表演 履行 calculate


18 C寓 考查固定 配銔forget to do sth 来去做某 prefer to do sth

记去做某 文

refuse to do sth 拒绝去做某 女士在傍晚时回来接

return to do sth 回 故选 C銔] 某人钱

去做某 銔 据

19 C寓 考查 词 析銔offer sb money 据文 女士钱

某人钱銔owe sb money

某人钱 lend sb money 借

但她 收銔 选 C銔] curiosity 好 心 kindness 善 銔 据文 可 故选 D銔]

20 D寓 考查 词 析銔confidence 信心 dignity 尊 知 将 会 记 Cloze 9 銟语篇 笑 銠寓 文是一篇记 文銔讲述了一 通 自 女士

她用她的善 使 的短暂假期充满美好的回

生 Suzy Khan


被班 的 学嘲


立 学校的 人秀画海

到校长銓老师和 学们 赞的故 銔 好 班 的男孩 “担心”銔] 学会

1 A寓 考查 词 析銔大家都嘲笑她 laughed their heads off 可知 他 学对她并 子 2 美 意 是常开她的玩笑 因 选 A 开……玩笑銔care 意 B寓 考查 词 析銔Suzy 被镇 的一个家庭收 孩子

“ 心” forget 意 “ 记” worry 意 她的 母 是“ 定” 对 “ 告” complain 意

Suzy 来 “抱

生活方式的最好的方法就是和美 “ 3 疑 ”銔] C寓 考查形容词 析

在一起銔report 意

” question

文信 题 銔 第一行“She was really small for her age of 12”中的 small 显小了銔 small 一词 处提供了答案信 迎的”銔] Suzy 生活 fit in with “系”銔] D way 因 选 C.tiny

Suzy 的相貌 符合她 12 岁的 龄

小的銔rich 意 “富 的” proud 意 “骄傲的 自 的” popular 意 “ 4 C寓 考查 词 析銔 结合 意 sb 和某人相处融 因 选C 意 标题可 看 在作者在 考如何

銔come 意 “来到” fall 意 怎 能 她

“ 落” tie 意

5 D寓 考查 词 析銔结合

呢?总会 一个方法的銔因

确銔manner 意 “礼仪 方式” pattern 意 6 C寓 考查 词 析銔 空 幅火车 并在

“ 案” choice 意 “选 ”銔] 看 处 是 Suzy ” take 意 开课 到书 的一 “ ”銔 ]

to a picture of a train 可 C选

临摹 幅画 因 选

銔 read 意 “阅

“带走” put 意 画的 西

7 B寓 考查形容词 析銔 空 作者惊讶的 结合 意 因 选 B 8 D寓 考查 銔free 意

I was surprised...来看 Suzy

是很 真

“自 的 免费的” final 意

“最 的” extra 意 D 确銔art 意

“ 外的”銔] “艺术” talk 意 “谈

文信 銔 __10__ 面的 the talent show 看

话” quiz 意 “测验”銔] 9 D寓 考查 词 析銔作者 涂色” write 意 “写” carve 意 Miss Parker 看的 “雕 ”銔] 意 Miss Parker “在……之 时展示的是她 人秀 画的海 for the talent 是 Suzy 画的 西 因 选 D銔color 意 “ 色

10 C寓 考查介词 析銔结合 show銔at 意 “在……” after 意 11 B寓 考查 词 间”画 向 Suzy 求 12 D寓 考查 是 Suzy 析銔 空 因 选B

” around 意

“在……周围”銔] 画海 空 是没 足够“时 “ 趣”銔]

来看 Miss Parker 銔room 意 “ 间

时向 Suzy 求

空间” paper 意 “ ” interest 意

文信 銔 据 文信

__13__ 面的 I'm sure you've all noticed the wonderful posters 銔gift 意 “礼物” book 意 “书” photo 意 “照 ”銔]

画的海 能够在

处看到 因 选 D

13 A寓 考查形容词 析銔 结合 意 殊的”荣誉 因 选 A 銔academic 意

时校长 Mr.Brown


Suzy 嘉奖

个奖 是一个“ “皇家的”銔]

“学院的 学术的” national 意

“ 家的” royal 意

14 A寓 考查 词 析銔结合 “ 到” print 意 “

意 them 指 海

们自 的一 学生画了海 銔因 选 A銔find 意

” collect 意 “收 ”銔] 意 处学生们好 谁能够画的那 好 that=so 意 “那 ” 因 选 B

15 B寓 考查副词 析銔 结合 very 意

“非常” quite 意 “十 ” too 意 “ ”銔] 花了很大 如果 ”銔] 嘉奖 因 选 A銔rank 意 “排 ” rest 意 “休 她 到嘉奖銔因 选 D銔if 意

16 D寓 考查 词銔结合 意 既然 Suzy 在海 “如果” though 意 “ 管 虽然” unless 意 “除非 意 deserve a prize

17 A寓 考查 词 析銔结合 ” place 意 “地方”銔] 18 B寓 考查 词 析銔结合 的时 銔因 选 B銔reply 意

看到她 奋的脸时

意识到 Suzy


“回复” remember 意 意 对 Suzy 来 ”銔]

“记得” regret 意 “ 悔 遗憾”銔] 她 是 拥 些 因 选 C銔offer 意 “

19 C寓 考查 词 析銔结合

提供” value 意 “珍惜” control 意 “ 20 A寓 考查 词 析銔结合 意 clap 因 选 A銔wave 意 Cloze 10 銟语篇 了 1 Simon 銠寓

处 他学生开始

Suzy 鼓掌

applause 能够看

“ 舞” raise 意 “ 起” shake 意

“ 晃 颤 ”銔]

文是一篇记 文 Joe Simpson 和 Simon Yates 在一 登山返程时遭遇意外 Joe 摔伤 子 Joe 摔 悬崖銔但 人惊 的是 Joe 地(successfully)到 活 并在营地的 处銔

得 割断

C寓 考查副词 析銔 据文 第一 话提示 他们

了山 銔故选 C銔] 在返程时情况很

2 A寓 考查形容词 析銔 据__1__空之 的 but 提示可知 他们 糟糕(difficult)銔故选 A銔] 3 D寓 考查 词 析銔 据 安(safely) 来銔] 4 B寓 考查副词 析銔解析 銔] But 可知 Simon 定冒 用 子 意他们都知道 如果 Simon

地到 山

自一个人继续(continued)的话 他将会

5 D寓 考查固定 配銔 据__4__ 冒生 去做……]


山銔 risk one's life(to do)

6 C寓 考查固定 配銔go down 往 走銔lie down 躺 来 settle down 定居 来 look down 向 看銔] 7 D寓 考查 了 他们彼 看 到 文联系銔 他们继续往 走时 到了銔] 选 可能的 by luck 侥幸地銔 Simen 要 Joe 气 得更糟糕了 时 外一个麻烦(trouble)

8 A寓 考查介词短语 析銔by mistake 错误地 by chance 偶然地 by choice 据 文 Simon Joe 错误地 在峭壁的 方銔 因 对 Joe 言攀爬回来是

拉回来 是 可能的(impossible)銔] 9 D寓 考查形容词 析銔解析 銔] Joe 的体 (weight) 逐渐地 Simon 拉向峭壁 故选 B銔]

10 B寓 考查 词 析銔 据文

11 decision)

A 寓 考查副词


(Finally) 在坚




定 (make a

泪 断 子銔] 往 站 介入 take a rest 休 一 hold on=hang on

12 C寓 考查 词短语 析銔stand back 别 断銔]

13 B寓 考查 词 析銔 子被 断 被系在 一端的 Joe 肯定会落入(fell) 缝中銔] 14 A寓 考查 词 配銔Joe do sth( 地)做 了某 銔] 断了 肯定 能跑 skate 滑冰 march 前 行 銔move 移 能走 但是他 地爬 了 缝 开始向他们的营地前 銔manage to

15 C寓 考查 词 析銔run 跑 Joe 处 Joe 爬行前 更 銔]

16 B寓 考查副词 析銔nearly ten kilometers away 将 17 D寓 考查 词 析銔head for 向……前 回到他们的营地 但 愿离开銔] 18 A寓 考查形容词銔Simon 认 Joe leave for

10 千米 銔] 身去某地 return to 返回到 据文 Simon

高处摔入 缝中无粮无水 肯定死了(dead)銔] Joe 肯定死了 但是他 愿立 (immediately)离开銔] 看到的

19 C寓 考查副词 析銔 管 Simon 认 20 B寓 考查 词 析銔 Joe 在几米之外 依然活 銔] Cloze 11 銟语篇 的情况 1 2 C寓 B寓 銠寓 Simon

到 Joe 的声音时

他肯定 别 惊 很难相信(believe)自

文是一篇记 文 记述了 Charlotte Whitehead 一 历故 銔

大的女医生 在没 医生执照

在 拿大 医的

据 意“在她几 来照顾( 理)她生病的大姐姐期间” 釐照顾 据 文她想 一 医生 故对“医学”感 趣 故选 B 銔]

理” 故选 C


3 D寓 4 A寓 5 B寓

据 意“她结婚了 开始了一个家庭生活” 故选 D 据 文 她想 一个医生 故选 A 銔]


据 文 她没 医生执照 收”女学生 符合

时 拿大医学院 接收女生 故选 B 文语境銔] 銔] 符合语境銔]


6 D寓 “接 7 C寓 据

文语境 Charlotte 去美 学 医学 故选 C 他 个选

8 D寓 9 A寓 10 C寓

意 “她用了五 时间获得医学学 ” 据 文可知 Charlotte 在美 获医学学 据 文语境 她开 自 的“ 但接生孩子 文语境 她 要“接骨”

回到 拿大行医 故选 A 銔]


” 故选 C

11 A寓 Charlotte 12 B寓 据

他病人 因

她很 銔故选 A


人看病 接生孩子 銔]

要 跛脚的人銓骨折的人做手术 find oneself

固定短语 釐使某人处 某种状 ”符合语境 故选 B 13 C寓 broken“骨折的” 14 D寓 15 B寓

去 词作定语 符合语境銔] 銔] 銔]

