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选修 7 Unit 2

Larry worked for a company 1. _____ made robots. Recently it had begun experimenting with a household robot, which was going to be tested out by Larry?s wife, Claire. Claire didn?t want the robot in her house, 2. ____Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn?t harm her or allow her 3. ___________(harm). However, Claire felt alarmed when first saw the robot, Tony, 4. ______ seemed more like a human than a machine. He was tall and handsome 5. _____ smooth hair and 6. _____ deep voice although his facial expression never changed. 7. _________(good) at housework, Tony was a qualified household robot, who paid attention to Claire?s feelings as well. When Claire was unconfident about herself, he would feel sorry 8. ____ her. 9. ____ was ridiculous 10. _____________(offer) sympathy by a robot. One thing that disturbed Claire was 11. ______ she felt her home wasn?t elegant enough for someone like Larry who wanted to improve his social position. Therefore Tony promised 12.________(help) her. He gave Claire a new haircut and changed her makeup. After 13.________(scan) numbers of books, he made a list of items for Claire 14. _______ accompanying her to the shops. 15. ____________(buy) curtains, cushions, a carpet and bedding, she went into a jewelry shop to buy a necklace. When the clerk was rude to her, she rang Tony up and the clerk immediately changed his attitude after she spoke to him. Claire thanked Tony, 16. _____ (tell) him that he was a “dear”, which was seen by Gladys Claffern, who was one of the richest and most powerful women around, believing Clair was having an affair. Claire was annoyed as Gladys was everything she wanted to be. In order to help her, Tony suggested that she 17. _____ (invite) Gladys and her friends to the house the night before he was to leave and Larry was to return. Finally the party night arrived. The clock struck eight. The guests would be arriving soon and Claire told Tony to go into another room. At that moment, Tony folded his arms around her, 18. _____ (bend) his face close to 19. _____. She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn?t want to leave her the next day 20. _____ that he felt more than just the desire to please her. Then the front door bell rang. Tony freed her and disappeared from sight. It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains of the front window. Her guests had seen everything! The women 21. _____ (invite) to the party were impressed by Claire and everything in the house. Just before they left, Claire heard Gladys whispering to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony. What a sweet victory to be envied by those women! She might not be as beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover. Then she remembered—Tony was just a machine. She shouted “Leave me alone” and ran to her bed. She cried all night. The next morning a car drove up and took Tony away. The company was very 22. _______(please) with Tony?s report on his three weeks with Claire. Tony had protected a human being from harm. He had prevented Claire 23. _____ harming herself through her own sense of 24. _____(fail). He had opened the curtains that night so that the other women would see him and Claire, knowing that there was no risk to Claire?s marriage. But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot have women 25. ________(fall) in love with machines.

Unit 2 Ⅰ.单词荟萃 1.________n.渴求;欲望;渴望;vt.希望得到;想要 →________adj.令人满意的;值得要的 2 . ____________n .满意;满足;令人满意的事物→ ________vt. 满足;使满意→ _____________________ adj.令人满意的→_________adj.感到满意的 3.________n.喜爱,恩惠;vt.喜爱;偏袒 → ___________adj.赞成的;有利的 →__________adj.特别喜爱的 4._____________vt.陪伴;伴奏→ __________n.陪伴;(一)群;(一)队 → ____________n.伙伴

