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Module 1

Life in the Future


Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Faced with so heavy snow,I had no ?a programs. 【答案】 alternative 2.I have lots of ?r tennis,basketball,riding horses,etc. 【答案】 recreations 3.I have collected enough first? hand ? m world of the future. 【答案】 materials 4.You can look for the book in the library ?c 【答案】 catalogue 5.The fortune? teller ? p 【答案】 predicted Ⅱ.句式转换 1.Our school has ordered 50 computers with that company. Our school has 【答案】 placed an order 2.Our money is running out,and we must draw some from the bank. We are 【答案】 running out of 3.Having missed the last bus,we had to walk home. Having missed the last bus,we had 【答案】 no alternative but 4.As the project is required to be completed within two days,we’ll work overtime today. the project 【答案】 With;required 5.The baby weighed seven pounds when it was born. The baby weighed seven pounds 【答案】 at birth Ⅲ.单项填空 1.(2012山东曲阜师大附中质量检查,35)The selfless village doctor treated whoever came to his family without any . . to be completed within two days,we’ll work overtime today. to walk home. money and must draw some from the bank. for 50 computers with that company. ? that I woul marry a doctor. d ?. ? for writing a research paper on the ? in my spare time,such as playing ? table? ? but to stay at home watching TV

A.cost C.charge D.price


【解析】 句意是:这位无私的乡村医生给来到他家的任何病人治疗而不收费。 cost”费用; 成本”;payment”支付”;charge”收费”;price”价格”。 【答案】 C 2.(2011安徽江南十校二模,29)After so many disasters,we should to harmony with nature. A.attach C.apply B.contribute D.devote greater importance

【解析】 句意是:经过那么多的灾难之后,我们应当认为与自然的和谐相处更加重要了。 此句要用attach importance to...表示”认为……有重要性”。contribute to”为……作贡献”;apply to”把……应用到……中”;devote...to...”?把……?奉献于……”。 【答案】 A 3.(2011河南普通高中毕业班适应性测试,22)—What experience most are,Richard? —My father let me play his guitar when I was three.? Thirty? two? years later,I still play. A.proved B.impressed who you

C.permitted D.shaped 【解析】 句意是:”是什么经历形成了现在的你,理查德?”“我三岁时,父亲叫我弹他的吉 他,32年以后,我仍然在弹吉他。”A.proved”证明”;B.impressed”使人印象深刻”;? C.permitted? “允许”;D.shaped”形成”。 【答案】 D 4.(2012河北衡水中学一调,23)Could you give me a hand?It seems that my strength has . A.used up C.run out B.been given out D.been run out

【解析】 句意是:你可不可以给我帮个忙?似乎我的力量已用光了。use up是及物动词, 要用被动语态been used up。give out是不及物动词短语,要用主动形式given out。run out是不 及物动词短语,要用主动形式run out。 【答案】 C 5.(2011浙江宁波八校联考,5) sleep. A.Not being rid of B.Not ridding of C.Not rid of D.Not having rid of 【解析】 句意是:这位老人没有摆脱牙疼病,睡不好觉,非常痛苦。 Not rid of...是过去分词 短语,表示”没有被除?掉……? ”, 原因状语。 作 toothache,the old man felt very bitter,having no good

【答案】 C

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2012黑龙江哈三中月考,34)—Why didn’t you write? —My ink has A.used up C.given away D.given out 【解析】used up要用被动语态has been used up。 out of用被动语态has been run out of。 run given away意为”赠送;泄露”,语意不符。give out”用完”,用主动形式。故? D 项?是最佳选项。 【答案】 D 2. A.When C.Where the movie star goes,there are crowds of fans waiting to see her. B.However D.Wherever . B.run out of

【解析】 ”the movie star goes”是让步状语从句,表示”无论去什么地方”,故用wherever引 导。 【答案】 D 3.Students should be encouraged to use A./;a C.the;the B./;the D.the;a Internet as resource.

【解析】 Internet前面常用定冠词, the Internet指”因特网”。resource前面用不定冠词,指” 一种资源”。 【答案】 D 4.Earthquakes often cause too much loss because they are extremely difficult to A.control C.prevent B.cover D.predict .

【解析】 句意是:地震经常导致太大的损失,因为它们很难预测。control”控制”;cover”覆 盖”;prevent”阻止”;predict”预测”。 【答案】 D 5.Many working women A.depend with C.rely in B.depend to relatives to help take care of their children.

D.rely on

【解析】 depend后跟on。rely后跟on,故D项是最佳答案。 【答案】 D 6.He had a wonderful childhood, A.travel B.to travel with his mother to all corners of the world.



【解析】 此题考查非谓语动词作状语。 句意是:他度过了一个美好的童年,与他妈妈一起 到过世界的角角落落。如果空格处是谓语的话,前面要有并列连词and,构成并列谓语had...and traveled ...。没有并列连词,则为状语成分,travel与主语He是主动关系,与谓语动词同时进行,所 以现在分词形式是最佳答案。 【答案】 D 7.We must do something to the city clean and beautiful. A.keep C.permit B.protect D.prevent the factories sending out”在此句中应该是”阻止工厂放出……”,要用 the factories sending out poisonous gases so as to keep

【解析】 ”to

keep...from...和prevent...from...搭配。”prevent...from...”在主动语态中可省略from。protect的意 思是”保护”。 【答案】 D 8.The UN is trying to A.get rid of;by C.rid;from B.rid;of the world hunger.

D.get rid;of

【解析】 根据题干中的句式结构可知,此句要用rid sb.of sth.搭配,意为”使某人摆脱某 事”。 【答案】 B 9. ,I have to put the book away and focus my attention on study this weekend.

A.However the story is amusing B.No matter how amusing is the story C.However amusing is the story D.No matter how amusing the story is 【解析】 不管是However还是No matter how引导让步状语从句,它们的顺序应该 是:However/No matter how+adj./adv.+主语+谓语,故C项是最佳答案。 【答案】 D 10.— What can I do for you? —I’d like a room with a bath.How much do you A.offer C.charge B.afford D.spare ?

【 解 析 】 第 二 句 的 意 思 是 ” 我 想 要 一 间 带 有 浴 室 的 房 间 , 你 要 多 少 钱 ?”offer” 提 供”;afford”提供;支付得起做某事”;charge”索费”;spare”省出;抽出”。 【答案】 C 11.—Which school are you studying in?

—One which is A.impressed with

the Liaoning Teachers’ University. B.attached to

C.made from D.joined in 【解析】 第二句的意思是”一所辽宁师范大学的附属学校”,此处要用is attached to表示” 附属于……”。? impressed? with” ……印象深刻”;made from”由……制作”;joined in”加 对 入”。 【答案】 B 12.Those who are successful are always A.curious C.anxious B.optimistic D.wonderful ,even when things are at their worst.

【解析】 句意是:成功的人们即使在最糟糕的时候也总是非常乐观。此句要用optimistic 表示”乐观的”。curious好奇的;anxious焦急的;wonderful奇妙的,极好的。 【答案】 B 13.They are often busy or tired to cook dinner for the family at night,and fast? food

restaurants are a great help to them. A.very C.such B.so D.too

【解析】 句意是:到了晚上,他们经常不是太忙就是太累,不能给家人做饭,于是,快餐店便 帮了大忙。 【答案】 D 14.— either he or I fit for the job? . —Neither he nor you A.Is;is C.Am;are B.Is; are D.Are; are

【解析】 第一个空要与最靠近它的主语he一致,用Is。第二个空要与主语you一致,用are。 【答案】 B 15. A.Since C.As the temperature falling so rapidly,we couldn’t go on with the wildlife experiment. B.For D.With

【解析】 Since,As后面都要接从句,For作为介词时也不能接复合宾语。 【答案】 D Ⅱ.完形填空 One cold evening,I was waiting outside for a taxi in New York City.Later,I was 1

by a man in his thirties.Obviously,he was angry,complaining how 2 New Yorkers were.I knew my 3 would only be about 10minutes and a part of me wanted to keep 4 and just move

on,but I also wanted to try and connect.

I asked him why.He told me he had just come from JFK airport means $70 in lost fare(车费),a fairly big deal.I tried to share his 6 down.He mentioned he had read an article 8 ,he hoped to have more chance to said,”Sir,I share the same you’re already 13 the next 15 .” For a moment I thought I was so 16 !But the driver 17 9 7


a customer,which

.Gradually,he calmed

that the happiest people are those who give. 10 being with him! ? it,since

in his life,I was starting to

Arriving at my destination,I paid him,giving a generous tip.I also pulled out an extra $20 and 11 of giving with you.Here’s an extra little bit.? 12

$ 70 from JFK.But,if you want to experience the

14 of the gift,give it to

me by saying,”Sir,I have a

18 idea.You give that $20 to a homeless person and I will give the next rider for free.” It was an honor meeting the driver and learning the lesson of and surprise 20 with their generosity. 19 everyone is able to give

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者通过与一位出租司机的对白,感受到生活中 的这样一个哲理:要学会如何才能够慷慨地给予别人帮助。 1.A.taken up C.sent up D.put up B.picked up

【解析】 我终于等到了出租汽车,司机让我上了车,此处要用pick up表示”接(乘客)”。 A.taken up意为”占据;从事”;C.sent up”发射”;D.put up”举起;建起;支起”。 【答案】 B 2.A.serious C.horrible B.cruel D.strict

【解析】 在出租汽车中,司机很生气,一直在抱怨纽约人多么令人讨厌。此处horrible意 为”令人讨厌的”。 【答案】 C 3.A.ride C.way B.flight D.distance

【解析】 此处用ride表示”乘车的路程”。我知道我乘车的路程也只不过大约10分钟。 B.flight”飞行”;C.way”道路”;D.distance”距离”。 【答案】 A 4.A.free C.busy B.calm D.silent

【解析】 因为路程短我只想保持沉默前行即可。此处要用silent”沉默”。 【答案】 D 5.A.with C.for B.without D.to

【解析】 他告诉我他刚刚从JFK机场来,没有一个乘客。这也是他在前文抱怨的原因。

用without最佳。 【答案】 B 6.A.delight B.worry D.surprise


【解析】 司机没有乘客自然很不高兴,我出于同情试着去分担他的不幸。delight”高 兴”;worry”担心”;unhappiness”不高兴”;surprise”惊奇”。 【答案】 C 7.A.saying C.telling B.writing D.speaking

【解析】 他提到他看过一篇文章,文章上说”最幸福的人们是那些给予的人们”。”文章 上写着……”,常用say表示。 【答案】 A 8.A.Otherwise C.Besides B.However


【解析】 司机受到这篇文章的影响,因为想成为最幸福的人,所以他希望在生活中有更多 的机会给予。 Otherwise”要不然的话”;However”然而”;Besides”另外”;Therefore”因此”。 【答案】 D 9.A.give C.take B.share D.forgive 7 that the

【解析】 与前面的那句话”He mentioned he had read an ? article? happiest people are those who give.”有联系,此处也要用give表示”给予”。 【答案】 A 10.A.mind C.enjoy B.regret D.hate

【解析】 听到司机的这一番话,我开始喜欢这位司机了。故用enjoy表示此义。 【答案】 C 11.A.idea C.practice B.action D.story

【解析】 我跟司机说,”我和你在给予问题上有相同的想法。”此处要用idea表示”想法”。 action”行为”;practice”实践”;story”故事”。 【答案】 A 12.A.Forget B.Keep C.Put D.Pay 【解析】 我听了司机的话,也为之心动,因此,下车时,我多拿出20美元叫这位司机拿着, 此处用keep it表示”拿着这些钱”。 【答案】 B

13.A.up C.down

B.in D.out

【解析】 此处的意思是”你已经损失了70美元。”所以我要用这20美元来补偿你。此处 要用down表示”损失。” 【答案】 C 14.A.force C.strength B.energy D.power

