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2014 高考英语短文改错、信息匹配一轮训练(14)及答案 短文改错 (201*· 重庆调研) Today is Sunday. We had not lessons. After breakfast1.________ I wanted to do with my homework when Li Lei rang me.2.________ He asked me to go to the cinema with he. I agreed, but3.________ I have to finish my homework first. About an hour later,4.________ we went out. In the way we saw Kate; she was mending5.________ her bike. She looked very worry.“Let us help you.” Li Lei6.________ and I all said. “All right.” And we stopped to help her.7.________ There was nothing much wrong with the bike, so it cost8.________ us only several minutes time to finish it. Kate was very 9.________ thankful. When we hurried to the cinema, the film had10.________ been on for ten minutes. But we felt happy. 答案与解析: 1.not→no “没有课”应是 have no lessons 或 don't have any lessons。 2.去掉 with do 是及物动词,直接跟名词作宾语。

3.he→him 介词后跟代词时要用宾格。 4.have→had 本文是叙述过去发生的事情。 5.In→On “在……途中”是 on the way。 6.worry→worried “她看上去很着急”,应该用形容词作表语。

7.all→both 因为只有我和李蕾两人。 8.cost→took “花费时间做什么”要用 It takes some time to do something。 9.去掉 time 有具体的时间名词 minutes,无须再用 time。 10.√


第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从下框 A-F 选项中选出能概括每段主题的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选 项涂黑。选项中有一项为多余项。 (E=AB; F=AC) A.Why exercise? B.Healthy eating C.A picture of being healthy D.Exercise tips E.The importance of being healthy F.A healthy combination

16.___________________________ You use energy for everything you do.That energy comes from the food you eat.Too much food or too little exercise causes your body to store the extra energy in fat cells.Lighten up on the food or increase your exercise and you might drop a few pounds.But if you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you'll feel more healthy and strong as well as look great. 17.___________________________ You probably have an image in your mind of what the "perfect" or "ideal" body looks like.Try not to press yourself to look that way.Each person is born with genes that control the shape of his /her body . Everyone is different . It is important to be comfortable with the body you have. "Healthy" and "ideal" are not always the same. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the best ways to look and feel your personal best. 18.____________________________ Exercise does more than just burn calories.For instance, regular exercise makes your muscles strong and flexible, and increases the amount of muscle you have; makes your heart stronger and lowers your blood pressure; makes you feels more energetic, even when you're not exercising and improves your mood and makes you feel better about yourself. 19._____________________________

Always warm up and stretch for 5--10 minutes before you do strength or endurance exercises. Afterward, take 10 minutes to cool down slowly. Your heart should beat normally when you stop.Do strength and endurance exercises on alternate days, so you will not overwork your body.Exercising as part of a group may help you to exercise regularly. 20._________________________________ Your body runs best on foods high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat and sugar.You also need a certain amount of protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals.Eating a healthy diet wil1 provide your body with everything it needs to run smoothly.Your body breaks down proteins into amino acids(氨基酸), so you don’t need to buy the amino acids separately.

参考答案 FCADB *****************************************************************结束

短文改错 (2010· 成都检测) My father and I am taking a camping trip in July1.________ and August. We will travel for about two months but2.________ will tour the United States and parts of the Canada. We3.________ have decided to camp because it does not spend as much4.________ as vacationing in hotels, but we had to plan carefully. I5.________ think the car what we are going to drive is very small, so6.________ we decide to take only one small suitcase for both of them7.________ and as few camping things as possibly. We will take some8.________ medicine with us prevent insects from hurting us, and also9.________ some food for picnics. I'm sure that we will have fun.10.________ 答案与解析:

1.am→are 本句的主句是 my father and I,所以谓语动词用复数形式。 2.but→and 此处表示的是顺承关系,而不是转折关系。 3.删去第二个 the 一般情况下,表示国家的单个词语前不加冠词。 4.spend→cost 本句的主语不是人,而是 it,所以用 cost。 5.had→have 短文全篇叙述的都是现在和将来的情况。 6. what→that/which 或删去 what “that/which we are going to drive”是定语从句, 修饰先 行词 the car,关系代词在从句中作宾语,可以省略。 7.them→us 根据文章的开头部分可知这里指的是作者本人和作者的父亲,因此应用 us。 8.possibly→possible as...as possible 表示“尽可能……”。

9.prevent 前加 to 此处是不定式短语作目的状语。 10.√ **************************************************************结束