据 文 Charlotte“申请”医生执照 但被拒绝了銔故选 D 据 文 申请但被拒绝 生没得到“执照” 故选 B

16 D寓 故选 D

据 意 The Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons 学院想 她在他的学院“完


釐complete金 銔] 据语境 她 想“离开”她的病人 想 学她 知道的 西 故选 A 銔]

17 A寓 18 C寓 境銔] 19 A寓 20 B寓 Cloze 12 銟语篇

据 文语境 In 1993 ...a medical licence was issued to Charlotte issue“发行 颁发” 符合语

文语境 她虽然没 执照 但是她 77

继续行医 故选 A 銔]


据语境 她死

颁发 她“执照”銔故选 B









陷入悲痛之 修补了釐 金

中的釐 金 得 面对修理工作的挑战銔水龙头漏水釐 金请来的修理工 仅修好了水龙头 寂苦闷的心灵銔 1 A寓 善做家 的 2 B寓 妻 长 去世 久 家中水龙头急需修理銔“睹物” 人 怎 人 伤銔]

(shared)生活在一起銔] 做的是实实在在的家 活 銔] 在脑 銔ignore 忽略 hate 憎恶 clean 清理 然是“实用的”銔]

3 D寓 “ ”是 家庭带来想象的“艺术家” 4 B寓 家 活全 在 身 如 ”悲气交

“ ” 起了保 完全将家

5 A寓 miss 错 6 7 答案 銔唯 B寓 C寓 C銔] 据 A

幸离世 釐 符合 意銔]

文可知 釐 ” 得 面对(face up to)请人修理水龙头的挑战銔] 修理工的意 是 “ 种活 难做 你 难道 种活吗?” 可知


8 D寓 前文 定地) bravely(勇 9 D寓 10 B寓

非常擅长做家 銔 地)均 合题意銔] 人的 去世


的活一定很 色銔gratefully(感激地) firmly(坚

修理工表示 情(sympathetically)銔] 好銔]

面“Apparently he was gifted as Steve had been.金一 可知修理工的活做得和 的痛苦肯定 会伴随 “ ”銔] “ ”心中 一 慰銔]

11 A寓 失去 12 C寓 Cloze 13 銟语篇 銠寓

修理工 做的 种好心的行 在世界 会 很多

是一篇记 銔那种人






朋 时 作者惊讶 1 D寓 2 B寓 3 A寓 4 据

作和谐相处的情 真的 人倍感 慰銔 鸡接触人类是很少 的銔__2__之 的 usually 系可知 之 提示作用銔]

文的 述可知 文间的 辑

很难看到 鸡 是因 它们 到人的脚 声就会 走銔]

倒数第 段“As spring went and summer came.”可知答案銔] 鸡在 埂 鸡 走 銔] 人意料地(surprisingly) 害怕銔] 知

C寓 汤姆在 间耕作时看到(notice)

5 D寓 前文 到 鸡大多怕人 6

接 人銔

B寓 结合 文“...as Tom was working

Mildred came within a few feet of him to watch.金可

鸡对汤姆的行 很是好 銔crazy(疯狂的) concerned(担忧的)和 cautious(谨慎的)均 合题意銔]

7 8


接 人

可 它是 善的(friendly)銔__16__前面的 friendly 很快就 (fond) 了 鸡接 来会 什 鸡就去 他的手銔 一 汤姆的手之 鸡銔]


C寓 联系 文可知作者和 语境可知 了 一

9 D寓

汤姆假装没 看 它 继续 活銔] 明 鸡 人冷落銔] 他 什 銔 ]

10 A寓 看到汤姆无 自 的 在 11 B寓 12 A寓 据 鸡的 一串 作可知

鸡就 回去(back off) (game)銔]

鸡 一 汤姆的手就 走 如 伤害它的意 ”之意

复的 嬉简直就是 人玩游 鸡越来越 常地 语境 符銔] 跳到汤姆的

13 B寓 通 试探发 人并没 over( 转) fly by( 14 A寓 )銔均

在汤姆面前銔give up(

) turn

能表 “


鸡胆子越来越大 最

呆 很长时间銔]

15 C寓 短文结 一 中的 pictures 一词 16 A寓 空 __14__ 面的 comfortable 相 了 猎人射杀

空相照 銔] 銔] 鸡 们在车道的 端处立了一块标记牌銔]

17 B寓 狩猎 节来临

18 C寓 __20__之 的 子 示了答案銔] 19 D寓 亲 用自 的方式来保 实 鸡銔] 鸡 停 来和她一起拍照銔因 答

20 A寓 联系 文 述 案选 A銔] Cloze 14 銟语篇 一束花 銠寓 母亲节

猎人们 仅没 猎杀




老人摔倒在超 的感谢銔



老人来 轻老人因摔倒 带来的尴尬和痛苦 得到了老人

1 A寓 考查 词 析銔 据文 第一 话“I was shopping at the local supermarket with my five son” 可知 们购物 将完 要离开 因 选 A.leaving銔] 文衔接銔 据文 最 一段“the old lady looked up at Tenyson 金elderly old

year old

2 D寓 考查 可知答案

D.elderly銔] 文衔接銔 据文 倒数第 段第 “We gave the flower to the woman's husband...” 可

3 A寓 考查 知 4

老 人是和她的 D 寓 考查副词

在一起銔故选 A.Her husband銔] 析銔 据文 老人摔倒 很多人停 来 她 可知她是幸 地 因 选

D.Fortunately銔] 5 C寓 考查 词 析銔if 假如 引 条 状语 语 while ……时候 引 时间状语 since 自 因 可引 时间状语 据文 内容 和原因状 是“

unless 除非 引 条 状语

们 走向 场时” 故选 C.While銔] 6 D寓 考查短语 配銔be worried about everyone.”可知 儿子在 老 7 人担心銔] B.say to sb 对某人 銔故选 B銔] 一个人 选 C銔] C.lie to sb 对某人 谎 ……担心銔 据 文“it's not much fun falling over in front of

B寓 考查 词 配銔A.complain to sb 向某人抱 是儿子对

D.respond to sb 回 某人銔 据文 8 C寓 考查人

词銔A.no one 没 人 B.someone 某个人 一般用在肯定 中 C.everyone 中銔 据 意 釐在 人面前摔倒都会感觉 好”

D.anyone 任何一个人 一般用在 定或疑

9 D寓 考查 词 配銔A.lend sb sth (某物) D.buy sb sth 某人

西借 某人 B.bring sb sth 带 某人某物 C.leave 离开 留 女士 束花呢?”故选 D銔] 心

某物銔 据 意“ 们 什

10 A寓 考查形容词 析銔A.amazed 惊讶的 B.shocked 震惊的 C.puzzled 迷惑的 D.concerned 的 注的銔 据 意 因 儿子 种想法/提 感到惊讶 故选 A銔]

11 B寓 考查形容词 析銔A.wise 明智的 B.sweet 甜的 可爱的 温柔的 C.innocent 清 的 无辜的 D.crazy 疯狂的銔 据文 儿子想要 束花 sweet 最合 故选 B銔] 銔 tell sb sth 告知某人某 语 ” 又可 在 作 中充 起 B.can't ________ we wanted 一个 语 wanted 摔倒的老 人 使她感觉好一些 种想法是温 人心的

12 C寓 考查 词 缺少 语 故选 what 既引

wanted 的 语銔which“哪一个” when 在 词

中作时间状语 whether“是 13 B寓 考查情 意

接作用銔] 能 C.may not 可能 D.needn't 要 据

词銔A.must not 禁

花的人 因 你们的美好行 14 D寓 考查 词 析銔scene 场

能收你的钱銔故选 B銔] 场 habit 惯 flower 花銔 据 意 花人因 作者和他儿

子的善 行 (deed)

收他们的钱銔故选 D銔] ……协商 B.look after 照顾 C.operate on …… 手术

15 B寓 考查 词短语 析銔A.check with D.pay for 16 A 銔] …… 款銔 据文 A寓 考查介词 析銔 据

医 人员到 照顾老 人銔] 意 告 老人 些花是 儿子 的 花来自(from) 儿子銔故选

17 D寓 考查形容词 析銔A.respectful 尊 人的 B.cheerful 高 的 C.successful 妙的 极好的銔 据 意老人对 18 B寓 考查介词短语 析銔A.out of 了 D.as to 选 B銔] 19 A寓 考查 词 析銔with love=lovely 美 20 C寓 考查 词 析銔give sb a smile Cloze 15 銟语篇 床 起銔 銠寓 是一篇发生在机器人家庭 笑儿子 她 来都 的科 故 銔詹姆 到家 的 来銔 患 头痛症 一 詹姆 地 快地 据 意 选 A.love銔] 銔 据 意 “你 一个极好的儿子銔”故选 D銔] …… B.regard less of 管

的 D.wonderful

顾 C.thanks to Tenyson 并

多 他微笑 故

管老 人 伤了 但她依然 快地看






器人学方面的知识治好了 母的病 1 C寓

答 了他的请求銔 詹姆 提 学来家 夜銔]

据语境可知 周 来临 没 作业可做

2 A寓 3 4 B寓 B寓

“resting his head on his arms.” 一信 可知 亲头枕 胳膊睡 了銔] 儿子的话语中 据“sadly”一词可 能看 (see)他想 朋 来家 的 断詹姆 急得快要哭 来了銔] 知道 免 苛 (hard) 她 心 苦衷銔] 题的依据銔] 心情銔]

5 D寓

准许儿子带 学到家 玩 文可知詹姆 定了

6 A寓 联系

的 法銔“...we're a little strange.”是解答 銔]

7 A寓 依据语境 生活常识可知 脖子的疼痛引发了头部的

8 D寓 既然爸爸真的需要休 9

那他的身体肯定 舒服銔feel well 感觉(身体)很好銔] 如果 你和爸爸感觉好些 Brett 就能来家 吗?] 扳手銔]