【解析】 如果你想体会给予的力量,你就把它给下一个乘客。此处要用power表示”力 量”。 force”作用力;外力”;energy”能量;精力”;strength”力气”。 【答案】 D 15.A.passenger C.stranger B.conductor


【 解 析 】 此 处 , 作 者 意 指 下 一 位 乘 客 , 故 passenger 是 最 佳 答 案 。 conductor” 列 车 员”;stranger”陌生人”;tourist”?游客? ” 。 【答案】 A 16.A.bad C.silly B.cool D.simple

【解析】 我有了”给予”的机会,在那一刻我的感觉棒极了。此处cool表示”好极了,棒极 了。” 【答案】 B 17.A.disappointed B.satisfied C.surprised D.encouraged 【解析】 可司机拒绝了我的”给予”,并且告诉我他有一个更好的主意,这使得我很惊奇。 故C.surprised是最佳答案。disappointed”失望的”;satisfied”满意的”;encouraged”受到鼓舞的”。 【答案】 C 18.A.better C.worse B.further D.newer

【解析】 司机说出了一个更好的主意。此处要用better表示”更好的”。further”更进一步 的”;worse”更糟的”;? newer? ” 新的”。 更 【答案】 A 19.A.what C.which B.when D.how

【解析】 我真庆幸,遇到了这位司机,是他让我了解到我们怎样才能给予并且用慷慨感动 另一个人。 【答案】 D 20.A.one B.another



【解析】 此处要用another与前面的everyone形成一种搭配,即:one...another...搭配。 【答案】 B Ⅲ.阅读填句 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为 多余选项。 Many schools require yearly parent teacher conferences for all students. below is to help teachers prepare themselves for these often difficult conferences. 2 .When you have students who are struggling in ? either? their academics or their 1 .The list

behavior,you should communicate with their parents using notes or phone calls. Come to the conference well? prepared.If the student is having a hard time with their work,show the parents their grades and samples of their work. 3 .If the student is misbehaving,then you should make detailed notes of their ? behavior? before the conference.Bring these notes to the conference so that parents can understand how their children are behaving. 4 .For example,you might say something about their creativity,their handwriting,their

sense of humor,or make some other comment.Instead of restating the problems you’ve already discussed,end with a comment that offers hope for the future.You could say something like,”Thanks for meeting with me today.I know that working together we can help Johnny succeed.” Some teachers may have to deal with an angry parent at some point. 5 .Much anger can be avoided if the parents are informed.Don’t get excited yourself and make sure you ? avoid? shouting. A.Communicating with parents before a conference is necessary. B.Try to think of something nice to say about the students that have problems. C.At the end of the conference,you should make a conclusion. D.A parent teacher conference can have a huge impact on a student’s work and behavior. E.Remember to thank the parents for coming to the conference and working with you. F.Remember that the best way to solve this is to keep parents informed every step of the way. G.It is easier for parents to understand the problem if they can actually see examples of their children’s work. 【答案】 DAGBF

Module 2

Traffic Jam


Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.These stores like 【答案】 displaying 2.You break the law if you drive without a driving 【答案】 permit 3.When you buy something from a shop,don’t forget to ask for a 【答案】 receipt 4.There are many very 【答案】 impressive 5.Trolleybuses follow certain 【答案】 routes 6.Will it be (方便)for you to start work tomorrow? (路线)every day to pick up passengers. (给人深刻印象的)buildings in the city. (收据). (执照). (展示)their goods in large ? windows? .

【答案】 convenient 7.Columbus discovered America but didn’t 【答案】 explore 8.She (反应)angrily to what he had said. (探索)the new continent.

【答案】 reacted 9.All speeches were 【答案】 limited 10.The hotel p 【答案】 provides Ⅱ.完成句子 1.他作业没完成就出去踢足球了。 He went to play football, 【答案】 leaving/with;undone 2.这些旧房子被拆倒了,为绿色地带腾出空间。 All these old houses were pulled down to 【答案】 make room for 3.她年轻漂亮,而且还会几门外语。 She’s young and pretty,and 【答案】 what’s more 4.周末你有什么计划? ,she knows several foreign languages. “Green Belt”. his homework . a shoes? cleaning service for its residents. (限制)to 10 minutes in the ? meeting? .

do you 【答案】 What;have in mind 5.记住,你必须在十一点以前回家。

for our weekend?

that you’ll have to be home by 11 o’clock. 【答案】 Keep in mind Ⅲ.单项填空 1. A.Stuck C.Being stuck D.Catching 【解析】 句意是:陷进交通拥挤中,他没有按时去听讲座。Stick表示”陷入”时,与人称主 语是被动关系,所以要用过去分词作状语。 【答案】 A 2.I couldn’t A.go by B.go around C.get in D.get through 【解析】 句意是:我接不通电话,占线了。go by从旁边经过;go around走来走去;get in收 获;get through接通电话;完成;通过。 【答案】 D 3. that,or one day you may come to be ashamed of what you have done. .The line was busy. in heavy traffic,he failed to get to the lecture on time. B.Sticking

A.Stop doing B.If you stop doing C.If you don’t stop doing D.You stop doing 【解析】 根据题干中的并列连词or可知前面应该是一个分句,而不是状语成分,所以A项 正确。 【答案】 A 4.The government has to A.protect C.provide B.prevent D.predict against a possible earthquake in the next week.

【解析】 句意是:政府须为下一周可能出现的地震作好准备。protect sb.against保护某人 免遭……的侵害;prevent ? against? 防止;provide against预防;predict预言。 【答案】 C 5.It was amazing that he,a student who enjoyed doing everything but study,should have got the same scores in the ? final? exam I got.

A.as C.that

B.which D.what

【解析】 句意是:真是令人不可思议,他,一个除了学习之外什么都喜欢的学生,竟然在期 终考试中得到了和我一样的分数。先行词scores被the same修饰,定语从句习惯上要用as引导。 【答案】 A 6.Our new house is very A.adaptable B.comfortable C.convenient D.available 【解析】 句意是:我们的新家对我来说非常便利,因为我五分钟就可以到办公室。 adaptable 可 适 应 的 , 可 改 编 的 ;? comfortable? 舒 适 的 , 舒 服 的 ;convenient 方 便 的 , 便 利 的;? available? 可利用的,可获得的。根据as引导的原因状语从句,可判断本题应选C项。 【答案】 C 7.My father seemed to be in no A.mood C.attitude B.emotion D.feeling to look at my school report. for me as I can get to the ? office? infive minutes.

【解析】 mood”情绪”,与介词in搭配,be in no mood to do意为”没有心情做某事”,符合题 意。emotion意为”情感,感情”;attitude意为”态度”;feeling意为”感触,感觉”。全句的意思为:”看 来我的父亲没有情绪看我的成绩单。” 【答案】 A 8.Smoking does great harm to our health. A.At no time B.In no time C.At all times D.All the time 【解析】 句意是:吸烟有害健康。所以在公共场合决不允许吸烟。at no time永不;in no time立刻;at all times总是;all the time一直。只有at no time放在句首,句子用部分?倒装?。 【答案】 A 9.How a person A.reacts C.recreates B.resists D.receives to criticism often means the difference between success and failure. is smoking allowed in public places.

【解析】 句意是:”一个人对于批评所作出的反应,经常意味着是成功还是失败。”此句要 用reacts to表示”对……作出反应”;resist “抵制”;recreate “再创造;消遣”。 【答案】 A 10.Mrs Black took the police back to A.the same;where B.the same;as place she witnessed the robbery.

C.the same;that D.as the same;as 【解析】 句意是:布莱克夫人把警察带回到她目击过这次抢劫过程的地方。虽然先行词 place被the same修饰,但后面定语从句的引导词在从句中作地点状语,所以要用where。 【答案】 A

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.If you want to travel in this city,you’d better rent a car.It is not easy to A.get along C.get around D.get over 【解析】 句意是:”如果你想在这座城市旅行,最好租一辆车,在这儿坐公共汽车不容易四 处走动。”get along”相处”;get away”逃脱”;get around”四处走动”;get over”克服”。 【答案】 C 2.Be careful not to drive so fast, A.or C.so B.and D.till you will be fined by the police. B.get away by bus here.

【解析】 句意是:”要小心,不要开车太快了,要不然的话,你会遭受警察的罚款的。”根据 前后句的逻辑关系可知,此处要用or表示”要不然的话”。 【答案】 A 3.After being broadcast on TV,the news was known by all A.at any time B.in no time C.all the time D.at one time 【解析】 句意是:新闻在电视上播放之后,就会立刻被大家所知晓。at any time”随时”;in no time”立刻”;all the time”总是”;at one time”一次;每一次”。 【答案】 B 4.If ,I will go to visit your new house tomorrow. .

A.you are convenient B.you will be convenient C.it will be convenient for you D.it is convenient for you 【解析】 ”如果你方便的话”用英语应该表达为”If it is convenient to/for you”。 【答案】 D 5.The book which is of being read a second time is 15 dollars.

A.worthy;worthy B.worth;worth C.worthy;worth D.worthwhile;worthy 【解析】 第一个空构成be worthy of being done搭配;第二个空构成be worth+价格搭配。 【答案】 C 6.There is something wrong with her camera,and she must have it A.checking C.to check B.check D.checked .

【解析】 ”have it”中的it指camera,have的意思是”使”,所以挖空处是宾补,check的意思是” 检查”,与camera是被动关系,故用过去分词表示这种意义。 【答案】 D 7.The man knocked her A.off;left B.against;made C.out of;kept D.off;let 【解析】 knock sb.off sth.”把某人撞离……”;knock sb.? against? sth.” 某人撞到…… 使 上面”;knock sb.out of sth.”把某人从……撞出来”。第二个空用leave表示”使……处于某状态 中”。 【答案】 A 8.—How about going out for a picnic on Sunday morning? —Hmm. A.Yes,why not B.Well,no way C.Oh,never mind D.Sure,no matter 【解析】 How about...?用来征询对方的意见,意为”……怎么样?”根据四个答语的特点, 可知,只有A项正确,意为”好的,为什么不去?”B项的意思是”绝不”;C项的意思是”不要紧”;D项 的意思是”没关系”。 【答案】 A 9. he did not want to,he still had to share his hotel room with a stranger. B.Even though D.As if .The weather is very good these days. her bike and her lying on the ground.

A.Because C.When

【解析】 句意是:即使他不想,他仍然要与一个陌生人共住一个酒店房间。 从句表示让步, 故用Even though引导让步状语从句。Because”因为”;Even though”即使”;As if”好像是……”。

【答案】 B 10. —What do you think of my English,sir? —Well,it’s getting better,but there’s still plenty of A.space C.place B.area D.room for improvement.

【解析】 句意是:”你认为我的英语怎么样,先生?”“越来越好了,但还有提高的余地。”此 句要用room作不可数名词表示”余地”。 【答案】 D 11.The article suggests that when a person especially careful to have a well? balanced diet. A.is C.were B.be D.was under ? unusual? stress he should be

【解析】 句意是:这篇文章建议,当一个人处于莫大压力之下时,他尤其要留意使自己的 饮食营养均衡。本题难点在于一般同学只注意到后面的从句要用虚拟语气,却忽略了本题虚 拟语气已在题干中出现,需填的动词是从句中又套入的时间状语从句的谓语,应当用陈述语 气。 【答案】 A 12.(2011课标全国,33)It is generally accepted that fight like A.a;a C.the;the man. B.a;the D.a;/ boy must learn to stand up and

解析:考查冠词。根据句意判断,该题的两个空都是泛指,表类别。a boy指”男孩子”,a man 指”男人”。 答案:A 13.Fred,who had expected how it would go with his daughter,had a great worry mind. A.on C.with B.in D.at his

【解析】 on one’s mind为固定短语,意思为”使担忧”;in one’s mind 记住,挂在心上。 【答案】 A 14.(2011江苏南外、 金中、 海中三校联考,27)Freedom? loving young students dislik being e restricted by rules,especially A.the one C.ones B.those D.anything which are “outdated” in their eyes.

