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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题34


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 34 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 完形单词单选巩固......................................................... 高频词汇集中速记......................................................... 参考答案:............................................................... 1 2 5 7



【2012 天津】 I fell in love with Yosemite Natio nal Park the first time I saw it, when I was 13. My parents took us there for camping. On the way out, I asked them to wait while I ran up to El Capitan, a 16 rock of 3,300 feet straight up. I touched that giant rock and knew 17 I wanted to climb it. That has been my life's passion (钟爱) ever since— 18 the rocks and mountains of Yosemite. I've long made Yosemite my 19 . About 15 years ago I started seeing a lot of 20 , like toilet paper, beer cans, and empty boxes, around the area. It's 21 me why visitors started respecting the place 22 and treated such a beautiful home-like place this way. I tried 23 trash (垃圾) myself, but the jo b was too big. I would 24 an hour or two on the job, only to find the area trashed all over again weeks later. Final ly, I got so 25 it that I decided something had to change. As a rock-climbing guide, I knew 26 about organizing any big event. But in 2004, together with some climbers, I set a date for a 27 . On that day, more than 300 people 28 . Over three days we collected about 6,000 pounds of trash. It was amazing how much we were able to 29 . I couldn't believe the 30 we made—the park looked clean! Each year volunteers come for the cleanup from everywhere. In 2007 alone, 2,945 people picked up 42,330 pounds of trash and 31 132 miles of roadway. I often hear people 32 about their surroundings. If you are one of them, I would say the only way to change things is by 33 rather than complaining. We need to teach by 34 . You can’t blame others 35 you start with yourself. 16. A. distant B. huge C. narrow D. loose 17. A. immediately B. finally C. gradually D. recently 18. A. imagining B. painting C. describing D. climbing 19. A. garden B. home C. lab D. palace 20. A. material B. resources C. waste D. goods 21. A. beyond B. against C. over D. within


22 A. 23. A. 24. A. 25. A. 26. A. 27. A. 28. A. 29. A. 30. A. 31. A. 32. A. 33. A. 34. A. 35. A.

more throwing away kill satisfied with something cleanup dropped out demand plan crossed talk doing method although

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

most picking up save delighted in anything party showed up receive visit measured complain thinking explanation if

C.. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.

less breaking down wait tired of everything picnic looked around accomplish contact covered argue questioning example when

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

least digging out spend used to nothing concert called back overcome difference designed quarrel watching research unless



1. [2005 安徽,22] You must keep on working in the evening, _____ you are sure you can finish the task in time A)as B)if C)when D)unless 2. [2005 安徽,34] I really can't understand _____ her like that. A)you treat B)you to treat C)why treat D)you treating 3. [2005 重庆,21] It is known to all that _____ you exercise regularly, you won't keep good health. A)unless B)whenever C)although D)if 4. [2006 安徽,26] It's quite _____ me why such things have been allowed to happen. A)for B)behind C)against D)beyond 5. [2006 安徽,31] Never in my wildest dreams _____ these people are living in such poor conditions. A)I could imagine B)could I imagine C)I couldn't imagine D)couldn't I imagine 6. [2006 安徽,35] Mr. Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one _____. A)blamed B)blaming C)to blame D)to be blamed 7. [2006 北京,33] _____ you've tried it, you can't imagine how pleasant it is. A)Unless B)Because C)Although D)When 8. [2006 福建,23] Sorry, Madam. You'd better come tomorrow because it's _____ the visiting hours. A)during B)at C)beyond D)before 9. [2006 福建,33] _____ for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. A)Blaming B)Blamed C)To blame D)To be blamed 10. [2006 江苏,24] This new model of car is so expensive that it is _____ the reach of those with average income.


