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选修 8 Unit 4 Pygmalion
Pronunciation and Status
An ambassador and a referee were consulting a professor on the caption of a Buddhistic alphabet when a sobbing woman stopped them to sell an antique musical bathtub. Her dirty garment and the handkerchief around her waist were badly in need of sending to a laundry. The ambassador uncomfortably gave her a handful of pence from his wallet and said, “Take this fortune away, troublesome woman.”
When her figure faded away, the brilliant professor said, “You are mistaken and your improper remark on her should be condemned. In terms of this extraordinary woman, you can’t classify her status by her horrible clothes or disgusting nails. Her clean woolen vest and stockings, especially her classic pronunciation, all suggested her upper status.” The ambassador gave a whistle in amazement, and advised making her acquaintance. The professor hesitated for a while, and then compromised.
The outcome was that she was an authentic superior police officer. When they were shown in her office and saw her once more, she brought them a teapot of tea and some cookies, laughing and saying, “I rubbed some cream and wax on my garment and passed myself off as a shabby woman among thieves and robbers to investigate a plot. Generally speaking, your overlooking me and my adaptation are the best help. But my pronunciation seemed to have betrayed me.” 口音与身份
一位大使和一位裁判正在就一张佛教符号表的文字说明请教教授,这时,一名哭哭啼啼的女人把他们拦住,要 卖给他们一个古董音乐澡盆,她肮脏的衣服和腰间的手帕都急需送到洗衣店清洗。大使很不舒服地从钱包里掏出一 把便士说:“把这大笔钱拿走,麻烦的女人!”
等她的身影渐渐远去,那位才华横溢的教授说:“你错了,你对她不适当的评论语应该受到谴责。就这个不同 寻常的女人来说,你不能根据她糟糕的衣服或令人恶心的指甲给她的身份地位分类。她干净的羊毛背心和袜子,尤 其是她一流的发音,都暗示着她的上层身份。”大使惊奇地吹了声口哨,建议去认识她。教授犹豫了一会儿,最后 妥协了。
结果呢,她真的是一位高级警官。当他们被带进她的办公室再次见到她时,她给他们拿来一壶茶和一些饼干, 笑着说:“我把奶油和蜡涂在大衣上假扮成寒酸肮脏的女人混进在小偷和抢劫犯中间,是为了调查一宗阴谋。通常 说来,你们对我的忽视和我对此的适应就是最好的帮助。但是我的发音似乎暴露了我啊。”


1.__________(n.) 适应(性);改编本 2.__________(adj.) 经典的;第一流的 (n.)经典著作 3.__________(n.) (图片上的)说明文字;(电视、电影)

字幕;(杂志等文章的)标题;题目 4.___________(n.) 情节;阴谋 5.___________(n.) 教授

6.__________ (vi.) 吹口哨;发出汽笛声(n.)口哨声;汽笛声 7.___________(n.) (一件)衣服(外套、裙、袍等)(pl)服装 8.___________(adj.) 毛纺的;纯毛的(<美>woolen) → __________(n.) 羊毛 9.___________(vi.) 犹豫;踌躇 → __________(n.) 犹豫;踌躇 10.__________(adj.) 不舒服的;不安的;不自在的 → __________(adv.) 不舒服地;不自在地 11.__________(adj.) 带来麻烦的;使人心烦的 12. _________ (n.) 皮夹;钱包 13.__________(n.) 结果;效果 14.__________(n.) 小偷;贼 15.__________(n.) 手帕;手绢;纸巾 16.__________(adj.) (见解或判断上)错误的;不正确的 17.__________(adj.) 光辉灿烂的;杰出的;才华横溢的 18.__________(vt.) 编排;分类;归类 → __________(n.) 分类;归类 19.__________(n.) 谈论;言论;评述(v.)谈论;评论;说起 20. __________(vt.) 使显露(本来面目);背叛 21. __________(adj.) (位置或地位)较高的;级别较高的 22.__________(adj.) 不同寻常的;非凡的 23.__________(vt.) 谴责;使……注定 24.__________(adv.) 适当地;恰当地 25.__________(n.) 大使;使节 26.__________(n.) 相识;了解;熟人 → __________(vt.) 使了解;使熟悉 27.__________(n.) 一把;少量 28.__________(n.) 运气;机会;大笔的钱 → __________(adj.) 幸运的 → __________(adv.) 幸运地