【解析】 爱好自由的年青学生们不喜欢受到规则的束缚,尤其是那些在他们看来已过时 的规则。此处要用those代指the ones或the rules。

【答案】 B 15.Maggie has been fortunate to find a job she loves and, A.sooner or later B.what’s more C.as a result D.more or less 【解析】 句意是:Maggie找到了她喜欢的工作真幸运,况且,她的工资也很高。sooner or later”迟早”;what’s more”况且”;as a result”因此”;more or less”或多或少”。 【答案】 B Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2011福建高考A篇) Driving a car is not just handling controls and judging speed and distance.It requires you to predict what other road users will do and get ready to react to something unexpected.When ? alcohol? is consumed,it enters your bloodstream and acts as a ? depressant?抑 制 ( 药),damaging eyesight,judgement and ? co? ordination?协调),slowing down reaction time and ( greatly ? increasing? the risk of accidents.Even below the drink driving limit,driving will be affected. Alcohol may take a few minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream and start action on the brain.Absorption rate is ? increased? when drinking on an empty stomach or when consuming drinks mixed with fruit juice.To get rid of alcohol from the body is a very slow process and it is not possible to speed it up with any measures like taking a shower or having a cup of tea or coffee. The present Road Traffic Ordinance states clearly that the limit of alcohol concentration is: ,she gets well paid for it.

?50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 ml of blood;or

?22 micrograms of alcohol per 100 ml of breath;or
?67 milligrams of alcohol per 100 ml of urine(尿液).
Drivers who cause traffic accidents,or who commit a ? moving? traffic offence or are being suspected of drink driving will be tested. Any driver found drinking beyond the limit will be charged.The driver declared guilty may be fined a maximum of HK $25 000 and be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison and ? punished? for 10 driving? offence points;or temporarily banned from driving. The same punishment applies to failing to provide ? specimens? 样本)for breath,blood or ( urine tests without good excuse. Drink driving is a criminal offence.Be a responsible ? driver? ,think before you drink.For the safety of yourself and other road users,never drive after consuming alcohol. 1.The first paragraph is mainly about A.the introduction of driving skills .

B.the damage of drinking to your body C.the effect of drinking on driving D.the process of alcohol being absorbed 【解析】 主旨大意题。 第一段主要介绍了喝酒对于司机开车方面的影响:视力,判断力和 协调能力下降;反应时间变慢;增加了发生事故的风险。故选C项。 【答案】 C 2.The underlined word “it” in the second paragraph refers to “ A.alcohol B.absorption C.blood D.process 【解析】 词义猜测题。it通常指上文提到的名词或事情,上文主要讲述”除掉身体里的酒 精是一个非常缓慢的过程”,由此推出本句的it指代前面的process。 【答案】 D 3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Drinking below the drink driving limit has no effect on driving. B.Alcohol is taken in more quickly when drunk with fruit juice. C.Having a cup of tea helps to get rid of alcohol from the body. D.50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 ml of breath is below the drink driving limit. 【解析】 细节理解题。 由第一段最后一句可知,即使酒精含量低于酒后驾车的限制,开车 也会受到影响,由此排除A项;由第二段最后一句可知,像洗澡或喝茶或咖啡等措施都不能使这 个过程加快。由此排除C项;由第三段第一句可以排除D项;由第二段第二句可知,酒与果汁混 到一起喝时身体对酒精的吸收会加快。故选B项。 【答案】 B 4.A driver suspected of drink driving A.should provide specimens for testing B.will be forbidden to drive for 3 years C.will be punished for 10 driving? offence points D.should pay a maximum fine of HK$25,000 【解析】 推理判断题。 由倒数第二段可知,不提供样本检测的司机也要受到同样的惩罚。 由此可推出,被怀疑喝酒的司机应该提供样本供检测。B项、C项和D项叙述的对司机的处罚 措施,必须在确定司机喝酒之后才能实施。故选A项。 【答案】 A B (2011辽宁高考A篇) I got my first driver’s license(执照) in 1953 by taking ? driver? education in my first year . ”.

at Central High School in Charlotte,North Carolina.Four years later when it was time to renew my license I was a married woman.Henry and I were living in Baltimore,Maryland.Two weeks before my 20th birthday,? Henry? drove me to the motor vehicle office on a hot July afternoon.When I got to the office and showed to the man behind the counter my North Carolina driver’s ? license? ,ready to renew,the man told me that I was underage by Maryland law since I was not yet 21.”Mr.Henry Smith,your husband,will have to sign for you,”he said. I argued,pointing to a very large belly(肚子) of mine,”I am married.I am having a baby.Why should I have to have someone sign for me to drive?” He answered coldly,”It’s the law,madam.” Henry encouraged me to calm down,just go ahead and get the license and be done with it.”No,”I said.I refused to have him sign for me.So I left without a Maryland license. I called the North Carolina Motor Vehicle Office and ? renewed? my NC license by mail—using my name Susan Brown.And thus it was for the next twelve years.Since ? Henry? was in the army I could drive under my home state license.By the time Henry left the army we were once again living in Maryland,and I had to take the Maryland driver’s exam.Since then I just go in and renew ? every? four years sign the name Susan Brown,have my new picture — taken,and walk out with a license to drive. 5.Susan got her first driver’s license A.before she got married to Henry B.when she was twenty years old C.after she finished high school D.when she just moved to Maryland 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段第一、二句可知,A项符合题意。 【答案】 A 6.Susan failed to renew her license the first time in Maryland because A.she was forbidden to drive by Maryland law B.she lacked driving experience in Maryland C.she was to give birth to a baby soon D.she insisted on signing for herself 解析:细节理解题。 根据第三段最后两句”I refused to have him sign for me.So I left without a Maryland ? license? .” 知,D项符合?题意。? 可 【答案】 D 7.We can infer from the text that in the U.S. A.American males should serve in the army B.different states may have different laws C.people have to renew their licenses in their home states D.women should adopt their husbands’ family names after marriage 解析:推理判断题。根据第一段的”I got my first driver’s license in 1953 by taking driver . . .

education in my first year at Central High School in Charlotte,North Carolina.”和”When I got to the office and showed to the man behind the counter myNorth Carolina driver’s ? license?ready , to ? renew? ,the man told me that I was under age by Maryland law since I was not yet 21.” 推 可 出,B项符合题意。 【答案】 B Ⅲ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共 有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后?的词?。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 Our city is beautiful.There have many tall trees on both side of the road here.But these days my classmates and I am surprised to notice that many leaves had already fallen from trees.The falling leaves are dark brown instead yellow.And there are manysmall hole in them.I think it has nothing to do with killing birds here.These days I often find that people shooting at birds inside or outside parks.Those shoot at birds must be punished. 【答案】 第二句: have ? are 第二句: both ? each /either或 side ? sides 第三句: am ? are 第三句: had ? have 第四句: falling ? fallen 第四句:instead后加of 第五句: hole ? holes 第六句: nothing ? something 第七句:去掉that 第八句:Those后加who

Module 3

Body Language and Non? erbal Communication 随堂演练巩固

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The thief (惊慌)at the sudden lightning.

【答案】 panicked 2.Let’s make a 【答案】 toast 3.He b over and kissed the child on the head. (干杯)about the friendship between two countries.

【答案】 bent 4.Though she received the i 【答案】 invitation 5.It’s said that animals are c beings. 【答案】 conscious 6.Politicians should not be involved in business affairs that might affect their political 断). 【答案】 judgement 7.W bill. 【答案】 Wiping 8.Almost all emperors in ancient China were enthusiastic ? about? 【答案】 prolonging 9.We all know that flu is an 【答案】 infectious 10.Many famous people attended Michael Jackson’s 【答案】 funeral Ⅱ.句型转换 1.However much I tried,I couldn’t work the question out. much I tried,I couldn’t work the question out. 【答案】 No matter how 2.Though she was a child,she had to support her family by selling newspapers. ,she had to support her family by selling newspapers. 【答案】 Child though/as she was 3.The teacher gave us several occasions for this idiom to be used. The teacher gave us several occasions this idiom to be used. (葬礼). (传染性的)disease. (延长)their life. his oily hands on a piece of cloth,he reached into his pocket and handed me the (判 of on? coming natural disasters more quickly than human ,she didn’t attend the wedding party.

【答案】 on which 4.Among the classmates,only Tom and John favoured my plan. Among the classmates,only Tom and John were 【答案】 in favour of 5.It’s impolite of you to speak to others while your mouth is full of food. It’s impolite of you to speak to others, 【答案】 mouthful of food Ⅲ.单项填空 1.To kiss the other in countries. A.the;/ C.the;the D./;/ B.his;the face at the first meeting is not accepted in Asian . my plan.

【解析】 句意是:第一次见面时亲对方的脸在亚洲国家不受欢迎。第一个空要用the,构 成”动词+人称名词或代词+介词+the+身体部位名词”句式;第二个空用the特指亚洲的国家。 【答案】 C 2.My sister was against my suggestion while my brother was A.in favour ofB.in memory of C.in honour of D.in search of 【解析】 我姐姐反对我的建议而我哥哥支持。in favour of支持,有利于;in memory of为 了纪念;in honour of为了纪念;in search of寻找。 【答案】 A 3. Don’t worry.Nothing is requested A./ C.for B.of D.on you and your family! it.

【解析】 句意是:不要担心。对你和你的家庭,不会有什么要求的。request常构成:request sth.of sb.要求某人做?某事?。 【答案】 B 4.When I practiced running on the playground,my strength ground. A.gave away B.gave in C.gave off D.gave out 【解析】 句意是:当我在操场上练习跑步时,我的力量耗尽了,瘫在地上。根据句句意可 知,此句要用gave out表示”耗尽”。gave away”赠送;泄露”;gave in”屈服;让步”;gave off”散发”。 【答案】 D 5.—How about 100 dollars for this cup? —OK.That’s a . and I fell onto the

A.deal C.matter

B.business D.act

【解析】 That’s a deal.表示”成交,就这么定了”。 【答案】 A 6.Features such as height,weight,and skin color face to face. A.change C.become B.vary D.turn from individual to individual and from

【解析】 vary from...to...意为”从……到……各不相同”;change from...to...意为”从……变 成……”。 【答案】 B 7.Her brother was A.given off by the doctors after the accident,but he lived just the same.

B.given out

C.given away D.given up 【解析】 句意是:她弟弟在那场事故以后已被医生宣布活不长了,但他却活得很正常。 give off散发;give out分发;散发;耗尽;give away赠送;give up对……不抱希望。 【答案】 D 8.—Is Peter there? — ,I’ll see if I can find him for you. B.Hold on D.Hold off

A.Hold up C.Hold out

【解析】 句意是:”彼得在吗?”“请别挂断电话,我去看看能否找到他。”此句要用Hold on 表示”别挂断电话”。Hold up”举起”;Hold out”坚持;伸出”;Hold off “不接近”。 【答案】 B 9.—I’m sorry I’m late.I in the traffic on my way here. —Never mind.Come and sit down. A.was held out B.got held up

C.got held on D.was held back 【解析】 句意是:对不起我晚了,我在来这儿的路上被困在交通拥挤中了。此句要用got held up表示”被阻挡”。 【答案】 B 10.Between 1405 and 1433,the Chinese treasure fleet set sail across the Indian Ocean several times.Zheng He’s first stop was in A.what C.that B.which D.where is today a part of Vietnam.

