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unit7 p121 一、词汇运用 1.—— How much pocket _______ (钱)do you have every month? —— 50 yuan. 2. There are lots of shopping _______(商场)along Zhongshan Road. 3. Kate never goes swimming. She ________ (讨厌)swimming. 4. Where's my ______ (钱包)?I can't find it now. 5. The shopping bag is heavy. What about _______ (搬,拿)it together with me? 6. Walk _______ (沿着)the street,and you will find the bookshop. 7. Are you ________ (确信)he'll like the music box? 8. Young people are always _________ (感兴趣)in new things like iPhone 7. 9. Daniel doesn't often play football. ________ (也许)he doesn't like it. 10. ________ (收集)coins from foreign countries is popular among us these days. 二、单项填空 ( ) 1. If you want to buy a volleyball,you can go to ______. A. a sports shop B. a toy shop C. a shoe shop D. a flower shop ( ) 2. Today is December 20. Christmas is _______. A. will come B. coming C. come D. going

( ) 3. He _______ at home. But ______ he is not. You can ring him up. A. maybe; may be B. may be; may be C. may be; maybe D. maybe; maybe ( ) 4. Daniel wants to buy a Christmas gift ________ his brother. A. for B. to C. as D. in

( ) 5. Mother likes going to different __________ before she buys one pair. A. shoe shop B. shoes shop C. shoe shops D. shoes shops ( ) 6. The woman _______ shopping. That's why she stays at home all day. A. likes B. hates C. loves D. dislike ( ) 7. Lily,here ______ some pocket money for you. A. are B. is C. am D. / ( ) 8. Some model cars and dolls are on sale in the _______ near our school. A. toy shop B. clothes shop C. flower shop D. bookshop ( ) 9. Please ________ us what the newspaper _______ about the earthquake. A. say; says B. say; tells C. tell; says D. tell; tells ( ) 10. —— Thanks a lot for your great idea,Millie. —— ________. A. You are welcome B. You are right C. Don't thank me D. I'm glad to hear that p123~124 一、词汇运用 1. Your _______(粉红的)dress looks really nice. 2. How much do these CDs ________(值)?I guess they're not very expensive. 3. Take a look,please. Which scarf ________(匹配)Sandy's sweater? 4. The ____________ (售货员)in this large shopping mall work very hard.

5. Oh,I only have __________(足够的)cash for a one-way ticket. May I use Alipay? 6. In spring,vegetables grow fast and they are usually very ________ (便宜的). 7. May I borrow ________ (上一个的) week's newspaper?There's a report on our school in it. 8. The winners can ________ (每人)get a ticket for free. 9. —— Excuse me,may I have my ________ (找头) ,please? —— Sorry,I nearly forgot it. Here it is. 10. The new hair clips make her look ________(俊俏的). 二、动词填空 1. Sandy and Simon each _______ (get)a present from Amy. How happy they are! 2. How much ________ the book _________(cost)Amy? 3. This pair of jeans ________(match)Sandy's coat very well. 4. Now, lots of foreigners learn how _______ (use) chopsticks because of delicious Chinese food. 5. What about ________(find)some nice things for your parents in this shop? 6. Look!She ________(carry)a new beautiful handbag. 7. Every weekend my mother always has great fun _______(shop)in different malls. 8. Mum,I need my own wallet _________(put)my pocket money in. 9. Why do you enjoy _________(collect)stamps so much? 10. Now,more and more people _________(not buy)things in shops.They buy things online. 三、单项填空 ( ) 1. ——________ —— Yes,please. I'd like a camera for my son. A. How do you like it? B. Good morning. C. Excuse me? D. Can I help you? ( ) 2. ——Not only the young but also the old are getting _________WeChat. —— They can help us communicate more freely. A.interested by B. interested in C.interesting by D. interesting in ( ) 3. Kitty likes _______ jeans at the weekend. A. putting on B. dressing C. putting D. wearing ( ) 4. My sister is _______ her wallet, but she can't ________ it. A. looking for; find B. seeing; looking for C. finding; looking at D. looking for; find out ( ) 5. I want to buy some sweets _________ my cousin Millie ________ a present. A. to; as B. for; as C. to; for D. for; to ( ) 6. The shirt isn't ______ for me. I can't put it on. A. enough big B. enough small C. big enough D. small enough ( ) 7. The colour of this car is a little different ______ that one. You should think twice. A. as B. with C. on D. from p125~126 一、同义句转换 1. Can I help you? _________ _________ I _________ _________ you? 2. The boy has enough money for an ice cream. The boy has enough money ________ ________ an ice cream. 3. My cap is very old. Can you buy me a new one?