B寓 联系 文可知詹姆 提 了一个条 厨

10 C寓 詹姆

到(found)了他需要的 感觉好多了銔] 脸 自然

11 C寓 一番“修理”(repairs)之 12 B寓 大 13 D寓 (proudly)銔] 14 A寓 爸爸将螺栓 得 紧 盖銔唯 A 符合 意銔] 将告 詹姆 詹姆


的话语“There!How does that feel?” 答语“Easy”一词足可 看 他的那份自

是稍微调一 銔adjust 调节

collect 收

produce 生

cover 覆

15 C寓 16 A寓

金一 可 据__9__前面的“I can help, Mum! 四个 词均能 up 构 短语 词 但

到答案銔] lift up(提起 起) 语境相符銔]

17 B寓 插 电源线 接 就要 开电源(power)了銔] 18 D寓 “爸爸 开眼睛立 坐了起来銔” 19 C寓 20 意 D寓 前文“接通电源之 话 前文“爸爸枕 胳膊睡 了”相 测“电 电 是一个非 ”銔] 一般的家庭銔accept“(对……满 銔]

爸爸就马 坐起来”可 会认


)接 ”最符合语境銔] 考点二 夹叙夹议类 Cloze 1 銟语篇 銠 寓 是一篇记 文銔 Lainey 完 学业 可 阅 高 Lainey 感 均水 趣的 物 的 物 Aunt Dede 情况就 会

她一 书銙哈利波 銚 她 了銔 1

然 她并 感 趣銔如果提供

D寓 她 得了好 绩 可 阅 高


的 物銔above 表示“能力超 ……之外”銔] 銔 据 Aunt 一词可判断她们 人之间的 系銔

2 B寓 Aunt Dede 拿 一 书銙哈利波 銚 她一个惊 niece 外甥女 侄女銔] 3 C寓 Lainey 看了一眼 骨 地转 眼睛

“无聊!”roll 转

旋转銔] 引了銔

4 A寓 Aunt Dede 是一 老师 她的学生都 even 用 5 D寓 6 7 C寓 D寓 语气銔] 据

书銔 使是班 最小的孩子 被 个故

中的“with great interest”可知孩子们被

引銔] 孩子 銔]

据 段首 中的“had read the book to her students”可知 老师 据 疑地 空照 中的 “with great interest” 可知孩子们热情地参 anxiously 3 空 女孩 安地 calmly 冷静地銔] 它无聊吗?] 书没 任何 銔]

论銔 enthusiastically 满腔热情地

suspectedly 8 9 B寓 A寓

的“Boring”銔 你怎 能

据 10 空 的 pictures 可知 Lainey 抱 没 Aunt Dede 词銔 就 魔法一

10 C寓 Lainey 11 A寓 你 需要

一 都充满了

显然是 Lainey

错了銔] 銔]

面的 词 就可 看到

12 A寓 做的 错

13 空 的“Well, if you don量t want to read it”可知 Lainey


书銔nice try 想得美

sourly 酸溜溜地銔] 尝试 Lainey 感 趣銔] 銔 give back give away 发 泄露 give out 发 耗 give

13 B寓

14 D寓 如果你 想 它 in 屈服銔] 15 A寓 许你 会

故 銔] 的人 Aunt Dede

16 B寓 Aunt Dede 开始大声朗 故 銔到第一 结束时 面的人请求大声点 銔 大点声 requests“请求” 符合语境銔] 题解析銔louder 符合语境銔] 文可知 Lainey Lainey 感 愿意 銔] 周围的人参 阅

17 C寓 参 18 C寓

19 D寓 如果提供 可判断 选 excited銔] 20 A寓 参 Cloze 2 銟语篇 寂 的生活和 銠寓

趣的 物

她会很愿意 的銔 据 20 空 的 interest

题解析銔present 提供


系到 disturb

扰 replace



夹 文銔作者讲述自 作者难 忍 銔 据 一 她写信告


一些 亲

在他 在的沙漠的 营 她的信中就 行 就是



行 使作者改 了自 对人生的 1 C寓 考查介词 析 语境理解銔





在一起是 了 得 一些銔故选 C銔] 2 A寓 考查副词 析 语境理解銔 据 文的内容可知 在恶劣的沙漠 境中 作者几 要

她 来没

难 銔故选 A銔] 析 语境理解銔 据 ..—almost 125° F even in the shade of a cactus( 人掌)可知

3 D寓 考查形容词 沙漠 境 人难 4 5 6 7 愿

銔故选 D銔] 境 “没 一个人可 话金 銔故选 B銔]

B寓 考查形容词 析 语境理解銔因 恶劣的沙漠

B寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔be filled with...固定短语 意 “充满 ……”銔故选 B銔] C寓 考查 词短语 析 语境理解銔因 恶劣的沙漠 境 作者几 要 C寓 考查短语 析 语境理解銔 据 一 愿 在那儿銔故选 C銔] 想要回家銔故选 C銔] 作者宁

I said I couldn量t stand it one minute longer

在 狱

8 D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文语境 作者的爸爸回信了 故选 D銔] 9 D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 较” imagination “想象” 指的是“在 的记 ” memory “记 总是在吟 的 行话金 comparison 表示“ ”銔故选 D銔] “一遍一遍地”銔故选 A銔] 作者 心 到 前情况 好的一

consideration “考

10 A寓 考查副词短语 析

语境理解銔over and over 意

11 C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔因 无法改 面銔故选 C銔]


12 B寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文可知 作者对 地人的

感到惊讶銔故选 B銔]

13 A寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文可知 选 A銔]



游 的艺术


14 B寓 考查 词短语 析 语境理解銔 据 文可知 选 B銔]


贝壳 hunt for 意


15 A寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据常识 贝壳是生活在海 的銔故选 A銔] 16 D寓 考查形容词 析 语境理解銔 据 “使人 惊的 惊人的” 17 B寓 考查 词 文的内容可知 作者发生了 人 意 銔故选 D銔] 改 和 一 作者改 了 话之间 惊的 銔 astonishing

shocking“ 人震惊的” 符合 析 语境理解銔 据前


是转折 系銔故选 B銔] 18 A寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔作者改 了看 物的 銔故选 A銔] 快的 历改 了 生 中最 的冒

19 D寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文可知 作者 之旅銔故选 D銔]

20 C寓 考查 词 析 语境理解銔 据 文内容作者克服了恶劣的沙漠 境 改 了看 到了“ Cloze 3 銟语篇 然 銠寓 是一篇夹 场 夹 文銔作者女儿 但是善 教 在的球队因 的孩子们在周 个 的 表 中 突 ”銔故选 C銔]



銔虽 历




作者得 结论 学 的途

许多 通 亲身实践得来的 验更 富 意 銔 “School? A friend? A tutor?” 的 official 官方的 结合生活常识 式的 special 别

1. B寓 考查语境中形容词的 析銔 据首 的意 难看 些都是 统意

的(traditional)学 途 銔public

的銔均 符合题意銔] 2. C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 既然你想要的学 方式 是 统的 在学校 跟朋 交流或向 师求教 那 它很可能会 在 它地方銔lie ( 在 )符合语境銔]

3. D寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔联系 文可知 釐 ” 机会亲自 看了女儿的一场足球 并领悟到了 一点銔dream 梦想 idea 意 habit 惯銔均 意 符銔] 都是发生在周 和周 的 因 答案选 C銔] 色 资格参 锦标 銔win enter

4. C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔作者 面 述的几场 5. B寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 个 入 organize watch 看銔]

女儿 在的球队表

6. A寓 考查语境中形容词的 析銔 素(well trained)

参 锦标 的多是 术更 娴熟的俱 部球队 他们的球员 是没 一 真 意 通的 的射门(did not get one serious practical 实用的銔 意可知 A

术 硬銔女儿的球队 难鏖战 难的 strange

shot on goal)銔painful 困难的 确答案銔]

怪的 common

7. D寓 考查语境中副词的 析銔 8. D寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔联系 案选 D銔]

一小题解析銔] 文可知 女儿 在的球队在前 场 中 能 球得 銔故答

9. B寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 作 想 hate 憎恨 avoid 免 miss 错

母 谁

愿意看到竭 全力踢球的孩子遭 最能表 意銔]

失败的结局銔 imagine

銔 语境可知 B

10. C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 空格前的 played her best 和 still defeated 的语意 辑 转折 系銔因 C 确答案銔] 来的 中 了很大的改 銔 确銔]

难看 前

11. A寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔女儿 在的球队在接 意 是 “周 之前 群女孩子似 突然间明

了什 銔”故 A

12. B寓 考查语境中短语 词的 析銔 语境可知 周 show up( 露面) 语境相吻合銔]

失利 女孩子们又

在周 的 场 銔

13. D寓 考查语境中副词的 析銔 据 文 述 女孩子们的表 hardly 几 basically completely 完全地銔]



銔slightly 稍微

14. A寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔她们的表 之 中看到的对方团队协作的 术 用到自 的 15. C寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 中銔

很大改 是因 善 总结 语境可知 A 确銔]



一小题解析銔] 孩子们 力拼搏 在 得 甚 了一个球銔even

16. A寓 考查语境中副词的 析銔在 手面前 甚 still 然 seldom 很少 again 又 词的 析銔 銔] 作者接

17. B 寓 考查语境中 strikes sb that...意



中突然想到的銔 It

“使某人突然想到……”銔] 的 述可知 对 球队的 个孩子来 场 是一

18. D寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔 前文对 个学 的好机会銔因 答案 D 銔] 场 历

19. A寓 考查语境中 词的 析銔通 长得更快 趣銔 余 历是最好的老师銔experience 均 短文 无 銔] 析銔 验

孩子们学到了 前没 接触到的 西 验 independence 立 curiosity 好 心

历促使她们 interest

20. C寓 考查语境中形容词的 总结的 验或许 课堂 学到的

面 but 一词的转折意 可 但 场 获 的

断 个

的意 更

孩子们通 意 銔因


那是靠亲自实践得来的銔因 Cloze 4 銟语篇 活 銠寓 世界

答案非 C 莫属銔]







许会是 外一个 子銔 1 B寓 考查形容词 析銔如果能 别人的毛病 生活会十 棒銔]

