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大思教育·英语课本倒背如流特训班 课文原文(高中·选修七)
Unit 1 Living well

Hi, my name is Marty Fielding and I guess you could say that I am “one in a million.”In other words, there are not many people like me. You see, I have a muscle disease which makes me very weak, so I can’t run or climb stairs as quickly as other people. In addition, sometimes I am very clumsy and drop things or bump into furniture. Unfortunately, the doctors don’t know how to make me better, but I am very outgoing and have learned to adapt to my disability. My motto is: live one day at a time. Until I was ten years old I was the same as everyone else. I used to climb trees, swim and play football. In fact, I used to dream about playing professional football and possibly representing my country in the World Cup. Then I started to get weaker and weaker, until I could only enjoy football from a bench at the stadium. In the end I went into hospital for medical tests. I stayed there for nearly three months. I think I had at least a billion tests, including one in which they cut out a piece of muscle from my leg and looked at it under a microscope. Even after all that, no one could give my disease a name and it is difficult to know what the future holds. One problem is that I don’t look any different from other people. So sometimes some children in my primary school would laugh, when I got out of breath after running a short way or had to stop and rest halfway up the stairs. Sometimes I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered. Every time I returned after an absence, I felt stupid because I was behind the others.

My life is a lot easier at high school because my fellow students have accepted me. The few who can not see the real person inside my body do not make me annoyed, and I just ignore them. All in all I have a good life. I am happy to have found many things I can do, like writing and computer programming. My ambition is to work for a firm that develops computer software when I grow up. Last year I invented a computer football game and a big company has decided to buy from me. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. As well as going to movies and football matches with my friends, I spend a lot of time with my pets. I have two rabbits, a parrot, a tank full of fish and a tortoise. To look after my pets properly takes a lot of time but I find it worthwhile. I also have to do a lot of work, especially if I have been away for a while. In many ways my disability has helped me grow stronger psychologically and become more independent. I have to work hard to live a normal life but it has been worth it. If I had a chance to say one thing to healthy children, it would be this: having a disability does not mean your life is not satisfying. So don’t feel sorry for the disabled or make fun of them, and don’t ignore them either. Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do. Thank you for reading my story.

Unit 2


Larry Belmont worked for a company that made robots. Recently it had begun experimenting with a household robot. It was going to be tested out by Larry’s wife, Claire. Claire didn’t want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuade her or allow her to be harmed. It would be a bonus. However, when she first saw the robot, she felt alarmed. His

name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. He was tall and handsome with smooth hair and a deep voice although his facial expression never changed. On the second morning Tony, wearing an apron, brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing. She felt embarrassed and quickly told him to go. It was disturbing and frightening that he looked so human. One day, Claire mentioned that she didn’t think she was clever. Tony said that she must feel very unhappy to say that. Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. But she began to trust him. She told him how she was overweight and this made her feel unhappy. Also she felt her home wasn’t elegant enough for someone like Larry who wanted to improve his social position. She wasn’t like Gladys Claffern, one of the richest and most powerful women around. As a favor Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. So Claise borrowed a pile of books from the library for him to read, or rather, scan. She looked at his fingers with wonder as they turned each page and suddenly reached for his hand. She was amazed by his fingernails and the softness and warmth of his skin. How absurd, she thought. He was just a machine. Tony gave Claire a new haircut and changed the makeup she wore. As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops, he wrote out a list of items for her. Claire went into the city and bought curtains, cushions, a carpet and bedding. Then she went into a jeweler shop to buy a necklace. When the clerk at the counter was rude to her, she rang Tony up and told the clerk to speak to him. The clerk immediately changed his attitude. Claire thanked Tony, telling him that he was a “dear”. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern.