【解析】 句意是:在1405至1433年之间,中国的宝藏舰队几次启航穿越印度洋,郑和的第

一站是今天属于越南领土的地方。what引导宾语从句,在从句中作主语。 【答案】 A

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Some people maintain that watching violence on TV is one of the major causes of behavior and crime in ? society? . B.artificial

A.childish C.aggressive D.heroic

【解析】句意是:有些人主张,观看暴力电视是导致社会中攻击性行为和犯罪的主要原因 之一。A.childish”孩子气的”;B.artificial”人工的”;C.aggressive”攻击性的”;heroic”英勇的”。 【答案】 C 2.Sorry,we are late—our plane was A.held out C.held up B.held on D.held back because of the heavy rain.

【解析】 句意是”由于大雨飞机受阻了。 ”只有held up具有”举起,阻挡,耽搁”之意;held on” 抓住,继续,坚持,(打电话时)别挂断”;held back”阻碍,退缩,隐藏,克制,隐瞒”;held out”坚持,维 持”。 【答案】 C 3.Papermaking began in China and from here it A.spread C.carried B.grew D.developed to North Africa and Europe.

【解析】 句意是:造纸术起源于中国,并传播到北非和欧洲。spread表示”传播”,故是最佳 选项。grew”成长”;carried”携带”;developed”发展”。 【答案】 A 4.—How did you find your visit to Shangri? La? —I thorougy enjoyed it.It was A.far more fascinated C.by far more fascinating than I expected.

B.even much fascinating D.so more fascinated

【解析】 主语是It,故用fascinating表示”令人着迷的”。根据题干中的than可知要用比较 级,far和by far都可修饰比较级,so不能修饰比较级。 【答案】 C 5.—What do you think of finding a part? time job at college? -Good idea,in my opinion, A.now that B.in case it doesn’t affect your studies.

C.providing that


【解析】 句意是:”你觉得上大学时找一份兼职工作怎么样?”“据我看来,是个好主意,但 是条件是别影响你的学业。 ”此句要用providing that引导条件状语从句,表示”?以……?作为 条件;倘若”。now that”既然”;in case”以防”;? unless? 除非”。 ” 【答案】 C 6.It’s nearly 7 o’clock.Helen A.couldn’t C.mustn’t B.can’t D.may not come,but let’s wait for her for another 5 to 7 minutes.

【 解 析 】 句 意 是 ” 都 快 7 点 钟 了 ,Helen 可 能 不 来 了 , 但 我 们 还 是 再 等 上 5 到 7 分 钟 吧。”couldn’t和can’t都表示”不可能”,与but后面的部分语义有些冲突,mustn’t”不许”;may not” 可能不”。 【答案】 D 7.I don’t like to ask people for help,but I wonder if you can do a favor A.of C.to B.for D.in me now.

【解析】 do a favor for sb.是习惯搭配,意为”给某人帮忙”。 【答案】 B 8.I think she hurt my feelings on purpose rather than A.on mind C.for sure B.by accident D.by heart as she claimed(声称).

【解析】 句意是:我想她是有意伤害我的感情的,而不是像她说的是无意的。on mind惦 记,挂在心上;for sure 一定要,必须;by heart 熟记。 【答案】 B 9.If I you,I more attention to English idioms and phrases. B.am; will pay D.were; would pay

A.was; shall pay

C.would be; would pay

【解析】 该题表示与现在事实相反的假设,从句谓语动词用过去式,be用were,主句用 would do。 【答案】 D 10.Our school has been set up in,believe it or not, A.which C.that B.what D.where used to be a temple ten years ago.

【解析】 句意是:信不信由你,我们学校是在10年前曾经是一座寺庙的地方建起来的。 ” used to be a temple ten years ago”是介词in的宾语从句,而挖空处是这个宾语从

句的主语,能够作主语的有连接代词which和what,which的意思是”哪一个;哪一类”,不合题 意;what可表示”……的地方”。

【答案】 B 11.Dr Johnson,my income is month. A.no less C.no more B.not more D.not less than yours,I can,also,earn as many as 5,000 dollars a

【解析】句意:约翰逊医生,我的收入并不比你的要少多少,我也能够一个月挣5,000美元。 根据句意可知,说话者意指他的收入也很多。 【答案】 A 12. A.However C.As hard he tried,he could not change his wife’s mind. B.Whatever D.No matter what

【解析】hard提到主语he的前面,是因为However修饰它的原因。 Whatever/No matter what 修饰名词。 【答案】 A 13.(2011山西太原三模,21)—What about —To tell the truth,it was too boring.I can’t stand A.a;the C.the;/ B.the;a D.the;the lecture you attended yesterday? lecture like that.

【解析】 第一个lecture已有所指,是双方都知道的讲座,所以前面要用定冠词进行特指。 第二个lecture具有泛指意义,意为”一个像那样的讲座”,前面用不定冠词。 【答案】 B 14.(2011福建漳州质检,34)Mr.Green asked me to borrow a book for him, to be a good volunteer. A.it C.ones B.one D.which about how

【解析】 句意是:格林先生要求我为他借本书,一本关于做一名优秀志愿者的书。 此处要 用泛指替代词one作a book的同位语,代指a book。 【答案】 B 15.He was a born sailor and I can’t remember any occasion accident with the boat. A.when C.at which B.where D.why he had any sort of

【解析】 句意是:他是一位天生的海员,我记不起有任何的场合他的船出事。occasion是 先行词,后面的定语从句引导词在句中作状语,要用when。 【答案】 A Ⅱ.完形填空

It was in the course of biology class.When it came to the topics of one’s mind and intelligence,the teacher wanted to give the students a good example.”This boy is teacher 2 the schoolboy who 3 quietly in his seat.”He can’t 4 things.Look at him.” The whole class turned to 地).The teacher ”Please 8 5 him.Some of the older boys 6 him privately(私下 1 ,”The the simplest

7 ,”? Albert? ,I ask you a question.” ’ll at once.” Albert didn’t make any sign,? 9 ? the teacher were talking to

another boy.Actually,? Albert? Einstein never pretended to be so.He only couldnt ? answer? ’ quickly.For the little Albert talking was very 10 and his words only came 11 .

Hernman and Pawine,Albert’s parents,loved their 12 deeply.They were patient with his slowness,although they sometimes 14 ,and he was not and liked to be .”Look,how 16 15 13 secretly about him.He had been slow in learning to

the things that made most children enjoyable.He was a serious child 17 .

when,the others were playing about in the

”Albert is so serious,” uncle Rude said one day when they were picnicking 18 19 children laugh and 20 and make fun of each other.My little

daughter is just of his age and she is so happy.But Albert isn’t.He just sits and looks across the river.” 1.A.clever C.stupid B.funny looking D.famous

【解析】 根据下文老师说的话”他连最简单的东西都学不会”可知此处应是”stupid”。 【答案】 C 2.A.led to C.stuck to B.pointed to D.puzzled

【解析】 point to指向。 【答案】 B 3.A.sat C.lay B.stood D.knelt

【解析】 此时,爱因斯坦静静地坐在座位上。 【答案】 A 4.A.learn C.stick to B.answer D.get rid of

【解析】 此处用learn指学到的知识。 【答案】 A 5.A.glare at C.shout at B.stare at D.aim at

【解析】 其他同学都转向他,注视着他。 【答案】 B

6.A.were pleased with C.took away D.laughed at 【解析】 laugh at 讥笑。 【答案】 D 7.A.go on C.went on B.go on with D.spoke


【解析】 老师还没有停下来,继续下去。 【答案】 C 8.A.answer C.pay for B.learn D.sit down

【解析】 此处是指老师想请爱因斯坦回答一个问题。 【答案】 A 9.A.but C.while B.although D.as if

【解析】 爱因斯坦对于老师的问题没有作任何反应,就好像是老师在问别的同学。 【答案】 D 10.A.easy C.funny B.difficult D.interesting

【解析】 对于爱因斯坦来说,说话是一件难做的事情。 【答案】 B 11.A.slowly B.quickly C.fast D.deeply 【解析】 此处指他说话很慢。 【答案】 A 12.A.dog C.daughter B.teacher D.child

【解析】 此处用child指Hernman and Pawine的孩子,即:Albert。 【答案】 D 13.A.were happy C.taught D.told B.worried

【解析】 爱因斯坦的父母暗自担心他。 【答案】 B 14.A.say C.talk B.tell D.speak

【解析】 此处指说话的能力,最佳答案用speak。 【答案】 D

15.A.like to do C.interested in

B.seen D.able to have

【解析】 爱因斯坦对于其他孩子们喜欢的事情不感兴趣。 【答案】 C 16.A.alone C.funny B.lonely D.strange

【解析】 他喜欢独处。 【答案】 A 17.A.lab C.shop B.library D.garden

【解析】 孩子们在花园中玩。 【答案】 D 18.A.in a river C.over a riverside B.on a riverside D.above a riverside

【解析】 一家人在河边野餐,与下文有联系。 【答案】 B 19.A.the other all B.all the other

C.the all otherD.other all the 【解析】 语法填空。all the other的意思是”所有其他的(孩子)”。 【答案】 B 20.A.playing B.played C.play D.play with 【解析】 play与laugh和make fun of并列。 【答案】 C Ⅲ.书面表达 某英文报正在就建立良好的师生关系进行讨论。你作为一名中学生,请参与讨论。 请你围绕 “A good relationship benefits us all” 这个话题,根据以下要点,用英语写一篇 100? 120 词的短文。 你的文章必须包括下列要点: 1.建立良好的师生关系的必要性; 2.你认为良好的师生关系应该是怎样的; 3.如何才能建立这种关系。 注意:开头已为你写好,不计入总词数。 A good relationship benefits us all As a middle school student,I think it necessary to build a good relationship with our teachers,

参考范文: A good relationship benefits us all As a middle school student,I think it necessary to build a good relationship with our teachers,for it is the teachers who show love and concern for us students in study and life.We students can always seek support and advice from them,fromwhich we benefit and learn a great deal. In this case,an ideal relationship between teachers and students is very important.In my opinion,this relationship should be one filled with love,care,understanding,and ? respect? ,so we can exchange ideas freely.To build a relationship of this kind,teachers should become our friends while we students ought to trust teachers and express our feelings frankly.Only by joint efforts can we enjoy a warm relationship between teachers and students,and live a happy and harmonious life.

Module 4

Great Scientists

随堂演练巩固 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The force of the 【答案】 explosion 2.Where is he going to work after he g 【答案】 graduates 3.A lot of British people avoid 【答案】 physical 4.Many of the women had been e 【答案】 educated 5.The giant panda is an endangered s wild. 【答案】 species Ⅱ.完成句子 1.塞缪斯 ? 克莱门斯,以马克 ? 吐温知名,成了美国名作家。 Samuel Clemens,who writer. 【答案】 was known as 2.他被诊断患有肺癌。 He lung cancer. Mark Twain,became a famous American .There are fewer than a thousand living in the at the best universities abroad. (身体的) contact with strangers. from college? (爆炸) broke all the windows in the building.

【答案】 was diagnosed with 3.一些没有受过教育的和没有技术的人们靠体力活谋生。 Some uneducated and unskilled people 【答案】 earn their living 4.他们的党一上台,他们就开始修改法律。 As soon as their party 【答案】 came into power Ⅲ.单项填空 1.(2012江西南昌二中统考,30)Now that the forest was ? destroyed? by a big fire,a large A.number;has C.amount;have of trees to be planted on the mountain. B.quantity;has D.sum;have they changed the law. by doing manual work.

