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广东省饶平县2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空选编(5)

广东饶平县 2016 高考英语二轮完形填空选编(5)
完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 I have enjoyed stories about the kindness of strangers in Pittsburgh. Now I have one to share. I set off one morning with my _16_to get a few groceries. I forgot the bags I _17_bring in order to take my own groceries, and on the way to the car, I _18_the necessary coins in the snow-covered grass. We finally got our groceries, and waited patiently in a checkout line behind a _19_. I put all my groceries onto the conveyor belt. It was a busy morning there, and the next person put a lot of goods on the back of the belt behind me. I _20_then that my wallet was in my other coat pocket back at home and I was stuck with no way to pay, and no way to get out of the line 21 . I told my daughter at that moment, “Daddy is _22_!”She was kind enough to offer, “No, you’re not; you’re my daddy!” The woman in front_ 23_this and asked, “How much do you need? I have some money.” I told her I had no way to return the money, but she _24_paying for me. I couldn’t thank her enough. She_25_said, “It’s no problem; just pay it forward.” Stories about the kindness of_26_may be common and frequent, _27_now I want to say thank you to the woman again. And I will pay it forward when I next get the opportunity. 16. A. son 17. A. usually 18. A. chose 19. A. man 20. A. believed 21. A. luckily quietly 22. A. stupid 23. A. discussed B. strange B. noticed C. poor C. experienced D. busy D. hated B. daughter B. early B. forgot B. woman B. realized B. patiently C. dad C. carefully C. dropped C. child C. thought C. easily D. mom D. gladly D. brought D. student D. guessed D.


24. A. insisted on planned for 25. A. nervously 26. A. friends 27. A. and

B. laughed at

C. called on


B. proudly B. families B. but CABAC CA

C. simply C. strangers C. until

D. excitedly D. neighbors D. for


【重庆市名校联盟 2014 联合模拟】B 完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答 题卡上涂黑。 Greeting is an act of communication to make the presence accepted by each other. While greeting customs may_28_within a culture according to social position and relationship, they exist in all _29_ human cultures. Greeting can be expressed both in words and physically, and often have a _30_of the two. The form of greeting _31_ social customs and relationship. Beyond the _32_ greeting, which may sometimes have a hand shake, facial expression, body language and eye contact can all tell what _33_of greeting is expected. Although hand shakes, hugs, bows, nods and nose rubbing are all acceptable greetings, the most common greeting in many_ 34_ is a kiss, or kisses on the cheek. For example, in France, two kisses are most __35__ and in Russia and Egypt, it is customary to kiss cheeks three times. 28. A. improve 29. A. known 30. A. construction 31. A. belongs to with 32. A. personal B. national C. unusual D. formal

B. change B. strange B. description B. depends on

C. keep C. developed C. combination C. results from

D. disappear D. creative D. collection D. deals

33. A. type 34. A. seasons 35. A. special

B. time B. cultures B. ordinary ABC

C. meaning C. companies C. common

D. theme D. fields D. strange


完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 The ringing of the phone runs through my head,telling me someone needs help.I pick it up and __1__ the routine,“Teen Lifeline,this is Amber.” About 45 minutes later I hang up,feeling pleased because I’ve __2__ another teen.Volunteering at Teen Lifeline has helped me realize how to deal with my own __3__ and help others. “My mom is always fighting with me.I want to run away.” Some teens feel their __4__ is a prison,rather than a place of shelter and safety.They feel parents are only there to make their lives __5___.We try to help the teens realize the danger they could be in without giving them advice.All we can do is to ask questions.We also try to__6__ where the teens would go and how they would survive.We give them a phone number if they still don’t want to live in their “prison”. “I don’t want to __7__ any more” is something we hear,and suicide calls are some of the hardest to __8__.We try to discover why they want to take their lives and how __9__ they are by asking them to rate it on a scale of one to ten.One means they are __10__ suicide but haven’t decided how,and ten means they are always thinking about it and have a __11__.We ask them to make a promise that they will not hurt __12__.And sometimes we ask for their telephone numbers so that we can call back to make sure that they are okay. Although many calls are about relatively __13__ problems,volunteering at Teen Lifeline has helped me realize I’m not the only person with problems,and has taught me how to __14__ with my heart.I have made a __15__ and saved many lives—possibly even my own,too.