请阅读下列餐馆的信息: A. The Regal Palace Chinese Restaurant The Regal Palace Chinese Restaurant at Days Hotel & Suites offers healthy Chinese fare, with nourishing delicacies like braised chicken with Chinese herbs and braised crocodile meat with Chinese herbs. Available in January.8778 9888 ext 292 B. Han Mei Fang Chinese Restaurant Zhaolong Hotel's Han Mei Fang Chinese Restaurant has prepared Taiwan-style seafood and classic dishes for the New Year. The menu

features five-flavored nine-hole abalone, sweet and sour flavored squid roll, garlic-flavor prawn, and three-cup chicken. There are also the delicious noodles with pig's claw and prawns prepared with spirit served in a bamboo barrel.6597-2299 ext 0215

C. Huang Ting Cantonese Restaurant Enjoy Chinese folk music over the New Year's Eve dinner at Huang Ting, Cantonese restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel Beijing, decorated in courtyard house style. It offers a set menu with a variety of seafood dishes. There are iced abalone, pan-fried king prawn with pesto sauce, grilled cod fish with fresh mango.8516-2888 ext 6691 D. Paulaner Brauhaus Paulaner Brauhaus at Kempinski Hotel in Beijing has a live band performing over authentic German beer and dinner for New Year's Eve, and a countdown at midnight. On New Year's Day the hotel has beach games, with a Bavarian brunch.(0898) 3889-8888 E. Italian restaurant Da Giorgio Italian restaurant Da Giorgio at the Grand Hyatt Beijing has a five-course set dinner for New Year Eve, with a complimentary glass of champagne. At the same time Grand Caf offers a dinner buffet with unlimited soft drinks, juices and imported red and white wines.8518-1234 ext 3738 F. Ken de Rouge

To mark its first anniversary, Ken de Rouge, located by the beautiful west bank of Houhai Lake, introduces two promotional feasts, at 988 yuan and 1,288 yuan, each comprising 14 courses, plus soup and dessert. The 988 yuan banquet has braised sea cucumber, tea-flavored prawn, and red carp in lotus leaf. The 1,288 yuan banquet has Buddha jumps over the wall soup, venison tendon and kong pao prawn. Offer valid until January 20th.6402-6665

请阅读下列就餐者的信息,并匹配适合他们的餐馆: 1. Niu Xiang is planning to study abroad and he would like to spend his New Year’s Eve in a western style restaurant, where he can join some foreign friends in welcoming the coming of the New Year. 2. The Blacks newly arrived at Beijing from Italy. Mr. Black prefers to try some sea-food while Mrs. Black would like to feel the traditional Chinese environment. 3. The Johnson boys have very good appetite and are especially fond of different drinks and juice. Their mother wishes to bring them to a place where they need not pay extra money for the drinks. 4. Yao Mingming is tired of the Hakka food his mother cooks. He wants to take her to some nourishing delicacies from other regions, like some special flavored seafood. 5. Mr. Smith owns a very big company. He would like to treat some business friends to a luxurious dinner in a quiet and beautiful environment.

参考答案--------------DCEBF ************************************************结束

短文改错 (201*· 绵阳诊断) Tom is a little boy, but he is only seven years old. One day he1.________ went to the cinema. It was the first time for him to do that. He2.________ bought a ticket and then went out. But after two or three minutes3.________ he came out and bought the second ticket and went in again. After a4.________ few minutes he comes out again and bought a third ticket. Two5.________ or three minutes later he came out and asked another ticket.6.________ Then the girl in the ticket office who asked him, “Why do you7.________ buy so many ticket? How many friends do you meet?” Tom8.________ answered,”No, I have not friends here. But a big boy always 9.________ stops me at the door and tear my ticket to pieces.”10.________ 答案与解析: 1.but 改为 and 依据语境,这里前后句之间是并列关系而不是转折关系。 2.√ 3.out 改为 in 依据语境,男孩买票走进电影院。 4.the 改为 a 下文 bought a third ticket 有暗示。序数词前用不定冠词,表示“再一,又 一”。 5.comes 改为 came 结合行文逻辑,这里应用一般过去时。男孩进去又出来了。

6.asked 后加 for ask for sth.表示“要求得到……”。

7.去掉 who 这里不是定语从句,假如是定语从句,原句缺少主句。 8.ticket 改为 tickets so many 后接复数名词。 9.not 改为 no not 是副词,不能修饰名词,应改为 no。

10.tear 改为 tears 这里 stop 和 tear 是并列谓语动词,要用第三人称单数的一般现在 时。 *************************************************************结束