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book6 unit2 虚拟语气

Unit 2 Subjunctive mood

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

had paid, would not have missed would lend, had won, would spend didn?t write, would spend were , would take it easy had been, would have felt

Revision 1:

had ? 1. If I _____(have) $1000,000 , I would travel around the world. ? 2. If the flood ______________ ( not hadn?t happened happen) in XinYi, wouldn?t have suffered we_____________________(suffer) such a great loss . 或should snow/snowed ? 3. If it were to snow ____________(snow) here tomorrow, Iwould stay __________(stay)at home.

Revision 1:


if虚拟条件句谓 语形式

would/should/could/ might have done

1.与过去 had done 事实相反 2.与现在 事实相反 3.与将来 事实相反

did /were

would/should/could/ might do

1.did would/should/could/ 2.should do might do 3. were to do

Revision 2 错综条件句虚拟条件句中的主句和从 句涉及的动作发生的时间不一致,这时主句和从 句的谓语虚拟形式应时间不同而不同。

D 1. If you _____ him yesterday, you _____ what to do now. A. asked … would know B. had asked … would have known C. asked him … know D. had asked … would know
hadn?t bought 2. If you ___________ (not buy) the ticket

last week, how would you go now?

Revision 3


had done (过去) wish (that) sb. did/ were (现在) 希望某人… would /could/might do (将来)

1. He is not a pilot, but he wishes were he______ (be). 2. I wish I ___________(meet)him had met yesterday. would be 3. I wish it __________(be) fine tomorrow.

Revision 4

D 1. I went by plane; otherwise I ____ much longer time. A.could take B.would take C.will have taken D.would have taken D 2. Without your help, we ____ such rapid progress. A. couldn’t make B. wouldn’t make C. will not have made D. wouldn’t have made 含蓄条件句中的虚拟语气常跟一些词: with, without, unless, but (for), or/otherwise, or else等

Unit 2

Subjunctive Mood

(一) wish后面宾语从句中的虚拟语气,表示 与事实相反的愿望。其表达形式一般是将从句的谓 语动词退后一个时态。例如: 1)与现在事实相反 : wish + (that)+主+did(were)

eg: I wish I were as healthy as you. 2)与过去事实相反 : wish + (that)+主+ had done eg: I wish I had been to the concert last night.

3)与将来事实相反 : wish + (that)+主+ would/could/might+do eg: I wish he would forgive me.

(二) would rather后接从句,表示“宁愿”,
1)与现在或将来事实相反 : would rather+ (that) + 主+ did /were I would rather you left today. 我宁可你今天走。 2)与过去事实相反 : would rather+ (that) +主+ had done I would rather I hadn?t seen that film yesterday. 我宁愿昨天没有看那场电影。

1. 我宁愿我没有告诉她这个坏消息。 hadn’t told I would rather I __________ (not tell) her the bad news. 2.我倒希望他不要在这儿呆得太久。

didn't stay I would rather he _____________(not stay)
here too long.

(三) 在某些动词后的宾语从句中需用should+动词原形 的虚拟语气形式。“should”可以省略。 常见的动词有: 一个坚持 insist ; 两个命令 order, command ; 三条建议 suggest , advise, propose ; 四项要求 demand, request, require, ask ;

1.He ordered that the students __________ (wash)the clothes every week by themselves. 2.The doctor suggested that she (should) have ___________(have)an operation at once.

(should) wash

1. The teacher ordered that students_______. A. mustn?t smoke B. not smoke C. smoked D. had smoked 2.The teacher demanded that the work _____ before 4 o?clock. A. finished B. finish C. should finish D. be finished

注意: suggest表暗示表明, insist表坚持认 为时, 后所跟的宾语从句不用虚拟语气,用 陈述语气。 eg: When the son suggested that they should go to the park on Sunday, the expression on his father?s face suggested that he agreed with him. 当 儿子提议星期天去公园时,父亲用表情表 示了默许. He insisted that he was innocent. 他坚持 说自己是无辜的。

二、主语从句中的虚拟语气 基本句型: 1. It be+过去分词+that +主+(should) + do… 过去分词:suggested, requested, ordered, proposed…
Eg:It is required that nobody (should) smoke here.
2. It be+形容词+that +主+(should)+do… 形容词:important, necessary, natural, right, wrong, strange…

Eg:It is necessary that we (should ) have a walk now.
3. It be+名词( a pity/a shame/ no wonder) that +主 + (should)+ do… Eg: It is strange that such a person should be our friend.


1. Is it necessary that he D _____ the examination? A. takes B. has to take C. must take D. take 2. It is strange that he B _____ you this. A. would tell B. should tell C. had told D. has told B 3.It was ordered that no smoking ____ in the library. A. should allow B. be allowed C. will be allowed D. is allowed

在 suggestion, proposal, idea, plan, order, advice ,

要用虚拟语气,即(should)+动词原形。 1)表语从句:

My suggestion is that we(should) leave ___________(leave)at once.

2)同位语从句: (should) hold I make a proposal that we ____________(hold) a meeting next week.


A 1. His suggestion that you _____ once more sounds reasonable.
A. try B. tries C. must try D. can try

C 2.He gave an advice that they ____ each other.
A. helped B. must help C.help D.had helped

A 3.My suggestion is that a few more people ___ there
to help me.

A. be sent B. have sent C. sent D. should sent

1)用在由as if, as though引导的状语从句中, 表示和现在事实相反或对现在的怀疑,用过去时; 表示过去想象中的动作或情况,用过去完成时; 表示将来用would + 动词原形。 e.g. It seems as if the man were his brother.

考题点击: C 1. We felt as if we _____ each other for years. A.knew B.were knowing C.had known D.have knowing 2. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, C it looks as if it _________ . A. breaks B. has broken C. were broken D. had been broken (MET95)

2) if only 表示“如果……就好了”。 其从句中的谓语动词用过去时(表现在或将来)或 过去完成时(表过去)。 同 would rather If only I knew more. If only the alarm clock had rung. If only 也可用于陈述语气。 If only he comes early. 考题点击: B If only grandmother ____ this together with us now. A. will see B.could see C.must see D.should see



五、表语从句、同位语从句中的虚拟语气 六、状语从句中的虚拟语气

综合练习 Key: 1-5. CAABB 6-10. BCBC D 11-15. B DCC A 16—17DC

2012 年广东高考题

Mary will never forget the first time she saw him. He suddenly appeared in class one day ,__16_(wear) sun glasses . He walked in as if he __17___ (buy) the school, And the word quickly got around that he was from New York City. For some reason he sat beside Mary. Mary felt _____18_ (please), because there were many empty seats in the room .But she quickly realized that it wasn?t her, it was probably the fact that she sat in __19___last row.

20__ he thought he cloud escape attention by sitting at the back, he was wrong. It might have made it a little _____21____ (hard) for everybody because it meant they had to turn around, but that didn?t stop the kids in the class. Of course whenever they turned to look at him, they had to look at Mary, _22__made her feel like a star. “Do you need those glasses for medical reasons?” the teacher asked .The new boy shook his head.”Then I?d appreciate it if you didn?t wear them in class .I like to look at your eyes when I?m speaking to you.” The new boy looked at the teacher __23__ a few seconds and all the other students wondered __24__ the boy would do .Then he took __25_ off , gave a big smile and said “That is cool “

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