2 A寓 考查 词 析銔 几 前 回信 expect 期

收到了一封来自十七岁的 Kerry 的信銔 收到来信用 receive, answer a letter

预料 reject 拒绝銔] 述自 是一个世界 的挑剔者 总是会 到别的 情的 扰銔 bother spoil 溺爱銔] 都 够好銔 nothing 表

3 C寓 考查 词 析銔 Kerry 在信中 烦扰 操心 threat 威胁 interrupt 断

4 D寓 考查 词銔在 Kerry 看来 人们总是做一些 她烦恼的 情 什 示 处 Kerry 作 一个超 挑剔者的 点銔]


B寓 考查形容词 析銔Kerry


总是 别人的毛病 她真的

了一个 boring( 人

烦的)人銔] 6 A寓 考查 词 析銔 幸的是 改 她的 explanation 解释銔] 7 D寓 考查形容词 析銔urgent 紧急的 unnecessary 8 C寓 考查 词 析銔 据 文可知 在 场 故之前 了她的朋 种 要的 certain 肯定的 impossible Kerry 了她的朋 銔] (的 题)銓她生活的方式 可能的銔] 是 一场可怕的 故 的銔measure 衡

9 D寓 考查 词 析銔Kerry 题銓她和她 母相处的 题 10 C寓 考查 词 析 解析

停地批评她朋 选 男朋

她觉得她需要表 的 题銔]

题銔] 了 伤之 她 意识到自 的( 挑剔)的 惯(可能会 be confused about

11 A寓 考查形容词短语的 析銔直到她朋 别人带来 困惑銔] 12 C寓 考查 词 析銔 那之 很快地

的 果)銔 become aware of 意识到 be afraid of 害怕 be curious about 好

她开始学 銔]




判断 评判 discuss

论 realize 意识到

settle 解

13 B寓 考查 词 析銔她能够 她的 的智

递到她的生活中的 他部 銔] 们可能会对 个世界十 的挑

14 C寓 考查 词銔 许 们大部 人都 是很挑剔 但是诚实地 剔銔 处表示转折 系銔] 15 D寓 考查形容词 析銔 文的 题词 fault finder 对 critical銔]

16 D寓 考查 词 析銔 发 了 题 17 B寓 考查形容词 析銔解析

是建 你去忽略 些 题銔 或者假装 些 题銔]

他们 实 好銔 ]

18 A寓 考查介词短语 析銔但是要 少大部 时间学会允许 些 情的 在銔] 19 B寓 考查 词 析銔 别是 是什 大 的时候銔big deal 大 銔] 20 A寓 考查 词 析銔 做法 实践銔] Cloze 5 銟语篇 们 銠寓 了高 文是一篇夹 夹 文銔作者通 讲述朋 大学 业 的工作銓心情銓 历告 的生活 追求金钱 个人 值和社会 值的实 析銔 是最 要的銔 到 在 们 自 “咬 自 的 头” 少 话 多 做 你会真的学会 手了銔 practice

1 D寓 考查副词词 的很多朋 们并没 2 B寓 考查 词词 符合语境銔policy 策

据 面的 they seem to have it made 可知

大学 业

一番 人赞 的 业銔] 析銔 认 他们没 experiment 试验 但按照社会的标准 他们似 銔] 他们离开学校时 很多 到了銔standard 标准


3 A寓 考查形容词词 人在便宜 4 好的 地酒

析銔 据前面的 as they left student life behind 可知 完最 一 酒銔] 析銔离开 小的学生 入高楼大厦中銔move out of

B寓 考查 词词

离 符合语境銔] ……相等或相

5 C寓 考查 词词 符合语境銔]

析銔 在饭店 一瓶酒的 格相

大学一个 的租金銔 equal

6 C寓 考查 词词 认

析銔实 情况是 他们中的很多人 认 管他们很 demand 要求銔]

但并 快 銔admit

符合语境銔advertise 作广告 witness 7 A寓 考查 词词

析銔 据 面的 unfriendly coworkers and feel sad 可知 一些人抱


complain of 抱 8

苦 符合语境銔] 析銔完 他们 的工作任 他们 感到悲伤銔]

B寓 考查 词词

9 D寓 考查形容词词 guilty 罪的銔]

析銔 据前面的 feeling tired and 可知 empty 空虚 符合语境銔calm 镇静的

10 C寓 考查 词词


心 自 的工作 他们工作 是 了


常的生活方式銔lifestyle 生活方式 符合语境銔] 11 A寓 考查形容词词 12 A寓 考查副词词 析銔固定表 析銔 据 become accustomed to 对…… 得 文可知 他们自 銔] 在的工作去 自 爱的 常 惯 銔]

表示转折 系 故要用 yet銔] 信仰的 情銔believe in 信 信仰 符合语境銔let

13 D寓 考查 词短语 析銔离职去 out 使 来 turn in

交 呈交 give up

14 C寓 考查形容词词 情是 可能的銔]

析銔 据 面的 they have loans...可知

15 D寓 考查 词短语 析銔因 他们 抵 贷款要偿 銔pay off 起 16 的 drop off 落 A寓 考查形容词词 少 put off 析銔 銔]

符合语境銔take off


銔missing 失


符合语境銔] 17 B寓 考查形容词词 18 A寓 考查 词词 19 D寓 考查 词词 20 B寓 考查 词词 析銔但很难脱离 在的生活轨迹銔] 析銔在一个倾向 用金钱来衡 一 的社会 銔measure 衡 銔] 析銔 小时候 们就学会了 析銔追求金钱 济的角 来考 做 的 定的 銔] 符合


呢?(be) involved in 牵

语境銔] Cloze 6 銟语篇 方式使 1 会 銠寓 文是夹 銔 夹 文銔作者和妻子 好 是 晚饭 作者的 到 别是他的解释 了沟通失败銔

来 作者的朋 点破了

他和妻子的 注点

B寓 考查 词 析銔agree to do

意做某 銔 处指作者和妻子 好 7 点在饭店 面一起 饭銔] 到很 安 但使“ ”能 一口气的是“ ” 一个好借口銔]

2 A寓 考查 词 析銔作者因 3 D寓 考查 词短语 析銔 釐

金想到了一个好借口 因

临时参 了一个商业会 色等)

并非故意浪 D.run over

费时间晚到的銔A.break out 爆发 B.close down 处指临时安排的紧急会 銔] 4 C寓 考查 词 析銔 词的

C.fade away(声音

文可知 作者和妻子 好在饭店 晚饭 銔could 能够 釐 ”向妻子解释 到的原因


饭店銔] ”可 判断

5 A寓 考查情 她很生气銔] 6 D寓 考查形容词

she screamed 釐

析銔 对妻子

很抱歉 但是 是“ 可 免的”銔]

7 A寓 考查 词銔“ ”向妻子 了会 的 8 C寓 考查 词銔“ ”的解释使 情更 糟糕 期 向朋

釐 然 述

”的解释看起来使 情更 开始使 情的 得疯狂銔] 銔]


9 D寓 考查 词 析銔几个

10 B寓 考查固定 配銔make a mistake 犯错误銔] 11 A寓 考查介词的使用銔be stuck in your way of thinking 陷入你自 的 者 你犯了一个 的错误 就是陷入了自 的 方式中銔 处指朋 告 作 情銔]

方式之中 没 站在对方的立场 考 处指 你 是故意 到的銔] 是 键点銔在沟通中 最

12 D寓 考查 词 析銔intend to do sth 13 B寓 考查形容词 析銔你 响了你的妻子銔因 important


是故意 到的 但 最佳答案銔] “

要的是 你的 到影

14 A寓 考查 词銔朋 指 在 个并列 中间 表示对 銔]

注的是 故意 到

妻子 注的是( 到了) 个结果銔”while 用

15 C寓 考查 词銔 们的 注点 16 D寓 考查副词銔通 仔 merely 仅仅銔] 17 B寓 考查 词 析銔“ 要的”是行

们 人都(both)会感到误解和疯狂銔] “逐渐”意识到 和妻子 歧的 源銔gradually 逐渐地

考朋 的话


inspire 鼓舞



提高 改善 challenge 挑战銔] 18 A寓 考查 语 的 接副词銔__13__ 的 how 意 题能提供提示銔] 的行 对妻子 了 是晚些时候做 甚 可

19 D寓 考查 词 析銔 “怎 的”影响 永 来 通 解释

种方式开始 的对话 要表 种解释可

到的原因来“补救” 们的谈话

要提 銔] 析銔 据 文 就能够 意 来 通 和妻子交流 并 真 懂得 做到(在 会中)按时了銔] 的

20 C寓 考查词 到 对她 Cloze 7 銟语篇 銠寓

的影响的 历之





历教会作者勇气 信心 什 都 要銔 1 C寓 据 文意 奏会意味 一首无聊的 曲銔meant“意味 ” 故选 C 他

符合语境意 銔] 2 A寓 3 D寓 4 A寓 5 6 B寓 C寓 据 文意 釐 ” 都要…… 表示 常 的 作行 故选 A 銔] 嘀 了一些 情銔 ]

据 文 about building self confidence and working towards a ..可知 亲嘴 意 建立自信 朝 一个 标 力銔goal“ 标”銔] 奏 是很 人满意的 故选 B

据 文 的 亲开始他的第一


是看到 的 亲直流汗銔watch“看到”銔] 亲是在第一 演奏之前 直流汗銔before“在……之前” 符合语境銔] 据 文他的家庭很贫 意 他可 据 文意 判断 支 起学费 afford釐 得起”銔] 銔] ” 符合语境銔]

7 D寓 8 B寓

9 A寓 10 C寓

们大多数人一 去 悔銔as“ ” 引 管他生 去 没


11 D寓 定用法銔] 12 B寓 13 C寓

文意 他 服教堂音

管收他 学生銔persuade sb to do sth“ 服某人做某 ”是固

据 据


亲坐在琴键前 仅仅向

自 的手指銔simply“仅仅”銔]

语境 他 记音符了吗?notes“音符”銔] 十多 前 空 的大脑一 空 銔decades“数十 ” 故选 A 銔]

14 A寓 可知作者想起了自 15 B寓 16 A寓 据 据 文 头脑一

手指就会 结了冰一 銔freeze“使结冰” 符合语境銔] 了 美的旋律 来自 那 装鱼线的相 的手銔

文 但是 在那个时候 銔]

可知是 一 手銔故选 A 17 B寓 18 D寓 19 D寓 20 C寓 Cloze 8 銟语篇 很多活 种 他 论队 仅 就了自 因 銠寓 据语境 注 音 据 据

意识到他做了音 老师总是 调的 情銔realized“意识到金 符合语境銔] 假装 他人 在銔concentrate on“ 心 能开始 的 西 ” 是固定短语銔] 感到骄傲銔be proud of 銔] ……骄傲銔]

文 在他那个 龄 文

是完 得是那 漂亮銔nicely“漂亮地”銔故选 C

文是一篇人物小 銔Dale Carnegie 交 起费用 时因 起衣服

生 小 场 家庭的贫困 他无法参 学校的 他 得很自卑銔 的母亲建 他参


了他的自信 开发了他的潜力 最 鼓励了很多人 因 他坚信自

他 一个

的 场孩子 得世界闻

能做自 想做的任何 ——别人 能銔 D.认识到銔 据语境 need

1 D寓 考查 词 析銔A. 认 认可 接 是

B.填充 填满 C.提供 供

填词汇的 语銔 釐他最初认识到 种需求是追溯到 1906 2 B寓 考查 词 析銔A. 配 任 B.教育 C.

