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【高考领航】2016届高三英语二轮复习 课时训练7 阅读理解+完形填空+语法填空+短文改错

训练 7

(建议用时 45 分钟)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 If your parents were to surprise you with a present on your birthday,which one would you prefer,a trip to the amusement park or a new pair of shoes? According to Science Daily,about one?third of the people are likely to prefer shoes to a fun trip.These people are called “materialists”, namely, those who value material goods more than experiences.But which of the two choices makes people happier? Back in 2009,Ryan Howell,a professor at San Francisco State University, found that in the long run,experiences make people happier than possessions.This is because the joy of receiving a new object fades over time as you get used to seeing it every day.Experiences,on the other hand,can continue to bring you joy in the future through happy memories. But materialists should at least be happy when they first buy something, shouldn’t they? To figure it out,Howell did another study.He classified a group of adults according to their personality types , ranging from less materialistic to more materialistic.Each person was asked different questions to see how they felt about spending money on material goods versus spending money on experiences. As expected , the more materialistic participants got less happiness from purchases than the less materialistic,because such purchases didn’t fit with their personalities and values.But to Howell’s surprise, he found that materialists weren’t any happier even if they spent money on material items. This is because materialists worry that others may criticize or look down on their choices.“There are certain value systems that are rejected by society,” said Howell.“When we find out someone is materialistic,we think less of them, and that drives their happiness down.” Another reason is that materialistic people always focus on what they don’t have instead of what they have now.This makes them feel less satisfied and grateful. If you happen to be a materialistic person ,there’s something you can

try.“If materialists make more accurate purchases,rather than trying to impress


others,they will be happier,” Howell said. You should also remember what an ancient Greek philosopher once said,

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” 1.What did Ryan Howell find in his studies? A.Material goods bring people less happiness than experiences. B.About one?third of the people prefer material goods to experiences. C.Materialists have more fun spending money on goods than on experiences. D.Receiving a new object brings lasting joy while the joy of an experience fades soon. 2.What did Ryan Howell want to find out by doing another study? A.How to judge whether a person is a materialist. B.Why materialists are not happy with their purchases. C.How materialists feel when they spend money on goods. D.Whether materialists are happy when they first make purchases. 3 .Why does the author use the ancient Greek philosopher’s words in the last paragraph? A.To advise materialistic people not to try to impress others. B.To persuade people to be satisfied with what they have. C.To prove it’s unwise to be materialistic and desire too much. D.To tell readers what they desire now might one day become theirs. 4.What can be the best title for the passage? A.Are You a Materialist? B.How To Acquire Happiness? C.The Best Present for the Birthday D.Which Can Make people Happier? 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文,作者通过引用 Ryan Howell 的研究结果证实经历比有形 物质更能给人带来快乐。 1. 解析: 选 A。 根据第三段中的“...found that in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions”可知,经历比物品更能使人感到高兴。根据第六段中的“the more materialistic participants got less happiness from purchases than the less materialistic”可知,比较倾向物质主义的参与者比不太倾向物质主义的参与者从购物中 得到的快乐更少。由此可见,Ryan Howell 在他的研究中发现:有形物质比经历给人带来的 快乐更少。因此,该题选 A。