A)over B)within C)beyond D)below 11. [2006 辽宁 ,31] It is said that the early European playing-cards _____ for entertainment and education. A)were being designed B)have designed C)have been designed D)were designed 12. [2006 四川,29] —Can he take charge of the computer company?—I'm afraid it's _____ his ability. A)beyond B)within C)of D)to 13. [2006 浙江,2] We don't keep winning games _____ we keep playing well. A)because B)unless C)when D)while 14. [2006 重庆,24] I've tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means _____ with my progress. A)the teacher is not sat isfied B)is the teacher not satisfied C)the teacher is satisfied D)is the teacher satisfied 15. [2007 湖南,33] Most birds find it safe to sleep in the trees, but _____ they have eggs or young chicks, they don't use a nest. A)why B)how C)unless D)where 16. [2007 全国 I,26] I won't call you, _____ something unexpected happens. A)unless B)whether C)because D)while 17. [2007 浙江,7] — Look! He's running so fast!— Hard to _____ his legs were once broken. A)know B)imagine C)realize D)find 18. [2008 陕西, 19] Elizabeth has already achieved success _____ her wildest dreams. A)at B)beyond C)within D)upon 19. [2008 江苏, 28] —Why do you suggest we buy a new machine?—Because the old one has been damaged _____. A)beyond reach B)beyond repair C)beyond control D)beyond description 20. [2008 全国Ⅱ,7]A small car is big enough for a family of three _____ you need more space for baggage. A)once B)because C)if D)unless 21. [2008 上海,27]In my view, London's not as expensive in price as Tokyo but Tokyo is _____ in traffic. A)the most organized B)more organized C)so organized as D)as organized as 22. [2008 天津,1]We'll have a picnic in the park this Sunday _____ it rains or it's very cold. A)since B)if C)unless D)until 23. [2008 浙江, 16] Don't promise anything _____ you are one hundred percent sure. A)whether B)after C)how D)unless 24. [2009 山东,29] —He says that my new car is a _____ of money.—Don't you think those words are just sour grapes? A)lack B)load C)question D)waste 25. [2009 北京,27] The way the guests _____ in the hotel influenced their evaluation


of the service. A)treated B)were treated C)would treat D)would be treated 26. [2009 全国 I,34] Everybody was touched _____ words after they heard her moving story. A)beyond B)without C)of D)in 27. [2009 全国 II,10] All the dishes in this menu, _____ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. A)as B)if C)though D)unless 28. [2009 山东,33] It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot _____ easy reach. A)near B)upon C)within D)around 29. [2009 上海,31] A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, _____ all f our people on board. A)killed B)killing C)kills D)to kill 30. [2009 四川,12] Owen wouldn't eat anything _____ he cooked it himself A)until B)since C)unless D)while 31. [2009 浙江,19]In the good care of the nurses, the boy is _____ recovering from his heart operation. A)quietly B)actually C)practically D)gradually 32. [2010 全国 I, 30]The little boy won't go to sleep _____ his mother tells him a story. A)or B)unless C)but D)whether 33. [2010 山东, 28]The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, _____ accompanied by an adult. A)once B)when C)if D)unless 34. [2010 上海, 39] _____ our manager objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member. A)Until B)Unless C)If D)After 35. [2010 上海, 27]It's no use _____ without taking any action. A)complain B)complaining C)being complained D)to be complained 36. [2011 上海春招, 32]A lot of people often forget that oral exams _____ to test our communicative ability. A)design B)are designed C)are designing D)are bei ng designed 37. [2011 四川, 9]Al l visitors to this village _____ with kindness. A)treat B)are treated C)are treating D)had been treated 38. [2012 福建, 30]It is hard for the Greek government to get over the present difficulties _____ it gets more financial support from the European Union. A)if B)unless C)because D)since 39. [2012 全国 II, 19]The Harry Potter books are quite popular; they are in great _____ in this city. A)quality B)progress C)production D)demand 40. [2012 陕西, 25]All the photographs in this book, _____ stated otherwise, date from the 1950s. A)unless B)until C)once D)if


