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Module 5

Lao She Teahouse

Lao She

Lao She and his family members

Lao She was writing.

Lao She was in a teahouse.

Home of Lao She in Beijing

Home of Lao She in London

Lao She’s play-Teahouse

1 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about Lao She. 1.What do you know about Lao She? 2. What are his most famous books and plays? 3. What’s special about Lao She’s teahouse?

Unit 2
It describes the changes in Chinese society.

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions act n. (戏剧、歌剧或芭 蕾舞的)一幕 v. 展示;显示 n. 演出;表演 adj. 普通的;一般的 num. 第二十 v. 描写;描述 n. 社会

common twentieth describe society

Words and expressions beginning n. (一段时间的)开 始,起初 head teacher 校长 college n. 大学;学院 novel n. (长篇)小说 name v. 给…取名;给…命名 if conj. 如果;若 magic adj. 魔术的;戏法的

2 Skimming(浏览,略读) Read the passage and match the headings with the paragraphs. a) Lao She Teahouse b) The story of Teahouse c) Lao She 1 2 3

3 Scanning(寻读又称查读)
Complete the timeline with information about Lao She.

1957 1924 1918

wrote Teahouse _____________________________ left home and went to England _____________________________ finished school and became the _____________________________ head teacher of a primary school _____________________________ 1913 went to a teacher’s school _____________________________ 1899 born in Beijing _____________________________

4 Detailed reading(精读)
Para1: Retell according the main sentences. 1.Teahouse is one of … 2.He wrote it in… 3.The play has…and shows…from…to… 4.It tells us the story of…and…in Beijing. 5.It describes the changes in…over…

1. Para2:Answer the questions 1).When was Lao She born? 2).Where did his mother send him in 1913? 3).What was he after finishing school in 1918? 4).When did he leave for England and what did he do there? 5).When did he go back home? 6).What did he write and what were they about? 7).What do people think of him?

Para3:Fill in the blanks customers At Lao She Teahouse today,_________ can If drink tea and eatdelicious Beijing food.______ _______ you like the Beijing Opera,_________l music or traditiona enjoy magic shows, you can _____them at the teahouse. Lao She Teahouse gives a warm ______ welcome to everyone ______ all over the world. from

Remember the words and expressions we learned today.

Unit 2
It describes the changes in Chinese society.

The fourth lesson


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、根据句意及首字母或汉语提示,完成 下列句子。 1. Today is my sister’s t_______ birthday wentieth and she is twenty. 2. Our team is the best and we have never ost l___ a football match. 3. Have you read her new n_____? ovel 4. She is a c______ student now. ollege ociety 5. He is dangerous to s_______.

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Tian’anmen Square is one of the ______ largest (large) squares in the world. 2. Mike is very funny and he always makes laugh us _____ (laugh). 3. Our city was named (name) “Water City” _________ several years ago. 4. Mr. Wang asked us _________ (not play) not to play in the busy street after school. 5. Yu Hong is good at music and she can sing English songs beautifully (beautiful). _________

三、根据所给汉语及提示, 完成下列句子。 1. 理查德派他妹妹去拿包。(send to) Richard sent his sister to take the bag. ______________________________________ 2. 我们给女儿取名萨拉。(name) We named our daughter Sarah. ______________________________________ 3. 汤姆的妈妈每天从早工作到晚。 (from…to…) Tom’s mom works from morning to night. ______________________________________ 4. 他不知道为什么朋友们对他(的到来)反 应冷淡。 He didn’t know why his friends gave him a _______________________________________ cold welcome. _______________________________________

2.Retelling Complete the passage with the words in the box. century common if magic society writers

Lao She’s play, Teahouse, has three acts.

It describes the life of Wang Lifa and the changes to the lives of (1) common people _______ society in Chinese (2) ______ in the first half of the twentieth (3) century _______. Lao She went to a teacher’s school in Beijing, taught in London and later returned to China. He is one of China’s writers greatest (4)_______. Come to Lao She Teahouse in Beijing if (5)___ you like the Beijing Opera, magic traditional music or (6)_____ shows.

5 Complete the table.
Teahouse Your favourite play or film

Where does the story take place? When does the story take place? What is the story’s main idea? Why is it good?

In Beijing From the end of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century It tells the changes in Chinese society over 50 years. It shows the lives of common people in China.

6 Write sentences about Teahouse with the information in Activity 5. Use the passage in Activity 2 to help you. The story of Teahouse takes place in Beijing. Now join the sentences. Write a passage about Teahouse.

7 Write a passage about your favourite play or film. Use Activity 5 and 6 to help you.

本课时主要句型 1.Teahouse is one of Lao She’s most famous plays. 2. Lao She Teahouse gives a warm welcome to everyone from all over the world. 3. The story of Teahouse takes places in Beijing.

Unit 2

Language points

1.Teahouse is one of Lao She’s most famous plays. 《茶馆》是老舍最著名的剧作之一。 one of +名词复数,表“……中的一个” 还可以在名词复数前加最高级,即: one of +形容词最高级+名词复数 One of us must go. 我们之中要走一个人。 Physics is one of the most difficult subjects. 物理是最难的学科之一。

2. The play has three acts and shows the lives of common people in China from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century. 这部剧作有三幕,展示了中国普通百姓十九 世纪末到二十世纪中期的生活。 century n. 世纪,常用表达: XX世纪 the XXth century XX世纪初 at the beginnning of the -th century XX世纪中叶 in the middle of the -th century XX世纪末 at the end of the -th century 世纪之交 at the turn of the century

3. Lao She was born in Beijing in 1899. 老舍生于1899年。 表示"出生"要用be born,并且动词be通常 只用was 或were 。 born + in/on等,表示“出生的时间,地 点”。 Tom was born in Hebei Province on February 12,1999. 1999年2月12日汤姆生于河北省。 Karl Marx was born on May 5,in Trier. 卡尔· 马克思5月5日生于特里尔。

4. … was named “the People’s Artist”,…

name在这里是动词,表示“命名”; name作动词还可以表示“任命”。例如:
Wang Bo was named as captain of our football team. 王波被任命为我们足球队的队长。

5. If you like the Beijing Opera, traditional music or magic shows, you can enjoy them at the teahouse. 如果你喜欢京剧、传统音乐或是魔术表演, 你可以在这家茶馆里欣赏到它们。 本句中的them指的是前半句提到的京剧、 传统音乐和魔术表演。 Has anyone seem my keys? I can’t find them anywhere. 有人看到我的钥匙了吗?我到处都找不到。

6. Lao She Teahouse gives a wonderful welcome to everyone from all over the world. 老舍茶馆热烈欢迎来自世界各地的人们。 give (sb.) a … welcome (to…) 意为“对 (某人)表示……欢迎”,其中 welcome是名词。 We gave the American teacher a warm welcome at the party. 我们在聚会上热情地欢迎美国老师(的 到来)。

Write a passage about your favorite play or film.

1.To preview the use of infinitive structure 2.To read the passage in the part of Around the world

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