【解析】 句意是:现在,森林受到大火的毁坏,山上必须种植大量的树木。 large number of a trees跟复数形式的谓语动词。a quantity of+复数名词用单数形式的谓语动词;a quantity of+不

可数名词,也用单数形式的谓语动词。 large amount of跟不可数名词。 large sum of跟money。 a a 【答案】 B 2.(2012湖北100所重点中学联考,28)Summer vacation should be a magic time for children,a chance to stress of learning,but many children are not happy,? because? they are under

pressure to study. A.hide C.limit B.expose D.escape

【解析】 句意是:对孩子们来说,暑假应该是一个奇妙的时光,是一个摆脱学习压力的机 会,但是许多孩子们并不开心,因为他们处于学习的压力下。 此句要用escape表示”摆脱”。 hide” 隐藏”;expose”暴露”;limit”限制”。 【答案】 D 3.(2011吉林长春第二次调研,30)We did have a quarrel ? about? money last night,but now we have already A.taken up C.put up . B.made up D.brought up

【解析】 昨天晚上,我们的确为了钱吵架了,但是现在我们已和好了。take up”占据;从 事”;make up”和好”; put up”建起;举起;支起”;bring up”养育”。 【答案】 B 4.A lot of species of fish concern to us. A.has died;that C.has;what B.have died;which out because of the water ? pollution? , is of a great


【解析】 a lot of与species连用,说明species是复数,谓语要用复数形式have died。第二个 空引导非限制性定语从句,用which。 【答案】 B 5.The majority of people in the town strongly children. A.consider C.confirm B.support D.submit the plan to build a playground for

【解析】 句意是:城镇中的大多数人坚决支持建造儿童游乐场的计划。support”支持,赞 成”;consider”考虑,认为”;confirm”确定,批准”;submit”呈送,递交”。 【答案】 B

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.His first book next month is based on a true story.

A.published B.to be published C.to publish D.being published 【解析】 ” next month”是定语修饰first book,publish与被修饰词之间是被动关系,

排除C项。时间状语next month表示将来,故用B.to be published表示”被动与将来”。 【答案】 B 2.Lucy has a great sense of humour and always keeps her colleagues A.amused B.amusing C.to amuse D.to be amused 【解析】 keep意为”使……保持某状态”。宾语是her colleagues,amuse作宾补,与人称宾 补是被动关系,意为”被使得高兴”,故用过去分词amused。不定式不作keep的?补语?。 【答案】 A 3. in a good family,he had a chance of good education when he was a child. with her stories.

A.Brought away B.Brought on C.Brought out D.Brought up 【解析】 根据句意可知,此处的意思是”在一个富有的家庭长大”。故用Brought up表示” 养育成人”。Brought on”导致”;Brought out”使明显,拿出” 【答案】 D 4.It is generally considered that the key practice. A.to learning B.to learn C.of learning D.for learning 【解析】 the key表示”……的关键”时,后面常接介词to,故A项是最佳答案。 【答案】 A 5.It was not what he said but the way A.in which C.how B.which D.in that he said it that made all the people laugh. a foreign language well is nothing but

【解析】 the way在此句中作was的表语,意为”方式”,后面的定语从句用in which或that引 导,也可省略引导词。 【答案】 A

6.You may take A.both C.any B.either D.each

half of the cake;they are exactly the same.

【解析】 一块蛋糕只能是两个”half”,所以要用either修饰half,如果用both则是both halves。 【答案】 B 7.He had to do an extra job after work,for he had a big ? family? to A.support C.provide B.look at D.observe .

【解析】 句意是:他下班后需要再做额外的工作,因为他有一个大家庭需要供养。 此处要 用support表示”供养”。provide”提供”;observe”观察;注意到”。 【答案】 A 8.Large quantities of fish A.were caught B.was caught C.has been caught D.have been caught 【解析】 in the past few days要求用现在完成时,Large quantities作主语,谓语要用复数形 式,故D项是最佳答案。 【答案】 D 9.(2011 上 海 高 考 ,34)Did you predict that many students competition? A.would sign B.signed C.have signed D.had signed 【解析】 句意是:你估计有许多学生会报名参加舞蹈表演比赛吗?sign up发生在predicted 之后,故此处要用过去将来时。 【答案】 A 10.(2011山东高考,21)Take your time—it’s just short distance from here to A./;the C.the;a B.a;the D./;a restaurant. up for the dance in the river in the past few days.

【解析】 句意:别着急,从这儿到那家旅馆只是很短的一段距离。根据句意可知,此处 distance是指具体的一段距离,是可数名词,且其前用形容词修饰,故应用a;而此处的restaurant 是指双方都知道的事物,故用定冠词the。 【答案】 B

11.The Terracotta Warriors is known

one of the most interesting archaeological

discoveries in the world,which is called “the eighth wonder of the world.” A.for C.as B.to D.by

【解析】 句意是:兵马俑被称作世界上最有趣的考古发现之一,被誉为”世界第八奇观”。 be known as...意为”被称作……”。 【答案】 C 12.The girl’s final success A.contributed to B.turned into C.resulted from D.resulted in 【解析】 主语是success,宾语是the effort,故用resulted from,意为”来自于”。 contributed to” 为……作贡献;促使”;turned into”变成”;resulted in “导致”。 【答案】 C 13.Many people expect that credit cards will eventually purchase. A.trade C.exchange B.replace D.reduce paper money for almost every the effort she had made and the courage she always had.

【解析】 句意:许多人希望信用卡最终会代替纸钞用于几乎每种购买行为。trade”交 易”;replace”代替”;exchange”交换”;reduce”减少”。 【答案】 B 14.—The weather will stay extremely hot in the following two days. —Really? I will put off my trip to Guangzhou A.in that case B.in that situation C.in advance D.for fun 【解析】 句意是:”后面两天内,天气会持续高温。”“真的吗?如果那样的话,我要推迟去 广州的旅行。”in that case如果那样的话;in that situation在那种形势下;in advance提前;for fun 为了娱乐。 【答案】 A 15.I’m sure nothing can cannot,either. A.request C.recreate B.replace D.recycle Mother’s love and care in the world,even money or power .

【解析】 句意:我相信世界上没有什么可以代替母亲的爱与关心,即使金钱和权利也不

能。根据题干中的后面部分可知空格处应填入replace。request要求;recreate再创造;recycle再 利用。 【答案】 B Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2011江苏高考A篇) We know the famous ones—the Thomas Edisons and the Alexander Graham Bells—but what about the less famous ? inventors? ?What about the people who invented the traffic light and the windshield wiper(雨刮器)?Shouldn’t we know who they are? Joan McLean thinks so.In fact,McLean,a professor of physics at Mountain University in Range,feels so strongly ? about? this matter that shes developed a course on the topic.In ’ addition to learning”who”invented”what”,however,McLean also likes her students to learn the answers to the “why”and”how”? questions? .According to McLean,”When students learn the ? answers? to these questions,they are better prepared to recognize opportunities for inventing and more motivated to give inventing a try.” Her students agree.One young man with a patent for an unbreakable umbrella is walking proof of McLean’s statement.”If I had not heard the story of the windshield wiper’s invention,”said Tommy Lee,a senior physics major,”I never would have dreamed of turning my bad experience during a rainstorm into something so constructive.”Lee is currently negotiating to sell his patent to an umbrella producer. So,just what is the story behind the windshield wiper?Well,Mary Anderson came up with the idea in 1902 after a visit to New York City.The day was cold and stormy,but Anderson still wanted to see the sights,so she jumped aboard a streetcar.Noticing that the driver was struggling to see through the snow covering the windshield,she found herself wondering why there couldn’t be a built? in device for cleaning the window.Still ? wondering? about this when she returned home to Birmingham,Alabama,Anderson started drafting out solutions.One of her ? ideas? ,a lever(操作杆) on the inside of a vehicle that would ?control? an arm on the outside,became the first windshield ? wiper? . Today we benefit from countless inventions and innovations.It’s hard to imagine driving without Garrett A.Morgan’s traffic light.It’s equally impossible to picture a world without Katherine J.Blodgett’s innovation that makes glass invisible.Can you picture life without clear windows and eyeglasses? 1.By mentioning “traffic light”and “windshield wiper”,the ? author? indicates that countless inventions are .

A.beneficial,because their inventors are famous B.beneficial,though their inventors are less famous C.not useful,because their inventors are less famous

D.not useful,though their inventors are famous 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一段内容结合下文可推断,作者提到交通信号灯、雨刮器 等发明,是想说无数的发明对人类十分有益,虽然它们的发明者没有太大的名气。 【答案】 B 2.Professor Joan McLean’s course aims to .

A.add colour and variety to students’ campus life B.inform students of the windshield wiper’s invention C.carry out the requirements by Mountain University D.prepare students to try their own inventions 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句可知,John McLean教授开设这门课程的目 的就是让学生有足够的准备去尝试自己发明?东西?。 【答案】 D 3.Tommy Lee’s invention of the unbreakable umbrella was A.not eventually accepted by the umbrella producer B.inspired by the story behind the windshield wiper C.due to his dream of being caught in a rainstorm D.not related to Professor Joan McLean’s lectures 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第三段的内容可知,Tommy Lee发明的”不会折断的雨伞”就 是受到了雨刮器背后的故事的激励。 【答案】 B 4.Which of the following can best serve as the title of this ? passage? ? A.How to Help Students to Sell Their Inventions to ? Producers? ? B.How to Design a Built? in Device for Cleaning the ? Window? ? C.Shouldn’t We Know Who Invented the Windshield Wiper? D.Shouldn’t We Develop Invention Courses in Universities? 【解析】 主旨大意题。 通读全文可知,文章的第一段就是主题段,特别是第一段最后一句 充分体现了作者的心声,接下来的内容都是围绕第一段展开并为第一段服务的。 【答案】 C B Modern inventions have speeded up people’s lives amazingly.Motor? cars cover a hundred miles in little more than an hour,aircraft cross the world a day,while computers operate at lightning speed.Indeed,this love of speed seems never? ending.Every year motor? cars are produced which go even faster and each new computer boasts(吹嘘)of saving precious seconds in handling tasks. All this saves time,but at a price.When we lose or gain half a day in speeding across the world in an airplane,our bodies tell us so.We get the uncomfortable feeling known as jet? lag;our bodies feel that they have been left behind in ? another? time zone.Again,spending too long at .

computer ? results? in painful wrists and fingers.Mobi phones also have their dangers le according to some scientists;too much use may transmit harmful radiation into our brains,a consequence we do not like to think about. However,what do we do with the time we have saved?Certainly not relax or so it seems.We are so accustomed to constant activity that we find it difficult to sit and do nothing,or even just one thing at a time.Perhaps the days are long gone when we might listen quietly to a story on the radio,letting imagination take us into another world. There was a time when some people’s lives were devoted simply to the cultivation of the land or the care of cattle.No multi? tasking there;their lives went on at a much gentler pace,and in a familiar pattern.There is much that we might envy about a way of life like this.Yet before we do so,we must think of the hard tasks our ancestors faced;they farmed with bare hands,often lived close to hunger,and had to fashion tools from wood and stone.Modern machinery has freed people from that primitive existence. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。 新科技,新材料,新技术使得我们的地球变得越来越小, 新发明使得我们人类节省了大把大把的时间和精力,但是,与这些所谓的”所得”相比,我们也 失去了很多东西,我们没有时间放松自己,我们没有时间和精力享受自然,我们只是在一味地 忙碌…… 5.The new products become more and more time? saving ? because A.our love of speed seems never? ending. B.time is limited. C.the prices are increasingly high. D.the manufacturers boast a lot. 【解析】 细节理解题。由第一段中的Indeed,this love of speed seems never? ending. 句 一 可知本题选A 项。 【答案】 A 6.What does “the days” in Paragraph 3 refer to? A.Imaginary life. B.Simple life in the past. C.Times of inventions. D.Time for constant activity. 【解析】 词义猜测题。根据本句意思可以推断出此处the days 指的是:过像过去那样简 朴生活的日子,故本题选B项。 【答案】 B 7.What is the author’s attitude towards the modern technology? A.Critical. B.Objective. .

