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第一节:单项填空 1. As ________ birthplace of Huaxia civilization, Xi'an is ________city with a long history and abundant cultural relics. A.the;a B.a;a C./;a D.the;/ 2.—________I turn on the TV for you,Grandpa? —Yes,thanks a lot,my dear. You're so considerate. A.May B.Shall C.Will D.Need 3.There was a time when some western travel agencies were once forced to________their tour prices as much as 33% because of European debt crisis. A.decrease B.declineC.discount D.deposit 4. To work from home, which one could hardly imagine, has been made________with the development of computer technology. A.it possible B.possibleC.possibly D.to be possible 5.Have you considered how weak humans are________a volcano, hurricane or earthquake? A.comparing with B.compared with C.to compare with D.having been compared with 6.—It's my treat today. Is there any particular meal you would like to h ave? —________you choose is all right with me. A.Whatever B.What C.Anything what D.No matter what 7.I hope that my father will quit smoking because I want him to live________my grandpa does. A.as a long and healthy life as B.so long and healthy a life as C.such long and healthy a life as D.as long and healthy a life as 8.You can go out,________you promise to be back before 10 o'clock. A.Unless B.as long as C.because D.since 9.—Come on in,Peter.I want to show you something. —Oh,how nice of you!I________you________to bring me a gift. A.never think;are going B.never thought;were going C.didn't think;were going D.hadn't thought;were going 10.They asked me to have a drink with them.I said that it was at least 10 years since I________a good drink. A.had enjoyed B.was enjoying C.enjoyed D.had been e njoying 11.Michael was set free very soon because of a lack of________that he was guilty. A.doubt B.Conclu sion C.evidence D.belief 12.Don't look down upon the little creature. In a few weeks, it will________a butterfly. A.turn up B.turn into C. turn off D.turn in 13.When she was in trouble, I did what I could to help her.________my help, she wrote me a letter of thanks. A.In honor of B.In case of C.In terms of D.In return for 14.Cheer up! Everyone may have periods in their lives________everything seems tough. A.when B.where C.which D.that 15.—Sorry,I shouldn't have rushed you. —________.How about having a walk in the park beside the theatre? A.You are welcome B.That's right C.I have no idea D.Never mind 二.完形填空 For lots of people,the holidays are about helping the less fortunate.__16__ than buying present for each other , a group of friends in a Vermont snowboard( 单板滑雪 )group like to go to

their__17__homeless shelter and give them a day to__18__.They begin preparing at the__19__of the snow season by asking people who come to the mountain to__20__ old winter clothing like jackets, boots, gloves, and hats. Then the group__21__the shelter to distribute(分发) the things. Says Jay,18, one of the__22__,“We tell them,?Now you guys are coming with us and we're going to teach you how to__23__ or snowboard all day for free.?It's awesome(极好的) to know that we are able to take their minds__24__the stress in their lives for one day.” For this group, working together to help the homeless makes their relation__25__.They feel like a part of each other's lives in a__26__way. It may sound no wonder until you try it,but do ing something for charity(慈善)can really help you__27__better about the whole experience of giving. That's because it benefits for the__28__as well as the recipient—you're left with a feeling of belonging and being connected. __29__to help an organization or group that fits with your__30__and the things you believe in. If you love children,buy a present for a child in need.__31__animals are your thing,talk to your local animal shelter—many distribute staples like pet food to lowincome pet__32__over the holidays. If you__33__a grandparent and would like to spend time with the Elderly,__34__out at a nursing home over the holidays. Or share a special skill. If you're good with your __35__,you can help build or paint housing for people in need. 16.A.Other B.Rather C.More D.Less 17.A.hopeless B.Curious C.local D.foreign 18.A.remember B.Forget C.forgive D.exercise 19.A.end B.start C.weather D.middle 20.A.bring B.Mend C.sell D.throw 21.A.rebuild B.Take C.leave D.visit 22.A.students B.Neighbors C.organizers D.workers 23.A.ski B.survive C.study D.struggle 24.A.for B.In C.off D.on 25.A.easier B.Cleaner C.healthier D.stronger 26.A.complete B.Meaningful C.new D.busy 27.A.live B.play C.feel D.express 28.A.giver B.visitor C.children D.officials 29.A.Promise B.Refuse C.Choose D.Answer 30.A.work B.values C.hobbies D.profession 31.A.If B.Because C.Though D.While 32.A.sellers B.bosses C.stores D.owners 33.A.visit B.Become C.miss D.dislike 34.A.look B.Send C.find D.help 35.A.hands B.Minds C.eyes D.ideas 三.阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep needed depends on the age of the person and the conditions in which sleep takes place. The young may need more sleep than the old, but usually eight hours are enough for the health of grownups. Some can do with less than this amount, but others may need more. Every person knows his own need. It is then a matter of good judgement to satisfy his need. Sleep should always be enough to make one bring back his strength and get ready for a day's work. Fresh air is necessary to sound sleep. It is not without reason for some people to think that it is practicable to sleep in the open air. When one can keep himself warm, outofdoor sleeping probably gives the body its most complete relaxation(松弛). Ability( 能力 ) to sleep is largely a habit. The conditions referred to only lead to sleep. Outofdoor exercises, a good habit of regular hours and the avoidance(避免) of late eating and worry, which are largely within the control of any person, are all helpful to sound sleep. A bath at bedtime, neither hot nor cool but of body temperature, may be helpful to sleep.

