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2014 高考英语短文改错、信息匹配一轮训练(12)及答案

(201*· 成都检测) My father and I am taking a camping trip in July1.________ and August. We will travel for about two months but2.________ will tour the United States and parts of the Canada. We3.________ have decided to camp because it does not spend as much4.________ as vacationing in hotels, but we had to plan carefully. I5.________ think the car what we are going to drive is very small, so6.________ we decide to take only one small suitcase for both of them7.________ and as few camping things as possibly. We will take some8.________ medicine with us prevent insects from hurting us, and also9.________ some food for picnics. I'm sure that we will have fun.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.am→are 本句的主句是 my father and I,所以谓语动词用复数形式。 2.but→and 此处表示的是顺承关系,而不是转折关系。 3.删去第二个 the 一般情况下,表示国家的单个词语前不加冠词。 4.spend→cost 本句的主语不是人,而是 it,所以用 cost。 5.had→have 短文全篇叙述的都是现在和将来的情况。 6.what→that/which 或删去 what “that/which we are going to drive”是定语从句,修饰 先行词 the car,关系代词在从句中作宾语,可以省略。 7.them→us 根据文章的开头部分可知这里指的是作者本人和作者的父亲,因此应用 us。 8.possibly→possible as...as possible 表示“尽可能??”。

9.prevent 前加 to 此处是不定式短语作目的状语。 10.√


第***节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的七个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为 多余选项。 Should Good Sportsmanship Be Taught in School? Almost everyone feels that it is important for young people to win fairly and show respect toward others.Should good sportsmanship, then, be taught in school? Critics do not think so. 51 Presented here are the most important benefits of teaching sportsmanship.

Teaching good sportsmanship and having a positive attitude in activities like sports, class elections, and science fair competitions are critical to success in school. 52 Acting

calmly under pressure helps young adults succeed not only in sports but also in life. 53 A person cannot play by the rules if he or she does not understand what the

rules are.Knowing the rules also applies to other activities.If students enter a science fair competition, for example, they must follow the guidelines. Those who know the rules are much more likely to succeed.When students learn sportsmanship, they discover, how knowing the rules relates to achievement. Good players become skilled at handling responsibility.When people accept responsibility, they achieve their best.Positive thinkers, moreover, influence others, especially those who are struggling with a problem . A gifted basketball player, for example, might teach skills to a less-talented player . Helping others raises the performance of the entire team . The team, consequently, could reach new heights and set new records. 54 Those who do not

practice sportsmanship pass off responsibility. For them, if an opportunity is lost, it is someone else' s fault.When students participate on a team, they benefit by learning to accept responsibility, encourage others and own up to(认错) mistakes. Sportsmanship is a winning idea.It must be taught in school.Students need direction to become good sports".Students will be responsible for their own actions and will have a positive influence on others.As students enter the workforce, businesses benefit.The community also benefits because these students will someday become leaders. 55

A.We need to educate students about how sportsmanship pays off for everyone.

B.However, the stronger argument favors teaching good sportsmanship. C.Sports help young adults learn how to team up with others. D.Good sportsmanship also means admitting mistakes. E.Activities involving winning or losing can be tense. F.It is natural that players should be eager to win. G.Good team players know the rules of the game.

参考答案--------51-55 BEGDA **************************************************结束

(201*· 绵阳诊断) Tom is a little boy, but he is only seven years old. One day he1.________ went to the cinema. It was the first time for him to do that. He2.________ bought a ticket and then went out. But after two or three minutes3.________ he came out and bought the second ticket and went in again. After a4.________ few minutes he comes out again and bought a third ticket. Two5.________ or three minutes later he came out and asked another ticket.6.________ Then the girl in the ticket office who asked him, “Why do you7.________ buy so many ticket? How many friends do you meet?” Tom8.________ answered,”No, I have not friends here. But a big boy always 9.________ stops me at the door and tear my ticket to pieces.”10.________ 答案与解析: 1.but 改为 and 依据语境,这里前后句之间是并列关系而不是转折关系。 2.√ 3.out 改为 in 依据语境,男孩买票走进电影院。 4.the 改为 a 下文 bought a third ticket 有暗示。序数词前用不定冠词,表示“再一,

又一”。 5.comes 改为 came 结合行文逻辑,这里应用一般过去时。男孩进去又出来了。

6.asked 后加 for ask for sth.表示“要求得到??”。 7.去掉 who 这里不是定语从句,假如是定语从句,原句缺少主句。 8.ticket 改为 tickets so many 后接复数名词。 9.not 改为 no not 是副词,不能修饰名词,应改为 no。

