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高中英语人教版必修二知识点总结 Unit 1 Cultural Relics 1. 重点短语 belong to 属于 in return (for)作为回报 at war 处于交战状态 in search of 寻找 less than 少 于 rather than 而 不 是 other than 除 了 look like 看 起 来 像 hardly…when…= no sooner…than 一….就… take apart 拆开 apart from 除了 think highly of 对…评价很高 on trial 在审判中 by design= on purpose 故意 to one’s amazement 令某人吃惊的是… be amazed at… 对…感到吃惊 care about 关 心 ; 在 乎 agree with 同 意 remove one’s doubt 消 除 某 人 的 疑 虑 decorate..with…用…装饰 by chance= by accident 偶然 at midnight 在午夜 fancy doing…. 想做某事… fancy sb to be / as… 认为…是… 2. 句型 1)There is no doubt that… 毫无疑问… There is doubt whether… 有疑问 2)when 的用法 be doing…. when… 正在做某事…这时 be about to do… when…. 将要做某事…这时 had just done…when… 刚做完某事…这时 3) China is larger than any other country in the world. (同一范围) She runs faster than any man in Greece. (不同范围) 4)the way 的用法 The way___ he explained to us was quite simple. (that/which/省略) The way ___ he explained the sentence to us was not difficult. (that/in which/省略) 5) worth 的用法 be (well) worth doing sth (很)值得做某事 be worthy to be done = be worthy of being done It’s worthwhile to do sth = it’s worthwhile doing sth 6) “疑问词+ to do” 结构,在句中做主语.宾语.表语; How to do it is a question. I don’t know what to do next. 7) it 做形式主语 句型: it is said that…./ it is reported that…/ it can be proved that… / it is evident that… / it is well known that..= what is well known is that… it occurs to sb that…(某人突然想 起….) 8) 主谓一致 ( rather than/ as well as/ with/ together with/ along with) He rather than they is going to help us. They rather than he are going to help us. 9)what 引导主语从句;在从句中作主语 What he has said is of great importance. What happened to him remained unknown. 3. 书面表达:班级辩论报告 It is widely recognized that stealing vegetables online is becoming more and more popular. However, different people hold different opinions over this. There are some supporting the game for the following reasons.To begin with, people can experience farm life and enjoy the pleasure without going out.In addition, it helps forget the trouble in life and reduce pressures in work and study.Last but not least, by playing the game, people can gain some agricultural knowledge.

Just as a famous saying goes, every coin has two sides. Children will get addicted to stealing vegetables easily, which does great harm to their health for lack of sleep and exercise. Besides, too much time on the game means less time on work and study. If children join the game, their social values will be affected, leading to some social problems like stealing. As far as I am concerned, I am strongly against playing the game. Only in this way can we avoid being addicted to the Internet. Unit 2 The Olympic Games 1. 重点短语 stand for 代表;象征 stand out 显眼,突出 every four years = every fourth year 每四年 take part in 参加 play a part/role in… 在…中起作用 as a matter of fact = in fact 事实上 admit doing/ having done/ that-clause 承认做了某事 be admitted to/into 被允许进入/录取 compete with/against sb for sth 为某物和某人竞争 volunteer to do sth 自愿做某事 take place 发生 take the place of = replace 代替 in place of = instead of 代替 in charge of 负责.. in the charge of .. 由…负责 charge sb with sth = accuse sb of sth 因.. 指控某人 free of charge 免费 be allowed to do 被允许做 make a bargain with sb. 和某人达成协议 bargain with sb over/ about/ for sth 就某事与某人讨价还价 one after another 一个接一个 fall down 跌倒 hear of 听说 change one’s mind 改变主意 pick up 捡起/ 用车接/ 学会 2. 重点知识点 1) deserve 的用法 ( 用法相似的动词: need/want/require doing= need/want/require to be done 需要….) deserve to do sth 应该做/值得做 deserve doing = deserve to be done 值得… (doing 表被动 意义) Your suggestion deserves to be considered = deserves considering. 2) take part in : 参加有组织的,重大的活动 join in 参加正在进行的活动 join: 参加团体,党派和组织 (join the army; join the party) attend: 出席,参加,后跟 meeting,wedding,class, course 等 3) nor/ neither + 助动词/ be /情态动词 + 主语:表示“…也不这样” I have never been abroad, and neither/ nor has he. If you don’t go to the party, nor will I. He is a diligent student, and she doesn’t like music. So it is with me./ It is the same with me. 4) as …as… 的用法 He is as tall as his brother. as + adj. + a/an + n + as… / as + many/much + n. + as… 像…那样;正如 He is as good a teacher as my brother. Unit 3 Computers 1. 重点短语 have something/nothing in common 有/ 无共同之处 compare ..with….比较 according to 根据 from…on.. 从….起 go by 经过 as well as 和 as well 也 as a result 结果是 as a result of 由于… result in 导致 result from 起因于 the way to do/ of doing sth 做某事的方法 in a way 在某种程度上 in the way 挡道 in no way 绝不 with the help of sb = with sb’s help 在某人的帮助下 deal with 处理 achieve/ reach the goal 实现目标 apply for 申请 apply to 应用于 watch over 看守;监视 be crazy about 对..着迷 a solution to…解决办法 after all 毕竟 consist of 由….组成 come true 实现 make good use of 好好利用 give away 泄露,捐赠 can’t help doing sth 情不自禁做某事 as time goes by = with time going by 随着时间的流逝

