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Unit4 Why don't you talk to your parents短语及综合测试题

Unit4 why don't you talk to your parents

Key phrases: 1.have free time 有空闲时间 have time to do sth. 有时间做某事 have free time to do sth 有空闲时间做某事 2. allow sb. (not) to do sth. 允许某人(不)做某事 allow sth. / doing sth . 允许某事/ 做某事 3. hang out with sb.与某人闲逛 4.have too many after-school classes 有太多的课后辅导课 5. get enough sleep 得到足够的睡眠 6. get into a fight with sb.=have a fight with sb. = fight with sb .与某人打架 7. study until midnight 学到午夜 8. go to sleep earlier 早点睡觉 9. talk to / with sb. 和某人谈话 10. talk about sth /sb. 谈论某事 / 某人 11. too many+ 可数名词的复数形式 /too much+不可数名词太 多… 12. write sb. a letter=write a letter to sb= write to sb 给某人写信 13. call sb. up=call sb. 给某人打电话 14. surprise sb. 使某人惊讶 15. go to one’s house 去某人的家 16.take sb to the ball game 带某人去看球赛 17. on the phone 通过电话,在电话中 18. look through 浏览 19. be angry with sb.about sth. 关于某事而生某人的气 20. a big deal 一件 重要的事 21. find sb doing sth 发现某人正在做某事 22. work out 解决,计算 23. get on/along (well) with sb 与某人相处(很好) 24. fight a lot 经常打架 25. hang over 笼罩, 挂在……上 26. instead of + n / v-ing + pron ( 代词) 代替,反而 instead( 放于句末) 代 替 27. refuse to do sth 拒绝做某事 28. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 offer sb. sth= offer sth. to sb. 给某人提供某物 29. so that + 从句 为了,以便于 30. all the time= always 一直 , 反复 31. mind sb. (not) doing sth. 介意某人(不)做某事 32. in future=from now on 今后,从现在起 in the future 在未来 33. make sb. angry 使某人生 气 34. worry about sth. / sb. 担心某事/ 某人 be worried about sth/sb. (表状态)担心 某事/ 某人 35. communicate with sb (名词: communication ) 和某人交流 36. argue with sb (名词 : argument) 和某人争吵 37. explain sth to sb .(名词: explanation ) 向某人 解释某事 explain +that /why/ what+ 从句 copy one’ s homework 抄袭某人的作业 copy others’ homework 抄袭他人的作业 38.be oneself 做自己 39. give sth back to sb = return sb sth = return sth to sb 归还某人某物 40. be stressed out 很紧张 41. family members 家庭成员 42. spend time alone 独自度过 43. give sb. pressure 给某人施压 44. compete with sb. (名词 : competition) 与某人竞争 compete for sth 为某事而竞争 compete in ....参加.....比赛 45. free time activities 业余活动 46. get good grades 取得好成 绩 47. help each other 互相帮助 48. give one’ s opinion about sth 就某事给出意见 in one’s opinion 以某人看, 根据某人的观点 49. learn exam skills 学会应试技能 50. practice sth /doing sth 练习某事 / 做某事 51. cause stress 造成压力 52. cut out 删除 cut up 切 碎 cut down 砍伐 cut off 切掉,切除 53. talk on the phone 打电话 54. do more jobs 做更多的工作 55. make sth clear 使某事清晰明白 56. not… anymore = no more = not … any more 不再(强调数量和程度) not …any longer = no longer 不再 (强调时间和 状态)57.practice sports 体育训练 58. be afraid of sth / doing sth 害怕某事 / 做某事 59. leave my homework at home 把作业忘在家 leave sb / sth + 介词+ sp 把某人或某 物留在某地 60 . the tired children 疲惫的孩子 61. it’s time for sth =it’s time to do sth 是做…的时候 62. have a quick dinner 匆忙地吃晚餐 63. push sb hard 用力鞭策、督 促某人 push sb to do sth 督促某人做某事 64. successful children 成功的孩子们 65. a child’s development 一 个孩子的发展 66. continue to do sth = go on to do sth 继续做 另一事 continue doing sth = go on doing sth 继续做同一事 67. compare sb / sth with sb / sth 把某人或某物与某人或某物比较 compare sb / sth to … 把某人或某物比 作… 68. a typical American family 一个典型的美国家庭 综合测试题
一 ( ( 单项选择 )1. You should work tonight watching TV. A.in the place of B.instead C. instead of D. expect ) 2. If you compare her work ______ his, you’ll find hers is much better.

