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【高考领航】2016届高三英语二轮复习 课时训练10 阅读理解+完形填空+语法填空+书面表达

训练 10

(建议用时 45 分钟)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 Melbourne,Australia Melbourne is a hotspot travel destination,and it’s easy to see its beautiful beaches and busy city life. Why it’s a great choice: Australia as a whole is considered a safe destination for international travel,and because of that,many solo travelers go there.As an English?speaking country,you won’t be faced with any language barriers.Melbourne is easy to get around because you can walk or bike practically anywhere! Thailand Thailand is great for solo travelers—perhaps because it is one of the Buddhist mindsets,which promote equality among the sexes. Why it’s a great choice:Thailand is known for its friendly atmosphere,and as a travel hotspot , there are plenty of chances to meet other like?minded travelers.Well?known for being very cheap,especially in the north.A good choice if you want to get away on a budget, Thailand has a lot to offer, from the party?central Bangkok to beautiful beaches and tropical(热的) jungle. Hong Kong,China Hong Kong is a great place to relax for solo travelers as it is full of “Zen Moments”,such as beautiful gardens and T’ai Chi classes. Why it’s a great choice: Hong Kong is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world.If you’re not well?traveled, or perhaps a bit tired of things like language barriers,Hong Kong is a great place to start,as it mixes both Eastern and Western at the same time. Bali,Indonesia Bali is a spiritual place with yoga , spas , healthy food and beaches.The combination of friendly people and splendid visual culture has made Bali number one tourist attraction. Why it’s so great: you won’t be the only solo traveler in Bali.Everyone is known for being extremely friendly and you’re sure to meet some amazing characters along the way.As a Hindu island, Bali is the perfect place for a relaxing and spiritual


retreat(静修).The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is fantastic—if you like monkeys, anyway. 1.What do the four places have in common according to the text? A.They’re cheap to travel around. B.They’re great for solo travelers. C.They offer good spas and yoga. D.There’re no language barriers. 2.Where can you enjoy both convenient transport and beautiful beaches? A.Melbourne,Australia. B.Thailand. C.Hong Kong,China. D.Bali,Indonesia. 3.What has made Bali No.1 tourist attraction? A.Yoga,spas,healthy food and beaches. B.Friendly people and splendid visual culture. C.Meeting some amazing characters along the way. D.Fantastic monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest. 4.What type of writing is this text? A.A travel journal. B.A business report. C.A travel guide. D.A press advertisement. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。文章主要介绍了澳大利亚的墨尔本、泰国、中国的香港 和印度尼西亚的巴厘岛这四个旅游胜地,以及它们值得一去的原因。 1.解析:选 B。通读全文可知,每个景点的介绍中都提及了 solo traveler(s),因此选 B。 2. 解析: 选 A。 根据 Melbourne, Australia 部分第一段的“its beautiful beaches and busy city life”以及第二段中的“Melbourne is easy to get around because you can walk or bike practically anywhere.”可知,在澳大利亚的墨尔本你可以享受到便利的交通和美丽 的沙滩。 3.解析:选 B。根据 Bali,Indonesia 部分第一段的第二句“The combination of friendly people and splendid visual culture has made Bali number one tourist attraction.” 可知,友好的人们与精彩的视觉文化融合使巴厘岛成为第一观光胜地。 4.解析:选 C。文章主要介绍了四个热点旅游胜地以及它们的特色、优势,因此应选 C“旅 游指南”。

Ⅱ.完形填空 (2016·河南八市重点高中质检) Not being sure where I want to start this,

I will say that I lost my mom back in April of this year.She was ninety?two.__1__, I was not expecting her to __2__ and I don’t think she was expecting it either.I was very close to my mom,being an only child.We did have __3__ on the surface, but we still had a close relationship __4__ those. I have moved a couple of times __5__ I married.I have had more changes recently in my life than at any other point of my fifty?four years.Stability is one of the gifts that Mom __6__ me and it had so many __7__ that I wasn’t aware of until now.My husband and I have made some __8__ to Mom’s home and will be moving at the end of next week.It is now our home,but it still has my __9__ heart in the place where I grew up,and there are many __10__ that will live there with us.At the same time, I am looking forward to __11__ some very happy and memorable ones with my husband. Mom __12__ such a big part in my life.Our lives were __13__ woven because she gave me her values which have become deeply __14__ in the woman I am today.I don’t have any children whom I could __15__ these on to.However,Mother’s values affect me every day with the __16__ I have with others,whether I know them or not.I hope Mom would be __17__ of who I am,what I’ve become because of her,and of __18__ I am going to live with my __19__.She gave me everything I needed to know in life: respect others,and give help to others who __20__ it most.I love you,Mom,and I will never forget you. 1.A.However C.Moreover 2.A.pass out C.pass by 3.A.promises C.differences 4.A.in terms of C.in need of 5.A.once C.though 6.A.saved C.gave 7.A.ideas B.Otherwise D.Though B.pass away D.pass down B.agreements D.similarities B.in case of D.in spite of B.since D.either B.brought D.taught B.thoughts

C.meanings 8.A.studies C.changes 9.A.son’s C.mom’s 10.A.memories C.choices 11.A.receiving C.making 12.A.affected C.controlled 13.A.brightly C.roughly 14.A.intended C.rooted 15.A.hold C.drive 16.A.contact C.trouble 17.A.free C.full 18.A.what C.why 19.A.life C.husband 20.A.hunt C.treat

