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2014 高考英语短文改错、信息匹配一轮训练(26)及答案

短文改错 (201*· 保定调研) Last Sunday I went to the Bird's Nest Stadium. At gate1.________ I happened to meet some young America tourists.I greeted2.________ to them in English and then we began to chat. From the chat3.________ I learned that they were college students traveling in Beijing4.________ but most of them were fond of Chinese culture. They were5.________ busy taking pictures and they seem to be much impressed by6.________ the changes which had been taken place in the past few years.7.________ After come out of the Stadium, we went to the Water Cubic(水立方)8.________ and had a good time there. We exchanged our email address so that9.________ we could write to each other later. They thanked us again and again.10.________ I was very glad to have the chance to practise my oral English. 答案与解析: 1.gate 前加 the 此处表示特指,指的是鸟巢体育馆的大门。 2.America→American 应该用形容词来修饰名词。 3.去掉第一个 to greet 是及物动词,可直接加宾语,不必加 to。 4.√ 5.but→and 来北京和喜欢中国文化为并列关系而非转折,应用 and 表示并列。 6.seem→seemed 般过去时。 7.去掉 been take place 无被动语态。 介词 after 后要用动名词形式。 根据事情发生的时间 last Sunday 和全文的时态可知,此处也应用一


9.address→addresses 交换的是双方的邮箱地址,故此处应用复数形式。 10.us→me 是“我”帮助了他们,因此用 me。 ************************************************************结束

Passage 1 (201*· 河北部分重点联考) Dear Anish, Here are the information about Manchester University.1.________ It is about 200 miles far away from London, and it 2.________ has a very big schoolyard. You can live in the school3.________ or near the school. They have all sorts of course.4.________ I'm sure you will find one you like it. I know you5.________ are particular interested in human rights. So I will 6.________ see that there is anything on their website(网址).7.________ I'll send my friend Charlie meet you at the airport8.________ when you arrived. You met him a few years ago, but he 9.________ has changed a lot since then. Both your aunt or I look10.________ forward to seeing you again. See you soon. Peter 答案与解析: 1.are→is information 是不可数名词,谓语动词应使用单数形式。 2.去掉 far far 通常不与表示具体距离的数词连用。 3.√ 4.course→courses 根据句中的 all sorts of 可知,这里要表示的是各种各样的课程,因 此应用复数形式。

5.去掉 it “(that) you like”是定语从句,修饰先行词 one。在从句中,关系代词 that 作 like 的宾语,所以 it 多余。 6.particular→particularly interested 是形容词,应使用副词修饰。 7.that→if/whether 息。 8.meet 前加 to 此处是不定式表示目的。 9.arrived→arrive 如果主句是一般将来时,时间状语从句通常用一般现在时。 根据上一句中的内容可知这里的意思是看网络上“是否”有相关信

10.or→and 此处是“both...and...”结构,表示“两者都”。 *******************************************************结束

(共 5 小题,每题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容, 从下框的 A-F 选项中选出能概括出每段主题的最佳选项。选项中有一项 是多余项。 (说明:E 涂 AB;F 涂 AC) A.Show a positive attitude B.Signs of being under stress C.Encourage your teen to relax D.Help your teen get organized E.Give your teen a nutritious diet F.Spend your more time with your teen How to Calm Your Teen’s Nerves before an Exam Stress is a feeling of physical and mental of emotional tension, which disturbs normal physiological (生理的) balance.It can be especially difficult for a teen.A major source of teen stress is school exams,and test anxiety is not uncommon.

61. Teens can feel a great pressure to do well on exams. For some teens, just the idea of taking the test can bring them into a panic.Physical symptoms of stress and anxiety include:lack of sleep, difficult breathing, loss of appetite or irregular eating. Emotional symptoms include: excessive (极

度的) uncontrollable feelings, mood swings, expressions of despair, hopelessness, or panic attacks.