Sleepproducing drug(药) should never be taken except when suggested by a doctor. 36.How many hours are usually enough for the health of a pupil? A.Less than eight hours.B.No more than eight hours. C.Eight hours or so.D.No less than eight hours. 37.Which of the following is helpful to good sleep? A.Keeping good habits B.Staying up late night. C.Eating something at bedtime. D.Forming the habit of taking sleepproducing drug. 38.Before going to bed, you'd better not________. A.take a bath B.do any housework C.think a lot D.go out for relaxation B People use their mouths for many things. They eat, talk, shout and sing. They smile and they kiss. In the English language, there are many expressions using the word “mouth”. For example, if you say bad things about a person, the person might protest(抗议) and say “Do not bad mouth me.” Sometimes, people say something to a friend or family member that they later regret because it hurts that person. Or they tell the person something they were not supposed to tell. The speaker might say: “I really put my foot in my mouth this time.” If this should happen, the speaker might feel down in the mouth. In other words, he might feel sad for saying the wrong thing. Another situation is when someone falsely claims another person said something. The other person might protest: “I did not say that. Do not put words in my mouth.” Some people have lots of money because they were born into a very rich family. There is an expression for this, too. You might say such a person, “was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” This rich person is the opposite of a person who lives from hand to mouth. This person is very poor and only has enough money for the most important things in life, like food. Parents might sometimes keep a child off sweet food as a form of punishment for saying bad things. For example, if a child says things she should not say to her parents, she might be described as a mouthy child. The parents might even tell the child to stop mouthing off. But enough of all this talk. I have been running my mouth long enough. 39.When will a person probably say“do not bad mouth me”? A.When he feels down.B.When he is regretful. C.When he is spoken ill of.D.When he gets angry. 40.If a person lives from hand to mouth, it implies that________. A.he is badlyoff B.he is hardworking C.he has lots of money D.he has enough to eat 41.By saying “I have been running my mouth long enough”,the speaker means “________”. A.I have run a long way B.I have talked too much C.I have learned a lot D.I have been a mouthy person 42.What is mainly talked about in the text? A.Expressions about the word “mouth”. B.Functions of the organ “mouth”. C.Opinions about “mouthy people”. D.Meanings o f the word “mouth”. C In Singapore, most of us love windowshopping while some others enjoy having a picnic at East Coast Park or Changi Beach on sunny days. Singaporeans are never bothered by the occasional thunderstorm. However, we know that if it rains for long continuous periods, there will be more serious effects. Just recently the main shopping street of Orchard Road was flooded and some part of Bukit Timah was impassable to traffic. People reacted by writing in to the newspaper to complain about this! We forget that other countries suffer much worse effects. Elsewhere, heavy tropical(热带 的) storms often result in floods that ruin crops especially in Thailand and Malaysia. This in turn usually means that the price of rice and vegetables here in Singapore will rise because we import these products from them. If there is a typhoon or tsunami, thousands of lives are lost too. This happened in Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand in 2004 and it serves to remind us of how Mother Nature can cause great damage. Weather patterns in general have changed dramatically in recent years. Scientists believe that global warming and the resulting melting of the polar icecap has caused the level of the ocean to rise. This in turn causes flooding of lowlying areas in countries where the land is rather flat and