C.Optimistic. D.Negative. 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第三段中的Certainly not ? relax? ... 一句可以推断出本题选

B 项。 【答案】 B 8.What does the passage mainly discuss? A.The present and past times. B.Machinery and human beings. C.Imaginations and inventions. D.Modern technology and its influence. 【解析】 主旨大意题。根据主题段——第一段的大意可知,本文大意是说明现代科技及 其影响,故本题选D 项。 【答案】 D Ⅲ.阅读填句 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 Richard’s father died when he was five.Later on he lost his mother.An old woman felt sorry for the poor boy and ? often? helped him.Of course he had no money to go to school.He had to work for a rich farmer.The man paid him nothing except food andclothes.? some old books near the school and taught himself to read and write. ? 2 ? It connected the village and the town.One morning people found there was a big 1 ? He found

stone on it.It stopped them from going to town.They had to move it away,or they had to cross the mountain if they had something to do in the town.But the stone weighed thirty tons at least and the strongest young men couldn’t do that.? 3 men ? believed? him.? 4 ? Richard looked at it carefully for a while and said,”I have a way to move it away.”But few ? Night fell and people went home.Only the boy stayed there.To 5 ?. their surprise,the ? villagers? found the stone was gone the next morning.They didnt know ’ which spirit had moved it away.? ”How could he?”the rich farmer called out.”He’s only fifteen!He couldn’t move it at all!” ”He dug a big hole beside the stone,”said the old woman,”And then he could easily push it into the hole!” Looking at each other,the farmers couldn’t say a word. A.There seemed to be nothing strange in village. B.The old woman said Richard had done it all. C.There was a narrow path between two mountains. D.But the boy didn’t lose heart. E.Some farmers even laughed at the boy. F.The boy hoped he could do something for the villagers some day. G.They discussed for a long time,but nobody knew what to do. 【答案】 DCGEB

Module 5

A Trip Along the 随堂演练巩固

ree Gorges

Ⅰ.选词填空 1.Most of the parents agree to f 【答案】 forbid 2.The sea n 【答案】 narrows 3.Tom,who is my c 【答案】 colleague 4.The stories about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are l 【答案】 legends 5.The cliff is so 【答案】 steep 6.A lake is an area of water 【答案】 surrounded 7.He had a lot of trouble finding a parking s 【答案】 spot 8.The passengers on board the ship had to stay in the ?c the rainstorm. 【答案】 cabins 9.Grain products,vegetables,and fruit are important parts of a v 【答案】 varied/various 10.High mountains rise above the 【答案】 plain Ⅱ .句型转换 1.I had to ask for three days’ leave to look after my sick mother. I had to ask for 【答案】 three days off 2.Anywhere we go,we see new apartments are being built. we go,we see new apartments are being built. 【答案】 No matter where 3.Do you know the girl killed in the accident? Do you know the girl 【答案】 who was killed 4.He lives in a cabin with high trees surrounding it. He lives in a cabin high trees. in the accident. to look after my sick mother. (平原). diet. ? all the day as a result of in this crowded town. (包围) by land. (陡峭的) that none of us can climb up. not history. ,works in the same office with me. into a strait between the mainland and the island. their children to smoke.

【答案】 surrounded by/with 5.There are 30 more cities which have won the title of “Green City”,most of which are in the east. There City”, There City”,and 【答案】 most of them in the east;most of them are in the east Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Don’t be nervous!Lie down A.flat;deeply C.flat;deep D.flatly;deeply and breathe B.flatly;deep . are 30 more cities which are 30 more cities which have . have won the . title of “Green won the title of “Green

【解析】 句意是:不要紧张,平躺下,深呼吸。 用Lie down flat表示”平躺着”。 breath deeply” 深呼吸”。flatly”断然地;平淡地”。deep指具体的深度;deeply指”深深地;强烈地”。 【答案】 A 2.(2011江苏南外、金中、海中三校联考,22)Elizabeth Taylor,the Hollywood legend died at Cedars? Sinai Hospital with heart failure. A.to be surrounded B.having been surrounded C.surrounded D.surrounding 【解析】 此处用过去分词surrounded作伴随状语,与主语Elizabeth Taylor是逻辑上的被动 关系。A项表示”被动和将来”;B项表示”被动与完成”;D项表示”主动与进行”。 【答案】 C 3.(2011 安 徽 六 校 教 育 研 究 会 高 三 测 试 ,26)At the conference,people of different were given a chance to ? exchange? theirs with each other. A.points C.views B.manners D.ways by her four children after being taken to hospital six weeks ago

【 解 析 】 句 意 是 : 会 议 上 , 不 同 观 点 的 人 得 到 了 相 互 交 流 的 机 会 。 point” 要 点 ; 意 义”;manner”风格;举止”;view”风景;观看;观点”;way”方式”。 【答案】 C 4.Tonny and Clara said goodbye to each other,not knowing they an airport ten years later. A.were going to C.would B.were to meet each other at

D.had to

【解析】 句意:托尼和克拉拉相互道别,不知道十年后在一个机场又见面了。were to do 此处表示命中注定的事情。

【答案】 B 5.—Teenagers are not allowed to go to the net cafe.Is it the best measure to take? —That’s doubtful,but A.at least C.in all B.at most D.at last they’re finally doing something.

【解析】 句意是:”孩子们不允许去网吧。这是不是最好的措施呢?”“这值得怀疑,但至少 他们最终做了点事情。”此句要用at least表示”最起码”。at most”最多”;in all”总共”;at last”最 后”。 【答案】 A 6. A.Unless C.If only both sides accept the agreement will a lasting peace be established in this region. B.As long as D.Only if

【解析】 题干是一个部分倒装句,而四个选项中能够引起倒装的只有Only if。 【答案】 D 7.One car went too fast and A.narrowly C.hardly B.nearly D.closely missed hitting the other one.

【解析】 句意是:一辆车飞驰而过,差一点与另一辆车相撞。此句要用narrowly表示”勉 强”。nearly”几乎”;hardly”几乎不”;closely”密切地”。 【答案】 A 8.Mary did not like her coworker,Betty,and was A.distant C.separate B.indifferent D.conscious with her.

【解析】 此处的意思是”对她很冷淡”,所以要用distant构成be distant with sb.短语。 indifferent”冷淡的”,没有这种搭配;separate”单独的”;conscious”有意识的”。 【答案】 A 9.The students are forbidden,unless they have special ? passes? , A.stayed out B.to stay out C.staying out D.stay out 【解析】 句意是:学生们禁止晚上11点后在外面逗留,除非他们有特别通行证。 挖空处要 用to stay out,构成sb.is ? forbidden? to do sth. 句式。 【答案】 B 10.In a room above the store,where a party table. A.was to be held B.has been held ,some workers were busily setting the after 11 pm.

C.will be held D.is being held

【解析】 句意是:在商店上面的房间中,准备举行一次宴会,有些工作者正忙着布置桌子。 was to do是过去将来时,表示计划和打算。 【答案】 A

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2011浙江嘉兴教学测试二,7) the popularity of his film in China,Michael has set

up a Chinese website so he can communicate with his Chinese fans. A.In case of B.In search of

C.In view of D.In charge of 【解析】 句意是:鉴于他的电影在中国的受欢迎度,Michael建立了汉语网站,这样他可以 与他中国的影迷们进行交流。In case of”以防;万一”;In search of”寻找”;In view of”鉴于”;In charge of”负责”。 【答案】 C 2.(2011福建六校联考,24)The drunken driver,rather than the passers-by traffic accident. A.was to be blamed B.was to blame C.were to blame D.were to be blamed 【解析】 句意是:是那位酒驾的司机,而不是路人应该为这次交通事故负责。 to blame was 表示”该受到责备”,常用主动形式表示被动意义。 【答案】 B 3.When he looked up,he suddenly found himself at him anxiously. A.to be surrounded;which B.surrounded;who C.be surrounded;who D.having been surrounded;which 【解析】 句意是:当他抬头看的时候,突然发现自己被一群孩子们包围着,他们焦急地看 着他。 surrounded是过去分词作宾补,与宾语himself是被动关系;第二个空用who引导定语从句, 修饰先行词teenagers。 【答案】 B 4.They are forbidden A.to smoking B.to smoke C.smoked D.smoke 【解析】 Sb be forbidden后面一定是to do sth,意为”某人被禁止做某事”。 【答案】 B ,for they are still middle school students. by a group of teenagers, looked for the

5.We have the most population in the world,most of it A.to be C.are B.is D.being


【解析】 根据句中的逗号可知,后面的”most of it farmers”不是句子而是状语成分,所以 挖空处要用非谓语动词A或D项,不过,to be表示将来的时间概念,being表示现在的时间概念。 【答案】 D 6.—We’ve missed the train! — ,there will be another in ten minutes.

A.I’m sorry B.Excuse me C.I beg your pardon D.Never mind 【解析】 第二句的意思是”不要紧,10分钟后还有一班火车。”A项用于道歉;B项意为”打 扰了”;C项表示”请你再说一遍”。D项用来安慰对方,意为”不要紧”。 【答案】 D 7.There is a kingdom called Loulan which enjoyed high? level civilisation in the of China. A.faraway C.immense B.remote D.separate past

【解析】 句意是:在中国的远古时候,有一个楼兰王国享有高度的文明。 此句要用 remote 与past连用,表示”久远的过去”。faraway指距离”遥远的”;immense”极大的”;separate”单独的”。 【答案】 B 8.(2011浙江宁波八校联考,2)—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management? —If you make A./;/ C./;a B.the;a D.the;/ most of the equipment,there will be rise in production.

【解析】 句意是:”你可不可以就怎样改善经营管理方面说一说你的建议?”“如果你充分 利用设备的话,在产量方面就会有一个增长。”make the most of sth.是习惯短语,意为”充分利 用……”。rise属行为名词,前面常用不定冠词。 【答案】 B 9.The tourists often complained of being by the local peddlers(小贩),when they buy some souvenirs. A.ripped off B.ripped out C.ripped up D.ripped way 【解析】 句意是:游客经常抱怨,他们买纪念品时,经常被当地的小商小贩敲诈。此句要 用ripped off表示”敲诈”。 【答案】 A

10.—What’s your favourite sport? —Skiing. . B.I prefer it

A.I get a kick out of it

C.I choose it D.I’m used to it 【解析】 句意是:”你最喜欢的运动是什么?”“滑雪,我从滑雪中得到乐趣。 ”此句要用I get a kick out of it表示”从中得到乐趣”。B项的意思”我喜欢它”。D项的意思是”我已习惯了”。 【答案】 A 11.(预测)Catherine,who had been rather woman. A.common C.plain B.particular D.regular as a child,was now an attractive young

【解析】句意是:凯瑟琳小时候是一个平平常常的女孩,现在却是一位魅力十足的年轻女 子。common”常见的”;particular”特别的”;plain”平常的”;regular”有规律的”。 【答案】 C 12. you eat the correct foods be able to keep fit and stay healthy.

A.Only if;will you B.Only if;you will C.Unless;will you D.Unless;you will 【解析】 此题考查部分倒装语序。句意是:你只有吃恰当的食品才能够保持健康。Only 修饰if引导的条件状语从句,放到句首,主句产生部分倒装语序,助动词will放到主语you的前 面。Unless的位置变化不会引起倒装。 【答案】 A 13. ,as a beginner I’m not a very good driver yet.

A.Especially B.Naturally C.Luckily D.Specially 【解析】 句意是:我初学开车,当然开不好了。此句要用Naturally表示”自然地”。 Especially”尤其是”;Luckily”幸运地”;Specially”专门地”。 【答案】 B 14.When he the door,he found his keys were ? nowhere? .