A. for B. with C. at D. on )3. There’s no coffee — would you like a cup of tea ______? A. instead B. neither C. ever D. already ( )4. If there’s anything you don’t understand, I’ll be happy to ______. A. explain B. decide C. train D. copy ( )5. It was a long time before I could get back into a car because I was very ______ about driving again after the accident. A. excited B. nervous C. tired D. angry ( )6. His parents allow him ______ a movie once a week. A. to watch B. watch C. watching D. watched ( )7. 4. Don't argue anyone small things. A. with;with B. with; about C. about; with D. about; about ( )8. He picked up his book and ______ reading. A. forgot B. hated C. continued D. imagined ( )9. —Bill, thanks for sending me to the hospital. —______. A. It doesn’t matter B. Best wishes C. No problem D. I’d love to ( )10. I don’t mind you ______ a dog in the house so long as it’s clean. A. to push B. pushing C. to keep D. keeping ( )11. Last night, he offered ______ me home, but I refused. A. drive B. to drive C. driving D. to driving ( )12. Everyone had a different ______ on the subject at the meeting. A. opinion B. advice C. decision D. discussion ( )13. —______ buy a jacket for your brother on his birthday? —That’s a good idea. A. Why not B. Why C. How about D. How to ( )14. It’s difficult for a small supermarket to ______ with the big supermarkets. A. share B. drop C. compete D. provide ( )15. —My cousin always takes my things without asking. —______, I think. A. It’s right B. It’s not a big deal C. It’s dangerous D. It’s not a good idea ( )16. If you don’t understand, it’s best to say so and get things ______. A. enjoyable B. clear C. fair D. necessary ( )17. I don’t think that’s the ______ way to do it. Let’s ask someone else for help. A. proper B. personal C. independent D. careless ( )18. Mrs. Green has to ______ her little daughter or she won’t work hard at all. A. hate B. hurt C. invite D. push ( )19. We came home and found Lisa ______ on the sofa. A. sleep B. to sleep C. sleeping D. slept ( )20. Mr. Brown is used to ______ the e-mails as soon as he gets to his office. A. looking after B. looking forward to C. looking through D. looking for 二 完形填空 Do you often talk with your parents about your problems? When you talk to them, will they believe what you say, listen to you and 21 you? It has 22 to do with both you and your parents. Some parents are easy to talk to, and they are great listeners, 23 some are hard to walk close to. As communication is a two-way street, the 24 you talk can cause different results. So you should follow the advice below. Be 25 . Tell your parents about what you think, feel, and want as clearly as possible. They will be more helpful if they 26 what you mean and what’s really going on. Make your parents believe you. If you’re 27 honest (诚实的), your parents will believe what you say. However, if you hardly tell them the truth, it will be difficult for them to believe you. Try not to 28 . If you disagree with your parents, can you see things 29 your parents’ side? If both you and your parents think for each other, you will be able to talk in a 30 way. ( )21. A. depend on B. take after C. give up D. agree with ( )22. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything ( )23. A. or B. but C. so D. until ( )24. A. time B. place C. trouble D. way (

( )25. A. easy B. different C. clear D. loud ( )26. A. understand B. change C. control D. question ( )27. A. sometimes B. always C. never D. hardly ( )28. A. compete B. explain C. compare D. argue ( )29. A. with B. from C. in D. of ( )30. A. normal B. similar C. friendly D. lonely 三 阅读理解 Sally was a student. It was going to be her mother's birthday. She wanted to buy her a present that would be nice and useful but not expensive. A week before her mother's birthday, she went shopping after a quick and simple lunch. When she had been looking for half an hour, she found a shop that was selling cheap umbrellas, and decided to take a black one since her mother had lost hers the month before. She thought, "You could carry that when you are wearing clothes of any color."So she decided to buy a lovely black umbrella and took to the school with her until her classes had finished. On her way back home in the train that evening, she felt hungry because she had such a small lunch that she went along to the buffet car (便餐车) for another sandwich and a cup of coffee. She had left the black umbrella above her seat in the compartment (车厢), but when she got back, it had gone! When she had left the compartment, there had been no other passengers in it, but now there were three. Sally began to cry when she saw that the umbrella was no longer there. The other passengers felt very sorry for her and asked what the matter was.She told them that the black umbrella she had bought for her mother was gone, and that she had to get out at the next station. After the three other passengers heard it, they asked her for her mother's address so that they could send the umbrella to her if someone had taken it by mistake, and brought it back after Sally had got out of the train. The next week, Sally heard from her mother. It said, "Thank you very much for your lovely presents, but why did you send me three black umbrellas?" ( )31. Which of the following has the same meaning with the sentence "You could carry that when you are wearing clothes of any color"? A You can carry it when you are wearing any clothes. B Any color of your clothes will be all right. C The umbrella will be OK for your clothes in any colors. D. You can take any clothes that you like to wear. ( )32. Where did she find the umbrella missing? A. The compartment. B. Her school. C. The buffet car. D. The shop. ( )33. From the passage, we can infer (推断) that _______. A. her mother would write to her if she didn't receive the present B. the three umbrellas were sent by the girl C. only four people had ever been to the compartment D. nobody brought the umbrella back ( )34. The best name of the story is _______. A. A Lucky Girl B. The Missing Umbrella C. Mother's present D. A Happy Mother ( )35. What does the writer want to tell us? A. You should take care of your things when you are traveling. B. Show your love to others, and they will bring you love. C. Children should often come back to see their parents. D. It's no use crying when you are in trouble. 四 综合填空(每词限用一次,其中有两个词是多余的。) nothing, move, cause, final, something, lucky, know, return, argue, break, drive, take Last Sunday afternoon there was a car accident on No. 5 Street. One car hit the other and it (36)________ a traffic jam (交通阻塞). Both drivers got hurt in the accident. One driver’s arm was (37)________ and the other driver couldn’t move his neck. As soon as the two drivers got out of their cars, they began (38)________. Both of them said that the other was wrong. However, the other drivers were not interested in (39)________ who did wrong; they just wanted to be able to leave at once. (40)________ someone called the police. Two policemen soon arrived. Seeing that it was not a serious accident, they asked the two drivers to (41)________ their cars to the side of the street so that traffic could continue to move along the street. Then the police (42)________ the two drivers to the police station. There, the drivers each described how the accident happened and they both said it had (43)________ to do with them. However, the policemen decided that both drivers were wrong because they (44)________ too fast and carelessly.

