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高一英语必修一 unit1-2复习 最新讲义及教案_图文

题目(教学章节或主题) : 必修一 unit1-2 单元复习 教学重点、难点:重要句型精讲 重要性:高考重要知识点

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典型例题: 1.He said he ________his old friends for a long time. A.didn’t see B.wouldn’t see C.hasn’t seen D.hadn’t seen 2.He called me this morning and asked where ________last night. A.did I go B.was I C.I was D.I had been 3.He was told ________he could recover and return to work in a week. A.when B.whether C.that D.why 4.When asked ________they needed most,the kids said they wanted to be loved. A.what B.why C.whom D.which 5.The moment I got home,my wife asked me ________ I had been to the hospital. A.when B.why C.whether D.that 3. A famous website was making an online survey asking us ________ the film Jaws. A. how do we like B. how we liked C. how did we like D. how we like 6. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter ________after drinking. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drives 7. —Hurry up!Alice and Sue are waiting for you at the school gate. —Oh!I thought they ______without me. A. went B. are going C. have gone D. had gone 8.________on this report,the English government decided to ask Captain James Cook to go and look for this continent. A. Having based B. Basing C. Based D. To be based

本次教学评价:非常满意 ○ 本节课回访记录: 较满意 ○ 一般 ○ 家长或学生签字 共 小时






强调句型 为了强调句子的某一成分(通常是主语、宾语、或状语),常用强调句型:It is (was) +被强 调部分+that(who)… 表示强调的 it 在句子中作主句的主语;被强调部分可以是主语,宾语,表语 或状语;强调的主语如果是人,that 和 who 都可用。如: Last night I saw a film in the Youth Palace. 强调主语:It was I that / who saw a film in the Youth Palace last night. 强调宾语:It was a film that I saw in the Youth Palace last night. 强调地点状语:It was in the Youth Palace that I saw a film last night. 强调时间状语:It was last night that I saw a film in the Youth Palace. 另外,还要注意下面几点: 1)在强调主语时,that 后的谓语动词要与被强调者保持人称和数的一致。如: It is I who am a teacher. 2)即使被强调的主语是复数,主句中的谓语动词也用单数。如: It is they who often help me with my lessons. 3)在强调时间、地点、原因或方式状语时,不能用 when,where,why 或 how ,而要用 that 。 如: It was because her mother was ill that she didn't go with us. It was only when I reread his poems recently that I began to appreciate their beauty. It was the house that the murder happened. 4)在强调 not … until 结构中由 until 短语(或从句)表示的时间状语时,要用固定的强调句型: It is(was) not until ...that... 注意此时原句的 not…until 要变成 not until ,that 从句中的谓语动词要 用肯定式。如: My father didn't come home until 12 o'clock last night. It was not until 12 o'clock last night that my father came home. I didn’t realize she was a famous film star until she took off her dark glasses. It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star. 5)原句的谓语动词如果是现在或将来的各种时态,用 It is…that (who)…;如果原句谓语动词是 过去各种时态,则用 It was… that(who)… 6)在强调一般疑问句中的某一成分时,主句要用一般疑问句的语序。that 后面的原句其余部分 在移走了被强调部分后词序及词形都不可以改动。如: Did this happen in Beijing? Was it in Beijing that this happened? 7)特殊疑问句中只有疑问词可以强调,其强调结构是“疑问词+is (was) it that...? " 如: Where were you born? Where was it that you were born? 【精编陷阱题训练】 1.—Who are making so much noise in the garden? —_______ the children. A. It is B. They are C. That is D. There are 2. It is _______ he often fails in exams ______ makes his parents worried about him.

A. what; that B. that; what C. that; that D. / ; that 3. It is the protection for the trees _______ really matters, rather than how many trees are planted. A. what B. that C. 不填 D. which 4. It is _____ my father worked _____ I work now. A. where, that B. where, when C. that, where D. that, that 5. Was _____ that I saw last night at the concert? A. it you B. not you C. you D. that you 6. It was ten o’clock _____ he came back home. A. when B. that C. since D. after 7. It was not until he came back _____ he knew the police were looking for him. A. which B. since C. that D. before 状语从句省略句之一 1. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. 遛狗的时候,你不小心让它挣脱了,让后被车撞了。 while walking the dog 是一种省略形式,相当于 While you were walking the dog. 例:I have tried to keep his advice in mind while making this plan. 制定这个计划时,我设法把他的建议记在心里。 【知识拓展】当 when, while, if, unless 等引导的时间、条件或让步状语从句的主语与主句的主语 相同,或是主语是 it,且从句的谓语动词又是含有 be 的某种形式时,可以省去从句中的主语和 系动词 be. When completed, the new railway will run for 250 miles. 完工后,新的铁路将有 250 英里长。 Be careful while\when crossing the street. 过马路时,一定要小心。 If necessary, you should turn to your parents for help. 如果有必要,你应该向你的父母求助。 【典例】When first to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced 【针对性练习】 1. Generally speaking, _____according to directions, the drug has no side effect. A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D. when to be taken 2. When_____, the museum will be open to the public next year. A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed 3. The research is so designed that once ________nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun 4. If _______the same treatment again, he’s sure to get well. A. giving B. give C. given D. being given 句型三 She found it difficult to settle … 她发现很难安定下来 (1)it 在句中作形式宾语,真正的宾语是不定式短语 to settle …。difficult 为宾语补足语。可用于这 种“主语+形式宾语 it+宾补+真正的宾语”结构的动词还有 believe, think, consider, feel, make 等。 为了记忆方便我们把该句型总结为"6123 结构"。 6 指主句中常用的动词:think, believe, make, find, consider, feel; 1 指的是形式宾语 it; 2 指的是宾补的两种形式:形容词或名词; 3 指的是真正宾语的三种形式:不定式短语,动名词短语或从句。 ①I find it easy to get on with her. 我发现她很容易相处。 ②I think it best that you should stay here. 我认为你最好住这儿。 ③We think it our duty to clean our classroom every day.