41. [2012 上海, 32] I have a tight budget for the trip, so I'm not going to fly _____ the airlines lower ticket prices. A)once B)if C)after D)unless 42. [2013 大纲卷,32] Only by increasing the number of doctors by 50 percent _____ properly in this hospital. A)can be the patients B)can the patients be treated C)the patients can be treated D)treated can be the patients 43. [2013 江西 ,28]She says that she'll have to close the shop _____ bus iness improves. A)if B)unless C)after D)when 44. [2013 上海,25]— I'm looking for a nearby place for my holiday. Any good ideas? — How about the Moon Lake? It is _____ easy reach of the city. A)by B)beyond C)within D)from 45. [2013 浙江,19]There are some health problems that, when _____ in time, can become bigger ones later on. A)not treated B)not being treated C)not to be treated D)not have been treated 46. [2013 重庆,25] _____ we have enough evidence, we can't win the case. A)Once B)As long as C)Unless D)Since 47. [2004 江苏,26] More patients _____ in hospital this year than last year. A)treated B)have treated C)had been treated D)have been treated 48. [2004 全国 II,27] _____ you call me to say you're not coming, I'll see you at the theatre. A)Though B)Whether C)Until D)Unless 49. [2003 全国卷]The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _____ with each other. A)they had quarreled B)they have quarreled C)have they quarreled D)had they quarreled ? 高频词汇集中速记 [?'k?mpl??] [?'me?z] ['ɑ:gju:] [b??(r)] [b?'j?nd] [ble?m] [] ['kla?m?(r)] [k?m'ple?n] ['k?ns?t] ['k?nt?kt] [de?t] vt. 完成 vt. 使吃惊 vi. 争论,辩论 vt. 辩论,证明,说服 n. 啤酒 prep. 超过,那一边 ad. 在远处 n. 远处 n. 过失,责备 vt. 责备,归咎于 n. 清除,获利 n. 登山者 vi.vt. 抱怨,悲叹,控诉 n. 音乐会,合奏,一致 vt. 协定,协调 vi. 协力 n. 互通信息,交际,互通意见,接触 vi. 接触,会晤,交 际 vt. 使接触 a. 有联系的 n. 日期,约会,枣椰子 vt. 约会,定日期 vi. 注明日

accomplish amaze argue beer beyond blame cleanup climber complain concert contact date