My cap is very old. Can you buy a new one ________ ________? 4. Look at it, please. ________ ________ __________ __________ it, please. 5. How much are they? ________ ________ __________ they _______ ? 6. The pretty hair clips go well with Sandy's pink coat. The pretty hair clips ________ Sandy's pink coat __________. 7. Amy's football cards are not the same as Simon's. Amy has ________ ________ _________ _________ Simon's. 8. They're only ten yuan each. _________ _________ _________ __________ only ten yuan. 9. Is there any money in Peter's wallet? _________ Peter ________ ________ money in ________ wallet? 10. Jim's mother comes in. There is a cake in her hand. Jim's mother comes in _______ a cake in her hand. 二、单项填空 ( ) 1. My hair clips are too old, so I want to buy new ______. A.pair B. one C. ones D. pieces ( ) 2. Is this room _______ the meeting? A. large enough to have B. enough large to have C. large enough having D. enough large having ( ) 3. —— How about last ________ football cards? They're cheap. —— _________. I want the new cards. A. year; Just a minute B. year's; Yes.please C. year's; No, thanks D. years; No,thanks ) 4. —— How much do you need? —— $20 _______ enough for me. A. has B. have C. is D. are ( ) 5. —— Thank you for your good idea. —— ________. A.all right B. Well C. No, thanks D. You're welcome ( ) 6. The blue jeans _______ 50 dollars. And that black pair of jeans ______ 60 dollars. A. is; is B.are;are C. is; are D.are;is ( ) 7. —— I think this book is very _______. —— Yes.My sister and I are ________ in it. A. interesting; interesting B. interested; interesting C. interested; interested D. interesting; interested ( ) 8. —— _______ the coat _______? ——$20 only. A. How much is;/ B. How much is; cost C. How much does; cost D. A and C p127~128 二、单项填空 ( ) 1. You can _________ of books in the library. (

( ( (

A. look different kind B. look different kinds C. read different kind D.read different kinds ) 2. On the plate, there ______ some chicken and two hamburgers beside the tomatoes. A. is B. are C.has D. have ) 3. There ______ two beds, a desk and four chairs in the room. A. is B. are C. has D. have ) 4. —— Mum, can I have ______ sweets? —— Sure, but not too _______. A. some; many B. some; much C. any; many ) 5. ——What _______ things will you buy? —— No, nothing ________. A. else; else B. else; other C. other; else

D. any; much


D. other; other


) 6. —— _______ there any paper? I want to make some paper cups to finish the art homework. —— You needn't do that. There _______ some in the cupboard. A. Is; is B. Is; are C. Are; is D. Are; are ) 7. I hear the bookshop there _______ many books on cooking. A. is B. are C. have D. has ) 8. ——Dad, what about buying _______ fruit? —— Good idea. We don't have _______ at home now. A. any; any B. some; any C. some; some D. any; some ) 9. —— ________ there any sheep on the hill? —— _________. A. Is; Yes, there are B. Are; Yes, there are C. Is; No, there isn't D. Are; No, there isn't ) 10. Those flowers ________ Kate $56. A. pay B. take C. cost D. spend

( (



p129 一、词汇运用 1. The ________(穷的)man has no money to buy any food. 2. In some __________(地区)in China,girls didn't go to school. 3. The boy in the picture is standing beside the tree with his hands in his _________ (口袋). 4. Your cousin looks cool in a black ________ (T 恤衫). 5. Children in Singapore also spend _________ (大多数) of their time studying and doing all kinds of homework. 6. The ________ (价格)of houses in different areas change a lot these years. 7. I don't like the style of the shoes. Can I have a look at __________ (另外的)pair? 8. —— What _______ (尺码)do you want, sir? —— Give me an XXL. 9. I think the dress _______ (合身)you well. You look nice in it. 10. I think iPads are a little _________ (贵的) ,but they're young people's favourite.

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