④He felt it important learning English well. ⑤They found it difficult that they would finish their work in two days. 【即时练习】 1.The fact that she was foreign made ____difficult for her to get a job in that country . A. So B. much C. that D. it 2. The doctor thought ____would be good for to have a holiday. A. this B .that C . one D . It 3. I don’t think _______ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work.. A. this B. that C. its D. it It 作形式主语:代替不定式、动词-ing 短语、或从句。当不定式(短语) 、动名词(短语)或从 句在某个句子中作主语时,为保持句子结构前后平衡,避免头重脚轻,因此常用 it 作形式主语置 于句首,而将真正的主语放在句尾。此时 it 只起先行引导作用,本身无词义。 It is amazing that at my age I am still fit . It is easy to become addicted to smoking . it is no good crying over spilt milk. (覆水难收) 具体用法: ①It+ be +adj.+主语从句 这是主语从句最常见的一种结构。 It is uncertain whether he can come to Jenny’s birthday party or not. ②It + be + 形容词 + (for sb.)+ 动词不定式 这类句型常用形容词 easy, difficult, hard, important, possible,wise 等作表语,有时候为了强调 不定式动作的执行者,常在不定式前加 for sb,译为“对某人来说做某事怎么样”如: It’s necessary for the young to master two foreign language. It is unwise to give the children whatever they want. ③It + be + 形容词 + of sb. + 动词不定式 这类形容词常是表示心理品质,性格特征的形容词,如:kind, nice stupid, clever, foolish, polite, impolite, silly, selfish, considerate 等。某人和这些形容词可以构成主系表结构。如: It’s very kind of you to help me with the work.=You are kind to help me. It seemed selfish of him not to share his dictionary with others. =He seemed selfish not to share his dictionary with others. ④It + be +名词词组 + 动词不定式,如: It is not a good habit to stay up too late. ⑤It + be + 名词或形容词 + 动名词, 这类名词和形容词常常是:good, no good, no use, a waste of…, useless, senseless 等,如: It’s a waste of time talking to her any more. It is no use arguing about the matter with him. 【即时练习】 1. In fact is a hard job for the police to keep order in an important football match. A. this B. that C. there D. it 2. is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It 3. _____ will take you a lot of time to find him in the crowd. A. It B. I C. We D. They 4. It is no use his _________ there, the situation is hopeless now. A. to go B. to be going C. going D. having gone 6. Is _______ necessary to complete the design before National Day? (MET89)

A. this B. that C. it D. he 句型四:It is ... doing... 【原句回放】It’s no pleasure looking through these any longer. 观看这些已经不再是乐趣。 【点拨】 在这个句子中,It 是形式主语,looking through these 是真正的主语。It’s no pleasure 后 面如果接动词形式的话,一定是接 doing 形式。 【拓展】类似结构: It is no use doing… 做……没用 It is no good doing sth. 做某事不好/没用 It’s a waste of time/ money doing sth. 做某事是白费时间/金钱。 It’s fun doing sth. 做某事很有趣。 上面几个句型结构都是“名词+ doing”的形式。 我们看下面几个句子,试着翻译: 为过去的事情哭泣毫无用处。It is no use crying about the past. 穿越街道时注意车辆。Look out for cars when (you are) crossing the street. 这是我第一次尝试潜水 (scuba diving)。 It’s the first time that I have tried scuba diving. (这个句子如果选择一般过去时,后面应该用过去 完成时。 ) 句型五 She wished she could tell her neighbour face to face that she was sorry not to be able to do it any longer, but she knew that was too dangerous. 译文:她多么希望她能够面对面地告诉她的邻居她很遗憾,因为她不能再这样开心地遛狗了,但 她知道那太危险了。 【用法说明】 wish 后接宾语从句,表示“但愿……”“要是……多好”,此时通常表示一种愿望(尤其指难以实现 的愿望) ,因此从句谓语要用虚拟语气: 指将来情况用“could, would, might+动词原形”; 指现在(或当时)的情况通常用过去时 did; 指过去情况用过去完成时 had + done。 请看以下例句: I wish she were not married. 我真希望她没结婚。 I wish I could do something for you in return. 我希望我能做点什么回报你。 I wish she hadn’t spent the money. 但愿她没把这钱花掉。 【典例】 I wish I _______ yesterday’s lecture. A. were able to attend B. had been able to attend C. attended D. could attend 解答:I wish 后接从句的话,从句的谓语动词要用虚拟语气。指现在时,用一般过去时态;指过 去时,用过去完成时态。这里根据 yesterday,可知指的是过去,所以用过去完成时态。.

【精编陷阱题训练答案与解析】 1. 选 A。为强调句型 It is the children who are making so much noise 之省略。 2. 选 C。为强调句型,被强调成分为主语从句 that he often fails in exams。 3. 选 B。为强调句型,句意为“真正重要的在于保护树,而不在于种多少树”。 4. 选 A, 整个句子为 it was … that … 格式的强调句式, 即第二空要填 that;第一空填 where, where my father worked 为地点状语从句,为强调句的被强调部分。句意为“我现在我父亲曾经工作过的 地方工作”。 5. 选 A,为强调句的一般疑问句形式,其相应陈述句为 It was you that I saw …。 6. 选 A。when 表示“当……的时候”,句首的 it 表示时间,全句意为“当他回到家时,时间是 10 点钟。” 7. 选 C。为 He didn’t know the police were looking for him until he came back 之强调形式。注意, not … until … 的强调句式通常为 It was not until … that … 的形式。

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