some parts of which is below water level. It is believed that human activities have caused Mother Nature to show her extreme anger, so it is now important that we really work together to cut down on harmful activities, for example, illegal logging(伐木) or irresponsible forestburning to clear land for farming. 43.From Paragraph 1, we can see that most Singaporeans love________. A .making complaints B.going out for picnics C.doing windowshopping D.traveling along the coast 44.What will happen in Singapore if there are floods in its neighboring countries? A.Heavy tropical storms will follow shortly. B.The price of rice and vegetables will go up. C.Many people will write in to the newspaper. D.More rice and vegetables will be imported. 45.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 1 refers to________. A.the arrival of heavy tropical storms B.the import of rice and vegetables C.the rising price of rice and vegetables D.the loss of lives in natural disasters 46.What should we do in order not to make Mother Nature angry? A.Clear more land for farming. B.Reduce harmful human activities. C.Bring down the price of food. D.Improve the quality of weather. Ⅴ.短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Hi, everyone. Glad to be here. As you know, in China, we call people bear between 1980 and 1989 the post80s. I am a young guy who belonged to such a group. For our generation, life is getting more difficulty than the former generations. The job market is tough but the house is kind of expensive to afford. Now plenty of girls would prefer to marry man with a house and a car on his own. I don't think love built on houses and cars are true love. Thus, this is social reality that we have to face. Though situations are tough today, many of us post80s are making many effort to live a good life. Do you think we will make up life better and better in the future?

1. A

birthplace 后面有 of 短语作其后置定语, 故这里应该是表特指, 用定冠词 the; 后

面“拥有悠久历史和丰富的文化底蕴的一座城市”此处是泛指,故应该用不定冠词 a,故答案 为 A 项。 2. B shall 用于一三人称表示 “征求意见” 、 “建议” 。 注意 shall 的另外两种用法, shall

用于法律、法规、公文、条约中,表示义务或规定,一般用于第三人称; shall 用于二三人 称时可以表示警告、命令、允诺、强迫、决心、威胁、意图等。本句是征求意见,故答案为 B 项;may 用于第一人称疑问句中表示“请求” 、 “允许” ,与语境句意不符。 3.C A.减少;B.下降,衰落;C.打折;D.使沉积,存放。本句的意思是“有一段时间 由于欧债危机,西方旅行社被迫打折 33%” 。 4.B make sth.possible 的被动式,be made possible,make 的宾语 To work from home 现在是主语了,即 To work from home has been made possible,句意:在家上班,这点人 们很难想象的现在已经因为电脑科技的发展成为可能了。 5.B compared with 与??相比,是固定搭配,在本句中做状语。本句的意思是“你曾 经考虑过与火山、飓风和地震相比,人类是多么虚弱吗?” 6.A whatever=anything that 意思是“无论什么” 。无论你选什么对我来说都是可以 的。 7.D 在 as...as 的结构中, 第一个 as 是副词,修饰带形容词的单数可数名词时,形 容词要位于 a +名词之前。 同级比较的否定句中可以用 as/so...as, 在肯定句中只能用 as...as。故本题选择 D。 8.B A.除非;B.只要;C.因为;D.既然,自从。本句的意思是“你可以出去,只要你 答应在 10 点前回来” 。 9.B thought 表示“原以为” 。句意:我原没想到你会送礼物给我。 10.A “It is/has been+时间段+since 从句(过去时态的谓语动词)”或“It was+ 时间段+since 从句(过去完成时态的谓语动词)”表示“多长时间不做??了” 。 11.C A.怀疑;B.结论;C.证据,证明;D.相信,信念,信任。句意:Michael 很快就 被释放了, 因为缺乏他有罪的证据。 12.B A.出现,开大;B.变成;C.关掉;D.交出。不要小看这个小生物,几周以后它