2.解析:选 D。根据第四段“But materialists should at least be happy when they first buy something,shouldn’t they?”及第五段第一句“To figure it out,Howell did another study”可知该题选 D。 3.解析:选 B。根据最后一段中那位哲学家的话“不要因期望你没有的东西而毁掉了你现 在拥有的东西。记住:你现在拥有的东西就在你曾经渴望得到的东西之中”,再结合上文 Ryan Howell 研究得出的结论可知,作者引用这位哲学家的话旨在说服人们要对目前拥有的 事物感到知足。因此,该题选 B。 4.解析:选 D。通读全文可知,作者通过引用 Ryan Howell 的研究结果证实经历比有形物 质更能给人带来快乐,故 D 项作文章标题最佳。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Get Moving,While Seated at Your Desk We’ve all seen the headlines:Sitting too much can shorten your life.__1__ is taking over many lives in the world.For example,in fact,Americans are sitting for an __2__ of 13 hours a day,according to a survey conducted by Ergotron. Arnav Dalmia felt the __3__ of the sitting life when he graduated last year and got an office job in a large company.He __4__ to get a treadmill desk or a standing desk,but it was too __5__ and seemed to be a very involved process,he says.So, he __6__ Cubii. The device is just like any __7__,straight elliptical thing you’d see at the gym,only you’re not __8__,your arms aren’t actively engaged,and it fits __9__ your desk at work. Dalmia says that with Cubii , “Movement becomes __10__.”Healthy blood circulation helps with __11__ throughout the day,which helps you pay attention to your work and he sees it as one of Cubii’s __12__ benefits.Dalmia says Cubii makes smallest __13__ —your co?worker next to you shouldn’t be able to hear it.It is made from a mixture of steel,aluminum and plastic. It also connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.It __14__ how

long and how far you’ve traveled,and how many calories you’ve __15__.It can also link to other fitness trackers you already have __16__ up to your phone. Dalmia says that __17__ you use a standing desk or a foot?only egg?shaped like his—all of these ideas __18__ the same problem.“It’s just a matter of what suits you better,”he says.“I think this __19__ of workplace fitness is kind of really growing.” “People recognize the __20__,” Dalmia says.“The movement of the workplace

is changing.” 1.A.Sitting C.Drinking 2. A.income C.amount 3.A.importance C.value 4.A.refused C.tried 5.A.heavy C.smooth 6.A.discovered C.studied 7.A.regular C.special 8.A.standing C.kneeing 9.A.on C.in 10.A.sharp C.unconscious 11.A.comfort C.energy 12.A.top C.few 13.A.difference C.mistake 14.A.changes C.records 15.A.absorbed C.stored 16.A.connected C.combined 17.A.whether B.Driving D.Fighting B.idea D.average B.effect D.advantage B.promised D.agreed B.expensive D.clumsy B.received D.developed B.usual D.colorful B.lying D.leaning B.under D.above B.constant D.common B.care D.focus B.unique D.possible B.noise D.disaster B.increases D.reduces B.gathered D.burned B.transported D.turned B.because

C.though 18. A.meet C.address 19.A.atmosphere C.environment 20.A.problem C.challenge

D.unless B.share D.involve B.trend D.condition B.goal D.situation

【语篇解读】 本文主要介绍了一种新的发明。 它可以帮助那些长时间坐着工作的办公室人 员活动,从而起到健体的作用。 1.解析:选 A。根据前面的 Sitting too much can...可知谈论的是长时间坐着的危害,因 此这里指长时间坐着已经使很多美国人丢了性命。 2.解析:选 D。此处是一个固定结构,an average of 是“??的平均数”的意思,符合语 境。 3.解析:选 B。根据语境,此处表示他已经体会到了长时间坐着的影响。 4.解析:选 C。根据意义,此处与后面的句子对比,指他曾经努力想获得 a treadmill desk or a standing desk。 5.解析:选 B。与前面的 tried to 对比,指虽然他曾经想获得跑步办公桌和站立办公桌, 但是太贵了。 6.解析:选 D。与前面的 expensive 呼应,由于其他那些健身办公桌都非常昂贵,因此他 发明了这个名为 Cubii 的健身器材。 7.解析:选 A。结合后面的 you’d see at the gym 可知,这个发明是一个很常见的那种 直立椭圆形的东西。 8.解析:选 A。由于这是专门为坐着办公的人研制的,因此这种产品是不需要人们站立起 来的。 9.解析:选 B。与前面的 not standing 呼应,指这种产品可以放在你的桌子下面。 10.解析:选 C。根据语境,此处表示他认为这种运动可以在你不知不觉中进行。 11.解析:选 D。结合后面的 which helps you pay attention to your work 可知,健康 的血液循环能提高你的注意力。 12.解析:选 A。根据语境,此处指可以帮助人集中注意力是这种产品的好处之一。 13.解析:选 B。从后面的 shouldn’t be able to hear it 可知,这个机器噪音很小。 14.解析:选 C。根据后面的 how long and how far you’ve traveled 可知,这种产品也 可以记录你的运动量。 15.解析:选 D。结合前面的 how many calories 可知,这种产品可以记录你消耗了多少的 能量。