How awful to be discovered by her, Claire thought. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair. After all, she knew Claire’s husband name was Larry, not Tony. When Claire got home, she wept with anger in her armchair. Gladys was everything Claire wanted to be.“You can be like her”, Tony told her and suggested that she invite Gladys and her friends to the house the night before he was to leave and Larry was to return. By that time, Tony expected the house to be completely transformed. Tony worked steadily on the improvements. Claire tried to help once but was too clumsy. She fell off a ladder and even though Tony was in the next room, he managed to catch her in time. He held her firmly in his arms and she felt the warmth of his body. She screamed, pushed him away and ran to her room for the rest of the day. The night of the party arrived. The clock struck eight. The guests would be arriving soon and Claire told Tony to go into another room. At that moment, Tony folded his arms around her, bending his face close to hers. She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn’t want to leave her the next day and that he felt more than just the desire to please her. Then the front door bell rang. Tony freed her and disappeared from sight. It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains of the front window. Her guests had seen everything! The women were impressed by Claire, the house and the delicious cuisine. Just before they left, Claire heard Gladys whispering to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony. What a sweet victory to be envied by those women! She might not be as beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover.

Then she remembered- Tony was just a machine. She shouted “ Leave me alone” and ran to her bed. She cried all night. The next morning a car drove up and took Tony away. The company was very pleased with the report of Tony on his three weeks with Claire. Tony had protected a human being from harm. He had prevented Claire from harming herself through her own sense of failure. He had opened the curtains that night so that the other women would see him and Claire, knowing that there was no risk to Claire’s marriage. But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be rebuilt- you can not have women falling in love with machines.

Unit 3

Under the sea

I was 16 when I began work in June 1902 at the whaling station. I had heard of the killers that every year helped whalers catch huge whales. I thought, at the time, that this was just a story but then I witnessed it with my own eyes many times. On the afternoon I arrived at the station, as I was sorting out my accommodation, I heard a loud noise coming from the bay. We ran down to the shore in time to see an enormous animal opposite us throwing itself out of the water and then crashing down again. It was black and white and fish-shaped. Without pausing we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay. I looked down into the water and could see Old Tom swimming by the boat, showing us the way. A few minutes later, there was no Tom, so George started beating the water with his oar and there was Tom, circling back to the boat, leading us to the hunt again. Using a telescope we could see that something was happening. As we

drew closer, I could see a whale being attacked by a pack of about six other killers. The killers over there are throwing themselves on top of the whale’s blow-hole to stop it breathing. And those others are stopping it diving or fleeing out to sea. George told me, pointing towards the hunt. And just at that moment, the most extraordinary thing happened. The killers started racing between our boat and whale just like a pack of excited dogs. Although Old Tom and other killers were fierce hunters, they never harmed or attacked people. In fact, they protected them. There was one day when we were out in the bay during a hunt and James was washed off the boat. The sea was rough that day and it was difficult to handle the boat. The waves were carrying James further and further away from us. From James’s face, I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us. Then suddenly I saw a shark. It took over half an hour to get the boat back to James, and when we approached him, I saw James being firmly held up in the water by Old Tom. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were shouts of “Well done, Old Tom” and “Thank God” as we pulled James back into the boat. And then Old Tom was off and back to the hunt where the other killers were still attacking the whale.

Unit 4 A Letter home
Thanks for your letter, which took a fortnight to arrive. It was wonderful to hear from you. I know you are dying to hear all about my life here, so I’ve included some photos which will help you picture the places I talk about. You asked about my high school. Well, it’s a bush school- the classrooms are made of bamboo and the roofs of grass. It takes me only a few minutes to walk to school down a muddy track. When I reach the school grounds there are lots of “good morning” for me from the boys. Many of them have walked a long way, sometimes up to two hours, to get to school.