5.________vt.宣布;声明;表明;宣称→________________n.宣布;宣言;声明 6.____________ n.喜爱;爱;感情→ ________ vt.影响;感动 →________ n.结果;作用,影响 7.________ n.天才;特殊能力;才干→__________ adj.有才能的;天才的 8.________ vt.&vi.服从;顺从→________vt.&vi.不服从;违抗 9.__________n.评价;评定→________vt.估定;评定 →_____________adj.可估价的;可征收的 10.________ adj.较年幼的;资历较浅的;地位较低的;n.年少者;晚辈;等级较低 者→ ________n.年长的;资历较老的;地位较高的;高级的 11. ________ adj. 优雅的,高雅的→_____________n. 优雅,高雅 12. ________ vt. 宣布,声明,宣称 →_____________n. 宣布,声明,宣称 13. ________ vt. 评价,评定____________n. 评价,评定 Ⅱ.短语检测 1.试验 _____________ 6. 将……放在一边 ________________ 2. 让某人单独待着 ________________ 7. 和……有绯闻 __________________ 3.与其说…不如说… _______________ 8.一定做…… ___________________ 4. 同情某人 ______________________ 9.有……的天分 _________________ 5. 更确切地说 ____________________ 10.认真对待…… ________________ Ⅲ.佳句再现 1.Just________________, Claire heard Gladys whispering to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony. 就在她们离开之前, 克莱尔听到格拉迪斯跟另外一个女人小声地说, 她从来没有 见过像托尼这么英俊的男人。 2.As she turned around, ______________ Gladys Claffern. 她一转身,发现格拉迪斯?克拉芬站在那里。 3.But even though Tony had been so clever,he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot have women ________________ machines. 但是,尽管托尼很聪明,他还得经过一番改造——总不能让女人与机器相爱吧。 4.It was then ________________that Tony had opened the curtains of the front window. 就在那时克莱尔意识到托尼已经把前面窗子的窗帘拉开了。 5.By that time, Tony expected the house______________________________________. 那时,托尼期望把房屋彻底改变。 ◇ 单词点睛 ◇ 1. desire n. 愿望;心愿;渴求 vt. 期望;希望;请求 (1) n. ____________________ 渴望做…… ____________________ 渴望得到某物 ____________________ 满足某人的愿望 (2) v. ____________________ 渴望(某人)做某事 ____________ 希望……(后接虚拟语气从句) 【活学活用】 (1) However, ________________________(对于更高质量的要求) has no natural limits. (2) He is an aggressive young man, who always________________ be first in everything he does. 他是个有进取心的年轻人,在每件事情上他都总想争第一。

2. satisfaction n. 满意,满足;令人满意的事物 ____________________ 满意地 ________ vt. 使满意 ________ adj. 感到满意的 ________________ 对…感到满意 __________________ adj. 令人满意的 【活学活用】 (1) I heard the news _____________________.听到这个消息我很满意。 (2) He _________________ the result of the exam. 他对这次考试的结果感到满意。 (3) It?s not easy _______________. 使他满意并不容易。 3. alarm n.警报 (1) n. a fire alarm 火警 (2) vt. 使……惊恐 ___________ 惊恐地 ________________ 对……惊慌 ring the alarm 敲警钟;吹警报号 _______ adj. 惊恐的,忧虑的 the alarm clock _________ _______ adj. 令人惊慌的,令人忧虑的 【活学活用】 (1) On hearing the scream, he jumped up ____________. 听到尖叫声,他惊慌地跳了起来。 (2)There was an immediate panic when____________________. 警报响起时立刻引起一片恐慌。 (3) ________________ his hesitation, she exclaimed. 对他那种局促不安的样子感到惊讶,她叫了起来。 4. sympathy n.同情;同情心 ________________ 表达某人的同情 _________________ 同情… (状语) __________________同情某人 __________________ 出于同情 【活学活用】 (1) The steel workers came out ________________ the miners, to go on strike to show support for them. 钢铁工人为声援矿工举行了罢工。 (2) If I became poor because of laziness, they_______________________ me. 如果我 因为懒惰而变穷, 他们是不会同情我的。 5. favour n.恩惠,帮忙;偏爱 _________________ 帮某人一个忙 _________________ 赞成,支持 (状语) _________________ 对某人有利 vt. 喜爱;偏袒 ___________ adj.赞成的;有利的 ___________ adj.特别喜爱的 【活学活用】 (1) ________________and turn the radio down while I'm on the phone, will you? 劳驾,我在打电话时把收音机的声音调低点好吗? (2)Her younger brother was the ________ child, encouraged and admired by both parents. 她弟弟是个宠儿,受到父母双亲的支持和喜爱。 (3)I spoke for forty minutes and carried the whole audience ________________.