A.would open B.opened C.had opened D.was to open 【解析】 此题考查过去将来时。句意是:当他刚想打开门时,他发现他的钥匙不见了。从 句的动作显然还没有发生,所以此处要用过去将来时,A.would open在时间状语从句中要用一 般过去时B.opened代替,而B.opened则表示”打开了门”,意义产生转变,所以排除A和B项。 C.hadopened是过去完成时,表示”过去的过去”,不符合时间要求。D.was to open可用在时间状 语从句中,表示过去的将来。 【答案】 D

15. on.

we drove ahead,the road

into a path,which made it impossible for us to go

A.While;limited C.When;reduced

B.As;narrowed D.As;contracts

【解析】 句意是:随着我们往前行驶,道路变得越来越窄了,成了一条小径,这让我们不能 继续往前走了。第一个空用As引导时间状语从句表示”随着”;第二个空用narrowed表示”变狭 窄”。limit”限制”;reduce”减少”;contract”?收缩? ” 。 【答案】 B Ⅱ.完形填空 (2011江苏南京二模) Some years ago I was offered a writing assignment that would require three months of travel through Europe.I had been ? 1 ? a couple of times,but I could hardly ? 2 ? to know my ways around the continent.? a little college French. I ? 5 ? .How would I,unable to speak the language,? 6 ? familiar with local ? ?It seemed geography or transportation ? systems? ,conduct interviews and do ? 7 impossible,and with considerable ? ? .Halfway through,a ? 10 11 ? the assignment. There were some bad ? 12 ? .But by the time I had ? finished? the trip,I was an experienced traveler.And ever since,I have never hesitated to head for even the most ? 13 ? places,without guides or ? 14 ? advanced bookings,confident that somehow I will ? 15 ?. The point is that the new,the different,is almost by ? definition? ? 16 ? .But each time you try something,you learn,and as the learning ? 17 ? ,the world opens to you. I’ve learned to ski at 40,and flown up the Rhine River in a(n)? worry as another name for ? 19 1.A.aboard C.away B.abroad D.out 18 ? .And I know I go ’ll 3 ? ,my knowledge of foreign languages was ? 4 ? to

8 ? I sat down to write a letter rejecting the ? 9

? ran through my mind:you can learn if you don’t try.So I ? ’t

on doing such things.It’s not because I’m braver or more daring than others.I’m not.But I’ll accept ? and I believe I can ? 20 ? wonders.

【解析】 我已经出国好几次了。go abroad出国。与上文有机会周游欧洲3个月形成上下 文关联。go aboard上车,上船等;go away离开;go out出去,都不符合文意。 【答案】 B 2.A.claim C.hope B.declare D.deny

【解析】 我不敢宣称我知道周游欧洲大陆的线路,claim声称。 declare宣布;hope希望;deny 否认。

【答案】 A 3.A.Somehow C.Instead B.However


【解析】 另外,我的外语知识仅局限于一点点大学法语。moreover另外,与前句是递进关 系;somehow不知何故;however然而;instead相反。 【答案】 D 4.A.accustomed C.limited B.added


【解析】 be limited to 局限于,限制于,是固定结构。 be ? accustomed? to 习惯于;be added to 被加到……;be suited to 适合于。 【答案】 C 5.A.resigned B.hesitated C.trembled D.suspected 【解析】 我犹豫了。hesitate”犹豫”,根据后文可知作者有很多的顾虑,因此非常犹豫。 resign辞职,放弃;tremble颤抖;suspect怀疑。 【答案】 B 6.A.only too B.more than

C.apart from D.far from 【解析】 不会说该国的语言,对当地的地理或者交通系统一点都不熟悉,我怎么能够去采 访 和 进 行 研 究 呢 ?far from familiar with” 远 远 不 熟 悉 ……” 是 固 定 用 法 。 only too 仅 仅 太……;more than非常;apart from远离。 【答案】 D 7.A.operations C.research B.experiments


【解析】 do research 进行研究。 作者去欧洲是有作业要写的,因此得去采访和进行研究。 operation 手术;experiment 实验;business 生意,都不符合题意。 【答案】 C 8.A.regret C.terror B.doubt D.disappointment

【解析】 带着很大的遗憾,我坐下来写信。 根据下文可知,作者写信的目的是拒绝这次派 遣,这是一个非常遗憾的事情。regret遗憾,符合文意。doubt怀疑;terror恐怖;disappointment失 望。 【答案】 A 9.A.request C.trust B.job D.assignment

【解析】 经过反复思考作者决定写信拒绝这个任务。? assignment? 任务,与前文呼应。

request请求;job工作;trust信任。 【答案】 D 10.A.reaction B.thought C.meaning D.conflict 【解析】 写到一半的时候,一个想法突然在我脑海里闪过。thought想法,念头,符合句意。 reaction反应;meaning意义;conflict冲突。 【答案】 B 11.A.accomplished B.received C.accepted D.resisted 【解析】 最后作者还是接受了这个任务。accept接受。? accomplish?完成;receive收 到;resist抵制,都不符合题意。 【答案】 C 12.A.exchanges C.trips B.conditions


【解析】 周游过程中还有些不好的经历。experience经历;exchange交换;condition条件, 状况;trip旅途。 【答案】 D 13.A.remote B.accessible C.interesting D.crowded 【 解 析 】 自 那 以 后 , 我 再 也 不 犹 豫 了 , 哪 怕 是 去 最 为 偏 远 的 地 方 。 remote 偏 远 的;accessible 可使用的;interesting 有趣的;crowded 拥挤的。 【答案】 A 14.A.still C.even B.ever D.yet

【解析】 没有向导甚至没有预定。even甚至,表示递进。still仍然;ever曾经;yet然而。 【答案】 C 15.A.do C.make B.manage D.fit

【解析】 相信自己不管怎么样都能应付得了的。manage能应付的,符合句意。I will do 只能表示我会做某事,而不表示我能行;make应该说 I will make it;fit适合,?合身?。 【答案】 B 16.A.astonishing B.frightening

C.fascinating D.exciting 【解析】 新的东西,不同的东西按理都是令人感到恐惧的。frightening令人恐惧的,符合 句意。astonishing令人惊讶的;fascinating迷人的;exciting令人兴奋的。 【答案】 B

17.A.comes up C.piles up

B.shows up

D.steps up

【解析】 随着所学东西的积累,一个世界就会为你打开大门。 pile up积累。 come up临近, 上前;show up出现;step up加速。 【答案】 C 18.A.airplane B.motorboat C.surfboard D.balloon 【解析】 我40岁学会滑雪,乘坐气球飞越莱茵河。根据句中flown up飞越,可知作者是乘 坐气球。 【答案】 D 19.A.goal C.struggle B.opportunity D.challenge

【解析】 我接受担心,并把担心当做挑战的代名词……。 根据前文所提内容可知,作者勇 于接受挑战,尽管一开始非常担心,因此选择challenge。 【答案】 D 20.A.work C.win B.own D.achieve

【解析】 我相信我能创造奇迹。work wonders相当于do wonders,意为”创造奇迹”。其余 搭配意义不当。 【答案】 A Ⅲ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文 中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后?的词?。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 Music and songs play a important part in our daily life.For example,it can bring us pleasure and make us happy.? Besides? ,they can help us improve our study and working efficiency(效率).I fond of listening to songs and music very much,but my favoritesong is Country Road.The lyrics and music bring me into a beautiful world in that I am loved and cared by Grandma.What’s more,they make me think of my wonderful childhood was spent in my hometown and I can still remember the game played with my young fellow.In a word,once enjoying,the song will never be forgotten. 【答案】 第一句: a ? an

第二句: it ? they 第三句: study ? studying 第四句:fond前加am 第四句: but ? and 第五句: that ? which 第五句:care后加for 第六句:去掉was或在was前加that或which 第六句: fellow ? fellows 第七句: enjoying ? enjoyed

Module 6

Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World 随堂演练巩固

Ⅰ.选词填空 be connected to indicate due to quite something generous identity destruction

fierce unpredictable reputation 1.—Tom got the first prize in the English competition. —It’s .He had never done better. 【答案】 quite something 2.That lonely old man was suspected 【答案】 to be connected to 3.He is very — he often buys things for other people. the crime.

【答案】 generous 4.He had lost his 【答案】 identity 5.The sudden tidal wave caused great 【答案】 destruction 6.They managed to arrive at the foot of the mountain 【答案】 due to 7.He disagreed with what I said at the meeting,which was 【答案】 unpredictable 8.Don’t get close to it;it will attack you for it is a 【答案】 fierce 9.Her mother 【答案】 indicated 10.He has a 【答案】 reputation Ⅱ.完成句子 1.讲演者直述要点。 The speaker 【答案】 came straight to the point 2.这些事实有助于阐明我们一直在讨论的这件事。 These facts help to 【答案】 throw light on 3.他今天晚上不可能来参加宴会。 He to attend the party this evening. the matter we’ve been discussing. for honesty,so the leaders all believe in him. what we should do first before we ? began? . animal. . the help of the local people. to the town. card and was being questioned by the police.

【答案】 is unlikely

4.我对于他的诚实感到怀疑。 I felt his honesty.

【答案】 skeptical about Ⅲ.单项填空 1.(2011山东威海模拟,30)A website claims A.uncovering B.having uncovered Coco-Cola’s top secret recipe.

C.to uncover D.to have uncovered 【解析】 句意是:一家网站声称已发现了可口可乐的高级秘密配方。 claim后面常用不定 式,在此句要用不定式的完成式表示发生在以前。 【答案】 D 2.Our success was largely A.because C.due to B.result from D.thanks to the good cooperation of all team members.

【解析】 句意是:我们的成功主要是由于所有球员的良好合作。because是连词,要改为 短语介词。result from是动词短语,不能作表语。due to是形容词短语,意为”因为”;thanks to”多 亏了”,不能作表语。 【答案】 C 3. from Milan Trenc’s novel,the film Night at the Museum brings to life a world

where dinosaurs wander the earth. A.Adapted B.Adapting D.To be adapted

C.Having adapted

【解析】 句意是:电影《博物馆之夜》是由Milan Trenc的小说改编而成的,它把漫步地球 的恐龙世界描述的活灵活现。 Adapt在此句的意思是”改编”,作状语,与主语the film是被动关系, 故用其过去分词形式。D项虽然表示被动,但它表示将来,不适合此句的时态。 【答案】 A 4.—Did you look up the time of trains to Shanghai? —Yes,the early train is A.likely C.possible B.about D.due to leave at 5:30 am.

【解析】 句意是:”你查过去上海的火车出发的时间了吗?”“查过了,早班火车预定要在早 晨五点半出发。”likely可能;? about? to do 即将做某事;possible的主语不能是具体的人或 物;due to do预定做某事。 【答案】 D 5.It’s acknowledged that the traffic accident was largely A.for C.thanks to B.due to D.with a result of the driver’s carelessness.