10.tear 改为 tears 这里 stop 和 tear 是并列谓语动词,要用第三人称单数的一般现在 时。 ************************************************************结束 (五) Pinky: Hello, Ann! This is Pinky. How was your weekend? Ann: 61 Pinky: Your whole family? Ann: Yes, all of us. 62 Pinky: I didn’t know that was your favorite. It’s mine, too. Ann: 63__, but we started dinner late. My brother Paul’s car broke down. He and Jennifer got there after nine. We were all feeling very hungry by then. Pinky: I thought his car was a new one. What was the trouble? Ann: 64__ Paul says that new cars are not as good as old ones. He says their steering wheels are not so good. Pinky: By the way, Ann. Can you do me a favor? My computer doesn’t work. Can I use yours for several days? Ann: Sorry, Pinky, but I’ve lent it to Nancy. 65__ I’m sure she’ll lend you hers. A. We went to our favorite restaurant, the Golden Crab. B. Nancy is now busy preparing for the examination next week. C. Why don’t you ask Emily? D. The food was good as usual. E. I don’t know. F. Wonderful. We had a family dinner. G. We had a wonderful football match with the league from Grade 2. 参考答案----------(五)1.F 2. A 3. D 4.E 5.C ***********************************************************结束

(2010*内江、广安模拟) Last Saturday we had a party at home. Dad's friends come1.________ along with their families. Since Mom was not at home, Dad2.________ and I had to prepare everything, so it turned out such a miracle3.________ that they did make it! Everything went perfectly fine.4.________ A lot of kids who came that day. I had the most wonderful time5.________ with Steven. It was just amazed to find someone so much6.________ like me. We had a lot of things by common. The time seemed7.________ short to me, and I wished we could have had some more time8.________ to continue the conversation. Hopeful we're going on9.________ a trip together next summer, and also summer after next.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.come→came 2.√ 3.so→but 前后语境为转折关系,应把 so 改为 but。 4.they→we 根据上文可知作者使用了第一人称,此处指作者和父亲俩人,因此应把 they 改为 we。 5.去掉 who 本句为简单句,去掉 who。 6.amazed→amazing 主语为 it,应用 amazing 作表语,表示“令人惊异的”。 7.by→in 固定短语 have...in common 表示“有??相同之处”。 整篇文章为一般过去时,应把 come 改为 came。

8.去掉 had wish 后的宾语从句用虚拟语气,谓语应用情态动词+动词原形,因此把 had 去掉。 9.Hopeful→Hopefully 副词 hopefully 放在句首,表示“希望”副词作状语修饰整个 句子。 10.在 also 后加 the next summer 指明年夏天,the summer after next 指后年夏天。 *************************************************************结束

A. A collection of over 3,000 pieces covers the history of the birth and development of Chinese currency. The ancient Silk Road coins record the economic history of those ancient nations along the Silk Road. B. About 100 pieces of furniture illustrate the elegant simplicity of Ming style and the brilliant appearance of Qing style. A Ming-style reception hall and a study, together with a set of furniture models unearthed from a Ming tomb, represent the household life of centuries back. C. Beginning with the writing carved on oracle(94E) bones and bronzes, to the age of bamboo slips and stone steles (石碑), about 70 masterpieces, including those by Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, present the interpretations of seal, official, running, cursive and regular scripts. D. Long long rolls by masters from Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are displayed in the showcases by the long corridor, unfolding the glorious history of Chinese painting. E. Over 400 bronzes of unique shapes, delicate decor and excellent techniques

tell you the 1500-year history of the great Chinese Bronze Age from 18th century B.C. till 3rd century B.C. F. About 120 statues in the gallery cover the development of Chinese sculpture art from the Warring States to the Ming dynasty. The Buddhist sculptures show how Buddhism confronted and harmonized with Chinese traditional culture over the history. 下面是部分参观者的信息,请为他们找到各自需要的展馆。 1. Liu Qiang -- Liu Qiang is a middle-school student, who is fond of art handwriting. He is curious about the development of all art handwriting in history. 2. Cha Leon -- Cha Leon is from Thai and he is a devoted Buddhism believer. He wants to learn what Buddhism has brought into Chinese culture, especially at an aspect of art. 3. Mr. Chang -- Mr. Chang is a successful businessman. One of his hobbies is to collect house fittings in old look but delicate and unique shaped, especially beds, chairs or desks centuries ago. He won't lose a chance to appreciate such kind of things. 4. Mai Ya -- Mai Ya is studying in a university majoring in economy. Next week she will present her project with a lot of pictures of ancient money in her PPT, but she still needs to learn more about the money and the history period.

5. Xiao Yang -- Xiao Yang is fond of fine art. He believes enjoying masterpieces is a shortcut for him to develop painting ability, and he is fond of Chinese traditional ones