The two drivers also had to take the alcohol (酒精) test. (45)________, they did not drink any alcohol before driving. Otherwise (否则), the result would be more serious! 五 词汇运用 46. I ________(usual) just have a sandwich for lunch. 47. Good ________(communicate) is important for business (业务). 48. The girl is always ________(cause) trouble for people. 49. I spent the whole class ________(copy) notes on the blackboard. 50. It’s important for us to develop good study ________(skill). 51. 我希望事情将会进展顺利。I hope things will ________ _________ well. 52. 你跟你的邻居们相处融洽吗?Do you _______ ________ _________ your neighbors? 53. 你不能马上还我钱,也没什么大不了的。 It’s _______ ________ _________ ________ if you can’t pay me back right now. 54.请快速浏览一下这篇文章。Please _____________ ______________ the article quickly. 55. 她努力干活以便能到 6 点时把一切都准备好。 She worked hard _______ ________ everything would be ready by 6 o’clock. 56. 我建议你把这些单词删掉。I advise you to ____________ _______________ these words 57. 依我看,健康最重要。_______ _______ _____________, health is the most important. 58. 长途旅行之后感到疲惫是正常的。________ __________ _________ feel tired after a long trip. 59.她放学后没有回家,因此她妈妈很担心她。 She didn’t go home after school so her mother________ __________ __________ her. 60. 昨天她拒绝和我一起逛商店。 She ________ _______ ________ ________ with me yesterday. 六 书面表达 下面是大明写给他的朋友 Tom 的信,信中描述了他的烦恼。请你以他的朋友 Tom 的 身份,给他写一封 80 词左右的回信,在信中指出他的问题并给他提出建议。 Dear Tom, My classmate, Lucy, bought a new pen. I liked it very much, so I used it without her permission. Unluckily, I broke it. Then I put it back secretly. Now she finds out the truth and is very angry with me. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me? Yours, Daming Dear Daming, I know your problem.

Yours, Tom

Keys :

1-5 CBAAB 6-10 ABCBD 11-15 BAACB

16-20 B ADCC

21-25 DABDC 26-30 ABDBC

31-35 CADCB took

36. caused 37. broken 38. to argue / arguing 39. knowing 40. Finally 41. move 42. 46. usually 47. communication 48. causing 49.copying

43. nothing 44. drove 45. Luckily

50. skills 51. work out 52. get on with 53. not a big deal 54.look through 55. so that 56. cut out my opinion 58. It’s normal to 59. was worried about 60. refused to go shopping

57. In

Dear Daming, I know your problem. You’ve made two mistakes. First, you used your classmate’s pen without her permission. Secondly, when you broke the pen, you didn’t tell her the truth. In my opinion, you must tell her as soon as possible. If you tell her the truth, perhaps she’ll be still angry with you, but at least you can prove you are honest. Then I think you should offer to pay. You can use your pocket money to buy a new pen for her. She will realize that you’re truly sorry. I hope the advice can help you. I’m sure you will get on well with her soon. Yours, Tom.

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