2. 重点知识点 1)主语+ be + adj + to do The question is easy to answer. 2)rise/arise/arouse/raise 的区别 单词 arise arouse rise raise 词性及意义 (vi. )出现,发生 (vt. )唤醒,激起 (vi. )升起,上升 (vt. )举起,饲养 过去式 arose aroused rose raised 过去分词 arisen aroused risen raised 现在分词 arising arousing rising raising

3). 状语从句的省略 在 when, while, if, unless, though, once 等引导的状语从句中从句的主语和主句的主语一 致, 且从句中的谓语含有 be 动词时, 为了使句子简洁, 可省略从句中的主语和 be 动词。 ① While playing in the snow, the two pandas had great fun. ②Unless invited, he has decided not to attend that activity. 3.书面表达 In the 21st century, the network is closely linked to our life, bringing great convenience to our life and work. Through the network, we can search for useful data and keep up with current events. And after long-time work, browsing the Web can relieve our pressure and make us feel relaxed. However, there still exist some disadvantages in the network. The radiation from the computer will do harm to people’s health if one keeps on watching the computer for a long time. Besides, at present, there are too many computer games on the internet and some people are easy to get addicted to the computer games. It is harmful to our health. As a matter of fact, the network is not that horrible. As long as we make good use of it, it will become our helpful assistant. Unit 4 Wildlife protection 1. 重点短语 die out 灭绝 in peace 和平地 in danger 在危险中 regardless of 不管;不顾 in relief 如释重负 to one’s relief 使某人欣慰的是 protect… from… 保护…免受 burst into laughter= burst out laughing 突然大笑 pay attention to doing sth 注意 respond to sth= in response to 对…做出反应 be concerned about 关心… decrease by/to…减少了/到… on the decrease/ increase 在减少/ 增加中 without mercy 残忍的 at the mercy of 任由…的摆布 show mercy to 怜悯 have mercy on 对…表示怜悯 it is certain that… 一定能… for certain = for sure 确定地 come into being 形成;产生 a number of 许多 according to 根据 depend on 依靠 have an effect on … 对… 有影响 with one’s help= with the help of sb 在某人的帮助下 so that 表目的/ 结果 succeed in doing sth 成功的做某事 succeed to sth 继承某事 under construction/ discussion 正在被建设/ 讨论 in use 正在被使用 be employed in doing sth = employ oneself in doing sth 忙于做某事 do harm to sth = be harmful to sth 对…有害 there is no harm in doing sth 做某事无害

be used to do sth 被用来做… used to sth 过去常常做. be used to doing sth 习惯于做某事 It won’t be long before…过不了多久…就会… take measures to do sth 采取措施做某事 2. 重点知识点 1) die 的搭配: die off 相继死亡 die out 灭绝 die of / from 因…而死 die away 消失;慢慢变弱 die down 渐弱;平息 2)with 的复合结构: with + n/pron + adj / adv/ 介词短语/ 现在分词/ 过去分词/ 不定式 With a lot of problems to settle, she can’t go out. (将来) With time going by, he is getting along well with his English. (主动. 进行) With the work done, he can go out. (被动,完成) 3. 书面表达:建议信 Dear President, I’m writing to give some suggestions to further protect the Tibetan antelopes. As is often reported, too many Tibetan antelopes are being hunted and killed illegally for their fur. By selling the fur, the illegal hunters can make great profits;As a result, the number of the Tibetan antelopes is decreasing rapidly from about 1, 000, 000 in 1990 to less than 100, 000 at present. Immediate measures must be taken to solve the present situation. First, the importance of protecting the Tibetan antelopes should be publicized through your association. Second, would you provide more money for the conservation of the Tibetan antelopes? Last but not least, I suggest that some volunteers be sent there to help protect the Tibetan antelopes. These are my suggestions and I hope they could mean something for a better future of the Tibetan antelopes. Looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Hua Unit 5 Music 1. 重点短语 dream of/about 梦想做… to be honest= honestly speaking = to tell the truth 说实话 attach (importance) to… 认为…有重要性 in addition 另外 in addition to 除了 form the habit of .. 形成…习惯 in the form of … 以…形式 or so 大约 sort out 分类 pretend to do/ to be doing / to have done/ that-clause 假装做.. play jokes on 戏弄 in cash 用现金 earn money 挣钱 earn one’s living 谋生 rely on 依靠 You can rely on it that… 你可以相信/指望… be familiar with… 熟悉.. be familiar to.. 为… 所熟悉 in brief 简言之 be sensitive to… 对… 敏感 above all 最重要;首先 appreciate doing sth 感激做了某事 I would appreciate it if… 如果…. 我将不胜感激… go wrong 出故障 come up with 提出 make up 构成;编造 agree on 就…达成一致 swap with 与 … 交换 to one’s surprise 令某人吃惊的是 on the contrary 相反的是 what’s more 而且 as is often the case 情况通常如此 promise:允诺; 有…的希望; promising:有希望的;有前途的 2. 重点知识点 1) break 的搭配:break into 闯入 break away from 从…中脱离 break up 分裂;解体 break out 爆发 break in 打断;插嘴 break down 出故障 2)as if 的用法 It looks as if it is going to rain. 1. He treats me as if I were a stranger. (虚拟语气:与现在事实相反) 2. He talked about Rome as if he had been there before. (虚拟语气:与过去事实相反)

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