There is no electricity or water and even no textbooks either. I am still trying to adapt to these conditions. However, one thing is for sure, I have become more imaginative in my teaching. Science is my most challenging subject as my students have no concept of doing experiments. In fact there is no equipment, and if I need water I have to carry it from my house in a bucket! The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when, before I knew it, the mixture was bubbling over everywhere! The boys who had never come across anything like this before started jumping out of the windows. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of whom will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway. To be honest, I doubt whether I am making any difference to these boys’ lives at all. You asked whether I’m getting to know any local people. That is actually quite difficult as I don’t speak much of the local English dialect yet. But last weekend another teacher, Jenny, and I did visit a village which is the home of one of the boys. It was my first visit to a remote village. We walked for two and a half hours to get there- first up a mountain to a ridge from where we had fantastic views and then down a steep path to the valley below. When we arrived at the village, Tom’s mother, Kiak, who had been pulling weeds in her garden, started crying. We shook hands with all the villagers. Everyone seemed to be a relative of Tom’s. Tom’s father, led us to his house, a low bamboo hut with grass sticking out of the roof- this shows it is a man’s house. The hut was round, not rectangle like the school buildings. There were no windows and the doorway was just big enough to get through. The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to adjust. There was a fireplace in the centre of the hut near the doorway. The only possessions I could see were one broom a few tin plates and cups and a couple of jars. Outside Mukap was building a fire. Once the fire was going, he laid stones on it. When hot, he placed them in an empty oil drum with sweet

potato, corn and greens. It smells delicious. We ate inside the hut sitting round the fire. I love listening to the family softly talking to each other in their language, even though I could not participate in the conversation. Later, I noticed a tin standing upside down on the grill over the fire. After a short time Tom threw it out of the doorway. I was puzzled. Tom told me that the can was heated to dry out the leftover food. They believe that any leftovers attract evil spirits in the night, so the food is dried up in the can and the can is then thrown out of the hut. Otherwise they don’t waste anything. We left the village the next morning after many goodbyes and firm handshakes. My muscles were aching and my knees shaking as we climbed down the mountain towards home. That evening I fell happily into bed. It was such a privilege to have spent a day with Tom’s family. It is getting late and I have to prepare tomorrow’s lessons and do some paperwork. Please write soon.

Unit 5

Chinese student fitting in well

Six months ago, Xie lei said goodbye to her family and friends in China and boarded a plane for London. It was the first time she had ever left her motherland. After getting her visa she was very excited because she had dreamed of this day for so long. But she was also very nervous as she didn’t know what to expect. Xie lei told me when I saw her waiting in a queue at the student canteen between lectures. Xie lei, who is 21 years old, has come to our university to study for a business qualification. She is halfway through the preparation year, which most foreign students complete before applying for a degree course. Xie lei highly recommends it. She said the preparation course is most beneficial and studying here is quite different from studying in China, so you need some

preparation first. She explained that It was not just study that was difficult. You had to get used to a whole new way of life, which could take up all your concentration in the beginning. The girl, who had lived all her life in the same city in China. She told me that she had had to learn almost everything again. She added sometimes she felt like a child and had to learn how to use the phone, how to pay bus fare, and how to ask a shopkeeper for things she didn’t know the English for. When she got lost and had to ask a passer-by for directions, she

did not always understand because they did not talk like they do on our listening tapes. She has lived with a host family who give her lots of good advice. Although some foreign students live in student accommodation or apartments, some choose to board with English families. Living with host families, in which there may be other college students, gives her the chance to learn more about the new culture. She explained when she heard an idiom that she didn’t understand, she could ask her host family for help. When she missed her family, it was a great comfort to have a substitute family to be with. Xie lei’s preparation course is helping her to get used to the academic requirements of a Western university. She remember the first essay she did for her tutor. She found an article on the Internet that seemed to have exactly the information she needed. So she made a summary of the article, revised her draft and handed the essay in. She thought she would get a really good mark but she got an E. She was numb with shock! So She went to her tutor to ask the reason for his revision. First of all, her tutor told Xie Lei that she couldn’t write what other people had said without acknowledging them. Besides, as far as he was concerned, what other people thought was not the most important thing. He wanted to know what his student thought, which confused her because she thought that the author of the article knew far more than she did.

Her tutor explained that she should read lots of different opinions and analyze what she read. Then, in her essay she gave her own opinion and explain it by referring to other authors. Finally he even encouraged her to contradict the authors she had read. From then on, she got the idea and her marks had improved. More importantly, she become a more autonomous learner. Xie Lei said she feels much more at home in England now, and what had seemed very strange before now appears quite normal. She has been so occupied with work that she hasn’t had time for social activities. In her opinion, it is important to have a balance between study and a social life so she is going to join a few clubs. Hopefully she will make some new friends. She deserves to succeed.

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