16.解析:选 A。与前面的 link to 呼应,指已经连接到你手机上的其他健身追踪器。 17.解析:选 A。此处表示是否,表示无论你是否使用站立办公桌还是这种简易的运动产品, 它们都处理相同的问题。 18.解析:选 C。结合后面的 problem 可知,这种产品解决相同的问题。 19.解析:选 B。结合语境,此处指他认为现在人们已经有一种注重工作场所健康问题的趋 势了。 20.解析:选 A。与上文的 the same problems 相呼应,指人们已经意识到了长时间坐着产 生的问题。 Ⅲ.语法填空 I was cycling and noticed a person in front of me,about 0.5 km.I could tell he was cycling a little 1.____________ (slow) than me and decided 2.____________ (try) to catch him.I had about 1 km to go on the road before turning off. So I started cycling faster and faster and every block,I was gaining on him just a little bit.After just a few minutes I was only about 100 yards behind him, so I really picked up the pace and pushed 3.____________ (me). Finally,I caught up 4.____________ him and passed him.I 5.____________ (feel) so good.I beat him of course,6.____________ he didn’t even know we were racing at all.After I passed him,I realized that I had been so focused on competing against him 7.____________ I had missed my turn,had gone nearly six 8.____________ (block) away from it and had to turn around and go all back. Isn’t that 9.____________ happens in life when we focus on competing with others trying to prove that we are more successful or more important? We spend our time and energy 10.____________ (run) after them and we miss out on our own paths to our destinies(命运). 1.考查比较级。根据空后的“than”可知,此处应该用比较级,即 slower。 slower 2.考查非谓语动词。decide 后面接不定式作宾语,所以用 to try。 to try 3.考查代词。句子的主语是 I,所以宾语应该用反身代词,即 myself。 myself 4.考查介词。catch up with“赶上,追上”,为固定短语。 with 5.考查时态。整篇文章讲述的是过去的故事,所以用一般过去时。feel 的过去式为 felt。 felt

6.考查连词。前后句子在逻辑关系上为转折关系,所以用 but。 but 7.考查状语从句。so...that...“如此??以至于??”,为固定句式。 that 8.考查名词单复数。block“街区”,为可数名词,被 six 修饰,所以用其复数形式。 blocks 9.考查名词性从句。此处 what 引导表语从句并充当从句的主语。 what 10.考查非谓语动词。根据短语 spend...(in) doing sth.可知,此处用(in)running。 (in)running Ⅳ.短文改错 The enrollment of Star of Outlook English Talent Competition organized by CCTV has begun nationwide.Those who are interested in English are expected to sign up.There is no doubt if English has become an universal language nowadays.Therefore, more significance should be attached to learn English.Actually,our competition is aim at providing a stage for you to show yourselves.Moreover,speaking English in public is absolute beneficial to your English learning.In addition for,it will also help you gain confident.What count most is that you can have a good understanding of your potential but the room for your improvement.Everyone can join in the competition free of charge.Why have a try and show yourselves? 答案:


The enrollment of Star of Outlook English Talent Competition organized by CCTV has begun nationwide.Those who are interested in English are expected to sign up.There is no doubt if that English has become be an a universal to language learn learning

nowadays.Therefore , more




English.Actually,our competition is

aim at providing a stage for you to show aimed absolute beneficial to your absolutely confident count .What confidence counts but the room for and

yourselves.Moreover,speaking English in public is

English learning.In addition for,it will also help you gain

most is that you can have a good understanding of your potential

∧ your improvement.Everyone can join in the competition free of charge.Why not have a try and show yourselves?


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