……” 可知答案选 D銔] 势 D. 明銔 据 文他 了 学克


服很多困难 可知是 了获得教育銔] 3 起 4 要 家 5 构 B寓 考查 词 析銔A. B. C.教学 D. 备銔 据 文他骑马 学可知他因家

费 故选 B銔] A寓 考查介词銔A. 活 学 活 C寓 考查状语 者之间 B.在…… 程中 C. 对 D.穿 銔通 文可知他

能在 活间隙 行 指 銔 据语境 原因状语 他 能参 銔]

活之间 故用 A銔] 许多学校活 是因 时间或 起服装 前 文

因果 系 故选 C 引 6 D寓 7 B寓 据语境


是贫 能够影响到的 故选 D銔] 故用 for 选 B銔] 选 队员要看体格 因 家 Carnegie 很瘦弱 合踢球 处 light

处表示尝试的 的

8 A寓 考查形容词 析銔教 指身体轻 9 展 明他体 好

瘦弱 B.柔韧的 C.

的 D.外向的銔] 种自卑感是逐渐 累发

C寓 考查 词 配銔 空要填的谓语 词的 语是 an inferiority complex

形 的 故选 C銔] 10 A 寓 考查 词 配銔 prevent...from 阻 …… 做 …… protect...from... 保 …… …… 伤害


……中拯救…… free...from...使……

脱銔 据语境 母亲知道自卑感会阻 他发 他的真

的潜力 可知选 A銔]

11 A寓

据 一自然段 Dale took his mother's advice 中可知 选 中 suggest B. 惯做法 C.耐心 D.潜力

advice 相 据 文

选 A銔] 论队

12 B寓 考查 词 析銔A.在场 常 讲话 故选 B銔] 据语境 他拼 析銔 空

13 C寓 14

多 尝试最

故选 C銔] 据语境 他参 论队 前自卑

D寓 考查形容词 得自信

填词汇做定语 修饰 point

明 是他一生的转折点 故选 D銔] 据 文提示 演讲使他获得了自信 可知选 D銔] 的 C.接 荣誉 选 C銔] 随之 按 序 D. 实 据语

15 D寓 考查 词 析銔 填词汇做 gain 的 语 16 C寓 文 他参 演讲 故获得演讲

17 C寓 考查短语 析銔A.作 境别的学生来 他 随之

答 B.大 得


故选 C銔]

18 B寓 考查 词 析銔A.

B.克服 C.理解 D.建立銔 填词汇的 语是 his feelings of inferiority

据 文他参 演讲获得自信是克服了自卑感 故选 B銔] 19 A寓 考查 词 析銔 填词汇的 语是 idea 演讲要 备向 20 D寓 考查介词用法銔 据 Cloze 9 銟语篇 人 力 銠寓 开始的故 们在追 业 篇完形填空是一篇夹 在 程中增 的时候 夹 的文 銔讲述了一个家庭餐馆生意失败之 通 作 个故 园 阐明一 业的 表 想的能力 故选 A銔]

文语意 “ 备了 种能力 他就能做他想做的任何 情” 故选 D銔]

了之前在做生意时失去的家庭凝聚力銔文 可能会失去家庭的和睦和凝聚力 因

个道理 时


顾好家庭銔 1 D寓 考查 词 析銔 2 文 We entered the park 可知 是在 园门口(entrance) 故选 D銔]

C寓 考查 词 析銔 前文 When our restaurant business failed 和 hoping to have a “fresh start”可知 工作 在 园门口注意到一 聘广告 符合语境 故选 C銔]

作者是在 3

B寓 考查形容词 析銔 文中提到 a rent free place 可知营地是免费的(free) 故选 B銔] B.in time 需要 时 C.in short 总之 简言之 D.in turn 园 人和 林人之间的联系人 园

4 A寓 考查介词短语 析銔A.in return 作 回 来 之銔 据空处 文 可知要 得 个工作

人来作 回

故选 A銔] 意 协 C.appeal 引 D.appointment 选 D 銔] 定

5 D寓 考查 词 析銔A.attempt 尝试 B.agreement 预 銔前文知道作者看到 聘广告 预 明 6 A寓 考查形容词

(make an appointment) 聘


析銔A.crowded 拥 的 B.dangerous

的 C.ideal 理想的 D.quiet 安静的 的地方

据 文 so it took us some time to find an available site 可知因 人多很难 到 园提供 的 故选 A銔] 7 B寓 考查副词 析銔A.repeatedly 复地 B.immediately 立 马 C.eventually 最 们


镇静地 文中提到 my wife saw two large skunks(臭鼬)walking toward our table 故选 B銔] 8 B寓 考查 词 析銔A.attack 攻 立 B.leave 离开 C.pass 通 銔] D.search

立 躲 臭鼬銔


文 们

爬 桌子躲 臭鼬 可知 们等它 快离开 故选 B

9 C寓 考查形容词 析銔A.satisfied 满意的 B.determined 坚 的

的 C.confident 自信的 D.aware 知道

明 的銔 前文 having survived that night 可知 们对 接 来的生活 了自信(confident) 故选 C銔] 10 A寓 考查 词 析銔A.responsibilities 职 任 B.requirements 要求 请求 C.circumstances

境 D.conditions 条

情况銔 前文 I made an appointment for the following day 和 the next day we met with the 的职 符合语境 故选 responsibilities銔 ] C.meanwhile 时 D.however

people who ran the park.可知他们去 聘了 管理人员告 他们 11 D寓 考查 词 析銔A.moreover 然

外 B.therefore 因

可是銔 前文 everything else would be all right 和 文 rocking our little camping truck violently...until the 前 情况是一种相 的场 故选 D銔]

winds died away 可知

12 A寓 考查 词 析銔

文 They were strong and cold rocking our little camping truck violently...until

the winds died away 可知是 winds 故选 A銔] 13 A寓 考查 词 析銔A.shaking 握手 颤 B.quarrelling 吵 C.mourning 车(truck) 在 …… 悼 D.aching

疼痛 渴望銔 前文 rocking our little camping truck violently 可知 14 C寓 考查介词 析銔A.After 在……之 超越……范围

(shake) 故选 A銔]

B.Between 在 者之间 C.During 在……期间 D.Beyond

是指 续的几周期间 故选 C銔] 泄露 B.hand out 发 C.live on 靠……生活 ……

15 C寓 考查 词短语 析銔A.give away D.put aside 16 B寓 考查 储 留 词 析銔 搁置銔 据 文

文可知 们 妻子作 生意失败


得一点钱 生 故选 C銔] 一点钱(earned the little


money )生活

故选 B銔]

17 C寓 考查 词 析銔 据 文 I might lose my family as well 和 building a successful business and then losing it 看 作者留 家人的时间很少 故选 C銔] When our restaurant business failed 提示 选 failed銔]

18 B寓 考查 词 析銔 据文 第一段第一 19 A寓 考查 词 析銔 文 的 故选 A銔] 20 D寓 考查形容词 析銔 A.desperate 的 D.thankful 感激的 作銓家庭都 收获 Cloze 10 銟语篇 要 力 衡

第五段 rocking our little camping truck violently 可知填 truck tiny 是 small

顾一 的

人绝望的 B.ready 准备好的 情愿的 C.suitable 到工作和 文 we had become a family 可知 作者工

慰的銔 前文可知作者

作者是心 感激的 故选 D銔]

銠 寓 “ ” 是 岁小孩的时候 母亲就 者 系 随 龄的增长

人 时 会面对工作和家庭的 难选 立 聚少离多的生活 使 在

越来越能够体味母亲的坚 牲获得了回 銔 故选 B銔]

理解母亲的 时 1 2 3 跳 B寓 考查词

长 一个坚 析銔 据


文可知母亲将被 职 文釐允许你跳 金 析銔A.离开 B.拒绝

C寓 考查语境理解銔 据 A寓 考查语境理解 故选 A銔] 词 词

明做得好 故选 C銔] C.和……联系 D.原谅銔 据 文 可知因

要离开朋 4

C寓 考查语境理解






“ ”一直 考 可知选 C銔]

5 D寓 考查词

析 语境理解銔 据第 自然段第 行 the tough choices 提示 地 B.礼貌地 C.紧张地 D.好 地 故选 A銔] C.智 D.影响銔 据语境

可知选 D銔]