62. With teens, parents should watch for stress-related behaviors.Parents need to be involved in their teen’s work . What they look for is your presence—to talk, or simply to sit with them quietly.Communicate openly with your teen.Let your teen express his/her worries and fears.

63. With today’s heavy homework loads , time-management and organizational skills are good weapons against stress. Teach kids to budget their time wisely with homework.Try to do something every night instead of cramming at the last moment.Sometimes you Can even help your teen find his /her weakness in studies.Therefore,your teen can think about what he/she has to study and plan accordingly.Together, you and your teen can work out a timetable in which he/she can study for what he/she knows will be on the test.

64. It’s important for your teen to eat a healthy,balanced diet during exam times to focus and do his/her best.Exam stress can make some teens lose their appetite.If this happens,encourage your teen to eat light meals or sandwiches. A healthy diet,rather than junk food,is best for reducing stress.

65. A parent’s attitude will affect their teen’s emotions.If you panic,blame,or apply to much pressure,your teen will have an unusual increase in their stress levels.Make your teen feel accepted and valued for his/her efforts.Most importantly,calm your teens that things will be all right, no matter what the results are.

参考答案 61-65 BFDEA ********************************************************结束

【短文改错】 (201*· 石家庄质检) I am a very active girl in my class. I have many hobby,1.________ such as writing stories, playing piano and singing English2.________ songs. My most favorite subject is English. I became3.________ interested in it when I was very young. My dream is 4.________ to study abroad. But now I need to improve my English5.________ and learn more about west culture as well. I will be6.________ able to improving the friendship between China and7.________ the rest of the world. I hoped my dream will come true.8.________ And I believe in nobody can change my mind. I will work9.________ harder and follow my heart, no matter how happens!10.________ 答案与解析: 1.hobby→hobbies many 后接复数名词,下文 such as 后列举的内容也是提示。 2.piano 前加 the 定冠词 the。 3.去掉 most favorite 本身就是“最喜爱的”,因此原句语义重复。 4.√ 5.But→So 前后逻辑上是因果而不是转折关系。 6.west→western 依据语境这里表示“西方文化”,应用形容词 western 作定语。 7.improving→improve be able to do sth.表示“能够做某事”。 play the piano 表示“弹钢琴”,是固定搭配。西洋乐器类名词前常用

8.hoped→hope 这里表示说话人现在的愿望,故应用一般现在时。 9.去掉 in I believe that..我相信……。believe in 表示“信任,信仰”,其后不能接从句。

10.how→what no matter what happens 无论发生什么,what 充当从句的主语。 *******************************************************结束

【短文改错】 (201*· 唐山联考) When I was a child, my mom was pushed me to study hard,1.________ hoping I could get a chance to go to college. I experience2.________ pressure for the first time. I did that my mom expected3.________ because I didn't want to let her off. I was born to a poor4.________ peasant family, but I really knew life was not easy. All the5.________ things my mother did was the result of her hope that I could6.________ lead better life in the future. As the saying goes, “No pains7.________ no gains.”I was finally able to meet my mother expectations and8.________ have a chance to go to college. Thanks to my mother's push and the 9.________ pressure, I made it. Now, I no longer think pressure is a good thing.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.去掉第二个 was 此处不用被动语态,故 was 多余。 2.experience→experienced 此处应用一般过去时态,与全文时态保持一致。 3.that→what 这里用 what 引导宾语从句并在从句中作宾语,that 没有这种用法。 4. off→down 结合上下文可知此处意为“我不想让她失望”, 故应用 let sb. down 表示“让 某人失望”。 5.but→and 或 so 此处应为顺承关系而非转折关系,故将 but 改为 and 或 so。 6.was→were 此处主语为 all the things,故应用 were。 7.better 前加 a lead a better life 表示“过一种更好的生活”。 此处表示“达到了妈妈的期望”,故应用其所有格形式。

8.mother→mother's 9.√

10.good→bad 根据上文可知此处是指“我不再认为压力是一件坏事”,故应将 good 改 为 bad。 ******************************************************结束

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