我讲了四十分钟并且为我们赢得了所有听众的好感。 6. accompany vt. 陪伴;伴奏 ________________ 陪某人到……(to 为介词) ____________________ 由……陪伴、伴随 【活学活用】 (1) Wally, __________________ the nurse, was flown directly to a hospital for more intensive treatment.沃利, 在护士的陪护下, 被直接空运到医院进行更透彻的治疗。 (2)There is a good saying that misery can _____________________ happiness. 有一句话说得好:痛并快乐着。 7. declare vt. 宣布;声明;宣称;表明 1) declare +n. 宣告… 【活学活用】 他们将很快宣布选举(election)的结果。 _____________________________________________________________________ 2) declare sb/sth. (to be) n./ adj. 宣布…为… He declared himself a philosopher, who had given up everything, 他自称是一个哲学家,把世上的一切都看成过眼浮云。 The psychiatrists declared the killer insane. 心理医生宣称杀人犯有精神疾病。 【活学活用】裁判宣布他为比赛的冠军。 _____________________________________________________________________ I declared this conference (to be) open. _____________________________________________________________________ 3)declare +(that)从句 宣称;声称… 【活学活用】她宣称她是对的。_________________________________________ 【扩展用法】declare for/against… 声明支持/反对…… declare war on/upon… 对……宣战 8. envy vt. & n. 忌妒;羡慕 vt. ____________________ 忌妒/羡慕某人某事 n. ____________ 出于妒忌 【活学活用】 They ____________________. 他们羡慕我们的成功. He was filled with envy of me / at my success. 9. embarrass vt. 使尴尬,使困窘 ______________________________________ 做…使某人尴尬/窘迫 Don?t embarrass them with (by asking) personal questions. ____________ adj. 感到尴尬的 ____________ adj. 令人尴尬的 【活学活用】我迟到了, 因而感到尴尬。 ______________________________________ ◇ 短语储存 ◇ 1 turn around 转向 turn away __________________ turn on/off _________________ turn up _________________ 【活学活用】用 turn 短语的正确形式填空。

turn down _________________ turn out _________________ turn to _________________

① He promised to come but hasn?t __________yet. ② Don't forget to________ the light when you leave. ③ With no one to ________in such a frightening situation,she felt very helpless. 2 leave sb. /sth. alone 不管;别惹;让……一个人待着;和……单独在一起 leave behind __________________ leave aside __________________ leave for __________________ leave out __________________

【活学活用】 (2)用 leave 短语的正确形式填空。 ① Generally, we enjoy our friends? company, but there are occasions when we hope_________________________________________for a while. ②You have to follow closely if you want to avoid __________________________. ③He was asked to ________another city in 24 hours. ④The teacher required us to ________some unnecessary words in our essays.

◇ 句型透视 ◇ 1 As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 她一转身,发现格拉迪斯?克拉芬站在那里。 完全倒装: 状语 + 谓语 + 主语 【句式点拨】 there 引出的完全倒装句: 除了 there be 句型外, there 还可接 appear, exist, lie, remain, seem to be, stand 等,构成完全倒装句。 There lies a large field of rice in front of our village. 若主语是名词,则主谓全部倒装;若为代词,则不倒装。如: There she goes. 2 But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot have women falling in love with machines. 但是, 尽管托尼很聪明, 但还得对他作一番改造——总不能让女人与机器相爱吧。 【句式点拨】 本句主句是 he would have to be rebuilt, even though 引导 ____________ 从 句 。 破 折 号 在 此 起 补 充 说 明 的 作 用 。 have sb doing sth ______________,强调动作的_______。如: The two men had their lights burning all night long. 那两个人让灯通宵亮着。 【相关拓展】 (1)have sth done 意为“请人做某事”或“遭遇某种(不幸的)事情”。如: I had my watch repaired in the street yesterday. 我昨天在街上修了我的手表。 (2) have sb. do sth 意为“让某人做某事”。如: My mother had me post the letter at once. 我妈妈要我立即将信寄出去。 温馨提示 have 作“有”讲时,其宾语后可接带 to 的不定式作定语。如: I have a composition to write, so I can't go swimming. 我有一篇作文要写,因此我不能去游泳。 【活学活用】 (1)He feels it dangerous for a girl to be out late at night so he won't have his daughter ________________. (arrive) 他觉得深夜呆在外边对一个女孩而言是件危险的事情, 所以他不允许女儿晚回 家。 (2)Claire had ____________________ an hour before her plane left. (check) Claire 在登机前一小时使她携带的行李接受了检查。 (3)Before driving into the city, you are required to get ________________.(wash) 在驱车进城之前,你必须将你的车洗了。