6 A寓 考查副词 析銔A.eagerly 热 作 很难 面 釐 7 能 8 的 9 B寓 考查

据语境 母亲在外地工

”一定是“热 地”盼望母亲来电话 词 析銔A.耐心 B. 在场


母亲 人在 因

时很难 感到

可知选 B銔] 的銔 据语境 釐看到她空荡荡 故选 C銔] 疑 D.对……感到满意 据语

C寓 考查形容词 析銔A.舒 的 B.昂 的 C.空荡荡的 D. 意识到母亲自 B寓 考查短语 在巴西 很 趣 金 文中的釐lonely”语境 C.对……感到



境可知选 B銔] 10 D寓 考查 调 型銔 意 直到那时 是 调时间状语 故选 D銔] 11 B寓 考查 词 析銔A. 12 C寓 考查短语 析銔A.依靠 的 她常告 你 可能知道自 B. 衡 C.对 D.混合銔 据语境可知选 B銔] 开始感激母亲 了 衡工作和家庭 做 的 难选 銔

据 B. ……提供 C.面临 面对 D.坚 銔 据语意 “面对 难 的选 是 确 但你可 用热情和 的 去充 利用 种

情况銔”可知 选 C銔] 13 C寓 考查形容词 析銔A. 釐 用 14 自 的 D寓 考查 的 B. 好的 C. 的 极的 D.大 的 大体 的 据语境

去面对 种情况” 可知选 C銔] 词 析銔A.批判 批评 B.通知 告知 C.警告 D.提醒 据语境 “回家 提醒

母亲可 做到的

能做到銔”故选 D銔] 法 做到 B.offer to do 据语境“母亲 提 做…… C.attempt to do 做到 自在 地生活”銔 故选 A銔 ]

15 A寓 考查 词 析銔A.manage to do

尝试 做…… D.expect to do 期 要做 预料到做……

16 C寓 考查形容词 析銔 A.感激的 B.精力充沛的 C. 立的 D.实用的銔 据 文“She managed to live in Rio all by herself”可知 处 调 立 故选 C銔] C. D. 标銔 据 文可 到的 标”可知选 D銔] D.场合銔 空在 的一 銔] 用完了 D. 到场銔 语 中做 语 是概括前 词 set 配 用 achievable

17 D寓 考查 词 析銔A.例子 B.限

作定语修饰 语境 “ 学会了照顾自 和 立高但可 18 B寓 考查 词 析銔A. 题 B. 验 文讲到的 历 故选 B銔 意 19 A寓 考查短语 析銔A.没 是 sacrifices 意

历 C.历 历教

永 都 会 记

费 得到 偿 B.回来 C.用 费銔故选 A銔] 福 B.聚 种 历 使

些 牲最 都没

20 A寓 考查 词 析銔A.保佑 在身边 气 故选 A銔] 考点三 议论文 Cloze 1 銟语篇 銠寓 文 讲述了一 得 立銓坚

汇聚 C.失败 D. 趣 获得了意想 到的收获銔

銔 据语意 就 苍

母亲 的福








人都会感到无聊 半途 废了銔

1 A寓

文中提到了 general rule銔故 principle

B. 惯 C.方式 D.力


合题意銔故选 A銔] 2 D寓 据 面提到了小孩和老人可知 处 龄段的人銔A.党 B.种 C. 家銔均 合题

意銔故选 D銔] 3 C寓 play with their new toys——玩 玩 4 5 B寓 孩子们对 些玩 的 A寓 到一 份可 发 A.“工作” B.“生活” C.“去”銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔] 合题意銔故选 B銔] 趣的 D.昂 的 均

趣越来越少銔A.“自信” C.“ 急” D.“悲伤”銔均 的玩 在了地 銔B. 外的 C.


合题意 故选 A銔] 6 均 D寓 个世界充满了装了一半的 邮 和 完 的模型銔A. 序的 B.彩 的 C. 收 的銔

合题意銔故选 D銔] 7 B寓 8 C寓 一个都是某人 母带回家一 的 趣的纪念碑銔A. 阔的 C. 宠物 他们的孩子高 地 它洗澡 的 D. 要的銔均 它 合题意 故选 B銔] B. 耐心地 D.


急地銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔] 9 B寓 一小段时间 10 D寓 青少 照顾 物的负担就交 母了銔 A. C. 利 D.游 銔 均 合题意 故选 B銔 ]

入高中时很 奋銔A.勇气 B.镇静 C.困惑銔均 合题意 故选 D銔] 业銔B. 立 C. 任 D. 銔均 合题意銔故选 A銔] 人了銔A.孩子 B.学生

11 A寓 但很快他们就盼

12 C寓 前面 据 龄提到小孩子 十多岁的青少 銓青 人銓接 来 D. 休者銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔]

13 B寓 他们 开始拿到驾照时多希望一 开 几个小时銔A.仔 地 C.紧张地 D.勇 地銔均 合题 意 故选 B銔] 14 B寓 参考 13 题銔A.需要 C.注意 D.发 銔均 合题意 故选 B銔] 15 D寓 休前人们 常 做很多 大的 情銔A.需要 B.学 C.开始銔均 合题意 故选 D銔]

16 A寓 参考 15 题銔B. 怪的 C.困难的 D. 确的銔均 合题意 故选 A銔] 17 A寓 些 情在工作时都没 时间去做銔B.钱 C. 能 D.知识銔均 合题意 故选 A銔] 久 高尔 銓钓鱼銓 书和 他的 遣方式都 得无聊了銔A. 仅 B.

18 D寓 但是 休

好地 C.甚 銔均 合题意銔故选 D銔] 19 C寓 故选 C銔] 20 B寓 就 那个一 的孩子一 考点四 说明文 Cloze 1 銟语篇 用 了的 銠寓 文 西 物 要讲的是堆 之銔 如山的垃圾 装 境带来的影响銔随 等一 社会的发展 时 人们倾向 境带来 他们又去 的玩 了銔A.宠物 C.朋 D. 銔] 些想做的 情就 他们离开的工作一 得无趣了銔A.丢失 B.选 D. 銔均 合题意銔


很大的 力銔 1 D寓 world...”可知 意 键是世界 益堆 如山的垃圾銔A.答案 B.原因 C. D. 题銔 据第 行“the

的 题是垃圾堆 如山 故选 D銔]

2 B寓

意 因 人们


往任何时候都多銔 考查

文 辑 系銔 据

文中的 throwing out

more rubbish 可知銔] 3 4 B寓 C寓 意 意 首 意 们如何 一个一 的社会?考查 词 析銔]

在 们可 更容易地 业和 术 C.除……之外 D. 顾

一个对象要 花时间和金钱来修复它更容易銔] 廉 地 銔 考查介词短语 析銔A.幸

5 A寓 B. 6 C寓

能够迅 管銔]

丰富多 并 廉 銔 考查形容词 析銔A.安全的 B.滑稽可笑的 D. 大的

力的 均 符合题意銔] 7 A寓 D.部门 8 D寓 意 一 割銔] 意 对 的人 言 们一直在 方法来节省时间 们的生活更容易銔 考查生活 的 一个原因是 们的爱(一 的) 銔考查 词 析銔B.缺 C.预 阻

常识銔A.敏感的 B.和蔼的 C.勇 的銔] 9 A寓 10 查 C寓 意 意 8 题銔way to do sth 生 千 的 固定 配銔] 种类的一 銔] 一些 题銔 考查固定短语 ”銔] 配銔 A.对…… 倦 B.对…… 瘾 迷恋 …… 配銔A. 改编 B.返回 回 如 盘子 塑料 照相机 等等銔 考

辑 系銔A. 11 D寓 意

B.收到 D.保 们的 需求

复 C.对……做 12 B寓 意

銔D.contribute to “ 们热衷 购

西銔 考查固定短语

C.担心 D. ……感到惭愧銔] 13 A寓 14 D寓 意 广告 服 们 越 越好銔 们会更 意 结果是 们 抓 用的 西 保 的物 D. 使用最 銔 考查生活常识銔] 文 辑 系銔A. 起

空间銔 考查 丢 銔]

学会 B. 款 赔偿 C.紧紧抓 15 D寓 意 在世界 地

们可 看到 种一

生活方式的 果銔考查 词 析銔A. 势

B. 的 C. 能 D. 果 结果銔] 16 C寓 意 了 少垃圾 保 境 越来越多的 衡銔] 文 辑 系銔 文 解 们的 最 的 take care of our environment 可知銔] B. C 府要求人们回收材料銔考查 词 析銔显示

表明 C.记录 记载 C. 少 D.测 17 B寓 18 D. 19 D寓 20 A寓 Cloze 2 銟语篇 銠寓 文 讲述了一 A寓 意 意 然 时銔] 意 意 们需要修复 们的 们 需要 16 题銔 考查 并 足

题銔 考查联系副词銔A.可是 然

是丢 銔 考查介词和介词短语 析銔B.支 銔 考查 辑 系銔 文可知銔]

赞 銔]

考 们对 费的








人都会感到无聊 半途 废了銔 1 A寓 文中提到了 general rule銔故 principle 意 相 B. 惯 C.方式 D.力 力銔均

合题意銔故选 A銔]









意銔故选 D銔] 3 C寓 play with their new toys——玩 玩 4 B寓 孩子们对 些玩 的 5 A寓 到一 份可 发 A.“工作” B.“生活” C.“去”銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔] 合题意銔故选 B銔] 趣的 D.昂 的 均

趣越来越少銔A.“自信” C.釐 急” D.“悲伤”銔均 的玩 在了地 銔B. 外的 C.


合题意 故选 A銔] 6 均 D寓 个世界充满了装了一半的 邮 和 完 的模型銔A. 序的 B.彩 的 C. 收 的銔

合题意銔故选 D銔] 7 B寓 8 C寓 一个都是某人 母带回家一 的 趣的纪念碑銔A. 阔的 C. 宠物 他们的孩子高 地 它洗澡 的 D. 要的銔均 它 合题意 故选 B銔] B. 耐心地 D.