期,过时 delight demand describe design dig distant empty event everywhere explanation giant gradually guide imagine kill lab loose material measure method mile mountain narrow national organize overcome palace paper passion picnic pound quarrel [d?'la?t] [d?'mɑ:nd] [d?'skra?b] [d?'za?n] [d?g] ['d?st?nt] ['empt?] [?'vent] ['evr?we?(r)] [?ekspl?'ne??? n] ['d?a??nt] ['gr?d???l?] [ga?d] [?'m?d??n] [k?l] [l?b] [lu:s] [m?'t??r??l] ['me??(r)] ['meθ ?d] [ma?l] ['ma?nt?n] ['n?r??] ['n??n?l] ['?:g?na?z] [???v?'k?m] ['p?l?s] ['pe?p?(r)] ['p???n] ['p?kn?k] [pa?nd] ['kw?r?l] n. 高兴,愉快 vt. 使高兴,乐于 vi. 喜爱 n. 要求,需求,需要 vt.vi. 要求,查询 vt. 描述,描绘,画 n. 设计,图样,企图 vt.vi. 设计,计划 vt. 挖,翻土,发掘 vi. 挖掘 n. 挖掘 a. 远的,疏远的 n. 空的东西 , 空物 a. 空的 , 空虚的 , 空腹的 , 空洞的 vt. 倒空,使变空,使流入 vi. 流空 n. 事件,结果,竞赛 n. 事件 ad. 各处,到处 n. 解释,解说,说明 n. 巨人,大力士,巨大的怪物 a. 庞大的,巨大的 ad. 逐渐地 n. 引导者,指南,路标 vt. 指导,支配,操纵,带领,管 理 vi. 任向导 n. 辅助线 vt. 想象,幻想,猜测 vi. 想象起来 n. 杀 , 杀戮 vt. 杀 , 破坏 , 消灭 , 否决 , 抵消 , 使终止 vi. 杀死 n. 小河 n. 实验室,研究室, n. 解放,放任,放纵 a.宽松的,松的,宽的,不牢固的, 不精确的,自由的,散漫的 vt. 释放,放枪,开船 n. 材料,物资,资料,布料,素材 a. 物质的,肉体的,具 体的 n. 尺寸,量度器,量度标准,测量,量具,标准,程度,范 围,限度,方法 vt. 测量,测度,估量,分派,调节 n. 方法,办法,条理,秩序 n. 哩,英里,较大的距离 n. 山,山脉,大堆 n. 狭窄部分,海峡,隘路 a. 狭窄的,精密的,有限的, 气量小的,眼光短浅的,勉强的 vi. 变窄 a. 国家的,国立的,全国性的,国家主义的 vt. 组织,有机化,给予生机 vi. 组织起来 vt. 战胜,克服,胜过 vi. 得胜 n. 宫,宫殿,华丽之大厦 n. 纸,文件,文章,证件,证券 vt.用纸糊,贴壁纸于,用 纸包装 vi. 贴壁纸 a. 纸做的,纸上的 n. 热爱,强烈的感情,热情,耶稣的受难 n. 野餐,远足 vi. 野餐,远足 n. 磅,英镑,重击,兽栏,拘留所,鱼塘 vt. 强烈打击, 捣烂,监禁,关入栏 vi. 连续重击,苦干 n. 吵架,反目,怨言,方形的东西 vi. 吵架,争论,挑剔


resource respect roadway rock-climbin g satisfy straight surrounding toilet trash treat unless volunteer waste within

[r?'s?:s] [r?'spekt] ['r??dwe?] [] ['s?t?sfa?] [stre?t] [s?'ra?nd?? ] ['t??l?t] [tr??] [tri:t] [?n'les] [?v?l?n't??(r) ] [we?st] [w?'??n]

n. 资源,财力,办法,消遣,机智 n. 尊敬,尊重,关心 vt. 尊敬,注意,遵守 n. 车道,道路,轨道 n. 攀登岩壁,爬岩术 vt. 使满意,满足,赔偿,说服 vi. 令人满意,替人赎罪 n. 直线,直 a. 直的,笔直的,正直的,整齐的,连续的, 直接的 ad. 直接地,立即,不断地 n. 环境 a. 周围的 n. 厕所,化妆 vi. 梳妆,打扮,上厕所 vt. 给...穿衣 n. 垃圾,废物 vt. 废弃 n. 宴请 , 款待 vt. 视为 , 对待 , 款待 , 治疗 , 论述 vi. 交涉,谈判,作东 conj. 除非 prep. 除...之外 n. 志愿者 a. 志愿的 vt.vi. 自愿 n. 废物,浪费,损耗,消耗,地面风化物,垃圾,荒地 a. 废弃的,荒芜的,多余的 vt.浪费,消耗,使荒芜 n. 内部 ,里头 ad. 在内部 ,在内心里 prep. 在... 之 内


参考答案: 20. C 25. C 35. D

完形填空 16. B 17. A 18. D 19. B 21 A 22. C 23. B 24. D 31 C 32. B 33. A 34. C 词汇真题 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.C 11.D 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.C 16.A 17.B 18.B 19.B 20.D 21.B 22.C 23.D 24.D 25.B 26.A 27.D 28.C 29.B 30.C 31.D 32.B 33.D 34.B 35.B 36.B 37.B 38.B 39.D 40.A 41.D 42.B 43.B 44.C 45.A 46.C 47.D 48.D 49.C


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