D.stop D.forgiven D.problems

2.A.contacted B.known


3.A.decisions B.opinions C.disadvantages 4.A.home B.school

C.bedroom D.classroom

5.A.simple B.unusual C.terrible D.happy 6.A.insist on B.advise on C.find out D.set aside

7.A.study B.live C.call D.listen 8.A.carry out B.find out C.believe in 9.A.serious D.deal with

B.curious C.nervous D.ashamed C.considering D.performing

10.A.accepting B.objecting 11.A.question B.doubt

C.purpose D.plan D.ourselves

12.A.the other B.the rest C.themselves 13.A.small B.important 14.A.listen C.normal


B.see C.learn


15.A.decision B.choice

C.promise D.difference

1.B [作者的工作是接听求助电话,因此电话铃响意味着他日常工作的开始。] 2.C [通过文章 2、3 段的事例可知,作者是为求助者提供帮助。] 3.D [根据后文(特别是最后一段)可知,作者帮助别人解决问题的同时也为自己解决了问 题。] 4.A [根据前文的“My mom is always fighting with me.”,及后文的“They feel parents are only there...”可知,这里是讲一些年轻人对家的感觉。] 5.C [前文提到一些年轻人觉得家是监狱,因此只有 C 符合语境。] 6.C [通过上题可知,“我们”并不提供建议,因此排除 A、B 两项;“我们”作为咨询者, 当然也不会对求助者的去向置之不理,因此排除 D 项。] 7.B [根据此空后的“suicide calls”可知答案。] 8.D [该空后文提到的内容都是有关如何“处理”suicide calls 的。] 9.A [根据后文的“asking them to rate it...”以及对最低和最高分数的解释可知,这 里是指“我们”试着发现他们自杀倾向有多严重。] 10.C [与下文的“thinking about”对应。] 11.D [这里是解释最低和最高分数代表的不同自杀倾向。这里选 plan 与前文的“decided

how”对应。] 12.C [前面提到了自杀,因此是指伤害他们自己。] 13.A [根据句首的 although 可知答案为 A。] 14.A [“我”在青少年求助热线做志愿者,首先要学会用心聆听。] 15.D [该句意思为:我改变了(求助者)的生活,挽救了许多生命——甚至也挽救了我自己 的生命。]

【2014 高考英语广东省中山市华侨中学三模试题】 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1-15 各题所给的 ABC 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并 填写在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 Another person’s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved. That person was my stepmother. I was nine years old when she entered our home in rural Virginia. My father introduced me to her with these words: “I would like you to meet the fellow who is ___1 for

being the worst boy in this county and will probably start throwing rocks at you no ___2 than tomorrow morning.” my head slightly upward, and looked me right . This is

My stepmother walked over to me, ___3

in the eye. Then she looked at my father and replied, “You are ___4

not the worst boy at all, but the smartest one who hasn’t yet found an outlet(释 放的途径)for his enthusiasm.” That statement began a(n) ___5 between us. No one had ever called me smart. My family as a bad boy. My stepmother changed all

and neighbors had built me up in my ___6 that. She changed many things. She ___7

my father to go to a dental school, from which

he graduated with honors. She moved our family into the county seat, where my father’s career could be more ___8 and my brother and I could be better___9 .

When I turned fourteen, she bought me a secondhand___10

and told me that she believed

that I could become a writer. I knew her enthusiasm, I___11 had already improved our lives. I accepted her ___12

it, and I saw how it

and began to write for local

newspapers. I was doing the same kind of writing that great day I went to interview Andrew Carnegie and received the task which became my life’s work later. I wasn’t the only beneficiary (受益者). My father became the ___13 man in town. My brother

and stepbrothers became a physician, a dentist, a lawyer, and a college president. What power enthusiasm has! When that power is released to support the certainty of one’s purpose and is ___14 strengthened by faith, it becomes an irresistible .

force which poverty and temporary defeat can never ___15

You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it. This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm.