29.__________(adj.) 真实的;真正的;可信的;可靠的 30.__________(n.) 身份;地位;职位 31.__________(adj.) 优秀的;较高的;上级的(n.)上级;长官 32.__________(vt.) 抢劫;盗窃;剥夺 →___________(n.) 抢劫犯;盗贼 33.__________(adj.) 古时的;(因古老、稀少而)珍贵的
(n.) 文物;古董;古玩 34.__________(adj.) 音乐的;喜爱音乐的 (n.)音乐喜剧 35.___________(n.) 长袜 36.___________(n.) 佛教 37.___________(n.) 饼干 38.___________(n.) 茶壶 39.___________(n.) 奶油;面霜 40.___________(n.) 指甲;钉子 41.___________(n.) 蜡;蜜蜡 (vt.)上蜡 42.___________(n.) 磁盘 43.___________(adj.) 破旧的;寒酸的 44.___________(n.) 裁判员;仲裁者 45.___________(n.&vi.)妥协;折衷 46.___________(adj.) 可怕的;恐怖的 47.___________(n.) 洗衣店;洗衣房;(待洗或洗好的)衣服 48.___________(n.) 浴缸;澡盆 49.___________(vi.) 啜泣;抽噎 (n.)啜泣声;抽噎声 50.___________(n.) 腰;腰部;腰围 51.___________(n.) 背心;内衣 52.___________(adj.) 使人反感的;令人厌恶的 53.___________(vt.) 俯视;忽视;不理会 54.___________(n.) 字母表 55.__________(vi.&vt.) (使)褪色;减弱;逐渐消失






3.一般来说 4.就……来说;从……角度 5.带或领……进来 6.再来一次

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________



8.(声音、画面)逐渐模糊;渐淡 __________________





1.What if I was?(教材 P29) 如果我是,又怎么样呢? 2.Disappointed at the outcome, but thinking it is better than nothing. (教材 P29) 对先生付的钱表现出失望的样子,但想到有总比没有好。 3.Will that be of any use to you?(教材 P29) 那对你有用吗? 4.But, sir,(proudly) once educated to speak properly,that girl could pass herself off in three months as a duchess at an ambassador's garden party.(教材 P30) 不过,先生(高傲地)一旦有人教她把英语说好了,这个女孩就可 以在三个月以内冒充公爵夫人出席大使主办的花园晚会了。 5.Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering are sitting deep in conversation.(教材 P34) 亨利·希金斯与皮克林上校正坐着进行深入的交谈。

Ⅰ.单词填空 1.After an immediate__________________(hesitate),I decided to tell her the truth. 2.They made rude______________(remark)about her appearance. 3.The books in the library are________________(classify)by subject. 4.The mayor was strongly________________(condemn) by the public for the city's high crime rate. 5.The secretary is very careful and never ______________(overlook) any little points in her daily work. 6.His ______________ (disgust)jokes made everybody disgusted. 7.The government should take measures______________(effective)to stop water from being polluted.
8.Last year he went to Shanghai to try his fortune. ___________(fortune), he met and married his girlfriend there.
Ⅱ.短语填空 in terms of,generally speaking,in need of,rob...of,once more,fade out
1.____________________,there are two factors contributing to my decision. 2.The two sides did not agree on the subject for the first time,so today they will sit down__________________to have a discussion. 3.As the program ended,the music slowly_________________and someone began to speak. 4.___________________quality and quantity,the clothes factory in our town is doing much better than last year. 5.If you are____________________anything,come here for help. 6.They threatened to shoot him and_____________him________all his possessions. Ⅲ.单句填词 1.It is of great_____________that the government take measures to prevent tax evasion.(important) 2.I don’t think the new book is of any____________to me.(useful) 3.The first time I ____________ (make)her acquaintance at the party, I felt she was the one I would cherish forever. 4.He showed ________________(remark) endurance throughout his illness. 5.I made an apology for I had taken your umbrella _______ mistake. Ⅳ.单句改错 1.How about go for a walk? 2.Although having told many times,he couldn't understand it. 3.The book will be of greatly value to students of history. 4.The boy will be blind in both eyes unless treating on time. 5.I was late in getting to the station.Fortunate , the train was late,too.

I.单词盘点 1.adaptation 2.classic 3.caption 4.plot 5.professor 6.whistle 7.garment 8.woollen;wool 9.hesitate;hesitation 10.uncomfortable;uncomfortably 11.troublesome 12.wallet 13.outcome 14.thief 15.handkerchief 16.mistaken 17.brilliant 18.classify ;classification19.remark 20.betray 21.upper 22.extraordinary 23.condemn 24.properly 25.ambassador 26.acquaintance;acquire 27.handful 28.fortune;fortunate;fortunately 29.authentic 30.status 31.superior 32.rob;robbery 33.antique 34.musical 35.stocking 36.Buddhism 37.cookie 38.teapot 39.cream 40.nail 41. wax 42.disk 43.shabby 44.referee 45.compromise 46.horrible 47.laundry 48.bathtub 49.sob 50.waist 51.vest 52.disgusting 53.overlook 54.alphabet 55.fade II.短语回顾 1.pass...off as... 2.make one’s acquaintance 3.generally speaking 4.in terms of 5.show...in 6.once more 7.in need of 8.fade out 9.rob sb. of sth. 10.in disguise IV.小试牛刀 Ⅰ.单词填空 1.hesitation 2.remarks 3.classified 4.condemned 5.overlooks 6.disgusting 7.effectively 8.fortunately Ⅱ.短语填空 1.Generally speaking 2.once more 3.faded out 4.In terms of 5.in need of 6.robbed;of Ⅲ.单句填词 1.importance 2.use 3.made 4.remarkable 5.by Ⅳ.单句改错 1.go→going 2.told 之前加 been 或去掉 having 3.greatly→great 4.treating→treated 5.Fortunate→Fortunately

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