急地銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔] 9 B寓 一小段时间 10 D寓 青少 照顾 物的负担就交 母了銔 A. C. 利 D.游 銔 均 合题意 故选 B銔 ]

入高中时很 奋銔A.勇气 B.镇静 C.困惑銔均 合题意 故选 D銔] 业銔B. 立 C. 任 D. 銔均 合题意銔故选 A銔] 人了銔A.孩子 B.学生

11 A寓 但很快他们就盼

12 C寓 前面 据 龄提到小孩子 十多岁的青少 銓青 人銓接 来 D. 休者銔均 合题意銔故选 C銔]

13 B寓 他们 开始拿到驾照时多希望一 开 几个小时銔A.仔 地 C.紧张地 D.勇 地銔均 合题 意 故选 B銔] 14 B寓 参考 13 题銔A.需要 C.注意 D.发 銔均 合题意 故选 B銔] 15 D寓 休前人们 常 做很多 大的 情銔A.需要 B.学 C.开始銔均 合题意 故选 D銔]

16 A寓 参考 15 题銔B. 怪的 C.困难的 D. 确的銔均 合题意 故选 A銔] 17 A寓 些 情在工作时都没 时间去做銔B.钱 C. 能 D.知识銔均 合题意 故选 A銔] 久 高尔 銓钓鱼銓 书和 他的 遣方式都 得无聊了銔A. 仅 B.

18 D寓 但是 休

好地 C.甚 銔均 合题意銔故选 D銔] 19 C寓 故选 C銔] 20 B寓 就 那个一 的孩子一 B Cloze 1 銟语篇 课 1 要 A寓 銠寓 文 要讲述了教 通 学生们做一份 们 拥 的美好! 教 学生们 发(handed out)试卷銔 ] 銔] (书 )”銔open 殊的试卷 学生们 了一堂生 的哲理 他们又去 的玩 了銔A.宠物 C.朋 D. 銔] 些想做的 情就 他们离开的工作一 得无趣了銔A.丢失 B.选 D. 銔均 合题意銔

寓 2016~2015 模拟精选题

注人生的 完美 要好好

据 文的“__2__ he handed them all out”可知 教 据语境可知 表示 辑 的时间

2 D寓 3 B寓 表示 开的 4 C寓

系 故用 after 引 时间状语

据语境“and begin”可 知 教 要求学生们 开试卷 开始答题銔turn“ 符合语境 故排除銔] 据 文的“the question papers”可知 学生们 惊的是 试卷 并没


5 D寓 6 B寓

据 文的“described the black dot”可知 教

学生们写 自 看

(see)了什 銔] 知 学生们很困惑銔

据 文的“To everyone量s surprise”和语境“the inexplicable(费解的)task”可

surprised“惊 的” confused“困惑的金 curious“好 的” displeased“ 悦的”銔] 7 A寓 据语境“and started reading each one of them aloud in front of all the students”和“__2__he handed 知 老师 发 去的试卷收了 来銔] 知 的学生无一例外地 述了那个黑点銔excuse“借口” doubt“

them all out”可 8 C寓

据语境“All of them”可

疑” exception“例外” explanation“解释”銔] 9 D寓 据 文的“and started reading each one of them aloud in front of all the students”可知 教 完

大家都沉默了銔] 10 B寓 11 D寓 12 A寓 13 C寓 对 銔] 14 B寓 据语境“to celebrate”可 知 教 ”銔] 文 列 的“nature renewing itself...the miracles we see ” festival“节 ”銔] 们的生活是一个充满 爱的礼物銔burden“负担” gift“礼物” 据语境“not”可知 处表示转折和 调 故用副词 just 意 “ 是” 符合语境銔]

据 文的“a white paper”可知 没 人 注卷子的空 部 銔] 据 文的“Our life”可知 教 用 据 文的“to celebrate”可 知 来类 生活銔] ……的 趣 ” 文的 observe

处 选 C銔 enjoy“

pressure“ 力” lesson“课程 15 A寓 every day”可 16 C寓 17 A寓

据语境“always”和“to celebrate” 知 们总是

理 去庆 銔reason“理

” time“时间” freedom“自

据语境可知 据语境可知

处表示“提供谋生手段的工作”銔provide“提供”銔] 文表示 辑 的转折 系銔however“然 ” therefore“因 ” besides“除 ”銔] “the dark spots”可 知 选 B銔close“亲密的” complicated“复

之外” moreover“ 外 18 B寓


的” special“ 殊的” strong“ 的”銔] 19 D寓 20 C寓 据语境“bother”和“lack” “the dark spots”可 知 处 选 D銔 disappointment 意 “失望”銔 ] 了很小的

据 文的“just a black dot in the center of the page”可 知 黑点对整张试卷来讲

一个 例 人生的 完美 是一 的銔] Close 2 1 式 B寓 考查 词銔A.life 生 B.transport 输 C.activity 活 D.communication 交流銔 处指做厢

车是一种既便宜又快的交通方式 2 A寓 考查 词銔A.designed

据 意选 B銔] B.bought C.organized D.powered 促 銔 处指


装 8 个人的厢式 车装 13 个人銔故选 A銔] 的 B.noisy 喧闹的 C.crowded 拥 的 D.awkward 尴尬的銔 据 车内很拥 故选 C銔] 銔因 小女孩要 车 她

3 C寓 考查形容词銔A.heavy 沉 来装 8 个人的车装 13 个人 4 C寓 考查 词銔A.driver

机 B.window 窗户 C.door 门 D.seat

往门边走 故选 C銔]

5 D寓 考查 词銔A.guided 指

B.suggested 建


认 D.signaled 发信 銔 处指小女

孩用书 发信 示意 机停车 故选 D銔] 6 A寓 考查 词銔A.noticed 注意到 B.managed 管理 C.recognized 认识到 D.stood 站立銔指小女孩 车 滑倒了 外面很黑 们谁都没注意到 故选 A銔] 心 B.reaching 到 C.waiting 等 D.planning 銔 意 机等

7 C寓 考查 词銔A.caring 女孩 车费 故选 C銔] 8 边 B寓 考查 词銔A.back 是 车时摔倒

背 B.knees 膝盖 C.feet 脚 故选 B銔]

D.own 自 的銔 时 们发 女孩摔倒在路

是膝盖 地跪在地

9 A寓 考查副词銔A.immediately 立 处指看到女孩摔倒 和 一 乘 立


疑地 C.naturally 自然地 D.anxiously 焦


车去扶她銔故选 A銔] C.vain 徒劳 D.pain 疼痛銔 意 虽然很疼 但女

10. D寓 考查 词銔A.silence 寂静 B.surprise 惊 孩拿 钱 车费 们 机 故选 D銔]

11 B寓 考查形容词銔A.patient 耐心的 B.helpful 指 一个 女孩的乘 车票钱 了 机 故选 B銔]

的 C.generous 慷 的 D.secret 秘密的銔 处

12 B寓 考查 词銔A.home 家 B.stop 车站 C.car 汽车 D.school 学校銔 故选 B銔] 13 A寓 考查 词銔A.dark 黑 B.rain 雨 C.wind 风 D.van 厢式 车銔 意


几 米

作 女孩


时 车在黑 中去 伴女孩銔故选 A銔] 14 C寓 考查 词銔A.himself 他自 就 了 的车费 机拉 B.herself 她自 C.myself 自 D.itself 它自 銔 意

他乘 开走了 故选 C銔] B.persuaded 服 C.promised 答 D.knew 知道銔 意 既

15 D寓 考查 词銔A.ignored 忽 认识她 知道 什 銔

据 意选 D銔] 人满意的銔

16 C寓 考查形容词銔A.anxious 焦 的 B.sorrow 悲伤 C.comforting 安慰的 D.satisfying 意 但 在那 外一个疼痛的女孩一些安慰的话銔 据 意选 C銔] 的 D.out 外面的銔

17 C寓 考查形容词銔A.up 向 的 B.straight 笔直的 C.still 静 站了一会 然 她 了个地方 她坐 銔故选 C銔] B.phoned

女孩静 的

18 B寓 考查 词銔A.found 发 朋 了电话并 她等 故选 B銔]

电话 C.brought 带来 D.saw 看

銔 处指然

19 A寓 考查 词銔A.company

B.support 支

C.bravery 勇

D.convenience 便利銔 意 在

走之前 她感谢 的 伴 们拥抱告别銔故选 A銔] 20 D寓 考查副词銔A.hard 回家时晚风温柔的 Close 3 1 C寓 考查形容词 对语境的理解銔 段首 提到 很多鸟在作者家 花园的树 筑巢銔因 看 常的 D.special 的面颊 力地 B.happily 快 地 C.willingly 愿意地 D.gently 温柔地銔 意

一种安慰感銔故选 D銔]

到一些 鸟 能幸 别的銔 选 C銔]

来是非常 常的 情銔 A.obvious 明显的 B.strange

怪的 C.usual


B寓 考查 词

对语境的理解銔A.leave 离开 B.survive 幸


D.adjust 调整

段首 提到 很多鸟在作者家

花园的树 筑巢銔因 看到一些 鸟 能幸 銔故选 B銔] 起 意 它 起来

来是非常 常的 情銔

据 文讲述的内容可知 survive 最合 3 A寓 考查 词短语 銔] 词

对语境的理解銔pick up

在一个更 和的地

点銔可知选 A 4

D寓 考查

对语境的理解銔 它

文中的 “sitting still, very cold” 可知


巾 “盖

(covered)”在 选D 5 銔]


銔A.provided 提供 B.connected 联系 C.hid 躲

D.covered 覆盖銔故

B寓 考查

对语境的理解銔 演奏 B.reply 回




声音希望它 銔] 但是它确实开始感觉 “ (given up)了”銔 声音调大銔 据

(reply) A.play 玩 6 C寓 考查 因

C.breathe 意

D.wake 醒来銔故选 B 知道它 作者感到 了 快死了 鸟

词短语 希望銔

对语境的理解銔 据


文中的釐was dying”可知 弥补 C.given up

A kept up 坚 意可知选 C 銔]

B.made up 编

D.turned up

7 A寓 考查 词

对语境的理解銔A.hope 希望 B.life 生 希望銔故选 A 銔]

C.luck 幸


趣銔 意 但是

它确实开始感觉 和些了 因 8 B寓 考查 词

对语境的理解銔 据 文中的“Toby, my cleverest dog”可知 銔] 搅 C.bother 据语境选 D

作者 自 的

在家 銔A.birds 鸟 B.dogs 狗 C.cats 猫 D.boys 男孩銔故选 B 9 D寓 考查 词 对语境的理解銔A.visit 参 B.annoy 骚扰

扰 D.attack 袭 銔

狗圈在 内 然是 了 免他们去“袭 (attacked)”虚弱的 鸟 10 A寓 考查 词短语

銔] 鸟自 “ 了 来(fell

对语境的理解銔 据 文中的“placed it...back”可知 銔] 地 B.happily 快 銔]

down)”銔fall down 跌倒 摔落銔故选 A 11 C寓 考查副词 心地銔 意

对语境的理解銔 A.quickly 快

地 C.gently 轻轻地 D.carelessly

轻轻地 它 回 巾 銔 据语境可知选 C

12 D寓 考查介词短语

对语境的理解銔A.in vain 徒劳 B.in return 作 回 似 看 銔作者一直期

C.in time 鸟的回

时 鸟

D in response 作 回 銔 意 它的眼睛 开作 回 开眼睛作 回 (in response)符合语境 可知选 D 銔]

13 B寓 考查 词 时 D.unless 除非銔 个 14 A寓 考查 词 使

对语境的理解銔 A.since 自

既然 因


管 C.while 既然 銔]


之间是语 转折 系 故答案

although 选 B

对语境的理解銔A.encouraging 鼓励 B.saving 拯救 节省 C.amusing 使发笑 意 断的 鸟的 声并 鼓励它銔 据 文中的“Come on, be strong.”