1. A. distinguished 2. A. sooner 3. A. dragged 4. A. perfect 5. A. agreement 6. A. opinion 7. A. begged 8. A. successful 9. A. treated 10. A. camera 11. A. considered 12. A. belief 13. A. cleverest 14. A. deliberately 15. A. win 【参考答案】完形填空: 1-5. ABCCB

B. favored B. later B. shook B. right B. friendship B. image B. persuaded B. meaningful B. entertained B. radio

C. mistaken C. longer C. raised C. wrong C. gap C. expectation C. ordered C. helpful C. educated

D. rewarded D. earlier D. bent D. impolite D. relationship D. mind D. invited D. useful D. respected

C. bicycle C. ignored C. criticism

D. typewriter D. appreciated D. description D. healthiest

B. suspected B. request B. strongest B. happily B. match

C. wealthiest

C. traditionally D. constantly C. reach D. doubt

6-10. DBACD

11-15. DACDB


【四川省绵阳市 2014 高考英语一模试题】 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 Doing community service work, I spent three or four hours handing out warm dinner to the homeless out in the streets. After that I went to a far from the Bay Bridge. I was in high school and at the time my sister was too young to wanted to help, me to 39 38 37 . She 36 shelter not

she made four or five dozen chocolate chip cookies for

and hand out to people. When getting to the homeless shelter 40 cookies

I passed out the remaining meals. I had the containers with my in them and began to I 42 41 , offering them to anyone near me.

an old gentleman and said, "Sir, would you like a cookie?" He 43 in the eye and said, "What did 44 a little

stopped and turned around, looked at me

you say? Did you call me sir?" I told him I had, and his eyes bit and he said, "No one has aback. It struck me. I explained I had been raised that everyone deserved 47 46 45

called me sir." He was completely taken

color and social status, 48 to think that just 50 ,

. It made me 49

because he was homeless, no one and I couldn't help 51

him the honor. It broke my 52

cry. I just didn't understand

no one ever

called him sir? I had never thought that anyone was below me because I wasn't raised that way. Every 53 person deserves to be treated with dignity. Years later, 54 it taught me. Sometimes, what we take

I still carry that memory and the for granted can 55

make a difference in someone's life.

How have you made a difference to others? How have others made a difference to you?

36. A. useless homeless 37. A. participate choose 38. A. however yet 39. A. bring collect 40. A. classmate's family's 41. A. walk around 42. A. went approached 43. A. right still 44. A. watered tore 45. A. already still 46. A. in spite of 47. A. happiness respect D. met

B. careless D. hopeless B. involve D. go B. but D. so B. fetch D. take B. schoolmate's C.




C. sister's


B. knock around B. came

C. come around C.

D. stand around

B. even D. just B. cried D. dropped B. ever D. yet B. regardless of




C. concerned about

D. for fear

B. truth D. help B. sad B. afforded D. supplied B. mind D. heart B. and D. or


48. A. strong-minded 49. A. handed provided 50. A. eyes opinions 51. A. but until

C. frightened C.

D. pleased




52. A. what whether 53. A. single ordinary 54. A. stories experiences 55. A. equally really

B. when D. why B. poor D. normal B. lessons D. tears B. hardly D. finally C. C.



完形填空:(每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 36. C. 下文 39 和 40 之间有提示。 37. A. 妹妹年幼无法参加服务工作。 38. D. 因此她做了饼干让我带着。 39. D. 同上。 40. C. 容器里装着妹妹做的饼干。 41. A. 四处走发给周围的人饼干。 42. C. 走近一位老人。 43. A. 他直视我的眼睛。 44. A. 老人因激动而流泪。 45. B. 曾经。 46. B. 不受??的影响。 47. C. 称呼老人"先生"是一种尊重,没有种族和社会地位的区分。 48. B. 老人无家可归又受人歧视使我感到伤心。 49. B. afford 此处意为"给予"。 50. D. 想到老人的境遇,我很伤心。 51. A. can't help but do 为固定搭配。 52. D. 我不理解为什么没有人称他先生。 53. A. 每一个人。 54. B. 得到的教训, teache sb. a lesson. 55. C. 真正起作用。


- 10 -

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