【解析】 句意是:人们都承认,交通事故大部分是因为司机的粗心而造成的。 此句要用due to作表语,意为”正因为”。 【答案】 B

提升能力达标 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.China has got a good organization. A.reputation C.impression D.knowledge 【解析】 句意是:中国因为以认真并且顺利的组织形式战胜流感而赢得了很好的名声。 A.reputation”名声”;influence”影响”;impression”印象”;knowledge”知识”。 【答案】 A 2.I like Mr.Miner’s speech;it was clear and A.at C.to B.on D.of the point. B.influence for fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth

【解析】 句意是:我喜欢Miner先生的讲座,他的讲座清晰且简明扼要。此句要用to the point表示”切题;切中?要害? ” 。 【答案】 C 3.—How can we to a changeable environment? —By constant study and changing our ideas. A.adopt C.add B.adapt D.admit

【解析】 第一句话的意思是”我们如何才能适应多变的环境?”adopt”采用;收养 “;adapt “适应;改编”;add”增加”;admit”承认”。 【答案】 B 4.If we don’t take steps,some rare animals,such as the ? Tibetan? antelopes and pandas will A.die out C.die down some day just as dinosaurs. B.die away D.die off

【解析】句意是:如果我们不采取措施的话,一些像藏羚羊和熊猫一样的稀有动物有一天 就会像恐龙一样灭绝的。die out”灭绝”;die away”消失”;die down”减弱”;die off”相继死去”。 【答案】 A 5.—He runs his own company at the age of 21. —

A.Good luck! B.That’s quite something. C.Congratulations! D.It’s hard to say. 【解析】 句意是”他21岁时就开办了自己的公司。”“真了不起。”Good luck!”祝你好 运”;That’s quite something”真了不起”;Congratulations!”祝贺你!”;It’s hard to say.”很难说啊”。 【答案】 B 6. A./;the C.The;a book I read yesterday is so interesting that I want to read it B.The;/ D.A;the second time.

【 解 析 】 第 一 个 空 用 定 冠 词 表 示 特 指 ; 第 二 个 空 用 不 定 冠 词 ,a second 在 此 处 表 示”another”。 【答案】 C 7.Dogs have a very good earthquake. A.sense C.means B.view D.idea of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an

【解析】 句意是:狗有很好的嗅觉,所以经常被用来在地震中寻找那些幸存的人。have a sense of...是固定词组,意为”有……感”。have a good view of”很好地看到……”;means”手段”, 不能构成这个词组;have an idea of”了?解……? ” 。 【答案】 A 8.(2011福建质量检查, 22)—When is the next train arriving? —It’s A.due C.straight at 7:30. B.normal D.convenient

【解析】 句意是:”下一班火车什么时候到?”“预期是7:30”。此句要用due表示”预定的”。 normal”标准的”;straight”直接的”;convenient”方便的”。 【答案】 A 9.The police have been looking into the case and recent ? investigations? the two men died. A.thrown light on B.had an effect on C.turned a blind eye to D.taken advantage of 【解析】 句意是:警方一直在调查这起案件,最近的调查已说明了这两个人是如何死的。 此句要用thrown light on表示”说明”。 B项”对……有影响”;C项”对……视而不见”;D项”利用”。 【答案】 A 10.Come .I want to tell you that she is related to him and that you must study it . have how

A.close;close;close B.closely;close;close C.close;closely;closely D.closely;closely;close 【解析】 close和closely都是副词,close表示”靠近、贴近”之意,而closely则是抽象概念, 表示”密切地,秘密地”。所以正确答案为C项。 【答案】 C 11.As the famous expert says,the secret of happiness is to think about optimistic. A.attentive C.negative B.positive D.opposite things and stay

【解析】 句意是:正如那位著名的专家所说,幸福的秘密是想一些正面的事情,保持乐观。 attentive”集中注意力的”;positive”正面的”;negative”反面的”;opposite”相?反的? ” 。 【答案】 B 12.The restlessness of animals A.expresses B.impresses C.indicates D.reminds 【解析】 句意是:动物的焦躁不安表明有可能发生地震。express表达;impress给……印 象;indicate暗示;remind 提醒,要构成remind sb.of sth.句式。 【答案】 C 13.In order to learn about the actuality of the citizens’ life and not to get his out,the mayor pretended to be a traveler and began to chat with the natives. A.identification C.truth D.role B.identity found a possible coming of an earthquake.

【解析】 句意是:为了了解市民生活的真实情况,也为了不让人发现他的身份,这位市长 装作一位游客开始与当地人聊起来。 【答案】 B 14.The teachers felt it a great pity that Bob,the most excellent student end-of-term examination. A.should cheat C.was cheated B.should have cheated D.should be cheated in the class,in the

【解析】 此题用should have cheated表示惊奇,句意是:老师们觉得班里最优秀的学生鲍 勃竟然在期终考试作弊真是遗憾。 【答案】 B 15. I’ve come straight to the point A.why C.that B.which D.where I can’t stand her ? arguing? any longer.

【解析】 point作先行词用时,后面的定语从句引导词如果在从句中作状语,要用where。

【答案】 D Ⅱ.阅读理解 A A recent study of ancient and modern elephant has come up with the unexpected conclusion that the African elephant is divided into two distinct species. The discovery was made by researchers at York and Harvard University when they were examining the genetic relationship between the ancient woolly mammoth and mastodon modern elephants? the Asian elephant,African forest elephant,and African savanna elephant. Once they obtain DNA sequences( 序 列 )from two fossils( 化 石 ),mammoths and mastodons,the team compared them with DNA from modern elephants.They found their amazement that modern forest and savanna elephants are as distinct from each other as Asian elephants and mammoths. The scientists used detailed genetic analysis to prove that the African savanna elephant and the African forest elephant have been distinct species for several million years.The divergence of the two species took place around the time of the divergence of Asian elephants and woolly mammoths.This result amazed all the scientists. There has long been debate in the scientific community that the two might be separate species,but this is the most convincing scientific evidence so far that they are indeed different species. Previously,many naturalists believed that African savanna ?elephants? and African forest elephants were two populations of the same species,despite the elephants’ significant size differences.The savanna elephant has an average shoulder height of 3.5 metres while the forest elephant has an average shoulder double the weight of the forest elephant.But the fact that they look so different does not necessarily mean they are different species.However the proof lay in the analysis of the DNA. Alfried Roca,assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois,said,”We now have to treat the forest and savanna elephants as two difficult units for conservation purpose.Since 1950,all African elephants have been conserved as one species.Now that we know the forest and savanna elephants have been distinct animals,the forest elephant should become a bigger priority(优先)for conservation purposes.” 【语篇解读】 本文讲述了一项新的科学发现:非洲森林大象和非洲草原大象是两个不同 的物种。 1.One of the fossils studied by the researchers is that of A.the Asian elephant C.the savanna elephant B.the forest elephant D.the mastodon elephant .

【 解 析 】 细 节 理 解 题 。 由 第 三 段 第 一 句 话 ”...two fossils( 化 石 ),mammoths and mastodons...”可知D项正确。

【答案】 D 2.The underlined word “divergence” in Paragraph 4 means “ A.evolution B.exhibition C.separation D.examination 【解析】 词义猜测题。科学家们一直在证明非洲森林大象和非洲草原大象是两个不同 的物种,它们之间的分歧使科学家们大为惊讶。 【答案】 C 3.The researchers’ conclusion was based on a study of the African elephant’s A.DNA C.weight B.height D.population . .”

【解析】 细节理解题。 由倒数第二段最后一句话”However the proof lay in the analysis of the DNA.”可知。 【答案】 A 4.What are Alfred Roca’s words mainly about? A.The conservation of African elephant B.The purpose of studying African elephant C.The way to divide African elephants into two units D.The reason for the distinction of African elephants 【解析】 推理判断题。由文章最后一段中”...for conservation purposes.”可知A项正确。 【答案】 A 5.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A.Naturalist’ Beliefs about Elephants B.Amazing Experiments about Elephants C.An Unexpected Finding about Elephants D.A Long Scientific Debate about Elephants 【解析】 主旨大意题。全文讲述了关于非洲大象的一项意外的发现。 【答案】 C B My students often tell me that they don’t have “enough time” to do all their schoolwork. My reply is often a brief “You have as much time as the president.” I usually carry on a bit about there being twenty? four hours in the day for everyone,and suggest that “not ? enough? time” is not an acceptable explanation of not getting something done. Once in graduate school,I tried to prove to one of my professors by saying that I was working hard.His answer to me was,”That’s irrelevant (无关的).What’s important is the quality of your work.” Since then I have had time to think carefully about the “hard worker” dodge (诀窍),and I have come to some conclusions — all relevant to the problem of how much time we have. If you analyze the matter,you can identify two parts of the problem:There is,of course,the

matter of “time”,which we can think of as fixed.Then there is the problem of “work” during that time.But,as my professor suggested,it’s not how hard one works but the quality of the product that’s important. That led me to a new idea:the quality of the work.That concept is perhaps best explained by a sign I once saw on the wall in someone’s office:”Don’t work harder.Work smarter.” There is a lot of sense in that idea. If you can’t get more time,and few of us can,the only solution is to improve the quality of the work.That means thinking of ways to get more out of the same time than we might otherwise get.That should lead us to an analysis of our work habits.Since “work” for students usually means “homework”,the expression “work habits” should be read as “study habits”. Then,as a smart student,you will seek to improve those skills that you use in study,chiefly reading and writing.If you learn to read better and write better,there are big benefits that pay off in all your studies. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议议论文。每个人每天拥有的时间都是相同的,那么想 把事情做好就要有一定的技巧了。作者认为:不要苦干,要巧干。 6.From the passage,we know that the author is probably A.a poet B.an educator .

C.a novelist D.an engineer 【解析】 文体判断题。作者在本文中主要对学生反映没有足够时间做作业的原因进行 了分析,并且归纳出”培养好的学习习惯”的结论,由此可以推断出作者是一个教育家。 【答案】 B 7.We can infer from the 2nd paragraph that we students still A.have enough time B.can meet the president C.get everything done well D.should accept the explanation 【解析】 推理判断题。第二段指出:你的时间和总统的时间一样多。并认为把”时间不 够”作为没有完成某事的理由是不可接受的。由此推断:我们学生仍有充足的时间。 【答案】 A 8.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The author’s students make good use of their time to do all their homework. B.The author tried to tell the professor that he/she (author) had done a good job. C.You can’t improve the quality of the work if you can’t get more time. D.You’ll try to improve your skills in reading and writing if you’re a clever student. 【解析】 细节理解题。A项与第一段和第二段内容不符;? B 项?中的...a good job与第 三段第一句中的...working hard不符;C项与第六段中的第一句不符;D项与最后一段的第一句 意思相吻合。 .

【答案】 D 9.What’s the passage mainly about? A.Students don’t have enough time. B.Don’t work harder;work smarter. C.No one can get more time. D.Read better and write better. 【解析】 主旨归纳题。由文章大意可知本文主题是:不要苦干,要巧干。而A、C、D项 都是文章的部分细节。 【答案】 B 难句注释: I usually carry on a bit about there being twenty? four hours in the day for everyone,and suggest that “not enough time” is not an acceptable explanation of not getting something done.我 通常坚持说,一天对每个人来说都是24小时,并且表明,”没有足够的时间”不是没有把工作做 完的可以接受的解释。carry on “坚持”。 Ⅲ.书面表达 一个好的学生应该具有许多优秀品质(如下图所示),你认为哪个或哪两个是最重要的呢? 为什么?请分析原因,并结合自己的生活实际,写下你的感悟。

备注:passion(热情)、self? discipline( 自制力)、perseverance(毅力); 要求:1.词数:120左右; 2.题目自拟; 3.文中不得出现真实的学生姓名。 注意:1.文章连贯,条理清楚,详略得当; 2.分析原因,结合实际,写出真情实感。

参考范文: Being responsible,honest and hard? working is of great importance to a good student.Personally speaking,I strongly believe that honesty is the most important among dozens of good qualities. As the proverb says,”Honesty is the best policy”The most important element in human relationships,whether business or personal,is trust. Here is one of my secrets.I once lied to my parents ? because? of my poor scores.Having known the fact that I failed to pass the exam from teachers,they didn’t scold me but pointed out my mistake.They encouraged me to study hard,showing their deep love.Later I choose to be frank.It is better to stick to the truth! From then on,I have kept the following in my mind:If it is not true,don’t say it.Honesty is not only the best policy,but also a principle,which is absolutely essential for the good and happy living of life.

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