D.benefits B.decisions D.remarks B.father’s D.husband’s B.chances D.dreams B.promising D.supplying B.played D.managed B.lightly D.tightly B.designed D.admitted B.pass D.reply B.interest D.effect B.proud D.certain B.where D.when B.children D.time B.need D.consider

【语篇解读】 虽然 92 岁的老母亲过世了,但是她永远活在女儿的心中。 1.解析:选 A。前后两句之间是转折关系,再结合空格后的逗号可知选 A。 2.解析:选 B。文中 I lost my mom 表明母亲已经去世,故选 B。pass out 昏迷,失去知 觉;pass away 去世;pass by 通过,经过;pass down 使世代相传,流传。 3.解析:选 C。下文中的 we still had a close relationship 表明,母女表面上有分歧。 故选 C。 4.解析:选 D。虽然有分歧之处,但我们关系很亲密。

5.解析:选 B。根据句中的 have moved 可知,自从结婚时起,我们搬了几次家。 6.解析:选 C。give sb.gifts 给某人礼物。 7.解析:选 D。我现在才体会到稳定的很多好处。 8.解析:选 C。我和丈夫修缮了一下母亲的房子,下周就要搬进去了。 9.解析:选 C。因为是母亲的房子,所以作者依然认为这里仍是母亲心系的地方。 10.解析:选 A。在自己成长的地方,有很多回忆。 11.解析:选 C。作者盼望着与丈夫一起在这里留下幸福而美好的回忆。 12.解析:选 B。play a part in sth.表示“在??中起重要作用”。 13.解析:选 D。上文 4 空前的 a close relationship 说明了母女关系很亲密。故选 D。 14.解析:选 C。 rooted in 表示“扎根于”。 15.解析:选 B。pass...on to sb.表示“把??传给某人”。 16.解析:选 A。have contact with 表示“接触”。 17.解析:选 B。由语境和空后的介词 of 可知选 B。be proud of...为??而骄傲。 18.解析:选 B。上文提及作者要搬到母亲家居住,因此选 where。 19.解析:选 C。由上文 8 空前后的内容 My husband and I...will be moving at the end of next week.可知选 C。 20.解析:选 B。此处表示帮助那些最需要帮助的人。it 指代 help。 Ⅲ.语法填空 You may be invited to dinner in the United States.Your hosts may telephone you or ask you 1.____________ person,or they may send you a written 2.____________ (invite) in the mail.If you get one,you should telephone your hosts to accept. A dinner in 3.____________ American home may be a meal to serve guests

sitting at a table.If the weather is good , it might be a picnic.If the guests 4.____________ (seat) at the table,the hosts may serve the food,or it may be passed so that each person may help 5.____________ (he). There are some other 6.____________ (custom) you should know if you are (usual)

invited to dinner.You should arrive on time.The meal is 7.____________

served about half an hour after all the guests arrive.Most Americans do not have maids or other help in the house.Often the husband and wife and even the older children share in preparing the meal and 8.____________ 9.____________ (clean)up (do) the

afterwards.Sometimes they appreciate your offering cleaning,10.____________ for two or three hours.

it is not necessary.After dinner the guests usually stay

1.解析:考查介词。句意:主人会给你打电话或当面询问。此处 in person 为固定短语,

表示“亲自”。 答案:in 2.解析:考查词性转换。句意:或者他们会寄给你一个请帖。空格前有形容词 written 修 饰,所以此处需用名词形式。名词 invitation 表示“邀请,请帖”。 答案:invitation 3.解析:考查冠词。句意:在一个美国家庭里,客人可以围坐在一张桌子旁,共进晚餐。 此处用不定冠词表示泛指。 答案:an 4.解析:考查时态和语态。句意:如果客人们坐在桌子旁,主人可能会端上食物。 答案:are seated 5.解析:考查代词。句意:以便每个人可以随便享用。短语 help oneself 表示“自用,自 取,自便”。 答案:himself 6.解析:考查名词单复数。句意:如果你被邀请吃饭,还有其他一些习惯你应该知道。 custom(习惯)是可数名词,前面有 other(其他的)修饰,所以用复数形式。 答案:customs 7.解析:考查词性转换。句意:通常在所有客人到达后大约半小时,晚餐才开始。修饰动 词需用副词形式。 答案:usually 8.解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:通常一家人共同分担晚餐的准备和用餐后的清理工作。 空格处与 preparing 并列作介词 in 的宾语,故填 cleaning。 答案:cleaning 9.解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:有时他们会对你的主动帮助感激不尽。offer to do sth. 表示“主动提出做某事”。 答案:to do 10.解析:考查连词。句意:但(尽管)这不是必要的。此空前后句为转折或让步关系,故用 but/though/although。 答案:but/though/although Ⅳ.书面表达 假定你是红星中学的李华,你校正在开展提高社会公德的活动。请你根据下列要点,用 英文写一篇演讲稿。 1.不守公德的现象; 2.改进的方法; 3.呼吁。

注意: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数。 Dear friends, Nowadays we can still see some behavior against public

morals._______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Thank you! 答案: Dear_friends, Nowadays_we_can_still_see_some_behavior_against_public_morals.As is often the case,people tend to talk loud in public places,annoying others around.Spitting and littering rubbish can be seen everywhere.What’s more,it’s common that the young or middle?aged sit on the bus while the elderly stand. Measures must be taken to change this situation.First of all,as students, we should manage our own behavior and help people around us form good habits.Meanwhile,it is necessary for the government and authorized organizations to encourage people to behave properly. Don’t underestimate the role you can play.Do remember: we can make a difference! Take action right now! Thank_you!


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