就会变成一只蝴蝶。 13.D A.为庆祝,为纪念;B.万一;C.依据,根据, 在??方面,用??措辞;D.作 为对??的答谢。 “作为对我帮助的答谢,她给我写了一封感谢信。 ” 14.A 对定语从句引导词的考查。先行词是 periods, 引导词在从句中做状语。 15.D 以选 D 项。 根据上文的“我本来不应该那么催你”可知,答语应为“没关系;不要紧” ,所

16.B 根据下文可知,他们在节假日不是互相买送礼物,而是把收来的衣物等送给需要 的穷人。rather t han 不是??(而是??),而不是。 17.C 有一组来自佛蒙特州的滑雪小组,他们就愿意去“当地”一个无家可归的人的住 所,给他们留下一天难忘的“记忆” 。 18.A 参见第 17 题解析。 19.B 他们在雪季刚“开始”时就开始准备。选 start。 20.A 他们让那些来山上(滑雪)的人把自己的旧衣物“带来” 。选 bring。 21. D 然后他们去 “访问” 无家可归者的住所, 把收集的那些东西分发给他们。 选 visit。 22.C 从他后面说的话(参见第 23 题解析)可知,Jay 是其中的一个“组织者” 。 23.A Jay 对他们说:你们跟我们来,我们免费一整天教你们怎样“滑雪” 。 24. C 通过这种方法使他们卸下一整天生活的重压, 好好放松, 真是好极了! take sth.off “脱掉,卸下”符合语境。 25.D 聚集在一起帮助无家可归者使得这群孩子的关系更加“牢固,坚强” 。 26.B 他们感到自己的生活以一种“有意义的”方式被连接成了一个整体。 27.C 做点慈善工作会让你对给予的经历 “感到”更好,更欣慰。且根据本段尾句:

“you're left with a feeling of...”可知选 feel。 28.A 因为做这样的好事不但有利于受益者(接受者),也有益于“给予者” ,你会感到

一种归属感。 29.C 作者呼吁: “选择”帮助那些符合你的“价值取向”以及你相信的组织机构吧。 30.B 同上。 31.A “如果”动物是你乐意关照的对象,那就在假期间去找当地的动物收养所,把诸 如宠物食物之类的东西分发给那些低收入的宠物的 “主人” 。 且根据下文的暗示 “If you__33__a grandparent...”可知选 if。 32.D 同上。 33.C 如果你“思念”某个祖父母,那就去某个敬老院“帮助”做些事。 34.D 同上。 35.A 如果你擅长“手头”上的活儿,就能帮助那些需要的人建造房屋或者刷新他们的 房屋。 36.D 成人需 8 小时睡眠,而年轻人需要更多的睡眠时间。 37.A 保持良好的习惯有助于睡眠。 38.C 从第三段可知,吃夜食和焦虑对睡眠不利,应尽量避免。 39. C 细节理解题。 根据第二段第一句 if you say bad things about a person, the person might protest(抗议)and say “Do not bad mouth me.”(如果你说一个人的坏话,这个人 可能会抗议说不要说我坏话。)

40.A 推理判断题。根据第四段“This rich person is the opposite of a person who lives from hand to mouth.”与富人相对的是穷人。 41.B 由“But enough of all this talk.”可知句意为:我说的太多了。 42.A 主旨大意题。第一段最后一句是主题句:In the English language, there are many expressions using the word “mouth” 。 43.C 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句可知。 44.B 细节理解题。根据第一段倒数三,四句可知。热带风暴导致的洪水会毁掉庄稼, 新加坡的蔬菜和大米是从这些国家进口的,所以会导致蔬菜,大米的价格上升。 45.D 词义理解题。上句提到台风和海啸会导致成千上万的人死亡。这在 2004 年在印 度尼西亚和泰国的普吉岛发生过。自然灾害导致人死亡这件事用来提醒我们大自然可以带来 巨大损害。 46. B 细节题。 根据最后一段 It is believed that human activities have caused Mother Nature to show her extreme anger, so it is now important that we really work together to cut down on harmful activities, “人们认为是人类的活动导致了大自然极端愤怒, 因 此,现在我们真的应该团结合作减少有害活动。 ” 短文改错 第三句:bear→born 第四句:belonged→belongs 第五句:difficulty→difficult

第六句: but→and 第七句: marry 后加 a, on→of 第八句: are→is 第九句: Thus→However 第十句:effort→efforts 第十一句:去掉 up

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