翻译下列句子 1. 我的父亲满意地笑了. 2. 人生道路不会总是平坦的. 3. 这个小姑娘被独自留在那个房子里. 4. 你在买新车前必须测试它的性能. 5. 多么糟糕的天气!我们只得放弃去野营了. 6. 他已经旷课一整个星期了. 参考答案 语法填空
1. for 2. but 3. to be harmed 4. who 5. with 6. a 7. Being good 8. for 9. It 10. to be offered 11. that 12. to help 13. scanning 14. without 15. Having bought 16. telling 17. (should) invite 18. bending 19. hers 20. and 21. being invited 22. pleased 23. from 24. failure 25. falling

Ⅰ.单词荟萃 1. desire desirable 2. satisfaction satisfy satisfactory/satisfying satisfied 3. favor favorable favorite 4. accompany company companion 5. declare declaration 6. affection affect effect 7. talent talented 8. obey disobey 9. assessment assess assessiable 10. junior senior Ⅱ.短语检测 1. test out 2. leave sb. alone 3. more…than… 4. have/feel sympathy for sb 5. or rather 6. set aside 7. have an affair with sb. 8. be bound to 9. have a talent for sth 10 . take sth. seriously Ⅲ.佳句再现 1. before they left 2. there stood 3. falling in love with 4. that Claire realized 5. to be completely transformed ◇ 单词点睛 ◇ 1. (1) have a desire to do sth. have a desire for sth meet/satisfy one's desire (2) desire sb to do sth desire that… 【活学活用】 (1) the desire for higher quality (2) desires to 2. with great satisfaction satisfy satisfied be satisfied with sth. satisfying (1) with great satisfaction (2) is/was satisfied with (3) to satisfy him 3. in alarm 闹钟 alarmed alarming 【活学活用】 (1) in alarm (2) the alarm sounded 4. express/show one?s sympathy have/feel sympathy for sb. in sympathy with … out of sympathy

【活学活用】(1) in sympathy with (2) wouldn't feel sympathy for 5. do sb. a favor in favour of… in sb 's favour favorable favorite (1) Do me a favor (2) favoured (3) in our favour 6. accompany sb to… be accompanied with/by sth 【活学活用】(1) accompanied by (2) be accompanied with 7. They will declare the results of the election soon. The judge declared him (to be) the winner of the competition. 我宣布这次会议开始。 She declared (that) she was right. 8. envy sb. for sth. (envy sb. sth.) out of envy envied us for our success 9. embarrass sb. with sth./ by doing sth. embarrassed embarrassing I felt embarrassed by my being late. ◇ 短语储存 ◇ 1. 转过脸,避开 拒绝;调小(音量) 打开/关掉 结果是,证明是 出现;调高(音量) 转向于;求助于 turned up turn off turn to 2. 留下,遗留 出发前往… (把某事)搁置一边 省去;遗漏;不考虑 【活学活用】to be left alone being left behind leave for leave out 3. 一小堆叶子 许多工作 4. = call sb. up = give sb a call = make a (telephone) call 6. is bound to be 7. set off 出发,起程, set down 放下;记下 set about doing 着手/开始做…… set up 建立,树立,搭起 set out to do 出发;开始做…… 8. 落后于某人 9. 伸手拿… 够不着 ◇ 句型透视 ◇ 1. 不倒装 2. 让步状语 让某人一直做某事 持续性 arriving home late her luggage checked your car washed with wonder : 疑惑地 with surprise / embarrassment / fear

翻译: 1. My father smiled with satisfaction. 2. The path in life will not always be smooth. 3. The little girl was left alone in the house. 4. Before you buy a new car, you must test out its functions. 5. What awful weather! We will have to give up going camping. 6. He has been absent from school for a whole week.

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