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新目标英语九年级第 15 单元测试题 一、基础过关 I. 词形转换。请你用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。 1.I don’t know the writer, but I _______(hear) of him. 2. In 1972, it _______( discover) that they were endangered. 3.They got used to _______(ride) to school. 4.Tom has to _______(raise) funds for a holiday 5.Class 5 ______(beat) Class 3 in the football match last week, for they were so sad.. 6.Kangaroos are ______ (play) and chimpanzees are _____ (noise). 7. I was ____ (surprise) to find hardly anyone in the zoo. 8. Visiting zoos are like ____ (live) textbooks for young people. 9. He ____ (use) to be ____ (call) “Little Tiger”. 10.The 29th Beijing Olympic Games’ success is an ____(inspire)to us all III. 句意填词。根据首字母提示,补写下列单词, 使句意完整。 1.The bridge is nearly 200 m______ long. 2.There u______ to be a lot of manatees. 3 I haven’t h_______ from him for a long time.. 4.Some of the swamps have become p________, there are fewer living things. 5.Zoos are t________ places for animals to live in ,for they aren’t free.. 6.I’m writing to say that I am a______ building a new zoo in our town. 7.This dress s______ you very much, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit you. 8.There is nothing for us to worry a_____ . 9.The animals are k_____ in tiny cages. 10.They provide homes for many endangered animals, and help to educate the public about c_______ for them. III. 单项选择。从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 1. ——_________are manatees? ——They weigh about 1,000 pounds. A How big B. How heavy C How long D How old

2. We’re trying ________ the cheetahs, for they are in danger. A. help B. to save C save D helping

3. This kind of bamboo is not suitable______ pandas to eat, we must find ______one. A. for ,other B. of ,other C. for ,another D. of, another

4.There will not be enough space to _____ the earth in the future. A. live on B. live in C. live on in

D. live in on

( )5.At last, Lucy make the baby ____ and the baby began to laugh. A. stop crying B. to stop crying C. stop to say D. to stop to cry

( ) 6. The president _____ all people _____ our environment. A. urge, protect B. urged, to protect C. urges, protect D. urged, protect

( ) 7. I feel that the zoo ____ a clean and safe place ____ animals . A. provide, for B. gives, for C. provides, for D. provides, to

( ) 8.I think the environment is really important. ____, I like ____ my bike. A. Beside, riding B. Besides, riding riding ( )9.My jacket has ____ color ____ yours, but mine is bigger than yours. A. the same, as B. same , as C. different, from D. the same, to C. Except, to ride D. Except,

( )10. Wang Mei ____ her mother because she is beautiful and intelligent. A. look .B liked C. is like D. look like

二、 能力训练 I、根据短文内容,选择方框中所给词的正确形式填空,使短文完整、正确。 (每 个词只能用一次,其中有两个词是多余的)。 big fight little against be easy call kill pollute few we live

Pollution Hundreds of years ago, life was much harder than it is today. People didn’t have modern machines. There 1._____ no modern medicine, either. Life today has brought new problems. One of the2.____ is pollution (污染). Water pollution has made our rivers and lakes dirty. It 3._____ our fish and polluted our drinking water. Noise pollution makes 4.______ talk louder and become angry 5.______. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution. It’s bad to all 6._____ things in the world. Cars, planes and factories all pollute our air every day. Sometimes the polluted air is so thick that it is like a quilt over a city. This kind of quilt7. ______smog(烟 雾). Many countries are making rules 8.______ pollution. Factories must now clean their water before it is thrown away, they mustn’t blow dirty smoke into the air. We need to do many other things. We can put waste things in the dustbin and not throw it on the ground. We can go to work by bus or with our friends in the same car. If there are 9._____ people driving, there will be less pollution. Rules are not enough. Every person must help to fight 10._______. II、阅读理解。 任务型阅读根据短文内容按要求完成表格。

Animals are in danger ! Ever since people lived on earth, they have used animals and plants to give them everything they need. Animals are killed for meat and skin, trees are cut down for paper, plants up rooted for food, minerals are dug from ground. We know that the supply of animals and plants is not endless. All around the world there are species of animals that are about to become extinct -disappear for ever. We need to do something to stop this happening. If we go on using nature as thoughtlessly as we have been doing , there will soon be nothing left. So nature has to be looked after carefully. Here are some examples of animals are in danger.

One example of an animal in danger is the tiger. We can find the South China Tiger, the Northeastern Tiger, and the Bengal Tiger in China. In all there are probably no more than a total of 400 tigers left in China. Now the shooting of tigers is stopped in China, in this way we have made progress in protecting tigers.

The Snow Leopard (雪豹) is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of central and southern Asia. Well known for its beautiful fur, the Snow Leopard has a soft grey coat with ringed spots and small dots of black on brown. The fur turns white in the winter. Because their fur command a very high price in the fur market, during the 1960s, the Snow Leopard's total population went down to 1,000 animals, but has since recovered slightly. The total estimated wild population of the Snow Leopard is between 3,500 and 7,000 individuals.

The Javan Rhinoceros (爪哇犀牛) is one of the rarest and most endangered large mammals anywhere in the world. According to 2002 estimates, only about 60 remain alive, in Java, Indonesia and Vietnam. Even these tiny populations are still being poached and the outlook for the species is grim. Of all the rhino species (犀牛物种), the least is known of the Javan Rhino (爪哇犀牛), probably due to its low numbers.

The African Wild Dog(非洲野狗), also known as the African Hunting Dog(非洲猎狗), is endangered, primarily because of habitat loss and hunting as a result of human expansion along with growing farming and ranching needs. They were once found in 39 nations with an estimated population of500,000 dogs. Now of the 39 countries only 25 remain with an estimated population of 3,000 dogs. Animal names Alive numbers Living places 1. 400 China Snow Leopard 2. 3. The Javan Rhinoceros 60 4. 5. 3,000 Africa III.书面表达。 请以“Recycle Materials”为题写一篇短文。主要内容:请你利用 Recycle Materials 设计一套服装或一套房子等,运用本单元所学的内容,写成一篇短文,并充分利 用自己想象,画一幅图画。 参考答案: 一、 I. 1.hear 2. was discovered 3.riding 4. raise 5. was beaten 6. playful noisy 7. surprised 8. living9. used called 10. inspiration II 1. meters 2. used 3. heard 4. polluted 5. terrible 6. against 7. suits 8 about 9. kept 10 caring III 1. BBCDA 6. BCBAC 二、 I. 1.was 2. biggest 3. kills 4 us 5. more easily 6. living 7. is called 8. to fight 9. fewer 10. pollution. II 1. The tiger 2. Between 3,500 and 7,000 individuals. 3. Central and southern Asia 4. Java, Indonesia and Vietnam 5. The African Wild dog III 略


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