快 D.calming 使 静銔

可知 作者“鼓励(encouraging)” 鸟“坚 地活 去”銔故选 A銔] 15 D寓 考查形容词 绝望的銔 意 对语境的理解銔 A.excited 激 的 B.curious 好 的 C.moved 感 銔] 的 D.desperate

是感觉如 绝望 但是 想 它知道 人在 它銔可知选 D

16 C寓 考查 词 心 D.differed 銔

对语境的理解銔 A.counted

值 认

B.preferred 更 是想 鸟明

偏爱 C.cared 人“ 心(cared)”

管没 希望了 作者 是 力 慰銓 鼓励它

它銔 据语境选 C銔] 17 B寓 考查 词 对语境的理解銔A.stopped 停 but 可知 B.failed 失败 C.declined D.missed 错 确实感觉

想念銔 据“I did feel so regretful” 很遗憾 因

鸟夭折了 作者 能(failed)救活它銔 意 銔] 鸟 銔]

全力了但是失败了銔 据语境选 B

18 A寓 考查 词 作者

对语境的理解銔 对 前面 鸟夭折作者难 可知 又看

在 花园

感到很是高 銔to one量s delight 意 “ 某人感到高 的是” 符合语境銔故选 A

19 C寓 考查形容词对语境的理解銔 A.proud 骄傲的 自

的 B.afraid 害怕的 C.sure 确信的 D.grateful 鸟中 少 一 活了 来銔

感激的銔 据 文中的“one has been visiting...since”可知 作者“确信(sure)” 可知选 C 銔]

20 D寓 考查副词

对语境的理解銔 A.casually 随便地 偶然地 B.unexpectedly

意料地 C.suddenly 鸟 常

突然地 D.regularly 定期地 (regularly)去作者的 花园 Close 4寓 1 A寓 最 她 抱 2 D寓 解析 3 4 5 幸 C寓 因

律地銔 据“helping itself to seed from our feeders”可知 銔故选 D銔]

据语境 一开始作者被 断 乳腺癌 第一 是觉得去 题銔] 场疾病 极的一面銔


认 自

被 判了死

文构 转折 系 用 However銔]

意识到自 要面对一个 的开始銔] 要 自 的 历中 并获得自 的 势 在生 strength 中要对 的 势 长处銔] 然感到自 很

B寓 因 想改 D寓 甚 是 要忍


銔stand 忍 銔] 6 7 B寓 C寓 struggle 提醒自 銔] 然 活 那 要去抱 谁呢?remind 提醒銔]

8 A寓 complain 抱 銔] 9 A寓 通 10 C寓 写作 一 诗 中銔] 11 B寓 12 A寓 13 D寓 处指的是第 很幸 来 又 在 将 将 了那 书銔] 了一 第 书 銔] 极影响銔希望 书对生病的人 激励儿童的书銔have sth published 希望那些能 机会 ……銔] 文中的 poem 可知 了 的治疗方式 那个 历写到了一首诗中銔] 那首诗 和许多在 疗期间写的 他许多诗一起 到了

到 的书的人能 中 益銔on the way 在路

14 B寓 考查固定 配 have a positive influence on sb.对某人 极影响銔] 15 C寓 真的相信 你能 一种 题銔] 的 癌症一 的疾病中幸



16 D寓 解析

17 B寓 18 D寓 19 B寓 生

想 明 它对 来没 想 自

的意 要

是什 銔find out 查明 一 作家銔]


要你 足够的信念 并 允许那种信念指 你的人生之路的话


来的例子銔] 20 A寓 解析 Cloze 5 銟语篇 銠寓 作者介绍了自 他人銔 文的 ..my mother is in a serious debt a burden that was left on her as a result of her divorce.可 填写 debts 故选 B銔] 前文可知 母亲 很多债 因 能得到贷款銔Take out a loan/a mortgage 是固定短语 故 的母亲历 生活磨难 离婚 面临 沉 的债 然 她 题 direct 指 銔]

依然 1 B寓 知 空 2 A寓 选 A銔] 3 D寓 意


文知道 母亲很坚



子銔do everything in one量s power 固定词

“ 某人 能” 故选 D銔] 4 C寓 文中母亲一边忍 亲的 一边 被 的儿童可知 她总是 别人的需要 在自

的需要之前 故选 C銔] 5 A寓 6 B寓 可得 答案 7 C寓 文可知 母亲在家 照顾那些 到 和被忽 的孩子 故选 A銔]

文 ..as many of these children had stood years of physical and emotional abuse from their parents. 任 “ 容易”銔故选 B銔] 一段的 Due to __14__ problems with her knee caused by the abuses my mother was unable to

work.可知母亲在心理 和身体 都 到了伤害 故选 C銔] 8 D寓 9 C寓 “ 意 中的 physically and emotionally 可判断 种 续了(continued)了一段时间 处 是“身体和精 的伤害” 故选 D銔]

来 母亲起 离婚 ..銔pause v 暂停 argue

” 均 符合语境 故选 C銔] 10 B寓 母亲起 离婚 希望结束自 的痛苦 在 词作伴随状语 又表 故选 B銔] 希望结束 种痛苦 fate n confusion n 困惑 符合 结束自 到的 是起 时带 种“希望”

11 A寓 母亲精 和身体均 伤害 语意 故选 A銔] 12 D寓 13 B寓 14 B寓 15 C寓 16 A寓 中 unfortunately 是

键词 可知“

预料的那 快”

段 首

提示 故选 D銔]

文的 the divorce was finalized 可知 母亲能够继续她的生活了 故选 B銔] 文的 ...problems with her knee caused by the abuse 可知 空 选 B銔] 第一段可知 离婚 文可知 母亲 母亲 很多债 故选 C銔 ] “ 最 一点钱用在 的妹妹们和她自 保

他人銔 处 意 固定词 意

子 金pour one量s money into 17 A寓 18 B寓 意

“ 某人的金钱大

入到 .....”銔] 故选 A銔]

文的 after ten years 管生活一直混

the divorce was finalized .可知母亲是 身母亲了 安 但是她总是能 到 法保 极

故选 B銔]

19 C寓

空前的 positive and __19__ 可知



并列对等 系

它 个词均 符合

语意 故选 C銔] 20 D寓 感 的支 Cloze 6 銟语篇 銠寓 Peter 作 家 到一 唯一的 梁柱 在 儿园工作 晚 在一超 了 职收银员銔一 晚 裹是超 老 的 前一 的 I am hoping to help her get back on her feet and 可 断 是作者想做的 情 故选 D銔] 母亲提供一些 济 和情

班回家时 Peter Peter 1 C寓

裹并毫 犹 地交 了警 銔 剧 的一幕

一些回 銔 据 行的“three more hours at night”可知 空处选 C 指 Peter 据 文第 段 最 一段可知答案銔] 班 3 个小时 工作疲倦 走得缓慢 故回家时接 夜(midnight)銔 ] 在 儿园工作銔]

2 A寓 3 D寓 4 5

据 文可知 Peter 晚

C寓 考查 词 析銔support“支

” 符合题意銔]

C寓 考查副词銔little“几 没 金 表 定 符合题意銔] 母 休 妹妹常身体 好 Peter 就 了家 的 梁柱銔 breadwinner

6 B寓 考查 词 析銔 家糊口的人 7 C寓 梁柱銔] 据 文可知晚

Peter 在一超

职 故选 C銔] 知 裹 些破损(torn)銔]

8 B寓 考查形容词 析銔 据 空 内容可知 他 起 裹仔 端 9 C寓 To his shock 他惊讶的是 符合语境銔]

10 D寓 Peter 料想 裹的 人急需 笔钱 故选 D銔] 11 C寓 without hesitation 毫 犹 地銔] 表 on duty 值班 on watch 站岗(多 门卫 士 ) on purpose

12 B寓 考查固定短语銔 on behalf 故意地銔]

13 C寓 考查形容词 析銔untouched 原封 14 B寓 警 起

的 一

的 符合题意銔] look up to 仰 尊敬 look down on 瞧

Peter 是别人都 敬仰尊敬的榜 銔look at 看

look forward to 盼望銔] 是做 他人都会做的 情銔anybody 任何人銔] 面 符合题意銔]

15 C寓 Peter 对 警 的表扬回答道 16 B寓 考查副词 析銔personally 亲自 17 C寓 第 18 B寓

Peter 接到了 裹 人的电话銔 据时间判断 可排除 letter銔] 据 文他 Peter 的回 可 知 裹的 expose 使暴露 人是超 的老 銔] promote 晋 空指的是 lead 引 銔] 支 医疗费用 故选 D銔]

19 C寓 考查 词 析銔introduce 介绍 20 D寓

文第 段可知 Peter 的妹妹身体 好 故

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